how can anyone not like her

I know it seems impossible to believe Taylor wouldn’t want people to be like her… but also that poem she wrote, that pain she was in.. wow, I have really been there and it makes complete sense that after all the shit Taylor went through (for being her fucking self!!! Her kind, intelligent, loving, creative self!!) she would not only write the “if you’re anything like me” poem but truly feel that way. She doesn’t deserve to feel that way again and no one does, but it is so good to see how far she’s come from there and that she is there for any one of us who faces similar pain. It means so much to me Taylor would share such a vulnerable poem with us and anyone who wants to read it. It was so brave and open and one of the most beautiful things we can do as writers. As always, I’m so proud of Taylor and thankful with what she is willing to share with us. And I am grateful to be like her, even just a little, and know that everything is going to be okay.

reputation doing this well makes my heart so damn happy like… taylor had the roughest year leading up to this to the point where she just disappeared to get away from it and live her life on her terms without anyone trying to tear her down or use her or accuse her of dating whatever guy she’s standing next to and it really showed how much she needed that year off, she took her time with rep like you can tell she worked so fucking hard on it i mean its her most beautiful vulnerable emotional unapologetic real piece of work she’s created and I’m just really emotional taylor and this album deserve all the love in the world

mmmm listen i’ve maintained this before but like i rly can’t see how anyone would WANT Luke to be Rey’s father, given literally everything about her history but I was re-watching some TLJ trailers and stuff and like… the little footage we have of Rey and Luke mostly seems like Rey is asking him, afraid or upset or on the verge of tears, for help, and he’s yelling @ her and discouraging her and telling her she’s too powerful and generally giving off the strongest “get the FUCK away from me” vibes I’ve ever felt in my twenty one short years of life like NO offense but in what world is that a father-daughter relationship that could in any way be healthy or fulfilling or positive for either of them?

And a broken heart is much more complex than you once believed.

The 12 year old version of yourself would roll her eyes if she could see you now. She’d tell your mother that you were being over dramatic. She’d ask you why you can’t just like a new boy.

She didn’t know what it was like to be so beyond repair that you don’t know how to let anyone in anymore. She hadn’t felt what it was like to cry after every first date she’d had in the last 2 years because she didn’t know how to smile at a boy and mean it anymore.

She didn’t know the gut wrenching feeling of thinking she would never be able to love again. She hadn’t felt the fear of being vulnerable again.

She hadn’t then; she shouldn’t have ever had to.


An addendum to my previous post detailing Trump’s ability to pick the least qualified people possible for government posts.

Today we have Kathleen Hartnett White who he wants to lead The Council for Environmental Quality.

Now, I don’t say this lightly. This woman is one of the stupidest people I have ever seen testify for a confirmation hearing. Her background is not scientific at all. She went to school for religious studies. She is now a mouthpiece for the energy industry. She proclaims fracking is harmless. She encourages people to increase fossil fuel production. Meaning she wants to drill anywhere in the United States that might have even the slightest drop of oil. Protected lands and fragile ecosystems alike. She claims that CO2 isn’t a pollutant because it is a nutrient for plants. Though I’m not sure she has ever tried to breathe in a healthy dose of carbon dioxide.

Her most heinous sin is how terribly uninformed she is. When testifying she demonstrated that she had almost no knowledge of the science behind climate change. If you are going to fervently oppose something, it seems logical that you would need to know at least the basics of the thing you oppose. And if you are going to take a position of leadership pertaining to the environment, you should actually know a thing or two about the environment. It’s like applying to be a mechanic even though you can’t change a tire or replace the blinker fluid. Or know that blinker fluid isn’t a thing. Much like Rick Perry with the Department of Energy, I guess she thinks she can just learn as she goes along.

I just don’t understand how anyone can support Trump’s decisions to appoint these people. He bragged about wanting to drain the swamp. He seems intent on just setting the swamp on fire.

