how can i hate you when you smiled to me like that bh

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Yandere bh please and thank you!

He smiles, impatient, but understanding. After all, he made you terribly upset. 

You tremble, hysteria overtaking you. Red is splattered across your cheek, drenched into the hem of your clothing. Oh. He got you dirty. 

Clucking his teeth, Black Hat pulls out a handkerchief, and moves towards you. You flinch back, raising your arms as if to protect yourself. He chuckles at your childishness. 

He can hurt every other creature on earth, but he could never hurt you.

“Hush,” He chides, grabbing your shaking arm. With his other hand, he proceeds to rub away the red from your face. You stand there, petrified. Your eyes are wide and puffy, full of tears. So frightened. Like a little rabbit. He outstretches his arms. 

“Come here.” It wasn’t an offer. 

You get the message, like a good little human. Stumbling through the blood puddles, you collapse into him, your legs giving out. Black Hat smiles even wider this time, pleased that you submitted to him. He runs a claw through your tangled hair.

(You wouldn’t call it a hug. Hugs are warm. Not possessive. They give you room, allowing you to breathe and hug the other person back. When someone’s hugging you, they don’t dig their claws into your neck. Inside a hug, you’re supposed to feel like you’re safe, even if it’s just a moment. You’re anything but safe. Your heart is beating wildly, because you know Black Hat can snap your neck in a blink of an eye, if he so truly pleases. How terrifying it is, to have a villain who hates, love only you.)

Black Hat envelopes you completely into his embrace. You’re his

be honest, what do y’all think about my hand at yandere!bh? it’s actually quite fun to write…! if you want to see more, share with me your thoughts!

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your way of writing it´s so amazing!! your BH X reader gave me super strong heart beats! -dies- but!! can you write some BH X demencia??? do you?? <3 ;n; i think this ship is a little bit abandoned :( !! thank you!! <3


Black Hat x Demencia

A/N: I will not abandon this ship!! Fear not dear anon! Join me on my quest to deliver joy and content to all the shippers in this fandom! Hopefully you guys like this one! I thought it was pretty cute x)&


The day was going par for the course for our favorite crazy lizard girl, waking up at the crack of noon and promptly going to annoy 5.0.5. She then poured herself some cereal made mostly of sugar, watched a few cartoons, pestered Dr. Flug for an hour or so, and then made her way over to her desk (She was BH’s assistant after all. Had to do something.) where she took a few calls, wrote down some new orders in green crayon and began to make her way to “Hattie’s” office.

The day was also going par for the course for our tall, evil CEO. Black Hat began his day before the sun arose, drinking some black coffe and going immediately to his office, taking care to torment Dr. Flug and the bear on his way.

Black Hat sighed at the ludicrous amount of paperwork he still had to do piled on his desk. Running an evil business wasn’t always fun, but cheating the legal systems of the government was, so he didn’t mind.

However he had been cooped up in his office for a few days now. He needed to get out for a while.

Black Hat almost hit Demencia with the office door.

Demencia made a quick yelping noise and jumped out of the way of the door which her boss had so violently thrown open, but was left frozen with her folder in hand at the sight of him. She sighed at his beauty.

Black Hat raised an unamused eyebrow, about to scold her. However, the folder in her hands caught his attention.

“¿Y qué es esto?” He asked, pulling the folder from her fingers and looking it over.

“Huh.” Black Hat thought, “She’s actually been doing her job…”

“New orders, Black Hat.” Demencia said proudly, and Black Hat smirked. With the snap of his fingers the folder went up in black flames, materializing onto his desk.

“I’ll deal with them later.” He responded, watching her eyes gleam with wonder at his powers.

“W-where are you going?” Demencia asked with eyes like that of a small dog.

“Out.” was Black Hat’s curt response. Demencia seemed to deflate as he walked away. Black Hat stopped a few steps down the hall and without looking back at her added, “So are you going to join me or not?”

After all, Demencia was overdue for a walk anyways.

Demencia froze, confused for a moment, then hastily ran to meet him. He hissed when she attempted to hold his hand, but otherwise didn’t complain about her presence. In fact, if he were to be honest, watching Demencia scare the neighborhood children as he walked behind her down the street was the most fun he’d had all day.

They made their way through the streets towards the big city as the sun set in the distance lit the sky a blood red.

At some point Demencia spied an ice cream place, and Black Hat could tell that she wanted to go inside terribly. Normally he would have just continued walking. He hated ice cream. Yet instead, he smiled at her and they crossed the street (J-walking of course) to enter the establishment.

Black Hat let Demencia order whatever she wanted, and she was more than thrilled. He even caught himself smiling at her enthusiasm as she asked for almost every topping imaginable and literally jumped for joy when the man at the counter handed her treat to her. She ran off to find a table, while Black Hat scarred the man for life and quietly pocketed the cash from the register inside his coat.

Demencia had chosen a seat right next to the window where she was already enjoying her ice cream. Black Hat caught himself smiling again. About the robbery of course. Obviously.

He sat next to her and looked out the window with a seemingly bored attitude. In reality he was enjoying himself, but he didn’t dare say anything. People exited the ice cream shop as quickly as possible, small children crying. Both of them grinned.

Without warning a flash of blue and yellow appeared outside the window. Black Hat let out an exasperated sigh and looked threateningly at the manager who had no doubt pressed the panic button. Demencia growled.

“Come out with your hands in the air and we can resolve this peacefully!” Came the voice of the hero. Black Hat rolled his eyes.

“As if I would ever demean myself in that way.” Black Hat said, preparing to use his laser vision to take out one of his eyes before mauling the man, but suddenly a blur of green and stripes pulled the man from his view.


Black Hat ran outside to make sure that super brat hadn’t damaged her…or…gotten rid of one of his employees. Instead he saw Demencia, covered in blood and attacking the man without mercy. He smiled at her pure savage strength, inhuman by nature. There was a certain beauty to it, how Demencia fought with flips and perfectly timed leaps.

“Demencia.” Black Hat said her name quietly and simply held up one hand, but she immediately ceased when he spoke her name. She could recognize his voice in the middle of a hurricane.

Black Hat approached the wounded man and gave Demencia a look of sheer pride.

“Fly away.” Black Hat smiled, “And remember this.”

Black Hat didn’t even need to say a thing as the super flew away quickly to the sounds of both of their laughter. He didn’t realized it, but Black Hat had attached a small, but powerful bomb to his tattered cape. When he reached home, it should send the entire place up in flames, along with his loved ones and neighbors. The product was still a prototype. He had been meaning to test it out.

Of course, Black Hat explained this to Demencia, who seemed completely enthralled at everything he said. Why hadn’t he notice that gleam in her eyes before? She was more enthusiastic than he had initially realized.

They returned to the manor and Black Hat even stayed with Demencia through dinner, though he would not give a straight answer as to why.

