how can i fold clothes with him there

Don’t deprive me.

Authors Note: I am not going to lie, writing has been the biggest struggle so this is short. But here is a little fluff. Xx
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He had slept all day, nestled admirably between the comfort of the warm bed, entirely oblivious to the snow continuing to pile up outside, absent to the world to be quite frank. You don’t mind, though, you considerably like when he’s snuggled up under the oversized bedspread, his curly hair messily falling in whichever position it desires, his whole body tangled up within the sheets—it’s a precious sight to witness every once in a while. 

He had promised to run errands with you today, insisting that after travelling across nine different time zones, that the jet lag wouldn’t concern him too much; Shawn just wanted to spend time with you, even if it meant running errands. Of course, though, you left him in the comfort of the bed, having no desire to wake him up from his slumberous state, there was no need, he needed his sleep more than he needed to spend today with you. After all, he has the next two months to spend with you and family, there’s no rush. 

It’s when the time reaches seven at night that you creep back into the shared bedroom, Shawn still fast asleep, cuddled up to the warmth of the comforter, his arm now nestled under his pillow. 

You smile to yourself, your boyfriend managing to look excessively attractive while lying in bed and doing a simple task; sleeping. 

You considerately rest down beside him on the bed, your hand delicately running your fingers through the softness of his curls, whispering sweet nothings until his drowsy eyes gradually open. He lets out a small moan before licking his dry lips, taking in a deep breath before focusing his eyes undividedly on you.

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bloodredmoon87  asked:

If you're still taking n + 1 prompts: Romanogers, 4 times Natasha steals one of Steve's shirts and 1 time she goes without. ;D


It’s late by the time they make it back to the motel room, and there’s an ache in her shoulder that she knows will make her workouts a bitch for the rest of the week, and when Steve goes to switch on the light, she flinches against its glare and sort of half-buries her face into the pillow. It draws a low chuckle from him as he switches it back off, and when she lifts her head to glance at him, she finds his bright blue eyes still watching her through the dark. He’d let her shower first, and she honestly didn’t have the energy to switch on the light, so just grabbed her shirt off of the dresser where she’d left it that morning and slipped under the covers.

His lips are twitching with amusement as he stands on the other side of his bed and rubs a towel over his damp hair. He’s standing in just his sweats, and the moonlight filtering through the blinds outlines a few of the more prominent scars across his torso. The first time she’d seen them had taken her off guard, even though it really shouldn’t have. The serum may have enhanced his body’s rate of healing, but scars are still scars. You never know when (or if) they’ll fade.

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mongellerss  asked:

fs+ things you said with the tv on mute!

send a ship and a number!

‘All I’m saying, Simmons, is that I can’t see the point in watching a film without the sound on.’

And what I’m trying to tell you, Fitz, once you let me get a word in edgeways, is that I’ll put the subtitles on instead. You can read, can’t you?’

Yes, but that’s not the point…’

With a sigh, Jemma turns around to face him, the large bowl of popcorn balanced on her hip like a washing basket. Curled up on her narrow dorm bed with a blanket pulled up to his chin and his hair sticking up in soft tufts, her best friend looks unusually adorable. 

‘Fitz, do you want to watch Prisoner of Azkaban on my television or don’t you?’

His shoulders slump reluctantly. ‘Ye-es…’

‘Good.’ Jemma flicks a couple of kernels of popcorn at him. ‘In which case, shut up about it being on mute. Unless you want Melissa from next door ratting you out to Weaver about being in the girl’s dorms at night.’

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‘’We’re just reading comics!’’ || Carl Grimes x Reader Imagine

Requested by @paigeshipsrarl :  Hi! Can you do not a smut but it’s like Carl and the reader are sleeping after…you know ;)))… and In the morning michonne goes to wake them up but she sees their clothes all over the floor and them in bed so she calls Rick and Rick is sooooo pissed and the whole town can hear him yelling and they get teased about It?? TY 😂😂

Summary: Waking up at the Grimes house after you and Carl had a comic-reading night together that ended up different that thought it to be. Michonne discovers and calls Rick who discuss with Carl all pissed.

I couldn’t insert a GIF here, i dunno why :(

You felt how Carl laid against your body with his arms wrapped around. You had your hand folded in his. The blanket that had to keep both of you covered, hung almost ‘till the ground and didn’t covered much of our body’s as you both laid there in your underwear. A cold breeze found your body as you pulled the blanket closer to your chest. Suddenly you felt how lips kissed your shoulder. With a grin, you shrugged your shoulders and turned around to face a messy-haired Carl. You closed your eyes again and pulled yourself to his warm, naked chest. With a smile he embraced you. With both of our eyes closed you have Carl a kiss on his noise and snuggled even closer to him. 

 “Good morning,” suddenly a female-coughing voice said, “I hope you two slept well last night..” it was Michonne.

 Shocked, you and Carl turned instantly around to face Michonne standing in the doorway with her arms crossed over each other. She looked over the room and noticed the floor covered with our clothing. There was no lie to invent right now - she definitely knew what happened here last night. “You gotta explain this to your dad, sir.” Michonne turned around to call Rick upstairs. “W-we.. we’re just reading comics.” Carl said with a red head. Laughing, Michonne shrugged her head and called Rick from downstairs. 

 Carl stood up, picking the clothing as fast as he could from the ground as he threw your stuff to you. Just in time you had covered yourself with a pair of sweatpants and a top as Rick stood in the doorway. He didn’t even said anything and he noticed already instantly. With that well known, mad grin, he shrugged his head with his hand, covering his eyes. “Downstairs you two now.” He sounded pissed.

 “We’re just reading some comic books!“ Carl yelled to his dad across the living room. "Carl,” you could hear in Rick his voice that he tried so much his best to not freak out, “you both weren’t reading comic books, even Michonne saw the situation.” “Why do you even care? Why do you guys even interfere with what we do?” Carl crossed his arms, “we’re old enough to make these decisions!" 

