how can anyone resist that face!

Sally and Poseidon Headcanons

Requested by this anon, and most of these were inspired by this post by Lili

  • Just imagine Poseidon seeing Sally on the beach and being reeled in like an absolute sucker because how is he meant to resist a beauty like that??
  • He lays on the charm and she’s not really feeling it, tbh, but then he stuffs up and says something dumb and goes a bit pink in the face, and Sally smiles and says, “Okay. You can take me on a date.”
  • Poseidon knows exactly how this is going to end but he lets himself fall for Sally anyway
  • (He loved her don’t you dare try to tell me otherwise how could anyone not love Sally Jackson)
  • So he tries to ignore that the fact that is definitely going to end bad, because they’re so happy and Sally is just so good. She’s a good person, she’s good for him, she’s good at life
  • She smiles a lot and has this effortless charm to her that he is just smitten with
  • One of his favourite things in the world is to make her laugh. He loves the way the corners of her eyes crinkle up and how she completely loses herself in it
  • Things move fast and the first night they spend together Sally falls asleep in Poseidon’s arms, lulled by the sound of the waves hitting the shore, and he doesn’t get a lot of sleep because he just wants to soak in as much of her as possible
  • The next morning she slips on his button down to wear while she gets ready, and when he tells her she looks absolutely incredible she decides to keep it on for the rest of the day. She wears it with a pair of denim shorts that drive him crazy
  • He peels it off her that night, kissing every inch of skin he reveals as he pushes it off her shoulders and down her arms
  • He cries when she tells him she’s pregnant
  • She cries when he tells her he’s a god: at first because she’s scared, then because she’s angry he didn’t tell her sooner, and then because she understands he’ll have to leave
  • And he knows she’s going to be okay when he leaves; he knows she’ll get along okay without him and that she’ll protect their child with her life. But it hurts to think about, and the inevitability of it makes him mad
  • Poseidon doesn’t want to waste their time together being mad, though, so he continues to throw himself into the relationship wholeheartedly, and Sally does the same
  • But of course that just makes it worse when they do have to part. He can’t bring himself to look her in the eye and tell her he’s leaving for good, so he waits until she’s in a deep, deep sleep, and then he disappears, leaving behind his shirt, a handwritten note and a faint ocean breeze
  • The sea isn’t calm, varying between choppy and stormy, for the next month
  • There’s a reason Percy doesn’t have any younger demigod siblings (because it takes a long time to get over a girl like Sally)
  • After Poseidon meets Percy for the first time he decides to check in on Sally. He can’t bring himself to talk to her (that’s too much for one day, even for a god), but he checks in on her and he sees her standing there holding the button down he left behind all those years ago
  • He hears her praying to him to keep Percy safe, and he watches her slip the shirt on over her shoulders. And in that moment he sees the woman he fell in love with all those years ago
  • But now it’s raw and fresh and feels as though it were brand new and happening right now all over again 
  • And Poseidon promises Sally that he will keep their child safe, just like she has for the last 12 years

Tony’s POV and story to the kids AU

When Anthony Edward Stark was born, it only took one look at his chubby face and sweet dewy eyes for Howard and Maria to fall completely in love with him.

Maria was both amused and exasperated by her husband because Howard was completely enamored by their tiny baby.

He whispered to their Tony (who has been affectionately named this by his mother), “I will protect you with my life” and puts a smacking wet kiss on Tony’s forehead.

When they’re able to come home with their child, he arrives and excitedly (and very loudly) tells everyone that “LOOK, THIS IS MY SON!”

The whole staff can’t help but be pulled along by Howard’s love and excitement. Well, Tony also just catches the hearts of everyone around him.

Howard has the most advanced camera system developed while Maria is pregnant and readily has it set up before their arrival back home.

He constantly takes pictures and videos until Maria smacks him in the face when he comes to bed with the camera in case he needs it on hand.

The first time Tony cries, Howard almost cries along with him. He’s frantically runs around the house to get Maria. Maria just looks at him with a fond look because this was the man she married and takes Tony into her arms.

She cuddles with Tony and peppers him with small kisses with cooing in between. Tony sniffles and settles down. Shortly after when Maria takes Tony to go have some lunch, Tony giggles happily and Howard learns that women are not to be messed with (also he loves his wife very much).

(“He’s such a proud papa,” Maria whispers to Jarvis as they stroll together in the mansion’s hall and see Howard with Tony.)

The first time Howard holds Tony to pat his back and make him burp, he does it nervously and widens his eyes immensely when small Tony gives a pitched burp and laughs.

He turns around and looks at Maria with the widest smile on his face.

“Maria! He burped!” 

Maria just smiles with amusement as she leans in the doorway. 

“That’s what babies do Howard.” 

“But that’s my son and he burped!” Howard cheers and Tony just chirps along with his father’s antics. 

Until shortly after another few pats, Tony pukes on him and Howard screams in surprise but also in horror. Jarvis just calmly comes into the scene and handles the situation with some towels while Maria chokes on laughter behind the camera.

Howard looks at his son with a serious face and points to himself. He says  slowly with exaggeration, “Papa.” He makes sure to annunciate the letters, excitement brimming under his skin.

Tony just stares back at him and tilts his head in curiosity. He gurgles incoherently in response and Howard nods his head and says, “Yes, that’s right.” 

Howard, ever the determined man, repeats the process again. 

This time Tony points to him and babbles. 

Howard agrees. 

Third times the charm as they say because after this attempt, Tony turns his head again, stares right at Howard, and smiles with his teeth that are barely growing in. 

“Papa!” Tony cheers and claps his hands.

Howard pauses, nothing could have prepared him for this moment. His heart is overflowing with love for this little spawn of his. 

He rushes forward and scoops Tony right up for a bear hug and lots of smooches on his face. 

Howard won’t admit to anyone that he cried profusely because right after, Tony just keeps babbling “Papa” to him while joyfully laughing and patting his father’s cheek. 

“You can’t make me!” Howard yells. 

“Sweetheart, it’s your company and they need you to be there,” Maria says to him, a tad annoyed. 

Maria has to physically drag Howard to the car (he keeps trying to hang onto edges of doorways, doorknobs, anything that will keep him in the house) 

Tony waves to Howard, cuddling into Jarvis’s arms. 

“Papa, bye bye!” 

“Tony, I’ll be home soon! Don’t forget me!” 

“For christ’s sake Howard, you’ll see him when you get home again.” And Maria closes the door on him. Howard smushes his face against the window and whines. 

Maria rolls her eyes a little and sends her husband a kiss before trotting over to Jarvis and Tony. 

She coos and smiles at her baby, who reciprocates back. 

“It’s Mama and Bambino day!” She chirps to her son, who waves his hands up and babbles happily in response. 

Jarvis shakes his head and just laughs a little. 

“What if something happens to him Maria?” Howard frets. “What if someone bullies him? Or what if he doesn’t eat enough for lunch? What if he doesn’t hydrate before recess?” 

“Honey, please. Tony will be fine. It’s only elementary school.” Maria just keeps walking and heads into the kitchen. Howard follows after her. 

“Kids are evil cretins, Maria. Except for my son.” 

“Howard, Tony can’t stay home forever. He needs to go outside and make friends.” 

“We can build robots! Tony can be our well-kept boy.” 

“I’m not even going to reply to that. Howard, Tony is going to school and that’s final.” She says as she packs Tony’s favorite spaghetti and meatballs (made by the magnificent where-would-we-be-without-him Jarvis) into a container. 

She puts some juice and cut fruit into the lunchbox (which has the period table on it, Tony insisted on it and used the puppy-dog eyes).

“Master Tony!” Jarvis calls, just as Tony runs into the kitchen and hugs Howard’s waist. 

“Papa, I’m so excited to go to school! I can’t wait to learn lotsa stuff and maybe make some friends,” Tony finishes off softer. 

Howard mentally face palms because how can he resist his son. He moves Tony’s arms off his waist and turns around to face Tony. 

“Anthony Edward Stark, you are my son but also one of the most amazing tiny people I know. Anyone is lucky to be your friend.” 

