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I want to live by myself when I move out of my parent's place but I'm really afraid of money problems? I'm afraid that the only place I can afford will be in the ghetto and it'll all be torn apart and I'll only be allowed to eat one granola bar a week. I'm really stressing out about this. I don't know anything about after school life. I don't know anything about paying bills or how to buy an apartment and it's really scaring me. is there anything you know that can help me?

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Once you’ve looked over all those cool links, I have some general advice for you on how you can have some sort of support system going for you:

Reasons to move out of home

You may decide to leave home for many different reasons, including:

  • wishing to live independently
  • location difficulties – for example, the need to move closer to university
  • conflict with your parents
  • being asked to leave by your parents.

Issues to consider when moving out of home

It’s common to be a little unsure when you make a decision like leaving home. You may choose to move, but find that you face problems you didn’t anticipate, such as:

  • Unreadiness – you may find you are not quite ready to handle all the responsibilities.
  • Money worries – bills including rent, utilities like gas and electricity and the cost of groceries may catch you by surprise, especially if you are used to your parents providing for everything. Debt may become an issue.
  • Flatmate problems – issues such as paying bills on time, sharing housework equally, friends who never pay board, but stay anyway, and lifestyle incompatibilities (such as a non-drug-user flatting with a drug user) may result in hostilities and arguments.

Your parents may be worried

Think about how your parents may be feeling and talk with them if they are worried about you. Most parents want their children to be happy and independent, but they might be concerned about a lot of different things. For example:

  • They may worry that you are not ready.
  • They may be sad because they will miss you.
  • They may think you shouldn’t leave home until you are married or have bought a house.
  • They may be concerned about the people you have chosen to live with.

Reassure your parents that you will keep in touch and visit regularly. Try to leave on a positive note. Hopefully, they are happy about your plans and support your decision.

Tips for a successful move

Tips include:

  • Don’t make a rash decision – consider the situation carefully. Are you ready to live independently? Do you make enough money to support yourself? Are you moving out for the right reasons?
  • Draw up a realistic budget – don’t forget to include ‘hidden’ expenses such as the property’s security deposit or bond (usually four weeks’ rent), connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Communicate – avoid misunderstandings, hostilities and arguments by talking openly and respectfully about your concerns with flatmates and parents. Make sure you’re open to their point of view too – getting along is a two-way street.
  • Keep in touch – talk to your parents about regular home visits: for example, having Sunday night dinner together every week.
  • Work out acceptable behaviour – if your parents don’t like your flatmate(s), find out why. It is usually the behaviour rather than the person that causes offence (for example, swearing or smoking). Out of respect for your parents, ask your flatmate(s) to be on their best behaviour when your parents visit and do the same for them.
  • Ask for help – if things are becoming difficult, don’t be too proud to ask your parents for help. They have a lot of life experience.

If your family home does not provide support

Not everyone who leaves home can return home or ask their parents for help in times of trouble. If you have been thrown out of home or left home to escape abuse or conflict, you may be too young or unprepared to cope.

If you are a fostered child, you will have to leave the state-care system when you turn 18, but you may not be ready to make the sudden transition to independence.

If you need support, help is available from a range of community and government organisations. Assistance includes emergency accommodation and food vouchers. If you can’t call your parents or foster parents, call one of the associations below for information, advice and assistance.

Where to get help

  • Your doctor
  • Kids Helpline Tel. 1800 55 1800
  • Lifeline Tel. 13 11 44
  • Home Ground Services Tel. 1800 048 325
  • Relationships Australia Tel. 1300 364 277
  • Centrelink Crisis or Special Help Tel. 13 28 50
  • Tenants Union of Victoria Tel. (03) 9416 2577

Things to remember

  • Try to solve any problems before you leave home. Don’t leave because of a fight or other family difficulty if you can possibly avoid it.
  • Draw up a realistic budget that includes ‘hidden’ expenses, such as bond, connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Remember that you can get help from a range of community and government organizations. 


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some random iwaoimatsuhanas
  • oikawa loves taking baths!! even more so if one of his bfs are with him. they’re not into baths as much as oikawa tho and prefer showers but anything that makes him happy. oikawa has a huge collection of bath bombs and bath salts that he loves to use
  • iwa is about quick showers- 10 minutes max. he likes to save water and he never really understood people who took like 30 minutes in there. side eyes hanamaki. a certain someone, however, has a shower sex kink (side eyes hanamaki again) and sometimes iwa likes to indulge them
  • don’t ever let hanamaki shower without supervision. he will be there for hours (his record was 3 hours- “3 fricking hours takahiro,” “uhm?? excuse u?? it was only 2 hours and 47 minutes, thank u very much”). there’s even a house rule that under no circumstance is hanamaki allowed to shower when nobody else is home. so yes. pls keep ur takahiro under close supervision.
  • no one likes to shower with matsukawa because his showers are fucking 800°. whenever he exits the bathroom his skin’s always flushed red from the hot water and u can see all the steam escape and he- quote unquote- “looks like a demon from some scifi horror shit making his grand entrance into the land of the living”
  • before they started dating hanamaki used to be a camboy (it helped lots with his self-esteem) but then he stopped bc he felt his boyfriend wouldn’t like it. they actually don’t really mind tho and were fine with whatever made him happy but he still stopped
  • omg THE PET NAMES U GUYS. THE PET NAMES. u can bet!! hanamaki’s sweet ass!! that iwa has called everyone babe at least once!!! and it makes everyone absolutely melt. altho he usually reserves this for oikawa b/c matsuhana like to make fun of him for it ww
  • u know those popsicles u can get that split into two? oikawa hates those b/c mattsun and iwa always fight over who gets to split theirs with hanamaki (altho they only do this to get a rise out of oikawa ww. hanamaki also likes to add fuel to the fire. “oh what /ever/ am i supposed to do, how could i possibly choose between two hot men,” etc, etc). usually it’ll be mattsun who gives in and splits his with oikawa because he’s weak to oikawa’s pouty face ww more so than he’d like to admit www
  • oikawa and hanamaki sometimes get into heated arguments about?? the dumbest shit??? like iwa or matsu would be chilling in the bedroom or sth and all u hear from the living room is shit like “u call that spirit fingers? watch THIS” “those aren’t jazz hands, THESE are jazz hands”
  • yea
  • iwa walked in on this conversation, actually.. when hanamaki heard him come in he said “come on hajime, give me a-” quickly turning to him with that stupid look on his face and continuing- “jazz hand here” he never regretted his choice in boyfriends moreso than that point in time (that’s a lie)