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hey kass so my girlfriend wears a purity ring and she's kinda insecure about it bc while it's meaningful to her, several of her past gfs/bfs have left bc she wouldn't have sex with them before marriage and i think she thinks i'll end up doing the same. while i don't have the same beliefs, i respect her decision and i'd wait for her as long as i had to, even if that means marrying her. how should i let her know that i'm being serious when i say i won't leave her bc of that?

first things first can i just say THIS IS SO PURE IM EMOTIONAL. SECONDLY, you probably need to just have a serious conversation with her and tell her that her and her religion don’t come between you two and you’d wait for her no matter what. just be honest and just show her you’re committed. I can tell through just this ask you love her so much she should be able to see it too!!!

Hey Shadowfams, so I recently hit 2K followers, I honestly don’t even know how it happened. Thank you guys so much for being so lovely and actually following me, I appreciate it a lot. I see each and every one of your likes and reblogs, I always read your tags on my posts, and you guys put the biggest smile on my face with your lovely asks. I just wanted to say thank you for putting up with me, I know I can get too much sometimes because of how much of a MatthewTrash I am, but i mean that’s why you guys love me so much right???? Haha.

Anyways I’m gonna mention some of my favourite blogs that I think you should all follow, these people are amazing, sweet, and hilarious and they deserve your love, most I’m mutuals with and others I absolutely adore (my Our Loft in Brooklyn mutuals are in bold)


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I was tagged by my bud V aka @blacksiren to post 6 selfies! these are all recentish and mostly from my walks so pls excuse my makeup-less mug. also this is a friendly reminder that if we’re mutual to add me on ig and snap!! I post pics of trees and flowers a lot!!

I’m tagging my gorgeous mates (if you wanna, I know some people don’t like having their pics on here): @batmanisagatewaydrug @starklinqs @kellyabbotts @plinys & anyone else who wants to do it! love yourselves my friends!

what ever you do, don’t imagine amy going home after jake goes to jail. don’t imagine how quiet and empty their apartment feels without him. and how she can’t really remember it ever being just her apartment. it’s like he’s lived there forever. and now suddenly. he isn’t there. don’t imagine her waking up with a lump in her throat because he isn’t in the bed too. don’t imagine her not being able to bring herself to put away his leather jacket which he left hanging on the handle of their cupboard. or her staring at it for minutes on end sometimes. don’t imagine her looking up from her desk at work and almost expecting him to be looking back. don’t imagine her going to visit him at jail for the first time. how she smiles when she sees him, tears sparking in her eyes, but she swallows them down and doesn’t let them fall. not yet. don’t imagine her breaking down in the car after that visit. sobbing, her head on the steering wheel. instead imagine the smile that breaks out across her face when jake is finally released. imagine the sob of joy as jake runs into her arms and she hugs him like there’s no tomorrow. imagine her and jake going home. talking. laughing. hugging. kissing. imagine them together. imagine them happy.

I’m just really blown away by how fantastic this little corner of the fandom is

I mean the art and writing are fucking incredible. Like seriously. There’s so much beautiful art of solas/fen'harel and Lavellan it’s amazing. And the writing is stunningly good, like really fucking good. All of y'all should write novels I s2g you’d do so well. That’s how good it is.

And everyone is so good to each other, probably because misery breeds company. I love you guys.

Also??? Solas is cute what can i say

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i'm so afraid i'm faking my attraction to women and it makes me so anxious idk what to do :/

i know there isnt much i can do through a computer but just think about girls. think about how soft they are and how much they make you smile and how they make you feel and just breath. you arent faking it. you are real, you are valid and you’re going to be okay. self doubt is sadly normal and i want you to know you are so so real. i love you and so do so many other wlw in our community. you belong here 

Listen I will sit through every hamfisted exposition, every unnecessary shot of explicit nudity, every completely senseless battle strategy, and every single line of cringe-inducing dialogue if it means I get to hear someone call Daenerys “Dany” again

