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(so I sent this before, but I don't think it send correctly.) I'm writing an IronPanther one shot, and I'm trying to describe T'Challa in a way that isn't fetishizing. Do you have any tips for ways I can describe him that is very appreciative of the way he looks without being hella creepy? What are some dos and don'ts?

Hi!  Thanks for your question :)  It’s very responsible of you to be mindful of this issue.  I’ll try to cover the bases, but I’m not a person of color, so this is only based on reading and research…

Writing Characters of Color: Dos and Don’ts

First things first: I would suggest to anyone writing characters of color that you should follow @writingwithcolor.  It’s my absolute favorite blog on the topic of diverse writing, and includes plenty of resources for most races and cultures.  I’ll probably link you to a couple of their posts in this guide, so keep an eye out!  So here we go…

Do: Make their race clear.

In fact, clearly designate the race of all characters!  Even if a majority of your characters are white, you should state this in their description – otherwise, you’re painting the image that white is Baseline and Normal, while black/brown/beige are Divergent and Strange.  Understand that many readers will assume White Until Proven Otherwise.  This means that if you shy away from stating a character’s color in the fear of offending PoC readers, you’re actually just erasing the character’s race altogether.  (Personal note: obviously your readers will know what color T’Challa is, so this is a point for the future.)

Don’t: Use descriptors that make me hungry.

“Chocolate,” “caramel,” “coffee,” “brown sugar,” “cinnamon,” “honey” – you get the idea.  Anything that could also be used to describe my dessert is probably a terrible idea.  Not only is this not at all how white characters are described, which is unfair, but the reduction of adult, three-dimensional people to grocery items has racially-aggressive roots.  This is where I’m gonna link you to Writing With Color’s guide on how (and how not) to describe characters of color.

Do: Familiarize yourself with the harmful stereotypes.

This means a little research, no matter what race you’re writing.  A lot of the racist mistakes made in literature/fanfiction come from a place of ignorance, sometimes willfully.  People avoid learning the dirty past of racial representation in media, because they’re afraid they’ll subconsciously absorb them.  It’s a weird complex and I advise you, and all writers, to take the time to glance over the most offensive stereotypes for people of color, women, LGBT, trans/nonbinary, autistic, mentally ill, and disabled people.  This will not only keep you from hurting anyone, but it also makes your writing more unpredictable and interesting!  Plus, it makes you not-one-of-those-douchebags-who-write-two-dimensional-exotic-chocolate-brown-mistresses and all that 👍

Don’t: Desexualize your characters.

This is a common mistake that can come from good intentions.  You’re try so hard not to fetishize a character of color and then it reduces them to a non-sexual, non-attractive broom in the corner.  Characters of color – all characters really – god, especially women – should be three-dimensional and fully developed people, who are not sold to readers on their looks and sexual appeal.  BUT this doesn’t mean you should exclude all sexuality in writing.  T’Challa, for example, is a damn handsome man – you can’t possibly write him and ignore how nice he looks!  So don’t be afraid to describe him physically.  You can describe his eyes and his lips and his muscles and we will read happily.  Go ahead and talk about how smooth and warm and rich his skin is.  As long as sexuality is described through a lens of admiration, rather than objectification – and as long as their sexuality exists in accompaniment to their full, developed personality, and not instead of it – then there’s nothing wrong with making a character bangin’ hot.  So do it.  And lastly…

Do: Consider collaborating with a beta-reader.

You said in your previous ask that this was one of your first attempts at writing characters of color, so I’d suggest that if you feel nervous about it, partner up with a beta-reader who has enough experience to keep you in check.  It’s our responsibility as writers (especially for white, privileged writers such as myself) to learn to look at ourselves and assess whether or not we’ve crossed the line.  Having someone beta-read for you will show you the critical thinking process to go through, so eventually, you’ll be able to do it without thinking about it!  Maybe a few people here would be interested in a betaship.

Those are my top Dos and Don’ts, but as always, this is limited to my experience.  Be sure to check out @writingwithcolor and do your research – and remember that no matter how much research you do, you’re bound to make a mistake or two.  If it happens and a reader points it out to you, don’t beat yourself up about it or get defensive.  Just apologize, correct the mistake, and move on.

Thanks again, and good luck :)  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

I wonder if Delirious looks like his GTA character or his fanarts..

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Hi! You seem to enjoy cute asks, how about RFA/V/Saeran sharing bed with MC for the firstest time? First is always special; will they be super nervous and self-conscious? Spend a sleepless night afraid their love might stop breathing? (happened to me once!) Or just immediately relax and cuddle all night? Hog the blanket? Or would there be instant passion? But definitely MC won't take "i'll sleep on the couch" for an answer!

A/N: This is so cute i do enjoy cute thANK YOU (mainly because I can’t do angst i kinda just…. *slowly slides the angst inboxes to 626*) ~Admin 404


-He’d be pretty self-conscious about moving or snoring or something
-He’s so scared and tries to stay awake
-But that doesn’t work out, he falls asleep pretty quickly
-He likes to roll himself up into a blanket burrito and subconsciously forgets that you’re in bed with him
-It’s like fighting to the death to get into that blanket burrito just so you don’t freeze
-He’s used to cuddling a smaller stuffed animal, so he isn’t used to the fact that you’re a normal sized person
-You end up being the big spoon but that’s okay because he’s such a cutie omg

-Cool Calm Collected™
-Until it acTUALLY CAME TO IT *Internal screaming*
-He holds you close and absolutely loves the feel of you there
-You’re like a little heater and just WOW laying with you is way different than laying with Elizabeth
-But he just cannot sleep? No matter how hard he tries?
-He’s tried counting sheep, focusing on his breathing, focusing on YOUR breathing, but nothing worked out
-Gave up and accepted that he wasn’t going to sleep that night, he’ll have to drink a lot more coffee in the morning than usual
-It’s just what he’s used to, so it’s really hard to get comfortable enough to sleep
-He couldn’t help but admire how cute you looked when you were asleep, he couldn’t look away (though sometimes he forced himself too because wow jumin that’s a lil creepy stop that)
-Never once let you go though. If it seemed like you were waking up in the middle of the night, he’d hold you closer and internally freak out. He wanted you to have a perfect night’s sleep! Waking up would ruin that! HIS DARLING MC NEEDS TO SLEEP EVEN IF HE CAN’T

-Immediately falls asleep
-He has no problems sharing a bed
-He snores a little bit but it’s sooooo cute omg
-Rolls over and cuddles you as close as you can get to his chest
-Nuzzles his face against the top of your head and he’s just aDORABLE
- honestly he’s just glad he didn’t have any nightmares this time
-But he’s SUCH A BED HOG
-You wake up because??? Your ass hit the floor
-You throw yourself across him just so you can lay down and attempt to sleep and he just doesn’t move. He gets a good night’s sleep but you’re left strung across him, uncovered, annoyed