This was just the beginning of how the rest of the morning was starting. No doubt that the whole town had heard the fight in the Grimes house on this early morning, and no doubt that this was going to be the highlight for the next days and weeks.

just tell me what you're doing with that other guy

Summary: Y/N and Conor have a misunderstanding which escalates.
Warning: Make-out session.

Requested by: @philfuckingdan

Conor slams the door when the two of you get inside the flat the two of you share. The stupid reason Conor is so angry at you is because he saw you with another man. But what were you doing, you ask?

You were trying to get away.

The man was incredibly up close and personal, attempting to touch your waist. He was whispering things into your ear but when Conor came up to you, he only saw the part where the man had a grip on your waist and you couldn’t get away.

You face him. “I don’t understand why you’re angry. If you heard the whole-”

“There is no story. I think I know what I saw!” he exclaims, running his hand through his hair. “I can’t even believe I trusted you. You were all over a man you didn’t even know.”

“No, I wasn’t!” you truthfully shout.

“I thought you were different, Y/N. I guess not. This isn’t even a surprise,” he says, emotionlessly chuckling. “Every girl I’ve gone out with leaves with someone else. That’s how it is.”

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Half Of You

“Is Mama okay?”

Tao looked down at the bright eyed little girl who looked up to him for answers. “Of course Mama is fine.” His daughter, at the tender age of five didn’t understand what check-ups were. In her mind going to the doctor was bad and meant you were sick.

“Then why did you say she wasn’t looking good?” The little girl hoped out of her seat and began walking around the waiting room worrying for her mother.

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Not Afraid Anymore

author’s note: Requested by @alone-in-madness. My computer managed to shut itself off and not boot again so it deleted half of the story and yeah, I tried my best to memorise something but I started everything from the bottom, lol.



“You must tell him that, you can’t stay silence forever,” your friend Isabella insisted you to talk with your best friend Shawn about your feelings towards to him before you leave the Canadian land to London, England. Your destination in London was Middlesex University to study Management and Business Administration.

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NT Moments - Where ENTJ stereotypes came from
  • INTP: I've been talking to an INFJ who's dating an ENTJ. We've had very similar experiences with our relationships, it's interesting.
  • mr-entj: You can share how difficult we are sometimes, and anal retentive about specific things.
  • INTP: Or how cute ENTJs are :p
  • mr-entj: STOP SPILLING NATIONAL SECRETS! This is a matter of national security!
  • INTP: Don't tell me you also space your clothes hangers evenly?
  • mr-entj: No, but I have a housekeeper. And my closet is color coordinated. And my boxers are separated by fabric.
  • INTP: The ENTJ also has one that comes in once a week, but he doesn't let her fold anything. Or me.
  • mr-entj: I need to find my things easily.
  • INTP: I've been trying to train him not to make bed at my place. It's not gotta air it out.
  • mr-entj: Make your bed. Or one of us will sneak in and do it.
  • INTP: There's something inhuman about a perfectly made bed.
  • mr-entj: That's why they call us evil sociopathic dictators. That's how we got the title.
  • INTP: Because you make beds....
  • mr-entj: Yes. Exactly.
  • INTP: This needs to be a blog post.
Into You (Ben x MC)

Summary: What if you and Ben knew each other back in university? Here’s how you could possibly have met back in Grantmore.

Author’s note: Thanks to Anon for the prompt: “How about a story if MC and Ben met in university? How they met etc :)“ I’ve had this fanfic in my drafts for over a month now, but couldn’t get it to go anywhere. Thanks to Anon’s prompt, I tweaked the story and it seemed to work. Let me know what you think! (Rating: T)

Into You (Ben x MC)

I was walking briskly towards the university’s newsroom, frappuccino in hand. If you’re on time, you’re already late, I reminded myself, picking up my pace. The whipped cream in my frap looked so tempting, I couldn’t help but bow my head and take a sip.

That’s when I slammed into a wall (or what at least I thought was a wall) and my frap exploded all over my shirt. Or maybe that’s when the wall slammed into me. “Oh sh…,” I cringed, feeling the whipped cream and the coffee seep into my shirt. 

“I’m so, so, so sorry,” the wall said. I looked up. Damn, the wall was cute. Tall guy, broad shoulders, black-rimmed glasses. Geek chic. He looked familiar. I shook myself out of that unnecessary reverie and gestured to my soaked shirt.

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Black Honey: Pt. 2

Part 1 OR Read it all here

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to?

Raven didn’t drink. Alcohol had a putrid flavor, and she could never fathom how anyone could enjoy tormenting themselves in such a way. It was an assault on one’s taste buds, with a nasty after taste just for good measure. A back wash of lingering poison might have fared better and, if it didn’t, you’d be dead before it hit you. Alcohol was a whole different concept; it was intoxicating and, after some time, the pungency itself didn’t matter anymore. Only the buzz, the illusion of freedom of one’s spirit from the chains of the body, the feeling of being on something called a ‘cloud nine’, was all that was important in the moment.

Raven didn’t drink, but she was starting to understand what it might have been like.

It wasn’t always about the bitter after taste, or the tang of sugary sweetness that left the mouth still somewhat parched. Alcohol was never about the actual alcohol; it was everything to do with indulgence. Like a fine wine, crisp and smooth and oh so alluring in it’s pristine bottle or poured in a glass, there was something about it that made an individual lick their lips in anticipation, in wanting. Even liquor stores embellished the beautification of alcohol; whether it was the intricate design of the glass bottles they came in, or the artistry in the labels, there was a richness to spirits that reeled in those mature enough to understand and truly enjoy its appeal.

As Raven lay in a bed that was not her own, and gazed across at the peaceful face before her, she would agree that everything could be a form of art, even something she’d typically not appreciate…


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Relax, Love. Spencer Reid.