Hey there my name is Katherine. I’m 17, turning 18 in August. I’m just a small girl from Cali looking to make friends and maybe something more, who knows :) ? If you like pugs then you’ll love my dog Charlie. There’s not much to say about me, just that I love things all black, like seriously you should see my closet. One thing that I can say about me is that my personality definitely does not match with how I look on the outside. People have told me that I look “tough” and “badass” but I’m honestly a complete dork once you get to know me. So come say hi! You can message me through here on my Tumblr @evxrythingistxmporary or on my Instagram @k.x.t.ii 


moon - a playlist by luma (coulpesasia)

asked by anonymous (thank you so much for asking. i love so much to create new playlists but some weeks ago i just had this crazy creative block and couldn’t produce anything at least decent. but here it is your playlist and i hope you can enjoy it! most of the songs are trap music so just put on your headphones and enjoy yourself 🌛🌌💜)

dean - here & now (feat. mila j) (liam k remix) / rollyboi - coco chanel (feat. naked bibi, rheehab) / b r l l n t - only you / toyo - esc /  the plan8 - how we love (feat. jeebanoff) / dawn - click (feat. sabo) / reddy - think (feat. jay park)dynamic duo - eat pray love /  sik-k - what the hell (feat. donut man, elo) / b r l l n t - go deep (feat. jeebanoff) / cifika - ooh ah ooh (feat duvv, jayvito) / g.soul - where do we go from here / fnrl. - emotional / the mxxn - perfume / offonoff - gold (feat. dean) /  offonoff - 춤 / millic - paradise (feat. fanxy child)

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i don't feel feminine most days because i have a flat chest, no hips, no butt and i've refused to shave my legs from the minute they had hair on them. i don't know how to start loving myself. any tips? thank you for spreading so much positivity ✨

I would say that femininity has such a wide range and not being the traditional “curvy” figure shouldn’t take away from your femininity.
Bodies come in so many shapes and sizes, and the media we consume tends to tell us there are only a few ways a body is supposed to look.

For example: With boobs we typically see small and perky or big and round.
When actually there are HUNDREDS of different ways a chest can look.
- One boob bigger than the other
- small and flat
- big and saggy or small and saggy
- huge nips, tiny nips, dark nips, bright nips
- less of a round shape, hanging, etc
- disproportionate
- no boobs at all
I could go on but I think you get the idea.
And butts!
There are so many kinds of butts out there besides “tone and round”
We have:
- big butts that are round and big butts that aren’t
- small butts that have small cheeks and butts that are just flat
- butts with stretch marks due to growing or shrinking
- butts with cellulite, and birth marks etc
- I could go on forever

With legs and leg shaving… hair grows naturally on your body so if you want to keep it there, do it.

All this to say: there are so many ways to be beautiful. Loving yourself starts with realizing your worth. You are not abnormal for having a human body, and your looks are more common than they may seem. The beauty trends change radically every decade, so who knows what will be “the look” next?

The best thing to do is: focus on what makes you personally feel confident, and don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing.

Mitzvah - chapter thirteen - reylo

Miron paused a moment, and then spoke firmly and with determination. “The man is a fool if he doesn’t treat you like the treasure you are, Rey. You have so much at your fingertips now but it doesn’t mean that you deserve any less respect from him, or that you should be cast aside when he can’t work through his own damn problems. You have so much, but you deserve love, too. Not some awful match. All that being said, I see how much potential there is between the two of you – don’t let yourself or him ruin this. Be firm, but be supportive. Be true to yourself, but be understanding. Relationships take… effort. They take time to grow. But they are worth it. They can undeniably be worth everything, and you deserve everything, Rey.”

Yeah Rey! You deserve everything, sweetheart!

Third week in a row I’m keeping my promise!! <3

Mitzvah, an arranged marriage reylo fic, can be found here on FF, and here on AO3.

Can we just talk about how much Johnny cares. He is there working, busy schedule, lots of concentration. And than when hundreds of people are waiting outside he’s like: ‘alright stop everything, got to give my fans some love first’ I think it’s so beautiful that he gives us so much time, and we know he has done it a millions times before. Thank you Johnny

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How confident are you that J/B will actually happen? I have to say, I'm feeling a bit nervous right now, after more of the leaks get confirmed and Nikolaj talks so much about Jaime being monogamous and so openly about how he is pro-JB. It makes me fear he's being so open because he knows now it's not going to happen and there's no spoiling at saying that. :(

I understand how you can interpret the interviews that way, but I’m 100% confident that Jaime and Brienne are happening. Remember, Nikolaj and Gwen know the fates of Jaime and Brienne, and since season 3 they have been throwing “love,” “in love,” “confused,” “feelings” and amping it up every promo season. Nikolaj even use the term soulmates, bless.

If Nikolaj and Gwen know that they have to play this pairing as a slow burn romance between two stubborn as fuck characters, their comments in the interviews aren’t going to be disappointed and bitterness. Their comments are going to be setup so the audience knows how to interpret their scenes, and for Nikolaj, an inability to keep chill. Also, if you notice, during each promo season their comments are almost identical in every interview, indicating that this is something that has been rehearsed and possibly fed to them by the showrunners.

