how can i love you this way

okay. so. a couple of things

1. how the fuck is his mask staying up if half of it is blown off. like. you can’t see the explodey things on the other side of his head so they must be completely gone so how the fuck

is it stuck up there by the power of pure sweat or what

2. i love how his gauntlet grenade thing is blown to bits and it’s like not even remotely functional anymore, and yet. he’s still carrying it around his arm. just because. 

like there is no way for that thing to collect sweat anymore b/c it’s not connected to his green arm collection things. he’s just. carrying it around his arm like some big broken boomy bracelet thing

i imagine it got that way either because he used an explosion that was just too powerful for the dang thing and it kinda self destructed, or he used it for defense and it got pounded to hell until it just broke (which is probably what happened to the other one too)

(also i fucking love this spread ok)

Magic (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt Scamander

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Muggle!Reader, No-Maj!Reader

Title: Magic

Requested by anon:

Can you do a Newt Scamander imagine where he gets jealous because his beasts like the reader more than him and he realizes he’s on love with her please? I love your blog!!!

Requested by anon:

can you do an imagine newt from fbawtft about where one of his creatures(i forgot the name) was stealing christmas items and stuff and reader and newt has to save christmas then in the end they meet under the mistletoe and you can end how you want. 

A/N: I will change the second request a little bit because it’s not currently Christmas, but I’ll do something similar anyway. 

New York could be awfully boring sometimes for such a big and exciting city. I was just making my way on the streets as usual, minding my own business when something out of the ordinary happened.

Almost like I was tempting fate by being bored of my routine. Almost like it was making me want to be careful for what I wished for.

It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it was crazy enough to get my attention.

A poster turned to life! I was calmly walking along the sidewalk when I noticed something with the corner of my eye, and it was the fact that a poster in the wall on my left was moving!

I frowned and stopped, thinking that it was impossible. Then I glanced at it and saw the man on it was blinking! Until I blinked myself and it was no longer there.

I would have thought I was seeing things if it weren’t for the fact that a nearby dog barked at whatever it was too.

“I must be tired” I just said to myself nonetheless, shaking my head and carrying on with my life.

While I was at it, I accidentally bumped with a woman who gave me an unfriendly glare.

“Sorry” I mumbled with a forced smile.

“No-maj…” She said under her breath before she walked away.

“What did she just call me?” I wasn’t sure, but I could feel it was an insult.

I shook my head in outrage and just kept on walking.

Had I know that wasn’t even the beginning.


I wasn’t sure if people were bumping into me on purpose or if I was the clumsy one. However, I bumped into someone yet again.

“So sorry” The man mumbled quietly.

“My bad” I apologized too, proceeding to keep walking.

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anonymous asked:

Your latest Winter Soldier selfie is simply amazing! I love how you had him look at the camera. I can't wait until we see the Winter Soldier in IW. Your artwork is one of the best things about the Stucky/Marvel fandom. By the way, has Sebastian ever commented on any of your wonderful artwork- either publicly or privately? I'm sure he's aware of the Life of BB instagram, so I was just wondering...

Hi anon ^^

Your artwork is one of the best things about the Stucky/Marvel fandom.

You are SO sweet! Thank you so much for enjoying my Winter Soldier selfie! It’s very kind of you ♥

By the way, has Sebastian ever commented on any of your wonderful artwork- either publicly or privately?

No, Sebastian has never commented on my work. OTOH, I’m doing everything I can to stay under the radar. I’m constantly asking people not to tag him directly in my posts and I delete comments where there’s the mention “@iamsebastianstan”. The LoBB is a shipping account, for me it’s “by the fans, for the fans". I find it embarrassing when people tag the actors even when actors are super nice and have nothing against shippers. It also drives me mad when people ignore it when I ask them not to tag the cast and tell me “But Sebastian/Robert/Jared/Jensen, etc SHOULD definitively see your work”. This is not your call, please! Noooooo T___T

I’m sure he’s aware of the Life of BB instagram,

Oh yes! I’m sure that he knows about my Instagram account for The Life of Bucky Barnes. He loves Instagram, he seems to browse the site a lot so he must have stumbled across the account at least once or twice. l’m sure that it must make him laugh that someone devotes so much time and energy for a project like this one. He must have been rather surprised the first time he saw the account..and also when he realized that his shit was still going on 2.5 years after it started! Ha! Ha! Poor Sebby! xD

Thanks again for your question anon ^^ Goodnight :)

anonymous asked:

