how can anyone not love you

The signs as friends

Aries: the loud one with lots of jokes and amazing remarks/comebacks and always has flawless eyebrows

Taurus: a little bit stand offish at the beginning, but the best friend anyone could have. (shoulder to cry down for example)

Gemini: the gossiper who’s nice one moment but rude the next. But still a cool friend, knows how to have a interesting conversation.

Cancer: the shy moody one that always knows how to cheer everyone up, kinda just follows the flock

Leo: the crazy one that always has the attention, but has a BIG generous heart.

Virgo: the crazy one that looks like a sweetheart but is actually wild and crazy when you really get to know them. Always smiling and can’t stay mad for a long time.

Libra: the kind/quiet one that’s funny and always bringing back inside jokes and good memories, keeps shit balanced so no murders anyone.

Scorpio: the intense one that is funny and makes dirty/crazy jokes and who everybody loves, but loves to tease.

Sagittarius: always ready to help you when you need it, and will get you drunk if you’re sad about something so it is always fun to be with them. Also they are very trustworthy you can always rely on them.

Capricorn: the smart one that is hard to read in the beginning, can turn a frown upside down (can’t stay mad at them) the friend who likes to agree to disagree.

Aquarius: the one who gives long meaningful advice and gives you a new perspective of things.

Pisces: everyone loves them, the one that always cheer you up on your dreams and gives you good advice that they wouldn’t listen to themselves.

★ ★ ★ Welcome to Billie Piper Appreciation Week, March Edition! ★ ★ ★

What is it?

Put simply, there isn’t enough love for this beautiful, wonderful lady. So let’s have an entire week dedicated to her!

Okay, when is it?

March 13-19, 2017!

How do I participate?

There are lots of ways to participate! Each day is going to have a theme (they’ll be posted below), and you can make graphics, art, write fanfiction, meta, headcanons, etc. dedicated to the theme of the day! The sky’s the limit!

And make sure you tag it bp appreciation so it can be easily located!


★ Day One (March 13): Favorite Role
Day Two (March 14): Favorite Scene
Day Three (March 15): Saddest Moment
Day Four (March 16): Best Outfit (either on-screen or in life. Or both!)
Day Five (March 17): Best on-screen romantic partner
Day Six (March 18): Favorite Photoshoot
Day Seven (March 19): Free For All! Do whatever you want!

All That I Am ; An Elucien Fanfiction — Part 1

a/n: so i just randomly got the idea for this fic and decided to start it. it’ll probably be 3-4 parts in the end. i’ve never written elucien before, so i hope that this is okay! thanks so much to @sarahviehmann​ for helping me edit and giving me constant support, i love you!

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,813 

No one is there for Elain. Not with Nesta standing by, in all her loud, violent glory. Nesta screams for days, until her voice is hoarse, even after that, and Elain doesn’t know how anyone can bear to be around her anymore. But then one day, she stops. Elain is there to watch her, sitting on a bench at the edge of one of the many terraces in the House of Wind. Angry tears drip down her sister’s chin, her face contorted. She’s holding onto the metal railing, the only thing keeping her from vaulting herself over the edge. And then it melts beneath her touch, just like that.

Nesta pulls back quickly, staring at her hands as if they were something foreign. Elain thinks that maybe they are. A flicker of a flame dances across Nesta’s fingertips and she yelps. One of the warriors comes running when Nesta stops screaming, worried she’d been hurt, but Elain doesn’t care enough to see which one it is. All she sees is him leading Nesta back inside, talking excitedly about her new power, and a glimpse of Nesta’s teeth as she smiles. Elain is left alone. Forgotten. Ignored.

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youre probably my #1 favorite artist on tumblr i love your work so much if you opened a shop someday i would die of happiness lmao

GET OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR LIES! !!1 How can I possibly be your #1 favourite artist here pls omg THANK YOU MUCH <33 I’m dying just at the thought of people thinking my art is worth buying ;o;


That’s the question that has been playing on my mind for the past few weeks. Is there, or will there, be enough love in me for both you and your baby sister.

Now, I know everyone is about to jump down my throat screaming “Of course there is! How could you not love both of your children?!” But I don’t think they understand where I’m coming from.

I love you so much Kian. I’ve never loved anyone or anything nearly half as much as you and before I became pregnant with Baby D, I was sure that I would ever love something this much again. The love I feel for you is such a crazy, overwhelming feeling; it takes my breath away, it can make me cry, it amazes me.

