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Would you say one of the reasons Lucas and Maya are distant post-Ski Lodge is because "We're no good at it (being just friends)"?

“We can still be friends, not really.”

MOST people understand that their behavior in S1-2 was not actually the behavior of “just friends.” Most of it was FLIRTING. That’s a big part of the reason they barely interact after SL2. He’s legit got a girlfriend now, and that girlfriend is Maya’s best friend.

Assuming we get an S4, I think we’ll see Rilucas deal with the consequences of how they handled the game changer in terms of their relationship. I think they’ll be in a vague place again for a while and then break up relatively amicably. Then we’ll get the full Farkle/Lucas switcheroo, and you’ll have Lucas (or maybe Zay, or both) being the one who helps Maya deal when Josh perhaps doesn’t “play the long game” by the same rules as Maya, and Farkle slowly becoming more and more Riley’s real love interest. Something like that. Square dance basically.

I can’t tell you how fucking important interviews of Kate McKinnon with her cast mates are to me at the moment. Like how she’s an out lesbian and she touches these straight women so casually and platonically intimately and flirts with them like it’s not big deal at all!

I came out at 14 in a christian private all girls school and from then on no one would change in same locker room as me. eventually i just started changing in toilet cubicles. i had grown up with all of these girls and i wasn’t attracted to any of them but the minute i came out they saw me as a predator. 

i had one friend who i was comfortable hugging and touching intimately and everyone thought we were dating and i eventually had to stop doing it at school because i didn’t want my friend to suffer the same homophobia from students and staff that I was. And god I missed hugs so much. I was so fucking touched starved and miserable.

And now I’m almost 22 and I still have issues showing affection to women - especially straight women. I am by nature a cuddly person but those years have made me very self conscious of touching other women and being perceived as a predator or making anyone uncomfortable. I have to make a huge deal of not looking if a girl is changing in the same room as me because I’m so scared she might thing I’m perving on her.

But now I get to see an out lesbian on tv hugging her straight female friends, putting her hand on their thighs so casually and I know it sounds stupid but god that’s so important and amazing to me. I just wanna go back in time and show these clips to my 14 year old self and say “See! It’s fine! You’re not a predator! You’re not what they say you are! It’s ok to want platonic physical contact from your female straight friends. Just because you’re attracted to women doesn’t mean you can’t have intimate platonic relationships with them!”

I just - god I’m so grateful for Kate McKinnon now. I’ve only known about her for a few months now but she’s already made me feel so much better about this huge hang up I’ve had for years and I hope that other WLW who have been treated the way I was (because I know this is a hugely common thing we face after coming out) are finding her comforting and helpful too.

Last time I shared this link on my facebook page I had to delete it for the amount of hate I got about how “ugly and disgusting” my problem is.
People were asking me to take it down or remove the video/pictures from it because it was too much to see.

I didn’t, because that’s exactly what I have to deal with everyday. Every single day, I have to see my mouth like this, and I have to feel how much it hurts. But makes people uncomfortable, and I can’t sadly solve this by myself. If you could help with a reblog, you could change my health and my life. Thank you guys so much

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What's your opinion on racism within the LGBT+ community? Do u think not dating/having sex with certain races is a preference or racism?

Preference is slightly liking one thing more than another, this word has been taken totally out of context by white gays who want to camouflage their racially exclusionary “preferences” as something that’s harmless.

If race is a deal breaker then you’re a racist, it’s a simple as that. You can’t say you don’t find an entire race of people unattractive and then pretend it’s not racist. The worst part is when white gays act like sexual racism is the same thing as sexual orientation and they’ll say things like “oh, am I sexist because I don’t sleep with women?” The fact that they don’t realize how sexual orientation is innate and how sexual racism is a learned behavior that we pickup being raised in a racist society that places Eurocentric beauty on a pedestal shows how deeply this sort of racism is internalized.

I’ve made post about it before and it’s always a shit show when it gets notes because the comments blow up with the stupidest kinds of justifications for racism.

