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Questions from young person and my answers

A friend’s son interviewed me for an assignment. Here are the Qs and As if you want em.

1) Are the animals at your zoo happy that they are being held captive?
2) How well do you know the animals at your zoo?
3) How well do you treat the animals at your zoo?
4) Are there more animals at your zoo that are there to be saved , and not just for entertainment? If so, how many more animals are there to be saved?
5) Does your zoo take care of Panamanian Golden Frogs?

Dear C——,

Thanks for your thoughtful questions! I answered them in between tasks while I was working, so I hope the answers make sense. You chose a couple subjects that I am passionate about, so I was very excited to talk about them. If there are things in my answers that need clarification, please let me know, or feel free to ask follow up questions.

Best of luck with the assignment!

1) It’s not clear that animals can understand the idea of “captivity.” Humans feel very strongly about the concepts of freedom and captivity, to the point that we punish lawbreakers by putting them in captivity. But animals don’t seem to have much ability to think about the future, or to imagine things other than what they are experiencing. What we do at a zoo is to give the animals as many choices as possible—places to go and experiences to have—within the space that we can safely give them. We also have a hard time telling if animals are “happy” or not, since that is also human concept. We try to provide an environment that has everything the animal physically needs in order to be comfortable and healthy, with enough choices so they can demonstrate whether they are suffering stress or not.

2) Some animals I know very well, some not as much. As a quarantine keeper, I take care of almost every animal in the zoo eventually, but only for a limited time, usually 30 days. Other keepers work with a limited group of animals and may work with those animals for many years. Almost every animal at the zoo has a training program, with a keeper whose job it is to work with that animal, understand its behavior, and use positive reinforcement training techniques to get the animal to do certain things willingly. Most of the animals, for example, are trained to go to a specific place and wait there—when an animal can do this willingly, we can weigh it on a regular basis, visually examine its body for injuries or other changes that might indicate a change in its health, and so on. We even have several gorillas who are trained to offer their shoulder so that we can give them a flu vaccine. The zookeepers who train their animals know them very well.

3) We like to think that we treat the animals very well, and that as we learn more about animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, that we are treating them better now than we were just a few years ago. We have access to the latest science about animal nutrition so that the animals can get the best possible types of food available for their health. We have three veterinarians on staff and four veterinary technicians so that if any of the animals gets sick or hurt they can be taken care of right away. The animals all get regular vaccinations and physical examinations. The keepers are very protective of the animals—if they think there is something a little “off” about an animal they will let the vet staff know immediately. We provide “enrichment” for all the animals, which is our way of saying we give them toys and games, but also expose them to interesting smells (the big cats love the smell of sheep’s wool, for example) and sounds. We have an enrichment committee whose job it is to make sure that all of the animals are receiving enrichment which is safe, species-appropriate, and effective. (Enrichment is considered effective if the animal interacts with it in a way that displays normal behavior—playing outside is good enrichment for human children because it causes the children to climb and play and throw and dig and all the other normal human child behaviors).

4) When I think of animals at the zoo being there for “entertainment,” it makes me wonder if people think that the exhibits in a science museum are entertaining, or if visitors to an arboretum think the trees are entertaining. Zoos are science museums that exhibit animals and animal behavior—and it’s true, animals and animal behavior can be entertaining. Everyone finds monkeys and tigers entertaining, but what about the frogs, or songbirds, or insects? We want all of the exhibits to be interesting, we want people to want to experience the zoo in a positive way.

Back in the bad old days zoos would allow guests to throw things at the animals, or feed them unhealthy things. We do not allow any kind of “entertainment” that is detrimental to the animals. We allow guests to interact with some animals, like petting the goats or feeding the parakeets or walking among the butterflies—each of these activities is carefully monitored so that the guests can have a good time without doing anything that could harm the animals.

Many of the animals at the zoo belong to species that are endangered, some very endangered. Gorillas, pygmy hippos, and mandrills are all animals from parts of Africa where habitat is disappearing and it wouldn’t be safe to release more animals into the habitat. All of the zoos in North America work carefully with one another to exchange animals when necessary to make sure that the zoo population is stable and that no more endangered animals will be taken from the wild to replace them.

You probably know that zoos are responsible for rescuing certain species of animals from extinction, like the black-footed ferret, the California condor, the golden lion tamarin, and recently the Lord Howe stick insect. The zoo I work for has brought Siberian crane eggs (laid by our birds) to be raised in Russia, preserved vital DNA and gametes (reproductive cells) from Mexican gray wolves, we helped save Bali mynahs (a kind of bird) from disappearing completely into the pet trade, and we help out with Blanding’s turtle recovery efforts here in Massachusetts. None of the animals we keep are there just so they can be released to the wild, but it’s something that could happen in the future. Because zoos hire and train people who are experts at caring for, training, breeding, and providing health care for animals, zoos are the logical places for these recovery efforts to be located.

