how can anyone think she's ugly

Snape is the worst Harry Potter character there is. He is ugly and the only good thing he ever did was giving Harry some memories and he nearly failed to do even this. And some people think those memories somehow redeemed him, but all they did was confirming how gross he was. He stalked his mother since he was 9 years old and was mean to Harry, just because she rejected him. How can anyone even remotely like him? I wish he died sooner.


Fukawa is a shut-in. She’s been pressured her whole life, living stressed out to the point she created a split personality. She doesn’t trust absolutely anyone, she doesn’t want to, she’s afraid of having feelings, yet she’s been longing for a friend since she was a little child. Yet, even though she doesn’t think much about others, she also doesn’t think much about herself. She constantly goes on about how ugly she is, even though she tries to cover it up with saying she takes pride in it. She has almost zero self confidence, never standing up for herself, hiding in shadows. That girl is an absolute mess.

And then she comes across Komaru.

Komaru, who doesn’t seem like anyone special at first. Komaru who is your everyday common girl, who reads shojo mangas and listens to pop music bands. Komaru who just had been thrown into this mess of a world, who doesn’t understand what’s happening, why it’s happening. Komaru who is the first person in Touko’s life to actually admire her and appreciate her existence, not as a writer or anything, just as Touko the way she is. Komaru who is really happy to have “someone as amazing as Fukawa-san” around. Komaru who isn’t discouraged by Touko’s harsh words. Komaru who insists on calling her her friend. Komaru who doesn’t stop liking her the moment she acknowledges the existence of Syo. Komaru who says that both Fukawa AND Syo are her important friends. Komaru who doesn’t turn her back on Fukawa when she finds out she betrayed her. Komaru who instead tries to understand her motives and wants to help her.

The scene with the Servant was a breakthrough moment for Fukawa. She purposefully loses the battle against Komaru to let her have a chance to flee being fully aware that it will most likely put Togami in danger. She calls out her nonsense when she declares she won’t run away and instead will stay with her and help her. She truly wants her to escape to a safer place, even if it means parting their ways and endangering Togami’s life. When she turns into Syo it becomes clear - her feelings tell her to kill the servant and let Komaru go free. She gets angry when Komaru tries to stop her from killing him and remembers all the moments Komaru said she wanted to escape this city so much. But Komaru doesn’t want to anymore. Not if it means putting Fukawa in trouble. After all, Fukawa is her friend. And her only goal now is to help her. Even though Touko made fun of her for calling them “friends” before, when she turns back to her normal self she admits that she has been dreaming about someone calling her that her entire life. She stops that “Omaru Dekomaru” charade, It’s Komaru. And she never mistakes it again.

And it doesn’t stop there. Right after Servant is threatening them again, she stands up and snaps at him, telling him that she won’t let anything happen to Komaru, that she will protect her even by the cost of her life. She may not have a clear idea what exactly a friend is, but she’s trying. She wants to discuss stuff she heard friends normally discuss, she even wants to read Komaru’s future manga, despite hating that genre, if it makes Komaru happy. And Komaru is there for her also, she wants to call her with a friend suffix (Touko-chan) but she acknowledges that it makes her uncomfortable so she stops immediately and doesn’t insist on doing that again. When she tries to give a speech at the Haiji’s base and she fails miserably, being at the edge of bursting into tears, Fukawa doesn’t try to stop her or make fun of her. Even though she doesn’t have the clear idea of what Komaru is trying to do, the only thing she tells her is “Komaru, I’m here for you, so do your best!”. Whatever the hell is Komaru’s goal, she’s going to support her. Later on, Touko admits, that she actually admired Komaru’s speech. This is Touko freaking Fukawa. She doesn’t say that kind of things to just any person. No, she doesn’t say things like that at all, keeping them to herself even if she thought something like this. Yet here she is, complimenting the ordinary girl Komaru, shojo manga reading girl Komaru. But most important of it all, her real actual friend. Komaru.

Sign up for the Toukomaru ship today.