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Can I request how McCree and Soldier 76 would deal with their s/o if they get too overly affectionate when first waking up?

I can relate to this, I get super cuddly when I wake up c:


  • He loves it soso much
  • He doesn’t ever wanna leave the bed
  • gives u cute kisses all over your sleepy face
  • his beards tickles your face

Soldier 76:

  • He wants to get up but he can’t
  • He loves it and thinks you’re adorable
  • he will let you hug him and he will play with your hair for a bit
  • will scold you if he is too late for training

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I just read an article making a big deal about the torture scene with Harley and joker and saying it proves joker psyched her or something into loving him which I rolled my eyes at cuz before that he seduced her during their sessions. Why can't anyone accept that she fell for him by her own choice? Also how do you explain why you ship Harley and joker despite the abuse? I don't know how.

I’m pretty sure you mean this article.

For me, this version (from the New 52) of Joker and Harley’s relationship will always ring false. Mad Love was a far superior origin story that dared to explore how anyone gets involved with an abusive partner. It’s by inches, not leaps.

It’s easy to have a psychotic clown torture a woman and throw her in a batch of acid to make her ‘crazy in love.’ It’s far more complicated — but realistic and relatable — to write a charismatic villain who weaves a subtle web of entrapment for his brilliant yet fragile psychiatrist.

It’s far more complicated. That’s it. Bc JOKER DIDN’T PUSH HARLEY like in this stupid New 52 version. Harley fall for him before he’d torture him. And not bc he ‘manipulated her to love him’. As if she’d be so stupid to get trapped by something like manipulation. She’s a psychiatrist. If anyone know to recognise stuff like mind games, then her. It gets me in rage if I see how they try to make her the good hearted, poor, abused Anti-Hero. She’s not. And by telling everyone that Harley falls for Joker bc oh his manipulation skills humiliate her character in my eyes. She’s exceptionally intellgent and she never felt home in her ‘normal’ life. She choose to be a criminal, she fell for her clown prince of crime by herself. And she stays with him bc she love him, not bc he make her stay. He’s abusing her and it’s okay. IT’S FICTIONAL. And if anyone think it’s cool to do this in reality: IT’S FUCKING NOT! But we don’t need to make out of every fictional story an exemple for real life.


Malia frowned slightly. ‘Why?’

‘We don’t eat it all that much,’ you told her before frowning over to Stiles. ‘D’you know if there’s anywhere that does venison?’

His eyes widened slightly. ‘Um, nope,’ he admitted, and you were a little shocked to see that he seemed to have paled.

Imagine helping Stiles teach Malia about being human.

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do you have any tips on how to not fall in love with hyuk and stay loyal to ravi ?????

  • hyuk’s a mess you don’t want to get into
  • he’s adorable and knows it and uses it against you
  • he’s hot and knows it and uses it against you
  • he literally once tried to throw leo over an open fire so if you like leo idk how much you can deal with hyuk torturing the poor old man
  • ravi’s just a shy boy who wants love from someone hyuk is a hell spawn from the depths of the underworld so idk make the wise choice and don’t follow me into the darkness 

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Belle, please explain to me how people are still defending Calvin? At first I honestly thought he really loved her and was hurt by her, but I'm starting to think he is an obsessed sociopath. He didn't do this stuff after Rita. Yes, he lashed out, but it ended. He wasn't answering Q&A's on IG, or accusing her of planting stories trying to bury him, and believe me he got hate from her fans and the media, but he mostly ignored it. He wasn't stalking her BFF on IG. What is his deal?

He can’t stand that she is happy without him. That she wrote his biggest hit. He’s always been an asshole, he was just good at hiding it. Taylor probably thinks it beyond pathetic how he’s acting, which it is. Just try to ignore him. He’s self destructing big time.

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how do you deal with people wanting to pet Sadie? if Sadie is ever pet while on duty, what do you do? how does she react?

If people ask to pet her, I usually tell them shes working and can’t be distracted. That is usually all people need to understand.
 In RARE instances I allow it, telling Sadie to take a break and allowing some pets. But I usually don’t because I dont want the behavior normalized. 