There are thousands of species of animals that are in need of protection and recovery. Zoos are one piece of it, along with protecting habitat, conserving resources (recycling!), and changing the way that we treat animals and their environments around the world.

5) At the moment we don’t have any Panamanian golden frogs, but we have cared for them here. I’m super glad you brought them up because they are part of one of the most amazing projects I’ve been involved with at the zoo. My boss, the head veterinarian here, was on a team of researchers who joined scientists in Panama to study the impact of the fungal disease that is killing so many species of frogs. They determined that the problem was severe, even worse than they expected, and if no one did anything the Panamanian golden frog and dozens of other frog species would be wiped out. They created a project called the Amphibian ARK, like Noah’s Ark, to rescue the frogs. They are keeping the frogs in disease-free quarantine spaces, in Panama but also in zoos all around the world. If they hadn’t acted fast these frogs would just be gone. The frogs are being bred and protected, at the same time that the disease is being studied. It’s pretty complicated stuff that I don’t fully understand, but I think some of the effort will be to breed and release many thousands of tadpoles—there will likely be some that are more resistant to the disease, and they will pass their genes on to the next generation.

A few years ago I was privileged to take care of 15 Panamanian golden frogs in the zoo hospital where I worked. It was amazing to think that I was working with an animal species that had completely disappeared from the wild, and that I was one of a handful of people who had ever seen one. Of course, once they were put on exhibit, then hundreds of people could see them, and learn the story. Someone will be inspired by the experience to figure out what we need to do to keep the frogs from going extinct, and then they will be wild, and we will have prevented extinction.

Say You’ll Haunt Me Pt. 4 (A Kenny Omega Story)

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Part 4 is finally done. Once again, this ended up being a lot longer than I intended. As always, thanks to @daintymissdevitt for all of the encouragement and brainstorming <3

Warnings: Smut ahead, nothing major. Sort of fluffy.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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Regarding Nymeria, I expect to see her and her pack of wolves again, just in time to help save the day, probably next season. There wouldn't be a reason to reintroduce her otherwise.

i was thinking she would reappear later, though i am wondering how a pack of wolves can help fight an army of 100K undeads.

May My Voice Carry Far

You are the world’s oldest curse
And you are my greatest blessing,
The wellspring of my sorrows
And my fountain of hope

I was taught to fear you
And I learned to trust you.
You betrayed my heart
And I admire you for it.

I am the most honoured of our kind
And all look on you with dread.
You saved us all
And you will destroy us.

The world calls me its judge
And you are the one I can never condemn.
I will find you
And I will stop you
And never tell a soul
I wonder if you are right.

I will weep every time I harm you
As you will for me,
Yet we play our pieces
For how can we not?

My love, let me help you.
My heart, I cannot.
You cannot stop me from following.
I can.

I will seek you in dreams.
You dare only watch
But wolves have ears
And my voice carries far.

Generous spirit
Compassionate soldier
Wise revolutionary
Patient teacher
Outspoken philosopher
Decisive general
Vengeful guardian
Regretful saviour
Blinded strategist
Cunning ambassador
Committed advisor
Poetic painter
Gentle storyteller
Lonely dreamer
Loving friend

Dread Wolf.

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Can you do a story of where they the end of s5 when they come back form the other side where Henrik comes back walks up to Caroline and hugs her and asks her to take him to his family and she does(oh the the baby is Tyler's not klaus')

Also Kol and Katherine come back and they all go to NOLA together.

Thanks lovely Megan @megansarah11! Such an inspired prompt, I only hope I’ve done it justice – supernatural isn’t my forte. I used a One Tree Hill title (and coincidentally one of my fave episodes) just for you, lovely : )

Also, this is where I completely rewrite everything that was bad about season 5. For your information - Katherine did die somehow but she never became human (because that storyline was terrible) and she is the ONLY one who knows Klaus and Caroline slept together. I’m also going to go ahead and just forget the magical baby even existed, so too Hayley and Cami.

How a Resurrection Really Feels

“Kol, stop touching the radio,” Caroline chided, slapping his hand away from the dials.

“It’s not my fault you have the worst taste in music, darling,” he offered.

“And yours is so much better?” She snorted, by way of response. “At least my favourite musicians are popular and, might I add, still alive.”

