how can i calm down tbh

“Tbh, I kinda get annoyed when people judge fans of KS just because they like it. Especially when some people ship Yoonbum and Sangwoo. Just because they like the comic, doesn’t mean they’re into abusive relationships and murder IRL. Personally, I really like the comic, despite its dark themes and crazy characters, it’s a great manga. I like how creepy the characters can be and how the story is getting deeper and more exciting. People should really calm down and stop. If it’s not your type of thing, fine. But leave us, the fans, out of it.”

- Anonymous

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Ok first of all hi. Call me Facebook Anon since I asked about you on FB. Been following quietly for a couple of weeks now and I love it. Ok second thing. I've noticed how there's not a lot of softness on here, which is fine. Idk but all I'm asking is just anything. It can be calm headcanons about the Ipliers/Egos, more Dark on sugar (or any Ego on weed tbh), a date night with SSM, anything really. As much as I love the angst I also love any sort of downtime. (Sorry btw I'm just nervous)

(It’s okay FB anon, I’m down for pretty much anything and calm ego headcanons are always good.)

All the egos actually need glasses (a by-product of Mark’s body) but they can all use their glasses interchangeably. Most of them use contacts, with the exception of The King of the Squirrels, who finds contacts painful, Bim, who prefers to use his glasses as a shield ala Will Graham, and Newscaster Jim, who thinks they make him look more professional. Yandere will occasionally wear his glasses for aesthetic. The Host doesn’t need them for obvious reasons. 

Bim and the Host often have sleepovers (though they don’t call them that, it’s too juvenile) where they’ll listen to sappy romance podcasts or have mock shows in front of Bim’s plants (the Host would bring over his cats, but Bim is allergic). They’re the only ones who like rocky road and often share pints of it. 

Bim and Yandere will sit around talking about their crushes for hours (Bim about Matthias and Yandere about his sempai)

The Host has a sweet tooth. So does Dark for that matter.

Wilford has a pink bunny onsie that he sleeps in. He tried to turn it into the official ego uniform but was unanimously turned down. 

The King of the Squirrels often gets stuck in trees and the other egos take turns getting him down. 

i’m watching the kiss fm video right now and i can honestly say my heart is so overwhelmed because they are all giving their best to speak in english. especially jin, throughout the whole video he’s spoken almost everything in english and only when he couldn’t find the words he switched to korean and i’m just so incredible amazed at how much he’s improved and how hard he’s trying. they deserve all the praise in the world 😭

BTS Reaction #20 When they can’t take their girlfriend seriously during a fight so she gets flustered/embarrassed

Hello~ Can I ask for a BTS, Got7 reaction to when their girlfriend and him are arguing and she get angry but she can’t be taken seriously because she don’t look threatening / convincing at all because she can’t shout (looks angry) because she’s a very calm / shy person, so she get flustered and embarrassed. Thank you ~♥

Seokjin: *you’re scolding him while you’re eating dinner and he’s looking at you like *gif* “Jagi, can we wait to do that until after dinner?” *you get flustered because he’s so calm and unfazed* “Are…are you okay sweetie?”

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Yoongi: “Jagi why are you so flustered right now?” *you try to explain how you were angry but you weren’t being taken seriously* “I was taking you seriously babe, I promise but… if you were that mad it’s okay to yell. I promise I won’t hate you if you raise your voice just a little. It’s healthy sometimes.”

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Hoseok: “I’m sorry!! I’m trying to take you seriously but YOU’RE SO CUTE I WANT TO PINCH YOUR CHEEKS COME HERE!!!” *continues to fluster you even further*

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Namjoon: He would try to take you seriously and really listen to everything you had to say no matter how flustered you got. If you ended up getting too embarrassed he would help you calm down and continue. you would end up not even being mad at him anymore because he was just so kind and loving towards you.

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Jimin: he’d get flustered and embarrassed hard core because he’s so in tune with your feelings. He’d end up panicked because he made you mad and thinks you’re extremely serious about it by how you’re reacting. “I-I know, I’m so sorry I d-did that.” he’d apologize for hours

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Taehyung: *giggles* “You’re even cuter than usual when you get flustered jagi~ Here, come calm down a moment and then you can tell me what’s upsetting you!! Can I get a kiss while you cool down??”

