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hi your andriel 'I hate Neil Josten and his pretty face' headcanon is beautiful and pure and wholesome and has healed my soul and i was hoping you'd be open to expanding on Neil's 'revenge' calling out Andrew and being dorky in the process?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much and, sure, here you go!

  • Andrew is waiting for it
  • he knows Josten’s too much of an actual child to let go of the video
    • no matter that he solved the coming-out problem
    • and made Renee and Reynolds a tonshit of money
    • fucker never knows when to back down, does he?
  • so really
  • he’s not that surprised when Nicky sends him a link to some live streaming website
  • there’s 10-reasons-to-hate-Andrew-Minyard-by-Neil-Josten in the page name so it’s not hard to guess what’s going to happen

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Do you wanna be a Serpent?

She was beautiful. The kind of beautiful you have to look twice at just to make sure it’s real, the kind of beautiful you see plastered in teen magazines. But she was also the kind of beautiful that was kept hidden away, locked up behind ponytails and pastels.

She had absolutely no idea how beautiful she was and it was clear in the way she looked down while she walked, the way her shoulders would slump every time she was around another girl, the way her nose would scrunch up when her raven haired best friend would tell her she looked pretty.

But she was beautiful, there was no denying it. Everyone could see it, especially heir to the Serpent throne, Jughead Jones.

It had been three weeks since Southside High had merged with Riverdale High and the divide was still as clear as ever, the scantily clad Southsiders had taken over half of the cafeteria while the townies kept ground outside by the picnic benches. Some NorthSiders however, chose to stay in the middle, constantly floating between acceptance and the uncomfortable twist of the unknown. Betty Cooper and her group of friends were definitely part of that floating section.

He had been taken with her right away, from her perfectly tightened ponytail to the sunshine yellow cardigan she had been wearing when she welcomed them to Riverdale High, a smile so big he was afraid her cheeks might split. Everything about her screamed fake, she was too put together, too perfect, but.. she wasn’t, she wasn’t fake at all, she genuinely accepted the Southside, she wanted to help, make it better. After only a few minutes he could tell that there was so much more to the cheerleader in front of him then Prom committee and ribbons in her hair.

He thought about her, her tiny shoulders wrapped in his leather jacket, her arms wrapped around his waist as she rode onthe back of his motorcycle. She could be the serpent queen, no one would disrespect her, not if they knew what was good for them. He had imagined it so clearly, it was in his head now, always there and burned into his thoughts.

He shared nearly every class with her and she was by far the brightest student he had ever seen, determined, ambitious, dedicated. And she was handy, he had seen the way she worked in shop class, hands buried deep in the engine of some beat up camaro as her partner Reggie handed her parts and peered over her shoulder. She was an anomaly, a challenge in the sense that he never knew what to expect, and he loved it, thrived on it. Maybe it was creepy, strange that he was constantly watching her, observing, but that wasn’t going to make him stop. He wasn’t bothering her, he never planned on saying a word to her, blissful ignorance, but that didn’t last very long at all.

He had been minding his own business, trying to figure out how to open the high tech locker that wasn’t busted and didn’t have a collection of safety pins as it’s lock when he saw it. Saw her… saw him.

Malachi, Leader of the ghoulies, leaning up against the locker next to none other than Betty Cooper, the longer haired boy leering at the beautiful blonde in her tiny cheerleading uniform. She was looking up at him under her eyelashes as the leopard wearing boy grinned. Jughead was there in seconds flat standing just a few lockers away.

“I figure you’d like a taste of the wild side, I could give you a ride. You like taking rides?” His eyes trailed up and down her body as she took a step back.

“No, no I don’t. Thank you for the offer though.” She went to walk away but was stopped by his hand on her arm, a collection of expensive rings digging into the soft skin of her forearm.

Jughead slammed his hand on the locker behind him causing both the students to snap their attention towards the beanie wearing boy making his way towards them.

“She said no.” He growled, gently pushing Betty behind him as he stood between the two, his eyes locked on his rivals, an intense stare down taking place.

“She ain’t your bitch to speak for.” Malachi smirked, his fists clenched.

Jughead opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off when the tiny blonde shoved him aside

“excuse me? Did you just call me a bitch? Have you lost your mind?! In what planet does that work? Have you ever gotten a respectable partner by calling them a bitch? You’re a disgrace, a disappointment to the entire male race. I don’t know what school you think you’re in but this is Riverdale High, this is my school and if you call me a bitch again I will send a swarm of angry football players and hormonal cheerleaders right in your direction. Learn how to speak to humans before trying to strike up a conversation.” Betty flipped her ponytail, grabbing a shocked and grinning Jughead by the hand and tugging him down the hallway, she turned around one final time “and by the way? I would much rather be a Serpents girl than a Ghoulies girl, what kind of a gang name is that?”