Considering how Nik and Gwen were paired together now, of all times, for video interviews and pretty much every single promo for this season, and Nik completely unleashing his shipper soul, I’d bet money that the showrunners realized how the Brienne and You Know Who thing got out of hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a little concerned that the Jaime and Brienne story wouldn’t land with the viewers, so up the promos! Remind people that this story is still a thing because they’re probably coming back to that relationship again this season.  

Now for what’s seen in the show…

Nobody really knows why they are dragging out twincest and keeping Jaime around in KL, but imo the only reason why Jaime is still with Cersei is because the writers think it will increase the shock factor when he ends up with Brienne.

Jaime is definitely headed North by the end of the season, and that’s just always been my guess for his arc. Tywin had three conversations about him needing to leave the KG, be his heir and lead his House, then he was actually removed from the KG, and then Littlefinger in S6 made a comment “the Lannister’s have never brought their army this far North” and Jon said the same thing to Sansa in the first episode of season 7. Without a doubt, Jaime Lannister is going North, which means he’s away from Cersei. Unless Brienne fucks off to Tarth and doesn’t fight in the war (which I highly doubt), he will be in the same place as Brienne, and they will go through another life or death situation and… well, you can fill in the rest ;)

Some would argue that the writers setup plotlines and then drop them, but Jaime and Brienne are different because they are an endgame plot. How Jaime’s character development is handled is a whole other topic that people can debate about, but it in no way affects whether or not Jaime and Brienne will end up together. In other words, Point A and point B are determined, but how the writers get to point B is entirely up to them, and if you see it as messy and inconsistent or totally logical and consistent then that’s your opinion. In the end, Jaime and Brienne will end up together, regardless of the journeys that led them there.

If Jaime and Brienne were meant to remain friends, or end up as an dropped story, they wouldn’t have continued building it up in season 5 and season 6. I’m not even going to bring up the setup for season 2-4 because it would take an eternity.


- The Memory

They finally introduced some sort of adaptation of Brienne’s horrible childhood. What was the topic of this memory? Romantic love. This isn’t some memory of why she admired Renly, it was why she fell in love with him. Why? Because prior to mentioning Renly, she talks all dreamily about how the boys said they wanted to marry her and take her to their castles. By including this scene, they are establishing three things:

  1. Yes, Brienne is interested in men.
  2. Yes, Brienne was in love with Renly (why people doubt this I just…..??? I mean it’s been stated many times she was in love with him butmovingon)
  3. Yes, Brienne has a romantic side and therefore is a legit candidate for a love plotline. It wouldn’t be broughten up in the narrative if it wasn’t essential to her arc.

Brienne was introduced to us on a romantic storyline (Renly). The first couple of conversations with Jaime and Brienne were about honor/loyalty and her love life. Oh look, what theme has been playing out and getting resolved for Brienne in S4, S5, S6, and S7 when she was off finding the Stark girls and the moments she spoke with Jaime? Honor and loyalty. What other factor was there in the background, popping up randomly, like her childhood story to Pod in season 5? Love life. And what happened in S6 that the showrunners allowed through the edits? The Ship That Shall Not Be Named. In other words, Love life.  

People think Brienne’s story is to be this great warrior whose purpose is to just help “the good guys” out with a sword and that’s the only lens they see her through. They don’t see that being a strong fighter is just an aspect of who she is and has a small role in her overall arc. It complements her narrative, but it’s not the focus of it. The focus is questioning honor and blind loyalty, and finding reciprocated love for the physical “Beast.” The two go hand in hand (this applies to Jaime as well…slowly and eventually. Their arcs match.) 

- Tarth

They wouldn’t have gone out of their way to film Jaime drooling over Tarth. If you think about it, they had to spend money creating the set, doing the effects, and hiring a bunch of extras to stand around, all so that Jaime could stare and smile at this freakin island that is the residence of some woman he just respects…



-The tent scene. 

I assume they were directed to act that scene as suppressed and confused romantic desire since a) Nikolaj called the sword his heart and b) the writers and the director said their relationship was “complicated” and that Jaime has “undercurrents that he’s uncomfortable feeling.”

Nevermind that they felt it important enough to speak about this specific scene and their feelings in an Inside the Episode segment, when there were dozens of other scenes to choose from. Jaime and Brienne are friends guys gaaaawd.

- The wave goodbye.

Yeah. Again. Same point as in the Tarth scene, but minus the extras.

