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Sarah! I remember you saying that you have access to the comics. It came out today, right? Can you share anything?

sure! it was v cute for fans of varchie, but ngl, i’m not so sure all bughead fans will treasure it in the same way, but still lots of good moments. 


to start, i’m really not sure how “canon” this is supposed to be, since there was a lot of talk about love between veronica and archie (he called her the love of his life at one point, overly earnestly, but that was in the charm)

we at least haven’t heard that on the show, so i think it might be vaguely future set, if it is supposed to be technically canon? but there was no mention of serpents. idk, i kinda think it’s meant to function as an individual entity 

but good reflective growth from veronica, realizing she dislikes the pretention of her old new york friends, ending on a very positive and romantic note for the two of them. it kind of detailed how out of place archie felt around a world of money, and initially veronica was embarrassed by it but by the end of the comic it was really sweet. 


there was some raw, hard, and honestly unresolved questions asked about the different directions betty and jug see themselves going in after high school, which did tug at my heartstrings, for sure. they’re not an uncomplicated relationship. 

they spent their day walking around the city; betty wanted to revisit some of the nostalgia she had about the city when she was younger, or things that were popular or from movies, whereas jughead wanted to see “grittiness” (lmao, this emo child, wait till i tell him the lower east side in 2017 is decidedly not gritty) and go to bookstores, places where patti smith dwelled, etc. 

but even though it presented these big different ideas about where they thought their futures were going as individuals, throughout the comic they were also compromising and bantering—jug always apologized when he was being too snarky—and both betty and jughead were caught up in their idea of things and places. 

jug, not being as self-aware as betty, didn’t exactly call out that his own opinions about places in NYC were just as much conceptions of the city (myself having lived there, i can absolutely confirm this, lmao). 

nor did the writing explicitly call it out, but i still think that it was clear. 

again, i’m not quite sure how much of this to analyze as part of the show’s canon, but i think that were these kids not plagued by gangs and mobsters and hoods and all that, this is what their lives might look like at this stage. 

these are a lot of understandable questions asked by teenagers, especially ones in relationships, and does fit into the absolutely star-crossed thing the writers love about bughead. and it’s kind of romantic, in a wrenching way, the way jughead wishes time could stand still for them. 

it also possibly implied jug has always had feelings for betty? 


and riverdale is 99.9% in upstate new york, pry this out of my fucking hands. although this geography makes no sense unless it’s actually like, westchester county.

but again. i don’t think this is strictly canon. but i’m still not letting this go because i can suspend my disbelief for anything except geography, maps must be fixed!!

also, i genuinely laughed at “brand bookstore”

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Poe Dameron (personal) HCs 

ok, I’m a hopeless romantic and also oblivious to courting gestures. On the real, if Poe did this I would probably just say, “Lol what r u doing? But ok, whatevs, we’ll just chill and see how this goes,”

When you first meet him

  • “He’s cute,” was all you can say when you see him on base.
  • You notice how he can turn on the charm and flirt when it comes down to work, so you’re very aware of that.
  • He carries himself with such poise, yet, when he isn’t working he’s very chill.
  • You’re probably like, “This guy is like a pup: super feisty, easily excited, and barks/borks/yips at anything threatening.”

Being friends

  • You see a whole different side of Poe that only a few members of Black Squadron have seen.
  • He jokes around a lot.
  • Surprisingly, he doesn’t drink much. 
  • Super nerd and likes cute things.
  • Terrified of falling in love, he tells you how he gets worried about leaving someone behind if he dies on the battlefield. Plus his first real love? The Stars.
  • BB-8 likes being around you. The little droid will tell you its adventures and lowkey gossip about Poe (and you didn’t even ask!)
  • Sparring is fun. He’ll always try to beat you and when you do he has the proudest look on his face.
  • You won’t know when he goes on missions because it’s last minute but damn, you’ll know he’s back when he hugs you for the longest time.
  • Spending the evenings at his quarters just to hangout and have dinner.
  • Whether you’re addressing a crowd or suggesting a tactic he likes to whisper under his breath, “A’tta girl,” and he dons a big grin. Black Squadron starts to notice Poe’s behavior towards you. You, on the other hand, paid no mind and did your own thing, lol.