Jughead held it in as long as possible finally releasing the laugh he had been holding in when Betty locked the door to some small office with old computers and books strewn everywhere. He gripped the corner of a desk as tears gathered in the corner of his eyes

“A disgrace to the male population” he choked out over a laugh, his eyes finding Betty as she smiled proudly from her space perched against her work desk.

“Well it’s true! He’s a pompous ass and we already have enough of those in Riverdale.” She defended, waiting for his laughter to die down. After a few seconds Jughead straightened himself out, the smile still a ghost on his lips

“I’m Jughead Jones and that was impressive, I’ve never seen a girl talk to Malachi like that, I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl turn down Malachi.” The leather clad teen stuck his hand out, jumping back a bit when her soft palm connecting with his rough calloused one sent jolts down his spine.

“I’m Betty Cooper and I’m not afraid of him. Besides he’s not quite my type.” By the way she was staring down at their joined Jughead could tell she must have felt the electricity too.

“Good. You don’t have to be.” He continued “I’m not letting him near you again, that guys a creep.”

Betty giggled

“Is this some Serpent versus Ghoulie thing? Are you trying to see how many north side girls you can get on your side?” The cheerleader teased, a hint of sincerity in her tone.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Jughead spoke

“Nah, not Northside girls. Just one girl.” His eyes found hers and for a moment blue met green and the clash of colors seemed to blend so perfectly.

A knock on the door broke them out of their moment, it was a redheaded boy who was waving his hand at Betty.

“That’s Archie.” She giggled “I’m fixing his car for the third time this week and he has a hot date with Veronica tonight, I shouldn’t keep him waiting, he’s insufferable when he’s impatient.” She rolled her eyes playfully, her hand was on the door handle when Jughead spoke

“You meant what you said about rather being a Serpents girl?” He questioned boldly, his eyes locking on hers, it wasn’t a question it seemed to be a…….


Betty grinned, dimples poking through her cheeks

“Anytime, anywhere.”

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hey!! i love ur writing!! could you do Shane and Ryan (can be Shyan, can be bros-being-bros) : the higher-ups know not to screw Ryan over (eg: with budget cuts/restrictions) because they know how Shane can get when he's angry

Shane was protective and Shane was a hot mess. It was this weird situation with he and Ryan where Ryan had a guard dog that would lunge at people who went for him but then he would spend ages cooing and petting that dog. That was Shane, that was Ryan. They were just so close, so it was only reasonable that Shane was protective, right?

And, to be fair, Ryan liked to think the people above them had it coming. Buzzfeed Unsolved was a popular show, so they kind of deserved the best, right? Ryan liked to think so, but he was biased. So, he had related this to his boyfriend.

“It’s bullshit how they’re cutting our budget and how many episodes there’ll be,” Ryan said as Shane brushed his teeth, lying in bed, “Like, the fans’ll be pissed!”

Shane spit what was in his mouth into the sink. “They’re cutting the budget?”

“Yeah, it pisses me off, because I have to go out-of-pocket for some shit!” Ryan sighed, putting his book down as he heard the bathroom light click off and Shane climb into bed with him.

“I’ll talk to them,” Shane yawned, throwing an arm around Ryan’s midsection, cuddling in close.

“You don’t have to–”

“Goodnight, Ry, love you.”

And that was the end of that.

Only, it wasn’t, because suddenly the budget was back and suddenly Shane’s voice was more hoarse after lunch the next day.


5. Well. Yell, scream, say something. Anything.
you guys asked for this

When he saw Yuuri coming through the window, Victor poured the coffee he had brewed over his own hand. Victor swore, stumbling down so he was hiding behind the café counter as Yurio snapped at him for being careless. Victor shook his hand to get the hot coffee off, distractedly rubbing it off his black apron as his heart thundered in his chest. Yurio stomped over, swinging a tea towel down at Victor with impatience. 

‘How stupid are you?’ Yurio growled, but Victor took his chance and bolted in one fast movement, breezing past Yurio’s slim body through the back kitchen door. Victor stood by the work table, resting a hand on the warming racks as he tried to catch his breath. Yurio followed him in, grumbling already. ‘Did you burn yourself that bad?’

‘It’s Yuuri,’ Victor said, throat squeezed narrow with a shaky breath.

