how can he not know what the hobbit is

Martin once stopped and gave a spoon of sugar water to a grounded bee to revive it.
He once broke character in the middle of Richard III to say “bless you” to someone who sneezed.
He once gave a pizza ordered for him to some fans who hadn’t eaten that were visiting setlock and had been waiting there for hours.

Ben once stopped what he was doing to go and help some fans he saw being shoved over and crushed by paparazzi.
He once recorded a short video saying “happy birthday” to a fan who got sick and couldn’t make it to an event.
He’s been known to call his parents at premieres, and after talking to his dad at the Hobbit premiere, passed the phone to Martin (who some of you may know lost his father when he was young) so he could, too.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is nobody is perfect, not even your faves, but can I just point out how lucky we are to have these two as our Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?

Thranduil Imagine - “You Never Know What Could Happen”

Request - Could you please write a hobbit imagine with Thranduil? Like you’re one of his personal guards; having liked him from the moment you met him. Keeping your feelings secret the whole time he was with Legolas’s mother; and watching how cold he became upon her leave. Somehow he finds out though; you can choose how, and how it resolves. Of course if you don’t want to that’s fine; thanks for reading anyway. :)

Warnings – none

Spoilers - none

You couldn’t see from your position, back to Thranduil’s throne which he was currently lounging on, but eyes had been on you for the past hour. Thranduil had been watching your unmoving figure, poised and ready, should any threat appear, and he couldn’t help but admire you. He had learned of your feelings months ago, but not being a long time for an elf he had done nothing about it. He didn’t know how long you had had feelings for him, but he had begun to notice certain tell-tale signs. Your eyes always gave you away, as they brightened when he spoke to you, which was often, as he enjoyed your company. You made for good conversation, he had found, possessing more personality than most of the other guards, and being a genuinely interesting person. Before you had become Thranduil’s personal guard, you had loved to travel, and you always amused him with stories of your adventures. He smiled, remembering all the conversations he had had with you, and took a minute to consider his own feelings. It had been hard, since his wife had died, and he found you a comfort. Were his feelings merely based on care and admiration, or were they love? This he couldn’t answer, at least not yet anyway. He was brought out of his thoughts by footsteps, and rose into an upright position. He relaxed once again when he realised it was only a guard coming over to swap shifts with you.

As you moved from your position, you risked a quick glance over your shoulder at the king. Seeing he was already looking at you, you quickly looked away, walking out of the keep as you headed to your chamber, hoping to relax, perhaps read, in your free time before your next shift. You dawdled on your way back, looking around and admiring the castle as you walked. You came to stop before a large portrait of the king, almost life size, produced years before. You took in his silvery hair, his powerful stance that exerted confidence and strength. His blue-grey eyes seemed to watch you, and you found yourself lost in them.

“I can still remember when that was painted, you know?” A deep voice said from behind you, and you quickly whipped around, hand falling to your sword. You relaxed when you saw Thranduil before you, but realising where he had caught you, a blush rose up on your cheeks. You looked down, a sign of respect, but also to hide your red face.

“I’m sorry, my king. You startled me” You said, looking back up. He smiled in response, and moved to stand beside you. You shifted slightly, uncomfortable after what had just happened, wanting to bury yourself amongst your bed covers to hide forever. You turned to look at him, and found his eyes already on yours.

“You were admiring my portrait?” He asked, a trace of a smirk on his lips as he already knew the answer.

“Well… yes… sort of.” You stuttered, feeling a blush rise on your face again, and felt the heat radiating from your face.

“You don’t have to be ashamed.” He said, smiling at you. “And you also don’t have to hide.” He added, smirking.

“Hide?” You asked, a look of confusion on your face.

“Your feelings.” He responded, an air of nonchalance that directly juxtaposed the feeling of panic rising in the pit of your stomach.

“My king - ” you began, but Thranduil cut you off.

“Don’t apologise. And don’t hide matters of love again.” He said, his eyes locking with yours. “You never know what could happen.” He added, smirking at you. He quickly walked away, and you whipped around, eyes following his retreating figure as you frowned in confusion.

(I had fun writing this, so let me know if I should continue this.)

- K

How about an au where hobbits have to be buried in the shire when they die because of the hobbits-come-from-the-earth idea ,and Bilbo dies either from being thrown off the ramparts or is killed during the battle. So because he can’t move, on his spirit stays in the mountain trying to get help. Bonus points if only one of the members of the company can see him at first.

Let me know what you think!

Sometimes I amuse myself with imagining conversations like these...

All right, so you guys know how Gandalf is like, “All wizards should have a hobbit or two in their care…” and I can imagine him spreading this like gospel to his fellow wizards, right?