-He really didn’t want to because he’s very uncomfortable
-But he’ll give it a shot, just for you
-Absolutely no sleep at all (poor bby ;A;)
-What if you stopped breathing? What if something happened in your sleep? WhaT IF
- pls calm down saeran and just sleep
-He does like holding you though, won’t admit it, but he does
-When you put his head to your chest, hoLY SHIT
-He’s calmed down by the sound of your heartbeat cutie cutie
-Always makes sure you’re covered, comfortable, not too hot, not too cold
-Likes to drag his fingertips up and down your spine but if you make any sort of movement he practically throws himself away from you because he’s embarrassed

- but also really nervous???
- what if the beast comes out wHAT WILL HE DO
- he obviously wouldn’t do anything but still
- but all the nervousness goes away once he sees how sleepy you are
- totally not staring at ur legs
- and you find out Zen is a HUGE snuggler
- you should have known this???
- like he’s so affectionate when he’s awake, it just makes sense for him to treat u like a teddy???
- you’re dying cause he’s like a furnace and u jUST WANNA SLEEP but you can’t wake him up he’s so adorable
- since this your first time ever, of course he’s gonna be extra dramatic
- when he wakes up, he’s gonna stare at u cause ur gorgeous even with all the drool
- he showers you in kisses omg
- he just spends the morning spoiling you cause you’re his princess <3
- the first time you guys share the bed it’s totally an accident???
- usually after you two do the diddly do, you end up going home because you don’t have enough stuff at jaehee’s to stay over
- but over time all of your stuff magically started to collect at her place
- hell, the closet is is 75% yours
- so one night after the frick frack, you’re just chilling in bed with her, she’s drawing imaginary designs on you
- and you’re both so exhausted from work that you just fall asleep
- when you wake up in the morning, you find her snuggled up to her pillow and you burst out giggling
- you quiet yourself down though because you don’t wanna wake her up yet <3
- since she finally has a day off, you wanna let her sleep in and yOU’RE GONNA TREAT HER LIKE A PRINCESS TODAY
- you finally get up and make breakfast for two <3
- you and V take naps together all the time
- it’s like a hobby for u two
- so you thought sharing the bed the first time together wouldn’t be a big deal
- except you find yourself freaking out???
- he’s gonna see you when you wake up in the morning and you’ll look so ugly omg
- so you do everything you can to make sure you wont look to bad in the morning
- you use expensive perfume, you wear silk pajamas, you moisturize the heck out of your skin
- and when V walks in, you feel so ridiculous omg
- he’s just wearing normal pajamas, his hair is messy
- he knows he’s gonna look like a hot mess when he wakes up, he aint about to try
- when he sees you, his eyes widen cause damn u lookin fine, but he laughs because he knows exactly how ridiculous your thoughts must have been for u to do this
- so he just hugs you and you both go to bed and snuggle the heck out of each other <3
- you totally don’t set an alarm to wake up before him
- he also didn’t do the same exact thing

Things I LOVED about BatB 2017:

• The Prince’s make-up in the beginning, like hot DAMN
• The Prince’s Disney villain laugh, don’t ask me why, but that was so sexy
• Maurice singing
• Gaston and LeFou = dream duo
• Gaston actually being nice in the beginning
• Belle actually trying to escape
• Getting to know about Belle’s and the Prince’s childhood
• Days in the Sun, it made me cry
• Everything about the ballroom scene
• LeFou’s character developement
• The look on the Prince’s face after the transformation - you can SEE how much he loves Belle and that made me melt
• The whole ending scene
• The dance at the end
• Belle’s and the Prince’s outifts in the end
• Especially the Prince’s, like did you see how beautiful that blue outfit was???
• The GROWL!!!
• The whole cast
• The whole soundtrack

Let’s just say I loved nearly everything about it. Gonna watch it again tomorrow.


Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?

The List - Bruce Wayne x Reader (Quite NSFW)

Summary : You and Bruce, are making a list of all the people you slept with…Because why not ?

I just had this stupid idea when I was at work and sorry for it…hope you’ll still kinda like it and boom, here :

Do NOT read if NSFW/smutty things make you feel uncomfortable, you can go check my other fluffy and angsty stories instead, over there ;-) : 

My masterlist blog :


You don’t even remember who started it.

You don’t remember if it’s you who made a snarky comment first, or him.

You both were equally gifted in the sarcasm area, so it really could be any of you. And none of you could actually remember the instigator of it all…

But oh someone definitely started it, and now, you were both sitting on the floor around the coffee table of the living room, a pen in hand, a blank sheet of paper in front of you, thinking about all the people you had sex with. 

Or rather, about the people you had sex with and that you both knew. 

Who cared about some unknown guy from a bar, or a girl from a gala ? 

They meant nothing. They were just pleasure on the spot, something that didn’t matter at all and…to be honest, both you and Bruce didn’t care about those one night stands with people you didn’t give a damn about…You both knew you weren’t each other’s first time after all, and one night stands ? They were long over and there were not nearly as much as everyone thought…Bruce had only a few, and you too. And again, it was such a long time ago, and so meaningless (definitely not your favorite kind of sex, and Bruce would agree with that). 

This list was about the people you had sex with, with whom you shared part of your life, and/or someone you both knew. 

You knew almost everything about each others, but your past relationships ? You rarely talked about it. You never felt the need to, as you were too in love with each others for anyone else to really matter…

Both of you already stated multiple times, in your long years of marriage, that you never loved anyone like you loved each other. That all those past relationships were nothing compared to what you felt to each others. 

But…Curiosity always got the better of the two of you. 

And besides, when Bruce learnt that you used to date his best friend, Clark, he started to wonder if you slept with anyone else he knew, after all, you knew lots of Justice League members before knowing him so…He just wanted to know (he would never admit it, but he was quite jealous really. Grumpy Broosh). 

And so here you were, after one of you made a comment about it (wether it was you comparing Bruce to Clark or him saying something about Selina, you didn’t quite remember), writing a list. You were writing the last name on yours when Bruce raised his head and, very sternly said :

-I’m done.  

You smiled as you finished the last letter of the name you were writing and looked up, smiling at him. 

-Me too. 

Just another proof of how you were always so damn in sync, finished right at the same time. He doesn’t smile, and you smirk at him as you exchange papers. And…Exact same number than you. You quickly look over it and chuckle a bit, he detached his attention from your list (his frown getting bigger by the second as he was reading it), and, a bit suspicious, says : 

-What ? 

-Bruce, I think the two of us basically slept with the entire league. We’re super-sluts my heart. 

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Never Have I Ever L.H

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warning: smut ;))))

word count: 2500+

summary: Luke takes y/n’s virginity after a round of Never Have I Ever

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! I’m sorry for the wait, I know I told you it would be up earlier but I didn’t get the chance :/ anyway don’t forget my requests are open and I respond to all! ;)

- Find my Masterlist here -


“okay never have I ever… had sex” Ashton said, immediately putting his finger down after the suggestion. I didn’t want to play this game in the first place, not in front of 10 or so people I’ve never met before. I don’t mind Never Have I Ever but it’s better with just your friends so you can admit anything without feeling embarrassed.

But of course Ashton had to do the sex one. I’m not ashamed of being a virgin it’s just that people judge you very easily, because apparently still being a virgin at 18 is a sin. 

And I can’t lie because one look from everyone and my face crumbles, the moral of the story, don’t trust me to hide anything because people can tell I’m lying from a mile away. 

