how can anyone be this dumb

i’m serious tho

draw self ship

you got a character you have a major crush on???

draw them smoochin u. draw them hitting on you. draw them leaning in a doorway trying to be all seductive and falling. draw them being protective of you. DRAW YOU AND THEM DANCING LIKE HUGE NERDS!!

if u don’t think anyone will care cuz it’s self indulgent stuff. tag me. i’ll reblog that shit and tag it w how much i ship you two.

the negative connotations behind it are so dumb and i can"t believe i was ever ashamed of this stuff man self ship is fantastic

now go

draw you and ur fave mackin. do it for me

Hc that the members of Overwatch don’t really see Junkrat as a smart guy. Like they just see him and Roadhog as these junker criminals who know nothing but destruction

But in reality Junkrat is actually super smart. Like he just doesn’t show it like Winston does or Symmetra. He doesn’t write out equations or really know all those fancy calculations and formulas. Overtime he had come up with his own terms for everything which may confuse the others since they don’t know what he’s talking about and gets confused that they’re confused

But he understands how to do the math and science he just can’t like the others can. I mean he’s built his tire and his other weapons, his arm and leg too all from scratch and spare parts

So overall junkrat is very smart and just shows it differently
Bonus for Roadhog threatening anyone who makes fun of Junkrat and calls him dumb or anything

Can i just take a minute to talk about how much I love the NCT fandom?
Because yall are some of the sweetest most loving people i have ever encountered in fans. Not ONCE have i been made feel bad for being an “older” fan (22). Especially when NCT Dream came out.
I never see people fighting over biases, (which I find dumb in the first place) instead I see people happy others are loving their bias too.
Even though I’ve been a fan since the beginning during The 7th Sense, I’ve never had anyone make me feel less of a fan since I didnt know about them during rookie days.
We’ve had some stumbles as a fandom along the way, but generally, everyone I’ve met or seen has been nothing but nice. Way nicer than any other group of fans I’ve been apart of. I’ve never felt more at home in a group of fans. Thank you all for being a great NCT family!


I’ve always been an advocate for ppl here to not listen to dumb hate and enjoy what they enjoy, because why would a strangers opinion matter, right?
But. You know what.
It’s getting really, really tiring.
I can’t search for fanart without reading how disgusting I am and how I should kill myself every second or third post.. and it’s more than just hurtful.
It’s getting to people.
I know I probably won’t change anyone’s thinking with this, but I had this big urge to write about it.
I’m just sad we can’t be more compassionate towards each other…

Here, have some positivity.

You know I’m sick and tired of this dumb trope that female characters are only strong if they’re badasses who don’t take shit from anyone. And this idea is not only perpetuated by men but by women as well so don’t get on your feminist high horse and try to blame this all on the male demographic.

Don’t get me wrong - I love a good female badass as much as the next person, but why is that type the only one that seems to get the widest recognition as being “strong”? Strength isn’t just measured by how well you can hold up in a fight or how tough you can be when going toe to toe with the boys. There’s a lot more to it than that - I know. I’ve gone through a fair amount of crap in my life that tested my strength and none of it pertained to what is conventionally thought of as being strong.

Little girls deserve better than to just be told that the only way to be strong is to be a fighter. They need to be shown that what matters is inner strength, and that strength looks different in every woman. Sure, maybe the outgoing tomboy who loves karate is going to grow up to be a kickass like Black Widow, but what about the shy girl who waits her whole childhood to see another quiet girl like her become as much of a heroine as the badass girl? What about the girly girl who wants to be independent and educated without letting go of her love for dresses and pretty things?

NOT ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME. It’s time to stop lying to our girls and encourage them to develop their own inner strengths, however varied they might be.

how in the fuckiddy fuck have we gotten to the point where the ‘’greatest country on earth’’ and the ‘’free world’’ is KNOWINGLY about to elect a sexist, racist, homophobic etc etc etc orange ass troll to be their next president for the next FOUR YEARS?

it would be less traumatic for the whole world if america didn’t have one of, if not THE most discriminatory histories in the world, but OH WAIT IT DOES so i don’t even know how anyone can be calm about this

all donald trump is going to do is reinforce all of the horrible things that most white redneck people have been feeling for decades, the sad thing is that they’re literally too dumb to realise the truth behind the election…

he is not going to get you more jobs.

he’s not going to fix your health care.

he is not going to fix your education.

he is not going to help the disabled.

he is not going to reduce crime.

he is not going to get mexico to pay for his wall.

he is not going to do ANY of the things that you think he’s going to do because he’s a professional con artist with absolutely ZERO EXPERIENCE in politics

but pls, go and elect the guy who spews statements designed to hype up your racist ass :)


Hey to all you crazy cats out there!