Tony puffs his cheeks at the ‘tiny’ part and rushes forward to give Howard another hug and a kiss on the cheek. Tony turns around and faces his mother with the universal ‘up now, hug me” arms. Maria picks up her son (who is growing way too fast) and peppers his face with her lipstick. 

Once put down, Tony walks over and holds Jarvis’s hand and looks up at his dearest butler. 

“School now?” 

“Of course, Master Tony. School now.” Jarvis’s eyes crinkle and smile along. 

Howard turns to place his face on Maria’s shoulder and wails about his son, Maria just places a kiss on his head and pats his back. 

Tony feels his cheeks heat up with nervousness. His hands feel a little clammy and his throat is shut tight. 

The teacher finishes her introduction and gently puts her hands on his shoulders with a small squeeze. 

“I-I’m Tony. Nice to meet everyone.” He mentally hits himself for that little stutter in the beginning, he practiced it in his head so much! 

The teacher shows him where his desk is and lets him wander off to his seat. 

Tony sees his desk partners and gives a small smile. There’s a short boy with blonde hair (like the color of molten gold, Tony thinks) and ocean blue eyes. Across from him is a brunette with the softest looking hair (that makes Tony’s fingers itch to touch) and pale eyes (like sleek titanium). 

Tony nervously sits in his seat and waits for the other two to introduce themselves. The butterflies in his stomach raise a storm. 

Before he knows it, the pretty blonde tries to talk to him but pukes on him instead and Tony just clams up. The brunette just stares for a long time and then gets some towels to clean Tony up. 

The other kids start screaming and yelling and it’s all static noise in his head because Tony is just a stone right now. 

A very confused and kind of scarred stone.

How’s everybody doing?
Alright, now, my name is Adam Lambert, and I am proud to be a human.
I’m also gay, cis-gendered, redheaded, Jewish, and a man, but that’s getting specific.
Look, we have moved into an era of intense categorizing in an effort to declare our identities.
We use labels in order to help others understand who we are, and how we live, and sometimes we need them to figure ourselves out too, because we want to take pride in our individuality.
But do you sometimes feel that we have gotten a little carried away with all of these labels?
Because at the end of the day we are all human beings.
I mean wouldn’t you rather identify someone by their name and their energy, instead of their sexual preference, their race, their gender, their age, or their religion?
If we could do that, wouldn’t that be more rewarding and allow for deeper connection?
Now, I know, that’s being very idealistic.
It’s wishful thinking, and sadly, this is not the reality of the world we live in.
Especially lately.
Now, I typically avoid publicly speaking about politics because of its divisiveness.
People get real sensitive and I ain’t trying to piss anybody off.
But, this year things have gone way too far.
So, I’m not speaking today about being a democrat versus a republican.
Today is about right versus wrong.
The current presidential administration has manipulated the country using fear and hate to gain power to divide us.
Our differences are being used against us, and the shockwaves of this dangerous rhetoric have rippled throughout our community and beyond.
And it fucking hurts.
We have come way too far to stand by and watch our social progress be yanked backwards.
You know, it’s almost like they’re going “Meh. You’re different, you can’t sit with us.”
What the fuck is that?
It’s childish and it needs to end now.
Now, our pride parade is usually an all-out shit show of a party where we all dress up like crazy unicorns and prance around through the streets.
It is a celebration of the progress we have made; our liberation, our freedom, our glitter.
But this year we are facing such dark forces that pride has taken on a deeper purpose.
So today we stand together in order to support anyone who’s human rights are at risk.
We resist homophobia, we resist transphobia, we resist misogyny, bi-invisibility, we resist racism, xenophobia, and we resist extremism, and anything else that helps promote hate.
We stand defiant and will not be brainwashed.
We refuse to be sucked into that kind of negativity.
But. I ask you not to fight hate with hate.
We don’t want to be hypocrites.
So how can we resist?
I’ll tell you what I think.
With unity, with visibility, truth, inclusion, acceptance, and most importantly love.
Look, we got a lot of work to do, and a lot of ignorance to combat, but we know right from wrong.
We know that we are stronger together than we are divided.
So, take some time today and connect with someone different from you. Recognize another human being.
We all deserve to love and be loved, and that goes for all of us within the queer community, within this country, and on this planet.
After all, the only way our rainbow is a motherfucking rainbow is with all the colors shining equally.
Thank you! Thank you!
(And now it’s my pleasure to introduce, once again, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, and the West Coast Singers, singing “This Land is My Land". Thank you!)
—  Adam Lambert (Resist March LA Pride 6/11/2017) (Credit to Lilybop on YouTube for the Audio of this speech)
Boyfriend Yuta
  • this was requested by an anon
  • this guy’s too attractive how can anyone resist him
  • im back with yet another boyfriend! series yay
  • okay let’s start
  • and i apologise in advance if it gets really boring i run out of ideas quickly :(
  • okay anyways he’d probably just be that random guy you accidentally spilled coffee over
  • and when you looked up , wanting to apologise , you thought he was going to beat you up because he looked so intimidating
  • but then he flashed you his big and adorable smile
  • and you stand there staring at him in shock , because how can one be so perfect ??
  • after awhile he’d wave his hands infront of your face to get you out of the trance
  • and being the clumsy and confused person you are , you thought he was going to hit you so you stumbled on the table beside you
  • and you fell into his arms
  • you’d be blushing in embarrassment and keep apologising
  • but yuta would laugh it off , helping you up
  • because he thought your actions were cute
  • like that , both of you exchanged phone numbers because you promised to get him a new shirt
  • and he agreed because he didn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting to know you
  • after a week both of you meet up since you wanted to pass him the shirt
  • and he suggested a date right after ,
  • and obviously you didn’t reject his offer
  • after months of casually dating and becoming closer though ,
  • one day yuta would pay a visit to your house without notice
  • and you’d still be your pyjamas with your messy bed hair
  • and yuta would smile like crazy because of how cute you looked
  • he’d probably snap a picture of you and set it as his lockscreen
  • “ yuta what are you doing omg delete that photo now ”
  • “ no , never * sticks tongue out * ”
  • “ please yuta i look like shit , what if someone else sees it please omg ”
  • “ they cant because you’re mine ”
  • and you’d raise your eyebrows at him ,
  • “ since when was i yours ? ”
  • and then yuta would hug you without warning
  • “ right now ”
  • you’d smack his chest playfully and try to deny
  • but he’d keep you close and not let you escape
  • so you gave up and embrace his hug ,
  • because you knew you had feelings for him too
  • honestly yuta would treat you like the queen everywhere and anywhere
  • he’d be a total gentleman ,
  • holding the door for you ,
  • pulling out the chairs for you to sit ,
  • pay for your meals
  • and even tying your shoelaces for you
  • basically doing everything for you
  • even when you tried to stop him by threatening him ,
  • he’d be very stubborn and wouldn’t listen to you ,
  • later showing his aegyo to you because you acted pissed
  • “ Yuta this time let me pay , for once ”
  • “ Never in my lifetime ”
  • “ Babe i swear if you stop me this time i wont go on dates with you anymore ”
    • shoves the waiter his card and shoos him away before you could stop him *
  • “ omg yuta i cant believe- ”
  • “ princess i know you cant not go on dates with me because i’m too goodlooking to be rejected ”
  • and you’d smile a little because damn he’s right
  • you’re the couple that probably goes exercising together at least twice a week
  • even when you’re too lazy to get up
  • he’d force you up and cling onto you until you finally get up
  • like that you got used to waking up early twice every week just to run with him in the park
  • you wear and steal his shirts very often because they look so big on you and they’re so comfy
  • and not to mention it smells like him
  • this guy would love seeing you in his shirts and smile to himself whenever he saw you wearing them
  • and when you’re just doing something in the kitchen , he’d attack you with a backhug and literally hug you so tight you cant breathe
  • and he wouldn’t notice because he’s too busy burying his face in your neck
  • this guy is one protective boyfriend and he isn’t afraid to show you off in public
  • he holds your hands in public and would even steal kisses from you
  • loads of skinship basically
  • when he sees someone else trying to hit you up he’d get all manly and unhappy
  • if he could he’d kiss you straight infront of the other person and glare at them before pulling you away
  • and you’d be stunned because you wasn’t expecting that
  • “ what was that ”
  • “ that was me trying to show off that you’re mine ”
  • “ well that was unexpected ”
    • kisses you again *
  • “ i like giving you unexpected kisses ”
  • and he’d get all happy and smiley again like why yuta why ?
  • he’d show you off to his friends aka the other members
  • and they knew not to get too close to you because yuta would probably beat them up
  • but all of you go on outings and hang out together often though
  • and sometimes you and yuta would forget that the members are there and just make out randomly
  • “ Yo bro you do know the kids are here right ”
  • “ oh shit Taeyong i’m sorry ”
  • “ omg yuta hyung , i see what you’re doing , it’s okay you guys can continue , we wont interrupt * sly smile * ”
  • donghyuck’s an asshole
  • when both of you get into an arguement or fight yuta’s always the one who gets agitated first and most probably shout or say things that he doesnt mean
  • and when you leave him alone to let him cool down ,
  • he’d think that you’re angry and wants to leave him
  • so he’ll apologise endless times and says how much he loves you , how grateful he is and everything like that
  • and when you tell him you love him too ,
  • he’d probably cry and hold onto you because he can be a baby too
  • when you’re sad he dances and sings for you
  • he’d tuck you in bed every night when you sleep
  • he’d probably use you as his pillow and hug you even when both of you are asleep
  • he gives you his honest opinions and thoughts and would never lie to you because he wants the best for you
  • except for one thing though
  • “ yuta promise me one thing ”
  • “ yeah baby what is it ”
  • “ dont spend so much money on me anymore please i feel bad ”
  • “ sure okay i love you ”
  • and the next day he still showers you with sweets and food you feel like a pampered child
  • yuta you sweet liar
  • okay let’s stop here
  • hope yall liked it as much as i liked typing this ~