Okay, let me explain. Monaka basically says, that she chose Fukawa to take part in her plan, because she wouldn’t we “intrusive”, she wouldn’t bond with Komaru, she wouldn’t try to protect her. Which, in the end, was the exact opposite of what Fukawa did. She knows that Komaru is slowly falling into the deepest pit of despair, simply because she isn’t acting like herself. Because she isn’t acting like Komaru, the kindest, sweetest, nicest person Fukawa knows. And she’s going to protect her and the controler, because she knows that’s what Komaru wants, she’s her friend and this is her duty. Even though I was getting tired of Touko’s obsession with Togami, I was happy when she told Monaka to give her the key, because she isn’t giving up on any of them. This shows how strong this whole ordeal made her, she finally has important people to protect and she isn’t going to leave them behind, they’re going home as a whole, no exceptions. When they finally get away from the Big Bang Monokuma Fukawa, seeing the state Komaru’s in, slaps her and immediately regrets it. She doesn’t want to hurt her, she tells her to do the same thing to her, because that would be fair. Komaru does, but she doesn’t want to. She’s a mess, seeing devastated corpse of her parents brought her even more despair, she doesn’t know what to do. And that’s when Touko does something that Fukawa from the beginning of the game would never do - she embraces her, stroking her hair slowly and says “We’re in this together. When you’re in trouble, I’ll help you. And when I’m in trouble you’ll help me. Persevering as a pair like that… That’s what makes being together so great, right?”. She doesn’t hide her feelings anymore. She loves that girl, utterly and completely, she’s her precious friend she wants to keep safe. She isn’t going to let her pity herself now, now’s not the time.She doesn’t soften the edges, she understands what Komaru is going through, but she knows she has to help her keep moving forward. And yet, the one who finds the biggest support in the other girl is Touko. She’s not alone anymore. She doesn’t have to go around, throwing her feelings at anybody, even if they don’t return them and don’t want her presence (Togami). As she puts it, she’s finally found hope of her very own. Komaru is her hope, the ray of sunshine in her life. Just look at it, how after Komaru announcing her staying in the Towa City, for Touko leaving Komaru wasn’t even an option. She chooses Komaru over Togami in a heartbeat and there’s no way anyone would convince her to part with her. If she doesn’t go back with Komaru, there’s no point in going back at all.

How can anyone who has read the books not ship Jaime and Brienne??? I am 2 Jaime chapters into A Storm of Swords and it’s already obvious that GRRM is building up to a romance. In the first chapter, in between calling Brienne and wench and ugly, Jaime remarks that she has pretty eyes. It’s completely out of no where and hilarious. In the second Jaime chapter, moments before he thinks about gutting Brienne if she gets any closer, he is really kind to her because she reminds him of Tyrion- at least that why he think he was kind. They also have the same train of thought and it’s amazing. Jaime is so hilarious most of the time. (As long as he’s not thinking about Cersei).

Overall I’m so excited for things to get more intense (and more romantically obvious).

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Clarke left Kane to die in this episode! Oh please tell me you have faith Abby gives her lying little brat a serious dressing down!

Fortunately, he’s in the background behind Jaha in one of the shots from next week’s preview, so we know he makes it in somehow, but yeah I feel like we’re going to see a next-level team-up of Abby and Bellamy just LETTING CLARKE HAVE IT which I think will be cathartic and amazing. I am ready for all the angst. I know this is going to be a REALLY divisive episode, but I actually was a huge fan of that twist ending. I mean, I want to throttle Clarke and scream in her face, but I feel like this all tracks PERFECTLY with the little hints we’ve been getting all season long about Clarke slowly becoming more and more Jaha-esque in her thinking, and it makes a lot of things fit now that we know this is where their arcs were headed. I’ve been wondering a lot about the season-long pattern of us seeing Jaha suddenly be like persuasive and helpful and back among his people and acting like a good leader, with occasional flashes of the old Jaha mixed in (like his fanatical obsession with Second Dawn), but I couldn’t figure out why the show was trying to suddenly make me like Jaha. And after tonight’s episode, what I realized is that the point of all of that was to show us that Jaha hasn’t changed at all. Jaha has been running a long con on both Clarke and us, and what we got this season was an up-close look at how his persuasiveness works.  This is how season 1 Kane became season 1 Kane, who was willing to take all of humanity down to a “cosmic Adam and Eve” (i.e. kill literally everyone except two people who can make babies).  Because Jaha got into his head, just like we watched him do all season long with Clarke.  Jaha has always been the kind of leader who cares more about abstractions than people, and all through season 1 we watched Abby fight back and fight back and fight back against both him and Kane for that kind of leadership.  So FUCK YES I think we’re going to see Abby - along with Bellamy, who has such a similar mindset to her in terms of always wanting to save the lives in front of them and never wanting to let anyone else die if they can stop it, as well as Kane, who used to think like Clarke/Jaha and has since evolved away from that and learned a better way - pushing Clarke to see how far gone she is.  This makes sense for Clarke as a character choice, to me; it’s really ugly, because it pretty definitively states that she didn’t believe Octavia was going to win the conclave and that all her “transcending tribalism”/“I want to save everybody” stuff is now over and done with; but in a way it feels like the natural, organic culmination of the arc she’s been on where she’s become increasingly dictatorial and ruthless.  She’s deceitful, doesn’t play by the rules, makes unilateral decisions without consulting anyone else, and doesn’t put much faith in people.  I think Abby is going to be glad that all of Skaikru is in the bunker, but she’s going to be pissed as hell that Kane and Octavia got locked out, and I suspect she’s also going to remind Clarke that there are 1200 bunker spots and only like 400 Skaikru so it’s unbelievably cruel not to share if they have the resources to do so. 