‘What? Where?’ Yurio said, turning in his Skechers to look out the small window of the kitchen door. He went up on his tiptoes, blond ponytail bobbing behind him. ‘Shit. He’s at the counter.’

Victor’s heart was a stopped clock in his chest- frozen on the moment he spotted Yuuri moving through the street outside. Victor felt like he couldn’t breathe; like the hollow, nervous feeling that was swelling his chest was suffocating him.

‘I’ll tell him you’re not here,’ Yurio said, looking over his shoulder as he sank back down onto his feet. Victor closed his eyes, shook his head.

‘No, that won’t work,’ Victor said, fidgeting with the tie of his apron across his waist. ‘He knows my schedule.’ 

Yurio tapped a foot, crossing his arms. ‘Do you want to talk to him?’ 

‘No,’ Victor said quickly, before his heart pained him. ‘Yes?’ 

‘You do?’ 

‘I don’t know.’ 

‘Okay,’ Yurio said slowly, blowing a stray strand of hair out of his face. ‘I’ll tell him you’re on break. Give you a chance to think about it.’ 

‘What is he even doing here today?’ Victor asked manically, looking at Yurio like the kid had any chance of knowing the answer. Yurio shrugged at him, green eyes sharp as he turned to head back out onto the café floor. 

Victor hovered for a moment, readjusting his t-shirt. Retying his apron. But it was only a few moments before he gave in. Victor walked up to the kitchen door, hovering just along the frame to look out the small window. Yuuri was at the counter, his hair slicked back like he wore for work. He was still wearing his glasses though and in the smart black coat, he looked striking. It made Victor ache, made the corners of his eyes sting. 

Yurio had his back to Victor, gesturing wildly in the direction of the large clock that sat over by the booths. Yuuri was frowning, talking quickly across the countertop though Victor couldn’t hear over the sound of the grinder and patrons. Yuuri had his hands on the counter, tapping nervously. They were bare, ungloved and red-knuckled- and Victor’s resolve broke like a dam. 

Victor pushed the door open, a frightened emotion fluttering inside of him. Yuuri looked up, brown eyes wide in shock and Victor could feel the wings of hope beat against the cage of his ribs. 

‘Victor,’ Yuuri said softly, his voice a prayer. ‘Please talk to me, just five minutes-’

‘Not here,’ Victor said, cutting Yurio’s protest off and casting a quick glance around as a few customers had turned to look at the commotion. Yuuri nodded, determination a promise in the firm line of his lips. 

Victor held the door open, letting Yuuri walk around the counter and into the kitchen. Victor followed him, shaking his head to Yurio when he tried to follow. Victor silently directed Yuuri to the small office a the back, the little room they both knew so well. 

When Victor locked the door behind them, there was only the two or three feet between them with Victor at the door and Yuuri in front of the desk. Victor’s mind wandered, memories of Yuuri’s back against the grain of that wood. His nails scratching the veneer. Victor flinched, closing his eyes as he couldn’t remember the Yuuri of that day and the Yuuri of now, standing before Victor looking so put together. 

But Victor couldn’t help but feel like Yuuri looked dwarfed in the suit, in the coat. Like they just didn’t fit him right and something dangerous in Victor’s heart was comforted by it. 

‘I thought you told me to keep my distance,’ Victor said uselessly, opening his eyes and trying to focus on the shine of Yuuri’s fine leather shoes against the dull carpet of the office. 

‘Ever since I saw you standing at the bar yesterday, I’ve felt sick,’ Yuuri said, words bumbling out of him in a rush. ‘I didn’t know you were coming, I didn’t mean to be… it threw me off.’

‘Chris set us up,’ Victor admitted, not caring if Chris was about to get into trouble. Yuuri’s mouth twitched, but his dark eyes were too heavy for a true smile. He reached out with his right hand and Victor stared at the olive skin of it, realising something too late.

‘I figured.’

‘I didn’t want to be there,’ Victor continued, head shaking. ‘I should never have gone.’

‘I was happy to see you,’ Yuuri said quietly, cheeks flushing the way Victor so adored when Yuuri was embarrassed. It hurt to see it now. ‘I’m happy to see you now.’ 

‘You’re making this worse,’ Victor said because it was true. Yuuri crossed his arms over himself, making himself swim even more in the too big coat. Victor would never have bought him something so ill-fitting. ‘You shouldn’t be here, Yuuri. You shouldn’t have come to see me.’ 