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HELP! i need to prove to my friend how thick shawn is so can you respond with some pictures depicting how ripped he is?! maybe shirtless maybe not. thanks g

shawn mendes, thick???

let’s take a moment shall we









(but like also shoutout to fluffy shawn because hot damn)

One Word

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Smut, slight daddy kink, slight dirty talk

Words: 1639

Note: Shameless smut, pretty much Porn Without Plot.

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January 2017

Series: Birthday Month Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Some mixup happens at Cochella turns out to be the greatest mixup ever.

Warnings: Sexual situations? Cute Tom

Word Count: 2,300+

A/N: Sorry it’s short my stomach isn’t feeling well again :( 

I love you all and look forward to a Mr. Holland update c:

I’m starting this series and will finish all the imagines for 2017 and then I will start January 2018 on New Years :)

[Reader’s POV]

   The smell of alcohol and weed filled the summer air. Music filled your ears as you saw tons of people heading off to different areas. A guy passes carrying a girl on his shoulders. Her hands in the air as she shouts excitedly.  Everyone dressed in fun and stylish different ways. It was always a dream to come here and you finally were able to come.

   You just grabbed your bags from the back of your Toyota Rav. Locking it you drag your bag towards the safari tents. This was your graduation gift from your parents since you got your degree. It was great as a gift because you would soon be starting your career after this vacation. This is going to be an experience you will never forget…. Well maybe forget some from how much you drink.

   Looking at the paper you look at the tent number. You signed a paper to room with someone so it’d be cheaper. You couldn’t get anyone to go with you so thankfully they had options to do this. Going to your tent you open the tarp to reveal one bed. Checking it again you look at the bed confused, there’s supposed to be two…

   Putting your bags down you leave the tent trying to find help. Tagging down a security guard he points you over to a table where people were sitting. They had sunglasses on and were wearing t-shirts that said ‘Coachella Staff.’ Once the person they were done helping leaves you place your printed information down on the table.

“I’m staying in tent thirteen, is there a reason why it’s on-”

“Ello, I’m in room thirteen and there’s been a mixup , I was supposed to be sharing with someone yet there’s only bed” an English accent makes your ears perk up. Turning to the side you see an attractive man with Ray bans on. His curls brushed back in a snapback.

“Well since the two of you are here, We’re sorry we can’t fix the situation since it’s the first day of the event..” the woman looks down at his paper , eyes widening a bit as she reads.

“Mr.Holland if you both don’t mind we can accommodate you free drinks while the two of you stay here to make up for our mistake we’re just going to ask if you could share the bed.. in return you get free drinks” The woman eyes were practically begging us to take their offer.

Why does that name seem so familiar?

“Hell if I can get free drinks I can sleep in the bed with some stranger” you laugh with a smile on your face. Who could say no to free drinks.

“Now that’s a sentence I did not expect to hear” the man beside you looks down at you. He takes off his shades looking you in the eyes. His eyes were brown but captivated your attention. You were at loss for words, he was handsome as fuck. It was Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man.

No wonder why you knew his name.

“C'mon let’s get back to the tent, we can get to know each other a bit yeah?” Tom smiles at you gesturing for you to follow him. Nodding you follow him as he slips his shades back on.

     The two of you walked back down the pathway leading to the tent. He held the cloth to the side letting you in. Taking your sunglasses off you set them down on the bed.He was wearing a floral shirt that was unbuttoned showing off his body. You couldn’t help but look at how his abs glistened from the sweat on his body. Looking away you blush after hearing him chuckle.

You were in the same room as a celebrity, you’ve never been in a situation like this.

“How bout we make this a drinking game?” you ask quirking an eyebrow up. Drinking games were your favorite and you barely lost.

“Drinking game? you’ve captured my attention love” his British accent kindling the fire inside you. God he sounded so damn hot.

“Truth or drink, we ask each other questions and if you don’t want to answer you have to take a shot” A woman walks into the room making the two of you look over. She had a tray of various alcohol bottles.

“We wanted to apologize Mr. Holland, here’s something you and her can share while you stay here..” She sets down the tray on top of the mini fridge that was in here. Waving goodbye she leaves the two of you alone. Your eyes locked on the variety of alcohol. The one bottle you know very well stands out to you.

    Walking over to the tray you pick up one of the shot glasses and open the bottle of Hpnotiq. The blurry blue vodka pours into the glass making you smile. Raising the glass to your lips  you knock it back letting it go down quickly. Taking the bottle you walk over to the bed after kicking your sandals off.

   Getting on the bed you sit down on your knees sinking slightly into the plus bed. Pouring another shot you take another one. Tom’s gaze was scanning your body up and down. He then looks over at the tray picking up a different bottle of vodka. Taking a shot glass he takes two like you and heads over to the bed.

   Tom climbs onto the bed sitting across from you. The alcohol buzzing through your system enticing you to drink more. Filling up your shot glass you wait for him to fill his up. The smell of his vodka reminded you of a party you blacked out at. That’s a strong vodka, maybe he might beat you?

“Alright angel, lets play the game” you two clink the shot glasses together before downing them. Licking your lower lip of the little droplet that remained. Tom’s eyes darting to your lips then back up to your eyes.

“Hmmm have you ever thought about roleplaying in your Spiderman suit and tying the girl up?” you ask smirking as his eyes widen a bit. Taking your lower lip in between your teeth as you wait for an answer.

“Yes I have thought about it.. do you like being tied up?” your hand tightened around the neck of the bottle a bit. Okay Holland, nice comeback. A cheeky grin plastered on his face as silence filled the air.

“I do like being tied up actually” filling up your shot glass you down another. You definitely needed a drink after that confession. Tom’s tongue darting out, he licks his lower lip. Raising his hand he runs his fingers through his curls. Yet all you could look at is his muscles flexing and moving as he did so.

“Are you bothered we have to share the same bed for three days?” you ask setting the shot glass on the bed side table. You get up and move closer sitting in front of Tom. Raising the bottle you take a few sips from it.

“No I’m not bothered.. It’s going to be interesting spending three days with you” he smirks  doing the same and just drinking from the bottle. It’s turned into just confession time cause none of you want to hide anything. The music getting louder in the background, cheering started filling the air. The beat of drums getting louder and louder signaling a new person was on stage. Before it was chill music now this band was loud.

“What do you wear to sleep?” Tom asks hissing slightly after chugging some of the vodka. His cheeks slightly tinting pink. He wipes the back of his hand against his lips.

“I normally sleep naked but that would be a problem” you hiccup before drinking more from the bottle.Toms eyes sliding down your figure making your chest tighten.Setting down the bottle on the table you get closer to Tom. His body was now resting against a headboard.

“Why do you think that would be a problem?” he asks you watching your every move. Swinging your leg over his legs you sit down on his lap. Your hands slide down his chest and get slower as the tips of your fingers brush against his abs.

“I mean.. I’ll want to do something if you’re in the same bed as me” your voice light as your fingertips glide back up his body. His arm extends to the side letting the bottle clink against the table.