I’m really excited for next episode.  I feel like we’re going to get an awesome reversal of that classic Season 1 Kane/Abby/Jaha power struggle except this time with Kane and Abby on the same team with Bellamy against Jaha and Clarke, which has got to be excruciating for everyone concerned because they all care about each other so much. Personally what I’m looking forward to the most is Abby giving Clarke hell, and Kane finally calling Jaha out for the kind of person Jaha turned him into before Abby showed him a better way.  THE ANGST IS GONNA BE LIT. 

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I used to work with this arab girl who would make fun of indian accent like sis just cz ur skin is light it doesnt make u white and dnt act like white people will think ur one of them just cz u pull shit like that

thats so awful. we were in malaysia and these arab girls were in sephora calling the indians + malaysians “dirty people” bc the testers were messed up but these ugly bitches were PUTTING TESTERS ON THEIR FACE and then one girl laughed about how she was “so RACIST” so me and my sister went up to them and said “can you really be calling anyone dirty when you’re putting testers all over your face. thats disgusting”  and they were so SHOCKED we spoke rlly good english and walked out the fucking store adlksja it was so iconic tbh i love us

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Why did you reblog that post from @fourleafclover6813? She's a terrible studyblr and her posts are ugly. Why do you think it's cute?

I don’t really think anyone can be a “terrible studyblr” because the purpose of a studyblr is to motivate you and it really doesn’t make sense because how you can be bad at it when everyone is welcomed here

The reason I reblogged it is not because I was tagged, but because she really improved her content and wanted to encourage her more by giving the post more exposure

If you think it is ugly, then you’re missing the point because a studyblr is not only for aesthetic (although i think the post was cute)

If it makes her happy, I’m happy and that’s the least I can do

Also, don’t spread hate because you get nothing out of it just simply don’t mind the reblog and I also seen you send this to Katy so please just stop


- my sister, the eldest princess, was just kidnapped by a dragon and like hell I’m waiting for her “one true love” to get their act together and save her

- you’re a fairy and are very, very bad at magic and I think you just cursed me?

- my step mother isn’t actually evil and I would very much like it if you would stop implying that she is

- I’m just a humble woodcutter and whenever someone tries to give me a magical gift or send me on a quest I just run away because all I want to do is cut wood and be happy with you

- You know that phrase, “each one more beautiful than the last”? well I’m the oldest sibling and definitely not the best looking and wow you think I’m gorgeous?

- I went to the ball and was swept away by a beautiful stranger and if it was a proper fairy tale then you’d be the prince/ss but you’re not, you’re just a regular person but I think you’re amazing and this is so much better because I can actually love you

- the ruler said they’d give their son/daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever could kill the dragon but it’s our dragon and it’s just a baby and misbehaves sometimes it’s not hurting anyone

- your mother is very old and very ugly so everyone thinks she must be a witch/fairy in disguise and treat her exceptionally well. She isn’t, of course, but you’re not going to say anything when you get all this free stuff out of it

- the king is trying to give me one of his children’s hand in marriage how do I turn this down politely

- we’re highwaymen and constantly on the run from the law but you’re with me so I can’t find a single thing to complain about

- you’re about twelfth in line for the throne so you aren’t at all advantageous to marry so I guess we’ll be just fine (bonus: somehow you take the throne and oh god I wasn’t prepared for this)

