how can a game so easy be so hard

Come on people

I’m really tired and depressed to see how people are reacting to V’s route pending. It’s like, “Ugh they did not RELEASE it YET i’m SO DISAPPOINTED!!”

First off, give cheritz a break. They’re working so hard and if you want a good game experience, you’ll have to wait.

Second, they listened to us. We kept yammerin’ on about V route and cheritz were so generous to actually PROVIDE it to us. All to make Mystic Messanger a more enjoyable game. The LEAST we can do to thank them is to be patient. It’s not easy making a game, and it takes time.

Believe me, I’m VERY hyped for V’s route. But people, let cheritz breathe a little and don’t repeat that Dream Daddy drama where some people went insane because they delayed the release date a little. Game developers are humans too, they need proper rest.

V route is coming soon, we’re hyped, and we should be patient, cheritz will never let us down.

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Say you have an idea for a game and you want to make it. You currently have no useful skills that would be able to contribute to the development, just the idea, but if you're going to try to actually make the game you want to contribute to development in a tangible way rather than just trying to freeload as the "idea guy". What skills would you recommend learning before you try to assemble a dev team so you can actually be useful?

Honestly, your absolute best course of action in that situation is to choose an off-the-shelf engine like Unreal or Unity and learn how to use it. While engineering or design or art skills will all be useful over the course of the project, knowledge and experience with the engine and its limitations will be much more useful. By this, I mean that you must learn how to get outside assets like textures, models, animations, etc. into the engine, how to manipulate them within the engine and its tools, and then how to use the engine and tools to create the rules and systems for gameplay. 

In order to make a game, you need to build gameplay systems and assets. In order to build systems and assets efficiently, you absolutely need to know what is easy to do and what is hard to do. Because you will be limited in terms of time and resources, you will want to leverage as much of the built-in technology in the engine as possible. There’s little point in spending six months writing a UI system from scratch if the engine already has one available that can meet your needs. However, unless you know that the existing UI system will work, how can you realistically make the decision to use it? If the engine can’t meet your needs in a specific field, you are faced with a choice - either change your design, add support for the system yourself, or switch engines. But you can’t reasonably make that decision without first doing the research and making sure it will meet the requirements. That means you’ll need to do a lot of studying and experimentation with the tools.

There’s no real easy way to find out what the engine’s features and limitations are, other than reading documentation and using it. Unity, for example, depends a lot on code to handle anything dynamic in terms of animation. If you want to move the sprite of a dropped item from the ground into a backpack icon, for example, it will need to go through code and not through the animation system editor. Unreal has the Blueprint system, which alleviates the need for code in situations where you can use it. That’s great and can save a lot of time, as long as you know what the limitations of Blueprints are. How do you actually find out the limitations to the Blueprint system? You just have to try making stuff with Blueprints. Try doing each thing - create a basic UI, import a model, texture it, animate it, make a cinematic with it, build an environment, build a control system, build some crude game rules, and so on and so forth. Read the online tutorials, documentation, message boards, and watch video tutorials. Look for useful and free assets you can use in the asset store. Keep track of what is easy to do and what is hard. Think about what the engine can help you do, and note down where you need something the engine doesn’t provide. Compare that to your project’s design and feature list. What do you need that isn’t provided? How can you get those needs met?

Remember, ideas aren’t worth much if they aren’t feasible. The best way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to try to build them. The more experience you get, the easier it will be to recognize the winners. If you can build out a functional prototype, that’s great! Proving out an idea is real progress towards a playable experience that you can iterate on and improve. If it doesn’t work, that’s ok too - the idea might have failed, but you will have learned something just as valuable - why the idea didn’t work, which will improve future decisions and designs. Maybe you can adjust the idea and it might work better, or maybe you can think of an alternative that is better or different but still feasible. But it all starts with figuring out how to use the tools and what their limitations are.

