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Strip Study

Type: Smut

Pairing: Namjoon x reader

Notes: Y’all I’m dead my friend made me think of this and honestly it’s a big ass kink. Anyways, Namjoon is such a sweetie I love my bias omg. Hope you guys love Namjoon as much as I do. Also this is terribly written and short as hell but it’s ok I’m just livin kk bye!

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“I just can’t do this! Screw school I’m dropping out!” You say throwing your pencil in your bag and shutting your book.

You’re about to get off the bed and go take a walk when Namjoon tugs you back, “Hey, hey come on! It’s okay, I know the lesson is hard but you got this! Okay?”

You look at him, contemplating ditching studying or listening to hearing your boyfriend out for once. Namjoon looks at your focused face and thinks of a way to make you stay, “Okay. How about for every answer you get right… I’ll take a piece of clothing off. But, every question you get wrong you got to take a piece of clothing off.”

“So strip poker but for studying?” you stop tugging away and look up at him, raising an eyebrow. You look at him biting his lip in anticipation before letting out a sigh, “God, fine! Fine, I’ll do it. But none of that removing one sock bullshit.”

“Well I don’t have any socks on,” he laughs pulling you back in so now you’re sitting on his lap. He brings the notes to his face and looks at you, “no peeking.”

You laugh and turn away from him as he begins, “What is the largest organelle in the cell?”

You stop for a moment tracing your head for the answer, “Hm… Shit… I know this one… Oh! The nucleus!”

He looks up at you and smiles nodding his head, “Yes! Hoodie. Off.”

He winks at you before slowly taking off his hoodie to tease you. He laughs as he throws it over your head, covering your eyes. You take the hoodie off your head to look at the man but then see why he was laughing so hard. There sat Namjoon laughing, his tank top still on, “You tease!”

You hit him with his hoodie which only makes him lie down. You bite your lip looking the man up and down, “those arms and that neck is sexy though.”

He gives you a wink, flexing his muscle, “All muscle baby.”

You roll your eyes and put on the hoodie, which Namjoon was pleased with, “Next question.”

“Yes Miss,” he says rolling onto his stomach to grab the flash cards, “Alright. What is one difference between a plant cell and an animal cell.”

“Ugh easy! Plant cells have a cell wall,” You say smirking.


“Now you’re just handing these to me. Now, get that tank off, right now.”

“Anything for you baby,” he takes the tank off smoothly. You hold your lip in between your teeth to stop yourself from making any sound. This game was amusing to you both. You look at his body, he was fit as hell but it was rare for him to ever show it. You couldn’t help but blush at him. God if he only knew how you would rather be doing something so much different than studying.

“Stop staring, you’re making me self conscious,” he says and wraps his arms across his chest in an attempt to cover himself.

You laugh at him,“Shush and hurry up with the next question.”

He nods and goes to grab the cards, you look at his lean figure, loving the sight of Namjoon shirtless with only sweatpants on. He catches you staring at him but only smirks at you, “Is water polar or nonpolar?”

You snap out of the trance, “Shit. I have no clue.”

“Just guess.”

“I don’t know. Nonpolar?”

He looks up at you and loudly makes a buzzer noise.

“Damn it!”

“Take that shirt off babe.”

You look up at him and raise your eyebrow. You almost forgot that you were also a contender in this game, “Well which one your sweatshirt or your shirt?”


“It’s one per question Namjoon.”

“But you didn’t have that on before the game started babe.”


“Come on babe…” He makes a pouting face and moves closer to you, tugging at your shirt,

You narrow your eyes at him but can’t stop the smile sneaking onto your face. You blush a bit as you slowly take off your shirt, trying to avoid eye contact with him. You feels his eyes on you as you pull the fabric off of your body, the cold air hitting your bare skin. You throw the clothes at Namjoon’s head and laugh. He hurries to take them off and throw them across the room. He looks at you, now only in a bra and those short shorts you wear around the house.

“Namjoon,” you hum to get his attention off you and back onto the question.

He clenches his jaw and shakes his head. He stops for a moment and throws the flashcards on the ground, “What’s 1 + 1?”

“Namjoon!” You say laughing but then stop when you notice his impatient face.

“Answer the damn question (Y/N).”

“2,” you say moving closer to him, “Pants.”

He hurries to take the sweatpants off but you stop him. You grab the waist band and slowly pull the pants down his legs, throwing them off the side of the bed. You kneel in front of Namjoon. He looks at you, face red and heavy breathing, it takes him only a second to get up and crawl on top of you. He kisses you hard moving his knee in between your legs and putting on hand on your waist and the other on your ass. You ran one hand through his hair and the other running down his chest. He growls into your mouth when you push your thighs together, grinding into his leg.