Here’s 11 of the Killers’ biggest bangers that aren’t ‘Mr Brightside’

An absolute goldmine of tunes.

Bring out the polished sceptre and the golden, bejewelled headwear. ‘Mr Brightside’ has officially been crowned the king of all bangers. The head honcho.

If we weren’t all convinced of that already, then The Killers’ secret set at Glastonbury this year confirmed it when the crowd almost drowned out the band.

But here’s the thing. The Killers are a veritable banger factory. A goldmine of tunes. A treasure trove. They’re great, okay? We all know this. So what we’ve done for you, Dear Reader, is we’ve had a big ol’ debate and put together a list of some of their other greatest tracks in no particular order. We’re good like that.

Somebody Told Me

According to Brandon Flowers ‘Somebody Told Me’ is about trying to meet someone in a club, and yeah, those spaceship-style synths definitely bring to mind mid-2000s parties and all the neon blue alcopops that came with them. That said, it is absolutely still as danceable as it was the first time around. There’s just no arguing with that intro.


‘Are we human, or are we dancer?’ The eternal question springs up again. Technically ‘Human’ is examining our vices and virtues as people, which sounds like it could be dull in other hands. But let’s not forget we’re talking about the Killers here – those lads know how to craft a pop song. Moral crises have never been so catchy.

All These Things That I’ve Done

Let’s face it, ‘Hot Fuss’ is wall-to-wall bangers. Still, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ is a standout. It teeters between stiff-upper-lip and cry-for-help, and that bridge can swerve between vulnerable and defiant on any given day. We defy anyone to resist the urge to sing along.

When You Were Young

The Killers’ obviously faced a lot of pressure to perform after ‘Hot Fuss’. S’all right though, because they immediately blew any second album doubts out of the water with ‘When You Were Young’. Right from the opening riff this is Flowers & co. at their best, and the joyfully nostalgic chorus just cements the fact.

Smile Like You Mean It

Another absolute classic off the lads’ debut, with a belter of a guitar part and all. Knew what they were doing early, didn’t they? Are we allowed to sing along to guitar solos now? We might do it anyway.

Change Your Mind

Brandon Flowers has made no secret of his bands’ anglophile influences, and this one’s a pretty clear case. ‘Change Your Mind’ is more New Romantics than New Wave, though, and we kind of want those synths to soundtrack all our tentative flirtations for the rest of time.


If ‘Change You Mind’ is one of the Killers’ more British-inspired songs, then ‘Runaways’ is the other end of the scale. Despite the title ‘Runaways’ is more about sticking around than making a break for it – just imagine Brandon has grabbed you by the collar and is yelling at you to recognise a good thing when you have it (like when you hear an absolute banger, for example).

Read My Mind

Solidarity, dear reader. The Killers’ are big on it. ‘I don’t mind if you don’t mind, ‘cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine’ is a lovely lyric, isn’t it? We’re all in this together and that. Don’t mind us, we’ve just got something in our eye…

The World We Live In

All of the neon lights in Las Vegas have been condensed into this song. It makes us want to go and find a light-up dancefloor and a white rhinestone-studded suit, if we’re perfectly honest with you. We’d also have to have a serious think about the state of the world thanks to the lyrics here, but we’re sure we can multi-task.

Under the Gun

While it’s one of the band’s darker tracks, at its heart ‘Under the Gun’ still keeps the faith with the insistence that ‘heaven sends and heaven takes’. That said, the repeated ‘kill me now’ chorus is just the thing when you’ve said something stupid and kind of wish a cartoon anvil would fall on your head. We’ve all been there.

The Man

The Killer’s latest single is slick and shimmering, a musical disco ball throwing light all over the place. Oh, and a swaggering Brandon Flowers really wants you to know he’s ‘the man’. We’re inclined to agree. This is an officially certified banger.

Playlist || By Liam Konemann || Dork
📷Erik Weiss
OtaYuri fic recs #16

You’re getting a very smutty rec list this time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Almost) Made It by MTrash (Makaria), explicit, 35k, WIP, zombie apocalypse AU

He sees the blond young man and his first thought is - pretty.

His second thought is - he’s going to die.

(AU where they fall in love while killing zombies and trying not to get eaten. Fun times.)

Welcome to the Friendzone by Jillian_Bowesmischiefmanager, explicit, 10.4k

“You’re my best friend.”

And Yuri swears to God he can hear an actual fucking record scratch. Friend. Friend? After the absolute pornography they just recorded on live television?


When You Were a Fever by gaslitriot, explicit, 4.9k, cop!Otabek, stripper!Yuri

“I don’t think I should have kissed that stripper,” Otabek says later that night.

or: Otabek is an undercover FBI agent investigating the strip club where Yuri works.

He Lays Down by chwangdol, explicit, 3.3k, Otabek/Yuri/JJ, warning: somnophilia

JJ and Otabek accidentally find they have a thing for their boyfriend (while he sleeps).

Bent Out Of Shape by SKJC, explicit, 1.8k

Yuri finds a new use for his legendary flexibility and is eager to show it off to Otabek over Skype.

Heat by AbbyWritesTrash, explicit, 4.9k, ABO AU

Everything bad that had happened in Yuri’s life from age 13 to age 18 had always started with a headache. It was his body’s way of preparing him for the worst, the worst primarily being sickness, the failing of competitions and family deaths. So, when Yuri had a headache, he knew shit was going to go down. A headache was always the warning before a storm would hit.

Under Control by monstersinthecosmos, explicit, 940

Little drabble about Otabek going back to his room after WTTM to compose himself.

Midsummer’s Wet Dream by chwangdol, explicit, 2.5k, fairy!Yuri, centaur!Otabek, warning: interspecies sex

Yuri has been crushing on his centaur friend for a while now. A very special book gives him the courage to do something about it.

Cinderella by verity, explicit, 7k

Yuri tucks his face into his outflung arm. “I haven’t done anything with anyone.” Since it’s Otabek, he doesn’t have to explain. He can just look at the way the grass bends under his arm, trace his eyes down the blades into the shadow of his body. “You didn’t tell me how it doesn’t work. I want to know.”

Otabek sighs. “It doesn’t fit.”

As if Yuri could resist that challenge.

Stress Tested by larkscape, explicit, 2k

“Are you calling me a liar?” Yuri asks indignantly.

“Oh, I’ve seen it done. I’m just expressing doubt that you can do it.” Otabek’s voice is flat and reasonable and Yuri kind of wants to scream.