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Jungkook: *unsure what to do or what is going on* “Did something happen…? Are you okay? Is it something that I did…?” *you nod* “I did something?? What can I do to fix it??” *freaks out like Jimin thinking that you’re so furious that you can’t even speak*

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A/N: TBH I’m not even sure that Jin would realize that you were mad xD he’d probably think you were sick or something in the end because of how weird you were acting

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everytime I watch the bootleg heathers I get so sappy @ veronica's "hey, just don't talk over me" and the reaction on dans face is perfect for the response and tbh I would let them both murder me

it’s one of those tiny moments that’s so meaningful?? Like it just shows how Veronica can calm him down instantly and how he loves + respects her enough that he just shuts up the minute she asks him to. She doesn’t even have to raise her voice, he just goes quiet and apologizes as soon as she asks him to

Killing Stalking Zodiac Analysis: Yang Seungbae

This is the second part of my astrological look at the main three Killing Stalking characters. I’ll be looking at all the same placements as last time (sun, moon, rising, mars, venus, mercury) Although I will take a bit of liberty with Seungbae’s venus sign because we haven’t been given information regarding any romantic intentions related to him. 

Virgo Sun: 

Yang Seungbae is very critical and analyzes everything, and he is very down to earth. Can sometimes be so caught up in the details he misses the big picture. Seungbae is not easily trusting of people, shown when he immediately felt that Sangwoo was a suspicious character despite his charming attitude. He is a fairly conservative man and he appears to be distant from others. Seungbae is a hard worker and is an excellent problem-solver.

Capricorn Moon: 

Not openly emotional, Seungbae tries hard to maintain his composure. Even if he is facing turmoil, Seungbae does not feel comfortable revisiting any dark feelings. Being a Capricorn moon, he can be very hard on himself and can often try to over compensate with keeping himself busy. He has a strong need to be validated by others and has a strong sense of duty.

Capricorn Rising: 

Seungbae is a very serious person and comes off as wound up too tight. He appears to be responsible and reliable. He cares very much about being a successful police officer. Seungbae is not afraid of accepting a challenge and thrives off of seeing concrete results. He has a deadpan expression most of the time, even when he’s being humorous. 

Cancer Mars: 

Generally likes to avoid conflict, and tries hard to find peaceful solutions to problems, however he can be very passive aggressive. Seungbae is very instinctual and if he feels there is a threat he will act on it. He can sometimes be emotionally sensitive and moody, and acts upon how he is feeling, which he can regret later on in time. 

Taurus Venus: 

(This is speculative) Seungbae might want a very secure, very comforting relationship. He would be deeply loyal to his partner and expects the same loyalty in return. He also wouldn’t indulge in superficial relationships. Seungbae would be a dependable lover but would be jealous at times. He also likes to cuddle. 

Virgo Mercury:

Seungbae is precise with how he chooses his words, and is observant. He has a very logical approach and way of thinking, he knows how to stay calm in a crisis, however he can appear to be high strung when the pressure is great. Seungbae also tends to be impatient with others. Can sometimes appear to be shy.

Okay two down one more to go! I had some trouble figuring out his mars tbh, but yeah last one will be our beloved Bum!

Ok and something else,,

there is this VERY homophobic sherlllllllolllll shipper on instagram who has said so many trashy and homophobic things -she once argued with AA on twitter because AA called out Trump voters lol- and after TLD AKA after The Hug happened she made A WHOLE POST about how “johnlock shippers should calm down”!111!! and “my brother hugs his friends he is not fucking gay”!1!!1 and shit like that and im like so fucking mad?? Because 1. Her whole account is full of that basic forced “i love you” scene in 26634135 different edits. She even has a “SHERL0LLY IS FINALLY CANON” on her bio ??? I mean she makes a huge deal out of a fucking fake ily which was literal fan service to all these chicks who ships themselves with sherlock -basically the whole existence of molly is fan service for the female audience and i am tempted to make a whole post about it tbh. And if someone tells her to “calm down” and that “the i love you was fake only because sherlock wanted to save his friend” she will scream about how jlcers bully her and shit 2. WHO.IS.SHE to tell jlcers when to be happy and when not?! All i can think about is that she was jealous and butthurt af that her lil precious self-mirror mollo herpes didnt get a hug like this or some kind of romantic interaction with sherlock IN THE WHOLE SEASON because I BET I B E T if sherlock hugged molly like that, she wouldn’t think it’s a bro hug!1!!1 and she wouldn’t spit out bullshit like “my bro hugs his female friends like that!11!11!1”

i just wanted to let that out because ajzjjskah that girl is trash tbh 

yo i’m sorry but can we talk about how nations, aside from representing their country & all that, also act very human & in many ways, experience life the same way humans do

so not everything your character does have to be related to the country itself like tbh if your character represents, idk, egypt, and you headcanon they like to play the spanish guitar because it calms them down then guess what? they very well can. there doesn’t have to be a Deep, Historical ™ reason for it

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everytime i watch the playing with fire performance i can't hold in my laughter minki is so goddamn extra HAHAHA

SAME!!! I love how he just rocks out while the others are hitting those high notes and the way he stares is just too much- when he dipped the microphone… okay Minki let’s calm down now. Also the whole glasses thing- he has diva running through every vein in his body tbh. 