If you wish to feel infuriated, I invite you to watch a few minutes of her testimony in the video above.

moonyrems  asked:

sooo,,, I really really like a girl and every time I see her or talk to her or just hug her ((we did it sometimes :’) )) I feel like I’m gonna die ??????? Idk I’ve never felt like this before. The problem is that I don’t know if she likes girls or boys or both :( and I don’t know what to do :///// how can i ask her this??? my friend said I should ask her friends but I’m too shy to do it ugh send me help

i feel like i’m not qualified to give advice here because i’ve never been in a similar situation but if i were you i’d probably try to refrain from putting her into any boxes, you know? gay or bi or maybe she doesn’t like anyone, maybe she’s aromantic, just take your sweet time to get to know each other better - if there is mutual attraction as some point then great! if there isn’t then being friends is also great! a win-win situation

but also maybe study her social media like a ninja…for science

anonymous asked:

I really don't see how anyone can justify Dany burning people alive? If you think killing for sport is bad, why would you support a monarch who is so pyromaniac? It's not like something she has done once and realized it was wrong and then stopped. Dany believes in her house words: Fire and Blood. On paper they may sound cool, but the reality of such words is barbaric and terrifying. She's too unstable to rule as a decent queen and she only brings death.

Nailed it.

So, serious question here

Schools are fucking lacking. They seem to not be teaching kids how to spell anymore, and it started with my age group. My sister, who is three weeks younger than me (yes weeks), went to a different elementary school than me and her spelling is not that great. So this isn’t a recent issue, but I can only imagine that it has gotten worse.

So my question is: Would anyone be offended if I started correcting spelling mistakes in asks? I’m not trying to be rude, I just want to help out if I can. Things like making sure you’re using the correct “you’re/your” and such. 

Partner and I have been rewatching The Two Towers for the first time in a long time.

anyway, one thing that has always been weird for me is Eomer giving Hasufel and Arod to random strangers, just like that.  Just giving them away, two horses, to a trio of foreign travelers he just met and had suspected of being spies.

like.  what?  This is Rohan.  Horses are the thing you value above all else, I don’t care if their riders are dead, even if their riders don’t have actual heirs somewhere to whom ownership would pass (or Rohirric inheritance law works differently and ownership has somehow defaulted to their éored’s commander, IDK), you’re still a calvary force planning to see a lot more battle in the near future, chances are high you’re going to end up with horseless riders who’ll need them.

this time I actually processed the fact, though, that Eomer believes they’ve inadvertantly killed two innocents, prisoners of the orcs, the beloved companions of these travelers.

The horses aren’t a gift.  They’re weregild.

Venus Signs as Girls

Aries Venus: Raunchy Girl

she knows what she wants and how to get it. she gets sprung up easily and has high sexual energy to keep the others interested. she likes blowing shit up and staying in control. however, she loses interest fast. trying to keep her on her toes is near impossible unless u can match her energy. she knows how to get others riled up, some call her a major tease. she will keep your head spinning.

Taurus Venus: Expensive Girl

she comes with a price and u need to be willing to deal with her. she can be relentless. she doesn’t budge for anyone and her tastes always come with a heavy price tag! she wants glamour, chocolates, ur honesty and comfort. she doesnt deal with unpredictability well. she wants to be able to read you and solidify a long lasting romance. her features are so captivating its hard not to be attracted to her. expect her in silks and w/ glossy lips.

Gemini Venus: Cool Girl

she enters with style and quickness. she entices you with one conversation. she has stories in the back of her pockets and she is very airy. she might spread love in platonic ways but she still struggles with finding who she is esp in relationships so she usually retreats back to loneliness. all she wants is someone who can lead the unexpected and talk endless convos with. she is into art, music and the adrenaline.

Cancer Venus: Ethereal Girl

her large eyes will provoke your vulnerability. she wants to care for you, to understand u better but she also wants ur warmth. she is delicate and its hard for her to move on once the relationship has ended. she is used to loneliness so she tries not to be too much but it never works out. she shows her affection in various and noticeable ways such as cooking, having intimate conversations and gifts.

Leo Venus: Stargirl

her presence is magnetic. she has a big heart and gold aura that it’s hard for people to resist her. she likes to showcase her talents, her creativity, and to be applauded. yes, she loves an audience! she wants partners that appreciate her and that she can spoil. reciprocation is key for her. she likes public romances and strive to be that “it” couple.