If they, (mostly children) just run up to her an pet her, Sadie is rather nonreactive. Sadie’s ears tend to go back in a very cute, docile fashion. This is what probably draws the kids in. 
shes sweet, kind, gentle, and non reactive.

But, I still tell them they should always ask before petting a dog they don’t know, especially a dog in a public space, because chances are its a service dog and they need to focus on their work. (usually put even MORE simple because its TYPICALLY youngyoung kids)

But tldr; Sadie is a non reactive dog! Usually just gets docile, and looks at you with these big sweet eyes

My Own WCE ♥♥…When you love yourself that much!

Love yourself, girl, or nobody will
Though you’re a woman, I don’t know how you deal
With all the pressure to look impressive and go out in heels; I feel for you
Killing yourself to find a man that’ll kill for you
You wake up, put makeup on, stare in the mirror
But it’s clear that you can’t face what’s wrong; no need to fix
What God already put his paint brush on ….j.cole

And when I tell you that you’re beautiful you can’t be sure
Cause he don’t seem to want you back and it’s got you asking
So all you see is what you lacking, not what you packing
Take it from a man that loves what you got
And baby girl you’re a star, don’t let ‘em tell you you’re not
Now is it real? Eyebrows, fingernails, hair
Is it real? if it’s not, girl you don’t care
Cause what’s real is something that the eyes can’t see ….j.cole


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Hi! I'm having trouble identifying a god that might be lingering around, do you have anything that could help? I'm normally not approached by gods, so this is very new to me.

Maybe? It’s really hard to ID gods, imo, because it could be any spirit from anywhere, let alone how many gods there are to pick from….

I do have links for trying to discern such things, but I have no clue how helpful they’ll be…

But that’s all I can really give without more details. Other than to say that it’s up to you how much you pursue trying to figure out who it is. I usually don’t bother until the signs become so blatant and obnoxious that I can’t ignore then anymore.

I can’t believe I have to deal with seeing posts complaining about Steve Trevor being in a Wonder Woman movie. Steve…in a Wonder Woman movie…

Do people not realize how incredibly important Steve is in bridging the gap between Diana’s world and Man’s World? Steve is such an important character to Diana’s character development. He shows her a different side of mankind. 

I’m going to assume that people who are complaining about Steve Trevor are actually incredibly ignorant about his importance to Diana’s life and automatically dismissed him because they want Diana to be a strong woman who doesn’t need a man. 

And don’t give me bullshit about “Diana spent all those years on an island filled with women. She’s obviously lesbian.”

Okay? She did have relations with women but like she can be bi sexual? She can be on a spectrum? Maybe she falls in love with personality instead of gender? I’ve actually known a lesbian who fell in love with and married a man. She still claims to be lesbian, but she just fell in love with an awesome dude. Sexuality is not always black and white. And being someone who has questioned my own sexuality and sexual orientation, it’s a lot of shades of grey and really spending time to get to know yourself.

Read comics, watch the animated show, literally just be informed on the character and the history before making posts critiquing Steve Trevor for all the wrong reasons. 

“Where are they?! What if they’re…”
“Don’t worry Olivia, well find them.”

Okay but are we really going to just ignore the fact that Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor just leaped into a portal without anyone knowing? Without Olivia and Axel knowing?! For all they know Jesse left without a trace and who even knows how long they’ve been gone. They’re probably worried sick. Not to mention that the towns people are also wondering where the rest of the order went and they’re probably becoming reckless and demanding answers. Olivia is probably taking it the hardest and thinking the worse possible things that has happened to her friends when missing. She just can’t deal with the thought of losing them and Axel is the only one there to comfort her and try to help find them.
I just think about this a lot…

draven926 replied to your post: “i think abt karkat laughing a lot bc it makes me smile like hed…”:

That’s adorable but imagine this: Karkat’s laugh being a squeaky wheeze that makes it sound like he’s dying and his eyes water and his face goes red and Dave and Sollux can’t deal with how cute it is and also how it compels them to ask KK if he’s alright and KK just gives them a shake thumbs up and falls tf over

oh that absolutely happens if anything makes him laugh for long enough theres only so long you can keep that up before your lungs say fuck it

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How can I deal with a significant others past? I completely understand that it is irrational and unfair, but I still can't just let go of this weighted feeling and constant thinking about it.