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iKON reaction you stripping for them 🔥

A/n: I’m sorry for not posting omg and I feel like I’m always saying I’m sorry. I am honestly going to try and start writing and taking care of my request on here. I was planning on finishing request a long time ago but then I started writing a series on my new nct/smrookie blog . I got pretty into writing that series and I’m still writing that series but I really need to work on this blog so I’m trying to work on things! I hope the anon that requested this likes it and isn’t mad at me for taking sooooo long! I haven’t done this in a while so I really hope you guys love it :)

*Not my gifs. Credit to the owners*

B.I.: *GIF!!!!!!!!!* Honestly he would be in pure heaven, Hanbin would seriously enjoy you stripping for him. There’s literally nothing else for me to say, he’d just love it!

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Bobby: He’d be super excited tbh but after awhile he’d calm down and say something like “how are you this sexy?” or something like that. 

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Jinhwan: Literally gif, he’d be pretty excited! like just look at him in the front SHAKING THEM HIPS DAMN!!! 

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Junhoe: Like most of the guys he’d be super into it, JUST LOOK AT THAT WINK! I can totally see him giving his gf/bf that wink while they’re stripping for him. 

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Yunhyeong: I can see him being really nervous and kinda giggly about it. Not that he wouldn’t like it or like seeing you this way, but he may just not know how to express it. He’d probably have a big smile on his face the whole time!

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Donghyuk: He would either be SUPER nervous or SUPER into it. He may be a little nervous at first if you brought up the idea, but with each piece of clothing you take off he’d get more and more into it. 

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Chanwoo: This little bby would be SO NERVOUS! Because he’s young I just don’t see him being that into it. 

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pleaze dont off urself altho yeah i can understand how awful it is but i like ur blog and u a lot and i rly hope u dont do anything. ur rly cool and i admire u a lot??? i believe in u tbh ur rly gr8 and im sorry u feel like this

thank you so much Dave you’re so kind. I’m not going to hurt myself I calmed down for now I’m just. yeah everything is hard right now but I’ll be fine



Yeah! You know it just? I wish people were more like that??

And tbh I’m not even sure how functional we are (which is why I’m thinking OSDD, but not DID because not much/no amnesia it seems?) but honestly I can see where people could/would be jealous of others and thus attack, especially if they’re saying that their headmates didn’t come from trauma. But that’s.. Not really an excuse, especially if that attacking means saying someone’s existence/experience is fake :v

I really just, wish people would calm down and leave others be mostly sggdvutchhxvh


rogue: I bet Kyle has bad road rage

Q: i can see it tbh

kenny cant legally drive but he rides w/ kyle just so he can put a hand on his shoulder like “chill”

rogue: Kyle yelling at people for not using turn signals

Stan refusing to go on car trips if Kyle is driving

Kenny being the middle ground compromise like “if Kenny is there to calm ur ass down”

Which leads to Stan and Kyle fighting

Even more

But not bc Kenny has to be there too

But bc kyles like um how fucking dare @ Stan


Genre: angst/fluff (?)

“Y/n’s weight is disgusting-” “Look at how big her thighs are-” “Her fat ruins the way she dances ㅋㅋㅋ-”. Looking at  other comments never cheer you up and the only motivation you have left are the words spoken from the haters, but that doesn’t really count as motivation does it? The first few times, you had learnt to ignore them because you were surrounded by beautiful people who encouraged you, but the haters’ words started to weigh on you. 

Every night after performances, you would lock yourself in the practice room, working out and dancing until you were about to collapse. Your body ached and strived for food but you had to force yourself to stop and keep working. Your members started noticing your weight loss as well as your extreme diet; they tried talking you out of it but honestly your mindless thoughts told you to ignore them, although your heart yearned to listen. Although your fans had given you support and told you were beautiful just the way you are, you still couldn’t help but fall into the intimidating words of the haters which could never amount to anything else. You were being eaten alive by their words, and now eaten by your own thoughts. 