“What would you want to do?” Tom’s hands grip your waist as your hips start grinding against his. Pulling his face against yours you press your lips against his. A grunt escapes him as his hands move to your ass gripping it. A smack fills the air from how hard his hand came down against the clothed skin.

    Your lips kiss down his jaw towards his neck. Lips attaching to the base of his neck you bite the skin lightly. Tom moans tilting his head to the side giving you more access. Your hips still moving against his in a slow steady motion. The alcohol buzzing in your system and his touch making a fire inside you grow bigger.

    As your hips performed their torture on Tom you could feel him getting hard beneath you. His breathing ragged and the smell of vodka blended with his breath. Tom gets up moving your body so it falls back onto the mattress. Your hair sprawled against the comforter. His hands felt like fire against your skin as they slid up your legs.

   Spreading your legs apart he settles himself in between your legs. Anticipation making your chest rise and fall faster. His face lowers so he’s close enough to kiss you but isn’t. Tom’s lips press against your forehead making you look at him confused. His chest vibrates from his deep chuckle. Sitting up on your elbows you release a sigh of frustration.

“Don’t be like that love, I would love to fuck you relentlessly now but I want to spend the weekend with you and take you as many times as you want on the last day?” his smile making the ache between your legs become worse. His accent sounding like the hottest thing you heard.

“You better make it worth it Holland” you smirk reaching up and gliding your fingertips over the hickeys your made on his fair skin.

“Well I’m Spider-Man so shut your face” Tom laughs taking your hand and kissing the palm of it. The action making you smile from how cute he is.

“Well you don’t have the suit on now or any rope.. cause then we could have some fun” giggling at the way his eyes widened and cheeks flushed pink.

“You’ll be the death of me this weekend” his hands slide down your body and back up. Letting out a heavy breath you get up off the bed.

“Well lets get out of here and have some fun.. maybe I can change your mind to help your friend out” your hand reaching and cupping his erection through his pants.

“Fuckin hell lets get out of here before I take you now” as you bent over to pick up your shoes a hard slap lands against your ass. Letting out a shriek you look up to see a smirking Tom.

“Fuck you Holland” glaring at him through narrowed eyes. His laughter fills the air making you furrow your eyebrows.

“You will be fucking me this weekend…”

“Tom!” picking up the bottle you laugh before taking a couple sips from it. The liquid burning its way down but feeling so good.

“It’s true though, you’ll be begging for it.. now hurry up I want to go get drunk as fuck I need it after finishing filming” Taking off his shirt he tossed it onto the ground and searched through his bag. Pulling out some paint he takes your hands.

    Rubbing the paint on your hands he places your hands on his pecs. Sliding your hands slightly to the side smearing the handprint but it still being visible. He takes two of your fingers on your cheeks moving them horizontally. Walking over to the basin you rinse the paint off of your hands. Drying your hands you change your outfit a bit.

   The two of you walk out of the tent and head down the pathway. A security guard walked past followed by another shortly after. Tom takes your hand in his as his free hand readjusts his snapback. His muscles on full display making you die on the inside at the sight. Yet the fact that he was holding your hand made your heart hammer in your chest.

“Ready to have an amazing weekend you’ll never forget?” he asks as the two of you walk toward the crowd.

“If I get to spend it with you thats all I care about” blushing a bit at your confession.

“Trust me I would never forget this for the world” he winks picking you up. Your body being slung over his shoulder. He takes off running towards the crowd and the two of you disappear into the crowd starting a weekend adventure together. This was going to be a weekend you would never forget.

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Painful Beauty (Mark x FemReader) FLUFF

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(( gif not mine - ah I love Ethan omg ))

(A/n): lmao so I just decided that this was pretty cute. I was reading through the prompt’s that I reblogged and I got inspired by number 23. I hate you

Summary: Mark, Ethan and Tyler do a video with you where they do your makeup with things they find in the kitchen.

Warnings: If I said there wasn’t any swearing and fluff, I’d be lying.


“Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and this is the kitchen face challenge!”

The introduction was cheery as per-usual. From the camera’s view, Ethan and Tyler stood on the right of (Y/n); with Mark speaking on the left.

The four were stationed in Mark’s studio, right in front of a large flat screen T.V that showcased a tranquil forest setting.

“Yayy….” (Y/n) uttered manageably, her enthusiasm forced and dry.

Ethen shared (Y/n)’s look of discomfort from beside her, shifting uncomfortably on his heels and giving the camera a cringy smile.

Ouchh,” Mark laughed along with Tyler before Tyler began to explain.

“So basically,” he took a glance at both you and Ethan “Mark is going to do (Y/n)’s full face and I’m going to do Ethan’s and at the end, who’s ever looks the best?” he drawed out and looked to Mark “Wins??”

“Exactly it Tyler.” Mark confirmed. “SO LET’S DO THIS. CAN WE GET 506,000,000 LIKES FOR HOT SAUCE EYESHADOW?!”

The camera zoomed in on Tyler’s face in silence.

They all laughed and broke apart.

“I’ll go get the tarps, yeah?” Tyler asked

“Yes, thanks Ty. (Y/n), you and Ethen go get your chairs that you will be sitting on,” asked Mark “and I will go get the tools~!” he finished in a manic, silly voice.

“Mark,” (Y/n) sighed and she turned to walk with Ethan “I hope you make me look fucking beautiful!”

❆  ❆  ❆

“Okay so I know you are my boyfriend and I should trust you,” (Y/n) began, leaning back in her chair “but I don’t.” she finished.

“NooOOooOoooOoooo…!” Mark whined “I trust me, so you should too.”

Tyler laughed and grabbed his phone.

“Alright, we each have exactly three minutes.” he said

“Ohh god.” groaned Ethen “(Y/n), let’s survive together, okay?” he held out a hand to said girl.

“Alright. You are my anchor.” she replied, dramatically grabbing his hand.

“CRANK(Y/N) CONFIRMED!” Mark and Tyler both shouted at the same time, causing you all to laugh once again.

“I guess I shouldn’t be saying that, because we are dating,” Mark chuckled “so, Ethen! Stay away from my woman, ya’ little blue bastard!”

Everyone laughed more.

“Okay, one… twothreego!” Tyler said quickly, hastily shoving his phone to the side.

“Oh, oh, okay!” Mark sputtered and looked at all the kitchen condiments below him, on the tarp.

“Way ahead of you.” Tyler stated, shoving some flour onto Ethen’s cheeks. “Beauty!” he said in some accent.

“LORDY, I cAN’T SEE!” Ethen wailed, beginning to paw at his eyes.

“DETAILS, DETAILS!” Tyler laughed loudly.

(Y/n) turned slowly to Mark and mouthed ‘please no’, the camera zoomed in on her face.

“Classic red lips is what I’m up for!” Mark said back, a goof smile on his face.

He took some Red Hot and dabbed a bit on his finger tip, being gentle when spreading it upon the girl’s lips. Tipping some also on her cheeks for extra measure.

“It burns.” she hissed, squinting her eyes.

“Beauty is pain, beauty is pain…” Mark repeated, continuing to scour the tarp. The brunette suddenly turned and winked in the direction of the lens. “That’s why it pains me to look at (Y/n) sometimes, because she is so damn pretty.”