But that night, when he picked up his violin and began to play for himself, the answer was made clear. The way the melody flowed so nicely. How he smiled gently rather than devilishly. The fact that this song was in a major key…

Demencia sat outside the door to his room and sighed contently, not even realizing the significance of what she was hearing.

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I really love your writing! All the angst, fluff, angst, headcannons, angst, and did I already say angst? It gives me the greatest feels trip ever. >.< Umm can I request how RFA+V+saeran would react to MC having her labor and seeing their firstborn?

~This is so cute, yes!! I’m a huge sucker for this kind of fluff tbh.

◉ Yoosung

  • You’re screaming for him
  • He’s got his headset on, completely immersed in the world of LOLOL
    • “Yoosung!” you stood next to him
    • “What is it?” he gave you a glance and freed one ear from the headset
    • “It’s time,” you winced in pain
    • “Oh my god!”
  • Throws his headset and is scrambling around the apartment
    • “Do we have everything ready?!” he’s freaking out
  • Finally gets you and your bag into the car
  • Taking deep breaths during the drive
  • He’s read dozens of books on this and really studied up, so he is READY
  • Asking you how far your contractions are apart and if your water broke yet
  • So supportive
  • Never leaves your bedside in the L&D
    • “You can squeeze my hand, MC”
  • “HOLD IT TOGETHER YOOSUNG IT’S JUST A LITTLE PAIN COMPARED TO HERS” he’s screaming in his brain and forcing a smile for you
  • Encouraging you SO MUCH
    • “You’re doing so great, honey! Almost there, okay?!”
  • Makes you smile with how positive he is and how much he is cheering for you
  • Finally see’s the little bundle as the baby is placed on your chest
  • He’s got the widest smile on his face and he has a feeling it’s not going away for a long time
  • He starts to cry seeing both of you together
  • Bends down and kisses both of you several times
    • “She’s beautiful, just like you,” he nuzzles his head into you

◉ Jumin

  • You called him at work to tell him you were having contractions
  • He’s dropping EVERYTHING and Driver Kim is rushing him home to see you
  • His security already has your (several) bags ready for Jumin and he whisks you off to the hospital
  • He’s asking how you are feeling every five seconds
    • “Like my hips are ripping apart!!! SAME AS FIVE SECONDS AGO!”
  • He’s just flustered tbh he doesn’t know how to comfort you
  • So he just yells at Driver Kim to hurry up
  • You don’t have to wait at all before getting a bed
  • Everybody is setting up flowers for you in the room
    • “Jumin, please, I just want some privacy. There are too many people in here,” you moved to your side and winced with another contraction
    • “Anything you want, my love.”
  • Orders everybody out at once
  • He’s pacing in the room because he hates seeing you in pain and doesn’t know what to do
  • His tie is off and his shirt is partially untucked
  • Grateful when it’s time to push and the doctors tell him what to do
  • Holds your hand and kisses it
  • He is wide-eyed with amazement at the babies first cry
  • And when he sees your eyes wet with tears he starts to cry a little, himself
  • Pestering the doctors as they clean the baby up
    • “Is she okay? Be careful with her!! Why isn’t she crying anymore is something wrong?!”
  • He only breathes again when she is safe in your arms
  • Cries again when he gets to hold her, runs a finger on her face while she sleeps and kisses her forehead

◉ Zen

  • You pushed him awake in the middle of the night
    • “What is it?”
    • “I’m in a lot of pain,” you said to him in the dark
  • Okay now he is freaked out and turns on the light
    • “What is it?! Is something wrong?! Oh God, are you okay?!”
  • You have to try and calm him down
    • “I’m alright I just think it’s…time,” you spoke through the contraction
  • He’s smiling so big
  • He’s been waiting for this moment since you first found out you were expecting
  • He’s practically skipping to grab your to-go bag
  • Whistling with joy as you make your way to the hospital
  • He’s pestering the doctors
    • “How much longer will this take? When will I see the baby?!”
  • So impatient about it
  • Taking so many photos of you!!!
  • Sending pics to the RFA
    • Caption: 9hours into labor, no sign of this beautiful baby yet but hopefully soon!
  • Jumping for joy when it’s finally time to push
  • Never let’s go of your hand
  • Melts when he hears the little cry
  • You let him hold the baby first
    • “He has my hair, and your eyes,” Zen is crying
  • Asks the doctors to take some pics of the three of you
  • Cheesiest biggest grin in the world on his tear-streaked face
    • “I’ll send you a copy of the photo, so you can remember when you delivered the most beautiful baby in existence”

◉ Jaehee

  • You started to feel contractions while you were working at the coffee shop with her
  • But you couldn’t tell if they were BH or real ones
  • So you just kept on working
  • Then your water broke
  • Jaehee notices immediately and goes into freak out mode
    • “EveryBODY OUT! WE’RE CLOSED!”
  • Telling everyone to scram
  • People are being shooed out while still holding their cups
  • She takes several deep breaths and composes herself
  • Going through her mental checklist
    • “I’ve had everything packed and the bag has been in the car for two months now, let’s get you to the hospital!”
  • Doctors worst nightmare
  • Any time you wince in pain she is calling someone to check you out and make sure you are okay
  • Monitoring the babies heart like a hawk
    • “Oh my god it dipped I think he is on the cord NUUUUURSEEE!!”
    • “Jaehee we are FINE PLEASE RELAX!”
  • Basically leading you when it comes time to push
  • Interrupting the doctors to say it herself
    • “You’ve got this sweetie, one more push, come on!”
  • Both of you collapse together when you hear the cry
  • She is kissing you and you both are crying as they clean him up
    • “Congrats, mama’s!” the nurse places him in your hands
  • Jaehee’s heart is swelling just seeing him in your arms, so tiny
    • “I have written up…what I believe is a proper feeding schedule…here,” she is trying to pull out her notebook but she is sobbing

◉ Saeyoung

  • You guys are eating dinner when you start to feel immense pressure and you know right away what is happening
  • He can see it in your face that you’re in pain
    • “I’ll grab our bag! Don’t move!”
  • He’s double checking to make sure he got everything packed correctly
  • His hands are shaking both from excitement and anxiety
  • He is a bundle of nerves thinking that it’s finally happening, and he hopes he is ready to care for a baby
  • Drives so.slow. on the way to the hospital
  • The jokes begin when you reach the desk
    • “What are you here for?”
    • “Well there’s either a bowling ball or a baby making it’s way out of my wife. Either way, we need some help, here,” he says to the lady
  • You smacked his arm with a laugh
  • He’s dancing around for you in the room
  • Messing with things to try and make you laugh
  • Just being his anxious self to distract you both from what was happening
    • “I’m sorry but the life insurance policy I took out on you is too tempting. I can buy so many baby cars with the money. I’m going to pull the plug, forgive me!” He pulls the plug on the lamp next to the bed, “beeeeeeeep,” he closes your eyes, “I’ll take a vacation in your honor. Goodbye, my love!”
  • Kisses you just before it’s time to push and holds your face in his hands, staring into your eyes
    • “You can do this, babe. Let’s get that baby out,” he says in a serious tone
  • It seems like forever and he is sweating and holding your hand just as tight as you push
  • The baby comes out wailing and he jumps for joy
    • “Make sure you cut the right cord, doc! Don’t make any mistakes!”
    • “It’s a girl…” the doctor sighs
    • “Is it? Or are you just saying that because you messed up with those scissors already?!”
  • You don’t even have the strength to tell him to shut up
  • They bundle her up and hand her over to you
    • “She has your red hair,” you say through tears
  • He has to move his glasses so he can wipe his own watery eyes
    • “Our little tomato,” he sobs
    • “Don’t call her that,” you scowl at him
  • You both laugh and get lost together staring at the tiny infant