Virgo Venus: Untouchable Girl

its hard to capture the heart of the venus virgo. she expects too much from others and not enough from herself. she gets sprung out easily and she tries to conceal it but it always ends in frantic cries. she is put together for the most part. sleek style. likes to insert control of all areas in her life. she may run lovers away because of her strict ways. she is constantly learning to accommodate for others. once she finds the perfect partner, she will give part of herself to them. she is a healer, an oracle, a treasure

Libra Venus: Party Girl

she loves glam and the fluorescent lights. she idealizes love to the point she loses herself. she wants to be your muse. your dream girl. but she may find it hard to stay in relationships bc her airy nature always comes to haunt her. she lives for the party atmosphere, to dance freely and converse over some cocktails. she may adorn herself with diamonds and a sleek slip dress.

Scorpio Venus: Mystique Girl

she offers a strange vibe that u need to know more. she reveals nothing but keeps your mind wanting all of her. she needs ur loyalty and ur trust. she seems a bit off putting bc she is scared. she must not lose you. she can be really daring but also grounded. if she cries, you will definitely hear her. she lingers in the room, maybe to the sidelines but your eyes somehow will always drift to her. she’s intoxicating. you just need to know more

Sagittarius Venus: Hell Girl

she isnt demonic but she can be hard to figure out. she is here for the fun, for the scenery, for the company. she loses interest quick because no one can seem to measure up to her expansive vision. she likes to be wild, to let loose, to scream, to hook up. she cannot be tamed. her beliefs are important to her and she can be a bit full of herself but it’s all for good measure. she always gets the last word and never tell her she is wrong. you won’t hear the end of it

Capricorn Venus: Ice Girl

she is cold to the bone but its bc she doesnt amuse romance well. she wants the power and triumph of love. if you have high status u will appeal to her well. she is reserved, calculating and enjoys getting her way. she feels like she can be too much for people so she reserves her insecurities. she may treat your romance like a business but its bc that is what she does best. once she finds the right partner, it is hard for her to leave and she will need their trust in order for her to come forward of her problems. she can easily be tense but she hides it with her wealth. she may splurge in alcohol to keep her rested.

Aquarius Venus: Electric Girl

She will literally make ur head spin and keep you on your toes. u cant tie her down. she sleeps around to fill some void and bc she lives for the ride of it. She has really pecuilar interests and she makes u look twice at her bc of her striking appearance. she loves color and music, other times she loves to tap into dark energy. she isnt consistent and if u want her attention u have to keep it.

Pisces Venus: Pixie Girl

she wants to lose herself in romance, to hold her partner’s hand with softness and relish in her fairytale. she has a delicate heart and when it shatters, she withdrawals. she becomes vacant. those glowy eyes turn to black. but she often doesn’t get to this point. her wishful thinking is what gets her in trouble. she is easily manipulated, taken for granted by people with bad intentions. she enjoys art, symphonies, and vulnerability

taylor swift has literally done NOTHING to deserve this life of vile, pure hatred like it is SO unsettling to watch this smear campaign cause she’s done literally NOTHING to the scale of which this kind of backlash would be acceptable. she’s never said a slur. never supported nazis (don’t you DARE fucking bring up her silence cause dozens of celebs are silent who don’t get this level of shit). always apologizes when she messes up or oversteps. never joked about ed’s, never said a racist joke, never laughed at a homophobic joke, never did ANYTHING to deserve this level of hate. like i can’t think of ANY celeb who gets tied to a stake and burned this way. i’m shaking because i’m so upset how can ANYONE think that was okay on ANY level

BNHA chap 157

Can we all just appreciate how important these two panels are?

This is most likely the first time Eri has ever heard her quirk described positively.  Sure, Overhaul lets her know he needs it for his plans, but she knows his plans are awful.  Every single other time they talk about her quirk, they tell her how awful it is, dangerous, cursed.  And then they project it all onto her.  She has a dangerous, cursed quirk, so she is cursed.  Everything she does hurts people.  She kills anyone she gets close to. 