Summary: Loosely related to Reid’s ‘O’ prompt: req for really adorable reidxreader smut. She’s part of the team and she’s super shy/introverted, smart, innocent, gorgeous (even though she doesn’t realize it), petite and sweet and stuff. They both crushed from the beginning but neither will say anything though the team teases them. One night they stay up late working on a case and it leads to adorable fluffy smut (Dom Reid) but super lovey dovey. Gifs if possible? Thanks hun😘

Triggers: Smut. Dom!Reid. Teasing. Semi-Public sex.

Word Count: 1714

Enjoy ;D

Originally posted by toyboxboy

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Not One, But Two (Part III)

Summary: It all started on that night when you and Jay were both too drunk to remember anything. You resigned from your job and left Seoul with a secret. Now you’re back and ready to tell Jay about them, but doing so means sharing their lives and putting his career and love life on the line.

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

You trudged back to the little cottage where you left your things. You reached for a towel inside your bag and wiped the sweat that formed on your forehead while you were chasing Jaeyoung a while ago as he ran around and hid behind trees. Once you sat down to take a rest, your phone rang. K’s name and photo registered on the screen.

“Hi K,” you greeted your brother as you put your phone against the shell of your ear.

How’s it going?” K asked.

Just over the low bushes of flower, Jay and the twins were walking on the stone steps. They held each of his hands. Whatever Jay was telling them, he was scoring bag as their laughter reached your ears.

“Fine, so far. The twins are having fun and they like him, but I’m not sure if it’s sunk in them that he’s their dad. Do you get what I’m trying to say?”

Yeah,” he chuckled. “It’s good that he’s doing this for them.”

“Please tell me I did the right thing.”

The part where you told him about them or the part where you agreed on bringing them to this trip? Which part?

“Both,” you grumbled under your breath. K was your biggest supporter, but he also found entertainment on your worries.

You did the right thing, so stop worrying so much.


And now you just have to wait. It all depends on whatever Jay is planning.

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gleeksfreaksandwannabes  asked:

Hi, would you be able to do Alec x Magnus moving in together? Thank you! x

Of course, not to Alec’s surprise, no one was around him and Magnus to help move into the apartment. They had all conveniently disappeared when Alec and Magnus tried to get in touch with them for assistance. 

“What bothers me,” Alec snapped, shutting the door after shoving a heavy box in with his foot. “Is that Isabelle lives for this kind of stuff.” he sighed, leaning against the door. 

Magnus grinned and snapped his fingers, one of the boxes flying open. “Isabelle likes the decorating part, not the moving in part. Besides, I have the decorating part down.” he walked over to Alec before he could move away from the door and put both his hands on either side of Alec’s head, pressing his hips against Alec’s. 

“Magnus,” Alec shook his head, trying not to groan as Magnus delicately placed his lips against Alec’s neck. “Come on, there’s so much to do.”

“I’d much rather do you.”

Alec snorted with his laugh, gently pushing Magnus away, a smile taking his lips. He shook his head and wrapped Magnus’ arms around his torso, hugging him awkwardly made their way to the boxes. 

Magnus let go of Alec and motioned to the boxes. “I can’t believe you even have this much stuff.” he leaned down. “You wear the same shirt every day.”

Alec rolled his eyes. “I do not.”

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Princess (Dad!Jungkook)

Request:  Ho!a I really appreciate your work can I request a sceanio about kookie being a single teen dad that struggling to keep it up and just his life on being a dad or something sweet or anything

Summary: Single dad Jungkook plans a birthday party for his precious daughter with the help of his bandmates. 

Genre: Fluff, dad!Jungkook, comedy (?)

Word count: 1.8K

Note: Thank you and I hope you enjoy! Tell me whatcha think about this! :D

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid


The call from Jungkook’s daughter immediately jolts him awake and sets him in a panic. Jungkook bursts out of the comfort of his bed and runs find Minseo, his princess of five years. Of course he finds her in her room, clothes sprawled out everywhere.

“Daddy! I need help.” Minseo pouts cutely, staring at her disheveled looking father.

“Oh god, you scared me, I thought something bad happened.” Jungkook sighs in relief, seeing that Minseo’s life wasn’t in imminent danger.

“Something bad is going to happen if you don’t help me!” She cries out dramatically.

Jungkook playfully rolls his eyes at her, before joining her on the floor.

“Okay princess, what’s up?” He asked, paying full attention to her.

“Something super important is happening soon…” She answered, a huge grin on her face.

Of course Jungkook knew what she was hinting at. It was going to be Minseo’s sixth birthday tomorrow and everyone was excited, and by everyone, Jungkook meant the boys. He had been planning a party for her since the previous month and had roped in the guys to help.

“I wonder what it is…” Jungkook says, pretending to think as he taps on his chin.

“Oh! I know! It’s BTS’ anniversary in like a week. Thank you for remembering sweetheart.” He says jokingly, smiling widely.

“Daddy…” Minseo pouts, looking genuinely sad.

“Princess, I’m joking oh god, don’t cry.” Jungkook quickly tells her, fearing the tears that might drop.

It had been five years, but Jungkook still didn’t know how to deal with a crying toddler. Ever since Minseo’s mother had left, Jungkook had been trying his best to keep his princess happy. When she cried, Jungkook had no idea what to do besides try to talk to her.

The first time baby Minseo cried and didn’t stop, Jungkook had wanted to start crying too. Thankfully, Minseo’s 6 amazing uncles had been there to cheer her up.

“I know it’s your birthday tomorrow, what are you planning?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Well… Uncle Yoongi and Uncle Namjoon told me that they would be taking me out for ice cream!” Minseo excitedly answered.

Jungkook smiled and acted shocked.

“I didn’t know they were going to take you out! They didn’t tell me anything!”

