how can i do that if nobody can find me

Seán, I just watched “Gone In November” and I have a few things to say...

In my opinion, your effort to talk about sensitive subjects really paid off. Because from personal experience it’s not about people rescuing me or trying to cheer me up. But actually about just listening and TRYING to understand how my mind works, and eventually finding something I can work on.

Yes, it is different for everyone, especially in terms of getting help. But please everyone out there, if you have someone who confides in you with these kind of problems, do not shake them off or get annoyed by them. I know how difficult “whining” can be, but the worst part really is when nobody would listen to you. Because some just have a hard time talking to someone in the first place, and not being taken seriously is just the worst and can really affect people’s situation.

I’m not saying this to make everyone feel responsible for other people’s lives. I know there’s only so much you can stomach, especially when it seems like you can’t do anything to help. But it’s important to interact, offer help and keep an open ear and mind about it.

So, thank you Seán. For uploading these kinds of videos and handling their topics with the sensitivity and seriousness they deserve. You’re truly a rare species and I just freaking love you.

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How do I delay mental breakdowns until nobody can see me have them?

Teacup blinks slowly, and you find yourself blinking too. When you open your eyes you’re in a crowded place, hundreds of people passing by. They don’t seem to notice you. The soft looking coatl rises up on her hind legs and places her paws on your shoulders, tilting down until her velvety nose touches yours. You make a connection, somehow the world fades away. She is steady and warm. In tandem, you both inhale deeply and exhale slowly. You can feel your mind turning inwards, seeking your inner strength. You get the sense that no matter how many people are around, you will always have you. Make a safe place in your mind, visit it often. Hold on. When the world comes back into focus you’re back in Teacups room laying across her fluffy belly. A soft forked coatl tongue flickers across your cheek. Safe.

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“If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much.” (cl dodgson)

i need to start posting this everywhere and anywhere bc i keep freezing up bc im writing for my class/workshop and one of my charas makes a statement abt the church and it can be interpreted two ways and im not allowed to explain which one and i just cant finish 

Giving up

Dear Nobody,
I am sorry, but I think I will give it up. Everything. I don’t mean, that I want to commit suicide but I’m giving up trying to be the person I want to be. This means a lot to me.
I have a few friends, but I will never belong to the popular people in my class. I will always stand in the shadow besides them. My good friends are there but I’m losing my best friend to the popular site and I don’t know how long I can stand there quietly while she laughs and is happy with them. She deserves to be happy, of course, don’t understand me wrong. But I wish this would be so easy for me like it was for her.
I also tried to find online friends but I think I’m doing something wrong. There is nobody there who would write with me me more than he has to.
I also tried to socialise about my fandoms but I can’t, maybe I am annoying or something. I really don’t know.
Everything I wish for is a person I can talk to a whole night without getting bored. But it will never happen.
I don’t even want to become famous or something like this. I wish for the people at least just to see me and recognise the things I am doing.

Maybe we meet again
Greetings Liv


hwu: a-lister face claims 1/?

Aja Naomi King as Aria Sheridan
Kat Graham as Morgan the Magnificent
Max Irons as Harrison Byrd
Marlon Teixeira as Rok the Reaver 
Go Ara as Song
Waad Mohammed as Ilyria
Rajiv Surendra as Liam Archer
Taylor Roberts as Scarlet Justice
Jamie Bell as Steel Dynamo

Atlantic Storm 05 – Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Ocracoke Island, NC, October 2008

The National Park Service motto, “Your safety is your responsibility” applies across the board, around the table.

Your life is your responsibility.

That could be an AA motto.

We are on our own with the problem of finding and living our life.

Nobody can do it for us.

Nobody can tell us how to do it.

All the coaching and instruction in the wold can’t tell us what we need to know in order to do what is ours to do.

The group, the community, can encourage us, and can lead by example, doing its own work, living their own life, but.

In the darkness at 2 AM, it’s just me and my life and the question of what am I going to do. What now? What next? Now what? I alone answer those questions.

And the group, the community, encourages me to trust myself to find my own way to the life that is mine alone to live. They cheer me on. We cheer each other on.

But, we do the work alone.

The books on mindfulness don’t enable us to be mindful. We take up the practice, we do the work, on our own.

The books on meditation don’t enable us to meditate…

The books on sobriety don’t enable us to be, and remain, sober…

The books on Spiritual Practice don’t enable us to reflect on our experience to the point of new realizations, or follow a healthy diet, or exercise regularly, or become transparent to ourselves…

We do the work on our own.

Talking about doing the work is not doing the work.

Reading another book about doing the work is not doing the work.

Are we doing the work is the only question.

If not, why not is the other only question

My main goal in 2016 is not to change a single thing about me for anybody else. To drink whenever I want, to smoke whatever I want and to trip soooooooooo hard I can say I’ve been around the world and back. Twice. To love whoever I want, and to love as freely as I want. To sing as often as I can, and laugh as loud as I can. To tell every joke that comes to me, and to laugh at it even if nobody else does. To read a good book, and to go to every party I’m invited to even if I go alone. I don’t want to feel any less worthy of love, or any less likely to be loved, just because of the lifestyle I love to live, or because of the way I speak, or how often I do. I don’t want to think about every word I say, and every move I make. I want to find love, and I hope it is one that lasts. I want to get so fucked up that I don’t even remember the night, I only remember dancing to the music and finding comfort in the silence. I want to go to a party withOUT getting fucked up, so that I do remember the night. I want to live, and I want to love, and I want to experience things that are limited to sobriety. I want to be. I want to become.
—  2016, be good to me