Overhaul made a point of never teaching her about her quirk, or how to use it.  She was never allowed to practice, to work out what she can do on her own.  She has no way of knowing that Overhaul is lying to her, that her quirk isn’t evil.  

She has been told her entire life that her quirk can only hurt people, that she is cursed.  That there’s nothing she can do about it, that her every action hurts people.

So imagine how life changing it must be for her to hear Izuku, a hero, say that she has a kind and gentle quirk?  That she’s worth saving, and that she is good.   And then to be able to use her quirk to help him? 

Imagine being the middle child of the Byers family.

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  • Being the quietest in your family.
  • Only being loud and witty around people you know really well.
  • Sometimes crashing the guys’ Dungeons And Dragons campaigns.
  • ‘Y/N, fire ball the son of a bitch!’ ‘screw it!
  • Also sometimes crashing their arcade game nights.
  • Beating Dustin’s high-score on Dig Dug.
  • Him being incredibly salty about it for weeks.
  • You and Jonathan trading mix-tapes.
  • Him teaching you about photography.
  • When you can’t sleep (which is pretty much always) he’ll drive you around until you fall asleep.
  • Jonathan being protective big bro™️ 
  • Him almost killing a guy for asking you on a date as a dare.
  • Instead he puts on your favourite movie and makes your favourite snacks to try and cheer you up.
  • (He definitely kicks the guys ass the next day)
  • Will makes you small drawings which you keep in a scrapbook.
  • Literally it’s overflowing with little doodles he drew for you.
  • Being protective big sis™️
  • Him calling you his personal body guard.
  • Waking you up if he has a nightmare.
  • You make him some hot chocolate and sit in his room until he falls back asleep.
  • Joyce or Jonathan sometimes finding you sleeping on the chair by his desk most mornings.
  • You and Joyce are incredibly close.
  • You being able to tell her anything and everything.
  • Joyce being the first to find out that you really enjoy poetry.
  • And that you’re really good at writing.. like ridiculously good.
  • She buys you a huge journal and pens for you to write with.
  • Showing her your poetry after finishing it.
  • Her always hugging you after reading and saying how talented you are.
  • Having movie nights whenever the boys are out.
  • Finding out El is still alive after you see her wandering around town.
  • Taking her back to Hopper’s.
  • Promising over and over again that you won’t tell anyone about her.
  • Spending a lot of your free time with them both, mainly so you can tutor her.
  • El finds your poetry journal in your bag and asks you to read some for her.
  • ‘good’ ‘hmm?’ ‘it’s good’
  • Teaching her how to cook different food.
  • Ellie, you can’t live on Eggo’s for the rest of your life’ ‘why not?’ ‘you just can’t
  • Scolding Hop for yelling at her.
  • You comforting her when he did.
  • Teaching her how to read.
  • Giving her different novels to practice reading with.
  • Eventually teaching her how to write as well.
  • Hopper being continuously grateful for your help.
  • Them becoming your second family.

Hey look, my first head canon woop!!

my requests are open so please request things xox

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Blackwall is such a nuanced character, it’s really amazing.

I get why some people think he’s boring, because on the surface he comes across as a reserved noble warrior, and those are dime-a-dozen in fantasy fiction. Being a quiet middle-aged soldier isn’t something as immediately interesting as, say, Sera’s colourful boldness or Solas’s air of mystery. But when you look a little deeper, Blackwall has so many different sides to him. His personality isn’t based around any single trait that really defines him - he’s a collection of many things.

He’s the grizzled Warden he appears to be on the surface, the man who’s seen war and fought darkspawn and seen (and caused) death, the lone wanderer who’s had no friends or companions in his life for years, who knows how messed-up and harsh the world is but who’s still determined to make what little difference he can.

He’s the absolutely broken man consumed by self-loathing, chronically lying because he can’t find any other way forward, who doesn’t think he deserves happiness or love or trust, who devalues his own life again and again because he thinks death is the only way he could ever be redeemed.

He’s the thoughtful craftsman who can create intricate shapes from wood, who carves out a wooden rocking griffon because he thinks the children of Skyhold have a right to play even in the midst of war.

