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Writing Emotional Baggage

sempiternallydemure asked: “I’m trying to write a book about a divorced mother falling back in love, but I don’t know how to write a divorce relationship with kids involved. Do you think you could give me some suggestions?”

Okay so I can’t exactly give over any real suggestions in the way of my own real life experience of falling in love following a divorce, but when it comes to writing from experience I think there are aspects that your character’s situation that you probably can tap into. Even if you’ve never been quite literally in their shoes, there’s a chance you’ve been in situations where you can begin to imagine what it might feel like. 

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We really need to talk about this kiss, just in terms of the physicality. I love so much that Josie’s topping here (in more ways than one), shoving Reggie’s face just the way she wants it, and the movement is both sensual and really dominating, and Reggie is 100% into it.

But the rawness of what their mouths are doing combined with how gentle Reggie’s hands - those BIG HANDS - are on her body…. His left is just tenderly playing along her back, and his other one grasps her thigh, creeping down to her ass (LMAO, WE SEE YOU REGINALD) - gentle but firm. And between his arms and her legs… 

Wow, that’s poetry. BYE.

I also love how everyone else is being goofy with that Jingle Jangle nonsense or dancing or whatever and then there’s these two, careening way passed a PG13 gropefest in a roomful of people and not giving a single solitary fuck. I can’t wait for when they’re official because they’ll be that couple who always get carried away and lost in each other, while everyone around them is like… can y’all not????? And RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR SALADS???

But also, I kind of want them to be secret dating for a while because how great will it be to watch them struggle to hide their mutual thirst when all they want is to sneak into the nearest nook or cranny to swap saliva and do some naughty touching. Like, their chemistry is perfect - sexually, comedically, banter-wise, they’re… exactly what I needed to finally get from a canon ship on this show. 


Also, I am evidence that if you stare at this gif (their scenes so far) while listening to Sixpence None the Richer’s iconic song, you can’t help but swoon like an idiot.

you say it’s not a disease
the way my eyes changed color
to match your jacket.
you sleep in your car parked outside my house
because you can’t sleep anywhere else.
i know that’s how i wrote it:
filled with compromise and early tears.
i know that’s how i want it:
messy, feathers sticking to the soft skin between my fingers.
i say ‘nothing’s safe’ and you think i mean you.
i know that’s how it used to be:
us sitting on embers talking about your childhood crimes.
i say it’s not a disease the way you unlearned to say my name
without trembling. each syllable clogging what used to be your wits.
i say ‘there are no sins between us tonight’.
you catch an eyelash on my cheek and smirk.
I say ‘here’s one to all the things we now know’.
i did love you. but there was always something in the way. things between us didn’t work out; that even if we loved each other there would always be an empty space feeling like it needed to be filled. but it took some time for me to realize that losing you wasn’t a fault of mine or yours. i was looking for a love, one i couldn’t find in you, and no matter how hard i tried there was no way to make us right for each other. we weren’t meant to be, but maybe this is why we all have a first love. so the second one can be even more beautiful.
—  c // other half

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your “girls are whimsical iridescent faerie beings..” poem made me cry because i can’t be one. i was born one, but i’m not. i’m just some weird trans dude. and that poem is powerful, in how not relatable it is to me. most of your work is relatable. to me at least. idk. just i guess i like it when people tell me my work impacts them so maybe this shitty ask will help you. i like your stuff. i like the way you can say something real. unlike some people (me) uhhhhh ok then?

It’s interesting to me that you point out that specific piece of writing because it’s not one that I really identify with as much recently. I remember when I wrote it, I was feeling an increased surge of love and affection for my friends, feeling powerful, feeling very comfortable inhabiting my body. I can’t say I feel that content with my perception of womanhood at this point in my life. I appreciate your kindness about my work but I hate to receive a compliment at the expense of putting yourself down. Please don’t do that. You have the ability to say something real, as you just did in this ask. What I wrote in that post was not a truth, it was a fantasy. Women are not otherworldly or magical. Women are just people. You have value as a person regardless of any category society tries to sort you in. I hope you realize that.

Steven Universe Songs as Fanfic Prompts

(( Note: If you decide to use any of these prompts, then please tag/message this blog. ))


Love Like You -

  • Even after she and her friends had officially decided to become good, Mal can’t help but feel like she sticks out like a sore thumb compared to her friends and the AKs when it comes to being good.
  • Harry Hook is madly in love with Uma, but he sees the way that she cares and helps her crew members, and feels silly to think that she could possibly return his feelings since it seems so obvious that she’s a better person than him.