If they had no intentions to get Jaime and Brienne together by the end of this series, they could have omitted the tent scene, or at least altered the tent scene so that there was not round three of extra long eye fucking…. for just friends.

So no worries anon. They will get together, whether it’s brief or for the long term. If there is one thing I am obnoxiously confident about it is that by the end of this series it will be known by even the delusional fans that these two fools are in love.

“I hate that there is so much emphasis about how your blog looks on here and how pretty it has to be for people to think you’re worth following. Like, if your theme isn’t 10,000% and your icons aren’t texturized with borders and shit, you can forget people wanting to interact with you.

Even if you’re a great writer and the love for your character comes through in the writing and how much time you’ve clearly put in their background… it does you no good if your blog isn’t “pretty”.“

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Can I just say how refreshing it is to find a blog that likes Lotor and also headcanons bi Keith?? Thanks for existing I love you and everything you stand for, I hope you have a fantastic day/night

aaaahh thank u so much?? my lad i tend to headcanon most of my faves as bi if it fits them, it’s a self-projection thing i do. like my one (1) thing that no one can take away from me

and if you’re looking for people that love lotor (like. love lotor) and hc keith as bi -> @officialkeith is your man. @kallvra too. @vld-boooi likes lotor & hcs keith as pan. @marmoraskeith will probably have a bi!keith flag glued to her tombstone. u should definitely check all of them out. thank u and have a nice day/night too anon 💞

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Can I get a request where the reader and Tom Holland are dating. And the reader is 18 and in collage and she's a little insecure about not being anything famous. Please and I love your writing so much

Hi, I think you were confused because I don’t write imagines (believe me, if I did, you wouldn’t like how I write lol).
If you want to request one here I’ll put users who do write and they do it amazing (idk if they have the requests open) @tomsh0lland @toms-spidey @reveriesforyou @tomhstories @boyfriendtom @stallingdemons @stan-holland

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Hi! Your blog is AWASOME. Every tip you got is useful, so thank you very much your kind soul. So, here's the thing: In my fantasy story, my main male character is the big villain. In the first book, he's just a kind little boy, a caring, selfless guy but later so much shit happens to him that he just snaps and becomes the villain, the very insane type. But, there's a problem. I want him to be fucking scary. He's a power hungry guy, and he also wants revenge. So, how can I portray him mad?

HI! First of all, I love your blog and you are so helpful :)) So, the thing is that my MC is the villain of the story. It’s like in the first book he’s just a normal kid and a kind one too. Later on so much shit happens to him that he becomes the villain. The second book begins with 5 years after the first one and he officially is the bad guy there. My question is that how can I portray him to be mad scary? How can I portray that he IS the villain of the story?

I included both of your messages because they each have some new information.

First, thank you so much! I’m glad to be of help!

Now, your question!

First of all, I’m gonna drop my Antagonists post right here just as a point of reference for developing most antagonists, and then we’re gonna apply it to your scary dude in particular.


First of all, a transition such as that takes time and some real “shit” happening to him. 5 years is a good amount of time, but we want to also make it clear how these events change him bit by bit until he is no longer the person he once was.

We also have to make these changes make sense. Think about where he started personality wise, and then map out how he gets to where he is. You can do this by taking his traits as a “good” character and turning them against him. For example:

You said he is “caring” and “selfless”. In order to take those traits away from him, they need to do him harm- perhaps he was overly selfless, and people took advantage of him or walked all over him. Perhaps he was so caring, he gave and gave until he had nothing left to give, or maybe one day he realized that he never got anything back. This all happens over time until he is finally fed up. The things that are good about him cause him to suffer the most, and therefore he no longer sees the point in being “good” any more. 

Even in the first book when he is not yet “officially” the villain, you can show him starting to crack along the way. In fact it’s important that you do, in order to make the change in character feel real. More outbursts, less sympathy for others, not caring about things he used to, becoming more and more pronounced as the story goes on.

The Mad Scary Part: Use his background to sort of hint at the madness to come. Maybe it was in him all along, and all it took was the right (or wrong) actions to draw it out. Perhaps sometime in the past someone does something rather minor that bugs him, and he has a brief outburst/”snap” that makes them think for a moment, “oh snap, remind me not to get on his bad side” (unfortunately it seems no one reminded them)


Often when a villain becomes that scary and out of control, they are driven from a core belief that they are clinging desperately onto for dear life, to the point where nothing they do makes logical sense any more- they have one goal, one belief, and that’s all they have on their minds. Pick out that core motivation and get to know that in the context of your character. In this example, revenge:

Who is he getting revenge against/who does he think he needs to get revenge against?