(Written for a kink meme prompt: We all know Yuri’s crazy flexible. Otabek bets him he can’t suck himself off. On webcam.)

All In by SKJC, explicit, 4.6k, warning: fisting

Yuri has a bit of a size kink. After some thought, Otabek gladly indulges him.

Montreal Rain by Blownwish, explicit, 1.8k, Otabek/Yuri, JJ/Yuri, warning: underage, daddykink

He had him once and lost him forever. There’s nothing left but the rain.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Sorry to bother but I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Josh is with his nice but then she gets lost and y/n is a stranger who helps him find her and it's just really cute? Thanks so much I love your writing btw


It’s a regular Tuesday as you step off the bus at your usual stop. The sun is still clinging high in the sky although looming clouds appear to have begun creeping in since you took your lunch break. Maybe it’ll rain later.

Just like every day, you make your way to the town park, sidestepping two young bikers as you head down a path. The sun’s rays feel heavenly as they lick at your skin, and the light breeze that tickles your cheek and seeps into your pores is a blessing after a day stuck inside the office. 

You pause on your way down the path to watch a group of young boys kicking around a soccer ball, your mind stirring up memories of playing with your own friends back in the day. You can’t help but wince sympathetically when one boy goes down in a harsh tackle, but scraped knees don’t stop his ruddy smile or bright laughter. As the boy runs back into the fray of the game, you continue your way down the path. You’re almost nearing the far exit when a piercing cry reaches your ears and stops you dead in your tracks. When you snap your head in the direction of the sound, your eyes find a small girl sitting in the grass crying. Her hair is plaited into two braids; although, a few springy curls have broken free. A bright yellow dress hangs from her small frame, the fabric covered in grass stains, and her flushed cheeks are damp from the tears flowing from her eyes. She can’t be more than four, and your heart instantly goes out to her, it wrenching and twisting painfully between your ribs. Before you can even hesitate, your legs are carrying you towards the girl, your eyes darting around for any sign of a frantic parent.

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Batman headcanon that one time Impulse was speeding around being his usual self and one annoyed concerned citizen asked him where his parents were. Now Bart is from the future so he doesn’t really have an answer, so he goes with the next best response which is to point over at Superboy and Robin who are bickering over something. And so Tim and Conner became the mom and dad of Young Justice.

Though he denies it, Conner is the mom, fun and kooky and willing to play with the others but also more emotionally available and sweet. Tim is the dad, stern and likes to play by the rules, but a good teacher and no one can resist his disappointed face (honed, of course, by the ultimate dad, Batman). Bart thinks it’s funny and continues to refer to them as Mom and Dad to the utter confusion of everyone. But to the reluctant parents’ chagrin, the nickname spreads.

Soon all of Young Justice is calling them Mom and Dad. Anyone who gets in trouble is told to ‘go see your Father’ and make the walk of shame over to Robin with their head hung. The girls teasingly ask Kon how he’s able to balance being a mother and a hero which Conner used to get furious over but he’s now resigned to his fate. Tim has lost count of the times someone has handed him a phone with a pleading look, he’ll pinch between his eyes but take the call and introduce himself as so and so’s father. The tradition continues into the Teen Titans and by this point, Tim and Kon are used to and just routinely answer to Mom and Dad while Starfire, Cyborg and Gar shrug their shoulders. They get it in a way, Donna and Dick were like their parents in a way.

So it’s not unusual to walk in the kitchen in the morning to see Tim reading the paper or doing work. Kon has 3 boxes of cereal set out and was kind enough to remember to get out enough bowls and spoons for everyone. The Titans are shouting and causing a ruckus, Kon yells at them to stop wasting all the milk. Tim keeps working but announces that he needs to head back to Gotham today so Mom and Auntie Starfire are on their own to watch the children. They kiss their dad goodbye and wave as he teleports back to Gotham. He makes his way to Bruce’s study and wearily sits in the chair beside his mentor who is also nursing a headache over a child or three. They sit in companionable silence as only someone who is the guardian of a bunch of rambunctious and lovable kids can be.


Screw Your Lipstick! 

Summary: Regina drops by one morning to deliver Emma’s lunch and Emma jokingly gives her a citation for being way too sexy.  Little does the Mayor know that the Sheriff intends to make her pay the ticket’s fine, one way or another.

A Few Inches Mean Everything (Or Nothing At All)      

Summary: Emma Swan had just discovered a hidden treasure at her girlfriend’s closet.

Let’s Have Another One      

Summary: While helping Regina look for a cure for Marian, a non-related ridiculous idea pops into Emma’s head.

Thank You for Raising Henry

Summary: Emma thanks Regina for raising Henry.

Happy Ending

Summary: Emma helps Regina find her happy ending.

i’ve never missed a stranger before (I think it’s nice)

Summary: Emma gets invited to movie night at the Mills mansion.

of school fairs and secret stares      

Summary: “And you’re sure people will pay money to do this?”
Henry nodded, dropping the last apple into the barrel of water. “Trust me.”


Summary: Regina understands the importance of tokens and sets out to help a heartbroken Emma.

Conference Call      

Summary: Emma puts a whole new spin on the idea of a “conference call”.

Distraction, Reaction

Summary: Regina drives Emma to the point of distraction during a tedious meeting, and in the process, reveals an interesting fetish.

The Actress Hasn’t Learned the Lines (You’d Like to Hear)

Summary: At least, that’s how Regina feels.  The Charmings take a nice, relaxing family vacation, although things don’t start out quite so smoothly.   Warning: fluff so sweet it’ll give you cavities.


It looked like a closet, but it wasn’t      

Summary: ‘It had been only half an hour until regular closing time, so Emma had considered half an hour with limited space - and Regina - the better option. Come on, how hard could it be? Emma was glad, that Regina was not able to see the miserable expression, that settled on her features as she realized her fatal mistake.’

Each Happy Ending’s A Brand New Beginning      

Summary: The little girl grinned as she looked up at her parents. “Daddy, is that story true?” “It absolutely is,” came another voice from the hallway.

This Could Be Paradise

Summary: Regina and Emma feel their baby kick for the first time. The sugariest, sweetest bit of fluff you will ever read (but okay, there is a tiny bit of angst in here, too). Warning: mild language.


Summary: Regina finds Emma injured after she attempts to go horse riding for the first time, alone.  

of ice packs and celebrations 

Summary: Regina’s not happy at all that Emma’s been sneaking her son off to play basketball - but Emma has a plan to get Henry to play in the game on Saturday, and it ends up working out quite well for everyone.

what good people do

Summary: “It’s like the fire all over again, but with their roles reversed. Regina remembers Emma’s words after they’d escaped the blaze - 'next time I’ll do the same thing, and the time after that, because that is what decent human beings do, that’s what good people do’ - and wonders if she’s being a good person right now.”

The Sun Must Set to Rise

Summary: “I don’t know what mothers are supposed to do with their daughters. Emma, I don’t want to be her.” Regina is freaking out, but Emma can bring her back down to earth.


Summary: cute right?

98 and ¾ Percent Guaranteed      

Summary: It’s been true though. I have been in Lurches and Slumps and I managed to find my way out. But now I’m stuck in The Waiting Place. And I’m just tired. I’m tired of waiting, Mary Margaret. So I need to do what the book says and head straight out of town. I need the wide open air.


Summary: Emma taked Regina and Henry to a local pond and teaches them both how to ice skate.

That’s What We Should Choose

Summary: They didn’t kiss. And there is a reason Emma is going to explain.

I Want You To Want Me

Summary: Pointless Swan Queen fluff.

Plain as Anyone Can See

Summary: [Emma is left temporarily blinded after a car accident with MM, and spends a week with Regina and Henry.]

A Little Bit More

Summmary: “Remind me again why I have to be the Grinch?” Regina huffed. Emma laughed softly. “Because I’m singing and Henry’s reading the rest of the story. And because you can’t resist that smile on your daughter’s face.”  

Seek And You Shall Find

Summary: “Regina Mills and Emma Swan were seekers on opposite sides of the Hogwarts’s quidditch teams.” Harry Potter Crossover AU


Summary: Emma gets into some trouble while out with Henry. Regina is not impressed.