I really love my girlfriend I really do and that's the problem, we're in a long distance relationship and we don't get too see each other very often and I'm just fucking hurting I feel like the only way to stop hurting is letting her go but at the same time I know that I cannot live without her I dont know what to do why does love hurt so much

if you love her, just hold on. you can make things work if you really want to. i know things might not be great right now, but just dropping everything leaves you lonely and with no chance. it doesn’t fix anything.

get creative with ways to spend time. try watching movies together online, playing games, facetiming or skyping, etc.

hang on, and eventually when a visit is possible or you’re both adults, things will be so much easier. it will be worth it.

and above all, tell her how you’re feeling. burying and hiding your feelings helps no one.

maybe it is naivety,
maybe it is the way i eagerly
search for you in a crowded room,
praying our eyes catch just
so i can look away.
your gaze is the first thing
i’m afraid to hold on to,
a fleeting moment i will
obsess over for weeks.
i can’t shake you, can’t get
the softness of your face
off of my hands.
this is becoming an addiction,
pining for your attention when
i know it belongs to someone else.
but she’s not me, she doesn’t
understand how to love you
without turning the lights off.
you deserve someone who
could make love to you before
they even touch your skin.

anonymous asked:

might be kind of a rarepair but idw starjack (starscream/wheeljack) headcanons? how did they confess? where do they go on dates etc etc? thank you!

(Hnnnn I love Starjack but I always feel like I write it OOC???)

  • It’s Starscream who approaches Wheeljack first!
  • The first time they go for a drink it’s not a date- no way! Wheeljack doesn’t trust Screamer as far as he can through him…But they could both use some company…
  • Basically these two are that uber-long slow-burn fic you read at 2AM on a school night. It starts off with them leaning on each other emotionally (because who else will they lean on?) and eventually they decide on a relationship.
  • Dates are usually business meetings or recharging together since they’re so busy.
  • Ssshhh they actually admire each other quite a bit!
  • Wheeljack would never admit it, but he gets a lil protective of Starscream after he finds out about all the abuse he used to deal with. Starscream secretly appreciates it.

anonymous asked:

So it was exactly a month ago I spent an evening with double D at his concert and I'm not over it. I'll never be over it. That man is so talented, so sexy, can work a crowd and is charming as hell. I'm only 32, he could be my father, how is this normal?

He could be my father too, my concert was a year ago, and I’m not over it either. You’re not alone. Maybe we have daddy issues, or he’s just way to hot and cute and adorable and gentle and funny and sweet and I love him, okay?!

anonymous asked:

How about, Aomine loves his s/o(they are not dating),and she loves him too however she doesnt want to go out with him because she feels he only likes her for her breasts, and aomine says that he loves her,etc... Hope its not too complicated!

Oh don’t worry dear, it’s not! I hope you enjoy this! 🌸

And I hope this isn’t too short!

Thank you for requesting! 💋

“The only one who can beat me is me.” 

“You’re so cocky.” she rolled her eyes at her friend as he made his way over to her, drenched in sweat. She always hated the fact that whenever she was with him, she couldn’t get ahold of her feelings. Like, she didn’t even want to like him, yet, here she is, watching him play ball. Being a total show-off. 

“Why? It’s true anyways.” he shrugged as he grabbed the towel in her hands and dabbed it on his face and sat beside her. 

“Oh please, you know Kuroko’s been growing stronger these days.” she shot back. “And besides, geez, you don’t have to tell that to me every single day.” 

“You don’t have to watch me practice.” 

“It’s surprising to see someone as cocky and lazy as you playing basketball when you’re clearly not too interested in it anymore.” she bit her lip. There it is again. He was smirking. She hoped her face wasn’t as red as she thought. 

Aomine looked away, so she couldn’t really see his expression. He was probably smiling to himself and staring at her breasts the whole time. She hated the fact that Aomine was a perverted man who would like a girl just for their figure. 

“Whatever.” she huffed, grabbing her bag beside her, standing up, and slinging it across her shoulder. “I’m going home.” 

“Hey!” Aomine grabbed her wrist just in time and turned her around. “Geez, what’s wrong with you? Is it that time of the month or something?” 

“Ugh, you’re so annoying!” she yanked her hand away from his grip and glared up at the tall male. 

“Yeah, yeah, I get that from you a lot.” he rolled his eyes. “But what’s your problem, anyways?” 

“It’s..” she looked away, trying to form her set of words. 