Lapis Lazuli -

  • After the whole coronation scene, Auradon citizens have been rioting about how Uma is the perfect example of why the VKs are dangerous. Ben, feeling totally flustered, still believes that she’s just badly misunderstood and isn’t wrong to feel angry towards him and Auradon.

What Can I Do For You -

  • Evie and Doug go to a restaurant during the first week that the VKs first arrive, wheras Evie suprises Doug and signs them up for some karaoke that the shop offers.
BTOB “GF feels insecure becuase they don’t tell them they love her alot”

Ask:  Hello! So for btob…hehe Could you make a reaction for ours boys when their gf feels insecure because they don’t tell her that they love her alot? That would be amazing Thanks soooo much for adding btob to your groups! :D Take care!♡ ( for @k-popcollage)


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He would be disappointed in himself for making you feel insecure. To him it would feel like he neglected you and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

I can’t believe I made you feel this way.” 


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His heart would drop when he heard you talking to your friend about how he made you feel. He never meant to make you feel inseure, it was even worse to him that he didn’t realise it. 

I never meant to make you feel so insecure. I love you and I won’t forget to say it anymore.” 


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His heart would shatter into a million pieces. Bright Changsubby would become very emotional. He never meant to make you feel that way and he wasn’t aware he wasn’t doing it.

I love you so mucha dn this will never happen again… I swear.” 


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I feel as if Hyunsik isn’t a man of many words. Which mean this actions were lacking and that hurt him more.

I never mean to make you feel unloved and insecure. Tell me how to fix this.” 


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He’d be so disappointed in himself. He really did love you, he just wasn’t good with putting things into words. So when he found out you were insecure because of this he went the extra mile. 

I really do love you. I’m not that good at saying it. I love you” 


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He would be surprised. He always thought he said it enough, he thought you knew that he loved you. He understood he might not say it enough but he didn’t realise it had that much of an effect on you.

I didn’t realise you felt this way. I will do my best to do better.”


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He didn’t realise he was doing this until one of the others pointed it out. He thought he said it enough. But when he figured outn he didn’t, it really hurt him.

I didn’t know I made you feel insecure. It wasn’t my intention, please forgive me.” 

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I can be body positive for other people. But when I look at my self, my weight. I always thing the most... mean things. Horrible things, worse that what other people have told me. I don't exactly know how, but can you share a bit of how you have come to love your self? I mean i know thid page is something along those lines. But, what made you decide to?

Honestly, I was young and angry at my parents who always told me I was fat and ugly and would never find love or amount to anything and I thought to myself, ‘what’s the best way for me to make them eat their words?’ And that was to love the person they thought so little of.

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ohmygodYES. Ghirahim's here. I can't wait to see how lil link and him interact. Also, Link seems to be more comfortable speaking. Did he get some confidence after the spirit temple trip? Or did he speak because he wouldn't have been able to express what he was thinking in any other non-verbal way?

Thank you! We love our awful sword spirit. 💖 Actually, Sika helped Link out of his shell since he’s come a long way since his shy self at the beginning of the comic. In fact, the Patreon comic is currently two years ahead and Link is now more cocky compared to who he is now. :p
-Mod Junior

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hi!! so possibly weird question - im new to the gotham fandom like ive been watching the show for a long time but never really interacted with the fandom. do you know any writing guides for getting oz &ed's voices down? im trying to write stuff but i worry about dialogue. if not i'd love to talk to you about it because you have such nice ideas and i like how you write them :)

There aren’t any guides that I know of. What’s cool about Oswald is that he code-switches a lot, and can flip posh to crass in a snap. Edward’s way of speaking has developed significantly; in the beginning he was pretty stilted in his speech, but he grew into a very charismatic guy. Now he’s not quite as intelligent and he might forget words. One rule I do follow with him is that he never curses. If he ever did it would probably be because Oswald dared him to say fuck, just once.

My advice to you would be to figure out who they’re speaking to and what the motivation is, and that will inform how you write them. It’s very situational. Oswald can be downright sniveling to a superior he’s trying to manipulate, but he’s also the King of Gotham and knows how to articulate for the press to get what he wants using a very dominant and savvy persona. He’s also very sassy, and tantrum prone. I prefer to write him more sophisticated due to comics influence, regressing to slightly cruder speech when he’s not under a microscope. Around Ed, he’s also softer in private.

Ed I like awkward and doting in private and the true showman under the spotlight. Just pick a version of them to develop for yourself, and figure out who they are as a character and what they want/how they’re likely to try and get it. They’re both like children sometimes, but also highly intelligent and very dangerous.