He’s the gentleman who bows to a romanced Inquisitor and calls her his lady, who knows more about the Game than he lets on, who’s been among the nobility of Thedas and knows how they work - he may not fit in among them like Vivienne, never could, but he has the measure of them - who’s more cultured, more courteous, than anyone would expect from a gruff wanderer who sleeps in a stable.

He’s the cocksure, carefree soldier he once was in his youth, the playful rogue whose sense of humour is as dirty and infantile as Sera’s, who’s willing to goof around with her - you’re looking for ‘titsicles’, I stole all the beards and all the power held within - who swears the way you’d expect a soldier to (and surely once this side of him was full of arrogance and contempt, but that’s gone now, drowned out by his determination not to be everything Rainier was.)

He’s the gentle, uncertain and yet passionate man you only see if you romance him, the man who backs away from the first kiss but pins the Inquisitor against the banisters on the second, who opens himself up to her in a way he does with no one else, I’m just a man with his heart laid bare, who’d be ripped apart if he ever lost her - Maker, let her keep breathing - who finally comes to understand that he is her choice, that she stands with him, that he doesn’t need to be afraid, the man who smiles the most damn beautiful smile when he’s with her.

He’s the man who, pardoned, forgiven, is able to make a new life. To either continue his wandering protector-Warden life but not feel like he’s lying to himself when he does it this time, or else to seek out the most hopeless people in Thedas and show them ways to move forward. Either way, he’s a bringer of hope.

He’s a soldier, a Warden (at heart, if not in title), a recluse, a friend, a warrior, a craftsman, an atoner, an idealist. He’s so many things. And that makes him an incredible character.

(And there’s one thing he’s emphatically not: a boring stick in the mud. Seriously, put him in a party with Sera. You won’t regret it.)

moira tips!

  • don’t hold down your healing. try to burst it and get multiple allies with it. it does the most healing for a support that isn’t an ultimate/amp it up (80 HP/S) and does a little healing over time.
  • do not go after that tank. seriously. you cannot kill the tanks. dont even try. unless they’re at very low health you Will Not Solo Any Tank
  • squishies on the enemy team are good targets for you to use to attack. genji and tracer are pretty easy to get once dash/recall are on cooldown, tiny, and low-mobile squishies like mccree and zenyatta.
  • moira’s primary attack (her purple life-sapping beam) is a soft lock. practice tracking! move around your target, keeping your reticle trained on them as much as possible. there is some lenience, but it’s not like symmetra’s beam. you need to track.
  • use a crosshair or crosshair and circle for your reticle. i used my friend to help me adjust the crosshair length to around the distance the reticle can be to lock to a target. 
  • if you’re fine with differing sensitivies for different characters, use a higher sensitivity for moira
  • fade is on a very short cooldown, but does not last very long. using it to get out of spawn or for more mobility is usually fine. if you are in a teamfight, though, try to avoid using it until you are low on health and need to escape, or someone on the enemy team ults and you need to get to cover or get out of graviton/blizzard.
  • fade will get rid of discord orbs, anti-heal, etc. you cannot fade out of a junkrat trap. i tried. you will still die. if you step in a junkrat trap just accept your fate. 
  • moira’s attack will prioritise enemies over other things like turrets, junkrat traps, orisa’s ult, etc. this is where the tracking and aiming is important. be careful what you’re aiming at.
  • the range on her attack is crazy. it’s like twenty two meters or something. you can probably kill a pharah harassing your backline. do that if you don’t have anyone else to worry about.
  • moira does NOT do a lot of damage. use her damage less for DPS and kill confirming and more for recharging your heals, charging your ultimate, finishing a weak enemy, helping your primary DPS get kills, or to scare off a flanker. genji will run for healing when he takes 1 damage and forgets he can’t deflect you. it’s pretty funny.
  • moira’s orbs are very picky and will probably not bounce how you want them to. it will take a lot of practice. avoid bouncing them on the floor if you are outside because they will just fly off uselessly. throw them at chokepoints, into flanking routes, into grav, into blizzard, into hammer down, at the objective. use her damage orb to initiate a fight. 
  • the orb is on a fairly short cooldown of ~11 seconds. throw a damage orb at the start of a fight and by the time you get it back, you may need a healing orb. use your judgement. your team’s sustain vs. kiling the enemy. if you have another healer alive an the enemy team has either more overall health (more tanks, for example, or more people alive) then damage may be wiser.
  • genji can deflect your orbs. can eat them.zarya bubbles are completely unaffected.
  • moira will not heal or gain heal charge by damaging anything that isn’t a player. you can damage mei’s wall all day long and you won’t gain a lick of health back.
  • moira damages more than she self heals. i think the numbers are 33 dps and 22 hp/s? she has a surprising amount of self-sustain for a support, though
  • the orbs cannot be damaged and have a surprising reach. pray that your teammates will walk into your healing orbs. it’s in god’s hands now.
  • coalescence isn’t as strong as you think. she heals far more than she damages with it. 
  • use coalescence to heal through a soldier ult, grav, dragonstrike, hammer down, etc and to hurt the enemy team. it has a 30 meter range. you can hit the skybox with it. 
  • coalescence will heal you, but you aren’t invincible. stay farther back from your team if you can. it will go through barriers. use it to finish off several weak enemies and heal your team at the same time. 
  • when you use fade, no one can see you for the duration. you vanish for just under a full second and move very quickly. go around corners, go behind an enemy, go behind your tank’s shield. 
  • if you jump around the middle/end of using face while holding forward, you’ll go a little further. with a higher sensitivity, you can quickly duck around corners like this. practice in a custom game for a while, it’s a little tricky.
  • remember that moira is a support. she isn’t dps! you cannot kill everyone, but you might still get gold elimations and objective kills from orbs and ancillary damage. try to keep your team alive.
  • she plays best with a team that groups up a lot rather than something like dive
Sansa Stark does not deserve your hatred