Of course he was lying. Jungkook had gotten Minseo’s favorite uncles to take her out so he could set up the party. He was a man with a plan.

Minseo had giggled at her father’s outburst, before she suddenly stopped.

“Daddy! Quick! I need to pick an outfit!” She urges.

Jungkook looks at the wide spread of clothes Minseo had picked out, settling on a cute dress and a pair of Converse.

“Okay daddy! Thank you!” Minseo says cutely, before standing up and packing the rest of her clothes.

Jungkook sat cross legged on the floor, watching his precious princess being a responsible girl. He almost cried when he saw her fold her clothes before putting them back into the closet. He couldn’t believe how fast she was growing up.

“Okay daddy, you can go back to sleep now. I’ll wake you up when I get hungry.” Minseo tells Jungkook, pushing him out of her room and into his room. She even tucked him into bed. Jungkook seriously wanted to cry.

“Thank you baby. Remember to do your homework.” Jungkook reminded as Minseo nodded in response before running back to her room.

Jungkook didn’t go back to sleep, instead he was making final preparations for the party. He had double checked the cake and the rest of the food, as well as with the boys who were in charge of decoration.

Jin: Yeah, I’ve got everything. We just need to pick up some more helium for the balloons since Taehyung kept playing with it.

Taehyung: I wasn’t playing with it, I was checking to see if it was helium.

Jimin: Hyung, please. What else could it have been?

Taehyung: I don’t know, oxygen? Like a huge oxygen tank?

Hoseok: Oh god, you actual five year old. Anyways, how’s the rest of the things coming along? Have you gotten her a present?

Oh god. Oh dear god. Jungkook’s brain immediately kicked into overdrive. He had been so busy with concert preparations and preparing for Minseo’s party, he had actually forgot to buy a present. Oh no.

Jungkook: Hyung, save me. SAVE ME. I forgot to buy a present. Oh my god. Can someone come over and help me baby sit Minseo, I need to go buy her a present.

Namjoon: Yah, are you serious?

Jungkook: Hyung! It’s not the time to scold me. Someone save me please!

Yoongi: I can come over now if you need, I’ll bring lunch too. Just give me 20 minutes.


Jungkook breathed a sigh of relief as he put down his phone, jumping out of bed to change. He took his phone out with him when he was done washing up and changing, heading over to Minseo’s bed room.

He peeked in and saw her sitting at her desk, doing her homework, just like he asked her to. Jungkook was going to hate when she stopped listening to him and got into her rebellious stage. He knocked on her door, getting her attention before he stepped in.

“Minseo, I need to go out for a while. Uncle Yoongi will be coming over to take care of you while I’m gone. Listen to him okay?” Jungkook said, standing next to her.

She peered up at him and nodded with a huge grin on her face. Jungkook had a smile on his face as he sat next to her, waiting for Yoongi to come by before he left.

When the door bell had rung, Minseo immediately ran to it, tip-toeing to open the door.

“Uncle Yoongi!” She called out excitedly as she hugged onto his leg.

“Hey baby girl.”

Yoongi had hugged Jungkook as a greeting, before he detached Minseo from his leg.

“Okay now say bye to dad.” Yoongi told Minseo, carrying her in his arms.

Minseo bid her father goodbye, reaching out to kiss his cheek. Jungkook left in high spirits, off to find a perfect present for his perfect daughter.

The journey had been tough and Jungkook contemplated buying literally everything in one of the stores, but he settled on something he hoped Minseo would love. He bought her a necklace and a huge teddy bear that was probably taller than her.

He had snuck back into the house, carrying the teddy bear stealthily to his room. He successfully hid the bear and necklace in his closet, on the tallest shelf. Jungkook casually walked back out and headed to Minseo’s room, seeing that Yoongi was teaching her a dance to their newest song.

“Knock knock.” Jungkook said, walking into the room.

“Daddy! Wait, wait, let me show you what Uncle Yoongi taught me.” Minseo buzzed, running over to a phone to reset the song.

Jungkook watched as his little girl danced to the difficult choreography, actually acing it.

“Good job princess! That was amazing!” Jungkook complimented, lifting her up into his arms.

Yoongi collected his stuff, standing up from the floor.

“Okay Minseo, Uncle Yoongi has to leave now, but I’ll see you for ice cream tomorrow.” Yoongi said, bidding Minseo goodbye.

Minseo nodded, waving goodbye to Yoongi as he let himself out.

“Okay baby, go take a shower and I’ll prepare dinner.” Jungkook told her, putting her down.

Jungkook prepared dinner as he ran through his checklist again.

Present, check. Cake, check, ready for pick up tomorrow. Decorations, check, hopefully. Everything would hopefully go as planned.

The next day, Jungkook woke up early to shower and change. He had woken Minseo up so she could prepare for the outing with Yoongi and Namjoon. Jungkook prepared some breakfast for Minseo, ensuring she ate before he brought her out to meet her uncles.

“Okay princess, remember to be polite and listen to them.” Jungkook reminded, spotting Yoongi and Namjoon at the café.

Minseo nodded, although she did look a bit sad. Jungkook imagined it was because he hadn’t wished her happy birthday yet. He had dropped her off with her uncles, kissing her forehead before he bolted out of the café to pick up the cake.

The preparations for the party went without a hitch and Jungkook met up with the rest of the boys back at his house.

“Okay we have about an hour to decorate this place before they come back.” Jungkook announced, putting the cake into the fridge.

“The food will be here in about a half hour, so we just need to settle decorations.” Jungkook continued, looking the bags of things the boys brought over.

They quickly started work, Jin and Hoseok preparing the balloons while Jimin and Taehyung put up garlands everywhere. When the time came for the Minseo, Yoongi and Namjoon to arrive, the house was decorated beautifully, with a whole truck load of food.