Summary: “I assure you, I can stay warm without looking like a villain from the Ghostbusters,” Regina snorts, pulling her gloves on—leather, of course. Emma would even bet that they weren’t even the warm leather gloves. Regina would wear simple driving gloves to take a child sledding.

I’ll Never Have A Family Again (Or Will I?) 

Summary: Regina is left alone in the basement of Gold’s Pawnshop, until a unlikely person comes to see her.

Operation: Tree House Is a Go

Summary: “In the end, the tree house had been a really good decision for all parties involved."post curse-breaking

Of Pleasant Surprises

Summary: Emma lands on Regina after she comes through the portal.

 Through a Rose-Coloured Camera Lens

Summary: Henry has to make a video presentation to his class about his family, which forces Regina and Emma to interact. Undoubtedly, cute bickering and fluffy moments make their way onto film. The resulting presentation might just cause Regina and Emma to finally realise their true feelings and begin to appreciate their quaint little family.

Stolen Property

Summary: Emma comes home and Regina (missing her), is wearing her clothes.

The Notebook 

Summary: Not having someone – not even the memory of them? That was the worst pain imaginable.

What Makes You Beautiful

Summary: If only you saw what I can see.


Summary: Emma uses her favorite movie-time treat to her advantage.

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Summary: Emma comes to the mansion to find Regina asleep over a book from the other world.


Summary: Regina finds Emma wearing glasses sexy and seduces her.

all the world’s a stage

Summary: Emma takes Regina’s hand, trying to convey all the strength she can through a squeeze. Regina’s eyes dart up to hers.“Take a bow,” Emma mouths, grinning bashfully.

Camping Trip

Summary: What if Henry wants to go camping? Regina is not fond of the idea but takes all she gets. Emma is coming along, but Henry wants his own tent, so the mayor and the sheriff must share.

Price of Magic      

Summary: Maleficent helps bring Emma and Regina together

A Fine Line

Summary: Upon Regina’s banishment, the small town of Storybrooke becomes protected once again by an enchantment that prevents anyone from leaving or entering Storybrooke. Emma and Regina find themselves on the edge of the town, wishing for a way to the other side.

Four Benches and a Bed

Summary: Bench No. 1 is at the docks. There have been other benches before; Storybrooke is littered with them after all. They are in parks and hospitals, in gardens and diners, and by the roads. There are lots of them. But Bench No. 1 (yes, capitalized) is at the docks.

Clean Break      

Summary: When 18 year old Emma Swan gets out of juvie she sets out to find the baby she gave up for adoption and make sure he’s ok. She takes a job as a maid in the Mayor’s house to get close to her son but she isn’t expecting to fall in love with him … or his life.

Roughin’ It 

Summary: Regina, Emma and Henry go camping, and Regina is not liking it one bit 

Find Me

Regina, Emma and Henry are playing hide and seek. Somehow, Emma always finds Regina first.

Growing Up: Tooth Fairy      

Summary: Growing Up Series: Henry loses his first tooth. Dash of Swan Queen within


Summary: Emma saves Regina in a political manner. Months after the curse breaks, an election occurs between Snow and Regina for the mayoral position.

Vanquished Sleep

Summary: What if, when she was preparing the Sleeping Curse for David, so that he’d be able to talk to Snow, Regina dropped the potion vial? And what if, when she picked it up, she pricked her finger?

Perfect Gift

Summary: It’s Regina and Emma’s first Valentine’s Day as a couple, and Emma has absolutely no idea what to get Regina


Summary: Magic baby fic - Emma and Regina are expecting the birth of their first child


Summary: Angsty fluff inspired by a few lines from FUN.- We Are Young"My lover, she is waiting for me, just across the bar. My seats been taken by some sunglasses, asking 'bout a scar.”


Summary: Emma comes to town and Regina is okay with it. Until Emma starts hitting on Regina and Regina doesn’t quite know what to do.


Summary: When she discovered lasagna, it felt like a stroke of luck and genius. It was simple enough she was hard put to screw it up and there was so much that could be done with it; Make it with meat, make it without, make it with different types of cheeses, add different spices. It became a game to see how many different combinations she could make and if Henry ever noticed how limited their diet was he was kind enough not to say.

It Was Amazing Not Kissing You

Summary: When the absence of a kiss is the perfect premise to understand Emma’s feelings towards Regina Mills.

Some Hope After All      

Summary: Emma successfully saves Regina from the wraith attack and doesn’t get sucked into the portal. How will the two women come to terms with their magical connection?

Elmo’s ABCs

Summary: It had been three long weeks since there had been a body between her sheets, let alone between her legs.

Just a Red, Leather Jacket

Summary: Three times Regina Mills had to deal with Emma Swan’s red leather jacket.

Just Say No

Summary: There’s something Regina Mills loves doing: saying no. Especially when it’s Emma Swan asking questions.

 Birthday Wishes Do Come True

Summary: Regina is baffled when Emma Swan of all people offers to celebrate her birthday with her.

Rest and Relaxation 

Summary: Regina’s never been outside of Storybrooke before, and when Emma discovers the brunette’s inner desire to see the world, she helps make it come true

Just Another Day

Summary: Just another friendly quidditch match between opposite seekers, Emma Swan and Regina Mills. Swan Queen/HP Crossover AU.

Polygraph Calibration for Beginners

Summary: When Regina is framed for Archie’s murder, she realizes that Sheriff Swan needs to get her lie-detecting abilities checked. Regina calls a friend from the world of endless wonder for help.

Seven Goodnights

Summary: It’s all fun and games in the Swan-Mills family, until an argument breaks out.

We’re Not Lost Anymore

Summary: Morning is the best part of the day, especially for a new family.

After All This Time

Summary: After thirty years of marriage, Emma forgets their anniversary for the first time

Morning Glory

Summary: Emma is not a morning person, so Regina discovers the many ways to get Emma out of bed

Dear Emma

Summary: Every 5 years since she was 13, Emma writes a letter to her future self letting her know what she’s been through and offering up words of encouragement to keep her on the right track. Over 25 years, Emma’s life changes drastically for the better.

Happy Birthday, Savior 

Summary: Emma’s birthday. A candle. A desire.
And also something new.

A Thousand Years

Summary: Regina reflects on her and Emma’s relationship as she walks down the aisle

Meeting the Future In-Laws (Or Our Crazy, Mixed Up Family Life)

Summary: Meeting the future in-laws for the first time is never easy. Especially if they are Snow White and Prince Charming… and you’re Regina.

Love Her Like She’s Leaving

Summary: You fight against your feelings for the longest time, harder than you fought many battles in your lifetime. You refuse to accept that she makes you weak in the knees, makes your heart melt when she gives you her most sheepish grin, makes you forget who you are, whose daughter she is.
Swan Queen, inspired by Brad Paisley’s song of the same name


“My name is Adam Lambert and I am proud to be a human.“

I’m also gay, cisgendered, redheaded, Jewish and a man, but that’s getting specific. We have moved into an era of intense categorizing in an effort to declare our identities. We use labels in order to help others understand who we are, and how we live. And sometimes we need them to figure ourselves out too, because we want to take pride in our individuality.    But do you sometimes feel that we have gotten a little carried away with all these labels? Cause at the end of the day, we’re all human beings. Wouldn’t you rather identify somebody by their name and their energy instead of their sexual preference, their race, their gender, their age or their religion? If we could do that wouldn’t that be more rewarding and allow for deeper connection? I know–that’s being very idealistic. It’s wishful thinking, and sadly, this is not the reality of the world we live in. Especially lately.    I typically avoid publicly speaking about politics because of its devisiveness. People get real sensitive, and I ain’t trying to piss anybody off. But, this year things have gone way too far. So I’m not speaking today about being a Democrat vs a Republican. Today is about right vs wrong. The current presidential administration has manipulated the country using fear and hate to gain power to divide us. Our differences are being used against us. And the shockwaves of this dangerous rhetoric has rippled throughout our community and beyond. And it f*cking hurts. We’ve come way too far to stand by and watch our social progress be yanked backwards. It’s almost as if they’re going ‘Eh, you’re different. You can’t sit with us.’ What the f*ck is that? It’s childish and it needs to end now.    Our pride parade is usually an all out sh*t show of a party where we all dress up like crazy unicorns and prance around through the streets. Yeah! It’s a celebration of the progress we have made–our liberation, our freedom, our glitter. But this year, we are facing such dark forces that pride has taken on a deeper purpose. PROTEST. So today, we stand together in order to support anyone whose human rights are at risk. We resist homophobia. We resist transphobia. We resist misogyny. Bi-invisibility. We resist racism. Xenophobia. And we resist extremism, and anything else that helps promote hate. We stand defiant and will not be brainwashed. We refuse to be sucked into that kind of negativity.    But, I ask you not to fight hate with hate. We don’t want to be hypocrites. So how can we resist? I’ll tell you what I think: With unity, with visibility, truth, inclusion, acceptance, and most importantly–LOVE. We got a lot of work to do, and a lot of ignorance to combat. But we know right from wrong. We know that we are stronger together than we are divided. So take some time today and connect with someone different from you. Recognize another human being. We all deserve to love and be loved. And that goes for all of us within the queer community, within this country and on this planet. After all, the only way our rainbow is a motherf*ckin’ rainbow, is with all the colors shining equally.