“Awe~” she drawled. The Red Hot covered her actual blush.

“Well it pains me to look at you too Mark,” Ethan snickered “because you are so damn ugly.” and then he groaned again “That and this fucking flour makes it hurt when I open my eyes…”

Everyone laughed along with him.

“How much time we got?” Mark questioned.

“Thirty seconds.” Tyler replied. He was finishing up added a coco-powder beard to Ethen.

“Ah, balls!” Mark cried and at last minute snatched the vegemite. “Can someone say eyeshadow? Because I sure can.” he chuckled.

“I fucking can’t.” (Y/n) laughed as Mark applied the heavy spread to her eye lids.

“Time!” Tyler called.

Mark and (Y/n) both couldn’t stop laughing.

“I hate you.” (Y/n) sighed and didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

“Ya’ love me.” Mark said back, laughed his funny laugh, and leaned down to the girl’s face to give her a kiss.

(Y/n) could feel Mark in front of her and knew what he was looking for, so she gave it to him.

A sweet, Red Hot kiss.

“Oh my god, I hate you!” Mark cries dramatically, laughing quaintly “It. BURNS.”

“Beauty is pain.” the rest of them said in unison, bellowing with laughter.


(A/n): Ah this one is cute though. I really do like this one, even though it’s pretty short?? Oh well. It’s great.

*alternate reality where everything is the same except Lance hits on Keith all the time*

Keith: Shiro! Lance is being dumb again! Make him stop.
Shiro: *drags hand across his face because he’s so done with them* Lance, for the 50th time, leave Keith alone.
Lance: How can you expect me to leave this delectable little fluff of grumpiness and hotness alone? Have you seen him, because damn!
Keith: That’s it. I’m launching him into space!
Shiro: No no no, calm down Keith. You can’t do that. We need him.
Keith: Watch me. *tries to grab Lance*
Shiro: *intervenes and sends them to their separate rooms acting like the total space dad he is*
Coran: Ah, young love.
Pidge: *stares at Coran like he’s lost his mind*

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96 with Jungkook. Please. HAHAHA

Prompt: “Is that…is that my bra?”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Humour

Summary: Jungkook is your best friend’s older brother. You were never close with him, but in the past few years, you spread even further apart. Naturally, you’re a little confused when you find a certain something of yours is in his room.

Word count: 914 words

It was the last weekend before school started again. You and your best friend, Mina, were having a sleepover to mourn the end of summer.

You both lay stretched over Mina’s unmade bed, music from her speakers playing softly in the background. It was some indie-sounding song about pilots or something.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Mina asked, growing bored of doing nothing. You had rotated between binge-watching Gilmore Girls, eating, and doing karaoke for the past several hours. “I’m feeling Superbad, what about you?”

“Whatever,” you agreed easily, reaching for Mina’s laptop that was sitting on the nightstand. When you tried to turn it on, you were met with a black screen. “I think your laptop just died.”

Mina groaned in frustration, rolling off the bed to locate her charger. She pulled the chord out from under her bed and tossed it to you.

“This old piece of shit takes ten hours to charge,” Mina sighed. She reached for her phone, which was luckily still charged. “We’re gonna have to use the Chromecast on my TV.”

Mina had a small flatscreen TV attached to her wall. Her older brother, Jungkook, used to use it for gaming. He recently bought a new display, passing along the old TV to Mina. Unfortunately, Mina was technologically inept, leaving you to set everything up.

You sat up, wincing as your bones cracked after hours of inactivity. Stretching, you stood up and inspected the back of the TV. The Chromecast wasn’t plugged in. You voiced this issue out loud.

“Oh, right,” Mina said sheepishly. “Jungkook probably has it. I think he borrowed it awhile ago. Can you go get it? I’m too comfortable to move.”

You hesitated. You hadn’t talked to Jungkook very often in these past few years. You had been close when you were much younger, but the two year age gap seemed to grow infinitely larger once Jungkook had started university. He had also started working out and was intimidatingly good looking.

Mina sensed your nervousness and balked. “Oh my god, Y/N,” she screeched, throwing a pillow in your general direction. “Do not tell me you’re nervous about Jungkook. You’ve known him forever! Even back when he had that stupid haircut. And during the emo phase!”

“You had an emo phase, too!” you retaliated, throwing the pillow back at Mina. You succeeded in hitting her directly in the face.

“We all did!” Mina screamed, sitting up and flailing her arms. “We’ve seen each other at our worst! There’s no shame anymore.”

“But Jungkook’s just so hot now,” you whispered, covering your your flaming cheeks with your hands. “And he’s in university. You know, an older man.”

Mina stifled her wail with the pillow. “Don’t talk to me about my brother ever again,” she grumbled defeatedly. “We’re going to university next year. It’s no big deal. Just go get the damn Chromecast so we can watch the movie and forget this ever happened.”

You sighed and shuffled out of Mina’s room. Jungkook’s bedroom was at the very end of the hall. Taking in Mina’s earlier words, you knew you had no reason to be embarrassed in front of Jungkook. No matter how hot he was.

Taking a deep breath, you knocked on his door.

“Come in,” Jungkook called out.

Tentatively, you turned the doorknob and peeked into his room. Jungkook was stretched out on his bed, playing on his cell phone. One arm was propping up his head, and his muscular biceps were sinful.

“Uh,” you said eloquently. “Hi?”

“Oh, Y/N,” Jungkook smiled, looking up at you. He sat up and set his phone aside. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you had the Chromecast,” you explained, wringing your hands to distract from your nervousness. “Mina said–”

Something hanging of Jungkook’s bedpost caught your eye. It was a Pokeball bra, shamelessly on display. It was also terrifyingly familiar.

“Is that…is that my bra?” you squeaked, incredulous.

Jungkook followed your line of vision and blushed furiously. “Oh, fuck! It’s yours?” Jungkook hissed. He snatched it from the bedpost and threw it at you. You caught it with fumbling hands. “Fuck, I swear it’s not what you think. I’m not stealing your bras.”

“Can you elaborate?” you asked, on the borderline of shrieking. You clutched your favourite bra awkwardly by your side, not sure what to do with it.

“I found it in the laundry last week,” Jungkook said, refusing to meet your eyes. “It’s too big Mina’s, so I figured a, uh, friend, left it here on the weekend. I didn’t know you were here.”

“Are you sleeping with people who wear Pokeball bras?” you squealed, slightly embarrassed by the fact Jungkook had seen your most childish undergarment. Your eyes snapped to Jungkook’s, reeling at what he just said. “Oh my god! Have you been bringing girls over the entire time?”

Jungkook shrugged, finally maintaining eye contact. “Our parents are travelling, so whatever,” he smirked. “Is it bothering you? I’m not too loud.”

“I don’t need to know! I don’t need to know,” you chanted as you backed out of the room. Turning on your heel, you hurried down the hall, back to the safety of Mina’s room.

“Hey, Y/N!” Jungkook called after you, his voice taking on a teasing quality. “It’s a cute bra. I wouldn’t mind seeing you in it sometime.”