Jungkook was anxiously listening for the arrival of his princess, hiding in the kitchen with the cake. The wax from the candle was dripping, which fueled his anxiousness, until he heard the doorbell.

Jin had opened the door, which was Jungkook’s cue to walk out with the cake. He could hear Minseo squealing and screaming as the lights turned on. Jungkook had a permanent smile plastered on his face as Namjoon carried Minseo towards him.

They had sung the song and Minseo had blew the candles out. Minseo looked so happy and that made Jungkook happy. When the time came for unwrapping presents, Minseo asked what her father had gotten her, and immediately going to unwrap that first.

Minseo was squealing in excitement when she saw that the huge blob of wrapping paper was hiding a giant teddy bear holding a necklace. She had ran to Jungkook, jumping into his arms and she gave him a tight hug.

“Thank you so much daddy, I love you.”

Jungkook had wanted to cry, but held it in. His baby girl was growing up. Oh no. There was going to be boys. Oh hell no.

When the presents were all unwrapped and the food was all eaten, courtesy of the 6 hungry men, the group of eight had sat down to talk.

“Who did all the decorations? They’re so pretty!” Minseo complimented.

The boys claimed their credit with smug smiles on their faces.

“How did you do the balloons?” She asked curiously, pointing the floating balloons.

Jin had explained to her the process and pointed out the tank sitting in the corner.

“Oh… I thought it was a giant oxygen tank or something.” Minseo commented, nodding slowly as she realized what it was for.

“See! I told you!”

Oh lord, someone save Taehyung.

Sick (Rafe x Reader)

I wanna say thank you to @turrkoise for giving me this idea! It’s quite short and I’m not sure if this lives up to your expectation but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

There was another idea given to me and I’m still working on it! I sweaaarrr!! It’s going to be posted next week!!

Anyway, enjoy the drabble :)

- - - - -

He types away on his computer, his keys clicking like a rhythm in a piece of music as I enter his office, working late as usual. I had wondered if he will ever take a break from his work, he’s been like this for a month and it’s starting to worry me. How determined is he to work so hard for his company? I wrap my arms around him, resting my chin on his shoulder, kissing his cheek and looking at his screen.

“Go to bed, honey.” I pout my lips, averting my eyes from the screen to meet his; he ignores me and keeps typing, pausing to take a drink of his now-cold-coffee. “Please?” I beg again but he draws out a sharp breath of annoyance.

“I will!” He snaps and I take this as a sign to retreat and surrender. His psychiatrist advised me to leave him be when he’s in a bad mood, but if I do, he’ll just get worse and worse: every time he comes home, his eyes are starting to droop and his sleep schedule is getting later and later by the day; I try to reach out to him but he’s just so busy with work that it’s impossible to do so.

The light coming off from the office doesn’t leave my gaze as I’m waiting for him to switch it off and join me in bed to finally relax. Deciding to busy my thoughts, I turn on the television and make myself comfortable on the couch, putting both of my legs up and resting my head on the arm rest. Soon enough, the pixels tires my eyes, making them heavy and almost impossible for me to resist the temptation of sleep.

When I wake, I see the nightstand right in front of me, a pillow under my head and the blanket all over Rafe as he shivers. I knot my eyebrows in confusion; he shouldn’t be like this, the temperature is so warm I can sleep without a blanket. I place a hand on his arm only to feel it burning. “God, Rafe, you’re burning!” I exclaim, immediately jumping on my feet to bring some remedies: luke-warm cloth, water and medicine.

Quickly gathering them, I pace faster back to the bedroom, kneeling to his side to apply the cloth on his forehead. “What did I tell you?” I ask, folding the cloth with my trembling hands. “I told you many times before to relax! Nadine can take care of it!” I babble on and on about how right I am while patting the cloth on his skin as he sniffles and coughs.

“Now look at you! You’re sick! All because you were stubborn!” As I keep talking and babbling, I give him the medicine and passing the water for him to drink. He finishes the glass in under a second, gasping for air as he finishes.

“Christ, woman, you sound like my mother,” I am left speechless from his remark, but I know that I should be used to it by know after being together for so many years. He gasps and coughs, making me flinch from how bad he sounds. “But you’re right, I should have listened to you.” He looks away, and I smirk, finally hearing him say that I’m right for the first time.

“Careful now, Rafe, keep it like this and I’ll want you to be sick forever.” I tease him and he chuckles lightly, taking my hand into his as we look into each other’s eyes. I feel the butterflies in my stomach set free from their prison as they fly around my stomach, rejoicing their freedom and I feel my lips curl to a smile.

“Get some rest, hon.” I squeeze his hand before walking towards the light-switch, switching it off and going to bed beside him. I close my eyes, letting the darkness set me to sleep but it almost seem impossible as my contentment keeps me awake. I turn to my side, my back facing Rafe and I can hear him shuffle in his place, feeling his head close to mine.

“You’re living up to your vow.” I hear him whisper in my ears and I look over my shoulder, still having that contented smile on my face.


“I will take care of you through sickness and in health; I will keep loving you through anger and through happiness.” He recites making me giggle, surprised that he still remembers it. A smile forms on his lips and I can’t help but feel lighter in my feelings, seeing him smile for the first time. “I would kiss you, but–” he is cut off by a cough and a sniffle after; still managing to smile slyly. He kisses my shoulder without leaving my eyes. “Good night, sweetheart.” He sleeps on his back, exhaling a breath and soon enough, I can hear his light breathing, a sound that I miss hearing.

A moment like this is hard to get and even after years of being together, I don’t remember a time that we were this intimate. I am surprised that I still manage to love him despite his temper, but patience is my virtue and I choose to stay patient with him no matter what the cost; my love for him is immeasurable and reflecting back to our previous arguments–how much I’ve still forgiven him–I know that he’s my one and only.