Your partner has a past, that’s ok, everybody does. Their past isn’t going away. It isn’t going any where. There is no way to change it. Simply give it life. Simply allow them to have whatever past they have, without exceptions. Feel what comes to you, feel the weight and feel their past which reminds you of your past and be with it and allow it all to be. Notice when your mind judges their past or them for it and see that it is just judgement and just thoughts, they aren’t irrational, they are there. Allow those thoughts to be and don’t push them away or think they are bad or wrong, that is just more judgement. Acknowledge the thoughts, allow and feel the feelings that are in you. Feeling the past and allowing whatever past you or they have is to move past it and not allow it to control you. And to release it.

I hope this helps.


new info

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

Still dealing with new providers (in summer is 200% more complicated, but is going on), and I wanted to update a bit of info here.

I’ve received some questions about the calendars, the packs and the shipping, gonna answer all and I’d like to add some more news.

*About the calendars: Some ppl asked me what would happen with them since they won’t use it more that 6 months. I’m going to mail everyone who has the packs a PDF file with the illusts to compensate, so that you guys can have the illustrations separately, and no titles and calendar month, just the illusts in all their glory!

*About the packs: I’ll be sending everything on August –at least that is what the providers told me–, and of course I’ll inform everybody before sending everything to check address, type of pack, number of extras, etc. 

*About those news: I feef kind of being judged these past months (not everyone’s fault, it was just a misfortune chain of events), and that is why I rather prefer not to post any drawing, apart from being afraid of getting reposted again. I don’t want to make someone feel tricked by me, it wasn’t my idea at all, and while it’s true that it may not be seen here on the Internet, I want to insist on that matter.

That’s why I want to mail alongside the calendar PDF a short compilation PDF file with all the little work of 2016 (this past Anniversary Week, random comics, concept art of Again&Again –the fancomic–, my birthday one-shot, etc). Due to some “steamy” content, there’s going to be two editions: one SFW, and the other NSFW, and you guys will decide which one you’d like. As an example, I’ll post my birthday one-shot so you can see my level and quality in NSFW matters.

So… that’s all for now. Thanks for your patience and support once again, I can’t be grateful enough. T_T 



I’ve been away but I have to tell you this! Yesterday I did an interview for a guy writing his doctorate thesis. In simple words, it’s about how adult people can not only be comic book readers, but extract knowledge from comic books and apply in their own lives. I got to talk about my favorite characters and how I use them to deal with my own sexuality - I’m pan - specially Constantine and Deadpool. The most relevant to his research was how I’ve used and still use this characters to explain sexuality to people. And there’s also this huge moment were I talked about Clint Barton (Hawkeye) being deaf and his important it is to his character. The guy was super nice, interested and unprejudiced. For real. It was almost two hours non-stop of me speaking and I felt like it was so important! Sadly he already did a lot of interviews, both here and on the US, and I was the only woman. But the great part is that he said my interview was very good, exactly what he needs to prove his thesis and sure he’ll work with it. Which means in 2017 we’ll have a nice doctorate thesis featuring my love for John Constantine, his bisexuality and all about how Deadpool helps me explain to people that yes, pansexuality is a real thing, thank you very much. Hope I can watch his presentation!!

As we are bringing summer to a close, our bright and studious brains are thinking about the new semester. However, if you’re anything like me, you are thinking about the numerous times you will be struggling to go to class because you have a cold/flu/etc. 

