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I'm finding it so difficult to lose weight at the moment because of exams how can I get my body back into shape in a month?

There will never be a moment in life where your environment will let you achieve your goals without putting obstacles on your way.

You have to learn to deal with exams/work/projects.

A solution: workout early in the morning so you have no excuses to skip your workout.

How to achieve your fitness goals:

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Question, I'm planning in revealing the fact that I am a brony, two problems: lack of self confidence, and fear of rejection (mainly because Steven universe + Tumblr = mild concern). Any advice?

How To Come Out As A Brony

Don’t come out as a brony.

I understand the appeal of wanting to “come out” as a brony - you like a thing, and you know it’ll get your some strange looks, so you want to simply get it out there and established so you can get on with being a brony without people asking what you’re doing.

But really it just makes it look weirder than ever, and is more likely to generate flak because you’re making a big deal of it, as if it’s your destiny or something.

Sure, Brony can be a big part of someone’s life, the big appeal is the identity and liberation being part of a fandom brings, but ultimately, it’s not a religion or way of life.

So what do you do instead?

Just brony on. By that I mean, post what you want, reblog what you want, etc etc. If you see a cool pony picture, go ahead and post it. If you’re feeling self conscious about it, provide context - so add a comment saying “This art style is beautiful” or “This is sickeningly adorable!” to draw attention to the art itself, rather than the subject.

Tumblr is fairly easy, because people know about fandoms, but I wanted to do this on facebook, where the majority of my friends list were unfamiliar with fandoms and memes, and would be like “wtf man?”

To solve this I brought it in slowly, like, over the course of a year. I posted my favourite music that was very accessible to non-pony fans (so original, not remixes) and other visually impressive work, scenes from conventions showing a lot of people having a good time help a lot too.

I kept these posts infrequent, maybe one a week tops, and then built it up by posting artwork I liked and talking about other aspects of fandoms. Having some internet buddies on Facebook to provide comments helped a lot too, so people could see it wasn’t just me.

If people ask, keep the explanations simple. It’s one of the cartoons I like. It’s got a big internet following, and they make loads of amazing art and music. There’s a big community for shows like this.

Don’t try and explain the psychology and romantic aspects of the fandom - they probably won’t get it, unless you’re a master wordsmith.

It does take time to establish it, so you don’t get that instant “OK I’m a brony and everyone knows, it’s out of the way” but then the fact is that it’s just a cartoon you like, with a lot of fanwork that you like - Why is that something you need to establish or justify anyway? It’s just a thing. Enjoy it and in moderation, share the enjoyment.

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At 12-14 I dated a couple of 18 year olds. At the time, I didn't understand the way they treated me, because I thought I was ready for relationships even with people older, but now at 20 I realize how their treatment of me has caused a lot of negativity when I deal with relationships, even friendships. Older men should never be allowed near younger girls like that. It's an awful recovery from that.

Me too, man. The worst part is that you always gotta warn your new partners why you have your guard up and you just really want to neglect your past but you can’t. At least we have valuable knowledge. Never let yourself or anyone else define you by your personal traumas.

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it takes like two seconds to tag something that could make someone comfortable. dont understand why its a big deal or some people act like its a hardship

Well, for starters, I often use one click blogging. You can’t tag when you do that. Second, many people are insanely rude when demanding you tag something. That kind of turns people off to their request. third, it’s my blog and I’ll blog how I want to. If I don’t want to tag something, I’m not going to tag it. You know where the unfollow button is. 

It takes like 2 seconds to realize that not everyone blogs like you do. And it’s not that big of a deal to accept that some people just don’t like tagging.

-the Polish one

Why the hell isn’t Tumblr talking more about Life Is Strange?

Female teenage protagonist. Strong, diverse, realistic female characters. Lesbian and bisexual representation. Disabled character. Realistic mentally ill characters. Body diversity. POC representation.

Also: fucking timetravel. Amazing story. Plot-altering choices. A shitton of metas and theories (omg, it’s Reichenbach all over again, only worse, and I love it). 