“Fuck, you look so good like this,” he says, moving down your body. He kisses the skin around your bra. The impatient man hurries and unclasps the bra kissing and sucking on the sensitive skin. He kneeds your breasts together massaging the tender skin, you can’t help but let out a loud and long moan. He looks up at you and smiles going back to kissing down your breasts and stomach.

“Namjoon. Please,” you let out and he stops the slow kisses and speeds up to the edge of your shorts.

“You know what these shorts do to me. They’re so small, I don’t even think you wear underwear with them. Do you?”

He looks up at you and you shake your head blushing, “(Y/N). Always teasing me, walking around the house with my shirts and your nice ass hanging out.”

You look away from him and he grabs rips the shorts off, throwing them to the side. He hurries to spread your legs, immediately kissing and sucking your clit. You don’t stop yourself from moaning out loud. Namjoon growls as he licks between your folds his tongue moving fast and rough against you. He moves to lick your clit and you jolt your body up moaning out his name. He moves his hand and pushes a finger inside of you, almost setting you over the edge. He moves in and out slowly, a contrast to his rapid tongue movement on your clit. He adds another finger and another until you feel yourself about to climax.

“Namjoon! Oh my god!” You say pulling hard on his hair.

“Cum for me baby,” he says getting even faster. It doesn’t take you another second to let yourself go off of the edge. You move your body up but Namjoon grabs your hips and pushes you down. He licks up the cum as you come down from your high. Your breath is heavy as you look down to Namjoon licking you gently, looking up at you.

You gently move to get up, you and Namjoon are both say in front of each other heavy breathing and it doesn’t take a moment for Namjoon to kiss you hard and push you back down onto the bed running his hands up and down your sides. You moan into his mouth and he takes it as a sign to start up again. He pulls your legs into him, your bare pussy rubbing on the hard dick that was only separated from your due to the fabric holding it in.

“I’m done with the foreplay. I just wanna feel you in me,” you say, it comes out heavy and rough which makes Namjoon grind into you relentlessly.

You subconsciously pull your head back and moan at the friction and he’s quick to attack the skin of your neck, peppering kisses and sucking until he can’t hold himself back anymore.

“Open your damn legs (y/n),” he commands and you immediately open up for the man.

He pulls his boxers down and grabs your hips making sure he’s close to you. He leans down facing you and kisses up you neck and jaw. He’s gentle but you know how rough he wants to fuck you. How loud he wants you to scream his name. How he wants you to only think of his dick relentlessly railing you. He knows you want the same thing.

He pumps himself slowly wanting you to be ready, you nod to him signalling you’re more than ready. He moves slowly when he enters you, wanting you to feel him stretching your tight pussy out. You moan loud and he keeps going in and out, in and out. He increases his speed making sure to pleasure you anyway he can, kissing you, holding you, playing with your breasts, rubbing your clit, or whispering dirty ideas in your ear.

“I want you to scream so loud that the neighbors know exactly how good you’re taking my dick baby,” he says and gets tougher. He turns you around on all fours and starts up again even more rough, his hands now leaving red marks on your hips as he slams into you hard, “You love when I’m rough with you don’t you?”

You can only nod not being able to speak through your moans. He smiles at this slapping your ass lightly to make you tighten and shake. Your moans were sloppy and so were his thrusts, you both losing yourself to the feeling. “I want you to ride me baby, will you do that for me?”

Namjoon slows down until he’s stopped and waits for your answer and through your breaths you let out an exhausted, “Yes. Please baby.”

He smiles his dimple showing as he holds you up helping your sore figure onto him. You can’t help grinding into him, teasing his cock. He grips your ass when you roll your hips and he tries his best not to cum right there. You grab his hard dick and move it to your pussy. He slides in so well and you have to stop yourself from cumming right there. You move up and down rolling your hips, feeling his hard dick ramming into you. He moans loud, one of the loudest moans you had ever heard him let out and before you know it he’s grabbed your hips and helped you to moving up and down. “You look so fucking good riding me like that.”

You can’t answer but instead grind harder which cause Namjoon to lose his mind. He slams you up and down his dick, hard and fast. You feel yourself about to explode from the ecstasy. Namjoon goes harder than ever now, making sure that you feel every inch of him in you. It takes only a few more hard thrusts before your body jolts hard. You cum loud, screaming, “Fuck yeah Namjoon. Oh my god!”

He moans and lets out a loud growl and he lets himself go, releasing himself in you. You’re both stuck for a moment heavy breathing and dizzy from the experience. You then feel yourself collapse as you fall onto Namjoons chest. He lets out a small grunt at the impact of your body giving out on top of him but laughs. He lets out a hum and hugs you tight kissing your head.

“You did so amazing baby.”

You only make an acknowledgement sound as you feel yourself slowly falling asleep. He laughs and holds you closer to him inhaling the scent of your hair, cherishing this moment.

“I’m gonna fail this class.”