Practicing alone one day, you decide to turn off the lights because you couldn’t bear looking at your own reflection in the mirror. You dance until your limbs go numb and then you were on the floor. Catching your breath, your head was spinning and you couldn’t focus on anything, much less hear. Your eyes are blinded and you can’t help but start sobbing uncontrollably. A thousand thoughts flood your mind and you just want to scream out in frustration. 

A hand slides under your neck and another around your waist, lifting you up and carrying you over to the sofa. Resting on the sofa, a hand strokes the sweaty strips of hair away from your face and caresses your cheek. You struggle with opening your eyes but you faintly recognize the person…Jimin. He pulls you in closer and embraces you, softly singing into your ear to calm you down. Jimin holds you tightly, no other place could be safer then with him. He loosens and stares deeply into your eyes, “You’re so beautiful.” The two of you sit there for who knows how long, but finally, in such a long time, you finally feel truly beautiful because you were loved. 

Hey guys so here’s a quick drabble. I’m just not in such a good mood today and so I wanted to write something…and tbh no one can cheer me up more than jimin. I know this is a touchy subject so if you do feel violated(?) then message me and I can delete it but I think this a great way –from me to you– that although others don’t accept you, know there will always be someone in the world who will. And those haters…they’re just not used to your beauty, listen to those who truly do know beauty, yourself and those that love you.

P.s. Wish admin sohyun and I luck on our ap exams this friday…eek

~ admin kae

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Does it creep you out how invested some people are already into this new relationship? Like we haven't even really got candida of them and people are already claiming he's the one. Taylor needs to drop the album so these people can calm down

i haven’t see anyone say that tbh and what i dislike more is when people see one person say something and pretend the whole fandom is talking about it

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I so agree with you with the negativity for Spoby atm, calm down people. Don't forget everything they have been through. Yes their relationship atm is not ideal & everything is fucked. But so is the show so what do you expect? But that preview, killed me!! My poor baby Toby is so broken, all he wants is comfort from Spencer, you can physically see how messed up he is. He just looks so broken, the only light in his life is Spence & you can see he knows how wrong it is to seek comfort from her. :(

Cont… But he can’t help how we feels, they are both so messed up and vulnerable right now & obviously they are going to give in to their feelings. No one is going to take advantage of anyone! I wish I would stop hearing that from the fandom, they are both hurt, they are both looking for an out and they both still love, care & respect each other. That’s what I’m going to hold on to in the aftermath of this. They love each other & always put each other first, this time will be no different! :)

my thing is everyone is so frantically tryna make some logical sense out of their storyline when it’s like ??????? the entire show is garbage and none of it makes sense? like the writing has gotten to the point of irreparability, the “”””plot”””” was a mess from like the start of 5B and it’s gotten even worse FAST since the timejump and it’s never been this bad and it’s not gonna get better. tryna theorize about the plot or understand what was going on in the minds of the writers when they did what they’ve done to all the characters/ships is pointless cuz they don’t. fucking. know. they did it all for the hell and useless drama of it and nothing more. there wasn’t more thought put into it than that so there’s no use in delving into it deeper than that, like end of story.

but ANYWAYS! since i only give a fuck about spoby and literally nothing is gonna stop me from giving that fuck since i put so long being invested in this! i actually don’t think he thinks it’s wrong to find comfort in her at all. they both confided in each other in a completely natural way in this scene, like there was no hesitation to seek physical comfort or verbal reassurance and i love that. i love that their muscle memory kicks in with each other and it just feels normal to them to be so comfortable in the other’s presence. i’m really into this still being able to read her toby’s got going on and how spencer’s always trying to protect him from her shit as if he actually even cares about that. as if -A and the drama in her life would really keep him from her or from caring for her or having feelings for her. as for “”taking advantage”” like SKJGNSG as if these two have ever had a problem with that? first off like toby’s never had a problem speaking up for himself. while i think spencer’s his weakness and he’ll consider things he might not have for her sake, when it comes to romantic shit with them they’re very intuitive and they don’t need many words like they just have this physical connection and that’s a form of communication for them like it’s actually a huge form of communication for them so ??????? them bangin is gonna be completely mutual and wanted like what the fuck they wanna be together and they’ve been so fucking annoying this whole time since the timejump like trust, they want this,

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yeees!! fuckk you are such a shining star in this fandom. i'm also a die hard supercorp but i'm pacifist as hell and don't really see why all of this "why _ is bad and if you enjoy it then you're a piece of trash" is necessary?? like fuck guys lmao we're all watching the same show calm tf down? i've had to unfollow & block the majority of the huge supercorp blogs because a lot of them are just flat out fucking mean tbh. anyways you're perfect, keep being a blessing to this fandom! good day!! ♥♥

Relatable. I remember how I felt when I realized I had finally had enough of it and to be honest, it didn’t take long. The decision to cleanse my dash was instant and easy.

