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Are you really that stupid? You’re gonna kick her out of your life? You know how much she cared and how much pain she has to deal with right now and you don’t give a shit? You think you’re a badass because you made her cry? Because she can’t sleep?Because you’re the first thing she thinks at in the morning? Well guess what? She’s going to get through this, because she’s fucking strong. I know you think that she can’t do that, that even after 1 year when you call her she will running back at you, but no. She will forget you, and you will be just another asshole that she once loved. You will be just another bad example to be careful about. She will have nothing to thank you for. Maybe just for learning her a lesson. A hard one.

NGL, I’m kind of annoyed how the convo about planned parenthood has been going. Like “they also do mammograms and std testing”. Cool. That’s great and I support it, but they also do abortions. You don’t have to water down support by making it look like a women’s health package deal that abortion wiggled it’s way into. You can just blatantly support abortion. Jeez.

Recently I’ve been holding a lot more in than usual. Like how I let him hurt me because it feels right and because I think I deserve. Or how I keep drinking every moment I can because being drunk is easier than being sober and dealing with my mind. Or how when someone asks me what’s on my mind, I freeze. I freeze because I try to think about it and nothing comes up, but there’s so much there. There’s so much wrong. There’s so much going on in my head but I can’t really get it out into words. He used to tell me the way I spoke sounded like poetry slipping off my tongue, but lately it sounds like static noise and I can barely making sense of it. I don’t know how to look everyone in the face and tell them that I feel like I’m suffocating and that it feels like they’re too busy to notice. It sounds so selfish and it makes me sick to think about, but I can’t help it and neither can they.
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I don’t even know why I have to say this, but when people say “protect Nathan Prescott” they are not saying that you shouldn’t hold him accountable for his wrong doings.

In fact, when people say that they’re not even claiming that Nathan is a good person because you’re right, Nathan has done some really terrible things.

What they ARE saying is that Nathan, a 19-year-old boy who’s mental illness might possibly be a direct result of the constant abuse he must deal with from the adults in his life, does not deserve whatever fate he will receive at the hands of Mr. Jefferson ok

I understand that rapists and sexual abusers deserve to have their lives ruined, but there comes a time when you have to take into account a person’s goddamn humanity and realize that there are things that no one deserves enacted upon them.

Like jesus christ, how can you not see that Nathan is fucking terrified of this man? This man who probably has already figured out that Max and Chloe have managed to unearth the truth in part due to Nathan, the only one other than Sean Prescott that they could’ve found out their info from??? He is literally scared for his life because he knows that he could very well be killed for what he knows and even if he wanted to he can’t very well back out now because of that. It is very, very likely that he is already dead.

You do not need to constantly remind fans of Nathan that he’s an asshole, that he’s a bad person, that we shouldn’t sympathize with him or wish him protection because you’re implying that he deserves whatever Mr. Jefferson will do to him. We are all well aware by now I am sure.

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I've always understood the connections between Sansa and Sandor that make them fit so well together, but how do you mind the age gap? If I remember correctly, Sansa is only 13 during the Battle of Blackwater, while Sandor is around 30. I would find them romantic if they were in the same range, but I can never shake that part in my head. I feel similarly about Dany/Drogo, though that relationship had a few giant problems along with the age gap. It's just too unsettling for me, how do you view it?

It can be pretty hard sometimes, I’ll tell you. (BTW, during the BotBW Sansa is 12 and Sandor is 28.) Generally I deal with it by only romantically shipping in the potential future of the story, and in romantic fanfics I prefer futurefics (assuming a time gap in which Sansa reaches adulthood) or aged up fics. (Aging up sometimes bothers me, especially if it just seems like an afterthought with no actual effect on the story, but I have seen it done well in stories where everyone is aged up 5-6 years and furthermore the characters are handled appropriately. A 16-year-old Sansa would not have been quite so innocent and naive as the 11-year-old fooled by Cersei and Joffrey.)