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hi!! before I ask anything I just wanna say that I love your work and I love reading through your masterlist with my ocs in mind!! if it's alright, could I request the chocobros finding out that their s/o plays super gory video games for like 12 hours straight over exercise and makes references to them regardless of the situation? ^^"

Yes! I love OCs, it sometimes throws me off when I write the Y/N and I have one of my Oc’s in mind, as I have soooo many Ocs myself. Yet as a the person who can’t play scary games, and instead has to watch let’s plays. I am the Prompto in these drabbles lol.



“Hey,” You called stepping into the restaurant to meet the others, scooting in the booth beside Noctis and Prompto. “Sorry, I’m late, I had to go get the code for the DLC for Malevolent Occupier 5.”

“That came out today?” Noctis asked.

“Yeah, figured since we’ve been bigne playing, we might as well get the DLC co-ops mission, while we wait for the remake to come out next month.” You beamed.

Ignis cocked an eyebrow, “So this is why you’ve both been sleeping in so much, well more than usual for some.”

Noctis shot the man a glare.

Prompto made gave a shuttered on the other side of Noctis, “I don’t see how you can play those games Noct and force poor Y/N to play too.”

“Not my idea, Y/N, was the one would did most of the work.”

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Various ways to store your notes

There are many ways one can take their notes. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. When I first joined the studyblr community I just looked at endless YouTube videos and Tumblr posts on how to study, how to take notes etc. I tried different methods and in this textpost I will give a brief rundown of all the various mediums through which you can store your notes.


Notebooks are great. You can get in so many different colors, styles and rules. I mean they can be really amazing. They are so many choices and storing them is easy. You don’t have to be on the top of the game to maintain them.


  1. Maintaining is easy
  2. Notes are consolidated
  3. Many different styles are available
  4. Carrying them individually is easy


  1. Editing untidy notes is difficult
  2. A separate notebook has to be maintained for each class
  3. Carrying many notebooks everyday is hard.

   Why do I like or not like them:

I don’t like them. I’m in highschool. I have 6 subjects and each subject I have everyday. My school doesn’t have lockers and I walk back from school. AND I have to carry these huge textbooks for each subject. Pretty self explanatory why I don’t like them.

   Good choice for people who:

  1. Don’t rewrite their notes
  2. Bad at organization
  3. Don’t need to edit their notes often
  4. Can carry only 3 notebooks everything. (Anymore and you can as well carry a mountain)


All loose leaf paper goes here. Decoration and organization freaks can and will have field days with them. Add, subtract and rewrite notes at your own free will. This thing is your baby and do whatever you want to do with it.


  1. Adding and rewriting notes is very easy
  2. Various tabs and inserts can be added with easy
  3. Multiple subject notes can be kept in one binder
  4. Can be used and re used until it falls apart


  1. You should be at the top of your organizing
  2. If all subject notes are kept in one binder then it can get very bulky.

  Why I like or don’t like them:

I like them. The reason I don’t like notebooks drove me try out binders. The binder system is not used at all at school level in India but I tried them out and go it helps me sooooo much. We really don’t get handouts and the only classes where I have to take consistent notes are Math and Accountancy. Most of the note taking is done at home with the help of various sources. Hence I have one1.5 inch binder which I carry to school for the Accountancy and Math classes and all my other notes are maintained in a 4″ binder. I do have separate 4″  binders for Accountancy and Math but I will explain this organizational method of mine in another text post.

  Good choice for people who:

  1. Don’t want to carry multiple notebooks.
  2. Regularly update previous notes
  3. Do mostly self studying
  4. Use various sources for note taking


Our live savers. In today’s day and age we students have lots of academic materials on our laptops. We carry them around everywhere and can upload our notes to the cloud. Editing, adding, subtracting notes is very easy here and for us, typing is also very fast. BUT if you use this method to keep your notes, make sure you print them out. Reading your notes straight from the laptop is bad bad bad.