Is the list expanding to include every single person who wrongs him from now on, or his is focused on someone very specific?

Does he feel any sort of remorse for the people who get hurt along the way, but see them as a necessary collateral damage?

Or, does he believe that no one is worth saving or pity, that the whole world is rotten in some way?

The Mad Scary Part: Either way you want to go with any of those questions can be turned very scary. If he’s hyper-focused on a few characters, that means he’ll be pretty scary relentless, and there is always something terrifying about being hunted down. If the list goes ever onwards, it means that he’s lost all perspective on what he’s even fighting for- any transgression provokes the need for revenge, because that’s all he knows any more. 

And one more thing: As I’ve talked about, when villains have such a motive as revenge, they really cling to it with everything they have got- and the reason is simple. It is all that they, as villains, have. It is their goal, their motive, that keeps them focused, because if they are not pursuing their motive, then they would have to stop and look at themselves. There’s nothing more dangerous to a bad person than time to reflect and see what they have become. That is why so many “evil” people or organizations discourage questioning their leadership or decisions- questioning themselves could lead to destabilizing everything they fight for. 

But you can use those doubts to capitalize on the mad-scary, too! If you want him to be “very insane”, let him be conflicted. Having conflicted emotions can often be very terrifying and confusing. Villains such as yours don’t want to face what they have done or who they once were, because that only leads to misery for them- and thus, he will lash out or do anything to avoid or “destroy” that kind of guilt, such as proving to himself that he is happier being bad by doing something bad.

Tipping Point:

This is going to be the most key part of his background. It takes a lot of little things piling up to push you to the edge in the first place, but what is the big thing that pushed off in the end? This particular moment is going to leave a big impact that fuels a lot of their motive or places blame (in their mind) on the people they want revenge against.

As I also mentioned in the Antagonist post, you want to think of you antagonist as a character that has already gone through the Character Development Arc and reached a negative end. Map out an idea for yourself of what this arc looked like even if you don’t go into full detail in the story, and particularly get to know this final change.

The Mad Scary Part:

Think about how your character looks back on this “tipping point.” Perhaps they fixate on it, constantly referring to it or reminding themselves or others of it. Perhaps they ignore it, or pretend it never happened, because that’s easier than remembering. Perhaps they “worship” it in a way, thinking of it as they moment they were “freed” into their current way of thinking. Maybe it is the one thing that sobers them up and makes them stop acting crazy for a moment. Maybe it triggers those terrifying moments of conflicted feelings in them. There are a number of ways to respond to it that reach those “mad crazy” traits.


This is going to be where you need to come up with a creative list of Uncomfortable Things. There are a number of things that people find inherently creepy, and a different person becomes creepy when they embrace those creepy things. For example, it’s creepy when someone laughs or takes joy from something scary/hurtful/tragic. It’s creepy when someone takes pleasure from pain. It’s creepy when people are manipulative- perhaps they seem charming or charismatic or even likable but say and do such horrible things, it’s shocking to believe that they are really that deeply terrible under that facade of Cool Dude.

In your character’s case, you can use the personality that they used to have to make their current creepiness a lot… creepier. Maybe he starts to show signs of those old traits that give the other characters hope for him, before proceeding to do something completely horrendous and destroying that hope altogether.  Maybe they still recognize things in him- not just his personality, but all the little things too, like his old likes and dislikes. Maybe his favorite food is still ravioli. Maybe still likes to watch rom-coms in his spare villain time. The point is that seeing someone you recognize in someone you know you can never trust is a very terrifying experience and a constant reminder of who you lost.

He can also use their mutual past to psychologically torment the other characters. Maybe he uses as an old inside joke or commonality as a threat or terrifying reminder- maybe they used to eat lollipops together or something, and now he leaves lollipops at the scene of his crimes to tell them he still remembers. Maybe he constantly guilt trips them for all their wrong doings, or blames them for everything that he has become until they start to believe it. Maybe he even likes to pretend like they’re still “friends” even when he’s tormenting them. Just buddies being pals. With knives. Guys being dudes.

Another old trick- turning positive things, into negative things. That is almost always creepy. Maybe he likes to pretend the terrible things he is doing are “games.” Lollipops are supposed to be sweets, but now he’s turned their whole association around into something scary. 