Over It

Summary: You’re one of AOMG’s producers and one of the two CEOs is in love with you. He’s perfect and he understands what you need, but the memories of your past relationship keep you from loving him back. How long can you ignore your feelings?

- - -

Knock. Knock.

The door opened just as you tore your gaze away from your monitor to look at Kiseok, who slipped in the upper half of his body along with the brown paper bag dangling from his hand. The scent of meat and fries coursed past the traces of floral air freshener you sprayed awhile ago, and onto your senses, making you raise your fists in delight, and he smiled widely.

“I take that as a yes?” Kiseok asked, and when you nodded eagerly, he entered your studio. He took a seat on the sofa while you dragged your chair by your feet to the space across him.

“I was beginning to lose my faith in people,” you said as you watched him take out the contents of the paper bag on the table, “but you saved them. Oh god, I feel like I can eat everything.”

Kiseok laughed. “I bought it for you. Wouldn’t want our youngest producer dying of hunger or worse, complaining to the public how we mistreat people.”

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Hardly working

Genre: Retail Job! Au

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader X Jungkook

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You’ve been working the same job for 5 months now and to say that you had the hang of things was an understatement. Though your co-workers were strange they were also all male, including the new kid. You’ve seen enough reverse-harem animes to know where this is going.


Originally posted by sunbaejin

“You’re late.” Yoongi sighed, leaned up against the counter of the register and watching you to attempt to catch you breath. 

“I know..I’m sorry my alarm didn’t go off and I just-”

He waved his hand up. “It’s okay, I don’t care that much anyway. I’m taking a break so can you stay up here?”

You nod. “Can I go put my stuff in the back really quick, first?”

He agrees, letting you run to the back. You hurriedly pushed your stuff into the small slot the company allowed, even taking a second to attempt to fix your hair. By the time you turned around you ran into Namjoon by mistake. 

“Hey cutie, slow down. You in a hurry?”

He was unintentionally still holding your sides from trying to catch you, making you blush. It was well known by the entire staff that you were both completely into each other but neither of you did anything past the daily flirting. As outgoing as he seemed he was still shy about certain things and you just happened to be that. 

“Kinda. I was late and Yoongi needs me to be at the registers with Jimin.” You explained. 

He let go of you finally. 

“Oh. I can do it for you. I just got off my break.” He said, smiling. 

You couldn’t help but smile back. “Really?”

“Of course! Just come out when you’re ready.” 

Namjoon walked past you to go help up front. While you tried to finish up Taehyung stepped into the staff room. He sat down on a chair, exhaling loudly so you’ll ask what’s wrong. You came over to the table. 

“What is it Tae?”

He looks up at you with crossed arms. “Jin’s making me train the new kid. I also have to train the new people and when they mess up he blames you wanna switch positions for a little bit? Please Y/N.”

He was practically clinging to your arm, begging and pouting.

“Alright.” You laughed. 

“Where is he?” 

“I told him to go stand outside and bring people in. His name’s Jungkook.”

“Taehyung we don’t have people stand outside and bring customers in.”

He shrugged. “Well I needed him to do something when I came in here…”

You sighed, going out to find the poor boy that Taehyung was probably having humiliated. When you stepped into the store there was way more customers in than when you arrived earlier. Going outside you saw a taller brunette standing in front of the store and assumed it was who Taehyung was referring to. Your guess seemed to be right when you could overhear him politely talking to some people who happened to be passing by.

“Jungkook, Can I speak to you?” You asked after he was finished talking. 

The second he looked up at you, you got a full view of his face. No wonder so many people were in the store today. If you would have saw him standing outside you would have even fallen for it just by looking at him. He approached you.

“Yes, ma’am? Am I doing something wrong?”

“I-I…Uh..No..I’m the one who’s gonna train you today. We actually don’t have this sort of job. Taehyung was just messing with you.”

“Oh. What do you want me to do then?”

The things that popped into your mind when he said that were things you were definitely not allowed to say out loud. You tried to focus on the task at hand. 

“Well, we can start off easy? I’ll show you how to fold the clothes and putting stuff in the right places.”

He nods, following you inside. You lead him in to the table near the back with the box of clothes next to it. You pick up two of the shirts, handing one to Jungkook, and keeping the other for yourself. You started to show him how it’s done and he easily got the hang of this too. 

“You know I’m glad you’re the one training me. You’re a lot hotter than he was.” He joked, saying it like it was nothing.

You stopped mid-folding.


He took note of your more serious tone and looked up at you. “Yeah, really.”

Jungkook laughed at your cuteness and revealing his gorgeous smile. You could already feel yourself crushing on him, completely forgetting about Namjoon who was pouting at the counters. 

“You don’t think she’ll fall for it? Do you?” Namjoon asked, panicked.

Jimin shrugged. “He’s brought in a lot of people today just because he’s hot. I’ve been watching him since Taehyung was training him and he’s pretty good at everything. I don’t think the dude even has a flaw.”

Namjoon glared at him. 

“I-I mean i’m sure he has one-” Jimin said, trying to fix what he had said before. 

Namjoon called for Hoseok to take his place as he ran back into the stock room. He carried out 4 boxes of clothes to stock up the shelves near the two of you. You waved at him as he passed by, making him more than happy you were paying attention to him despite being with Jungkook. Namjoon tried to wave back at you when he knocked over the shelf with his arm and it came shattering down with everything on it. Jungkook ran over to catch the boxes that almost fell as well. Jimin even put his head down on the counter, feeling the second-hand embarrassment from across the room. Jungkook set the boxes down.

“Are you okay?” You asked Namjoon. 

He nods, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.  “Yeah.”

Namjoon couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly at the situation he caused.

“Thank you for getting the boxes, Jungkook. There would have been a bigger mess if you weren’t there.” You told him.

Jungkook pretended to be embarrassed by your praise, smiling. Namjoon rolled his eyes, now feeling what the rest of the staff must have felt when him and you flirted around them. He had a new goal set instead of asking you out. He had to figure a way to out do Jungkook.