Fast typing

  1. Adding notes is easiest in this form.
  2. We can upload them to the cloud.
  3. All the study material is in one place
  4. No need to spend money on various stationery. ( This is a major con for us studyblrs. Just saying)


  1. You need to print them out. Hence another chore.
  2. You need to print them out. Hence another expense.
  3. Storing these prints outs has to be done.
  4. If not uploaded to the cloud and you forget to save them… Yikes I will feel bad for you.

Why I like them or not like them:

I  like them, I have to take soooooo many notes for my business and economics classes. One of my chapters which I had wrote took over 20 A4 size pages. After that nightmare was over I decided to switch to typing my notes for these two classes and also for English. OH MY GOD, it has saved me so much time and editing and making them pretty is also not very difficult. I LOVE YOU EVERNOTE. MAY OUR RELATIONSHIP BE THIS AMAZING TILL THE TIME IM NOT DONE WITH MY MASTERS.

 Good for those who:

  1. Have lots to take notes
  2. Have a printer nearby
  3. Have internet access.
  4. Who are allowed to use their computer in the school premises

Well, this was the brief rundown for all the various ways you can store your notes. I hope this way helpful to you all. Do not hesitate to message me if you are still having difficulty in deciding which method to apply. Remember you can use different methods for different classes.

Best of luck and procrastinate on tumblr study hard

Programming Conclusion

Today marks the ending of a 6 week journey into basic programming and prototyping systems. I have learnt so, so much.  Borderlands style modular systems, Diablo point and click systems, turn based procedures even to simple RTS systems, was just the tip of the iceberg. The last 5 weeks have been a blur and a ride to say the least. Here is what played out……….

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Bets (Simon)

Requested?: Yes, thanks
Warnings: None
Pairing: Simon and Reader, Rest of sidemen Platonic

This is more of a blurb than an imagine. I’ve been stuck with writers block a lot recently. So sorry it’s a bit shorter than normal.



Being over at the sidemen house is always fun. Especially when all seven, plus the Cals, are there. There is never a dull moment.

These boys definitely know how to entertain people. I mean if you count just sitting around, playing videos games as entertainment.

I’m sitting next to Simon who is playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Harry. Simon keeps beating Harry, and every time he does he claims to be a “rock paper scissors master.”

After a few more times of watching Simon annihilate Harry at the game, I spoke up. “Come on that was so predictable.” Simon gave me an ‘are you serious’ look.

“You think it’s so easy? I’d like to see you beat me.” He offered.

“Gladly. Let’s make this a bit more interesting though, shall we?”

“A wager you say? I’m in. What do you want out of it?”

“If I win, I get to slap you as hard as I can.”

“And if I win?”

“That’s up to you.”

“How about if I win, I get to kiss you.” A smirk played at his lips and I raised my eyebrows.

“You have a deal.” I held out my hand for him to shake.

He took my hand in his and shook it. Then both of us repeated the words “Rock, paper, scissors. Then showing which one we chose.

I’ve never lost when I use rock, so that what I naturally choose. When I look to see what Simon had chosen, I see that he has chosen paper.

“Looks, like I win.” He says, smirking

“Guess so.” I say looking up at him

“Well then where is my kiss?”

I roll my eyes, and move closer to him, pressing my lips to his.

Soon the kiss became a little heated and Simon was pulling my into his lap. I didn’t mind though, as my hands were practically pulling at his hair.

When we finally pull away from each other, I can hear the sound of what could possibly be a record button. I turn to face the rest of the boys and see that they all have their phones out and recording.

“Did you all just record that kiss?” I ask a little annoyed

“Yep, and put it on our Snapchat.” Ethan says

I groan, and lean forward, unintentionally hiding my face is Simon’s neck.

“It was something that had to be recorded,” I hear JJ says “Trust me.”

“You didn’t have to put it online.” Simon says

“Oh well too late.” JJ says

The rest of the night, Simon and I try to stop the boys from talking about this kiss. No luck is given though. They won’t shut up about. I think I even heard Harry say that he was jealous.