How will this play out when she’s born? I already adore her, so so much, but it scares me that I might not love anyone as much as you. In my heart I know I love you both equally… but I still worry. Does this make sense? It barely does to me, a 9 month pregnant, hormonal, sleep-deprived emotional woman. 

I need to sleep, and then I need to hold Baby D in my arms and laugh at myself for ever doubting my love for someone so perfect.

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Kat have you read "hit me with your best shot" by Tozette ? It's super cute fic with a Sasuke/Sakura as the main pairing that's actually can function cannon & isn't weird like the rest of the het pairings. I love how it explores how Sasuke experiences attraction & painting him as an actual human being (cause not a lot of fics do) . It's super good featuring badass! Sakura and pining! Sasuke that's in denial. Hope you like it!!!

I have read it! Tozette is probably the only one who could make me like SasuSaku, tbh. To anyone who hasn’t read it, I definitely rec it!

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I really like one of my closest friends, who is also gay, however she's just come out of a relationship and I don't want to come on too strong because I don't know it it'll even be reciprocated, I don't want to do anything that'll potentially ruin the friendship but I honestly think I could make her really happy, and she deserves that more than anyone

okay give her time to get over the break up.. but you can try to get closer to her. let her see that you care about her and that you feel something for her. Get closer get to know her better. Let her feel loved when she is with you. try to flirt with her and look how she reacts to it. Take the time with her and see how it goes.

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I get so jealous because I see so many beautiful people on tumblr who are bigger than me and so confident and I can't even wear a bloody tank top without crying over how much I hate my arms. I'm scared no one that I want will want me and I'll be forced to settle due to loneliness. I don't see anyone who looks like me in this community and it's so heart breaking

I wish you’d get that top. Wear it. Take a picture of it. Show all what you think is “ugly” and submit it to us. We will let you know how beautiful you are!
I’d love to see you creating the representation that you can’t see or find. I’d love to see you being that representation for people who look like you.
- mod Guillermo

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So if Toadtale were to get a massive fanbase like the regular Undertale, what would be the thing you would hope to see come out of it and the thing you would dread to see come out of it?

What I’d love to see? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I dunno, really. You can’t make me much happier than with good fanart. Although, comic dubs would be something I’d be very interested to see. I wouldn’t bother anyone about it, though.

…and one thing I dread? How about people getting the NAME wrong?

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may I ask esme for the question meme?

thanks for the ask anon!!

send me…

002 | give me a character & i will tell you

  • how i feel about this character:

oh, i love her. she is the worst person in the world and i can’t help but love it. i honestly can’t even explain why i like her. i think it’s at least partly the fact that she’s so contradictory - she spends all of her time following trends, and yet simultaneously does absolutely whatever she wants, with no mind for the consequences or anyone else’s opinion. she’s confusing and great.

  • all the people i ship romantically with this character:

i guess it depends on what a ship is, and what romantically is. i like esme and olaf as a pair, but i don’t exactly think they’re romantic - they are well-suited, and i’m sure they occasionally have a good laugh, probably at people they consider less brilliant than themselves, but they don’t care about each other, and i’ve always thought it was very uncharacteristic for the baudelaires to believe that they did. also, esme and jerome is amusing, but it’s also terrible. i recently wrote some jacques/esme and unfortunately now can’t help but ship that too, so…

  • my non-romantic otp for this character:

i…don’t think there are any? her relationship with carmelita was funny while it lasted, but i’ve always found it a bit depressing - she’s so obviously using her to further her ego.

  • my unpopular opinion about this character:

i’m not sure i have one. esme is a terrible person with no apparent real feelings or conscience - is that an unpopular opinion, or just canon?

  • one thing i wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

okay i wish we’d just had a bit more explanation of some of the things that probably actually are canon - the netflix series might decide to fill in some of the blanks, as it seems they already are with the quagmire fire. what was the purpose of marrying jerome, when the baudelaire mansion was already destroyed? is the sugar bowl legitimately the only reason she hates beatrice?

  • my otp:

i guess…in the grand scheme of things…it’s olaf. they’re a hideous couple, but god they deserve each other. they are ridiculously alike, and they so transparently enable each other to be as terrible as they really are. it’s like the way she’s flatters him and calls him a genius all the time - and then, as soon as there’s an hint of a disagreement, immediately stops. she loves getting her own way without getting her hands dirty, and he loves being adored - they are perfect for each other, in all the worst, most disgusting ways.