But thank you very much for the kind words, love. I’m glad you feel that way and my little blog can be here to provide you with content without being forced to see the more toxic side. I’ll keep trying my best! 💗

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Can you do RFA +V/Saeran with an MC who cries very easily?

This is me, tbh T~T

But! Look at me go! Two things in one day! ~


  • Probably startled the first few times it happens
  • Did someone say something?
  • Did HE say something??
  • W h y  a r e  y o u c r y i n g???
  • Eventually he goes and sits beside you, tentatively wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into his chest
  • He’d whisper soft words about how much he loves you into your hair
  • And when you’re calmed down he’ll finally ask you what happened


  • He probably cries too???
  • You’d end up comforting him just as much as he comforted you…
  • “I-I’m so sorry, MC, for whatever I did! Is it because I was playing LOLOL instead of paying attention to you???”
  • Poor bby just hates to see you upset
  • He’ll feel a little bit better when you talk to him about why you’re crying, and he’s always making sure to pay more attention to you and how you’re feeling, instead of focusing 100% on gaming


  • The second he saw a tear fall down your cheek, he had you smothered wrapped up in his arms
  • He’d pull you to the couch or bed and make you lay down against his chest as he runs his fingers through your hair and coos soft and loving words in your ear
  • Anything from what he did that day, to how much you mean to him
  • He’d even sing you some songs from his musicals if it would make you feel better
  • He’ll also braid your hair if it’s long enough, it’s relaxing for the both of you (fight me on that)

Jaehee (I haven’t done her route, yet T~T I’m sorry this one’s so short)

  • *cue immediate mom mode*
  • She tries very hard not to smother you
  • She’ll make you some coffee, or hot chocolate, whichever you prefer, and put one of Zen’s musicals on the TV for you to watch together
  • The both of you end up cuddled up on the couch, your tears slowly subsiding as the both of you sung along with the television
  • You’d talk to her about what was wrong when you were ready


  • Would immediately think he did something wrong and probably distance himself for a moment
  • Is this because of all the stuff he had said to you when he first got to the apartment so long ago?
  • Had he done something since then?
  • It’d take him a little bit, but he’d eventually realize that maybe distancing himself from you while you were upset probably wasn’t the best thing to do
  • Suddenly you’d find yourself pulled into his lap, tucking your head under his chin as you cried
  • He wouldn’t speak much at first, but after a little bit, if you still hadn’t calmed down, he’d do everything in his power to get you to laugh
  • Anything from plotting with you to go prank Yoosung, to an all-out tickle war
  • Anything at all, just to see you smile again


  • Probably the best in situations like this
  • He wouldn’t smother you in hugs, but he wouldn’t completely go away either
  • He’d gently sit down beside you, and let you decide if you wanted to come closer or if you wanted space
  • More often than not, it ended with you laying your head in his lap as he carded his fingers through your hair
  • Speaking in a soft and gentle voice, reminding you that he was always there if you needed to talk to him about anything, you were the most precious thing in his world and he hated seeing you upset
  • He would never force you to talk about anything, though
  • He wanted you to trust him, so you called the shots on when you talked about what was bothering you, and how much you shared
  • He wanted you to know that he would always be there, whenever you needed, reminding you just how much he loved you