And if you took Jungkook up on that offer a few weeks later…well, no one had to know.

- Girl in Luv

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I may sound like an idiot but I can't watch the show, and I'm real confused about Maia / Jace ? Could you explain maybe? Thank you :)

i’m gonna be so extra and make this LONG AS HELL, with clips because there’s so many on freeform and why not?! also gifs because i’m extra???? and i love them?????

okay so jace and maia’s story starts in 203 (maia’s first episode) and it starts off well, maia let jace use the phone at the bar she works at and gave him a free beer so it was like :D 

but then maia found out that jace was the one who killed her friend gretel but it wasn’t him but he was there when it happened, so by default she had to avenge her friend’s death and kill him. then jace had to plead for his life, and it clearly affected maia’s decision because she was willing to let him go but the other members of the pack weren’t. 

anyway jace gets rescued by the shadowhunters and then yeah. SO ONTO 207, so simon and maia are feeling each other at this point, and jace happened to be at the bar and of course is a complete little shit towards maia, but she hits him back lmaooo. later on jace gives simon terrible advice which cost him his date w/ maia, because he’s a thot and was plottin’ 

then simon’s like “i guess some girls are immune to your charms” BOOOOOOOOOY. then next episode, 208!!! maia’s working at magnus’ party and of course, jace arrives and the banter & flirting is off the charts, and maia said she was happy she didn’t kill jace :’) at this point, if you didn’t see it then idk what was wrong with you.

their next appearance is in 210, when jace is out with luke and maia’s angry at luke who locked her up for no reason and then maia ends up punching jace LMAO, ass beating #2 (its what he deserved)

OKAYYYY lets jump to 213, where shit really went down. so basically jace is hung up on clary, and maia’s hung up on simon so they form the salty lovers club™ at the bar and end up talking a little about a few things, its rly cute. and it has the first appearance of jace’s maia smile!!!

okay then there’s this plot w/ wanting to put a tracking chip into every downworlder and jace is head of the institute so he went to the bar to tell maia that and then ASS KICKING #3 OCCURS, but at the beginning they were so cute and we saw the second appearance of jace’s maia smile

oKAY THEN, maia’s accused of killing a shadowhunters and there’s iconic scene where she calls out the clave’s racism. and in that scene, maia asks jace to believe her ;-;

THENNNN jace apologises to maia and everyone is truly shook, it was a great scene :’)

HOOOO BOY THEN THE MOST HAPPENED, I’M NOT OKAY!!!! so jace goes to the hunter’s moon (the bar) to take out maia’s tracking chip and it’s so *eyes emoji* at this point

then jace apologises once again and maia’s like your dumb ass almost ruined the whole downworld because you’re still in love with clary. and jace’s like clary? IDK HA!!! then maia’s like prove it… AND THEN BITCH OH MY GOD HE KISSED HER AND WE ALL SCREAMED. then maia pushed him away and i was like wow how could they play me like this. THEN SHE SLAMS HIM ON THE WALL AND THEY HAVE SEX JKDFJKGJKGHJKFJKDJKS IM STILL SO SHOOK THEY DID THAT

maia says it doesn’t mean anything, and next episode jace said the same thing but they’re fucking liars and i’m a hot mess

WOW IT WASNT MEANT TO BE THIS LONG BUT :)))))))))) as you can say, their love is legendary, and we deserve for them to be endgame

soulmate! Hoshi

for anon: soulmate hoshi please? i loved all the soulmate aus so far!!!!keep up the good work!!!

a/n: TYSM and hope you enjoy!!

Summary: in which the closer you are to your soulmate, you can hear what song their listening too, visa versa (part two)

  • the first year you could comprehend what a soulmate actually was,
  • you were completely obsessed with finding your “mark”
  • and after that mess, searching through the “soulmate” section in the library and asking around
  • you kind of just gave up of finding your soulmate
  • figured “go with the flow” is best
  • but that didn’t stop you from lowkey being jealous of your friends who had obvious signs
  • hell even one had her soulmate’s first words
  • you think you could live with anything, even "get out the way" if it meant you would for sure meet he or, what the hell, she one day
  • flash forward years later not really lol your still young and fresh okay
  • your college offers programs for classes over seas for a year
  • for your major, the best places would be, south korea, singapore, and japan
  • lots of people were choosing south korea, and but you actually already know korean, as a result of your high school friend who was korean
  • so to be a little different you and your best friend in college, choose japan
  • even though flying is a bitch, you and your friend land safely and head to baggage claim
  • suddenly you hear this slight beat in your ears
  • looking down at your phone, you see the music is turned off
  • “f/n do you hear some music?”
  • “nah you alright?”
  • “yeah it’s probably just my post plane effects”
  • when you sit in the taxi on the way to your airport, you play your music and eventually the beat is gone
  • the next day when your prepping for a class, you hear the beat again
  • you search everywhere and after your friend says she hears nothing, you almost pull your hair out
  • then it clicks,
  • holy shit you’ve read of soulmates having this before
  • maybe he’s japanese????
  • after telling your friend, on any spare time you guys had, you both travel all through japan
  • the disappointment you feel hurts, in fact in seems the farther you travel through japan, the quieter the beat gets
  • the one thing you notice is the same beat seems to play over and over again
  • at one point you to start to subconsciously drum your fingers to them 24/7
  • you wonder if your soulmate can hear your music too and is thinking about you? hopefully?
  • at the end of your time in japan, you and your friend decided to take a week vacation in seoul, south korea
  • “girl did you see the street food there, if we gain a couple pounds, it’ll definitely be okay”
  • and literally, the first thing you notice when landing at Incheon is the melody added to that beat
  • “f/n. shit i think my soulmate’s korean”
  • as you get closer to seoul, you can start to hear the whispers of lyrics
  • by the time your in your hotel you can hear the lyrics as if your playing it from your phone quietly 
  • “ulgo sipci anha”
  • despite the bit of jet lag you have, you grab a small backpack full of all your essentials and head out, leaving a note for your friend who’s already knocked out
  • as you run around seoul aimlessly, you somehow figure out directions with the sounds
  • this leads you to the front of a large building
  • smartly, you plug in your earphones and play a hiphop song, loud with heavy beats
  • if there’s a way you can hear a song about boys not wanting to cry then he could hear you blasting kokak blacks’ tunnel vision in one ear
  • no matter how far you walk along the street you always hear the song the loudest at the building
  • after mustering up some courage, your about to knock but the crying song stops
  • you step back three feet, kind of freaked out, the mash of the two songs only becoming yours
  • suddenly a cute black haired boy dressed in sweaty workout clothes explodes from the doors
  • he stares at you with wide eyes and takes a step back
  • bumping into a whole soccer team of guys coming out or peaking heads out the door
  • you slowly reach your hand up to your earbud and as you take that one out, the music in his ears stop also
  • the grin that graces his face has to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
  • he looks at your face brightly, noticing the happy smile on your face
  • like the match made in heaven you guys are, you run up to him laughing and he opens his arm laughing
  • your arms go around his shoulders and his around your waist
  • you get lifted slightly and this situation makes you smile and giggle even harder
  • suddenly you feel yourself get pulled forward from what you notice is your soulmate’s friends pulling him back inside the building
  • “as happy as i am for you to find your soulmate, lets not have any pictures taken”
  • he ignores them completely with the smile seemingly permanent
  • setting you down, he holds your hands tightly, grinning
  • “my name’s kwon soonyoung and ill definitely be calling you soon”
  • you giggle and answer
  •  "my name’s f/n l/n. i would call you honey, but your so much sweeter than that.“
  •  you guys laugh again and he pulls you in closer, burying his head in your nape and yours in his chest
  • “wow someone who’s actually PERFECT for soonyoung”
  • “the cringe couple”
  • “ewwww LMAO”
  • after being introduced and explained too that they are actually a group called seventeen and bombarded by them with questions,
  • you and soonyoung are given time alone
  • aka sitting in the corner and pretending svt isn’t trying to eavesdrop on the other side of the dance studio
  • getting to know each other must have been the funnest and cutest experience of each other’s life
  • “its a great song but i was tired of listening to just one portion of a song about boys crying after the first 10 minutes”
  • “yahh, i create choreography, so of course i play it over”
  • you guys openly and cutely discuss pet names
  • “i dont want to call you y/n, that’s what everyone else calls you,” he pouts
  • “what about you? you have something you wanna be called?”
  •  he slightly gets flustered, and before he can answer you ask,
  • “you know how americans will call their husbands hubby?”
  • he nods at the mention
  • “what do you think about bubby? boyfriend instead of husband”
  • he smiles sweetly and laughs, “i like it, and i’ll call you jagi (honey) in honor of your pickup line”
  • you laugh and accept of course
  •  the corners of his mouth twitch up in a slight smirk
  • “so am i your boyfriend now?”
  • you slap his arm lightly, “yah im not that easy, take me on a date first”
  • you guys get closer on the emotional level
  • he looks at you and smiles softly
  • “i think your too pretty to be my soulmate" 
  • "what do you mean??? your the most attractive guy ever. clearly we are soulmates, two good looking people together? helloo”
  • you wiggle your eyebrows at him and wink cutely
  • he chuckles softly
  • “are you sure, you’ve seen the other members, they have way better bodies and faces than me”
  • you realize at this moment your soulmate had insecurities
  • why are korean beauty standards like this
  • “look at me”
  • you boldly hold his face in both of your hands, instantly making his ears turn red
  • “i don’t know or care that other people don’t find you attractive. to me you are the most handsome" 
  • "your the perfect height for me, i dont need to you to be any taller" 
  • "your eyes are the most attractive thing, i didn’t think someone can be so hot and cute as the same time but damn you proved me wrong" 
  • "i could go on and on but if i say all of them now, it would take forever”
  • you bring his face closer and press your lips on his cheek softly
  • he smiles with pink cheeks and pecks your neck, settling his head there and whispers
  • “you don’t need to be perfect but i know your perfect for me”
  • you laugh tenderly and whisper in his ear,
  • “i love how you can keep up with my cheesy comments but let’s not do this 24/7”
  • he chuckles loudly
  • “let’s be a comfortable & fun couple, those are the best”
  •  "definitely”
  • svt at the side like “this has to be the cheesiest and cutest moment i’ll ever witness”
  • “it’s a drama in real life lol”
  • seungkwan says this a little too loudly
  • you and soonyoung both look over and then at each other
  • “you wanna throw it or will i?”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||