Namjoon lets out a laugh, “not if I fuck the answers into you.”

You both laugh, the feeling of sleep slowly kicking in.

“Goodnight baby,” you say and close your eyes, deactivating for the night.

“Goodnight beautiful.”

Serendipity | (M)

Originally posted by kookmint

pairing jeon jungkook x reader, friendwithbenefitsAU 
genre/warnings smut, fluff, slight angst, swearing

chapter 1 summary: ❝The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. After forgetting to click out of his pornhub incognito tab last night, you find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with Jungkook at 3am watching the rest of it.❞

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anonymous asked:

What's your favorite scenario (Can be in any series of bts doesn't matter)❤

Ah I wasn’t sure if you meant my favourite scenario I’ve ever written or my favourite scenario I’ve ever read… so I decided to answer both… opps!

It’s difficult to pick my favourite fic out of everything I’ve written, and honestly, they all hold special memories for me, but I really like these ones:

↳ Smoke with Yoongi | I was experimenting with writing style in this one and I really like how it turned out. Maybe it’s overdramatic to say, but I feel like this fic marked a change in my writing, both in my style and my attitude to it!

↳ Felix Culpa with Yoongi | I fell in love with the world I constructed in this particular fic. The world building was so much fun!

↳ 364 Days Dead with Taehyung | This one is just my favourite level of angst, it’s sad, but there’s still some hope in it.

↳ Aureate with Jungkook | I just love Hogwarts aus and enemies to lovers, so this is perfect for me!

↳ Red Faced with Hoseok | I love writing for Hoseok, and out of all my scenarios, I think I nailed his personality best in the one!

↳ Metallic Snow with Hoseok | Yep, I think we’ve all established that everyone loves android Hobi, myself included!

And now for my favourite fics I’ve read (I feel like I’m tagging people too much recently oops) :

↳ The Train of Lost Souls by @inktae | I absolutely love this fic, the fantasy in it stretches the imagination, and it’s beautifully written! It challenged all that I believed fanfiction could be, and went above and beyond all I could have expected!

↳ Freesia by @eleventoes | Listen, I’m a sucker for childhood aus. And this was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t know how much I needed this fic until I read it! Adorable!!

↳ Candyman by @lthyl | This was so unique and original, and I loved the horror incorporated into it. It was unlike anything I’ve read before or after, and for that reason it’s stuck in my mind as one of my favourite fics!

↳ The Witch Switch by @kittae | Have I ever mentioned how much I love Hogwarts aus? Because I do! This fic was charming, the dialogue was witty, and I loved Yoongi’s characterisation!

Black Majick by @dreamscript | The buildup of romance throughout the course of this fic made me feel like I was watching a film, hoping for more development during the action… and that made it all the more rewarding! It made me fall in love with fanfiction all over again and I’ll always love it for that!

↳ Safe and Sound by @an-exotic-writer | This one is short, but it has stuck with me for it’s simple beauty! The images that it conjured in my head were breathtaking, and I just hope I can write in such a pleasing way some day!

That’s all for now, but as I go on writing and reading, I’m sure there’ll be more to add!

also like for what it’s worth, I’ve been abused by people other than the person I refer to on here as my abuser™ and those who actually did genuinely get their shit together I have forgiven. It’s not like I’m incapable of it or something. But I am exhausted by how many people seem to think that survivors are stupid or selfish or cruel for not forgiving people who literally do not see them as human beings and literally continue to hurt people every day and have no intention or evidence of ever changing. I know it’s possible for an abuser to stop abusing because I’ve seen it firsthand, and it only confirms for me that it’s not a survivor’s fucking job to fix them or forgive them or hold their damn hand through it. And it confirms for me that abusers all can stop hurting people and they just don’t feel like it, so honestly fuck em. Why do so many people act like they’re some lonesome demographic just born with an ‘abuser’ stamp on their foot and that we just hate them for who they are. Like no, we hate them because they’re literally just like everyone else only they decide to hurt people constantly. what the fuck. 

anonymous asked:

can i req a “how would svt react if their s/o holds their hand a little forcefully when they(svt) are feeling very tired/not in the mood?” thank u!!!

Joshua, Jun, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8 & Vernon would give your hand an affectionate squeeze as well, which would be their way of letting you know they’re all right.

S.Coups, DK, Mingyu, Seungkwan & Dino would look down at you and smile, saying, “Hey, don’t worry about me, I’m just fine.”

Jeonghan & Hoshi would lean their head on your shoulder, and say, “Alright, I’m done pretending I’m not tired… Let me just stay like this for a while, okay?”

thank you for your request!!


I don’t know why you telling me about your girlfriend’s new job made me hope you might break up with her and things would go back to how they were. 

I guess I’m just a little jealous that you’ve moved on and I’m still somewhat stuck in the past. And how it sort of feels like you’ve forgotten about us. 