“If I’d known you two were going to squabble like children, I wouldn’t have come along,” Katherine interrupted from the back seat.

“Yeah, why did you come along anyway? Doesn’t my brother want to kill you or something?”

“Is it me or do you get more stupid every time you come back from the other side?” She drawled.

“Oh I get it now, you want to get busy with Elijah and blondie here wants to do the same with Niklaus,” he surmised. “They may be my brothers but for the record you both have terrible taste in men, if you ask me.”

“Well, funnily enough no one was asking for love advice, for obvious reasons,” Caroline muttered, too tired to even address his comment about the Original hybrid.

“And I do not want to get busy with Elijah,” Katherine shot back, her denial sounding a little too forced for Caroline’s liking. The man could definitely wear a suit so Caroline figured her taste really wasn’t all that bad. “Not that I have to explain anything to your idiotic ass but I figured bringing Klaus his youngest brother might make him less likely to want to kill me.”

“I could have done that myself,” Kol growled. “I didn’t need an entourage to return my brother to the family fold.”

“Well, you know what they say Mikaelson, finders keepers,” Katherine teased. “Given your weakened powers since crossing over I suggest you remember that.” Turns out being on the other side had rendered Kol basically useless but for how long they didn’t know.

“Henrik, are you okay, sweetie?” Caroline asked, choosing to ignore their incessant bickering and peering at the boy through the rear view mirror, who was staring aimlessly out the car window. He’d been relatively quiet since she first found him in the woods.

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Does the altruism in dogs come from wolves? We all hear of heroic dogs that save lives, that endanger themselves to help humans, warming freezing children with their bodies, or finding child's toy only to bring it back to them to make the kid happy. Does that come from wolves? Because it's defenitely emotions and conscious thinking and not some training. Hearing about wolves that try to free their kin caught in snares, or that stay next to their killed mates for days, it makes you wonder.

I think so, yes. It depends on how you define altruism, it can be a difficult concept. I’m just going to copy this from Wikipedia because it explains it so well, lol: “In biology, altruism refers to behaviour by an individual that increases the fitness of another individual while decreasing the fitness of the actor. Altruism in this sense is different from the philosophical concept of altruism, in which an action would only be called “altruistic” if it was done with the conscious intention of helping another.” [x] 

So in the behavioural sense, the consequences of an action for reproductive fitness determine whether the action is considered altruistic, and not the intentions. Which would mean a wolf bringing a sick pack mate food might in core be more of an egocentric act of survival since the whole pack needs to be fit in order to survive, but is considered altruistic because the consequences of bringing the sick wolf food makes for reproductive fitness. It’s not that black and white, but a very interesting subject, though!

The lack of Klaus and Hayley was intentional, but maybe not for the reason you all think

I honestly think its the writers intention to show how Elijah has really come in between Klaus and Hayley and them building a relationship moreso than Klaus coming in between Hayley and Elijah.

From day one Klaus has always felt very inadequate when it came to Elijah. He always felt like the bastard no good brother compared to Elijah. So he never even tried to be compete against him, because he knew he would lose.

From the moment Hayley met Elijah she was infatuated with him. It was really only because Elijah showed care and concern for her, but it was something she never had before, so she values anyone who gives it to her.

From the first episode on we see Ellijah being very kind to Hayley, making declarations of protecting her and her baby always and forever, etc.. Hayley enjoyed that and smiled.
Next we see Klaus walk in, and he says “And the noble Elijah always keeps his word” Klaus says this with a look of annoyance, a mocking tone, because he I believe he could see what Elijah was trying to do and how already Hayley was falling under his spell.

In the next episodes we see a few small scenes of Hayley and Klaus communicating, being friendly towards one another, and Klaus showing concern for Hayley and the baby, however this seems to go unnoticed by Hayley. Now that she knew for a fact that it wasn’t Elijah’s intention to leave her alone, she seemed to sort of be able to not see that Klaus was trying. I suppose it may have been Rebekah’s warning to her that Klaus would kill her after the baby was born, or because she simply believed that Klaus only cared about the baby and not Hayley at all, which I can’t blame her for. But Klaus saw how completely wrapped up in Elijah she was and  you could tell from his facial expressions on whenever she mentioned him that he didn’t like it.

In the episode Elijah returns we see the look Klaus gives when Elijah goes after Hayley, it is a sad look. It looked to me like he almost expected this to happen, and it was only a matter of time. In the next few episodes we don’t see much of Klaus and Hayley interacting. However we do see his speech to Elijah after he accuses him of using the baby to create more hybrids. He is genuinely hurt, but not surprised. He even mentions how Hayley hangs on Elijah’s every word and how in her eyes how could be he even measure up to the noble Elijah. He then bites Elijah, but not before giving Hayley a menacing look, he felt betrayed, by both of them.