- I was cursed as a baby that I would fall asleep at a certain age and can only be woken by my true love’s kiss and nope it definitely cannot be you shut up you did not just kiss me and wake me up (alternate: it turns out I’m ace/aro well this is awkward guess I’m never waking up) (bonus: you’re ace/aro too and we turn out to be amazing friends)

- we were friends growing up and used to go out to the pond and kiss frogs in the hopes they would turn out to be cursed royalty and nothing ever happened but then I kissed you and you’re still just you but I like that a lot 

Beauty or a Beast (Part 2)

Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing 

Part 1, Part 3, part 4


Sweat is dripping off my nose as I stand outside the bunker. Resting my hands on my knees I bend over, trying to catch my breath. Hunting keeps me in good shape, but clearly I need to run more. Finally lifting my head up, I notice the impala is gone. Relief washes over me. Dean must have gone out, maybe Sam too.

The heavy bunker door opens and I trot down the stairs with a little more pep in my step then when I left. I bee line for the bathroom, taking note that the boys were defiantly out. The hot water easing my already aching muscles.

Today was a research day so I threw on a loose tee shirt and a pair of my favorite soft cotton shorts. I sat at my desk and applied my usual make up, then straightened my hair to help fight its usual fizziness. One last glance in the mirror reassures I look fine. I head to the kitchen to make some breakfast.
Yogurt and strawberries is what I always eat after a run, and Dean always makes fun of me for it, saying I’m like Sam with my rabbit food. A loud boom alerts me to someone’s arrival. Placing my bowl on the counter and grabbing the shotgun under the table I make my way to the door in the kitchen. With my back against the wall I peak my head around, only to see Sam standing in the middle of the hallway texting. I loosen my hold on the gun, and sigh. Sam’s head snaps up at the sound.

“(Y/N)! You’re here!” His exclamation confuses me.

“Yes? I live here.” I place the gun back under the table and grab my bowl of food. Sam follows me while sending his text. Turning around, I see Sam put his phone in his pocket and crosses his arms. Leaning my back against the counter I eat my yogurt, waiting for him to speak.

“What the hell (Y/N)? Where were you?” His face crumples in anger. Pointing to my yogurt I tell him I went for a run.

“Why didn’t you leave a note? Dean and I woke up and you were just gone! And Dean said you guys had a weird fight last night! We’ve been out looking for you for two hours now! We thought you ran away!” No longer standing still, Sam is pacing and gesturing wildly. Every sentence he says, he just gets louder, till he is finally shouting. Without saying anything I lower my bowl back to the counter, and calmly turn and face him.

“First of all; I am not a child, if I leave its not running away. Secondly; you don’t leave a note when you go for runs. And last but not least; I did not ask for you guys to come find me.” Sam’s features soften but the anger still radiates off him. Closing his eyes he takes a deep breath.

“I’m sorry. Dean a has just so franticly been searching for you, I think his anxiety is transferring over to me.” He rubs the back of his neck, clearly embarrassed by his outburst.

“Its ok Sam. And I am sorry I did not leave a note. I just need to leave for a while, and run some of the demons out of my head.” Sam walks over to the table and sits down, motioning for me to join him. Taking a seat across from him I resume eating my breakfast.

“(Y/N) what happened last night? I wont say anything to Dean if that’s the problem. I promise.” My instinct is to get up and walk away, but there is something about Sam that makes me finally want to talk to someone about this.

“Its really stupid.” I say dropping his gaze. Sam places his hand on top of mine.

“I’m sure its not.” He squeezes my hand for reassurance.

“No seriously. You’re going to think I am fucking nuts for caring about this.” He just looks at me.

“Please.” Is all he says. Taking a deep breath I start telling him the fucked up story.

“I’ve never told anyone this before, but my mom was a horrible drunk. Ever since I can remember she would tell me how fat and ugly I am, saying I look like a beast. She put me on all kinds of diets. One time she even crushed up diet pills and put them in drinks and food, without telling me. And the older I got the harder she would hammer that in. She started putting make up on me really young. Saying ‘I don’t want to be the mother of the ugly child.’ Every day till she died, she would watch me put on my make up and do my hair, making sure it was up to her standards. She even beat me once, because I broke the hair straightener and had to go to school with my natural hair. By the time I realized that was not normal, I tried to take a stand and say no. She pushed me down the stairs for disobeying her. When she died I tried so hard to stop wearing make up and doing my hair, but every time I tried leaving the house, or even if my best friend was coming over, I would have a panic attack at the thought they would see me as the beast I am. So I stopped trying and I go to great lengths to not let anyone see me without make up. So last night when Dean was there, and I looked like shit. I panicked. I’ve always had a crush on Dean and him of all people seeing me like that….” I small chuckle escaped my lips as I trail off. Looking up I see Sam’s shocked face.