But I won’t be kissing any of them again, any time soon. Well maybe Simon again but not any of the other boys.

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I've been reading your metas and I want to say that they're really well thought and impressively intensive! Got a question that I'm not sure if you've answered however: if Ouma was meant to be a "pawn of the mastermind" and had despair imbued into his talent, do you think his amazing intellect might have come from actually having the SHSL Analyst talent along with his Leader talent?

I think it’s a distinct possibility! Ouma’s despair role is interesting, because clearly it’s something he himself wasn’t the most aware of. Or rather, while he suspected himself of having been the intended figurehead for the real mastermind, and he knew he clearly had things about himself that were fitting for an “evil Supreme Leader,” etc., he didn’t know about hope vs. despair terminology, because those things weren’t something that Tsumugi actually busted out as her trump card until Chapter 5.

So while Ouma definitely seems to have been someone Tsumugi wanted to manipulate and use as a pawn the entire way through, I don’t think he actually was supposed to know or think of himself as SHSL Despair until the very end. Had everything gone according to Tsumugi’s plans (meaning if Ouma hadn’t been nearly as big of a pain in her ass as he was), she probably planned to corner Ouma with a remember light specifically designed and entailed for him, to make him “remember” about how he was “the successor of Junko Enoshima” and encourage him to go full Remants of Despair Leader, claim credit for everything, and ultimately be “defeated and talked down by students of Hope’s Peak Academy,” only to kill himself in a fit of despair just like Junko did.

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i was tagged (by @harlot-k & @millerflintstone thanks babes!) for that 5 photos thing to show what my tumblr is all about, or at least what i aim for. 5 is hard, so i tried to choose photos with more meanings to me than one:

biking is possibly the most empowering & meditative force in my life/ always always drawn to the sea & it’s vastness never fails to humble me/ gardening is my healthiest, most joyful obsession & nurturing things to life feels like magic/ always look for the light in situations/ but learn to work through the dark/ catscatscatscatscats (also all fur babies but CATS)/ music helps me continue to find my voice, that deep, internal one that isn’t always easy to hear/ dancing like mad but also naps/ fighting to make a place for myself in spaces that diminish me by default & for others who aren’t valued, respected, or heard/ you can’t judge a boot by their color (those are steel toed)/ locally crafted delicious things made with love/ timing is everything/ beauty is in unexpected places & for you to define/ there is power in weathering the storms & coming out stronger

i feel kinda late to the game, so i might be double-taggin ya so feel free to disregard as always obviously. but how about @sethw @beegoould @iamjustcara @fista-phobia @hikergirl @freshrosemary @polareyez 

& if you just want to do it, go for it because it’s hard to know who to tag so go for it! just tag me so i can give ya some love

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So hi my birthday is on the 7th of March and nothing would make me happier than a designation miracle fic. Could I have something short for my birthday. Please with rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top? Perhaps something a bit angsty but hopeful at the same time? Thanks so much in advance if you have time for this. I love your writing. Keep up the amazing work. Many feels and best wishes.

Midorima ignores the other boy when he stays for late practice. Instead, he focuses on shooting the ball, over and over again, even past the point when he’s tired.

“Why do you practice so hard?” Takao asks, and Midorima jerks slightly. If he’d been shooting the ball at the time, he might have missed. “You don’t even know if they’ll let you play in a game.”

Midorima doesn’t know what to do with this human. Takao had seen him when he was most vulnerable and had been incredibly kind, and Midorima isn’t sure what to do with either of those things. Every time Takao is nearby, Midorima simultaneously hopes he’ll start talking to him and also dreads it. He wonders what it is called when you want someone close but you also kind of resent their existence in your life. He’s never felt so conflicted about anything before and he hates it.

Just ignore him, Midorima vows. But then Takao moves away, and Midorima’s heart speeds up, and he really doesn’t want him to leave so he says, “There is no point in doing anything unless I put all of my best effort into it.”