Lee once said that everyone has the same kinds of questions, one of which was: Will I ever be loved? The core of Oswald’s character for me is that he wants to love and to care for someone and be loved in return. He also craves power. Edward is also looking for love and ~appreciation~, and he’s at his best playing second in command. Being useful is reassuring to him. He likes accomplishing thing for others and being able to bring back good results that are appreciated (see his GCPD days). When his efforts are ignored or he doesn’t feel he’s up to standard, he becomes discouraged (see not being able to find Butch and apologizing for letting Oswald down). He likes showing his appreciation through the little things (coffees with hearts, origami penguins).

Both of them have very lofty ideals about unconditional love and are looking for it. They’re true romantics at heart. I think they compliment each other in a lot of ways, including the fact that Oswald wants to be number one, and Ed likes being number two. All of my headcanons pretty much stem from there when in comes to their interactions in relation to one another. They are also the most important person in the world to the other. They’re very different in a lot of ways, but they tolerate certain unpleasant things about one another (Oswald’s temper, Edward’s riddles/compulsions) because they’re so in synch in others and just click really well. They can make up for what the other lacks in a lot of areas. Both can stand on their own/make their own way and be just fine, but together they’re scary effective and probably unstoppable. I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary.

I think that once you understand the characters as you want to portray them, and have an idea of what’s motivating them, their voices will come to you. I didn’t think too hard about it when I started, just jumped right in. I started writing in the midst of their domesticity and Oswald’s realization that he loved Edward, to that’s very much the basis of their relationship for me. (As in, they’re totally married and downright sickening at times with how sweet they are.) Sometimes I worry their voices are off and I’ll be surprised to get a comment telling me how spot-on they are. Just have fun! Fan fiction isn’t a serious business by any means, and in my opinion, as long as you’re writing them in situations you enjoy writing about, that’s all that really matters.

Oh, and one last note: Oswald is jealous AS FUCK. He’s the definition of the spoiled only child and everything that entails. Selfishness too? Sure. And the only way to counteract that is to teach him otherwise, sometimes the hard way. I only mention this because I love playing with that trait in ways that don’t lead to Ed being hurt as a result. (The Isabella arc almost freakin’ killed the jealous lover trope for me, what with all the lines Oswald crossed. Not cool. Anyways, I still find some enjoyment with it. Sometimes. When I can forget how far it once went.)

EDIT: Damn, I was so busy trying to help I didn’t realize you complimented me. Thank you so much 💕 I really appreciate it.

announcement n.007: acceptance date

That’s right my friends! The poll has been closed and we have a winner! First of all, I want to thank every single one of you who voted. It was amazing how many people participated and I can’t believe this amount of love and support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you are all the best of the best! And now, without further ado, the news! 

I’m going to be reviewing applications on Thursday, November 23rd, at around 5 PM EST/ 10 PM GMT. Now hear me out because there are a couple things you need to know so no one gets lost that day. It’s going to be hectic, but in the best way! I will stop receiving applications at 2 PM EST, so I have time to read through everything and make my decision. You don’t think you’ll finish on time? Don’t worry! There will be another acceptance day before the opening date, that I will most likely announce on Monday. And you can always make a reservation! Reservations for character with applications already will be allowed until 10 PM EST and they will hold off acceptances for said characters 24 hours

The results will be posted on the main page only. So make sure you keep an eye on the blog when the time rolls around. Also, it’s important that you take a look at the application count from time to time, because the reserved characters are going to be there, waiting for their time to be accepted!

That’s pretty much all for now, but do stay tuned! There are a ton of announcements left to come; and a little surprise I’ve been preparing! Thank you so much to everyone, again, and keep being so wonderful!

Have a lovely night, and happy writing!


So I tried to find similarities in these scenes and didn’t find much besides resemblance probably due to CLAMP’s art style. Still, I can’t help but think there was some intention going into how they drew these scenes maybe to illustrate how alike both Fai and Sakura can be in some situations. Because look at these two quotes from Yuuko “There’s one thing you need to remember. To all the young ones in your group, you are no longer someone who passes through their lives and is forgotten. You have become someone very important to them. Your hardships are their hardships too.” (Yuuko talking to Fai in chapter 130) “But there’s one thing you must remember. whether you want it or not, once you have created bonds between you and other people, those bonds will never disappear. ” (Yuuko talking to Sakura in chapter 143).

Fai in general keeps his distance when he can and after the vampire transformation it was only natural knowing his character that he backed away from how close he was getting to Kurogane, and Sakura after finding out she was a clone started keeping her distance from the others; and although the conversations warns of the consequences of their companions if they were to either distance themselves psychically by traveling alone (Sakura) and distancing themselves emotionally (Fai), Yuuko offers the same advice and emphasizes that they can’t simply think that their absence would go unnoticed after affecting each others lives so much up to that point.