“Sorry I did not mean to rant so much. And I know its stupid, I freak out over make up and hair.” Sam’s mouth is still agape as he struggles for words.

“I don’t know what to say.” Is all he can manage. I start to get up when he grabs my hand again pulling me back down.

“(Y/N)… I am so sorry. It’s not stupid. I’m sorry your mother treated you like that. You are so beautiful, and to have someone do that to you…” Sam’s anger is starting to return, thankfully this time not at me.

A noise makes us look up at the entrance. Dean stands there looking pissed.

“Sorry to interrupt you to love birds. I’ll leave you guys alone.” Sam and I follow Dean into the foyer. After multiple pleases to stop him, finally snaps around.

“What!?” He shouts at us.

“Its not what it looks like! Sam was just comforting me, that’s all!” His anger intensifies.

“About what (Y/N)? What happened last night?” He starts approaching me. Stepping back I start to curl inward, shying away from telling him.

“I… I can’t tell you.” I mumble. My back hits the wall and Dean is suddenly caging me against it with his arms.

“That’s fucking bullshit (Y/N)! You can tell Sam but not me! Fucking tell me!” I shrink into myself even more, not actually afraid he will hit me, just a force of habit from my childhood.

“I can’t.” My voice is barley above a whisper. His right fist punches the wall next to my face. Sam is immediately there, pulling him away from me. Tears are falling from my closed eyes as I slide down the wall.

I hear the bunker door slam shut. Feeling Sam sit next to me, he wraps his arms around me. Leaning my head onto his shoulder, I silently sob. Sam strokes my hair murmuring, “it will be okay” and “he didn’t mean it’”, but my heart was shattering none the less.

The Bet

Summary: Nico accidentally found out a bet that involving herself as the ‘prize’

Pairing: NicoMaki, mentions of KotoUmi and NozoEli

Words: 4719 Words


“Yazawa Nico, from now on you are going to be my girlfriend.” A scarlet hair girl said as she folded her arms on her chest looking absolutely displeasure or probably that is just what she usually looked like as Nico never see the girl without scowl on her face, while her violet eyes looking almost glaring at Nico.

Hearing those words coming from the scarlet hair girl almost makes Nico let out a frustrated growl that or all curses words that she know which can makes her mom scold her and grounded her for three years, thankfully Nico know better than that so she just gritted her teeth and cursed her luck under her breath.

Nico was not stupid, she know exactly why the certain school scarlet princess or what her fans called her scarlet prince, Nishikino Maki, asking her out if that even counted as a love confession because the way Maki said it like Nico didn’t have any other choice aside from accepting the girl. It’s all because of a bet that all of her classmates taking a part of it, a bet where the one who get the lowest grade on the final exams will get a punishment which is dating the school crazy girl, herself, Yazawa Nico.

Of course Nico wasn’t suppose to know the bet but fortunately or unfortunately for her, she accidently hear it when she come back to her class to retrieve her notebook that she accidently left on her desk drawer.

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Cause and Effect: Arrow 5x06 Review (So It Begins)

Holy freaking crap. This episode was awesome. EVERYTHING is finally gelling. Arrow pulled out their A game to finally kick off the Prometheus storyline.

Brian Ford Sullivan called 5x06 their thesis statement. 

It absolutely is. “So It Begins” reinforces the core tenants of Arrow - Original Team Arrow, Olicity and, most importantly, The Green Arrow’s evolution.Yes… I saved the tweet. I wanted to see if the description was accurate. I’m a stickler.

Let’s dig in…

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Shaw’s former bosses and how much they used to be fond of her, even though they still killed her (its a complicated relationship).

Part 3 - Hersh, Relevance

“She’s a multitasker, that’s why we hired her.”

(part i, part ii)

Hersh doesn’t show a lot of emotions so when that happens, you notice, and the fourth gif, when he answers  Special Counsel: ‘Both’. 

You can see the sparkle in his eyes,  and how proud he is of her, I think in his own Hersh way, he even tried to save her by telling Special Counsel that Shaw was a good soldier. Hersh’s highest accolade to anyone.