Like it didn’t matter. 

But I know that’s not the case, you just didn’t show me that it mattered. 

I just miss how you made me feel — special and wanted and cozy all at the same time. Even though it wasn’t healthy, you always made me feel validated. 

I know I’ll find that someday, but for now I’ll just hold onto old memories. 

Forever nostalgic, 


P.S. It kills me a little bit that I can say “I love you” to you anymore.

“Disappear” by Evanescence would be a good Reylo song. The lyrics sound exactly like something Rey would say to Kylo/Ben.

Hollow like you don’t remember me
Underneath everything I guess I always dreamed
That I would be the one to take you away
From all this wasted pain
But I can’t save you from yourself

Don’t you want to feel?
Don’t you want to live your life?
How much longer are you gonna
Give into the fear?
Holding you down until you’re

I can’t let you fall apart
You don’t even know
What you’ve done to me
But I would be the one to take you away
From all this wasted pain
If you could just wake up

Don’t you want to feel?

Don’t you want to live your life?
How much longer are you gonna
Give into the fear?
Holding you down until you’re

All alone, all alone
And drowning in your past
Take it back, take it back
I still believe you can

Don’t you want to feel?
Don’t you want to live your life? How much longer are you gonna
Give into the fear?
Holding you down till you disappear

me in my head: the touch of a girl is electrifying, when they look at me I turn into a puddle. their lips are so soft, their eyes so welcoming yet so scary. girls are magical, I would die just to be close with a pretty girl. the way a girls hand would fit in mine, how she would have a smile only for me, that’s beautiful. being with a girl is the best feeling, all I can think of is girls.

me out loud: wanna hold girl gentle like hamburger :)

i just want a girlfriend that’s all i want to take her to the park and discuss how a swan fell in love with a swanboat and how tourism and capitalism intersect and what we think our dreams meant. i want to hold her hand during the scary parts of movies and hold her hand when people are staring and hold her hand just because we’re both alive and isn’t that something. i want to learn her favorite colors and how she feels about certain clothes and when the last time was she cried to music. i want to wake her up with kisses and keep her up the same way and discuss our secrets under covers and stay in bed all day. i want someone i can love in a big, all-encompassing way. 


My piece for @thankyoucheritz​! ^_^ This is in two pages (but I also have the full version and single character version!) to make it easier to print, if accepted. Read under the cut for all the meanings I wanted to include in this series!

As side note, oMG I MADE IT. I REALLY have to thank my plus ultra friends @dragonpigeons@yoosungsbutt@7space0chips7@crystalsoulstudios@sander-sonia​ for their support, encouragement, kind words and for awakening the speed demon within me. Thank you ladies ;o;

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Witchcraft 101: Core concepts (energy work)

You’ve probably heard “energy work” mentioned, or at least one of the following terms: grounding, shielding, cleansing, raising, charging, visualising, casting. You’ll see these terms in spells and rituals as well as textbooks and theoretical discussions. There are other posts for theory; this post aims to give a rundown of multiple basic concepts of energy work to get you up and running. (Or at least, to help you understand other posts.) Bear in mind that much of this is personal opinion. Since everyone sees energy differently, in my “how-tos” I’ll refer to energy generally - fill in your own views. 

Also, in my methods, I mention “get comfortable” a lot - exactly what that means varies, depending on what I’m doing and wearing, but generally, stop fiddling with anything, and make sure you’re in a comfortable position, whatever the position is. You could be standing, sitting, lying down, moving, dancing - whatever, so long as you’re comfortable. 


What is visualisation?

I consider visualisation to be a core concept to energy work in general. Visualisation is, essentially, thought. It’s imagination and memory and emotions all rolled up into one. (This is heavy on personal opinion, by the way.) Visualisation is what makes your intent for a spell come to fruition; if you aren’t holding your intent (i.e. thinking about/visualising it) while casting it, you can’t expect your spell to work the way you intended it to. 

How do you visualise?

As mentioned above, everyone sees energy differently, and your way may not be the same as mine. My basic visualisation method can be seen in the way I do any time of energy work: I get comfortable, close my eyes and steady my breath, and I focus on feeling and “seeing” the energy around me (I view all energy as white, incidentally). Say I’m cleansing something, my first step is to hold the object, focus on how it feels (is it cold, smooth, rough?) and “see” it glowing with a white light (energy). Then I’ll move onto cleansing it (see below). 

Your method will be different, but you could start with this or look through other posts for ideas. 


What is grounding?

Grounding, basically, is all about ridding yourself of unwanted energy/getting your energy in balance. I kind of view it as a warm-up: you’re getting yourself in the right frame of mind and the right physical state before a workout (or spell). 

How do you ground yourself?