‘You think if I can’t see you I’m not thinking about you anyway?’ Yuuri asked, his voice dropping to a whisper like the truth was too heavy to carry. Victor pressed his palms flat against the door, only because they were itching to gather Yuuri into them. To curl Yuuri beneath Victor’s chin, where he should be.

‘We can’t do this,’ Victor said, pushing a hand into his hair. Gripping his fringe to feel the sting against his scalp. ‘I should’ve told you to go.’ 

‘Then why didn’t you?’ Yuuri pressed, taking one of the few steps they had between them. Victor was trapped, looking at Yuuri through the silver of his hair and blur of his fingers. Victor lowered his hand, trying to steady himself. 

‘When you were speaking to Yurio, I saw your hand,’ Victor said, nodding down to where Yuuri had them crossed in front of himself. Yuuri looked down at the bare fingers of his right hand. ‘I saw that you had taken the ring off.’ 

‘Um, yeah,’ Yuuri said, clearly not following and it punched heavy in Victor’s stomach. ‘We took them off, for the-‘ 

‘The ceremony tonight, I know,’ Victor finished for Yuuri, watching as Yuuri looked up at him. Saw the comprehension gather in Yuuri’s face like rain clouds. ‘I figured it out. But for a moment, just a moment, I thought…’ 

‘You thought I had left him.’ 

Victor didn’t trust himself to answer, closing his eyes and nodding. 

‘Is that… is that what you want?’ Yuuri asked, moving closer. Victor pinched his nose, trying to stop the tears that were brewing. 

‘It’s too late for that now,’ Victor said as someone had to. Yuuri made a wounded noise and it tore at Victor’s resolve like a thorn. 

‘If you don’t love me,’ Yuuri said, words trembling like they were on unsteady ground. Victor’s whole world was crumbling around him. ‘I think I could bear it. But I can’t not know, Victor. I can’t.’ 

‘This isn’t fair,’ Victor said, trying for stern but the words weren’t strong enough. ‘He’s a good man, Yuuri.’ 

‘I know, but-’

‘And you’re going to marry him,’ Victor continued, breaking Yuuri’s excuse in half like the biscuits they used to share in those stolen moments. 

‘Tell me not to, and I won’t,’ Yuuri said, eyes burning the way they always did when he was determined. It set Victor’s love on fire, burnt a hole in his chest. ‘Tell me not to marry him.’ 

‘I can’t,’ Victor said, voice cracked. ‘I can’t, Yuuri. You can’t do that to me. You can’t make me the bad guy. You’re the one getting married, it’s your decision.’

‘How can I marry him when I feel this way about you?’ Yuuri asked desperately, tears down his cheeks. Yuuri stepped forward again as he said it, hands on Victor’s chest now. Cold palm over Victor’s heart. 

‘Yuuri, we don’t have a chance-‘ 

Then Yuuri was up, his lips against Victor’s and it was the sun going out in a burst. Yuuri’s arms scouring days around Victor’s neck as Yuuri kissed him deeper, memories of missed chances. Victor’s arms a bracket of the years they wasted as they looped around Yuuri’s waist to pull him closer. Victor made a small, broken noise in the back of his throat as he tasted Yuuri on his tongue, Yuuri’s glasses catching on his cheek they were so close and kissing so desperately. 

Yuuri pulled back, chest heaving and lips quaking like lightning as he tried to catch his breath. Victor had him gathered up, on the tips of his toes and pressed so close they were sharing air. Victor’s heart was hollow, Yuuri’s presence carving it out and sitting there. It ached.

‘Well,’ Yuuri said, brown eyes moving over Victor’s face. His nose almost brushing against Victor’s. ‘Here’s another chance. Yell. Scream, say something. Anything. And I won’t go through with it.’ 

Victor closed his mouth, eyes stinging with tears that just wouldn’t fall. Yuuri’s body was a skittish, quivering thing in Victor’s arms and so close. So close to being where it should be. 

‘I’ll figure something out,’ Yuuri said, voice on the edge of desperate again, hands firm around Victor’s neck. ‘Buy us some time. Think of an excuse. Just- just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.’ 

Victor tightened his grip, love a splinter that poured blood. Victor wanted… oh, god, he wanted. But this wasn’t about him. This was about Yuuri. And Yuuri’s life, and the things Yuuri thought he wanted to give up. Victor closed his eyes again, breathed in the salt of Yuuri’s skin. Pressed his lips to Yuuri’s cheek. There could only be one answer.

