how can anyone hate her

“You may not be the sun that shines above the people, but I alone know of your lunar beauty, which secretly illuminates this land” 

Lindsey Morgan deserves all of the love in the world and here’s why...

For those of you who don’t know, I was at the Unity Days convention. I was there for all 3 days. Lindsey was asked by a fan at the “The 100 Women Panel”, the last panel before the closing panel, about Raven’s disability. The question was ‘what is it like acting with the brace on?’ Lindsey revealed something about her role that I had never heard before. I don’t know if she has ever said this publicly before but it made the respect I have for her as a person and as a performer grow tenfold. 

The brace actually causes imbalance in Lindsey’s body. Her leg and hip are a bit messed up because of it. Alongside that, her shoulder on the same side of her body as the brace was dislocated in season 3, while she was under the possession of ALIE..

Due to wearing the brace and the dislocated shoulder, her physiotherapist has said that her body is basically crooked. She has to do physiotherapy exercises and she has to be very careful with her left side. 

Despite all of this, Lindsey said she wouldn’t trade her job for anything. She loves being Raven. She loves showing people that your weaknesses can become your strengths. 

I don’t know what Lindsey said that made people start sending her this hate. I was not there when she allegedly said, “Bellarke is boring.” It might have been at a meet and greet but I don’t know if she ever said this or in what context.

What you need to know is that Lindsey had been working all day on Saturday filming for the show. She was very sick today and was taking a lot of NyQuil. She said so herself at the Welcome panel and I heard her manager speak about this as well. Despite being sick and working like a dog, she still came to the Con. She still made time for us. She’s amazing for doing that. At 4:30, the closing panel ended and Lindsey had to immediately run to go do stunt rehearsal. They have 3 more days of filming. Basically, she left the con to go straight back to work. The work that she has to do physical therapy for! She probably read all those nasty tweets on the way to the set. How awful. How can anyone who was at the convention say these hateful things about her? After hearing how much she gives and gives for this show. 

I think it’s okay for me to share this. She said this in full confidence at the panel. She wouldn’t have shared these stories knowing that this information about the brace could spread. Let me emphasize that she never blamed the show! She never said “oh the 100 is so crap because they gave me a brace that hurts my body.” She never, ever said that. Or anything like it. She loves her coworkers. She loves playing Raven and inspiring people through her. She was nothing but positive and I don’t understand what’s so difficult about giving that positivity back. She was on fire, guys. She gave multiple long, inspirational speeches about loving yourself and turning your weaknesses into strengths. She said she loves the fans. These cons reenergize her because the fans inspire her. 

If you want to debate me on this, save your breath. There is no reason to hate on Lindsey Morgan. There’s no reason to be nasty. Choose kindness, please! You might find that you’ll end up as a happier person when you choose kindness instead of hate. 

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I don't understand how anyone can like Malia, I'm not hating, but I've never liked her, Shelley Hennig is women out for attention, she was Miss Teen USA 2004, they're only out because they want to saw the world their bodies, how has she got any pride? She can't actually act, it's so cringe worthy and hard to watch, I mean when she was crying over her dead sister and mum, completely unrealistic! How can you like Malia with Shelley playing her?

Look here, nothing is going to turn me against Shelley Hennig, she is my idol and I adore her. As for you nasty comments about Miss Teen USA, that’s a bit over the top, considering some of them are intelligent and go on to do great things; Shelley started speaking publicly a lot about how she doesn’t agree with underage drinking, she still publicly does now. Shelley answers for Miss Teen USA were also very well educated and you can tell looks aren’t her favorite thing about her; she has spoken about how she is a Tomboy and how Malia is too, that why she cut her hair for season 5.

Onto the other point that blew me away…’re saying she can’t act? Sorry I can’t compute that, currently she is the only Teen Wolf female to win an award for best female, along with her cast mates Tyler Posey (Teen Choice: male star) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Choice: Best villain, scene stealer, male star) who have also won Teen Choice Awards for their Teen Wolf performances.

And I think this will demonstrate her acting skills:

This scene was one of the scenes that sealed the deal on me shipping Stalia forever and causing me a lot of pain in the process; it is clear that her and Dylan have a lot of chemistry as friends as this was more believable than the stuff strdia produce:

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Malia is not one to cry, but when she does her performance is impeccable and makes me break down each time.