Everyone has their own techniques, and in time, you’ll develop yours. This is my routine:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. 
  • As you exhale, imagine unwanted energy leaving your body.
  • As you inhale, imagine the energy you want and need pulling comfortably around you. 
  • Continue for as long as you like. 

Many people like to visualise different places, or contact with nature. Try different techniques and take what you like from them, and just go with what works for you. 


What is cleansing?

Cleansing is like setting a device back to factory settings, or washing the dishes so they can be used again. You cleanse something to rid it of any unwanted energies - kind of like grounding, but for something that isn’t you. You could cleanse spaces and objects, and it’s generally a good idea to cleanse any items you’ve used before as well as the space you’re using before beginning a spell. It’s also generally a good idea to cleanse anything you use for divination, like tarot cards and pendulums (but I totally don’t cleanse them as often as I should). You can use just visualisation, or you can use tools - water, salt, incense and sage are all pretty common tools for cleansing. 

How do you cleanse?

My method for objects that you can hold:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Hold the item and focus on how it feels - its shape, size, temperature, texture, and scent. 
  • While holding the item, now focus on how it looks (with or without opening your eyes) - its colour, decorations, the way the light falls/reflects on it.
  • Still holding the item, visualise energy glowing/pulsing around the object.
  • Still holding the item, visualise the energy flowing away from the object, leaving it without any glowing energy.
  • Continue until you feel like the object is cleansed. 

My method for a space, area, or room:

  • Clear the space you plan on using (physically - move unwanted objects out of the way, pick up any rubbish etc).
  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Mark the parameters of the space you’re going to use (this can be a whole room or just part of one - just mentally or physically figure out where the “ends” of your spell space are). I generally walk around the edges of my space.
  • Focus on how the space around you feels and looks - temperature, light, textures etc. 
  • Visualise energy glowing/pulsing within the boundaries of your space.
  • Visualise energy flowing away from the space - if you have a broom, you could sweep the area while visualising the energy moving away as you sweep. You could also use incense or herb bundles while visualising energy moving away from the smoke as you move through the space.
  • Continue until you feel like the space is cleansed.


What is warding?

Basically, warding is putting up a shield to stop anything unwanted interfering with your spell, tools, ingredients, intent, belongings, etc.. It’s like an antivirus on a device, or a lock on a door. You could put up wards around your spell space, your home, yourself, anything you own, other people (with their consent) - pretty much anything.  

How do you put up wards?

My method for putting up wards:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Mark the parameters of the space or thing you’re putting up wards around (this could be running your finger around a crystal, walking around an area, stretching your arms and legs out to mark the parameters of your body, etc.)
  • Focus on how the space or thing feels and looks - temperature, light, textures etc.
  • Visualise energy glowing/pulsing within the space or thing.
  • Visualise unwanted energy flowing away from the space - like with cleansing, you could use incense or a broom to aid your visualisation.
  • Visualise “walls” growing up, over and under the space or object. It’s important that the walls connect, and there aren’t any gaps (unless you want to visualise, say, a door that you can enter and leave from). 
  • Continue until you feel like the space or thing is warded.


What is raising energy?

Raising energy is like creating or compiling energy with a specific purpose (intent). Up until now, we’ve been looking at ways of using energy to prepare yourself, your environment and your tools for spells - raising energy is a bit different. The energy that we raise has a specific intent, and generally, we want to use that intent somehow - like in a spell. 

How do you raise energy?

There are so, so many different ways to raise energy - such as music, chanting, dancing, walking, laughing, exercising, and a whole bunch of others. You can also raise energy by visualisation alone - as I describe here.

My method for raising energy:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • If they aren’t already, position your hands so that your palms are open.
  • Focus on what you want to happen - your intent.
  • Visualise energy pulsing from your fingertips. The energy moves over your fingers and towards your palm, where it collects. As you do this, keep focusing on your intent.
  • Visualise the energy, now in your palm, growing larger and larger. As you do this, keep focusing on your intent.
  • Continue until you feel you have the energy you wanted, or for as long as you like. 

If you’re raising energy from, say, dancing, you might visualise the energy coming from your feet or body instead - I adapt this depending on the activity, but I always like to have a way to “gather” energy in one area. This could be your whole spell area, or it could be an area like the palm of your hand - whatever works for you and the activity. 


What is charging?

Charging is drawing on energy from elsewhere and putting it into an object to give that object intent. Think charging your phone, or laptop. You can also take energy you’ve raised and put it into an object - the energy can come from anywhere. People often have specific correspondences for different sources, however - so think about the source of the energy if you aren’t raising it yourself. 

How do you charge something?

Like with raising energy, there are entirely too many methods to list here. Some examples include leaving objects in sunlight or moonlight and bathing it in water or fire. You can pretty much do anything, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re raising energy, you can just put it straight into the object (see the method below). If you’re charging something without raising energy yourself, then you can skip this and consider it charged after as much or as little time as you think works. 