  • my cross over ship:

this isn’t what the question is asking but you know who actually is esme? madeline fucking ashton, from death becomes her. it’s not a fandom so nobody will have heard of it, but still. a ship isn’t jumping out at me, but i’m sure there are loads of obvious ones…

  • a headcanon fact:

genuinely esme’s special skill is actually manipulating people into doing things. in a way, she almost manages it with the baudelaires, without even knowing it - if you don’t choose the wicked thing, what in the world will you do? what do they do, in the next couple of chapters? set fire to part of a carnival. somehow, despite her hideous personality, she manages to get almost everyone to do exactly what she wants them to.

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Honestly I miss when headcanoning characters as ace was just a normal thing and would be an interesting discussion about character depth and stuff and how we saw our own experiences in theirs. I really miss it

Me too. I love (and I do mean hate) how aphobes have told asexuals to create our own community and then they shit on anything we say anyway in our own spaces. It needs to be changed back.

Anyone can always feel free to talk about their experences relating to characters here if you want.

I just finished updating my Fic pages and have come to the realization that I was a big time Charloe hoe.  Seriously, I am impressed by how many stories (okay, one-shots) I wrote for that pairing. P.S. Yes, I very much still love them. Anyway, for anyone interested/bored, looking for something to read here are some links.

  • SethKate Fics: They are my babies right now and I fucking love them so much, I can’t get enough. I would take the Gecko brothers over the Winchesters any day, there I said it. If you haven’t watched From Dusk till Dawn, do yourself a favor a go watch the shit out of it on Netflix. You might fall in love with D.J. Cotrona though, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • Charloe Fics: These two. I’m still bitter about Revolution being cancelled and I’m even more bitter that the writers didn’t have the balls to make this pairing happen because they are fire and their chemistry was off the fucking charts. They’re assholes (the writers) so I had to write my own happy endings.
  • Klaroline Fics: The OG of OTPS. I’m low-key still waiting for this pairing to happen. Their scenes are magic, their lines are iconic. If you haven’t shipped Klaroline, you haven’t lived.  Simple as that.

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Keep reaching. How about we ask Scott and Norman? Pretty sure they, who doesn't support Caryl at all, would laugh in your stupid, reaching face. And tell you to take your stupidity elsewhere. If Caryl was going to be a romantic thing, it'd be done by now. They aren't entertaining it. You're just fooling yourself and everyone else who thinks Daryl loves Carol romantically too

Because they would respond? They can’t give anything away. If either of them said “ yes, it was romantic ”, it’d be considered a spoiler.

I’m not “ reaching ” and neither is anyone else. Don’t insult my fellow friends who support Caryl. Go somewhere else if you don’t support them.
Why are you wasting your time here?

Bye 👋🏻

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I love how aphobes act like we as aces are annoyingly open about us being ace like shut the fuck up. I can barely tell anyone that I am ace otherwise I usually get shitty jokes or statements on the line of "Whatever. I am sure that will change once you go out with someone". It's taken years for me to get comfortable enough to open up to my close friends about this but sure okay all aces are super fucking annoying and say they are ace constantly even though that never happens.

:( Sorry you have to deal with this crap. We deserve better

And yeah, I’m very careful about who I tell too because among other things ppl have made me feel unsafe when they found out and gotten creepy

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i am really single and kinda worried that no one will ever want to be with me. how do I deal with these feelings??

Honestly? I’m in the same boat. I know people love me as a friend, but I’m becoming more and more convinced I’m not built for romantic love.

On my bad days, that thought drowns every other one out. On those days, all I can do is grit my teeth and determine to be a good person no matter what, whether anyone ever falls for me or not, because my worth is not measured by who loves me. 

You are a good, smart, beautiful person. I promise you, someone somewhere loves your smile. If you want love, don’t give up hope that it will find you. I don’t believe there’s only one right person for anyone. You have the potential for love with a multitude of people, but it will only happen if you’re willing to keep trying.

Yes, I’m talking to myself too. We’ll do it together, okay? I believe in you, and I know that sounds trite, but sometimes knowing someone else is pulling for you can make all the difference.

Hang in there. ((((HUGS))))