  • It’s gradual and he doesn’t even say anything, you kinda just go with whatever the hell he’s doing.
  • One evening, you’re both sitting on his couch, feet up on the coffee tables as you’re looking at your datapads for work when he puts his arm around you.
  • He holds your hand under the table ever so gently when you’re both eating in the cafeteria.
  • When he leaves for missions, he’ll make a quick detour to your hangar/quarters/workstation just to tell you he’ll be back and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek. You found his gesture unusually sweet and exciting.
  • Poe returning from missions can go 2 ways:
    • If you’re there when he returns, you get swept off your feet and spun around.
    • If you’re sent on a mission he patiently waits. When you return he checks to see if you’re okay, checks if your vitals and evals are cleared, he does the whole mother hen. 
  • This goes on for months and Black Squadron starts to wonder what’s going on between you two.
  • The day Poe returns from Jakku (you weren’t aware of the mission either) as soon as he was cleared by Doctor Kalonia he went straight to you and finally confesses, “I love you, I’ve always loved you.”
  • All you could say back was, “I kinda figured after the first kiss on the cheek.”

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I don't know much about American's sport but I love the idea of how the sport season can affect the batfamily, especially Bruce? Like Gotham vs Metropolis and he gets it so personal that he sponsor the squad, etc.. and the d-day you can see Bruce Wayne with his children wearing Gotham jerseys in the VIP zone rooting and in the opposite side of the stadium somewhere, there is Clark Kent rooting for Metropolis. And of course they will use Batman and Superman as mascots and it'll be hilarious

THIS IS SO CUTE like!! the fam decked out in Gotham knights themed facepaint and everything, screaming at the top of their lungs like the whole time. every time Gotham scores Jason’ll like, throw Damian into the air. its hectic and great.

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Jancy headcanons pls c:?

  • SO basically Jonathan is THE MOST EXTRA with affection when he and Nancy are alone
  • He just kisses her cheek a ton and the top of her head when they’re snuggling
  • BUT he refuses to when anyone else is around
  • Nancy writes him little notes and sticks them in his locker at school
  • Jonathan blushes when he reads them every time without fail
  • Nancy likes kissing him in public because she just can’t help how darn cute he is
  • Jonathan kind of dies inside but he let’s her because he loves her
  • Uhhh?? Jonathan giving Nancy cheesy valentines day cards? I think yes
  • Nancy buys him really sweet and thoughtful gifts on christmas or birthdays
  • Jonathan makes Nancy mixtapes of his favorite songs for every special occasion and they just put them on and listen to them in his room
  • Nancy usually kisses him first
  • They always snuggle after sex
  • Nancy wears all of jonathan’s sweaters at least once

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4, 9, 22 and 23 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ’–

4. kyungsoo singing ‘tell me what is love’ or ‘sabor a mi’

tell me what is loooOoOoOove

9. angry soo or cute soo?

cute. anger isn’t really a great emotion to experience

22. fave kyungsoo moment?

how can I pick one?? I generally love when he’s being 4d. I think one of the first moments I fell in love with him was in showtime when he was “holding” his drink like this

and also one of my fave moments ever is when he gave this deeply profound, touching speech

23. fave kyungsoo quote?

I can’t really think of anything specific rn so

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Can we talk about Tyson pining after Gabe and Nate being a supportive best friend but secretly pining after Ty. And Ty has always thought Nate was as straight as can be. So he doesn’t know how to react when Nate comes out to him. Suddenly, the Swedish Viking may not be so appealing when he has his best friend right in front of him.

oh god i am so here for this

nate just wants tyson to be happy- even if it’s not with him, because he’ll always be there for his best friend.

it probably ends like a bad rom com where nate sees gabe and tyson being cute and kind of- accepting that he’s just always going to be the best friend. and he turns away to go have his time to mope alone before he has to force himself to go back to normal. 

and tyson sees him leaving over gabe’s shoulder and has his realisation moment- because seeing nate walk away, shoulders slumped and head bowed in defeat, hurts so much more than seeing gabe flirt with and kiss other people ever had.

so he ditches gabe (who smiles after him knowingly and happy that his friends are finally getting their shit together) and runs after nate and they have a romantic confession moment in an empty parking lot and nate cradles tyson’s face softly in his big hands, thumbs stroking flushed cheeks, and kisses him soft and sweet and the culmination of years of fondness turned love and as tyson sinks into the kiss, he can’t help but think that he made the right choice.