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Hehehe, cracks me up how aggressive Daesung often is about showing fans his love with the angry finger hearts and all.

Tell me about it…

It’s not a finger heart but I’m sure there was one thrown in there somewhere, that the camera didn’t capture.

Maybe a part of it is him reacting to how aggressively hungry JVIPs are for him. They pull on him a lot when given the chance, so it comes as no surprise to see him responding in kind. “Is this what you want?! Huh?! Here, take my love!” 😂 They’d take everything if they could, but there’s only so much he can give and only so many ways to express it!



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While I don't agree Yoongi is ugly, I appreciate you guys being honest. You can still love someone without being attracted to them. And I'm glad you're not focused/obsessed with his looks.


tho we still are attracted to him because of his looks as well… it’s a funny thing tbh. we think he’s ugly but we still like his face somehow…

Admin Gloss

no lie, he can look great sometimes and look really bad other times. thats just how life is. 

either way, not everyone has the same preferences/ideals of beauty. life would be pretty boring that way.

besides i cry everytime i have dreams where i kiss his face cause i cant do that in real life

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Seventeen’s Reaction to Receiving Baked Goodies

Request: Request list- this one may take time so if you want to break it into the units that is fine! Seventeen reactions to their pastry chef s/o marking them a huge cake because “idk I love you and made you this because ur working hard”.

I feel like some of them would be the same so I did it this way. Hope you don’t mind!

Soonyoung/Mingyu/Seungkwan/Chan: These guys would be the ones that would be overly happy and excited and boast all over the building about how good of a S/O you are to them. They wouldn’t share their goodies to the others because “They made them for me and so their mine. Get yourself a S/O who can do the same then.” Not in a mean why but in a way that says “Hey. My babe worked hard to make these just for me to enjoy and I shall enjoy them.

Seungcheol/Jeonghan/Junhui/Wonwoo/Vernon: They would be the ones who would hug you and kiss you and tell you that they love you so much! They would also share the goodies with you because you deserve them for working so hard on making them.

Joshua/Jihun/Seokmin/Minghao: These guys would be the ones that would blush and be a bit shy because “you made these just for me?” They would also be the ones that would love on you after they meet you back at home instead of in front of the members.

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You're goal is 300? You look way bigger ;) I can't image how big you'll be by then. Keep up the good work, and make sure to love your self as much as you can

Ooooh ur flattering me haha I don’t even look that big! But yes of course self love is very important

“Why? Why do you love me so much? Why can’t you just let me go?“ She stared at him crying.

He reached out wiping away the tears beading around her eyes so that she could see him clearly and said, "One day I’m going to die, and I’m going to hate myself for no longer being able to love you. So I have to love you this way. With this unrelenting passion. It’s the only way I know how…if I had it my way, I would never have to stop.”


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If you're still doing the character list thing can we get some Yubel from GX? :p

Ohh, I can do that.

favorite thing about them

Yubel is literally a dragon ok. Also they’re responsible for offing Amon.

least favorite thing about them

Didn’t off Amon soon enough.

favorite line

Yubel snarking Judai during his duel against Darkness. Also, calling out Amon on his bs. You *know* you’ve fucked up when an insane spirit is calling you out for being worse than them. 


Johan, b/c I love the idea of them being awkward friends later on. Manjoume to seeing how he can see spirits as well.


Judai! All the way. Also, Judai and Johan for an OT3

random headcanon

Yubel taught Judai the language the spoke back in the original life and they(plural they) use it for private conversations, usually of the ‘whispering sweet things to one another’ kind.

unpopular opinion

Hmmm….I dunno if it’s unpopular but, Yubel being referred to as ‘she’ just, bothers me. Esp when you watch the subbed version and it’s clear that Yubel is, not.

song i associate with them

A while back I found a link to a ‘GX season 3 the musical’ playlist. And this song was on it and, it’s such a Yubel song. Yandre!Yubel specifically.

favorite picture of them

I always liked how Yubel looks in this shot

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razaya4evermore  asked:

I think I might be polyamorus, any advice on how I can know for sure?

I think the best way to approach finding out is finding out the basics of what you would want out of a relationship and the different ways that you can have a polyam relationship (triad, anchor+another, a V, ect). Would you be fine or at least able to voice any issues that may arise with all participating people in your polyam relationship? Willing to do check ins to make sure that they are feeling comfortable, loved, and secured in the relationship? 

I think those are some good starting points. It could also be helpful to read other people’s experiences and follow some polyam centric blogs (Xander started another positive blog specifically for polyam, polyam-positive).