My method for charging objects:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Visualise the energy, now in your palm, growing larger and larger. (This is the energy collected by raising energy, with a specific intent.)
  • Hold the object you want to charge (with one hand if you visualised the energy going to one palm, or with both hands if you visualised the energy going to both palms) and visualise the energy flowing into the object from your palm(s). Continue focusing on your intent as you do this. 
  • Continue until you feel that all the energy you raised is now in the object, or for as long as you like. 

Once you’ve charged an object, you can leave it indefinitely and use it in a later spell (though if you’re forgetful like me, you might want to put a post-it near it reminding you what you’re using it for).


What is casting?

Casting is guiding your energy towards the outcome you want. For me, this is the most important part of any spell - this is when you put all that work into making shit happen. So it’s important to be very, very specific. Don’t just focus on needing a job. Focus on finding a job that is right for you, will help you meet your professional goals (you can be specific about the goals, too) and will meet your needs (availability, hours, pay, travel time, benefits etc.), and finding that job at a time that suits you. This is also where you can really have fun with visualising! 

How do you cast?

My method for casting:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Hold the object(s) you’ve charged, or your spell (if it’s a tangible thing, like spell bags, candles, food etc.).
  • Visualise the situation you want to happen. As described, be specific. If you’re looking for a job, you could visualise a “you’re hired” email, dated at some point that suits you, with the above information that suits you - the hours you want, the pay you want, etc. Morph that situation into your first day, meeting friendly and efficient coworkers and management, then six months or a year into your new job. Visualise yourself feeling productive, happy, and relaxed. Visualise yourself at a review, hearing that you’re doing well and you’ve made great progress.
  • Now visualise the energy in your spell moving “towards” that situation. (I like to “keep” the situation in one part of my spell space, usually in the air in front of me, so I can “see” the energy from the spell I’m holding moving towards it. 
  • Continue until you feel that all the energy from your spell has “made it” to the situation, or for as long as you like.  

Bringing it all together

So, this looks like quite a lot. I promise it’s easier in practice, especially once you’ve done it a few times. Also, remember that this is a post that largely focuses on visualisation - you can minimise effort by charging objects in light or water (aka leaving them on a windowsill for a few hours) instead of by using visualisation to raise power and charge them. 

In practice, a routine for a spell might look like:

  • Ground yourself.
  • Cleanse your space, and any tools or ingredients you’re going to use.
  • Put up wards.
  • Raise power (you could raise power individually for individual ingredients, or all at once for all your ingredients).
  • Charge your ingredients (either individually, or all at once). 
  • Cast your spell. 

Personally, I can do the first 3 in about 5-10 minutes altogether. The last three are more time-consuming, and could take 5-10 minutes each, per item. So a quick, simple spell with no ingredients could be cast in 15 minutes (I would just skip charging and put the raised energy straight to casting). Let’s take an example of a kitchen spell, making soup:

  • Ground self.
  • Cleanse space, tools, ingredients.
  • Put up wards around the kitchen.
  • Raise power while doing food prep.
  • Put ingredients in pot.
  • Charge ingredients through stirring - energy goes into the soup through the wooden spoon.
  • Leave to simmer and continue charging.
  • Cast spell by eating. 

When I do kitchen magic, I’m already doing most of this just by cooking. I just add more visualisation in, and put some thought into the ingredients, and I have a spell! 

I hope this helps! You might find my other posts helpful:

[TRANS] ElyXiOn Chanyeol Solo Performance

The lyrics were compiled from the lyrics shown on screen during the concert.

Please LINK BACK to this post if you translate or use the lyrics. Do not just repost.

The hands that steadied me when I was struggling.
The eyes that comforted me when I was crying.
The dream we dreamed together when we closed our eyes.
If I had held on to that hand just a bit tighter, if I hadn’t let go,
would I be different from what I am now?
If I’d met those eyes just a bit longer, if I hadn’t avoided them,
would I still be flying now?*

My dreams came true earlier than I expected
and the despair found me earlier, too.
The happy moments might have stopped somewhere between the two.
I pray every night, and even if I yell out, asking for an answer,
in the end every day is the same as yesterday.
The people who comfort me, and the ones behind them who mock me,
nothing has changed at all.

I looked to the ground more than the sky,
and at the footsteps I worked so hard to make being erased one by one.
There I fill with loneliness, collapsed,
and eight hands reach out to me.

When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands.
There’s nothing else to do, we just have to overcome it all.
I go over the dreams we had together from the very beginning, and I raise my head.
The hate and betrayal filled my body,
and when I was worried whether I could overcome the anxiety they held me tighter,
I can feel the warmth of the hands patting my head.
There’s still so many hands here to hold on to me.