◉ V

  • You were having some back pains so V drew a bath for you
  • Freaked out when you called for him from the bathroom, you sounded worried
    • “What is it, love? Are you okay?”
    • “I…I think I’m in labor!”
  • He’s calling for a car in a second
  • Bumps into things because he is so flustered trying to get to your to-go bag
  • Holding you close and rubbing your shoulders on the way to the hospital
  • When you get into your room he is a chatterbox
  • It’s helping to distract you
  • He is sitting at your bedside holding your hand and blabbering away about anything and everything
  • It’s hard when he hears you moaning in pain during contractions
  • He’ll lean in and give you tender kisses and whisper
    • “You are so strong. Thank you for going through this pain so we can have a beautiful baby. I love you so much.”
  • Nursing staff are in love with you two
  • Keep bringing you ice chips and sneaking in some snacks for you both
  • As the hours go on and on they tell him to get some rest but he refuses to leave your side
  • His heart jumps in his throat come time for you to push and he stands up
    • “This is it, honey! Don’t let go of my hand, okay?” he smiles
  • He’s sobbing as soon as he hears the whimpering from the baby
  • You both are a crying mess right away
    • “Congrats, you two. She’s beautiful,” the doctor and nurses coo as they hand her to you
  • V is smiling like crazy
    • “Can you describe her? What does she look like?” he asks.
  • He can make out the basic shapes of you but not much
    • “She has your hair…and your nose…she’s perfect,” you cry, “want to hold her?”
  • He nods and holds her close to his chest
  • He kisses her head with a smile, and breathes her in
    • “I never want to forget this moment,” he beams

◉ Saeran

  • He came home to see you laying on the couch groaning from the contractions
    • “Babe, what the hell?!”
  • Runs to your side
    • “It’s okay, they’re still kinda far apart and I didn’t want to call you and make you worry. Remember, the doc said we could stay at home for a while even when labor beg-ahhh,” you winced
    • “I don’t give a shit what he said, we’re going to the hospital.”
  • He doesn’t want you to see but he is NERVOUS
  • He even forgot where you guys placed your bags
  • He packed one for himself, too. He read on the birth forum that husbands should bring stuff too, just in case
  • Let’s you lean on him and walks you to the car
    • “I grabbed an extra pair of pants for you, just in case your water breaks on the way there,” he said as he drove you to the hospital
  • When you get into the room he is just tending to your every need
  • He’s suddenly nervous that he will forget everything he read and be a bad parent
  • He’s massaging your feet
  • Wiping a cool rag on your forehead
  • Bringing you ice chips constantly
  • He can tell your contractions are becoming more painful because you’re talking less and less
    • “I thought I would wait to surprise you with this but,” he rummages through his bag, “I thought this could be the first onesie he wears.”
  • He pulled out a small black onesie
  • Printed on it was the logo of your guys’ favorite band
    • “His first band t-shirt,” you laughed
    • “Yeah, gotta start him early, right?” he smiled
  • His pulse is racing when the doctor comes in and says it’s time to push
  • His eyes are wide with fear and nervousness and he grabs on to your hand
  • Constant words of encouragement and he wipes your forehead in-between pushing
  • When the baby cried he got a huge grin
    • “Hell yeah!” he laughed happily, “that was…the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” he smiled and kissed you
  • All of his fears washed away when he saw his son
    • “Do you want to hold him?” the doctor went to Saeran first
  • As soon as he was placed in his hands, Saeran started to cry
  • Happy tears
    • “He looks like you, I’m so glad,” Saeran chuckled
    • “Except for his red hair,” you smiled and wiped your eyes
  • He gave you the biggest kiss and let you hold the baby
    • “Don’t worry, I’ll change all of the diapers while we’re here. I’ve…been practicing,” he said proudly. 

So, I was listening to my music library after reading @kazliin​‘s incredible fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches for the third or fourth time and I thought, “this song really fits. Oh wait. so does this one. Oh no”. 

And this happened.

I’ve never really done anything like this before, and all the music is from my own personal library and therefore has a fair amount of the same bands. I also don’t have a ton of super angsty music so unfortunately I don’t have much for the first few chapters. 

Almost everything from Viktor’s point of view is simply what I think happened and it’s possible it’s wrong, so take it with a grain of salt. 

Feedback, suggestions, etc. is very welcome.

Here is a link to the playlist on Youtube. I tried to set it up in order of chapter but some of it’s a little wacky because the songs fit multiple chapters. 

Explanations & matching quotes under the read more.

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initial obs&bh chapter 2 thoughts

somehow i am surprised that i have meta so early, but in retrospect lol who am i kidding. of course i already have thoughts about @kazliin‘s newest chapter. i took down notes and relevant quotations while i was reading it, and here they are in an expanded and hopefully decently-written form:

(and, because i have at least one follower who only recently discovered this fic series: there are spoilers here! you’ve been warned!)

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Night Light

It was a gift from Laura. A mostly-joke gift, but a little bit serious. She got it after they moved to New York, because you can’t always see a full moon in the city. Derek is still drowning in guilt and she wanted to offer some small comfort and she saw the full moon night light and thought, “This might help him.” So she bought it with only a little bit of sardonic intent.

Derek pretended to hate it when he came home and found it mounted on his wall, but when he went to bed that night he turned it on and found it actually made him feel a little better.

It was even better when later in the night Laura came in to lie down with him and stare at the softly glowing false moonlight. Over the next few years, he doesn’t use it every night, and Laura doesn’t come in that often, but it’s enough that sometimes he can sleep without nightmares. Laura, too.

After he comes back to BH and finds Laura dead, the nightlight is one of the only things that comes back with him. He puts it on every night and tries to remember what the comfort it gave him feels like. It takes a long time for it to work again, though by then he also has a sort of pack, and a complicated relationship with a mouthy, sarcastic, beautiful man who though he is a few years younger, is so much more clever, and full of life; who is someone he can’t stop wanting.

After all the trauma and drama of life in Beacon Hills, after the Nogitsune and the aftermath, Stiles is…quieter. He’s not the same loud, bright force of nature he was. He loses weight, he talks less, his amber eyes are framed by dark smudges and rimmed in red more often than not. He smells of guilt and fear and doubt. Everything about him screams exhaustion. And no one else seems to notice.