The graphics and soundtrack are calming as fuck, and even though it deals with some pretty messed up shit, I can’t tell you how many times that game kept me from completely freaking out when I was really anxious or panicking.

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My cantankerous one eyed 15 year old Boston terrier died last night. I'm really not sure what to do or how I feel. Any advice on how to deal with the loss of a pet you have had as long as you can remember?

I like this poem a lot.

Time is a mean trick that our brains play on us. If you stop looking at reality in a temporal line, life starts looking a little less tragic. Imagine the whole four-dimensional totality of the finite universe; all of space and all of time, from the Big Bang to Heat Death.

Everything that has ever happened or will ever happen exists in that vast but not infinite space and time. Just because we don’t get to exist at all times doesn’t mean those times ever don’t exist.

Your dog stopped existing at your current time, but it exists forever in the time that it existed. Death is nothing at all.

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how do you deal with sasusaku being canon? like I try so hard but I hate them so much im sorry i hated that ship since pre time skip and i just really wanna enjoy gaiden or anything but I cant accept the fact that kishi made them canon???? yeah call me salty but the fuck was that :(( i wish kishi killed of naruto and sasuke instead just liked naruto promised and ugh anyway how do u? :( my life got thrown away in the trash can :(

I’ve always hated SasuSaku. Always. I never understood why it was a thing. Every time Sasuke put Sakura down or tried to kill her, every time Sakura only spoke of her own feelings while never caring about Sasuke, all of it, all of it made me hate it as a pairing.

And yet I had a feeling that if NH were to become canon SS would end up becoming canon along with it. And sure enough it did. Sort of. It’s clear that SS was never meant to be a happy pairing, never. One of the reasons why I hated it. I get how some people like dramatic angsty pairings but SS is just too much imo. So dramatic that Kishi was able to pull a whole soap opera out of his ass using it as a catalyst. It’s almost impressive.

But yeah, after 700 I just went ahead and accepted Gaiden was going to be shit. And every time I want to enjoy a chapter in some way, like when they showed Naruto’s new bijuu mode, it finds a way to leave a bitter taste in my mouth, like having Naruto be a lying self-absorbed prick. But hey, that’s my fault for almost expecting something. No expectations, no disappointments.

But I guess…the best way to cope with Gaiden’s existence and SS being “canon” is to pretend it’s fanfiction. Really. Pretend that everything past 698 is fanfiction. I mean, I’ve read better-written fanfiction so it’s not that hard to pretend. It’s pretty much what I do. Accept that Gaiden will do nothing but disappoint you and throw away all expectations of good things. That’s the only way you can read it without getting pissed off. Just get to that point where you’re like “It’s shit, but I expected nothing but shit so I’m not surprised.”

Best thing you can do aside from that is bury yourself in the most wonderful fanon you can find, be it for an open ending, end pairings of your choosing, the characters dying and finding peace in the next life, whatever, there’s a fanon for it. And there are some wonderful fanon fic writers and artists. Whenever I find myself irritated with whatever bullshit Gaiden is conjuring up I rant about it to blow off steam and then I draw a few panels of my doujin or read some SNS fanfics. And it helps, it really does.

Embracing what Naruto was is what’s kept me in the fandom. I still have all of my posters, my plushies, my figurines, my copies of SJ, etc. I still love Naruto…as it was. Gaiden cannot poison what already exists as a wonderful story we all grew to love. It’s its own entity, and I feel perfectly content lumping 700 and a majority of 699 along with it. Naruto after 698 is not Naruto. It’s as simple as that. Think of the characters as “Gaiden!Naruto”, not Naruto, “Gaiden!Sasuke”, not Sasuke. These aren’t the characters we know and love, they’re Gaiden characters. They’re not the same in any way. They’re entirely new, and entirely shitty. The real Naruto and Sasuke are back in 698, untouched. Same with all the characters we love. Back where there are no bullshit pairings executed in the most horrible ways and ruining our beloved characters. And that thought is really comforting to me.