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Is someone telling me that during the summer of mutual pining in the middle of the night a restless yuuri never went and sit behind viktor's door to hear his idol and new best friend sleep to hear him snoring ruffling the sheets sleep talking and thought completely fascinated Viktor Nikiforov really is behind this door??? Because he did

SORRY OMG I received this so long ago but I wanted to write a little something~

It’s a couple of weeks after Yuri travels back to Russia that Yuuri to realizes how much he stalls by Victor’s bedroom door. 

He has many reasons behind his hesitations - most of them related to wanting to ask Victor questions, or waiting for him to go somewhere. Though Yuuri can’t help but notice that lately he’s been standing by Victor’s doors for much more personal reasons.


The first time he noticed he was doing so was in the middle of a hot, stuffy night, right after he was coming back from the kitchen and heading to his bedroom. He padded down the corridor carefully, trying to make the least noise as possible to not wake anyone up. It was then that he heard, coming from Victor’s bedroom, a low, steady snoring sound. 

The Victor Nikiforov he knew from the magazines didn’t snore. The Victor Nikiforov from the magazines was perfect in every sense. This, however, wasn’t the Victor Nikiforov from the magazines. It was just… Victor.

That amazement that surrounded everything about Victor hadn’t faded away in any sense, but if anything Yuuri was learning more and more and growing even more intrigued by the childhood idol, the unreachable dream that was now living under the same roof as him. Things Yuuri had never exactly wondered about victor he’d gotten to learn in the first few days after he’d arrived in Hasetsu - watching him from so close, in movement, was like witnessing a famous painter working on a masterpiece. It was the way he held his phone and the way he folded his clothes; the way he crossed his legs to sit and the way tied the laces on his skates.

Yuuri had never wondered about how he slept and found himself incredibly curious about it now. He wanted to know how Victor slept, wanted to see the tangly mess of limbs and sheets and know if Victor’s hair got messy like his hair did. Victor Nikiforov was there and real and human.

He notices he’s been standing by Victor’s door, his hand flat on the door as if ready to push it and feels embarrassment wash over him. He then steps back and heads into his bedroom.

Eventually, Yuuri sates his curiosity. It’s when they have to cancel their afternoon training because of a thunderstorm that brews out of nowhere after they head back home for lunch, making it impossible to go anywhere with the torrential rain. Victor tells Yuuri he’s going to take a nap meanwhile, asking him to wake him up in case the storm ended in time for their evening training and goes to his bedroom with Makkachin on his heels. 

Knowing how summer storms in Hasetsu usually behaved, takes the chance to play some of his favorite video game while rain pours outside and minutes tick away as he entertains himself. 

Yuuri realizes he finds it a bit odd, not having Victor around for the afternoon. He only notices how much more Victor has grown to mean to him in moments like those.

Then storm calms a couple of hours later when it’s around snack time according to Hiroko, who urges Yuuri to “wake Vicchan up” to join them. Yuuri heads upstairs with a fond smile on his face and finds the door to Victor’s bedroom ajar, causing him to hesitate by the door and drink in the sight. 

It feels like he’s intruding. He knows that’s not the case - Victor had asked him to wake him up, which was a green flag for getting into his room, right? But then again… Yuuri always waited for Victor to invite him in, knocking on the door when he wanted something and respecting Victor’s privacy like Victor respected his.

(Yuuri briefly thinks about Victor’s first night, remembering how he’d invited Yuuri to sleep with him. Something stirs in his chest and Yuuri finds himself wishing Victor would do it again, and his whole face grows hot.)

Victor lies on his stomach, with Makkachin by his feet, sprawled on his bed with one leg bent and hugging the pillow under his head. He is fast asleep, his chest moving with the slow cadence of his breath, and there’s a crack in the window from where a cool wind comes in, making the room slightly chilly. Yuuri wants to come in, come closer, gaze at Victor for a minute and try to commit every single feature to his memory, but his feet seem glued to the floor. 

He knocks on the door lightly. 


There’s a low rumble of thunder rolling somewhere in the distance, and Makkachin raises his head to look at Yuuri bleary-eyed before yawning. 

Victor doesn’t react, except for a long sigh that has Yuuri holding his breath.

“Victor,” he calls again, slowly walking into his room to close the window and trying not to stare at him but god Yuuri is so curious he can’t resist it.

Victor looks so comfortable, so utterly relaxed in the most peaceful sleep, clutching at the pillow under his head as if he needed something - someone - to hold on to in order to sleep so snugly. His eyelashes flutter a bit, long and fair against his skin, and Yuuri wishes he could touch him - wonders how it would feel like to sleep next to Victor and wake up to see him first thing.