Derek doesn’t know how to talk to him about it, despite whatever growing he’s done, he still hasn’t quite gotten to the point that he can find the right words, not for something this important at least. He tries to reach out in subtle ways, but whether it’s the lack of sleep dulling his awareness, or his guilt convincing him that he doesn’t deserve to reach out for the comfort, it doesn’t seem to work.

One night, Derek finds himself in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to do anything but think about Stiles. About how to help him, and about what it would be like if he were to let Derek hold him and offer the comfort he’s so desperate to give. About whether he’ll still smell like spring and spice underneath the pain. He looks out the window and sees the waxing moon glowing brightly, casting its soothing light over the world outside and filling Derek’s bedroom with soft illumination where it filters through his curtains.

And then, Derek knows what he can give to Stiles.

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So this was requested by @jewishstanuris awhile back, and it took forever because I was working on Whiskey & Broken Hearts. But since that fic wrapped, I’ve been able to work on other stuff, so here’s one of them! 

It’s what they & I have dubbed “The Exercise Fic,” and is basically a fic about Will watching Mike work out during one of his annual “health kicks.” It’s really fluffy and cute and college!Byeler, so if you want a break from the angst that was W&BH, then come on in!


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Hey, lizardhat anon here, there's no hate coming from me and I absolutely understand you! I still love your stories and I'm gonna continue admiring both your fanart and fanfics. But, you giving dementia a girlfriend gave me an idea, how about some bonding time with the boys, and dementia figuring out a perfect, villainous gift idea for her girlfriend's birthday or smth (I just thought it would be cute to have flug and bh trying to come up with a more evil but still romantic idea than the other)

“UuuuuuhhhhHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG,” Dementia groaned long and loud from where she had flopped over the back of the living room couch. Flug, who was sitting opposite of where his friend had thrown herself, raised his eyebrow at her. “UUUUUUUHHHHGGGGGG.”

“What’s wrong?” Flug sighed. Immediately, Dementia vaulted over the couch and plopped down next to the scientist with a hopeful grin on her face.

“What do you usually get Blackhat for presents!?” she blurted out.

“Why are you asking?” The lizard girl’s hands shot forward and gripped the doctor’s lapels tightly. Then she began to shake him as she said,

“Please, please, please just answer me Flug, I need present ideas!” A lightbulb went off in Flug’s head and he smirked under his bag up at his friend.

“OooooOOOOooohhhh, I see what’s going on here.”

“No you-”

“You’re trying to figure out what to get Larissa for her birthday, aren’t you?” Dementia let go of her friend, grabbed a pillow, and fell back into the cushions as she screamed into it. “Thought so.”

“I’ve been dating her for almost a year now!” The pillow was thrown across the room as Dementia let out her frustration. “I feel like I’ve known her forever, but I still have no idea what she’d like for a birthday gift and it’s so frustrating!”

“So you want ME to come up with a gift idea???”

“What’s this about gift ideas?” Blackhat said as he entered the living room. The other two villains snapped to attention; Dementia hopped up on the arm of the couch and then glanced at Flug out of the corner of her eye. When neither answered the eldritch snarled and crossed his arms. “Is this something for me because so help me you know I don’t care for physical gifts all that much unless it’s-”

“No Blackhat Sir!” Dementia finally spat out, nearly tumbling off her perch in the process. She rubbed at her neck out of embarrassment before continuing. “I… I’m just trying to figure out what I should get Larissa for her birthday tonight…” Blackhat’s face arranged itself into an unreadable mask as he deadpanned,

“She’s a villain, right?”

“Well, yeah? She’s kinda small time, but she like’s it that way and-”

“And what does our company do?”

“Um, make weapons for villains?”

“Exactly.” Blackhat’s greenish teeth were bared as he grinned menacingly. “So you give her a super weapon that can destroy any foe that stands in her way!”

“Uhhhh…” Before Dementia could awkwardly reject the idea, Flug stood up and walked over to his boyfriend.

“Blackhat, sir, I don’t think that’s a wise idea,” he stated firmly. “A weapon is probably not the kind of gift that Dementia wants to give Larissa at this point.” Blackhat furrowed his brow,

“Well, then what would you suggest, Doctor?” Even with his bag on,the other two could tell the scientist had a mischievous smile on.

“Well sir, a gift can be what you give to someone metaphorically as well. For example you could bring someone out for dinner or the such.” At this Dementia butted in and said,

“Flug, I don’t think Larissa really wants me to give her a dinner date or-”

“So that’s why I suggest they go rob a bank together, or break into some rich hero’s house and ransack the place! Like you and I do, sir!” This time Dementia did fall off the arm of the couch.

As the lizard girl brought herself to her feet, ready to protest, she found that her friends had seemed to forget she existed. Blackhat had a surprisingly lovestruck expression on as he stared at his scientist.

“You’re right, Flug.” he purred. “That is a pretty evil gift idea for a villain.” Flug but a hand on his hip confidently under the praise he received.

“Well of course it is, sir. Only the vilest of gifts for us villains, right?”

“Do want to give me a gift right now?”

“Well, the question is are up you for a robbery or a vandalization?”

“Can we do both?”

“Why not.”

“Guy’s I would really appreciate it if you’d stop making goo-goo eyes at each other and help me out before you go on a destruction spree,” Dementia plead. The pair startled out of their entranced states to stare blankly at the lizard girl. “A gift for my girlfriend?”

Flug has the decency to appear flustered by his loss of focus, but then he laughed and shrugged.

“I’m sorry, Dem, but I think you’re going to have to figure this one out on your own. Blackhat and I really only know what we like, so we’re not going to be of much help finding something for Larissa.” Dementia sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Fine, I’ll try to figure something out All. By. Myself. You two go break some windows or whatever.”

Once Flug and Blackhat had left the room, a wave of anxiety swept over Dementia. She began to the pace the living room in an attempt to relieve it, but it wouldn’t leave her be. Eventually, she couldn’t bear the heavy thoughts weighing her down and she decided to take run around the mansion to take her mind of things.

Twisting corridors and hundreds of stairs slowly cleared her hazy brain. She knew that she still had a few hours to figure out what to give Larissa, but it felt like she only had a few seconds. Those few hours were going to be extra stressful.

Evening came too quickly for Dementia. By the time she managed to throw on a midnight blue skater dress, a pair of leggings, and knee high boots, she could hear 5.0.5 calling to tell in his soft grunts that her girlfriend was there.

Larissa was leaned up against her dark orange motorcycle outside the gates of Blackhat mansion. She was dressed in leather jacket with a red plaid tank top underneath.; leather combat boots entrapped the cuffs of her black jeans. As Dementia approached the vampire flashed her sharp teeth in a smile and ran a hand through her poofy hair.