  • Ok
  • Being in a religious cult probably didn’t prepare him for this
  • He had no clue what to do
  • Soft things help, right? Soft things help with crying?
  • He’d probably shove a pillow into your arms
  • Never making eye contact as he mumbled about how important you are to him and how he didn’t like it when you cried
  • “So… You need to stop that…”
  • It was adorable how he was trying to hide the blush on his cheeks
  • As time went on, he’d get better at and feel more comfortable with showing you affection and comforting you when things like this would happen
random things during this awakening run
  • First of all: I had Rob and Chrom together again. I can’t not. They’re too cute. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE THAT GOT ME TO SHIP THIS YOU RUINED MY LIFE but also thank you. I still did the auto-marriage special dialogue because I hate their supports and the special dialogue is more natural about how the fall in love tbh
  • I forgot how strong Rob!Lucina was. I mean Sumia!Lucina is always strong but so much frailer in comparison. Jesus Christ Rob’s kids are always gonna extremely strong and I need to remember that. I also made both Morgs and Luci grandmasters so literally everyone in the fam is a grandmaster EXCEPT CHROM GET WITH THE PROGRAM
  • Related to this, Assassin!Morgan + Rightful King + the insane high skill stat meant that Ignis was activated every time and I can’t wait to see him learn Lethality like holy shit calm down a little, darling. Also Assassin!Panne is terrifying bc she activates Lethality a lot with her insane high skill stat.
  • I also used the Japanese voices this time round! Most of them sound quite similar to the English ones, I was very surprised. Except Olivia’s really high pitched annoying voice, I’m so glad she sounds better in English
  • Some new pairings this time ‘round were Kellam/Miriel and Libra/Cherche. Kellam/Miriel was me experimenting but their supports were pretty cute and Dark Knight Laurent with Luna and Tomefaire is TERRIFYING. I didn’t expect Kellam to actually raise Laurent’s mag stats but he does so holy fuck that’s  a really strong Laurent. Libra/Cherche was more random but they have cute supports and Libra is one of the few that suplies Gerome with the Dark Knight class and I love Batman jokes, but also he’s the only person that doesn’t give Gerome negative stats in…anything! And I know that Libra starts an orphanage post-game and Cherche is so motherly in the first place and Libra is also very motherly they fit pretty well. Oh yeah there’s also Gregor/Cordelia but that’s literally a case of “pair the spares”. I mean, Ricken was the only one other than Gregor and I am not marrying a twelve year old
  • I got everyone to get Galeforce and maximized marriages for the galeforce. All hail galeforce. 
  • I may or may not ship Sully and Sumia more than their actual spouses whoops LOOK THEY’RE SUPER CUTE AND THEY HAVE ONE OF THE CUTEST SUPPORT CHAINS WITH EACH OTHER….
  • Like I said I’m trying to unlock all the support convos (not all the parental/children ones possible that’ll take WAY TOO LONG) and honestly Virion and Panne’s might be my new favourites theirs is very lovely. I was very close to getting them married this run but Panne/Lon’Qu is my otp so I couldn’t bear to do it
  • I forgot how sassy Say’ri could be when you let her engage the final bosses of the Valm chapters. Her lines are solid GOLD
  • I never bothered using Virion, Sully, Tharja, Nowi, Vaike, or Gregor before but now I’m actually trying t6o get everyone on the same level. They’re still relatively underwhelming in comparison to a) Donnel who has insane stats and I made a bow knight b) Stahl who’s a lot more durable, although Sully is MUCH FASTER c) Henry because sorcerors are so inaccurate and I don’t like uing them and Henry’s a much better person in general d) because she makes me uncomfortable bc Nowi insists she’s always 1000 years old yet behaes likes she’s 14 at most and Tiki and Nah were better e) I never use axe wielders except for Cherche and Libra who are more useful with healing/flight tbh
  • I made Sumia a War Cleric and holy fuck she’s doing great in that role! Although she lost access to flight so I made Freddy a Griffon Rider to ferry her around like the good supportive husband he is
  • Olivia makes a really strong swordsmaster, and I did not think she’d be THAT strong
  • Cynthia + Galeforce + Luna is a terrifying combination
  • It’s a good thing I’m a grinding freak otherwise tryint to unlock all supports would be so hard to do lmao. Actually the closest person I’m unlocking is…Donnel. I have all his B supports + A support with Panne a+ S Support with Nowi
  • some of the dudes’ support convos can be…interesting. Like Fred/Virion, Virion/Libra, Lon’qu/Vaike, Gaius/Libra. It’s not something I thought that would happen but here we are!
  • in case anyone was wondering, the couples in this run are Chrom/Rob, Lissa/Henry, Freddy/Sumia, Maribelle/Vaike, Panne/Lon’qu, Olivia/Stahl, Cherche/Libra, Sully/Virion, Gaius/Tharja, Miriel/Kellam, Donnel/Nowi, and Gregor/Cordelia. For the kids I’m still not sure what to do but I have a soft spot for Owain/Cynthia, Morgan/Nah, Lucina/Brady, and Yarne/Noire so they’re a maybe.