She is also one who can crack me with her boyish attitude and funny habits:

Onto the comment that bothered me most, I think you were referring to this scene when Malia sees her dead Mother and sister, how is an actor meant to act when they see fictional dead family; are they meant to overact and scream?? She does it calmly and full of pure emotion, you can see how much this scene pains her, in more ways than one, her lip quivering, her holding her breath.

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If you’d done any research in Shelley, you’d know that when she was fourteen, she lost one of her elder brothers in a car accident, this is the reason she is so publicly against drunk-driving, I know actors personally at my college and they all say that they use their own experiences to help them act out a scene, did you even stop for one minute to think that maybe her acting in this scene, was guided by her own personally lost? The characters died in an accident, a lot like her brother and I really think Shelley broadcast that emotion in that scene.

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All in all, I can’t imagine anyone else as Malia Tate:

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Female Awesome Meme - [3/5] female characters who are unfairly hated: Riley Matthews. “Welcome to Rileytown, I twirl around when I’m happy. I dance by myself because that’s who I am. and If I do something good, I give awards to myself so maybe I’ll do good again.”

I don’t know how anyone can hate her. You may dislike her but you don’t even know her enough to hate her. From what I know about her she has such a kind heart and is so humble. If anyone thinks that the comments she made were to hurt anyone you are so wrong. She was giving her team constructive criticism. Everyone wants to win,nobody likes the feeling of losing but in order to do that everyone needs to be giving 100% including Ashlyn.I bet you not one person on that team were hurt from the comments she made. They are never going to get anywhere as a team if there weaknesses are not discussed. People say things out of frustration and if you were in the same situation you would say the same thing. As a captain it’s her job to lead her team to victory and as professional football players they are expected to be able to take constructive criticism in order to succeed.

So To all the people that “hate” her and always have snide remarks to make about her online. Just know that things are changing and soon people will be held accountable for what they say online. Huge wake up call soon for some people.

Just saw a weird anti veronica lodge post that basically called her a bitch but I’m so lost? How is she a bitch? I may be bias because I love her and she’s easily become my favorite character, aside from Kevin, but like how is she a bitch? For sticking up for Betty? For not letting Cheryl bully her? For encouraging Betty to go after Archie? I mean yeah she kissed him but if we’re being 100% real here she didn’t owe Betty anything. They literally just met and she immediately apologized afterward as if she betrayed her friend of 10 years. I just don’t see how that makes her a bitch. 

Maybe I’m blind to it.

Why is like not rare for Hinata’s fans to be boys, I mean, a big amount of them are boys and I do understand why. Like Hinata is the perfect wifu, she is quite, big tits, fake innocent personality and obedient af. Perfect material to jerk off on the bathroom.

Oh pure Hinata-sama, how can anyone hate her if she’s so perfect? It doesn’t matter If you don’t have any development at all and your own husband keeps ignoring you. We adore you Hinata-sama. The real heroine of Naruto. Lol

What a stupid and ignorant reason.

can i just say something,,

delphine literally loved cosima so much like cosima was the literal love of her entire life and her true soulmate like,, , she loved cosima so much that she took all her words to heart and supported her through everythign and fuckin took her up on cosima’s wish to love all her sisters equallly like Delphine sacrificed almost ALL her happiness and her relationship with her One True Love just so she could prove to cosima that she was in it for the long run and even when cosima was angry at her and lashed out at her delphine just took it,, she just took it like an absolute champ because she KNEW. she knew what cosima was going through and she watched the love of her life find someone else and couldn’t bear to see it but she suffered through it and then,,, and delphine knew her time was limited but she had to see cosima ONE LAST TIME,, one la st ti m e because she had to make sure cosima knew just how much she always had loved her and literally how can anyone hate delphine when her one and only desire in life was to see her soulmate happy and healthy and she literally DIED for cosima and im making myself cry just thinking abt this entire thing

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Can you believe I found a story with Cat as the actual villain? No redemption, no she's the villain but in a cute crack fic kind of way. Cat " you inspire me" " I can see the hero in you" "'re astonishing" Grant. She even let Kara pick her career! How can anyone hate such a positive influence for Kara?

That doesn’t sound terribly in character. I’ve toyed with storylines where Cat is turned into a villain certainly, but it’s a very hard sell. She’s just too sure of who she is, and who she is is awesome. Biggest heart of anyone Kara knows and all that. 

God I hate when a celeb says some bland shit like “take care of yourself, choose happiness” “black or white, we’re all the same on the inside” and those fucking cornballs are like “YAASSS KWEEEEEN GO AWF I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS HOW CAN ANYONE HATE HER AN ABSOLUTE ICON”