“Hey there, darling,” she purred. When Dementia reached her, the dark skinned girl extended a hand and brought her girlfriend in for a smooch. With a dusting of pink on her cheeks, Dementia pulled away, and then gestured vaguely towards the motorcycle.

“Where you taking me?” Dementia asked. Larissa’s grin widened.

“I was gonna let you take ME somewhere, babe.” Dementia gasped.

“You’re going to let me drive! YOU’RE GOING TO LET ME DRIVE YOUR BABY!”

“Well, I’ve taught you the basics and then some, so why not?” Without another word, Larissa tossed Dementia a helmet as she got on the back of the motorcycle. The lizard girl soon followed, practically vibrating with excitement as she turned the engine on and took off roaring down the road. She knew exactly where to go.

Music was spilling out onto the street near where Dementia came to stop. Larissa released her grip around her girlfriend’s waist, and flashed her another smile as they got off. When Dementia grabbed her hand and began to drag her towards the clubs doors, the vampire’s eyes lit up. A poster fluttering in the soft breeze near the doorway confirmed her suspicions.

It was Electro-Swing night.

Caro Emerald’s That Man began as the two girls walked in. Dementia was beaming back at her girlfriend as they skirted the edge of the dance floor to find a booth. Before they could choose one through, a familiar figure waved them down from across the room.

“Flug!” Dementia shouted. “What are you doing here, I thought you and Blackhat were gonna pull a heist tonight?” Speaking of the Eldritch, at that moment he chose to appear with two waters in hand and slip into the booth next to his boyfriend.

“Well, we sort of changed out minds,” Flug explained. “There was a billboard right outside the jewelry store that had a poster saying that tonight was going to be electro-swing night at the club, and well…” Flug bumped Blackhat’s shoulder playfully. “You know how he can’t resist a good swing dance.” Blackhat scoffed and rolled his eyes as he pushed Flug back.

“You like it too,” the eldritch muttered. Just then Jamie Berry’s Lost in the Rhythm started and both couples froze, smiles slowly taking form on their lips. Dementia found herself being swept away by Larissa’s hand on her hip, and she soon was very much lost in the steps and spins she took.

It was nearly midnight by the time that the girls stumbled out the club doors; both of them were laughing over some stupid joke that Dementia had told. Instead of going directly to Larissa’s motorcycle, the vampire dragged her girlfriend up a nearby hill to lay down and watch the stars for a moment. As they lay there, bodies still warm from dancing, Dementia felt a twinge of guilt run through her.

“Larissa?” the lizard girl started. Upon hearing the anxious tone in Dementia’s voice, Larissa sat up.

“What’s wrong, babe?” she whispered soothingly.

“I… I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything really special for you birthday…I just.. I just got you this…” Then Dementia sat up as well and reached into a hidden pocket on her skater dress. She drew out something small, and then presented it nervously.

It was a pastel green pendant, carved into the shape of a rose, hanging from a gold chain. “I uhh… I used some inventions from Flug’s lab, and an old necklace making kit to try to put it together for you. I just didn’t really know what you wanted and so I kinda freaked out and I’m sorry if it’s not-”

“Hey.” Dementia shut up and stared into her girlfriend’s soft gold-brown eyes. “I love it, Dem. And anyways, you didn’t even have to give me anything cause I’ve already gotten the best gift I could ask for.”

“What’s that?”

“You.” Dementia short circuited as Larissa moved in to kiss her gently on the forehead. When several quiet seconds had passed awkwardly, the vampire began laughing hysterically at the blank and shocked look that was plastered on her girlfriend’s face. Then finally, Dementia snapped out of her stupor and launched herself at Larissa for a bone-crushing hug.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!” Dementia murmured in the taller girl’s collarbone. Larissa returned the hug, and then pressed another kiss to the girl’s forehead.

“I love you too, babe.”

The sound of a motorcycle engine revving, and the scent of new leather as Dementia pressed her face into her girlfriend’s back as they pulled away from the club, was a small comfort that she hoped she’d never have to give up.

OH MY GOD I’M ALIVE! I’m sorry this took so long to get too between college and everything but hey, I’m here! i hope this okay and isn’t too disjointed or anything, my friend ;-; Thank you for being patient, and also you’re a favorite now because you asked me to write about Larissa and that made me so so happy to write about her, so I hope this makes you happy! I’m glad you like my stories and stuff and thank you for undersatnding too!

Thoughts on Baekhyun’s Sexuality

[gifs aren’t loading and I hope it’s already fixed]

My answer to “this” question. The gifs won’t fcking load when I post it in the answer no matter how many times I try tho, so here it is~

I’ve briefly discussed what I think abt homo/bisexuality in the K-POP industry “here”. You can not read it, but I suggest you do bc I don’t plan on explaining what I’ve already said in that post of mine bc I’m pretty sure ppl won’t like repetitiveness xD

This is MY opinion. So some of you might not agree and I’m cool with it. I’m not gonna warn you any further. Just know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Including you, and me.

Now, there are times (quite a lot actually) when I thought: “His [Bh] sexuality is as straight as Chen’s poodle hair.” (which is one of the farthest things from straight tbh)

When and Why? Simple. His actions, mannerism, facial expressions, just Bh’s whole attitude when he’s with other guys.

wtf Bh, Sehun was talking. U r rood.

I wish the gif was longer so I could’ve seen how Kai reacted.

Ok enough. Bruh. I don’t think it’s that common for straight men to kiss his guy friends just for the hell of it.

I’m not crossing out the fact that some men do it with their other guy friends and only see it as something friendly…but they don’t do it usually unlike Bh now do they?

I didn’t watch the drama so what did Sehun and Bh do in the drama that they usually do? :D

Oh I s–

wAit a minute wAHT?

I don’t think I need to explain.

The amount of thirst that Bh has for Sehun tho…But I understand. Who wouldn’t want the sebooty?

look at Bh being all fabulous. Which leads us to another reason why I think Bh is not 100% straight…

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anonymous asked:

That library sterek fic made me so happy and now I actually want to read that drarry porn Derek was writing oops

I have such headcanons about Derek and Drarry.

I was talking to @hoechlindylan the other day about how I headcanon Derek got into the Harry Potter books after the fire and wrote fanfiction to keep him sane. Laura told him writing would help but he didn’t want to write about his feelings, about what happened, so he wrote fanfiction.

He wrote Drarry fanfiction, probably seeing something of himself in both Harry and Draco, but look here, he also wrote good fanfiction. I am talking, like, he was popular but when he and Laura returned to BH he stopped and never returned to this monster of a fic he had been writing and updating every month like clock work.


But now, let’s just say Derek and Stiles start hanging out. Maybe when Stiles gets to college and maybe one day Stiles is having a rough week and he is all, “You know what would make me feel better? If my favourite fanfic author would come back. I hope they are okay and didn’t die or something. Oh my god, WHAT IF THEY DID DIE DEREK? THEY WERE TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD TO DIE.” 