“You still don’t like me?” 

His question surprised her so much, her eyes were probably inhumanly large right now. A dark tint of pink powdered her cheeks as she tried her best to lock eyes with him. This was her time to confess. It’s gotta be time. 

And besides, it was so hard to hide his feelings for him when she had such huge doubts about him liking her back for.. her. 

“W-What?” she managed to reply, mentally cursing herself for her dumb response. 

“God, you’re so dense.” he complained, cocking his head to the side for a moment, before turning his head to her. “I like you, baka.” 

“H-How..” she trailed off, her heart pounding. “How could you say that so casually?” 

He shrugged. “Figures I should confess right now.” 

She pointed at him with a grimace. “You only like me for my breasts, and don’t even think I’ll fall for those flirtations of yours!” 

“Well, I think you’re way more appealing than that.. you know?” he awkwardly scratched the back of his head. “In some other ways.. at least.” 

He seemed so disappointed, it made her heart ache. She could tell he was speaking to his heart’s content, after all, he spoke with such emotion and his facial expressions said just as much. 

“Fine.” she gave in, exhaling all her nervousness and inhaled her confidence. “I guess the feeling’s mutual, aho.” she bit her lip and turned her head to the side, blushing madly. 

For a moment, Aomine forgot that he was drenched in sweat, as he ran over to give her a hug. She pulled away. 

“Ew!” she complained, smiling as she did so. 

“Get used to that by now, baka.” 



“Below average.” 

“I love you-” 

“S-Shut up!” 

laytongeek101  asked:

Ahhh, I really really love your art!! SVTFOE inspires me so much, it really is such a beautiful and diverse show, and your boards are awesome! I love the way you interact with fans too! Overall you're super cool 👌 Any tips you can give for someone who'd like to be a storyboard artist? (Who is also unfortunately and undeniably terrible at anatomy..)

Draw lots of comics, and watch lots of movies. Learn how to tell a visual story, and pay attention to where your camera is.

anonymous asked:

Hiii, wow your blog os amazing reading Jin as your boyfriend killed me , thanks for that. But there is a little thing, and i hope this is not much for ask, you didn't wrote how he would be un sex like others _as_ 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I just saw that video where he moans bc of V's hands and omg I went crazy 😂. Thank you and hope everything is ok, if not I love you 😘

well hello! thank you so so so much for the compliments, they mean so much! i’m also slightly surprised you noticed this. i don’t always include what the member would be like in bed in our _as_ posts, simply because i can’t find a way to fit it without it being awkward lol, so i guess Jin’s just got left out. however, because you were so kind, i’ll go ahead and write a little thing here for ya ;)

Originally posted by fawnave

- oh lord how jin would be in bed

- so a lot of people would assume like, vanilla af which i’m like???

- have you seen him???

- fecking daddy

- dirty talker

- hickeys for dayyyyssssss

- food play ofc

- “kitten, don’t misbehave, i don’t want to punish you like before…”

- holeh shit

- grip and run your nails down his shoulders while you’re under him

- i d a r e you

- “moan for me”

- he’s literally so vocal in bed like lord help me

- also like the oral god omfg

- have you seen his lips

- okay that’s enough

- i’m gonna pass out

-Admin Yeonie

Pacify Her

Theo Raeken x Werewolf!Reader

A/N: Based off of Melanie Martinez’s Pacify her! Love her so much <3 Enjoyyyy! Also, I kinda made Tracy a bitch :/.


Word Count: 1,037

WARNINGS: Swearing.

Credit to the owner of the gif x.

Tired, blue boy walks my way
Holding a girl’s hand
That basic bitch leaves finally
Now I can take her man

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I love how you can tell what type of anime Yoko Taro was watching when playing his games.

Like Drakengard one is obviously based on Berserk, like for god sake taro even went on record saying that Caim was based on Guts, but I also get Vampire Hunter D, Bastard!, Record of Lotus War vibes and other 90’ fantasy anime OVA vibes from the whole thing.

While in the contrary Nier felt more mellow, relaxed while also having a very somber tone and more down to earth despite technically being a fantasy setting. Everything felt like Full Metal Alchemist in a way. Along with other shows that came out between around 2008 to 2010.

Drakengard 3… well…. magical girl stuff. Like it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Drakengard 3 is based on Madoka Magika and Lyrical Girl Nanoha while looking at the character designs.