However, the greater problem is not in fanfic, it’s in the books themselves. Initially GRRM planned for ASOIAF to take place over the span of many years, maybe a decade, and started the kids out young because he wanted them to reach adulthood for endgame. AGOT itself was supposed to take place over years, and it was only when GRRM was writing it that he realized that events moved too quickly and only a year or so had passed. So he resolved this by planning a 5 year gap that would take place after ASOS (which is why that book resolves so many plot points) – and when the storyline started up again, all the characters would be 5 years older. So for example, by endgame Sansa would be at least 18 to Sandor’s 34. (I’m not sure if 18-34 would have been all right for you, but note it’s almost the exact same age difference as Jaime and Brienne.) However, GRRM couldn’t make the timejump work, and therefore scrapped it. (One of the reasons AFFC took so long to be finished.) Honestly, once he noticed the problem in AGOT he should have aged up everyone right there before publishing it… but oh well.

Anyway, so the bigger problem is that even with the lack of the time gap GRRM still hasn’t changed his plans with how he’s handling the kids. So you end up with things like Arya’s sexualization in TWOW’s Mercy, and Sansa’s flirtatiousness in her TWOW preview chapter is probably only the start with her. (But please note the “controversy” was not what was suspected.) So if GRRM does actually do romantic sansan in the books (and though I can’t be certain of it I don’t rule it out either) it may be more “unsettling” there than most conscientious fanfic authors would write. Actually, cancel that “may” – I’m sure that whatever GRRM writes (sansan or otherwise) will be more unsettling than most fics. (Though not all of them *cough* GOT *cough*)

And there’s also the even greater problem with how GRRM normalizes sexual matters happening to 12-14-year-olds even while saying it’s abnormal for Westeros, and other gender issues… but that’s beyond the scope of my reply. Although it does result in people rationalizing sansan with “Sansa was married at 13 and expected to have sex” or pointing to Dany & Drogo and saying “you didn’t complain about that!” (some people did complain, even if hypocrites exist too) and y’know… just because GRRM made it “normal” in ASOIAF still doesn’t make it right, or make it look good to most people. The false pedophilia accusations should be dealt with of course, but with any other argument other than “it’s normal in the books”, please.

Just… Sansa and Sandor had a strong emotional connection in King’s Landing that did involve some sexual tension, and it was kind of fucked up, and we shippers should admit it was fucked up, we’re aware of it and have to deal with it, and we hope for a happy healthy relationship that Sansa chooses as an adult. (And if someone reading this is a shipper who doesn’t ship it that way… well, you do you, I’m not trying to speak for you, but… I avoid your fics if I can help it, sorry.) And in the books themselves, if we don’t get that kind of future relationship, well, hopefully whatever we do get will not be too unsettling, and hopefully mostly satisfying. For some fans at least. Whoever they ship.

(BTW I haven’t stated this in my author’s notes yet, but my own sansan fic is incorporating the five-year-gap that never happened, although not that big a leap (more like 3 years) because I can’t really make it work with the books’ storyline any better than GRRM could. It’s hedging, I know, I’m mostly dealing with it by pretending ASOS/AFFC/ADWD took a lot longer than they actually did and also by not mentioning timeline issues if I can help it. Sigh, oh GRRM. Oh, me.)

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What is your opinion on how to deal with being in love with someone who isn't them anymore . I can't move on. I'm in love with someone that doesn't exist anymore and the person left is this empty depressed soul . I think of him and I know but when I look at him his eyes are empty and I don't know him anymore .

Look in the mirror and realize that you aren’t the same either. You might miss a time, a situation, or a moment in your life but the present moment is all we have.


Forrest Curran

  • Parent voice:stop being sad you're ruining the mood
  • Parent voice:anxiety?? More like fucking childish
  • Parent voice:you can't be depressed you're just lazy
  • Parent voice:ok I know you're trans but u don't have to make a big deal out of it :/
  • Parent voice:u know this is probably as hard for us as for u
  • Parent voice:why do u never talk to us abt how u feel??

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How do you define "ready" to be married? For mainly males, but females as well?

Well first for men, are you emotionally stable enough to start the marriage process. Like can you handle the pressure and demands of being a husband. Like being a husband isn’t something easy, you have a huge responsibility. It’s your obligation to provide the food, clothes, and all other bills. Her phone bill, her car payments etc. Dealing with women sometimes isnt easy, but the prophet said treat us kindly so you gotta treat us kindly and speak softly. For ladies I think it’s all about knowing who you are and what you want. The patience to be able to deal with a guy because they are sooo weird! This is for both, having the maturity to know how and when to say something. The Sunnah is do not speak when your angry, stay silent, go to a different room, make wudu, sit down, lay down, until you calm down so you need to have an understanding of the Sunnah when you get married so you know that please Allah comes first. lastly, if the only reason why you’re trying to get married is because you want to have sex then you need to fast because you aren’t ready.