The Mad Scary Part: I was kinda doing that they whole time. Basically, anything that is out of the ordinary way of acting can be seen as creepy. Take a situation, and think of the “normal” way in which someone would react- and then maybe he might do the opposite. Secondly, use his background and “previous self” to influence his current one- the contrast can be tragically scary. And third, even the way he interacts can cause mind-meddling that is very frightening. Treating people or lives like games or property quickly makes one feel sick. 

Appearance and presentation can be viewed on the other post, since this is getting lengthy.

Finally, never let things get too comfortable when it comes to him. When villains have tragic backstories, audiences tend to get hooked on them. To some extent, you do want your audience to pity him a little. After all, he was once good, but now he has been lost, and that’s a sad, sad thing. But ultimately the depths of his crimes have to outweigh the horrors of his past. Tragedy aside, he must be past the point of no return, and sometimes that might take a shocking little reminder. 

Wait- one more, very important thing:

In my explanation over Character Development Arcs (linked above), I talk a lot about how those “turning points” on a character’s arc are determined by their choices. Something has happened to them, and now they must choose how to respond. When writing this character and their backstory as well, keep that in mind. On some level, he chose this. He chose to give in to his suffering and sacrifice his goodness. He chose to continue doing evil at every opportunity he had to go back. Maybe in his mind he thinks he didn’t have a choice, but the truth is that we always do. Sometimes, the most shocking and disappointing thing is to see a “bad” character presented with a chance, even a small one, at doing something right- and then seeing them turn it down. 

Those choices will continue to be pivotal moments, every time. 

You will know your character the best in the end. Use your world and your other characters to determine right and wrong and then let him play with that line. Anyway, sorry for taking such as long time to respond, but I hope this all helps! Sounds like a great and interesting character!


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Apparently my insomnia has decided that everything I do would make me think of your writing so I just reread How to Win (still in love with it, can't wait for the update!!!!) while listening to Back to You (on repeat) by Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha and the lyrics are quite fitting for the Sexually Confused Loner/Aphrodite relationship in Modern Romance. I think. It's also 4.30am here so I might be trying to attach Back to You to everything I can.

I TOO HAVE JUST DISCOVERED THIS SONG and I like it v much and will take another listen now because I am writing as we speak but more importantly because I LOVE to play a song to death when I first hear it, that’s my fav game

sidebar, fun fact

did you know that when you get a song stuck in your head, it’s because your brain is trying to ‘right’ itself? basically the brain enjoys a certain level of stability, so if you’re too excited or too bummed or too stressed it will try to normalize by bringing you back to a moment when you were ‘neutral,’ which is why it’s always some shitty song that was playing while you were at the pharmacy or something

anyway I love that lil tidbit and whenever a song is stuck in my head I think about what I was doing when I last heard it and try to go back to that moment, because it’s important to keep my brain contentedly neutral

ps love you

anonymous asked:

I really love your explanation of the different forms used to speak. So very closed friends can talk in banmal/semi formal, right? So why JK isn't talking like that with Tae? They're like best friend, i'm right? Anyway to me, it's just show how much JK and JM are extremely close and that makes happy.

Hello anon! Thank you so much:) And thank you for asking bc I’m pretty sure a lot of other people must be wondering the same thing! Yes its true that very close friends can speak informally to each other but that all depends on how established their relationship is. If one of the friends is older they would have to approve of the younger speaking informally to them because that’s just how Korean culture works. But like I said in my previous ask, there are different levels of informality present. And as for why JK doesn’t speak informally to Tae (to the extent he does with Jimin), it’s because Tae doesn’t allow him to. Tae is very big on respect and even though Jk and tae are very close, (they’re my brotp so in no way am I trying to start a ship war), there is still that present age gap and Jk acknowledges Tae as his elder even though he thinks he’s mentally older than him lol! Tae has established their relationship as one of a hyung and dongsaeng, and that’s it, no lines crossed, and Jk accepts that. It’s not a small age gap either like the one Jimin and Tae have, Tae is a good 2 years older than Jk. And this is why the dynamic between Jimin and Jk is just so rare! No matter how close 2 people of differing years are, I’ve never seen the relationship that Jimin and Jk have, it’s truly interesting to watch because it’s literally like they’re in a relationship if you know what I mean ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º). The fandom jokes about which one is really the hyung, and if you truly observe their interactions a lot of the time it has me wondering the same thing lol! I’m not saying all relationships are informal though, like I said it all depends on the people in the relationship how informal or formal they want to be with each other. Again, Korean Culture can be very confusing but I hope I helped you better understand how rare their dynamic truly is because jimin and jk being so close makes me so happy as well!