Takao smiles, (and Midorima still has no idea what he’s supposed to do with that smile, that smile is far too unreadable and it distresses Midorima greatly), and he says, “How odd. I have a hard time imagining the other Miracles devoting themselves to hard work and effort.”

“Yes, well,” Midorima says, turning away, a familiar bitterness churning in his gut, “They could afford not to.”


It is not that there was any one Group that had it easier than the rest. Midorima can recognize that, now. And they were all trying to prove they were Successes, they were all trying to prove that they were worthy enough to live.

It’s just that Midorima never had the luxury of pretending it was any other way. GM - G7283 always knew he was expendable.


“You’re easy to make, you know,” his creator says, and she sounds so bored. “Not like the others. You’re replaceable.”

There were four other people who had the same face as him. Two, now. But somehow he suspects maybe there are others he hasn’t seen. Maybe rows and rows of him, all waiting for him to fail and take his place. He’d seen one of the scientists break a microscope once. Then she opened up a closet and there were twenty other microscopes on the shelf.

It was like that, he figures. Other Green Sevens just like him all kept somewhere on a shelf waiting for him to break.


“To tell you the truth, this Project Group is boring. I’d rather work on one of the others.”

“Hush, you. You want to be assigned to the Black Fours? Or the Orange Threes? No thank you.”

“But at least they have a challenge. We’ve mastered telekinesis, we’ve got all we’re going to out of this Group.”

“Not quite. We don’t have the best yet. When we have the best, we’ll close it down. Any maybe it’s not as ‘challenging’ as the others, but at the end of the day, at least the Green Sevens work and we have job security.”

“It’s not like they’re going to fire us.”

“Don’t be an idiot. The stuff we’re doing—there’s a whole lot worse that could happen than being fired.”

Green wonders if they know he can hear them. They probably don’t care. Or maybe they think he can’t understand.

But he does understand.

They need the best, so he has to be the best.

(And even if he is the best—that doesn’t mean anything. They can make another just like him. It’s not hard).


When the others start playing games, he thinks, Ah, how easy they have it.

It must be what Black feels—what Orange and Brown and White all felt—to see the others so confident in their own Success, that they can relax when they’re on a mission.

He is a Success, he’s proven that, but he knows he has to keep proving that, over and over again.


“You’re an interesting guy, Shin-chan,” Takao says, taking him out of his memories.

And Midorima just pushes up his glasses, not looking at Takao, as he says, “No, I’m not. I am very boring.”

Takao bursts out laughing, and Midorima doesn’t know what to do with that laugh, anymore than he knew how to handle that smile. “No, you’re definitely not. You’re one of a kind.”

Midorima winces, but he doesn’t think Takao sees. “There are others like me.”

“Shin-chan, I can say with one hundred percent certainty, there is no one else like you.”

Midorima’s heart beats faster for no discernible reason. He wants to believe it, wants someone to believe it, even if he can’t, so he doesn’t correct Takao on that point.


Days, months, years, and Takao still believes there’s no one else like Midorima. And because Takao believes it, Midorima starts to believe it too.

A/N: Happy Birthday, anon-friend!! It is still March 7th for me, so I hope it is for you too! I am glad you enjoy this series =D  I haven’t written MidoTaka in awhile, so I hope this was OK— it’s set some time early in the “Don’t Blink” timeline. And “angst with hope” is pretty much my all I know how to do =P I hope you have an absolutely lovely day!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

We’ve all hit that point of exhaustion, the point where nothing makes sense anymore. Your body hurts, your brain becomes foggy and you feel like your trapped in a tunnel, when all you want is your bed. So, how do you keep going? How do you not just sit down and give up? Sometimes its easy. Sometimes you play games in your head. You makeup someone; someone good. Whatever you need, to keep you going.
—  Meredith Grey {Grey’s Anatomy - The Room Where It Happens: S13E08}

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How would the husbands cheer you up when you're having a bad day?