For some time now, Achievement Hunter has been releasing our line of Achieve shirts. These shirts serve as inspiration to never give up, to reach for the stars, and to follow your dreams no matter how dumb or dangerous they are.

For Achievement Hunter members, earning your own Achieve shirt is a right of passage. It means you’re a part of the AH family. You’ve finally, truly achieved. You can now tell your fans, friends, and family, “Hey! I did something with my life!”

With that being said, I am proud to announce my greatest accomplishment. Literally nothing has or will surpass this.

Introducing the Lindsay Achieve shirt! Anyone can wear it! Get you one and show off your love for felines, sarcasm, and delicious baked goods. And thank you for wearing my body on your body.

Much love,


Ruby: You guys… you just don’t get it. I know you all have an outside perspective on this. The only things you know are what Craig’s told you about Tweek. 
Ruby: Newsflash. Tweek didn’t love him. He was just a jealous, selfish, person who didn’t want Craig,  but didn’t want anyone else to have him, either.
Ruby: See, they broke up because they always fought with each other. I think the whole last year of them dating was nothing but constant fighting. It was always about dumb stupid things Tweek caused. Then, when they finally broke up, Tweek still kept causing problems. 
Ruby: I can’t even tell you how many times Craig came into my room crying because he left someone for Tweek, but Tweek didn’t want him back. GOD. Every time my brother started liking somebody, Tweek would manipulate him into having sex. He’d do anything to destroy my brother’s relationships.
Ruby: Then in the morning he’d give Craig some lame “I love you but we’re no good for each other” shit. Sure, my brother wasn’t perfect, either, but at least he didn’t fucking use Tweek like that. 
Ruby: Time doesn’t change people that much. Tweek will talk a big talk and be a good little angel for now, but the moment my brother tries to move on again, Kyle will be out the window and Tweek will be back to his old shit.
[Deleted by Craig]

Did anyone see Max’s new instagram story???? He was reading some lines that sounds like part of season 2 script????

His instagram is @ Uptomyknees1985 so you guys can go check if you want.

Anyway there are two stories so far and I tried to write them down - but sry my English is not that great so I might have written something wrong!!!!! Pls feel free to correct me if i’m wrong


“I thought this would be easy. I don’t get how are we supposed to weaponize these people. Dirk Gently is like dumb and we can’t even catch Bart. This guy is literally in a coma. These are the worst superheroes of all times!”


“Holy hell you’re him!”

“No, no. I’m not him. I mean, I’m A him but I’m not THE him. I’m not whichever him you mean.”

“You’re Todd! You’re Todd from the Mexican Funeral! When I was 16 I was in love with you!”



The first one seems to be Friedkin maybe, but I dunno. But wait… who’s in coma? who’s in love with Todd?

A woman: hey have you guys noticed this subtle way that sexism can manifest in m/w relationships
A million people all at once: lol looks like you’re picking the wrong men you dumb bitch! If you just make better choices in your relationships sexism will cease to affect you, duh!! Honestly this is your own fault. If you really wanted equality in a relationship you wouldn’t fall for anyone who has been taught any toxic messages about gender ever. MY boyfriend is a man and he would NEVER be sexist in any capacity ever so I can judge you as being the real problem here. How do you expect men to learn feminism if you keep fucking them? You’re bringing us all down.

tbh yuri on ice is the only anime (or anything, really) i’ve ever been a fan of that can do the whole ‘miscommunication’ thing in a way that actually feels real and not stupid? i despise fucking miscommunication as a reason for conflict, it’s usually really forced and just an excuse for unneeded drama

but in this case, with yuuri and viktor, it has more to do with not being blatantly honest with tender feelings, mixed signals, and yuuri’s mental illness/viktor’s obliviousness. like, those are real reasons anyone might not be on the same page with someone close to them. it’s not about one character being wrong about the situation, it’s both of them having similar but different experiences and feelings on a subject and reacting to it in a really believable way. 