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You're back!! BLESS!! (I love your writing!!) May I ask for headcanons for Looker and Nanu who have a pregnant s/o? Like, finding out, prep, fluff throughout, The Big Day, that kind of thing? I'm a sucker for fluff like this~

(keep this a secret but i am such a big fan of pregnancy fluff? its so cute!!)

- nearly faints when he finds out. it’s likely an accident, given his mobile lifestyle, so he’s unsure how to take it! he’s happy though, he’s always wanted kids, but its a huge responsibility…
- extremely attentive, buys “how to be a dad for dummies” and asks for pointers from other parents. he’s so nervous, you’d think he’s the one pregnant?
- one thing he handles well is mood swings. from calming you down to lifting your spirits up, he’s sure he can tame any mood your condition comes with
- he’s out on a job when the big day occurs! he get’s the speediest boat he can find to get to you, and makes it just in time to see his baby born. he almost cries (almost)

- thinks you’re pranking him until he shows you proof, which at that point he just kinda malfunctions doesn’t know what to say. yeesh
- while he’s not a father, he’s babysitted babies plenty, including young acerola! he still researches what to do, but he’s not completely new to child care
- when you start showing, he almost laughs out loud with how grumpy his meowth get when they can’t lie on your lap anymore. they end up on your shoulders instead
- you go into labor in the middle of the night, scaring the shit out of nanu. being where he lives, he can only get you to a pokemon center rather than a hospital in time…thankfully, nurse joy doesn’t turn you away lmao! it’s a hectic experience.

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You said you shipped Beakley x Duckworth? Can i get some of that?

Yess!! Beakley x Duckworth! I think their relationship would be really cute. I don’t even know if Duckworth is on DT17, so I kinda see this one as a ship for old DT only. A situation that comes to my mind is that Mrs. Beakley is very busy, and she’s about to wash the dishes. Duckworth notices how busy she is, and instead of taking his break or something, he tells her he’ll wash them for her. And he starts washing. Mrs. Beakley, gratefully, says ‘thanks, Duckworth’ and gives him a quick smooch on the cheek. Duckworth pretends to be indifferent and says ‘it’s nothing, Mrs. Beakley’. But he’s blushing x3 I know, it sounds dumb.

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aye yo high school stenbrough plz! :)

My first request I’m kinda nervous!!!
Everyone in school knows Stan as “bird boy” since he’s always carrying around his bird book

  • Bill can be called popular he has a group of friends and he’s on the baseball team
  • Stan has been pining over Bill for MONTHS
  • Stan and Bill share the same AP calculus class and Bill’s terrible at it so he goes to Stan for help
  • Bill asks Stan if he can tutor him and Stan is super conflicted because he HATES tutoring but cute boy???
  • Ofc Bill says yes and they bonded over pokemon (fite me on this) and that’s how they met
  • Stan attends all of Bill’s games ( Stan is basically a cheerleader at this point and Bill loves it)
  • Stan and Bill aren’t really into pda so no one knew that  they were dating not even the losers club and when the losers found out stan and bill are like what we thought you guys knew??
  • The losers are just like face palming because they’ve been trying to set them up for forever
  • Stan and Bill love to go bird watching but bill’s just there cause he loves seeing his boyfriend nerding out on birds
  • Stan hasn’t come out to his parents and Bill fully supports him on his decision (because Stan and Bill love supporting each other! ! !) 
  • Stan and bill promised each other that they would go to the same college together because they could never stand not being able to see eachother
  • Richie and Bill are always fighting on who’s the better couple Richie and Eddie or Stan and Bill

Harry: *regaining consciousness after a minor Healing procedure* What’s goi– *sees Draco sitting next to him* 

Draco: Hello, there.

Harry: *awed whisper* Oh my god. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

Draco: *flatly* Is that right?

Harry: *still gaping stupidly* Are you a Veela? 

Draco: No, Harry.

Harry: *gasps* You know my name?!

Draco: Oh, I know a whole lot more than your name.

Harry: *delighted* We know each other?!

Draco: *holds up hand* We’re married, love. *points out Harry’s matching ring*

Harry: *gasps at own hand* Wh–?! *drugged flailing*