NieR Automata is kinda hard for me to figure out what Taro was watching while making this game, but from the themes of the game and music I’d have to say Ghost in the shell, and only GiTS because I can’t see any other influences put in this game.

If anyone else wants to add to this I implore you because I want to know if I’m not the only one who feels this

Random DA:O Thoughts - Part 8.
  • I just thought about when Alistair tells you about his birth right, you can say: “Are you sure? You’re not hiding anything else?” and he says (which I memorised lol): “Besides my unholy love of fine cheeses and a minor obsession with my hair? No, that’s it. Just the Prince thing.” :D I just love the way he delivers it too hehe.
  • Zevran is flirting with me already haha. Hey man, Alistair is just right over from you. He can hear you!
  • Leliana complimented my hair - how sweet. ^_^ Then she told me a weird story about a lady who fastened live birds to her hair, who then pooped all over her. I was like “um okay?” also, poor birds!!
  • Lol I’ve spent prob half an hour to 45 minutes talking to Al then loading so I could watch them again…
  • On the way to Redcliffe we got attacked by a bunch of darkspawn dudes, then Wynne went all super saiyan and summoned the demon within her to protect us! These ambush fights are always soooo hard. They totally waste my party. Then I’m left running away trying to get in some spells while I drink a million potions. This game seems a lot harder than ME.
  • In Redcliffe now. Things that I could do with a higher level and persuasion that couldn’t last time: convince the revered mother to give the knights amulets, convince the elf spy to tell me what he was doing there and join the fight, convince the little boy to tell me what he was doing and give me a sword, convince Dwyn to join the fight without having to give him 1 gold, convince the tavern guy to join the fight (kinda hope he dies so the girl can take over the tavern haha).
  • I also bought the men in the pub free drinks. That bastard tavern owner wouldn’t give them free drinks.
  • With the little boy sword thing, I promised I would give them money or talk to the Sister about it. She wants 5 gold what the? Don’t have a ton of money really. Will see what happens after the fight.
  • I like how Ser Perth talks. Very polite and eloquent. Also he is handsome.
  • When I gave Ser Perth the amulets, Leliana disapproved by 5. So I loaded and changed her for Morrigan. No lost points. :D
  • Going to try the battle now…
  • Can I just say how much I HATE this fight! It’s so hard to keep everyone alive. They’re all running around like headless chooks. Too much to look at and focus on! I don’t think I’m going to be able to save all of them :/ or even that many of them. Maybe if I just try to keep Ser Perth alive, cause I like him. From what I read online it’s pretty hard for first time players to do. It sucks though cause I always tried to save everyone in these types of situations.
  • Tried again, heaps of them died AGAIN. So I loaded… AGAIN! I hate this fucking mission!
  • Did the first part and more survived. Think I’ll go with that and see how I do. Two Knights died, like the npc Knights. Survivors: Dwyn and his thugs, Ser Perth, the Elve spy, and two knights.
  • Doing the second part now. Okay so they all got totally annihilated! Oops. Time to load again. :D
  • Have loaded 4 times now… aaaaarrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  • Maker’s breath! I realised one of my spells was contributing to them dying so quick. Yikes!
  • So the second half was annoying but I managed to have Murdoch and Tomas live. Plus a few random militia men. I cant even remember who Tomas is. So yeah I cant be bothered trying to do it better lol. Oh yeah Tomas was the first guy I met. Well good then.
  • Also that gross idiot tavern guy died so wooo! He was icky!
  • I decided to give 5 gold to Bella so she can start a new life. In return she just had to promise not to go back into the same situation. Aww she was cute and I’m glad I could help her. So who’s going to run the tavern now? lol
  • I gave the sword back to the kid and his sister (forgot their names), so now they’re going to try to sell the sword to start a new life. Okay I need to confess. I did that on purpose cause I didn’t want her to marry Teagan Guerrin cause I find him attractive… ahaha. For real! We had some nice flirting ;) Why do I want to romance everyone in this game? Also I wanted the boy to become an adventurer. That’s one spoiler I found out. I think cause I wasn’t sure whether to give her 5 gold.
  • I spoke to Alistair about the grey wardens. He told me about a guy with a big fuzzy beard who could drink everyone under the table haha. Was funny. Then Alistair was sad thinking of Duncan. Awww, poor Al. I miss Duncan. He was so cool and handsome. Had a larger than life presence. I hope I can find something of his to give to Alistair to ease his mind. I just want to give him lots of hugs!
  • I’m glad Dwyn survived cause he cracks me up!
  • Did a few little side quests. One was quite interesting. The trickster demon I summoned in the Mage Tower somehow escaped and was causing havoc. I killed him :D Another one I found lots of dead guys. Then tons of wolves attacked us, and a giant bear. The bear was carrying chainmail armour lol. It’s the in thing for bears, don’t ya know.
Each and everyone of us has an incredible power. It doesn’t matter where you came from or what happened to you. You all have the potential to reach a place where you can love yourself, and accept yourself, and be yourself. And when that happens, it’s an immediate switch on the way that you view the world. Because when you love yourself, you can’t stand to watch somebody else hate themselves. Or you can’t stand to see somebody hate on someone else, because all of that hatred stems from fear and insecurity. It’s never anything else. It’s about what you’re taught and about how you implement what you’re taught. And that can change. That can all change, because we’re ever-changing beings. I don’t care if you’re sixty years old, you can change. It’s possible, so remember that.
—  Lauren Jauregui