I have so many husbands, this would’ve turned out longer than my senior speech lmao; I just went with my apparently default men, so I hope these are okay!

☆ Caesar ☆

  • Caesar’s all about cheering up sad girls, so naturally he’s all over his s/o whenever they’ve had a bad day. He knows them well enough to recognize even the tiniest signs that something’s wrong; maybe they’d taken a bit too long to respond to something he said, or maybe they’d looked away a bit too fast, but he just knows.
  • His s/o is busy, so he knows the best way to make them feel better is to just help them relax. He’ll draw up a warm bath for them, letting them soak as long as they want while he makes their favorite food for dinner, or gets something from their favorite restaurant. Or, if his s/o insists, he’ll join them in their bath.
  • One thing he knows that will always cheer them up is just letting them drape themselves over his lap so he can play with their hair; he’s gentle and it’s super relaxing, and it gives his s/o a chance to talk about what’s troubling them. He’ll offer advice where he can and if it’s needed, but for the most part he’s quiet, because he knows his s/o just needs to get it out of their system.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin’s attentive, but he’s not always the best at noticing the more subtle cues that his s/o needs some positive attention. He may’ve missed their sighs earlier that day, but he definitely notices how they’re slamming down their books and pressing their pencils so hard the lead keeps snapping.
  • He’s not used to the whole ‘cheering-up’ thing, since he spent so much time alone, so all he really knows to offer is a night at his house. He’ll make dinner for them, they can play video games all night- that’s his idea of relaxing, so he thinks it’ll help his s/o more than they realize, too.
  • He realizes that his s/o just needs an easy night, so he’s going to try and be subtle about it, but he’ll let his s/o win quite a few of the games they play. Usually their fierce competitions end in victories for him, so his s/o’s thrilled to finally be winning- especially given that he’s actually making it look like he’s still playing at his best, too. He’ll let them stay up and play until early in the morning, but eventually he drags them to bed, because sleeping wrong will probably throw their mood off again; besides, falling asleep against his chest is equally relaxing.

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Josuke’s eternally eager to keep his s/o happy, but he does understand that everyone’s going to have their bad days. Whenever his s/o’s upset, his first reaction is to ask the reasons behind it; he’s trying to be subtle about it, but really he’s wanting to know if his s/o is hurt or needs anyone beaten up. If they do, he’s on it in a heartbeat, and if they don’t he visibly relaxes.
  • He likes to do as much as he can to get his s/o’s mind off whatever’s bummed them out. His favorite choices are movies- there’s a drive-in theater not too far away that plays double features nearly every day in the summer, so that’s always a great choice. After that he always asks if his s/o wants to just drive for awhile; it gives them a chance to talk, be it about their problems or about something ridiculous and entertaining.
  • If his s/o’s feeling up to a group of people, he’ll invite Okuyasu and Koichi over too, so they can all play video games or go to the mall. If they do end up going shopping, he’s quick to buy some ice cream for his s/o too; sweets make everything better, don’t they? In the end, he just tries to pack a day full of enough enthusiasm to really take his s/o’s mind off everything.

☆ Rohan ☆

  • Rohan generally isn’t the first guy you’d go to if you’re in need of cheering up. He’s usually absorbed in his work anyways, so his s/o most likely won’t want to bother him- either way, though, he’s attentive enough to notice that something’s wrong. He drops his work and drags his s/o into his office, pulling them into his lap and just sitting there for awhile. They’re not hurt, are they? They didn’t lose their job or fail out of school? You wouldn’t expect it, but he’s a good listener, so he wants his s/o to tell him everything.
  • His voice is soothing, and he’s learned a lot from his work and travels, so he gives good advice too. He’ll just hold his s/o for as long as they need it, giving his opinion on the situation and offering to help in any way he can. He’s got money and influence, after all, so whatever his s/o needs, they can have.
  • Being Rohan, he’s not going to pass up on this chance for extravagance. He decides on the spot, he’ll take his s/o on a trip, wherever they want to go and for however long they want to be gone. His s/o can’t dissuade him, either; once his mind’s set, there’s nothing that can be done but go along. At the very least he’s going to buy some expensive new clothing and accessories for his s/o, because that’s something that always makes him feel a bit better. And besides, his s/o needs to be dressed absolutely fabulously for when he’s sketching them at some Parisian café next week-
Frame x Book 2

Second episode has finally been subbed (thank gawd).

