how can be so flawless

Moana was Auli’i’s first role and she’s only 16 and I can almost guarantee she’d never performed in front of that big of an audience before. (Not just those there live, but the millions of people watching across the world.) She hit every note and was composed and HOW CAN SOMEONE THAT YOUNG BE SO FLAWLESS?! She’s gonna go far. (Hahaha… get it?)

NCT127 reacting to you dancing flawlessly

Hi hi love ur blog!!! Can I request NCT127’s reaction to you dancing to limitless ~flawlessly~ at a fan meet, thank you!!!

thank youuuuuu

TAEIL“You dance so well I see you’re almost as good as Johnny,” he whispers because he’s seated next to him.

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JOHNNY“Yes, you have to enter a competition,” he squeaked full of excitement, “I’ll be your first supporter.” (look at johnny in the gif)

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TAEYONG: “Woah! You dance so so great,” he doesn’t know what to say and he gulps thinking you were as good as him.

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YUTA: “I’m still a better dancer though, have you seen my sexy dance?” he says deadly serious, but you knew he was just joking around.

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DOYOUNG: “You dance so amazing, but tell me how can you dance so flawless. The first time I tried to dance it I failed so hard,” he looked astonished.

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JAEHYUN: “Winwinnie, do you see that?” he tapped Sicheng’s arm, for his attention and he pointed at you who was still dancing.

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WINWIN: He’d be a lot like Jaehyun, mixed with Taeil, but he just really looked at you like “wow”.

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MARK: Mark would look at you with his astonished and wow face, “where did you learn this?” (RIP MARK STASN OML IMSONE OD THEM)

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HAECHAN: “You did really great, but I’m still better,” he smiled at you obviously he didn’t mean that but you understood.

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Prohibited Minds {Yoo Kihyun}

Hello! Can you write a fic where Kihyun is in love with a friend of theirs (MX), but he is afraid to make a move, because he is an idol and because fans are giving her a hard time already, because she was spotted with them. Thank you <3

Note: Ah angst, a both an emotional and beautiful thing. I hope you enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

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He knew it was wrong to watch her like this, with butterflies in his stomach and wonder in his eyes, but how can he help himself when she’s just so flawless and wonderful in his mind.

She has a incomprehensible impact over him, his breath hitches when her hand brushes against his, and his mind is sent into a violent spin like a tornado whenever she turns to smile his way. An even though others would call this true love, he would call it torture.

Torture because he knows the fans will hate it, torture because management will tear them apart, torture because he can never have the ability to call her “mine.”

Leaked images fill the internet and fire up the fan’s hearts as they angrily rage about her on social media, fiercely accusing her and labeling her with unpleasant names simply because she is seen with Monsta X.

Kihyun remembers when the first attack shot her down, and he had been there to rock her gently in his arms as she sobbed into the white of his shirt. His heart cracked and smashed with each tear that rolled down her cheek, leaving him resentful and confused as to why anyone would intentionally devastate someone with such a beautiful mind and a heart of gold.

“You should try asking her out, or at least tell her your feelings. She isn’t going to stay single forever, you know?” Minhyuk had offered his advice, half smiling to reassure Kihyun that it was the right decision to make, but Kihyun hesitated, and still to this day the confession is sizzling low in the pit of his mind, no where near to the brim of releasing.

He breathed out, a piece of hair swiftly moving away from his eye as {y/n} winked at him from across the room. She must have sensed his discomforted, troubled mind because now, she was smiling at him.

Kihyun could feel the pulsation of his heart in his throat as he smiled in return, a tinted pink washed over his face. In responded to his shyness, {y/n}’s twinkle of a giggle sounded and Kihyun felt his face only burning more.

She rose from her seat, elegantly moving away from Shownu and Hyungwon who were in too much of a deep conversation to notice her departure, and sat beside Kihyun. Her hand sliding onto his leg as she gave him a somewhat pointed look.

“You’re thinking again, aren’t you?” She questioned.

“I’m always thinking, because I’m smart. Can’t speak for the both of us though.” He teased, his tone joking to cover his exploding heart.

{y/n} grins, raising her hand and bringing it down to a light clap on his knee in attempt to mock annoyance. She grinned, but only for a moment, her face soon rested again to a collected way.

“I’m serious, Kihyun. What’s on your mind? I can see it on your face, something is worrying you.”

Kihyun can’t hate the way that she’s so good with words, so good at spotting every flaw in his system. But eh wants to, he wants her to stop, he can’t imagine himself corrupting her sound mind with his issues that lie deep.

“I’m fine, {y/n}.” He lies through his teeth, and his smile barely meets his eyes.

{y/n} scans her eyes over his face, clearly unconvinced, but it’s a futile situation and Kihyun isn’t about to let go of his secrets,  even though his confession is starting to boil.

She moves her hand to his face. It’s warm and soft where she caresses his cheek, and his eyelids flutter to a close for a moment, the sensation rushing through him in a motion of sparks and fireworks. When he opens them again, she’s smiling.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” She asks, sliding her hand down to her lap as Minhyuk calls after her.

Kihyun nods as she stands, flashing him one final smile before aiding Minhyuk’s calls for help from the kitchen.

He knew it was wrong to watch her like this, with butterflies in his stomach and wonder in his eyes, but how can he help himself when she’s just so flawless and wonderful in his mind.


a fanmix


  1. Flawless - Studio Killers
    how can you be so flawless? / (how could you be so thoughtless?) / (how could you be so heartless?) 
  2. Speak In Tongues - Machineheart
    you feel my words, they hit like thunder coming down from the sky / you want to give into the song that keeps repeating itself
  3. Black Mud - Layla
    I’m going backward shouting out the name / but it’s spiraling, spiraling into something bigger / is there something bigger?
  4. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
    and you said it was like fire around the brim / burning solid, burning thin the burning rim / like stars burning holes right through the dark
  5. Death Proof - Kate Nash
    I ain’t wondering ‘bout numbered days, cause / I don’t have time to die
  6. Black - Kari Kimmel
    far off in the distance / somewhere you can’t see / allegiances have formed your destiny 
  7. Remain Nameless - Florence + the Machine
    you can call us what you want / you can call me anything you want / everybody lets you down / in this free fall of a town / all the different souls rushing out / tell me what you’re running from
  8. The Execution Of All Things - Rilo Kiley
    let’s start with the bears and the air and mountains, rivers, and streams / then we’ll murder what matters to you and move on to your neighbors and kids
  9. The Ends - The Naked And Famous
    the world’s escaping much too fast / before you gave yourself a chance/ for all the times I’ve let it pass / it’s all about to end at last

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Can anyone tell me, first of all, how Gillian looks so damn flawless as Media, and second of all, how that damn WIG IS ALREADY LOOKING 8000x BETTER THAN HER SCULLY WIG?!?!