Yuuri wonders how it must feel like to sleep in his arms and clutches at his chest. 

He wants it.

“Victor,” he calls one more time, gently nudging his shoulder, and this time Victor stirs with a low grunt. 

Yuuri watches him wake up like he doesn’t want to miss a detail - how he gently squints, the deep breath he takes before blinking the world back in focus and looks at Yuuri, rolling on his side. And yes, Victor has his hair mussed where he was resting his head, some strands sticking up in a funny way as he turns to face Yuuri, and his cheek has light imprints from his pillow, and that is, somehow, the most adorable thing Yuuri has ever witnessed in his life. 

“Mm?” Victor questions, his heavy-lidded eyes looking at him almost like he knows what is going inside Yuuri’s head, vulnerability and curiousness in his light eyes.

“Ah… It’s, uh, tea time.”

He has no idea how he manages to word that with Victor’s sleepy, gentle eyes gazing at him as if wordlessly inviting Yuuri to lay down and rest with him.

“OK.” His voice is raspy, and Victor stretches on his bed for a moment. “Did you sleep?”

“No, I was… playing video games.”

Victor offers him a slow nod, stretching his arms behind his head but otherwise not making a move to leave his bed. 

“What a pity,” he says, covering his mouth with the back of his hand to yawn. “This weather is perfect for napping.”

Yuuri feels a smile spreading on his face, “Coaching life is not easy, huh?”

Victor chuckles, nudging Yuuri with his knee.

“No, it’s hard work,” he replies with a smirk. “You really must have a wonderful stamina if you don’t need to take a nap.”

Perhaps it’s the way Victor says it so casually, stretched on his bed and gazing at Yuuri with half-lidded eyes that makes his mind quickly pick on some hidden meaning behind Victor’s words, one he’s not entirely sure if he means it. Whatever it is, Yuuri’s cheeks are burning, but he doesn’t let that pass so easily.

“I didn’t want to be drowsy in case the rain stopped and we had to get back to the rink,” he pokes at Victor’s side, making him flinch and laugh. “Besides, my coach asked me to wake him up.”

There’s a glint in Victor’s eyes that Yuuri only sees when he’s surprised - often when Yuuri lands a jump perfectly, or when he manages to channel his eros on the ice. Victor smiles, wetting his lips as he thinks of an answer. 

“Poor student,“ he replies in a playful condescending tone. "Next time maybe you should join him for a nap instead.”

He feels his face get warm all the way up to his ears, and as Victor bites his lower lip thinking he’s got the final word in their little game, Yuuri smirks back and says: 

“Perhaps I will.”

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How does Billy/Steve have more works on AO3 then Stonathan?

If you’ll notice, a lot of them are smut fics. People are more interested in fetishizing the characters, and so being supplied with a ‘conventionally attractive’ person in the cast makes them want to take the other conventionally attractive person and make them fuck. A lot of the Billy/Steve shippers all talk about how hot the hate sex would be and how hot they both are, it’s all about fetishizing (which anyone can do, not just girls) and glossing over abusive actions of a white guy simply because he’s attractive. People say they have sexual tension, but honestly I couldn’t care less because Billy is an abuser and a racist. However, it’s one thing to just write mindless smut and another thing to actually act like Billy can be redeemed like nothing happened and actually become a good person when the Duffers introduced him to solely be an ‘irredeemable sociopath’. So honestly Billy/Steve shippers can go enjoy their creepy ass shit as long as it stays away from me, their deluded fantasies won’t even touch me because I‘ll block them so damn quick I cannot even find one single fuck to give.

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honestly can't tell if I'm running or fever or just hot?? idk. but dear God can we talk about how much lighter Dan has been since the depression video?

he really is :’) he obviously got rid of the enormous weight on his chest by coming clean about his depression. as he said, it’s such a huge part of him and his life that it was weird nobody knew about it.
he’s free to talk about it now, to even joke about it, and this leads him to be more open, more comfortable and you can see this change in how he acts in front of the camera and mostly in his live shows. it warms my heart.


Dylan x Reader

Requested by @united-fandoms-in-one-home

Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“It’s so cold.” You complained and Dylan smiled as he fumbled in his pocket to hand you a tiny bottle. “I can’t drink this I have to go to work!”

“I spiked the hot chocolate and you didn’t mind.” He muttered and your mouth fell open at the thought of Norman down at the Motel serving families spiked Hot Chocolate. “I didn’t, I didn’t! I was just checking how you’d react.” He chuckled.