Dark Passion: Written by Carnalclown & Nat3601

Warning adult content rated M for age of consent please do not read if you are uncomfortable with sexual content. This story explores the anti-verse characters of MNT everything that you have known of our beloved boy Leo that is good has been warped and twisted. The turtles are also in their mid twenties here. Please enjoy.

Leo found a girl simply sitting out in central park. It was dusk and he wondered what she could possibly be doing at this hour. The lamp lights were on and it appeared as though she was cleaning up something. Upon closer inspection from a nearby tree and a lot of stealth, Leo saw she was packing up a sketchbook and pencils or something. So she was an artist? A great compliment to my name. Perhaps he should properly exchange artistic endeavors with this woman. As she finished packing, she threw her bag over her shoulder and started heading out. Once she wandered beneath his tree, he simply fell before her and caught her by the arm. She was so stunned she didn’t make a sound and Leo dragged her over to a thick set of bushes. Then the pleas began and he felt himself grow excited. He thrust his hand over her mouth. “Stay quiet and you won’t be harmed.” He drew a sword for good measure and she cowered to the ground. “That’s more like it.” He ran a hand up her neck and discovered a very long braid of hair draped over her shoulder. He had an idea and demanded she get on her hands and knees. His hand clamped down on the braid and he pulled fairly hard, enough to make her back arch and he used his sword to slice her clothes down her back. “I like your hair. It makes a great leash…” He then pushed her shredded pants and panties down her thighs before shoving his finger into her folds. “Let’s see how loud the artist can scream my name…”

But she grinds back against his fingers surprising him by letting out a low lustful moan. It certainly has been awhile since she’s felt such pleasure like this, a very long while. She’s torn between feeling immediate lust for this masked man, moving into what he’s giving but yet she also struggles against him trying to get away. She then let’s out a gasp as he tightens his grip on her braid, his mouth taking the place of his finger and is now preoccupied between her thighs.

Surprisingly, Leo found himself in a position where the girl actually wanted it! This never happened. Normally they screamed and fought, but not this one. While he was down on her cunt, he had to wonder if she was somehow playing him? Was it a trap? He decided to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any others. He held tightly to the braid and kept his other arm locked around her thigh. Putting her on her back would be wise because it would leave her exposed and vulnerable to him. This girl would HAVE to be controlled if he was going to fuck her…

The masked stranger has now locked his arm around her thigh, he must sense that she’s going to try something and she’s certainly thought about it but the flick of his tongue feels to delicious against her slit. He then decides he needs her to turn over, but to be sure she understands her place, he winds the braid around his hand till it reaches just the nape of her neck. He then releases a low growl into her ear letting her know with out words that he’s in control and escape could bring on serious consequences. A bit stubborn however she tests the stranger and although it brings a mixed bag of pain and pleasure, she pulls against him still letting him know that she won’t make it that easy for him.

Leo smirked at her defiance. “So why attempt to struggle if you obviously want it, darling?” He dragged his tongue along her folds again and pushed it inside her cunt. He pulled her hair tightly, forcing her to her side and she collapsed onto the ground while his head remained at her core. The odd position brought him back up, her essence dripping from his chin. He hovered over her and peered down at her, his icy blue eyes peering down at her. “If you want it…take off your clothes…slowly.”

Breathing heavily she looks straight into her captors eyes for the first time and finally see’s that he’s not really a large man but a very big turtle person. She becomes a little frightened, her eyes growing large and her mouth dropping open but then she doesn’t scream because to her this is way to surreal. “Damn though, this dude has got some serious head game” she thinks to herself becoming a little braver. She then bites her lip suddenly, complying to his demand. Slowly she begins to unzip her top, revealing a bright blue satin bra that barely contains her large and ample breast. Without breaking eye contact with him, licking her lips she then moves her fingers down between her folds and begins to rub. Taking him all in she’s amazed by his sheer size, and realizes that if she did escape he could and probably would take her down easily again, so if she can’t run why not give him a little show?

Leo watched and waited. Her zipper was coming down and he was gawking at her tits as they spilled out of her blouse. “Hm, not bad sweetheart. But, I’d prefer to be the one doing this.” He then took her hand away from her core and replaced it with his own. He maneuvered the soft petals between his fingers and started to work her over until he felt traces of essence. As he felt himself growing warm and impatient for sex, Leo made her unhook her pretty blue bra. How could he even think to simply rip off and ruin such a nice colored lingerie? He tugged on the piece after she separated the hooks and her large tits were within view. He touched the underside of one and started with a gentle massage before leaning in and claiming it with his mouth. His tongue slid around the rose-colored areola and he applied a bit of suction just to gauge her reaction. His fingers swirled around inside her cunt, spreading her sticky fluids to the outer labia. Leo groaned with approval. She was heating up and damn near ready for him…

Overtaken by heat, she was horny as hell and wanted nothing more then for him to ravage her. He then let out a groan as he released himself ready to impale her with his member, but it was at this moment that she sat upright and became really scared because this was no ordinary run of the mill cock. It was massive and scared the shit out of her. “How am I…ggonna…take all that?!” She stuttered inching a little away from him.