it’s like… really hard to describe exactly why I’m satisfied with this, why the end of ep 11 makes me more excited than full of dread. it just reminds me that the characterization and writing for the series is so well done. it doesn’t feel set up, not exactly, except when you look back you can see the trail leading to this moment. but it doesn’t feel like a forced plot point, it feels natural. 

like, these are two real people creating a problem out of nothing, not for the sake of drama and angst, but because that’s just a thing that HAPPENS in real life to people who care about each other. 

nice!! i respect your wrath. you have just inspired me to read the wikipedia page of kaiser wilhelm the second, and now i hate him too. HOORAY ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE DEAD

you know who i hate??? george washington. literally anyone who knows me irl can tell you how much beef i have with george washington. its probably in my top 5 subjects of conversation, unfortunately. every time i am reminded of that man i have to start talking shit on him which is unfortunate as i live in DC and have to see his dumb ass dick monument every time i go out in public. fuck george washington

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honestly do people even read the points that asian americans bring up in regard to iron fist? because from what i've seen every single tired argument that ppl bring up to defend keeping danny rand white has been debunked so many times?? and they keep demanding explanations and justifications from asian americans but the second any of us gives them one they essentially block their ears and start yelling about how we "don't know the source material" or are "being too pc" among other dumb excuses

Of course they don’t care about our points or the debunking we do. They just want to see another lame ass white boy on TV for the 9173947th time. Speaking of, the most difficult people to argue with ARE lame ass white boys lol. They’ve been socialized to not care about or listen to anyone’s opinions except their own. You can put 10 scientific peer-reviewed, world-wide accepted sources in front of their face and they’ll still deny them.

What me thinks is, we need to put an “Iron Fist” in their face. Am I right or am I right lmao.

Angry Asian Guy

“That may be the best I’ve ever had”

When people wonder why I would allow a man to use me and abuse me.

Why I would sit there and smile as a man calls me a dumb, worthless cunt and spits in my face.

Why I would thank him for slapping me.

How could I allow anyone to treat me as less than human.

I do it to become the best.

How else can you truly become the best at doing something for someone than to, not allow, but to beg for them to teach you.

What purpose do I have for existing, if not to strive to become the best at serving my superiors?

I do it for those words.

I don’t understand how anyone can actively hate one of the actors or their spouses. I can dislike or hate a character but there is a distinct separation from them and the actor. Seriously. And half the time you should praise the actor for portraying it in such a way to make you hate them because it means they’re doing it right– they’re making you react, to FEEL something. I mean, I DESPISE the roles Scarlet Johansson has played. It’s always a dumb sexed up bitch. I think she’s overrated in the roles and can do better. BUT. I’d never go spew hate at her Twitter or something. I don’t know her personally. Like…unless they come up and slap the shit out of you, you shouldn’t be spewing hate to them.

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can i just rant?? because i never understood the complaint that yoi was unrealistic and therefore "bad" because it didn't have homophobia. like,, do they know how freaking tiring homophobia is? it's so nice to have a show where the characters weren't stigmatized for being gay or not fitting gender roles. yoi is super refreshing in that it helps people (certainly me) forget that in real life being LGBTQ+ kinda fucking sucks *cough*trump and pence*cough*

I’ve never heard anyone make this complaint before but…… whoever has made this complaint…… is dumb….. like so dumb….. lmao.

You’re totally right! It’s incredibly refreshing!! And aww just remember that people love and accept you <3 <3 <3

ask night!

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Anytime you wonder how can anyone dislike CP. Remember DT is president with lots of supporters, the demographics that were the deciding voters and that these people live in an alternative reality. CP's representation challenges their world view and sense of entitlement. One would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not appreciate the beauty and charm of CP. The belle of the ball yesterday was CP and there is nothing the negative nancies can do about that fact.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out who “DT” is LOL

Anyway, Candice is awesome, which is why she continues to glow up and shine. And I love when producers are at events where they are forced to see just how LOVED she is in REAL TIME, so they can’t act like they don’t know what’s up.