Singer Adam Lambert attends the LA Pride ResistMarch on June 11, 2017 in West Hollywood, California

TJ Perkins - You’re Worth Fighting For. You

TJ Perkins - People flirt with Y/N and TJ gets jealous so expresses his feelings to her and they end up in a heated makeout session. 

- Warnings - Fluff, Angst, Swearing

Word Count - 2,279

Requested by: Anon.

Originally posted by tjpfrance


One new Women’s Wrestler, one who was admitedly fast-tracked to the main roster was destined to gain immense amounts of heat from others. That heat presumedly in the form of hatred, instead she recieved a different, more affectionate heat.

“You lot seen the new girl running ‘round here?” A seemingly over-excited Rich Swann exclaimed in amongst the large catering table swarmed with cruiserweights. “Definitely a catch.”

“I saw her walking in earlier with Lana, Pretty sure she has her debut match tonight.” Cedric Alexander added before reaching for a drink.

“I’ll certainly be watching that then.” An eager Noam grins across the table, “Wonder what the lass will be wearing.”

Chuckles not only seemed to fill the room but apparently Noam’s head as well and he snickered another presumptuous remark bearing a grin at the same time, “Hope it’ll be tight.” 

“You know what, shut up Noam.” An angered voice arose, silencing the fading laughter.

“Ay, calm down Perkins-” His words were cut off when a familiar blonde, some would say ‘ravishing’ woman walked in, besides her walking this ‘new girl’… “Speaking of the devil.”

- Your POV -

You excitedly pressed through Catering’s door, longing for the recommended Mashed Potato after a long day of vigorous training. Walking solely forwards, mind-set on discarding your growing hunger, you paid absolutely no attention to anyone in the room - Pretty much to the point where even if Barack Obama was in the room you wouldn’t have known; completely oblivious. That was the sole reason you failed to recognize the crowd of superstars whispering your name in the back corner of the room. Slowly after finishing your (must admit, overly large) plate of food, you decided to get a drink from the large table placed coincidentally in that very back corner of the room, forcing you to acknowledge the sea of new faces ahead of you.

It was clearly evident to almost anyone, that everyone - literally everyone in that group of men, were completely unique. Even if everyone one of them stood out, only two merely captured your attention. Both of which your ‘type’- Not too tall, dark and handsome. (Pretty much most people’s type.) I mean how can you resist a guy with dark, piercing eyes and full dark hair to mess up? It felt as though you had been staring for way too long… did they notice? You urgently stopped your train of thoughts, letting a smile etch on your face prior to turning away to exit.

“Ey, you see that, she smiled at me. Already fallen for good ol’ Noam Dar.” A satisfied grin engraved on the Scottish man’s face. “ I’ll be back lads.”

Slouched, your back leant against a crate, you discussed what seemed like your complete life story with Sasha. “So what abo-” Your words were muffled by a strongly accented voice, forcing you to turn to reveal one of the guys from earlier. “Well ‘ello there sweet.”

Your face was instantaneously flushed with the colour of red through nervousness and partly awkwardness as well. I didn’t even know this guy and he’s already calling me ‘sweet’

“Okay I’m gonna go get ready for my match. Catch ya later Y/N.” Sasha muttered before speeding off down the corridor. 

“Y/N huh? Nice name for a gorgeous woman.” Noam exclaimed, tugging at your shoulder, turning you towards his now topless body. There’s no denying that it’s an incredible body, but it only made the awkwardness more apparent. “How about I take you out for food after the show. My treat”

This was a constant weekly routine for the period of two months, you never made anything ‘official’ though. He was great; his looks, his hidden sweet personality, everything but something just didn’t seem right with him. It’s hard when you think you want something but that something doesn’t complete you how you’d thought it would. You couldn’t quite put a finger on it… why you wouldn’t commit to Noam.

~ Raw: Two Months Later ~

“Hey you.” A tight grasp was placed upon each of your dainty shoulders causing you to shiver slightly. “Oh, hey Noam.” You muttered under your breath slightly, unknowingly shaking out of his grip. 

“You still on for dinner Y/N?” His eyes wandered downwards from yours, clearly looking at your ‘tight’ ring gear. *fake cough* “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be” You snapped, your words forcing his eyes out of his somewhat trance. “Good, I’ll see you then” He winked, turning before walking to the gorilla for his upcoming match. “Noam- I’m sorry for pushing you away for two months, you’ve been making an effort so I don’t see why we can’t try this out, Okay? Now go kick some ass.” Your words left him in complete and utter shock before he wandered down the corridor, a smile clearly embedded on his lips.

Gazing as The Scottish Supernova’s lean build faded out of plain sight, you relaxed slightly, letting off that anticipation weighing you down before you finally gave in to his love. 

“Erm, hi.” You heard a faint voice from over your shoulder. The voice of the now familiar other ‘fairly tall, dark and handsome’ man, TJ Perkins. One of Noam’s best friends. “Y/N can I talk to you about something?” The nervousness within his voice was perceptible, leaving you concerned about what was to come. In the short two months you had known TJ, it wasn’t hard to notice that he hardly ever got anxious about something, not unless it was serious.

“Yeah sure, what’s up?” Your vision lifted from the mesh you were playing with on your shorts to meet with his eyes. He was swallowing his words, choking up whenever the slightest noise exited his mouth. “Er, erm- How are you and Noam?” His mood dropped immensely, his head lowering towards his feet.

“Look TJ, Please tell me what’s up? This isn’t like you at all.”

His breathing became increasing faster. His heartbeat almost loud enough for you to hear. “Okay. Ever since I saw you in catering your debut night on RAW, I started to believe in love at first sight. Heck I know it sounds cheesy but it was true but then Noam came along, all because I didn’t have the balls to tell you how I felt. That’s why I’m here now, There’s a 90% chance I’m too late but it’s worth a try.” His heartfelt words left you feeling as though you had been hit by a truck. A rope already began to be pulled in two separate directions within your mind. Stay with the man you just made official with or listen to TJ who seemed too sincere in his announcement to be messing around.

“TJ-” “I know this was completely out of the blue and completely wrong of me when you’re getting along so well with Noam. I couldn’t just not say anything.” His tone suggested he started to regain the hope he instantly thought he had lost when he approached me. Mine was polar opposite.

“Are you seriously out of your mind!? What makes you think it’s ok to just waltz on up to me and state that you’re in love with me? Especially when you goddamn know that I’ve been somewhat dating Noam for these past two months?” Your tone only grew louder along with temper growing increasingly uncontrollable. Did he really think I would take this comment lightly?

“Y/N I can understand why you’re mad, I don’t blame you but please just hear me out…” His dark, chocolate eyes became misted by the tears that began to form as he literally stood frozen, now not even being able to look you in the face. “This was a mistake… telling you.”

“Normally I would say it’s fine. But it’s not. Actually, it’s in a completely different realm than ‘fine’. You know what TJ- I can’t, I’m just gonna walk away.” Those words were far from what defined you; that sweet, shy, caring character just disappeared in an instant. Maybe it was the heat of the moment when things got to you, it’s hard to determine. The only thing you knew was this totally wasn’t like you. In that exact moment, you turned away, not glancing back his direction once, not wanting to make the situation deeper than it already is.