But in the end the ugly math won out, and despite Hersh’s personal feelings, he was a soldier and an order taker. In the end Hersh still killed Shaw.

(Shaw knew it wasn’t personal even though he did kill her, her regard for Hersh remains the same. Doesn’t mean she didn’t hold a grudge.)

But man, look at that proud look on Hersh.

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As much as I shudder about how uncool people can be in terms of Larry on the internet, I am far more annoyed when celebrities troll the fandom as a set-up for insulting them. And ESPECIALLY when it's an LGBT celeb acting like it's insanity to think that anyone might be closeted. It's ugly.

yes i agree. she knew exactly what she was doing by liking that comment in the first place.

and like you said - she knows how fucked up the industry is and how much of it is fake/built on lies and she still decided that gaslighting the people who see through the bullshit was a cool thing to do.

i’m not impressed.

one thing that bugs me about tumblr is how everyone is criticizing young girls’s appearance and going for personal attacks on people instead of calling out their injustice behavior. How can people say they are for female empowerment but can turn the cheek and talk about Iggy Azalea being ugly. I get that she has done problematic things but you shouldnt resort to judging her appearance and acting like beauty is an important thing to judge someone off of. We should be judging Iggy off the things she has done and not call her “expired mayo”. yes its funny but why aren’t we thinking about the precautions of that behavior.

How does that make someone that looks similar to Iggy feel? or anyone that looks similar to the girls you critique. or how about you think about how you are setting the framework of the idea that beauty is something that matters. that its ok to make fun of someone for being ugly. that beauty does matter but you guys still will turn the cheek and say that everyone is beautiful… im sorry i think tumblr is on stuff 99% of the time but everyone has been ruthless with this.

Signal Boost Please:

Ok do you see this girl? This girl right here? If you’re looking at the same girl I am then you can see what I see. I see an incredible beautiful girl who does not need to wear makeup or have anything done to her for her to look and be beautiful.

The problem is that no matter how many times I have told her she is beautiful (literally hundreds of times) she just shrugs it off as I’m just being flirty (which i kinda am) (not the point). I made a bet with her that if I could prove to her that she was not only attractive but just down right beautiful she said she would never again allow anyone who calls her ugly, fat, geeky, stupid, or short to get to her again. 

Come on tumblr can you please help me out this one time? I care for this girl very much and for her to think she isn’t beautiful has got to be some kind of crime, I just need around 100k just this one time. 

By the way it took forever just to convince her to take these few pictures (seriously FOREVER)


This woman is honestly a inspiration to me.. Its incredible. She holds the key to a door  nobody had found yet let alone tried to open. What she did seems pretty damn simple but honestly its proved so many points. People go on about how fake celebs, models or just people in general really are but in reality how can you blame how fake some people truly are, imposing ‘a false advertisment’ when the real person underneath is ‘ugly’, ‘revolting’ or you can’t look at her because ‘she’s disgusting’. 

I often heard through out high school that the reason a girl puts on makeup or wears a push up bra is not for the boys or anyone else in fact, but for themselves. But in actual facts if the girl who said it took just ten seconds to think about what she had just said she might realise that the reason she is spending 30 minutes skipping breakfast so she can paste a layer of makeup on her face is not for her own self control but to please society, to fit in if you like because spots aren’t in magazines, girls with AA boobs don’t model the big brands and the ugly ones are never the popular ones in the big movies! The worst part is it doesn’t start affecting a girl at 15 or 16 anymore but its now reaching the children of 10 or 11. Girls who are 13 are looking 19 and this isn’t because they want to but they are walking down the path of what society wants. The image we have painted and placed in front of them. Have we even given them a choice? i think not.😳 The harsh part is children or young girls who don’t take part in this one big social experiment are bullied or neglected until they join the craze. Look at me until i was 15 i was my own person, i didn’t care what people thought, i was me and i didn’t care if you or the next person didn’t like it. But something within me changed, i wanted to be the young desirable person that everyone loved and thought was ‘beautiful’ or ‘likeable’ so i slapped on a few layers, shortened my skirt, changed my hair and tightened my top. It worked and it still is… but was that the right thing or is that society’s destiny. idk.

So heres an idea.. take my advice

Be yourself, we only get one chance to live a good life and who knows what the future could bring good or bad.. So as Marilyn Monroe once said 

“A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear”

and that is the best advice i could offer any girl in need ☺️