In episode 1x9, we see Hayley confronting Klaus over trying to harm the werewolves, he then says, “I’m trying to keep you safe, not that you seem to appreciate the effort.” This line here pretty much shows his frustration and annoyance with Hayley that she can’t see that he’s trying. Hayley then asks him what will happen to her after the baby is born, Klaus then gives no response, he does not know and maybe hasn’t really thought about it, but I don’t believe for a second he ever had any intention of harming her. Hayley again shows her sadness at the fact that she believes that Klaus does not care for her. She makes a threat to him and leaves, all the while Klaus looks shocked.

In 1x11 after a fight with Elijah, Hayley is seen crying. Klaus feels sorry for her and gives her advice on how to mend her relationship with Elijah, he does not approve of it, but he does not like to see her sad. After giving her the advice he turns and walks away, while Hayley looks on speechless and confused.

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but I think its interesting how Klaus and Hayley only interact when Elijah isn’t there or when Hayley and Elijah are on bad terms. It shows that Elijah is the one keeping Hayley and Klaus from communicating and bonding with one another.
From what I’ve noticed so far is that the writers have been subtly implying that Elijah is getting in the way of Klaus and Hayley instead of the other way around, which is what the show clearly makes very obvious, but from what I’ve noticed its always the things that are less obvious is what the show is really trying to portray. The lack of interaction between the two characters who should be talking, bonding, and interacting the most shows this.

Klaus and Hayley are about to have a child, and instead of Elijah encouraging that the two talk and work out their differences he instead reinforces the belief that only he can be her protector, that Klaus only see’s her as a walking incubator, and that essentially he would be a better father to her child than Klaus. We do not know if Elijah is doing this intentionally, but he’s become a bit of a two-face. He claims he wants this family to be united and for Klaus to show concern for the child and Hayley, but every time Klaus does, he comes in and tries to upstage him. Instead of encouraging a civil relationship between the two people who really should be interacting and building a bond between the two for the sake of the child (not romantically) and essentially creating an good environment for this child, he seems more concerned with only getting to play white knight for Hayley. Klaus is right when he says Elijah’s concern for the child is more in reality a show for Hayley .If Elijah honestly and truly wanted what was best for that child he would encourage  the parents who are about to bring the child into this world to talk, to communicate, to bond,and grow at least a civil relationship, yet he doesn’t do this. He enjoys being the one Hayley depends on, and Klaus can see right through him.

This is best shown in 1x9 when Elijah makes it his mission to go ‘save’ Hayley from Klaus. I find it funny how no one, not even the audience questioned why he believed Hayley needed to be saved from Klaus in the first place. She was is no danger, Klaus wouldn’t have harmed her, and yet he was adamant that he needed to protect her from him. Be her knight in shining armor. When he saw that Hayley needed his help with the wolves, he made it his mission to keep them safe, all to impress Hayley, even Rebekah commented on it. Rebekah I believe was sincere in her love for her niece. Her goodbye to Hayley showed that instead of telling Hayley to only see Klaus as a monster, she also said that he was broken, and that child was his one hope, basically encouraging that Klaus be very involved with his child, and her to an extent and to give Klaus a chance. Rebekah is a person who really and truly is putting her niece first, and Elijah isn’t doing that. I think the writers are really showing how Elijah has sort of maintained the distance between Klaus and Hayley with the constant Haylijah scenes.

From what I remember in the few scenes of Klaus and Hayley we had at the beginning. They were starting to build a friendship, a small trust between them, yet Elijah’s coming seemed to have completely obliterated what progress they did make, and now from the preview for next episode it seems Elijah is feeling threatened by the fact that Klaus is doing something that could be seen as good in Hayley’s eyes. That could potentially bring her closer to Klaus, and he doesn’t like it. I find it funny how the second Klaus truly shows that he cares for his childs well-being Elijah comes out on the ultimate defense and says, “If I want something, I’ll take it”, pretty much saying that he’s going for Hayley now and not holding back. He see’s Klaus as a legitimate threat to his relationship with Hayley, because now Klaus is doing something right for a change, and he doesn’t want Hayley to have the chance to grow closer to him. He feels threatened and now he reacts.

Its sad how Elijah’s character has become this. I’m really starting to dislike him, and root for Klaus. I never thought this day would come.