And Derek is just sitting there, snorting and blushing away. That is until Stiles shows him said fanfic author and then he’s just blushing because…that’s…him? Derek doesn’t know what to say, so he just shrugs, says it looks okay. To which Stiles gasps, says, “Derek, this is more than okay. Do you even know how many hearts this person broke when they stopped writing?” And Derek is all ????? because he broke people’s hearts??

Now, of course Derek - secret, shy lovely marshmallow he is underneath all those sweaters and glaring - feels immediately bad because…he had people waiting on those updates? He never knew. But more than that, Stiles is going through a tough time with his thesis and he wants…he just wants to make him happy, okay? This has nothing to do with the butterflies he gets when Stiles smiles at him. Nothing, okay? WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU KNOW, IT’S ALL LIES.   

So, cue Derek getting back into writing. Cue Derek feeling happy. Cue Derek finding joy in not only writing but all the comments and praise he gets to catch up on while he was away. He has so many comments. People telling him what a great writer he is and that they hope he’s okay, wherever he is. Some even telling him the way he writes Harry and Draco is exactly how they understood them in the books and thanking Derek for writing them so truthfully. 

And then, of course, the day after he posts an update. He waits all day for Stiles to call or text or something. He hopes he will anyway, and then, right as he is making dinner Stiles bursts into Derek’s apartment and is smiling so hard, waving his phone at him, yelling “Derek, THEY UPDATED. IT’S A MIRACLE. THEY’RE ALIVE.” And Derek takes such joy from seeing Stiles so happy, smiling to himself, pleased, even though externally he is trying to maintain an air of indifference. 

And of course, this goes on for months. A year later Derek finishes the fic- 251k- and Stiles will not stop raving about it. “There’s even a sex scene, Derek. I mean, I wasn’t even expecting a sex scene but it was so beautiful and I was hard and emotional at the same time and this person is just my hero.” 

It takes Stiles exactly one month to figure out it’s Derek, jumping on Derek’s laptop to search for something only to see his browser is still open and- 

AND DEREK, THE SWEET LITTLE NUGGET,  FORGOT TO LOG OUT OF HIS FANFICTION.NET ACCOUNT. AND STILES SEES WHO HE IS and…well…at first he stares in shock. And then he fan girls. Hard. 

He thinks about just telling Derek right away but he wants to have fun with this, so he’s all like “so, have you ever thought about writing fanfic?” But Derek isn’t stupid, okay? He’s a clever cookie and he knows Stiles and he just…he blushes everywhere and gets up, grumbling about this and that in the hopes Stiles drops the subject but at the same time hoping he doesn’t. AND THEN STILES JUST JUMPS ON HIM AND YELLS “CAN YOU SIGN MY KINDLE?????”

And of course, this is Derek. Physical book lover, scrunching up his nose because he hates kindles, he’s a real book person. He’s that guy who goes about arguing how you can’t love a kindle. You can’t truly feel and smell and enjoy a kindle…but, well…he can’t NOT sign it.

So he signs the back saying, “To Stiles, my Draco. Love, your Harry”.

And he knows it’s a bold move but, to hell with it, because Derek is in love and will probably always be in love with Stiles and he has to say something. And what better way to confess your undying love than through a Harry Potter dedication???

Stiles, of course, can’t stop grinning and probably annoys Derek the rest of the night with Harry Potter pick up lines and quoting lines of Derek’s fanfic because “you don’t understand how much this fic meant to me, Derek. It was the first time I understood being bi was okay. That the way I felt about boys…was okay. Dad never had that talk with me. Your fic - you - did.” 

And they’d live nerdily ever after.

Childhood Crush - Jackson Whittemore Imagine

Childhood Crush – TW Imagine

Prompt: You’ve finally decided to move to Beacon Hills after living out of Beacon Hills for a while. Being Lydia’s younger sister, Jackson finally got to meet you and wants to hang out.

A/N: My first Jackson Whittemore and First Person imagine!! I know I made the relationship develop abit too fast but it’s an imagine! I don’t know, but I really hope you guys like this. I’ll be having a break from writing for a week since exams are in 3 days! Wish me luck!

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1716

Originally posted by kninjaz

Your POV

“You’ll be fine, trust me on this.” My sister, aka Lydia, places a hand on my arm as she rubs it in a comforting way. “I don’t know.. This is my first time going Beacon Hills High School and I’m nervous.” I sigh, holding the straps of my bag. “Believe me, once everyone finds out you’re my sister, they will try to befriend you.” She winks, crouching down to grab her own bag. “Oh that’s right, you’re Miss Popular.” I joke, rolling my eyes. “Plus, you’re only like- what?- two year younger than me?” She begins to head out her bedroom and I follow behind her. “One. But thanks for remembering my age, sis.” I say sarcastically. “Love you too, baby.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where Stiles goes away to college and cant find his red hoodie for the life of him (Yes Scott, he still has it. No, he cant go on without it. Because memories thats why!) He goes back to BH for break and finds it on Derek's pillow

[It’s a little different, but hey - the red hoodie is still in it!]


It starts like this: Stiles is tired of wondering.

With Lydia that’s all he did. For more that he tried to talk to her and ask her out, she never knew what he really felt because he never told her. He never sat down to talk to her about his feelings, for a long time Lydia only knew him as that ‘annoying guy who never stops hitting on me’, and so he never got shot down.

He kept hoping because there was still a flick of light. But time passed and he got over her – by some miracle – and they are friends now, but the thing is, sometimes he still thinks about the what ifs.

What if he told her? What if he was honest? What if she gave him a chance?

And now that he’s in love again, now that he wants someone to share a life with, now, he doesn’t want to hope. He wants, no, needs to be sure.

It’s all or nothing, but Stiles figures he’s ready for that.

You only live once, right?

“I’ll wait for you.”

Stiles snorts. “With vodka?”

“And ice cream. And cake.” Scott nods. “If Derek shoots you down, you’ll get shitfaced for two days, I can guarantee that.” Scott promises, face serious. “I know he won’t though, so I’m gonna go ahead and eat the cake by myself.”

Stiles smiles at his friend softly. “If it’s your mom’s chocolate cake save me a slice anyway.”

Always.” When he notices Stiles kneeling to look under the couch, he raises an eyebrow. “What? You lost your balls under the couch?”

Stiles snaps his head up and throws him a glare. “You’re not funny.” Scott’s grin only gets wider. “My red hoodie is not here.”

“Dude, that old thing? I thought I threw it away when we were unpacking.” Scott shakes his head, disappointed. “It has holes, man.”

“I got it back.” Stiles says, doesn’t mention the fact that he had to fish it out of the trash can and washed it three times before it was okay for him to wear it again, but Scott’s look says he knows it anyway. “And I need it now, so if you threw it away again, go get it back!”