Shortly after taking Fenris under Hawke’s slightly sarcastic and in no way motherly wing, I noticed a few things and wondered about a few more

Like, how Fenris moves when you’re not?? Always checkin his feet, looking around/over his shoulder. LikE HUNTERS MIGHT DROP DOWN FROM THE HOUSES ANY MINUTE.

HOW FUCKING PROUD OF HIMSELF HE GETS AFTER TELLING A JOKE. “Score! The broody elf just fucking told a JOKE SUCK IT TETHRAS. DAMN thats the second one this month im on a roll someone fan MY ass for once.”

And for awhile I wondered if there would be spontaneous hunter attacks whenever Fenris was in the party.



And Anders ofc would have to mutter something along the lines of “i told u so Hawke. We never should have taken him in. And at the very least I could never phase off of ur dick, nor would I ever need to because I AM A LOVER WHO HAS NEVER HAD SOME RICH VINT OUT FOR HIS BLOOD.”

Varric- “Not only are we attacked by bloodthirsty slave hunters, but we are constantly beating the women off of him with sticks. Look, just ahead, Hawke! His violent broodiness at this very moment has caused several women to swoon as he penetrates the archer with his great and mighty SWORD. *muffled Hawke screaming and Anders crying* Look, one has dared to jump him in the middle of battle! Oh… an unfortunate demise…”

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SAM'S HAIR IN THE PIC YOU REBLOGGED. (the one where u were flailing in the tags about his mouth and hair and being unable to deal with it) *flails with you* I am always here to flail about Sam's hair tbh


OK so basically I can’t even talk about it coherently as you perhaps gathered from my tags hahaha it is all just variations on the following

  • how it would feel in my hands
  • holding onto it ok
  • how it would look as bedhead
  • tousled on the pillow
  • how it looks wet after a shower
  • how it looks wet IN a shower
  • how if looks against your chest and other places
  • how it feeeels
  • how it feels against your face and the back of your neck cause maybe he’s kissing your shoulders
  • what it’s like when he says ‘pull my hair’
  • what it’s like when you do 

im on mobile or else id make this a read more but the one thing that really is just almost impossible to live with when having bpd (and i reblogged a post about this the other day) is always feeling that i am being abusive and harmful and manipulative to the person i am “talking” to/involved with or just some person in general. i cannot control the thoughts i get in my head and a lot of the time i can’t control the anger i get over the smallest most insignificant things and i lose sight of what im doing a lot of the time. honestly i can deal with my emotions being all over the place all the time because i am used to it, that is how i have been my whole life but i will never get used to feeling like im constantly hurting and causing trouble for the people i love

OMG people, stop it.

1: Can people stop sending him death threats because of a picture on instagram? (He deleted the picture because of all the comments).

2: Måns have never, LIKE NEVER, said anything that gay people shouldn’t raise children. He said that two men can’t produce a child, where a woman and a man can.

3: Måns was the freaking host for QX gala, which is a Swedish LGBT rights gala. Would a homophobic fly in naked on a wrecking ball pretending to be Miley fucking Cyrus like he did? I think not.

4: HE APOLOGIZED FOR HIS POOR CHOICE OF WORDS IN THE TV-SHOW “PLURAS KÖK”. Everyone, like everyone, sometimes says something without thinking how it might sound to others, or how it will come out. He apologized for it, deal with it.

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broe i would straight up be so upset if you liked stridercest just bc i can't believe how many popular artists think theres nothing wrong with ~shipping~ incestual and pedophiliac ships as if there arent children like. constantly being affected and having to live the rest of there life dealing with that and its something cute for their otp or some fucked up shit. like idk it was a big reason i had to step back from the fandom and yr one of the few hs blogs i still follow so thanks for being cool

yea yea like fanart and shipping dont exist in a vacuum so to assume something like pedophilic ships r excusable just bc its presented in a fictional setting is still rly wrong

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Just got my first batch of anon hate, and I was wondering if you had any advice on handling/replying to it, as I've seen you deal with quite a bit on here.

hello dear anon! first, i’m sorry to hear you’ve received hate in your ask box. if whatever this cowardly anon said to you was triggering or upsetting for you, i hope you have someone you can talk to - and if not, i’m here.