anonymous asked:

As someone who's been to a few concerts in diff countries, I know that outside of Korea and also Japan , fanchants just don't come together well. They really need a composed, calmer audience. There has to be limited cheering or screaming during songs. You can't really expect Int. audiences to do that, who just tend to be more energetic and rowdy. It doesn't mean int fans care any more or less though. IMO both ways show the artists their love

Kumamonymous said:i lived in the us for two years and i went to a lot of concert and they never were too loud (im from chile btw) south america has the wildest and loudest crowds. but it’s not a bad thing is just different ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kumamonymous said:a girl that attended the show said that she wanted to stood up but everyone was sitting down so she didn’t. i’m here thinking how can you jam to baepsae cypher and all while sitting down, can’t relate.

Kumamonymous said:OK. Like I get what others are saying, but can we not make this a competition between two countries? It’s a different climate over here for American fans and maybe they just didn’t realize that the fanchants are something that’s important to the fandom. Idk. Not making excuses, but we all have our faults and we shouldn’t be judging one another.

let’s not make this a competition. 

I really enjoyed the new Power Rangers movie. It was funny, and had good depth for our characters. And unlike a lot of reboot/remake movies of old shows, it didn’t feel like it was mocking the franchise. It really stayed true to what I always felt was the goal of the power rangers, to show how much good you can do when you have the right friends in your corner. 

If anyone wants to talk about it please do so. I have no other friends who grew up with it the way I did. So my box is open. 

Drunken Confessions

A/N: A request, finally!!!! I’m so excited to write this, also don’t forget to send in request! Thank you to @linmanuclmiranda for helping me edit this! She’s a lifesaver! PS: Did anyone get my How I Met Your Mother reference?

Prompt: Can I request something??? How about a Drunk!Lin confessing his love for the reader but the reader is all flustered and thinks it’s just the alcohol talking but it’s not. Idk you can elaborate more on that but I love your writing so much!! And If u have any fic recs with Drunk!Lin could u link them? Bc I really need more Drunk!Lin in my life. Thanks~

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warnings: alcohol, cursing (per usual)

Masterlist | Request!

As the costume manager for the musical “Hamilton” at the Richard Rodgers Theater, you were living the dream. You had been blessed with a love for musical theater, but cursed with an inability to sing. Costume manager was the next best thing; however, costumes weren’t  your only job. You made sure Leslie took off his wedding ring, all the mics worked, and you also made sure Anthony put his hair down to play Philip in act two which he often forgot. They had many different names for you such as: “angel in the wings,” “lifesaver,” and “the backbone of Hamilton.”

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anonymous asked:

gosh I'm too shy to rave about this but!! I want to tell someone!! I got an anon ask the other day that said that they have a crush on me and I can't stop thinking about it!! they haven't revealed themselves but this anon was really cute and I kinda wish I could've known who it was!! I'm still really happy to know that someone out there loves me that way!! ❤️❤️❤️

Ooh how exciting! 😃 I hope you get to find out who it is soon, and I hope you both hit it off 😁💞

froborr  asked:

I am loving your Avatar liveblog. You discovered Toph! Toph is the best.

Toph is so excellent. I love how stubborn and sharp as stone she is, but I really love the details in the stories that show that that isn’t all there is to Toph. That she can also be a bit spoiled at times and can be scared (and scary!) and vulnerable. That she’s twelve.

(I think they do this for the others as well, I’m just really loving it about Toph. Since she and Katara are so different from each other and both so wonderful in their own ways.)