When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands. 
Having forgotten how to fly, I lean on those beside me,
because even with broken wings, together we can fly higher.
We have to know to forgive and love.
With my eyes closed, I heard that person’s unfamiliar voice,
and I pray to that voice once again.

When I want to give up on everything and let it all go,
and when I’m tired, I hold tightly on to eight hands.
When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands.

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BTS Scenario | Daddy Dom

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for supporting me. I’ll be re-posting my reactions & scenarios on my blog.

PS: All of my reactions/scenarios and fictions will be fixed and there will be new things added in.

Aftercare is not included.

Not requested.

Warnings: Smut

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Instagram Is A Tiny Speck In The Ginormous Oil Painting of Life

One topic I think about obsessively: Instagram. More specifically, the psychological effect it has on me.

A while ago I posted a tweet saying I felt conflicted about social media, and the responses I got were surprising. People said that Facebook gave them anxiety, only going on certain sites when their mood was stable, whilst others deleted and re-activated their accounts regularly.

Illustration by Ana Galvan

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with these platforms but they have so many pros that it makes them hard to quit. They connect me to like-minded people, are informative, make me laugh and give me an instant connection to my fanbase. It’s amazing to feel a level of relation in real time. However, in the last year I’ve noticed that every time I go on Instagram I feel kind of flat + zapped afterwards, like somebody has literally sat on my brain for 5 minutes. It’s oddly deflating.

Social media apps are designed to make us addicted to them. Human behaviour is reward based and each time we get a “like” or a message, our brains release a hit of dopamine, which makes us feel rrrreeeeal good (until the dopamine level drops and we feel real bad). Instagram is basically digital meth. So, for the past year I’ve been deleting the app off my phone for large periods of time, then re-downloading it if I want to post something. Interestingly, the feeling I get upon returning is always the same: I’ve missed nothing!

I understand social media’s appeal most when in relation to constructing a fantasy world. I’ve used it as a creative tool on every album I’ve made. Tumblr was key to “Electra Heart” and Twitter was key to “FROOT”. But what at first seemed like an opportunity to communicate our thoughts in an uncensored way has become a vehicle for us to present ourselves in the way that we would like to be seen by others. And this is what makes me feel weird about posting sometimes. A review I read of the film ’Ingrid Goes West’ nailed this feeling: “We use these platforms to lie and intentionally curate our lives”. The curating part hits a chord with me. It makes me feel icky, because I’ve surely, if subconsciously, done this - the majority of us have if we’re using the platform. How do I get around that and use it in a healthier way? Do I just delete the whole thing or do I need to be aware of the reason I want to post something? i.e. Is it to share an image I love, or is to make people think of me in a certain way? The latter creeps me out. It scares me.

Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt

Recently, a friend said he had been going through a difficult period, so he hadn’t gone on Instagram for about a month. “Why would I? Everyone is having such a great time”. Ohhh, the digital illusion of happiness. OK, some people are genuinely having a great time, and they want to share that great time with you, but they’re not having a good time all the time. And that’s the key to remember when we’re embarking on a scrolling spree into the darkest depths of existential hell at 2am. Social media is a tiny speck in the ginormous oil painting of human life. We all have problems. We present the good parts of ourselves because it’s anathema to document the true nature of our lives, which inevitably consist of moments of disappointment, loneliness and embarrassment. None of these things look pretty or cool (no, not EVEN if you put the Mayfair filter on top of them), and I can totally see how it all started out innocently. We all love sharing special moments, but because these moments hold social currency online, we’re now doing only that. It’s easy to see how people can feel disappointed when their own lives don’t measure up in a similar way.

Illustration by Lan Truong

We’re still in the infancy of the internet, trying to navigate technology in a way that is beneficial to our lives, but I sense a shift towards a desire to portray our lives more realistically. I notice more people sharing an experience or story in the caption of a selfie/ photograph that provides more of a picture of their life than the actual photo ever could. But I still wonder how we can evolve online culture into a space that is less image-focused/ self-driven, because I worry about the psychological effects that an image-focused culture might have on a young person’s self-esteem. 20 years ago, posting a stream of pictures of only my face would have been considered borderline narcissistic, but now it’s normal. And I’m not judging this - I’m talking from the perspective of someone who has done this a’plenty and who has been a part of that culture, particularly at the height of an album campaign. Maybe all Instagram has done is magnify what seems to have always been true, that humans value beauty to excess.

Ok, I’ll end this post by saying this: If I never go on Instagram again, my life won’t lack anything because of it. Assuming I use it 20 minutes a day, I’ll get back 122 hours a year - for free! The reality is, I’ll probably continue to use it, but it’s important to me to see these platform for what they are, not what they appear to be. They’re addictive, comparative, take my time and give little back in return.

I’ll leave you with my fave comment which came from @FKASimon.

Quite, Simon, Quite.