In my last year of school we had to write a character analysis and I decided to write about Sansa Stark. My teacher (who was only a couple of years older than me) was a huge asoiaf fan and he got really excited about it, but I remember him frowning and saying in a perplexed voice, “How can Sansa Stark be your favourite character?”

I looked at him with the same confusion mirrored in my own eyes and replied: “Because she is strong.” That was the first time I realised how hated Sansa was and it really infuriated me and so I decided to show him in my essay why she is my favourite character and honestly I think he got it because I did end up getting a good grade.

The analyse focused on book Sansa but this will focus on show Sansa,and it will probably be a bit of a read.

This here is the very moment I began to like Sansa. This is where she looses her innocence and where her character growth begins. This is when she goes from being a child to a young woman. This is where she wants to kill her Prince Charming and she would have if the Hound had not stopped her. This is also a part many viewers seem to overlook, deciding to still view Sansa as a stupid little girl and that is the problem with those who dislike Sansa, they refuse to acknowledge her growth.

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imagine marinette is at a fencing match and someone who she thinks is adrien steps up for their set and she immediately starts cheering her head off for them as if it’s adrien. and when they win marinette bucks up all her courage, runs to the matts with everyone else, and hugs them tight. she even manages a few cheek kisses because it’s easier to kiss adrien when she can’t see his face.

except the mask comes off and it’s not adrien. it’s kagami who’s blushing like crazy and rubbing marinette’s kisses into her cheek. and marinette is embarrassed so she’s about to apologize. but kagami smiles and thanks marinette for cheering for her before she heads to the locker room.

and then marinette “oops I might like girls” dupain-cheng can’t understand how anyone can possibly look that cute when they’re flushed and smiling.

Shout out to Crazy Ex Girlfriend for sinking the ships

or: Thanks to CEG for not adhering to the typical romantic comedy™ narrative, and instesad deconstructing it during the course of a whole show and showing its negative impacts on the psyque of people (specially women), and why they don’t work on real life. 

Rebecca (and the audience) is so invested in making sense of her life and her own existence by comparing her life to movies, and goes to great lenghs to actually emulate the typical narrative structure of a romantic comedy. There’s also the patriarchal expectations that romantic love™ will solve all your problems, and this is where it gets tricky for us, the audience, and for Rebecca. 