okay. how to deal with anon hate… well for me personally it depends on the “type” of hate. i daily delete messages to the tune of “sTOP saying bagginshield is canon YOU SHIPPER TRASH” because? i mean why? even give this any attention. obviously my whole blog exists because of bagginshield so i’m not even going to respond to stuff like that anymore. if the hate is:

  • personally directed at ME, as a person, for an opinion i’ve shared or (god forbid) a fic i wrote, i DELETE. because again, why honor such a message with a response? if the person is too afraid to let me know even their tumblr identity, then they must be Quite Small and, well, mean. i kick mean people out of my life, and i delete anon messages that are mean to me personally
  • about Thorin - i defend. i will defend Thorin because he’s a character and we can have a “discussion” (or at least, i can be a critically thinking adult and have a one-sided intelligent discussion) using tools such as character analysis and, like, watching the films. if Thorin-Hater Anon tells me Thorin is abusive, i proceed to define the term abuse and list all the ways in which this term does not apply, etc etc.
  • exception to the Above - if Thorin-Hater Anon just won’t quit, or their messages become personal, or they begin to use lots of triggery terms that i don’t want on my blog, i DELETE and end the discussion.
  • about Bagginshield in general - it depends. it really depends. if anon is saying that i’m “fetishizing” i say No and explain. if anon is telling me my ship is “abusive” i say No and explain. if anon is ordering me to delete my blog because tolkien is rolling in his grave blah blah, i delete OR remind anon that tolkien is dead and doesn’t care.

other options include:

  • offering anon a link to a good dictionary if they seem to be having trouble grasping the meaning of certain words
  • directing them towards meta you’ve read/written that defends a concept anon is hating on
  • offering anon links to resources that might help Angry Hateful Anon feel better about life and go, like, pet an animal to feel better or whatevs
  • posting a funny reaction gif in response (my fave is Bilbo’s “No!” from auj)
  • reminding anon that they can post their opinions on their own blog If They Dare, unless of course they’re aware that their opinions are too problematic and that’s why they’re anon in the first fricking place

so basically in this LONG RAMBLING MESS OF A RESPONSE, i hope you’ve gotten two things that i meant to make sound Important:

  • if the message(s) you received makes you uncomfortable/upset/is just something you don’t want on your blog, DELETE IT. anon will stop messaging when they don’t get the attention they so desperately crave, i promise
  • if you want to defend what anon is putting down, you’ve got resources and support in fandom to do so, so HAVE AT IT.

good luck to you, and as i said, if you need someone to talk to i am here!!

Someone asked me what kind of music I listened to when they saw my headphones around my neck.  And when I told them and commented that it’s whatever I felt like listening to on my iPod, the response was “how retro”, because, you know, lack of streaming.

Guys, iPods are retro.  I don’t know if I can deal with this reality anymore.

Mercury Retrograde Feelz

I’m realizing more and more that I felt so shut out and I think that subconsciously pushed me away. I didn’t know how to deal and I have a lot of mourning to do about that because I feel like I failed. And all I keep asking myself is: Why? I won’t find an answer because I think that things just fall apart sometimes. But there’s also a lot of resentment because of all of this. But also, lots of love. I’m just mourning. I’m hurt in a lot of ways (in some ways that can’t be blamed on anyone) and I’m just trying my best to take things day by day…hour by hour…minute by minute.

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so, i'm having this problem. I'm bissexual but I don't feel good about it. When I date guys, I'm afraid to tell them that I like girls too and they treat me like an object or run away. When I date girls, I'm afraid to tell them that I also like boys and they don't like me. I feel so dislocated and misunterstood, I don't know how to explain it.

I think you did well articulating how you feel. What you’re going through is something a lot of bisexual girls experience. Guys see you as a key to a threesome and girls see you as not gay enough or likely to leave them for a guy. Dealing with this is frustrating and hard. You can try to explain to people what bisexual really is and what it means to you and hope they hear you. But hang in there. There are guys and gals out there who understand that your sexuality doesn’t define you and you’re more than a sex object. Just gotta find them.