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i am all about transboy!drarry but lets talk about transgirl!drarry for a second. harry always feeling uncomfortable with being a boy, but draco not feeling weird about it until ~13. both of them wary to transition because neither of their families are the most accepting of people. give me more transgirl!drarry.

Love this !!!! Ok at first Harry just really wanting to be pretty? Like I feel like once she finally got the freedom to explore her gender how she wanted to she would end up presenting a little bit more androgynous but at the beginning just being so excited to finally be allowed to be pretty after swimming in Dudley’s enormous horrible clothes like can you imagine her asking Hagrid to buy clothes that feel right for her like and her being able to experiment with makeup I’m !!! Very emo. And DRACO OH MY GOD. I just feel like Draco would keep that shit under Lock And Key like Draco at about thirteen like kinda figuring it out and being like “NO I AM NOT DEALING WITH THAT NO SIR” and like trying to pretend that she was a boy and that it didn’t matter and during the war just feeling so wrong to ADD to all of the other things going on in her life and then after the war just like coming out to a few close friends and being very quiet about it but finally feeling comfortable with herself? And I actually think that both Harry and Draco would choose not to change their names because I think Harry would feel like it connected her to her parents? or maybe she’d choose some kind of name that related to them somehow? And I think Draco would keep Draco because stars are gender neutral and I think she’d want to keep that tie to her ancestry? Although I’m sure she could also find something that would mean a lot to her but signify her identity. Anyway. Transgirl!drarry, agree.

Real talk if u have a deaf family member fucking go out and learn sign language I don’t care how hard it is for you it’s harder for them to try to deal with your selfish ass

If you can’t learn sign language whatever just include them in everything you do STOP LEAVING THEM OUT write if u can’t sign, tell them what’s going on because if something funny happened that they couldn’t hear FILL THEM IN stop treating deaf people less than human.

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You really do come across as rude and privileged a lot of the times. I followed you for the art, but of late your replies and how you deal with your followers requests' or questions, sometimes is just downright callous or rude.

Haha I bet you mean the people asking me tag things and etc. I’m telling the truth to them, I do not tag characters cause that is not what I do and if they find it so scandalous they have the opportunity to unfollow, I don’t mind. The same with you. I’m not holding onto your arm demanding you to stay, you can go away from my rude and privileged self if you so desire to

Part 2 of “How Pluto is a Boss Ass Double Agent and Infiltrated Organization XIII’s Secret Base for Riku in 358/2 Days” because some people didn’t believe this actually happened in the manga.

Pluto actually might be one of the most mysterious characters in the Kingdom Hearts series. Like how can he tract down Sora no matter what world he’s in? And how does he go in and out of the Corridors of Darkness like it’s no big deal in KH2?? AND HOW DID HE HAVE A LETTER FROM KING MICKEY WHO WAS TRAPPED IN THE REALM OF DARKNESS IN THE ENDING OF THE FIRST GAME???? 

Moral of this rant: I’M ONTO YOU, PLUTO, YOU SNEAKY MOFO. [x]

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I was going through this little blog of yours and saw that Dipper would do some deals for ice cream and candy bars. So here's my question: How much of a sweet tooth does Dipper have, exactly?

An absolutely massive one, especially in his early years when he can only eat food that he’s either obtained in a deal or can get his hands on during brief moments of corporeality. Even when he’s able to stay on this plane longer, his sweet tooth doesn’t go away.

(It’s best not to talk about the time Mabel found him on the kitchen floor with five empty cartons of ice cream around him.)

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Aaaa I can’t believe I hit 200 followers already {Again, shush I basically started over when I made this blog to replace my other ones bc screw going back and forth constantly}. Like, it rlly just blows my mind that this many ppl can deal with my shit, whenever I’m excited or happy or upset. I’m even more surprised that ppl actually like my writing tbh. But, well, that’s not the point here. I’m actually gonna take the time and be real sappy here with a couple of my closest friends and bigger inspirations first. But just keep in mind that I love all my followers, so I apologize if I miss anyone! And thanks for staying with me guys!