”Good compliment, sweetness. I’ll make sure you can take it…” he said softly and immediately he rose to his haunches and gripped her by the hips. Pressing his head to her entrance, he rubbed some of her fluids all over the tip. Then Leo leaned over her, making eye contact. His palm lay on the ground by her head, keeping his weight off her and he kept a tight grip on his length. “Just relax…” he said and pushed the head of his cock against her folds, slowly entering. She flinched and gasped, feeling fuller by the second. “Easy now….easy…” he whispered as he pushed further inside, feeling her soft walls squeeze and engulf him, sharing her warmth with him…

Pushing himself deeper inside her walls, he paused to give her time to adjust. He then let out a long breath as he began his slow and deliberate thrusts. Never had she ever felt anything like him before painful and amazing all at once, it made her gasp and whimper with each movement he made. To him she was so tight he almost lost himself and began thrusting faster causing her to cry out. This brought him back from the brink to full attention and as he continued fucking her, he rasped close to her ear. “If you get any louder, you might not like what I do to you next”. She whimpered nodding at him that she understood and she tried her best not to make a sound but he was to delicious that she couldn’t help herself and cried out again. He smirked at her defiance, “Oh you naughty girl, you are going to pay dearly for not complying to what I say”. Quickly pulling out he turns her over and pulls her hips towards him rubbing and teasing his cock against her ass. “This is probably going to hurt you a lot more then me”

Leo hesitated for a moment. It wasn’t his style to go in through the back door, but he will, just this one time to see what the commotion was about in the human world. He touched her pussy and gathered some of the fluids, applying more to his length before letting the tip settle against her rear. He knew it was going to be hard to slide in, but he would try. He pushed the head against her ass and forcefully passed the outer wall. The girl cringed and groaned as he worked his way inside. However, it was proving to be a chore, but he continued anyways. “Relax…you’re tensing up. The more you tense up, the harder it will be and the more painful..”

He continued on but couldn’t seem to enjoy himself at all. “Hmmm, definitely not what I expected. Humans” he grimaced as he pulled out from her. She let a small breath of relief at his sudden decision to stop, it definitely wasn’t something she was a fan of and slumping against him she waited for what he would do next. Feeling frustrated and quite unsatisfied he then decided that he wanted to have this escapade elsewhere, if they continued on dawn would soon approach and they’d be seen. He then got up gathering himself and his swords, and without effort he threw her up on his shoulder and left Central Park, the party definitely wasn’t over yet. He never had such a compliant victim “This one might be a keeper” he thought finding the closest manhole and maneuvering himself with her down it. Leo carried her underground.

He barely knew this woman and so taking her directly to the lair was not a good idea and so he decided to bring her to his secret room inside the labyrinth. It wasn’t far and to protect his family and home, he made sure to stop briefly and blindfold her. Of course…he kept her high on endorphins by playing with her folds as he walked. His digit dipped in and out of her and he was grinning like a madman. Upon arrival at the lair, Leo threw her onto the bed centered in the beautifully decorated room. She tore off her blindfold, but was met with her partner’s face and he was upon her in an instance, stroking himself to keep his member awake. “Let’s carry on, shall we? Now spread those legs for me….”

Looking at him defiantly, she could see the fierce lust in his eyes, he looked almost animalistic knowing that he wanted nothing more then to own and control her. But she was stubborn and even as he rested mere inches from her she ventured, “If I spread my legs for you, will you at least give me your name?”. He frowned at her as he had no time for little games. She then leaned in towards him rubbing her cheek against his “I’m Amarie” she whispered licking his cheek. Leo’s brow furrowed for a moment at her suggestion, but he relaxed. She wasn’t about to pull anything. He couldn’t sense any threat emanating from her. “Leonardo,” he said gruffly and pressed her back down into the mattress. Her fingers scrunched the sheets and her eyes met with his. “Leonardo. Just like the-” she began. Before she had a chance to say much else, he cut off her train of thought by forcing her legs back and sliding his length back inside her. “No more talking unless it’s to tell me how spectacular I make you feel. Or you can scream my name, rather than discuss its origins.” Leo pushed her feet up over his shoulders, forcing her at an angle to which he could penetrate deeper.

This time there was no adjustments, no waiting he was going to take what he needed from her. At first thrust she let out a yelp but this time he wasn’t worried at all, she could scream and moan all she wanted no one could hear her but him. He encouraged it actually and pushed deeper just to get another moan out of her, it was like pure music to his ears. She was so wet and tight, his body thrummed with excitement as he began pumping faster and harder. Closing her eyes and having no choice but to take him all in, she threw her head back writhing in ecstasy his name playing just on her soft lips. But then her eyes snapped open connecting with his and her mouth fell open as she felt a hot white flash suddenly overtake her body and she began to shake as an orgasm ripped through her “OMG!.„„ I think I’m…I’m coming oh Oh God!! OH LEONARDO oh shit!!!! Yes yes fuck me harder!“ She screamed raising and thrusting her hips up to meet his. “I am baby, I am!” he laughed sticking his tongue out pistoning his cock in and out of her soft pussy hard as possible. “Scream my name again!” He raised himself up grabbing her hips feeling himself just on the verge.

Leonardo grit his teeth and growled. His nails dug into her hips as her cunt met with his cock. “Awe, fuck…baby yeah!” he groaned as he felt the beginning of his orgasm rising to the surface. Once he felt the rushing of cum fly through his length, he buried himself deeply within her. “I’m gonna load up that pussy…” With a heavy sigh, Leo poured every ounce of himself into her, a small thrust every few seconds helped to empty him out. She was so out of it that he chuckled and fell to his elbows and let his face drop onto her shoulder briefly. “Oh, that was good.” Amarie sighed and relaxed against the cushions, occasionally looking down at the top of this creature’s head. So very human-like. After a minute or two, Leo pulled out of her and sat back, looking at his obviously pleased partner.. She had a small smile on her lips and laying among all his pillows, she fell asleep and began gently snoring away.

Leo chuckled to himself “Awww now look at that, I put that ass straight to sleep. Yea this one was definitely a keeper” he figured. She was going be perfect for Donnie’s little experiment and perfect for all his personal needs. She seemed willing and he kind of liked that she was into what had transpired between them, brave little thing he really liked that in his women. Yeah, tonight was definitely a lucky one for him but in the meanwhile he’d let her rest up because he would be coming back for round two, he was a very needy turtle.

a sweet short but for more stories just go to ao3