And Saruman is like, “Meh.  I have myself a Wormtongue.”

In which case, everyone is like Ewww!

And Radagast is like, “I love my hedgehogs, please and thank you.”

And okay, nobody wants to argue with that, because hedgehogs are AWESOME, please and thank you.

Then, Alatar the Blue is like, “Guys, guys, I have a Stark.”

Gandalf’s response is, “Dude, you’re in the wrong world, winter is NOT coming, no WONDER I have to do all this shit alone in Middle Earth, COME THE FUCK BACK TO THE RIGHT UNIVERSE, YOU ASSHOLE.”

“No, not the "winter is coming” Starks - I’m talking about TONY STARK.  He’s an obnoxious pain in the ass but he’s a SMART, ADORABLE obnoxious pain in the ass and he’s gonna do some AWESOME things, even when he fucks up sometimes.  So give the guy a break, let him chill out with your dwarf buddies, okay?“

And Gandalf is like just ready to pull his beard out because OMG TONY STARK AND DWARVES, AULE HAVE MERCY ON ALL OUR SOULS. 

So finally, Pallando the Blue, who’s really one of Gandalf’s best bros, takes him aside and says, "Dude, I have hobbits.”

And he introduces Gandalf to Bitty Steve Rogers a.k.a. the Tiny Dandelion Floof with the Righteous Fists of Fury. 

And Gandalf is charmed.  But he’s also aghast.  Because he knows hobbits, even descendants of Numenorean kings reborn as hobbits, and he knows exactly which Hobbit clan Steve Rogers belongs to.

“Buddy, that’s a Took.”

“I know, right?  Isn’t he adorable?”

Are you out of your cotton picking blue mind?  A pure Took is a walking Hobbit disaster!  Look at Pippin!  That’s why I picked Bagginses with a dash of Took in them for doing things like flinging accursed objects of power into volcanoes!  Bagginses don’t wake up goblin armies or fool around with palantirs!”

Pallando a.k.a. Abraham Erskine rolls his eyes at him.  “Pippin Took is one of your favorites, don’t give me that bullshit, yo.  Also, young Steven’s got a heart of gold and look, he’s not alone.  He’s married to a Baggins.”

And then, Dr. Erskine introduces Gandalf to Bucky Baggins…. er…. Barnes. 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how well Elrond deals with a band of disrespectful dwarves who find themselves in Rivendell? He sits through their constant harassment during that awful lunch, and even offers them a place to stay overnight that they completely wreck (you wonder why he didn’t give them a room), they bathe naked in his fountain, and he still acts civil to them.

Not only that, he still reads the map and attempts to advise them against reclaiming the mountain knowing what it will mean for ME.

Considering that Elrond’s great grand-father is Thingol the one who was killed by the dwarves for something he said, which indirectly resulted in a large number of tragedies of Elrond’s life, it’s amazing how he treats the dwarves with so much respect when they treat him with little to none.

Props to Elrond, because they truly did not deserve his hospitality or his knowledge.

its so sad bc during the acorn scene thorin finds out that bilbo still intends to go home even after everything they’ve been through together so later on he gives him the mithril shirt bc its value is greater than the shire so he hopes this will make him stay cos thorin is an idiot and is literally trying buy him with gifts at this point cos he doesn’t know what else to do plus he isn’t accustomed with hobbit tradition so doesn’t even know how to go about talking to bilbo like it just fucks me up the fact that all he needed to say was “you can’t leave me, i love you”. but he never said it. and i finally know why. part of him just couldn’t. bc he knew that he was probably going to die and he had already accepted it. even when he was dying he couldn’t bring himself to say it, cos the affect it would have had on bilbo was unthinkable 

I am Fire!

I am Death!

I will eat the elf NOW.

Okay, you know what? That giant fire-breathing lizard talks way too much. And he is obstructing everyone’s view of me. Tell you what? Why don’t I just not deal with him at all? Good for me. I need to study my fabulous scene stealing techniques. You know, just showing up and being me.

Oh, forget it. Let me burn down some seaside resort somewhere.

Oh. So that is how he got to Laketown, Gandalf?

Well…Thranduil can be somewhat Thranduil.

So I’ve noticed.

You love me, admit it. [Fangirls scream]

Legolas after introducing Gimli to Tauriel

Legolas: Well, just so you know, this dwarf is mine!

Tauriel: *chuckles* Don’t worry Legolas, he is not really my type

Legolas: What?! How can he not be your type?!

Tauriel: Um…what?

Legolas: He is so handsome and strong, and he’s poetic and funny and loyal and stubborn and..