100% reconmend you another soulmate au here, soulmate! Joshua ;)

(Jess: Seri ily //actual tears//)


~ admin seri

Strilondes & Co stupid bath post

Jane is relaxing in a massive hot tub at the esteemed crocker estate. The water is hot, the jets are on and this corporate queen is in bliss. she cannot hear the faint sound of the fogged windows opening over the bubbling of the whirpool action. she cannot hear the quiet giggles as roxy and callie slip in and tip toe closer, arms full of contraband. she does not realize until the very last moment what is about to go down. roxy stands over her, wearing a legendary grin. jane surges up out of the tub, wailing, ROXY NO

ROXY YES, roxy counters. she and callie drop three dozen bath bombs into the churning water. chaos ensues. rainbow foam and biodegradable glitter are everywhere. roxy slings an arm around jane, laughing so hard jane has to hold her up out of the water. callie covertly eats a handful of sparkling pink foam. instant regret. this is betrayal. how can something look and smell so delicious and yet be so very disgusting

jane insists that they’re gonna have to clean this up later. dont worry, roxy grins. i got that all lined up. (it’s john. he doesn’t know it yet. jane doesnt want to hear another word)

There are natural hot springs on consort island. Dirk encourages visiting them often b/c otherwise Jake goes like weeks without showering jesus christ Jake please. Jake tries to initiate amorous activities because everyone god damn knows when you take your s/o to a hot spring this is what happens, there are rules. dirk just wants to wash his fucking hair, for once, would it kill you jake. would it. a rustling in the wilds around them interrupts their debate, which jake is winning, because let’s face it jake is hot and dirk is weak. a clan of salamanders burst out of the trees. they canonball into the water. bubbles fill the air. dirk and jake slam themselves onto opposite sides of the spring as fast as they possibly can. nearby, the scent of onions fills the air. a nakkodile is chopping vegetables. he is ready to feast

Karkat unwisely leaves the door unlocked for his routine morning shower. Dave stumbles in blearily 40 minutes into it whining about being left to freeze in bed alone. it’s summer, karkat points out, and also get the fuck out what the fuck is wrong with you????????? dave ignores this and proceeds to use the toilet instead. Karkat is screeching. are you filling this bathroom up with the fetid stench of your human waste while I’m trying to goddamn shower. yeah, dave says. sure am. he leaves without flushing. karkat has an actual meteor level meltdown but he never forgets to lock the door again

Kanaya comes home after a long day supervising the jadebloods at the grub caverns. her back is sore. her feet are aching. do you know how much work it is to mop that many eggs. but what’s this? all the lights are off. where is rose. there are rose PETALS… is this a trail? should she follow it? why does it lead to the bathroom??? 

…… oh. someone has prepared her a nice bath. theres incense burning on the counter. there are rose petals in the water. multicolored tea candles are the only source of light. steam curls off the water’s surface, inviting. but its simply too nice to spoil by actually using it. she just stands there, staring at it. rose arrives minutes later, knocking before she walks in, and nearly bowls her right over. what are you doing, she laughs. I thought you’d be in there by now.

oh REALLY, kanaya says. her eyebrows climb. so you were going to ambush me. oh yes, rose agrees, revealing that she is carrying a tub of ice cream. my plans were VERY nefarious, as you can plainly see. they nearly die twice tripping over each other climbing in. water goes everywhere as they settle in together. they sit facing each other, passing a gallon of ice cream between them, quietly telling each other all about their respective days until the ice cream is gone, the incense has burned down and the water’s gone a bit chilly. but that’s ok. they have ways of warming themselves back up again

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a reaction of the rfa+v and saeran to mc being in a musical and having to see them kiss other people during the performance?