No matter how many times you promise yourself that you are going to be healthy, you end up feeling that tired, groggy feeling the third week in. But, have no fear, I have compiled a list of things (for my benefit as well as yours) you can do to help you avoid illnesses this semester and if you can’t avoid them, here are ways to deal with your annoying head colds and stomach viruses.

Avoiding Sickness

  •  eat, drink, sleep

Don’t forget to eat healthy foods and schedule in your lunches. It is easy to just grab a snack or just say “I’m not hungry” when you’re in a rush. Make time for yourself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink enough water and juice. Also, get plenty of rest. My first year, my sleeping patterns fluctuated…a lot. Keep a schedule and don’t m late night study sessions a habit. Try to get your work done directly after all of your classes so you have time to eat and sleep.

  • take vitamins

I hate vitamins! They taste gross and most of the time, they have a certain peanut or tree nut in them (im allergic -_-). You should try to find a vitamin or daily supplement that can keep your immune system in check. If you’re like me and you’re allergic to everything, replace that vitamin with the fruits that carry the right nutrition that you need to keep yourself going.

  • know your body

Before going back to college or any type of school, it doesn’t hurt to get a physical and see if there is anything unusual going on in your body. Doctor’s will give college students great information because the medical center at school won’t always give you a straight answer. Get the answer and get treated before school to avoid any surprises and fees.

  • remember medications

Along with knowing your body, remember your medications. Have them filled before school starts and take them as directed. Do not wait until last minute to fill your prescriptions. It is a nightmare and the pharmacy will give you a hard time.

  • don’t overwork yourself

It is okay to take a break once in a while. I see all of you doing your best with your blogs and your school work. Remember to take a break, hang out with friends, and relax. You are at school to not only learn but experience new things and meet new people. 

  • avoid over-using ibuprofen

Ibuprofen (aka Advil and Motrin) can do some serious damage to your liver and kidneys. Try Tylenol or home remedies to try and dull the pain or sickness. You can end up in the hospital with the over-usage of this medication.

  • don’t use benadryl for sleep

I am a criminal when it comes to this. When I can’t sleep at night, I reach for the Benadryl. It is great for allergies and even for plane rides but if you have a class the next day or anything important, do not use Benadryl. It will not only make you sleepy but it will cause you to get dehydrated, oversleep and feel worse the next day. I advise to only use Benadryl only when it is necessary.

  • be clean!

A clean room is a clean mind! Noseriously… If your room is clean then your thoughts are clean as well. I’m not saying you’re dirty minded, no. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. When your space is in a disarray, you’re more likely to feel depression or anxiety. Give your space a nice clean and even re-decorate sometimes!

Dealing With Illness

  • first sign of illness, see a doctor

As soon as you think you’re coming down with the slightest of colds, schedule an appointment with the student health center. Even though it’s just a cold, they can give you some advice or even some meds to get you through the week!

  • avoid the hospital

I went to the hospital twice in my first year. Once by force and the other by choice. Both times equated to a huge bill that was completely unnecessary. If you’re sick try your best to just see the campus doctor. Obviously if it is an emergency go to the hospital.

  • get notes from classmates -> make friends

It is great to make friends or as I like to call them “allies” in your classes. These are the people you can turn to if you missed an assignment or class due to you being sick. Some professors will even allow them to hand in your work.

  • don’t forget your doctor’s note

This is VERY important. That doctor’s note will excuse you from missed assignments, exams, and attendance. To prevent from having your grade lowered ask for that doctor’s note so you can be excused from your classes.

  • homemade remedies

If you don’t have time to go see a doctor or you just hate doctor visits, try some home remedies to help sooth throat aches and head aches, but like I said before, it is is an emergency please see a physician.

  • only miss class if doctor advises

If you aren’t contagious and you can go about your day normally, you should try to attend class. Even if you don’t pay attention, the professor wants to see your beautiful face and put down that you came to class. Don’t make it a habit to miss class every time you feel icky.

Remember to stay safe and healthy this semester. For first years/Freshmen, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I know it is hard and it may seem weird asking for help when you’re an adult but it goes a long way. Hope everyone has a great and safe semester!