Tauriel: Yes, well, I’m sure I will enjoy his company

Legolas: Of course you will! But remember, his affections lies with me

Tauriel: *sigh* Of course Legolas

Legolas: Stout legs and hard axe, you know *nugde nudge, wink wink*

Tauriel: Tmi, Leggy, tmi!

anonymous asked:

Actual thief!Bilbo is my favourite omg esp imagining him doing RIDICULOUS MIND BLOWING PARKOUR

or Bilbo with THROWING KNIVES??? A POUCH FULL OF SMALL STONES? holy shit give that little fucker a sling and a good high up hiding spot and he is the adorable polite death incarnate. 

Oh man and he probably doesn’t really talk his skills up at all, what’s the point in being a rogue who can sneak up and keep the element of surprise always on your side if people KNOW what you’re capable of? So when he’s asked about weapons? He still flippantly mentions that well he has SOME skill at conkers. Is he a burglar? Well to be honest he never much liked that title….

Also he still whines a bit about forgetting his handkerchief but that’s because he’s CIVIL damn it!

But anyway they still start the journey thinking they have a mostly useless if charming “”“burglar”“” and then no one knows how their stuff keeps getting switched around or how whenever the hobbit gets “”“lost”“” they end up with more supplies than anyone could swear they brought with them. 

And yeah Bilbo will hold on to the excuse that he’s used to working in secrecy but he would be lying if he said most of his motivation at this point is that messing with the dwarves is funny. Esp the leader, he looks like he was never properly messed with in his life. Now if you’ll excuse him, he needs to go braid Kili and Fili’s hair together while they sleep and then make a loud noise somewhere else and watch what happens. 

Bard: How was lunch with Dad?

Legolas: It was good. You know how he is though.

PJ: You just had lunch with your Dad? Why didn’t I know about this?

Legolas: I didn’t tell you.

PJ: Why didn’t your brother go with you?

Bard: I was with Thorin.

PJ: Can we get to the bottom of this once and for all? Where is your father?

Legolas: Where he always is.

Bard: Doing what he always does.

I wonder what Thorin is doing right now. I think I’ll go annoy him for a bit.


meaningfulandoriginalurl’s Top 5 Lee Pace Looks

omg. This was soooo hard. 

1. Nedish Lee: Sometimes I think that Ned is Lee and Lee is Ned. Around 2008, Lee looks and behaves just like Ned…and isn’t Ned the cutest fictive male character you’ve ever seen? His smiles…God…my heart is melting.

2. Hobbit Premiere Lee: I don’t know what happened to Lee at this point, but GOD he looks hot. I don’t know how he can switch from adorkable to hot as fuck like that, but I love it. He is actually well dressed and his hair look nice, which is a nice change from “I don’t give a shit Lee”  (which is kinda…always) ;). 

3. Normal Heart Lee: I’m probably alone on this (maybe with leepacelady), but I think Lee rocks the stache!  He is a bit goofy looking on these pictures and I just want to run my hands through his hair. I love how tall and skinny he looks.

4. Teddy Bear Lee: Lee circa Ceremony is a cute teddy, I swear. He looks shy and funny and adorable AND hot and huggable. What is not to like? I think a very constant things I love about Lee is his smile. Can you resist that genuine smile?

5.  Baby Pace: I love how he looks in Wonderfalls as Aaron Tyler, but I don’t think his Wonderfalls promo pictures look that much like Aaron…or Lee for that matter. So I chose Soldier’s Girl promo pic, cause look how pretty and cute he looks!

ladywyldfire desert-power-6 leepacelady and I don’t know who wants to be tagged in this sort of posts. I just want to add that Comic Con Lee is super hot, but I didn’t choose any of that cause I found it was a bit overrated XD

sanrikup  asked:

So is actual thief!Bilbo also the prank war champion?

OH MAN OF COURSE HE IS especially since no one even sUSPECTS him.

He’ll steal from one dwarf and slip it into the others pack, stand back and watch the mayhem. He’ll tie cloaks together, hide things in trees, there is no escape from the hobbit rogue wrath if you make fun of him.

I think the only one who may know what bilbo’s up to is Nori, because he recognizes a fellow rogue when he sees one man. And now I really want Nori getting this almost hero worship complex for Bilbo because HOW DOES HE DO THAT. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS PLEASE OH MAHAL THAT WAS SO COOL DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IVE BEEN TRYING TO FILCH FROM THORIN. CAN YOU DO THAT TO DWALIN. I WILL CARRY YOUR PACK FOR A WEEK IF YOU PRANK DWALIN.