~ 3 days later ~

Nothing since RAW had changed: you still went to dinner with Noam, and you still haven’t made contact with TJ, neither did you tell Noam about the confession. You simply stayed in your own head; away from any drama. However, that time spent living purely in their thoughts made your feelings take a turn for the worse, it allowed you to regret shouting at TJ and somewhat doubt your ‘relationship’ with Noam. Noam was good- but you couldn’t help but think you weren’t ‘girlfriend material’ in his eyes and like you were nothing more than someone to take out to eat since that was pretty much all you ever did.

That’s what lead you to that very moment. 11:00 pm, sprawled across the small bed of your hotel room, twirling your phone between your finger and thumb, once again in an internal debate. Your phone was flicked into your palm, a loud ‘ding’ ringing your ears before you entered your passcode and pressed your thumb upon the ‘messages’ button…

‘There’s someone else.’ Those were the single words running through your head constantly- I guess deep down you couldn’t deny there was… TJ. That missing piece you had with Noam didn’t feel missing when you thought of TJ. The whole situation shattered your heart into a billion pieces knowing you were set to break one of their hearts at the end, in this case, it was Noam. Now he knew there was this other person and finally so did you, nonetheless, TJ now wasn’t aware.

All superstars on the current roster spent their time in the same hotel. Noam being Noam booked his own hotel, his way, claiming it was “too loud.” This meant you were close to TJ, well kinda overly close seeing as he’s two rooms down the hall. After your previous texts, it was inevitable, you had to see TJ.Tears already visibly draining down the apples of your cheeks, you quickly wanted to make your way to his room, avoiding any socialization on the way.

Stood outside his door, an emotional wreck, you briskly rose your hand, placing vigorous beats on the dark oak door. The million thoughts running through your head previously had vanished leaving only the wish of TJ being awake. Your hands were shaking and your knees were trembling. Your palms started to become sweaty; still warm, salty tears streaming to your chin. A click startled you momentarily, looking forwards to witness the door edging open, TJ standing there; dorky as per usual, dressed in grey joggers and a video game shirt, hair still almost perfectly spiked.

“I’m sorry TJ… I’m sorry.” Your voice blurted out before your petite build into a tight embrace. Your sobs started to damp his shirt as you nuzzled into his chest, comforted by his arm, his chin rested on the top of your head.

“Shh, it’s fine alright?” His softly toned voice soothed you, your sniffles became less frequent.

“I didn’t mean anything I said to you before TJ, I dunno- I was scared, scared to admit I liked you but then there was Noam but now there isn’t Noam and-” Your apology was suppressed when he placed a finger upon your lips, beckoning you to stop talking. Lifting your vision to meet his, it suddenly dawned on you… why you failed to realise this was the man you’d been looking for. His touch alone was enough to rock your world, the way he ran his fingers through your hair made all your troubles melt away, then he pressed his lips against mine making that once empty part of me feel whole again.

“Well then… thought I’d find you here, didn’t think you’d be snogging his face off though.“ A rasped voice broke the heat of the moment, a certain Scottish voice you knew far too well. “You like someone’s seconds then Perkins? Thought you were my buddy but clearly not.” 

“Noam stop!” The anger had clearly gotten to Noam as he swung a fist connecting with TJ’s jaw. “Noam, get the fuck out, I seriously mean it, leave now!” You shouted, sprinting to the aid of TJ, glaring as Noam slams the door behind him.

Instantaneously you ran to get a wet towel to soothe the swelling on TJ’s eye, afterwards cautiosly dabbing it whilst cupping his other cheek. A faint giggle however left his lips causing you to stop in your tracks. “What?” you chuckled, placing the towel on the bed next to you.

His soft lips once again met yours bringing you tighter into his body. “I’ve wanted this for too long now.” He breathed between kisses resulting in your face flushing red. 

“Me too. It just took me too long to realise.” You panted, gasping for air between words. It wasn’t long before his Superman top was off, leaving his chiseled build bare to allow your fingers to run down. “Sorry about Noam, you know I didn’t want him to punch you.”

“He doesn’t matter anymore. Plus you’re worth fighting for.” He delicately whispered into your neck, sending chills down your spine. 

“TJ Can I stay here please?” “Of course you can.” Finally someone who made your heart flutter everytime he touched you, still even if he was near you. This was the very moment I fell in love with TJ Perkins.

A/N - Finally it’s here! Loved writing this request even if it was a bit longer than expected. Anyways, thank you so much for reading guys, it means so much! ~ Nikkii xo

Skylines & Teacups Part Five

part one / part two / part three / part four / part six / part seven / part eight /

Pairing: You x Suga

Summary: It was a quiet lonely night at a cafe right outside of the city when a mysterious looking man approached you. There blossomed something you never expected in your wildest dreams - not after everything you’ve been through.

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 4405

Warnings: strong language, sexual harassment, 

Author’s Note: I normally do a mixture of fluff and angst in everything I write but… this chapter is 100% angst. i can’t deny it. I hope you like it! Thank you for reading :)

Originally posted by salty-seoltang

You rapidly ran over to your hysterical best friend calling her name. With no response from her, you bent down in front of her and wrapped your arms around her. The second you fully embrace her, she harshly pushed you off. “Sojung? What’s wrong? What happened?” You pleaded with her. She mumbled something incoherent in between sobs and you shook your head in distress. “Sojung…”

“Go away Y/N” Her words were sharp and malicious but you weren’t easily swayed by that anymore. “Sojung, please tell me what’s wrong?” As you spoke you noticed her clenching onto something underneath her fetal position. “What are you holding?” You said sternly, reaching for it.

She pulled away so hastily that you fell over onto your back. “Please tell me what’s wrong. I want to help. What happened?” You sat on the floor next to her feeling conflicted and useless. “Get the fuck away from me Y/N.” Sojung spat as she stood up, mascara streaks and all. The words stung and shot you down so hard that you were stuck in place. Sojung hurried out with a slam of the door. The slam left an echo throughout the space she left in the room and the one in your heart.

The two of you just promised not to get mad at each other anymore so you decided that you had to run after her. You opened the front door and found her pacing a few steps in front of it while wiping her tears. “Sojung, please talk to me…” You began to say but she shot a fury of looks at you then snapped,“Don’t you dare come at me with that bitchy voice of yours. Just get the fuck away from me and crawl inside of your cave like you always do.”

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Really big problem with every Barbarian archetype I’ve seen so far is that they can’t compete with the Path of the Totem at all. Like, the choice is, “you resist everything but brain mojo”/“you have the mobility of a rogue on a 1d12 chassis with +10’ speed”/“pack tactics!” versus “Uh…you get another attack at 3rd level! And then become a useless piece of shit!” Or “you can give one dude disadvantage! On any attack that doesn’t target you!” Or “tiny aura of microscopic damage.”

Just give us more animals, WOTC, how about a shark totem for aquatic adventures (Jason Mamoa Aquaman, anyone?), a Hornet totem that makes you the Pain, or a quakka that makes you the party face?

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“I WOULD LIKE TO RAGE…my way into your hearts.”

Contributor’s spotlight: WeConquerAtDawn

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To narrow it down a little, the fics which are most representative of my work in the Radiance Anthology are Sacrament and the Inosculation series.

How did you become a Fannibal?

It’s all tumblr’s fault. Can anyone resist Mads’ face? I couldn’t. So I had to watch it and then, pretty much instantly, I knew I had become a lifelong fannibal.

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

It’s such a creative, supportive, and welcoming fandom - there’s nothing like the atmosphere you get in a room full of fannibals!

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham?

Well, I mean, the G-rated version probably involves walking dogs and whisky, right? ;)

Beach day

This is only my second piece of writing so it may not be the best but i hope you guys like it. 

Thank you so much to @maddie110201 for proofreading this for me 

Word count: 1898


Warnings: fluff and cuteness 

Dating Dylan has been the most amazing 6 years of your life, yes you’ve had your ups and downs but you’ve always stood by each other and worked through whatever stood In your way. 

Moving to L.A with Dylan 3 years ago was one of the best decisions you’d ever made. You get to wake up next to him every morning and see that beautiful face and that amazing body. 