“You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.” You said firmly and he shrugged. “It’s reckless and not thought out.”

“But you love my reckless not thought out behaviour!” He called after you as you started to leave, jogging so he could catch you up and kiss you. “And besides it’s christmas, who’d care?”

“Sometimes. And everybody would care and Norma would kill you!” You admitted and he smiled as he grabbed the flask you’d gotten from the kitchen.

“I think that’s my coffee.” He muttered and sniffed it, pulling a face as he nodded. “Yeah… I’ll bring you some more.” He promised when you rolled your eyes at him and rushed down to your car.

JL spoiler!!

Tbh, it wasnt as bad as i expected?!?

Although the difference between zack snyder and joss whedon shots were soo obvious it was fckin sad, they cut a lot of good shit we were ROBBED

Diana is a queen as always i love her 💙

Barry was actually really cute??? He is so wholesome and funny and i laughed a lot it was good

When Barry ask bruce ‘what should i do idk how to battle’ and bruce answer with “save one” IT WAS BEAUTIFUL CAN HE ADOPT BARRY PLZ, I WANT FATHERLY BRUCE HGGNNNN

And jason momoa aquaman 💙💙💙 hot damn, i would like to see more mera tho i luv her too

Cyborg was ok, but i didnt really like his suit design…. And the Amazonians armor design wtf?!?

I love the light tone this movie had, but it wasnt joss whedon it was zack snyder guyss!!!! Joss cut so much?!? The engagement scene w clark and lois, the cyborg and flash scenes, the diagram, the alfred talk about hope in the trailer, just…. so much

Bruce have a very obv crush on clark if anyone missed this, he bought the whole BANK instead of just the farm. Everyone was like 'bruce no lets not ressurect clark’ but bruce just jumps aboard like 'hell yeah bitches we doing this fo real’. Also, the part where clark said 'so u didnt resurrect me cuz u like me.’ And bruce was stuttering 'wai.. what…. I..I dont…. not like..u’ HAVE U EVER SEEN BATMAN STUTTER??? EVIDENCE THAT BRUCE GOT A BIG CRUSH IM JUST

im still sad they got no hal BUT THERES SOME GL SO IM HAPPY

Cyborg also said BOOYAH 💙💙💙

The moment that barry knows that he fucked up 😂

When arthur sits on the lasso of truth… Priceless

And the extra credit where barry and clark race? Fcking adorable, these dorks


But i dont like the wonderbat romance, just.. Plz no its unnecessary, why cant diana be bi or les and just… Idk,love mera or anyone is better

I Dont like the boobs faceplant midfight plz fuck no joss fuck off please

Steppenwplf was kinda weak tbh, hes suppose to be a lot stronger?

Overall it wasnt bad but it could be better. I want my cut scenes. The plot is simple light tone and not too much sadness, i guess it also depends on diff ppl.

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Kurofai : “the fuck? who are you?”

You know that video of the guy waking up from surgery and he doesn’t recognize his wife and he can’t believe how hot she is? I love that video

“The anesthesia should be wearing off soon,” The nurse said. “He’ll probably be a little out of it for a little while, though. Just use the call button if you need anything, hun.”

Fai nodded and the nurse left. He leaned forward in his chair and sighed, looking over Kurogane’s sleeping face. The surgery wasn’t a major one, just to fix the injury in Kurogane’s knee, and it went well. He really had nothing to worry about. Still, Fai felt less like an adult man and more like a bundle of nerves as he waited for Kurogane to wake up.

He frowned. The rehabilitation would take a few days, and it would take even longer for Kurogane to manage to walk in his own without some sort of assistance. Knowing Kurogane though, he’d probably still insist on going right back to work at the school, probably using some excuse about how out of shape the kids would get without him. Fai smiled softly at the thought.

Fai sat up straighter when Kurogane’s eyes pinched tighter and his lips pressed together. Slowly, Kurogane blinked his eyes open. It took a few tries for Kurogane to get used to the light and manage to open his eyes fully, but when he did, he looked around the room in confusion.

“…The fuck?” He mumbled, his words slightly slurred. His gaze slid over to Fai, who smiled. He looked Fai up and down. “Who are you?”

Fai laughed and shook his head, leaning closer to Kurogane’s bed. “I’m Fai,” He said, holding up his left hand to show the silver ring on his finger. “Your husband.”

You’re my husband?” Kurogane asked in disbelief. “Holy shit. Really? I can’t believe it. Look at you. How’d I manage to marry someone so hot?”