Love, Marina

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Despite the fact that they’re together now, Dean keeps holding back the urge to touch Cas. The last thing he wants is to scare Cas away by acting too needy, or by demanding more than Cas is willing to give. 

Dean lets Cas initiate most touches, and even during sex he reigns himself in, holding tightly onto his self-control. He doesn’t think Cas has noticed, until he approaches Dean one morning and tells him,

“Am I doing something wrong?”

And even then, Dean can’t fathom how Cas would jump to that conclusion. Obviously Cas is perfect, everything Dean could ask for and is still afraid to want. 

But then Cas explains further, “I can feel you longing for me, even when we’re together.”

It’s embarrassing. All that effort to hold himself back and Dean’s emotions betrayed him anyway without him even realizing. He’s so fucking needy, not even having Cas in his bed is enough for him.

He can’t offer an excuse. Cas waits patiently for him to answer, as awkward silence settles between them, and Dean feels like he’s choking on it. 

“I just…” he can’t say it, except what’s the point of keeping it secret? Cas already knows he’s fucked up, only he’s blaming himself for it, and Dean needs to man up and let him know that he’s enough, it’s just Dean who wants too much.

The words won’t come. Cas takes pity on him, stepping closer and cupping Dean’s face gently between his hands, pulling him in for a kiss. Dean stiffens, tries not to let himself get drawn into it, but it’s already been established that he can’t hide no matter how hard he tries.

He melts into it. Wraps his arms around Cas’ waist and pulls him closer, their entire bodies pressed together, and it’s warmth and comfort and it’s fucking perfect

Cas breaks the kiss, pulls away just enough to allow Dean to catch his breath. He strokes Dean’s cheek softly with the pad of his thumb, presses another kiss against the corner of Dean’s mouth.

“Please don’t hold back anymore,” he tells Dean. “Please don’t… I want everything you’re willing to give. I want to be close to you.”

It’s like something comes undone in Dean’s chest. He nods, once, melting further into Cas’ touch. He feels utterly vulnerable, raw and on display, but it’s okay. Cas wants him. All of him.

When you guys are ready to talk about how fucking great sounding “all of this silence and patience, pining and anticipation my hands are shaking from holding back from you” I’ll be right here waiting like that flows so fucking smoothly I can feel the beat in my soul

kookminsbf  asked:



Anon: sajeon-nim i hope you’re doing fine after watching that golden closet film in tokyo💕

I’ve been busy with some freelancer work today, was a bit behind on fandom stuff until I saw Korean fans freaking out. I went in not knowing what to expect and I think, more than anything, I was emotionally caught off guard. I know that I joked about “knowing better” than to expect anything from Jungkook, but I was wrong. It was like a punch to the gut. I was awestruck. And just…

First thoughts? This is a labor of love. The production in this is amazing; every individual frame is beautiful. The details, down to the choice in song, are stunning. And in the center of it is Jimin.

Another Korean fan said this (and I’m sure it’s obvious to everybody), but I want to repeat it. KM may have the same theme in both their videos, but the key difference is their focus. Jimin’s focus was “us.” Jungkook’s focus was “you.”

And I think that was what was why it was so emotionally charged. You can feel Jungkook’s love for Jimin. This entire video is through his eyes, and at the end of each important shot was what - or who - mattered the most. This trip wasn’t just to see the sights and have fun. It was about spending precious time with a loved one. And Jimin is so loved.

casablancamarina said: Share with us how km shipper there holding up. Its been rollercoaster week for us ji/kookies ❤️                  

Nobody is sleeping. It’s a mess in Korea right now. Group hugs and tears all around.

Anon: sajeon-nim are you officially down            

I’m throwing in the towel, anon. It was a good fight.                 

I just want everyone to know that I’m wearing my ‘Treat People With Kindness’ shirt today and when I was leaving the hotel this morning and waiting for my car a man waiting near me turned and said “I really like your shirt. We need more of that.” And then when my car came, he literally watched me get in and then closed my door for me. And my HEART IS JUST SO FULL because that’s what it’s all about you know?? Harry’s gonna have thousands of people walking around with those shirts on and it kind of feels like if you can get even one person to pause for a minute to consider how they can put a little more kindness out there–hold a door, give a compliment, make someone’s day–then that’s a really big thing. But Harry’s using his platform to get that reminder to so many people around the world everyday and I just think that’s so amazing and I’m so proud!!


This is what happens. If I think about a hundred in my head, you know that you can’t make a hundred. Everything we think about can’t happen in real life. Not just me, but I believe many people are like this. You too. It’s like that. How can what you think always happen? 

But this is also one part of the process. I have a lot of things I want to say, but I’m going to hold myself back. But I still want you to do everything that you want to do. Because it can happen. If you think a hundred, the hundred can happen. That’s happened to me before. It can happen to you as well.”

If you ever needed motivation/encouragement, here it is from Bang Yongguk.