“I didn’t!” Scott raises his hands. “If I knew you still had it I would’ve burned it myself, but I seriously didn’t know.” He shrugs. “Why do you need it, anyway?”

“It’s my lucky hoodie.” Stiles emphasizes.

“It has holes.” Scott repeats. “You show up at Derek’s wearing that, he’s gonna kick you out no questions asked!”

Scott has a point, Stiles has to give him that. Derek has a weird thing with people wearing old clothes. But he also hates tomatoes and werewolf movies. It’s adorable.

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take.” Stiles insists. He has a good reason, okay? If he could just find that damn fucking hoodie. “Help me!”

Scott sighs, throws the slice of pizza he was about to eat back in the box and stands up. “I hate you.” He complains. “Can’t believe I’ll help you find that old thing.”

“It has sentimental value!”

Scott takes another sip of his beer. “Yeah? It reminds you of all the red-hiding hood fucking the big bad wolf jokes Isaac made?”

“Yes!” Stiles throws his hands up, collapses on the couch with a frustrated sigh. “And the time Derek kissed me when he was drunk!” Scott pauses with the bottle of beer halfway to his mouth, blinking. “It was one time.” Stiles explains, running a hand through his hair. “And he didn’t even remember it the next day, but – it’s stupid, isn’t it?”

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anonymous asked:

could I get an imagine where y/n is a cheerleader for bh's lax team and her and Liam are cute after they win against devenford but brett comes along hitting on y/n?

here you go :) I changed it a little bit but not too much I hope you still like it

also I hate writing Brett as a sorta bad guy because I love him so much :( but whatever its still cute I think


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mylunarsolstice  asked:

It was a ridiculous gift from Cora. She was laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes when he opened up on their weekly Skype call. He tried to scowl at her, but he couldn't help but let out a few chuckles himself. He never really thought about taking it out of the package, he had no use for it, until he heard about Stiles. How the young man wasn't really sleeping, or if he did it was out of sheer exhaustion with his latest research project. How a couple times he woke up in panic attacks -

because of how dark his room had gotten and he thought things were moving. He never told the young man when he set it up in his room. Just left it in a spot where he wouldn’t see it until his lights turned off and the moon light shined. It a couple weeks before Stiles allowed himself to turn off the lights but when he did, Derek watched as the gentlest smile took over his face as he looked at the moon. “Thanks Sourwolf,” was a whisper on the wind but Derek heard it nonetheless.




I saw this pop up in my inbox before I went to bed last night, and it was like, maaaaaaybe 10 minutes after I posted that thing. And it’s this lovely and perfect thing? 

Just how? It’s so good! Your brain is a wonderful and amazing thing my friend.

….and now i go off on an angsty tangent, but it’s your fault because you got me thinking about his sister giving it to him….

So, what if it was a gift from Laura. Still a mostly-joke gift, but a little bit serious. She got it after they moved to New York, because you can’t always see a full moon in the city. Derek is still drowning in guilt and she wanted to offer some small comfort and she saw the full moon nightlight and thought, “This might help him.” So she bought it with only a little bit of sardonic intent.

Derek pretended to hate it when he came home and found it mounted on his wall, but when he went to bed that night he turned it on and found it actually made him feel a little better.

It was even better when later in the night Laura came in to lie down with him and stare at the softly glowing false moon light. Over the next few years, he doesn’t use it every night, and Laura doesn’t come in that often, but it’s enough that sometimes he can sleep without nightmares. Laura, too.

After he comes back to BH and finds Laura dead, the nightlight is one of the only things that comes back with him. He puts it on every night and tries to remember what the comfort it gave him feels like. It takes a long time for it to work again, though by then he also has a sort of pack, and a complicated relationship with a mouthy, sarcastic, beautiful man who though he is a few years younger, is so much more clever, and full of life; who is someone he can’t stop wanting.

After all the trauma and drama of life in Beacon Hills, after the Nogitsune and the aftermath, Stiles is…quieter. He’s not the same loud, bright force of nature he was. He loses weight, he talks less, his amber eyes are framed by dark smudges and rimmed in red more often than not. He smells of guilt and fear and doubt. Everything about him screams exhaustion. And no one else seems to notice.

Derek doesn’t know how to talk to him about it, despite whatever growing he’s done, he still hasn’t quite gotten to the point that he can find the right words, not for something this important at least. He tries to reach out in subtle ways, but whether it’s the lack of sleep dulling his awareness, or his guilt convincing him that he doesn’t deserve to reach out for the comfort, it doesn’t seem to work.

One night, Derek finds himself in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to do anything but think about Stiles. About how to help him, and about what it would be like if he were to let Derek hold him and offer the comfort he’s so desperate to give. About whether he’ll still smell like spring and spice underneath the pain. He looks out the window and sees the waxing moon glowing brightly, casting its soothing light over the world outside and filling Derek’s bedroom with soft illumination where it filters through his curtains.

And then, Derek knows what he can give to Stiles.

So he takes the nightlight out of his drawer (or perhaps it is on his wall, not forgotten, but not often used), and gets in his car, and drives to Stiles’. He has a suspicion that he isn’t asleep.

When he arrives, he sees that Stiles is actually in bed, curled up tightly and facing away from the window. So Derek eases the window open quietly, enters the room and as noiselessly as possible he hangs the moon nightlight on the wall where Stiles will see it when he wakes up. He pauses for just a minute to watch Stiles, the steady movement of his breathing.

He sighs, it’s laced with so many conflicting feelings: regret, guilt, longing. Hope. He makes his way quietly back to the window and is about to slide it open again when Stiles’ sleep rough voice calls out “Any particular reason you’re sneaking into my room at stupid o’clock in the morning, Der?” Despite the low volume, it breaks the silence in the room like a thunderclap, and the way he sounds so much like Stiles pre-possession makes Derek’s heart ache.

Derek clears his throat before he tries to speak, but he still sounds strange when he says “I was uh, just dropping something off for you,”

Stiles rolls over in his bed to look at Derek, looking toward the nightlight where it sits on his wall when Derek gestures at it. “You. You brought me the moon?” Stiles sounds small and disbelieving in a way he never has, and Derek feels his heart sink into his stomach. He wants so much to take the few steps necessary to close the distance between them and hold Stiles’ face in his hands and offer him some sort of reassurance. 

He isn’t sure he’d be welcome, so he pushes his feet into the floor instead and says “Laura got it for me after–When we moved away from here. It helped me sleep, sometimes.” Stiles is just looking at him, listening with a look of rapt awe on his face, so he continues. “Some nights Laura would come and sleep in my room with me, we’d both look at that moon until we fell asleep. It kept the nightmares away. Some nights, anyways.”

Stiles still hasn’t said anything, so Derek takes a deep breath and nods, preparing to leave. “Right, so. If you want to keep it, you can. I just thought that maybe it could do for you what it did for me.”