Today was your birthday, Dylan had just finished filming his new movie American assassin so he had time to spend with you. You’d booked the week off work so that you could spend some time with Dylan. Because you didn’t have to go to work you hadn’t set an alarm. You woke up around 11am due to the bright sun coming through the curtains, usually you would wake up with your back pressed against Dylan’s chest and his arms wrapped around you, but you noticed the lack of his body heat this morning. You rolled over towards his side of the bed and stretched out your arm hoping to feel him laying there but he wasn’t, so you got out of bed and padded your way downstairs. 

When you reached to the bottom of the stairs you were hit with the amazing smell of bacon and eggs, you headed towards the kitchen to find Dylan standing in front of the stove with his back to you, he was only wearing a pair of sweatpants that hung very low on his hips, which made you pull your bottom lip between your teeth at the sight in front of you, damn he looked hot. Just as you leaned against the door he turned around with a plate of bacon in his hand, he jumped slightly seeing you standing there as he’d not heard you come downstairs, “good morning sweetie” he said as he walked up to you and quickly kissed your lips before going back to the stove to finish the eggs,

“Good morning to you too, what’s all this for? You never make breakfast”

“Well seeing as it’s your birthday I decided to plan a perfect day for you, starting with breakfast” 

He set the two plates of food on the table.

“Happy birthday baby” 

He leaned over to you and placed a quick peck on your lips, you both sat down at the table and started to eat.

“What exactly did you have planned ?” 

You looked up at him with your mouth full of food, Dylan let out a small laugh before replying 

“Well I know you’ve never been to Santa Monica beach, so I was thinking we would head down there and spend the day exploring, then maybe find a quiet spot and have a little campfire, toast marshmallows and make s'mores ”

“Sounds perfect to me” 

You get up from the table taking your dishes to the sink. Just as you go to turn on the water to start washing them but Dylan stops you.

“Honey let me do this, you go upstairs and get yourself ready for today” 

You smile up at him and give him a quick kiss before heading upstairs to get ready. You chose a gorgeous pink summer dress that Dylan always said looked amazing on you. You decided to apply a little makeup, you heard Dylan enter the bedroom to get ready himself. He decided on a pair of black shorts and a navy t-shirt that clung to his toned body in all the right places, making him look absolutely amazing. After sending you a quick smile he headed back downstairs again to wait for you. 

Once you’d finished with your makeup you pulled your hair into a high ponytail and grabbed your sandals from the closet. When you got downstairs Dylan was standing by the door with a picnic basket in hand. 

“Ready babe?”

“Yup let’s get going”

you said heading out to the car. You’d spent most of the trip laughing at each other’s cheesy jokes and singing along very loudly to the odd songs on the radio. 

You were almost there and could feel yourself getting more excited by the minute. You’d seen so many photos and heard from other people how amazing Santa Monica was, that made you extremely happy thinking about the fact that you were getting to spend the day there with Dylan. 

You were able to smell the ocean already and it smelled amazing. You thought to yourself ‘today is going to be perfect’. It’s about midday when you arrive so it’s already pretty hot. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was high and making the water sparkle like it was covered in diamonds, it looked amazing. You leaned into the back of the car to grab the sunscreen, when you looked you saw that Dylan had packed a cooler with drinks along with the picnic food for later, and he’d also brought a couple of beach chairs. 

You can’t wait to get out and feel the hot sand between your toes and just walk on the beach. The sight of the waves were already giving you a very calm feeling. The view in front of you was absolutely breathtaking.

You both got out of the car Dylan grabbed the chairs and the cooler whilst you grabbed the picnic basket. You set out to find a quiet spot. You walk for a little while until you find a spot away from everyone else so that you have some peace and privacy. Dylan set down the stuff in his hands and started setting it all up.

Removing your sandals you start heading towards the water, you turned back to Dylan who was just standing there watching you with a look of pure adoration on his face.

“You not joining me?” 

He flashed his amazing grin before quickly removing his shoes and making his way towards you. Placing his arm around your shoulders, he pulls you into his side, you look up at him and smile. Walking along the beach with the water up to your ankles you and Dylan talk about whatever comes to mind. 

Whilst you guys are walking along, a big wave came along out of nowhere and knocks you both down on our asses. You and Dylan sit there laughing for a minute until Dylan gets up first still laughing, he reaches out a hand to help you up. You decide it might be better to go higher up the sand to continue your walk.

You start walking the water line so your feet still get wet. Both of you had been walking and chatting for awhile and you were starting to get hungry, so you and Dylan decide to start walking back towards the chairs you’d set up earlier. As soon as you get back to the seats you dry yourself off with a towel so the sand doesn’t stick too much. 

Dylan dries off as well and comes to sit down next to you, he reaches over and grabs two drinks out of the cooler handing one to you. You sit there talking, eating the snacks Dylan had brought and watching the water for a while, you don’t realize how long you’ve been sitting and talking until you notice the sun starting to set. 

Dylan jumps up to go grab some firewood before it gets too dark. He gets back just as the sky starts turning all different shades of pink and purple, he digs a shallow hole in front of us and start to build a small campfire. You sit quietly drinking and watching him building the fire.

Dylan sits back down in his seat and smiles at you once the fire is going. 

The sun setting turns the sky brilliant shades of red, purple and dark blue. As you both sit there you can’t think of anything to say because the moment is too perfect and you’re afraid saying the wrong word would shatter it.

You reach into your bag and grab your phone to take a quick photo, you place your phone away again and look back out at the ocean, watching how the colors in the sky make the water look amazing.

You feel Dylan place his hand on top of yours as if he were asking for permission to hold it as you sit and watch the sunset that is so beautiful. 

You look over at him to see him already looking at you, you give him a small smile. 

He looks into your eyes and smiles back at you, god that amazing smile, how could anyone resist that beautiful smile. 

He intertwines his fingers with yours, you can still feel his eyes on you as your hair gently flows in the wind, your face glowing slightly with the little light coming from the sunset.

A cold breeze hits you sending a shiver down your spine. Dylan notices and gently runs his thumb over your knuckles to get your attention, he motions for you to come sit on his lap.

“You’re cold beautiful, come over here and cuddle.”

You move yourself onto his lap, placing your head in the crook of his neck and wrapping your arms around his waist, he runs his hands up and down your arms in an attempt to warm you up.

“Would you like to go back to the car?”

He asks as he pulls you closer as he feels you shivering again.

“We can still see the sunset, but it’ll be a bit warmer in there for you, we can lay in the back seats”

You look at him and smile before nodding your head. 

You start packing everything up and head back to the car, Dylan slides all of the beach stuff back into the trunk of the car, you get into the back seat of the car and pull out a blanket seconds later Dylan hops into the back seat with you.

You snuggle close into his chest, lifting your head to be able to look into his eyes you smile at him, he looks back into your eyes and smiles back at you, but after a few seconds of looking at each other the lights turn off and it gets dark in the car. You feel him run his fingers through your hair slowly while he runs his hand down your arm to find your​ hand again.

The light of the moon that has now risen is the only source of light you have. He tangles your hands together again. You lay your head back down on his chest and smile to yourself as you hear him say

“I didn’t think you could get any more beautiful and i really didn’t think this night could get and better”

You feel yourself getting sleepier as Dylan slowly run his fingers through your hair, he noticed your breathing starting to slow, knowing this meant you’re about to fall asleep so he gently kiss the top of your head and whispers

“I love you so much y/n, more than anything in the world, happy birthday baby.”

You feel Dylan move and get out of the car to get into the driver’s seat, he starts up the engine and glances into the back to see you sleeping peacefully on the back seat wrapped up in a blanked with a happy look on your face, he smiles before turning back around and starting to head home.

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Lmao. You see, I had no clue who Luke Evans was before you started posting more about him. I thank you for doing so, because WOW is he gorgeous. So even as someone who doesn't know him, I LOVE it :)

I’m so glad I could introduce him to you, or you to him (whichever way that works) !!!!!!!!!!!! he’s so lovely, both inside and out, and has been nothing but a source of happiness for me for these last few weeks/months

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and I mean, look at him? how can anyone resist that gorgeous……..face….yes, face.