Rebecca desperately want to be saved by a boy. As a result, she really thinks that every empowered action in her life that contributes to her betterment as a person and her growth as a human being, is going to be rewarded by a romantic interest at the end of the movie (insert: “Put yourself first for him”). All her efforts, all her growth, will pay off because a man will see how much she has achieved and now that  she’s in a great place she’s ready to recieve her prize and be swept off her feet. 

As an audience, we too secretely expect that. We keep watching and keep hoping that she’ll end up with someone (kinda anyone), because “it’d be so cute, right??” Josh, and Greg and Nathaniel, we switch them up like Rebecca does because to us a classical romantic reward sounds compeling and the cusp of growth and achievement. Neverming you found new friends, a job you like and a place you can call home, and maybe some necessary mental health while you’re at it, it all loses its charm if you don’t have that last paramount ingredient to tie it up together and officially granting you happiness, officially making your successful, oficially making you a heroine. 

I’m not shaming on anybody’s ship, but the creators themselves have commented on how curious they find that people are so eager to tie together two people that are actually horrible for eachother (like, again, Rebecca does), specially when one of them clearly has to learn that a romantic relationship with a man is not yout ultimate validation as a woman and as a human being. That you really have to look out for yourself on this one and abstain from those relationships that will be toxic or damaging for you (Greg leaving West Covina breaking a circle of toxic self destructive behaviour being the prime example); or using it ro run away from your troubles and yourself (Josh). Or even having your Manic Pixie Dream Girl carrying all your emotional baggage for you (Nathaniel). 

CEG it’s showing us why these can not work on real life, it’s why every time we think a ship will sail it sinks instead. Rebecca is not here to be swept off her feet, she’s here to learn how to love and accept herself, live with herself, learn that getting help does not reduce your value as a human and to let go of internalized patriarchal narrative and amanormativity. 

CEG is a love story, just not the kind we’re accustumed and keep clinging to.


~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART NINE

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Jungkook stared at the last text sent by you before looking back up at (Y/F/N). Just minutes before, he was walking towards your dorm, until he bumped into (Y/F/N). She had offered a shy smile and asked to talk since she ‘finally’ found him. And boy, was he given news.

“I don’t know why she’d say that. Her pen pal is some girl she hardly speaks to on the daily. We’re best friends and knew each other way before the assignment,” (Y/F/N) scratched the back of her head, as if confused. 

“Really?” Jungkook raised an eyebrow, not convinced. 

“Believe me! I don’t know why she wouldn’t tell you that she knew I was your pen pal.”

“How do I know you’re my pen pal? How can you prove it?” Jungkook crossed his arms.

“You call ‘her’ Sarcastic Princess,” (Y/F/N) said, knowingly. Jungkook raised his eyebrows in surprise. 

“I haven’t told anyone that.”

“Well, so that proves it. I’m your pen pal,” She grinned.

Jungkook stared at the girl before him. If this happened months before he hung out with you, he’d be thrilled; a pretty girl who was funny and liked to talk to him. But now? He wasn’t as excited as he thought he’d be. The way he spoke to you about it, so passionately, as if this was his major life goal to find out who this person was. 

Now looking at (Y/F/N), he felt…underwhelmed?

“Why’d it take so long to find me?” Jungkook finally asked the question his pen pal had always avoided to answer. 

(Y/F/N) chuckled, nervously. “I guess I was nervous, you know? I know I lied and said I didn’t know (Y/N). I guess I was jealous, too. Whenever we texted, you always seemed to hang out around her.”

“Actually, when we texted, I wasn’t around (Y/N). I mean, sure, I talked about her but I never ditched you for her, if that’s what your assuming. You had no reason to be nervous.”

“You’re right. And I’m sorry. But hey, at least you know now, right?” (Y/F/N) gave a small smile. Jungkook took a long look at (Y/F/N). Why didn’t this feel right? At all? Isn’t this what he wanted? 

If this is what he wanted, why was he so disappointed? 

Shaking off the feeling of disappointment in his chest, he offered a smile. “Right.”

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