Before he turns around, Stiles says a quiet “Thank you,” and it’s so full of gratitude that it hits Derek with an almost physical force. He nods and heads toward the window, a “Good night, Stiles” on the tip of his tongue, but before he can say it, before he can get his fingers wrapped all the way around the window sill, Stiles calls out again, still a quiet storm breaking through the still air in the room. “Derek?”

“Yeah?” Derek tries to make the word sound like “anything you need from me” and he thinks it works, because the next thing Stiles says sounds like a plea and a sigh of relief, even if he sounds uncertain about the answer.

“Can you maybe stay? With me?”

Derek fixes the curtain and turns back toward Stiles, a soft smile lifting the very corners of his mouth. This time, he says out loud “Anything you need,” as he makes his way toward the bed as Stiles scoots over to make room, lifting the edge of the covers. Derek toes off his shoes and sheds his coat before climbing into the bed carefully, intending to keep some distance between them. 

Stiles has other ideas apparently, because as soon as Derek is settled, Stiles moves next to him, asking “Is this okay?” as he lifts his arm to hover over Derek’s chest, waiting to set it down until Derek moves closer to him and wraps his other arm around Stiles’ shoulders.

When Stiles relaxes against him, there’s a soft sigh that Derek isn’t entirely certain didn’t come from him. He’s halfway asleep moments later when Stiles says again “You brought me the moon.”

A few seconds later, his head gets just a little heavier where it rests on Derek’s shoulder, and he’s asleep. Derek smiles into the top of his head and holds him a little tighter, whispering “Good night, Stiles” as he lets himself drift to sleep, content in the knowledge that under the guilt and fear, Stiles still smells like springtime and spice as the glow from the moon nightlight on the wall bathes the room in soft light.


So, uh, this got long?

@halesheart have not one, but TWO WHOLE STORIES ABOUT MOON NIGHTLIGHTS!

Thanks for the inspiration both of you! Also, @pale-silver-comb I think you might enjoy this?

fanficsnfood-deactivated2017080  asked:

Aye I'm a delulu shipper too! Anyway if Baekyeol is actually real, how do you think Chanyeol reacted to this whole Baekyeon thing?

Oh God Yes, a delulu one, we’re going to get along super fine~ Okay so on to your question. First of all, I’m going to be discussing what I think about BaekYeon before moving on to answer your question. Reason is, to understand what Chanyeol is going through, we need to know first, what is actually the situation he’s in. You get me? Let’s go then!

WARNING: Extremely delusional. This is gonna be long too. Plus, everything I’m going to write is based off of my opinion. I’m clearly saying that what I’m going to write here is what I think, and I accept the fact that not everyone feels the same way. If you hate delulu shippers then don’t press the keep reading button okay? :)

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anonymous asked:

So how do you feel and/or interpret some of the recent baekyeol/chanbeak moments that have come out (i..e. when baek smiled and waved at chanyeol at a recent concert, them disappearing off together during that premiere even though they showed up with the rest of the memebers, and I guess the marks on baek's neck and chanyeol's broken lip (though I don't know what to think about that one))

Hello there darling~ <3 Oh well alright I’ll do a sort of compilation of my interpretation on the most recent BaekYeol moments then :)))

Okay first moment! ^^ “ when baek smiled and waved at chanyeol at a recent concert.”

If Cy is indeed distracted because of Bh waving then, what’s new? If ur boyfriend waved at u like that won’t u react the same way? Gosh. Kidding.

But yes, I think Cy being that distracted is kinda weird. This ain’t delulu, I honestly think that. Coz Cy is used to getting waved at duh he’s an idol. Is it really that distracting if a fellow member starts waving at you? I don’t know maaan. I mean if he smiled/laughed for a bit then it’s nothing special, but Cy was distracted for a considerable amount of time so…

Just, pretend that you’re performing (pretend! bc idk if u sweethearts do preformances) and ppl r cheering for u, then u see one of ur friends backstage waving at u. Like wouldn’t u just smile/laugh for a bit then go right back to performing? It’s not like u’ll keep being so distracted over them waving ryt? r YT???

I think Bh and Cy must’ve been joking around before the performance or sumthing. Hence, why Bh suddenly decided to wave enthusiastically at Cy and Cy’s reaction. He must’ve been reminded of whatever they were talking about.

Or maybe Cy was just having a fanboy moment of how cute his boyfriend was, we can never know. Kidding.

Those were my interpretations for this one, the first one is where I honestly thought about things in a logical (meh not rly) way, and the second one is my BaekYeol delulu side of the brain typing haha.

Next! :D “ disappearing off together during that premiere even though they showed up with the rest of the memebers “ <–  idk abt this, sorry. pls update me sweethearts, I’m so sorry for my poor replies :(

Lastly! The marks on Bh’s neck and Cy’s broken lip.

Thanks to @imchanbaektrash​ btw for sending me these pics! I appreciate it darling~ <3 :***

Uhmmm, okay so here we go I guess.

First of all, idk when (exact date) these photos were taken. But both Bh and Cy’s photos were probably taken in the same week or month right? Bc ppl won’t be too skeptical if Cy’s broken lip pic was taken a year after Bh’s neck marks started appearing hahaha. I’m just making sure.

So yes, idk what to think about this one as well tbh. It’s too far fetched, there’s not enough back up info except the pictures. Bh might’ve gotten a mosquito bite or whatever, and Cy might’ve just bit his lip accidentally while eating ice cream or whatever.

Even though I love thinking of possible situations or reasons as of why this or that happened to BaekYeol, I can’t really say much without enough information. I need to at least be sure that the marks on Bh’s neck are indeed hickeys (I’m assuming that’s what some ppl think it is.)

But may I remind you that EXO has make up artists and while this was taken on the airport and Bh doesn’t have make up on, (him wearing a face mask proves that) it doesn’t change the fact that there are staff with them and they’re bound to notice the marks.

Also, Bh has been an idol for 4 years. He’s not stupid and he knows that if ppl see hickeys on his neck, they’re bound to be suspicious and it might cause a scandal. And after the whole BaekYeon issue? I don’t think the company is going to risk putting Bh in more scandals, he’s had enough.

In general, I don’t think those are hickeys. Bc if it is, an article would’ve been created already and fans would be freaking out abt it. And lastly, Bh is not stupid or oblivious and he’s smart enough to not do anything to provoke any more hate towards him.

With that cleared up, I don’t think there’s any more reasons to question Cy’s broken lip now is there? hahaha.

Sorry if I broke some of the BaekYeol shipper’s thoughts about the whole neck marks and broken lip but I just had to say it. But those were just my opinions, they aren’t facts, so you may be right, who knows? hahaha.

Plus, the hickeys caused by Cy being too rough (keep me away from smut ffs haha), are probably hidden behind Bh’s jeans, shirt, or by concealers. I guess that’s why Bh doesn’t take his shirt off despite having ‘abs’. I’m still delulu, I see. So don’t lose hope ;) just kidding. no not rly.

Thank you for sending a message darling~ <3