A/N: SORRY BABE I’M A HUGE HSM FAN OKAY BYE (also les pretend that there is a kiss in hsm okay) ~ 626

- Omg why you gotta hurt the poor boy like this???
- He knew you were cast as the main lead in your school’s play “High School Musical”
- His heart is breaking!!! He knows you love him but watching u two touch lips (even if it’s literally for a second omg yoosung bby) makes him so jealous
- Did u want someone who was taller??
- He’s about to cry MC UR SO CRUEL
- But then when you all start singing “We’re All in This Together” anD YOU GRAB HIS HAND AND BRING UP ON STAGE???
- It’s totally cool, the other cast members are doing this too, this is totally allowed during plays, don’t question 626’s logic
- He’s singing along and he sounds so bad but he doesn’t care!!! You look so happy!!!
- At the end of the song, you kiss him quickly <3
- He’s stuttering and blushing omg, why dID HE EVER DOUBT HIS LOVE FOR U, YOU’RE PERFECT
- Honestly, this boy can be as dramatic as Zen, smh
- When he learned you got a role in the school’s play, he was so happy!!!
- But he wasn’t the main lead??? HE WAS CAST AS AN EXTRA (dramatic ass hoe is working on a diff play but he still wanna be the lead anyway)
- Sorry zen, ur a pretty boy but ur no Troy Bolton
- But u keep him in the loop by practicing lines with him!!!
- Honestly he goes a lil crazy when he learns ur gonna kiss another person
- But he calms down
- Or so u think
- When it’s time to sing the last duet with McHottie Troy bolton, zen pops up??
- He just pushed mchottie right off the stage while he sung that line omg
- Don’t mess with Zen or he’ll push u off stage while singing HSM songs, howverythreatening
She’s president of the drama club, even if she doesn’t act in the plays, she’s the one who gets everything done and makes sure the club has enough money to run productions
- She knew from the very beginning u were gonna kiss Zen
-She’s not really hung up on it though, she knows you’re just acting, she ain’t worried
-Plus you two weren’t technically in a relationship? U acted like it but u two decided that with all the stuff you had going on, u didn’t have time for a relationship
- But she didn’t expect it to hurt so much when she actually saw you sing a duet with someone else???
-You two haven’t even kissed yet but it still feels like her heart is ripping apart
- And then Jaehee made her final decision
- Y’all wont believe what this lil lady is about to do
- no one really notices her at first bc she knows the dance moves very well so she blends in but then u come on stage
- Why is everyone as dramatic as Zen today
- Safe to say y’all are together after that

- You didn’t even tell him about the kiss
- you didn’t leave it out on purpose, but it’s just, everyone knows about high school musical so u assume he knew???
- He didn’t know
- he didn’t know at all
- he was definitely not prepared to watch you kiss Zen during rehearsal
- his heart literally breaks in half, he has no idea what to do
- but he knows if he lashes out it’ll just make you angry
- So he sits quietly when it’s time for the actual performance no he’s not crying, he just has allergies to zen, that’s all it is, no uR CRYING
- Except here’s the thing, Jumin was actually able to memorize all the lines in the play bc he watched your every rehearsal <3
- And boy oh boy, Jumin decides instead of sitting quietly he’s gonna do something
- No one kisses his MC in front a of a crowd of people other than him
- he literally threw Elizabeth the Third at Zen’s head and then shoved zen into a closet and locked it from the outside
- Daddy can be sneaky ;;;))) (I’M SORRY)

- Everyone is so surprised to see him come out on stage???
- But y’all have to roll with it for the performance
- And with the last line of “Start of Smething New” he plants a quick kiss on ur lips
- he doesn’t care if it’s not part of the script, the world needs to know that you are his
- Honestly??? You’d think Saeyoung might get jealous, with a whole spiel of “u can do better,,,, he’d make u happier than I ever could,,,” but he’s secretly begging u stay inside his head
- But nah not this time!!!
- This boy LOVES high school musical
- Like hello??? Melodramatic teens with singing mixed in??? that’s his favorite genre ever
- He goes to every single one of your rehearsals!!!! He loves you so much!!!
- But ofc, he has a little trick up his sleeve too
- When it’s time for the actress playing Sharpay to make her entrance, it’s Saeyoung in a blonde wig instead???
- With the help of Saeran, they tricked the poor actress into missing the play, don’t ask me how they just did
- and hot damn, this boy can d a n c e
- ur a little turned on
- No one can bop to the top better than Saeyoung
- After the performance, you run up and kiss him!!! You both did so well!!
- Next time, you want him to play the leading role opposite of u cause he’s so great <3 sorry other dude bye
- Saeyoung totally doesn’t make eye contact with the guy who’s playing Troy Bolton while you two are kissing
- And he definitely doesn’t maintain eye contact the entire time either

- You made sure to tell Saeran about the kiss before you even auditioned
- You didn’t want to surprise him like ya hoe ass did with jumin because u knew he’d pretty much murder whoever was going to be opposite of u
- He was weirdly okay with it??? Like he kinda brushed u off like “yeah yeah I know Saeyoung’s made me watch HSM a million times”
- And you’re so excited the day of auditions bc you’re pretty sure you’re gonna get the role! And Saeran is in the audience watching u <3
- Little did you know that Saeran is actually there to audition as well
- See, he may have seemed cool about it, but on the inside he was pretty much killing every guy in the world so there’d be no one to play the role of Troy Bolton
- first he pretty much threatened zen into not auditioning, and then threatened zen into teaching him to get the role
- and b r u h, boy oh boy did saeran blow everyone away
- his singing wasn’t the best but his dancing and acting skills??? Off the charts amazing
- But you’re so happy!!!
- You don’t have to kiss another guy, you get to kiss Saeran! <3
- On the day of the performance, when it’s time for the kiss, he kisses you, picks u up, and carries u off stage while pretty much making out with u
- Nah this totally isn’t him making sure everyone knows that you are only his, nope, he is not that jealous, nu uh
- He’s actually in the play too!!! This hoe ass is Ryan nO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE
- And he’s super excited to be part of the play with you, even if your role isn’t opposite of his!!!
- He has tons of fun with you, all the singing and dancing, all the dumb mistakes everyone makes
- He’s so happy
- And he definitely doesn’t feel an ache in his heart every time you have to kiss “Troy Bolton”
- He knows you don’t have any feelings for the guy, and he knows you’re totally in love with him bc of the dreamy look you have on your face when you stare at him (626: mY BOYFRIEND DOES THIS LMAO IT’S SO CUTE)
- But when you and that guy pull away from that kiss, the guy shoots a smirk at V as if saying “She’s mine now”
- And jfc V is a gentle guy but there is no way in hell he’s going to let another guy think he has you
- And he knew exactly how to knock the guy down a few pegs <3
- He lets the entire performance go by smoothly, he didn’t want to ruin your time in the spotlight, he loves you too much to do that
- B u t
- When it’s time for you and troy Bolton to do some mouth smacking
- then he takes a microphone and says “Ryan and Gabriel end up together, the end”
- And ur laughing so hard bc you didn’t know V would ever do something as crazy as that???
- It was also kinda cute even if it did ruin the performance
- But ??? Everyone actually loved V’s version of HSM so much, it became the script for the rest of the performances