Fai snorted and leaned forward, running his fingers through Kurogane’s hair. “I ask myself that question everyday. How are you feeling?”

“Perfectly fine now that I’ve seen you,” Kurogane said.

“Smooth,” Fai said teasingly. “Oh, you’re going to regret this.”

“Why would I regret it?” Kurogane asked. His words were still slurred and his eyes were only half open. “I get to be married to the most attractive person I’ve ever seen in my life. Damn. I just can’t get over it.”

As the day went on, Kurogane’s head cleared up and his memory loss went away. A week later, when Kurogane returned to work, he would come to learn what Fai meant when he said he’d regret it.

“Have you seen your hot husband yet today, Kurogane-sensei?” Yuuko asked, appearing as if out of nowhere.

Kurogane’s eye twitched. “Leave me alone, witch.”

“Yes, I shouldn’t distract you,” Yuuko said, but she did not go to leave. “I’m sure you’re still trying to figure out just how someone as pretty as Fai would ever marry a brute like you.”

Kurogane didn’t hear the end of it for a month.

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but just cause someone is a loyal person and values friendship doesnt automatically make them a hufflepuff?? they are very loyal to their friends (so are canonically slytherins and gryffindors too btw) but they are said to be grounded and patient and accepting. sure Mike has many huffepuff aspects going on but he is hot-headed, impatient and most of the time recklessly brave?

yeah i feel you and everything but he’s a hufflepuff im tired of the hufflepuff discrimination there are brave, strong people in other houses except for gryffindor homie and that’s all i gotta say about it. mike is the MOST patient, accepting, grounded person? im confused as to what ur argument is. are we thinking of the same person? who is endlessly patient with eleven and will, the first of their group to accept eleven, and how can you not say he’s grounded when he’s literally the only person will trusted with everything? u know why? bc mike is a calm, accepting person who finds solutions and doesn’t judge his friends. he’s not hot-headed, he grieved eleven for a YEAR and hopper had her kept secret from him the whole time. of course u know he was valid in that but as far as mike knew at the time, hopper lied to him and hurt him. would you not be angry? he’s a fucking kid. he expresses his emotions openly, and u wanna call him hot headed? ok. he’s reckless sure, but FOR his friends. before his friends were in danger, he took the bullying. took the beatings. never did shit back, OBVIOUSLY, going by his friends’ reactions when he stepped up to troy that first time. it’s not the usual for him. he has people to protect now, from danger FAR more than he ever thought he’d experience, of course he’s learned to fight back. of course he’s angry. but as a whole? look back at season 1, how he treated el when they first met her. how patient and kind and understanding he was. he fed her and gave her warm clean clothes and a place to sleep and never once made her feel like a freak for having her powers.

now will, who was all over the place and NEEDED stability, needed that peaceful quiet mike gave him. he was there every step of the way to be an anchor for him, to ground him to reality. he was patient, he tried to understand will’s experiences. he was kind, he comforted his friend and stayed by his side all season. he was understanding, he knew these things were out of will’s control and never blamed him. never.

what’s your argument here?

kid’s a hufflepuff, anon. deal

my gosh !!! the recent pictures of day6 busking on the streets are so cute…. I can’t believe they’re doing that in the cold like wonpil looks like he’s freezing but by gosh is he adorable. he’s wearing a blue turtleneck with a brown jacket with his light brown hair oh my god……… does that even sound real to you? no it doesn’t because wonpil isn’t real, hes an ethereal being like a mermaid except not as evil n definitely not as terrifying. the picture of him drinking something hot from a cup, like I’ve done that before I love how inclusive he is to me n fans all around the world. I love that about him


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Naughty, sex puppets.

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Halllooo Nini! Thanks for the Jealousy release! Wasn't really into it at first because of the old man sex but Asoda's adorableness and Akitora's hot abs won me over haha I don't particularly like Rogi but I think he's a complex and interesting character. I really wanna see how he goes from careless asshole to desperate petty jerk (I hated him in Yondaime) to a fluff of a dad to Reika... I just wanted to ask if you're translating the Jackass Drama CD? Thanks again and keep up the good work ❤️

I feel you xD I love how dorky the “old” Rogi is in Sensei’s twitter comics ^^
Can’t wait to see his development. 

We’re gonna scanlate the Jackass Drama CD Extra comic and the arts :) 
I hope @fatedfujoshisblog will pick up the Drama CD. They have the best Drama CD Videos imo <3

Thank you for your message dear Anon, we’ll do our best ^^ <3 <3 <3