imperfxxctionist – Vivi! Okay, so, I’m pretty sure you know how I feel about you by now bc we talk on Skype almost every day but you are like, one of the best friends I could have tbh and you’ve helped me out a bunch whenever I get upset or smth, whether it’s over something silly or not. These past couple of years have been rlly great with you around and I’m always so grateful for your company and your understanding. Love you~

fatelessfuture – Madiiii. I know we don’t rlly talk or RP a lot but ily okay and you and your muse are precious. I swear I’d talk to you more on Skype or smth but I’m a huge weenie that can’t even start a conversation oops. But ily regardless

speroexdespero​ – Daaaawn~ Dawn. Dawn. Ilysm you da best. I rlly love talking with you and RPing with you and everything and you’ve helped me more than a few times when I’d get rlly upset over smth as well, although sometimes I do worry if I’m annoying you or anything. I hope I’m not, lol. But aaaa still you and your muse are both amazing~ {Believe it or not, I still get a little shy about starting up a conversation with you bc I’m a worrywart pfff}

oceanlingerings / r-romancier – KATTAAA. Ily too you’re rlly nice and I’m honestly very glad to be your friend tbh. I kinda miss talking to you a little but I’m both bad at starting conversations and at keeping in contact with ppl hhhh. But aaa you’re rlly great so ye, and I used to admire your writing tbh.

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I know that it's Nate's life and he can do whatever he wants but like it's starting to piss me off how much he smokes. It's ridiculous. He's always high and if he's not he's talking about weed. He just needs to chill a little. But whatever I guess he's doing what he wants...

Weed is like Nate’s Madison no one likes it but you just gotta deal with it.


So last night gingerninjerworldwide was talking about various fuckboys she’s had to deal with recently, so I thought I’d share a brief tutorial on how to solve that problem.

Optional during step four? Slap your thigh so the people in the cheap seats can hear it.

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I have such conflicted feelings about CAA. I sincerely want the dude to get help, like for REAL, I feel so sorry for him and he obvs needs it, but also I read his text posts to see how he's doing since being baker acted and jfc, he warps things so intentionally. "I was taken by police to a facility where i was monitored along with other people" -- it's just a fucking hospital you green pistachio. not a top secret government building. I can't decide if I can deal with hoping for him to improve :(

it’s really fucking sad. i’ve cut my interactions with him down to harm reduction/damage control since he mentioned he had schizophrenia, because i have experience with schizophrenia and narcissism. i have always mocked the futility of brick-wall punchers, and i would be one myself if i tried to argue with a psychotic person. and then i’d have to make fun of me on the internet, and that would be weird.

please know that i don’t mean to trivialize his opinions by saying they are symptomatic and therefore wrong, he’s still a dumb-opinion-having jerk even with his disease, but he can’t change his mind right now even if he knew that he was wrong (such as the whole chatlog he invented for homestuck that makes Cronus a good dude). his diagnosis means that for those of us who’ve gotten the rough side of his symptoms, the frustration may in fact be here to stay.

what cannot be allowed to continue: his bullying. people need to be made aware that they are not at fault for his behavior, and that he may in fact not be able to make better choices at this time. his enablers don’t have the excuse of his medical situation, though.

you know how i’m always saying that the whole CAA thing is about helping his victims? well, turns out he’s one of them too. it threw me a lot to find that out, and i’ve been trying to work out ever since the best way to balance his agency with his disability. it’s not gonna be easy. 

tl;dr: more is at play than the existing Super Bad Life Choices. he is infuriating, but he is not well. run damage control, intercept the attacks if you can, alert the targets to the situation, and accept that, to CAA, a lot of the wilder nonsense that fuels his ampages may in fact seem very real. 

default to harm reduction and come rant at me privately if you feel like you’re going to blow your top, because  believe me, that state of affairs is inevitable.

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hi, i know it is a really stupid question, but do you think Kaneki/Haise is a virgin? it's not relevant for the story development but i'm curious again, sorry for the stupid question

Most likely, Kaneki mentioned once that  he’d never had a lover before to Uta (apparently Rize doesn’t count). 

Haise’s whole life seems to be work and family/friends and with how insecure he is with himself as a half-ghoul I doubt he’d start a romantic/sexual relationship with anyone. He probably can’t drink regular alcohol so I doubt he’s ever had a drunken one night stand and it doesn’t seem like it would be in his nature to have one sober. We know very little about what he would or wouldn’t want in a sexual sense because so far it hasn’t been a big deal in the story.

So yeah he probably is.