I can honestly say I most surely watch for Book and Frame’s relationship. It’s developing in such a beautiful way, it’s by far my favorite of all the couples. I can understand why some people are complaining that Tee x Fuse have become boring while wishing that Framebook had more screen time. While issues from the first season has followed both pairings into season two the type of issue has made the latter more interesting. Because Teefuse already had an outside source for their issues (the ex creating awkwardness, jealousies, and angst) to have her follow into season two just feel annoying more than anything else because it feels like the character’s relationship ain’t changed much even though they’re in a relationship. While with Frame and book their issues (fear, insecurities, trust) stem from things other people they’ve cared about has done to them. So instead of being annoyed the audience is able to experience with them.

Frame and Book def have that kind of relationship where it’s a - you make me better - kind of theme but done correctly. Neither character is actually changing personalities…who they’re becoming was always a part of them. Frame was a caretaker before they started dating…it was his caring nature that made Book fall so deep. But he def radiates within this relationship because it allows him to fully be that person. There wasn’t a moment he wasn’t taking care of Book - from making sure he had eaten to pulling him into sharing his opinion with the friends. Book is open himself more, like I mentioned previously if you watch season 1 he never really hangs out with anyone. He never seems to have friends, and he doesn’t seem at all close to his family. He was friendly enough but he was always shown as alone unless Frame was brushing onto the scene to tease him. In this season it’s different, he’s chatting more, his with the group. It’s not that Book ever wanted to be alone, but I think being a recluse made him feel safer. My favorite thing about the group scene though was the fact that they intentionally highlighted how personality wise these characters are still who they are and while they’re no problem with meshing and developing one another past their issues maintaining the parts that make them them is what makes it real - you still see Book being ever the studious one as he reads while everyone else is playing games on their phones.

They just look so damn good together. It’s hard not to cheese when they’re on screen because it just feels so nice. They look so right and comfy and easy together. It’s probably do to Toey’s and Ohm’s easy nature with one another, but no matter how small they pulled off their moments of intimacy. Even just standing in the stairwell talking to the guys with his arm wrapped around his shoulder…or his head in his lap - they felt like a couple just hanging with the group. And can I say that Peak does a great job coming across with his ‘I know they’re secretly dating’ looks that he has to do in character. It makes me laugh every time. I really don’t know whose capability for their character I love more out of Toey and Ohm though. They both do such a good job. Toey has Book’s nerdy awkward shy sweetness down to such a nice blend…and then you see Toey out of character and he’s not much like Book. His manner is def more confident, more sure and developed. While Ohm seems to be more like one side of his character. He’s created a fusion of two types with Frame - one one hand Frame is a excitable, loud, happy popular puppy who wouldn’t seem bother by much but then on the other hand he’s focused, observant, driven, more friendly and less attention seeking than you would think. He has this maturity that so surprising with the other side of his personality but Ohm is able to mesh both sides very nicely making Frame seem deep and real. I was very pleased with them both so far because they got less screen time but they radiate in those moments. I don’t just prefer the characters, the actors are both my fav from the cast too. I’ve just felt this career was more seriously on their radar. From the work they put in the show and out. They get the biz and their chemistry is just a bonus because it makes things flow better when they work together. It’s easy to forget that Toey is like four years older than Ohm.

I loved this episode for them. I know the angst is coming and I kinda don’t want it to cause grin like a fool with these two and I already hate Tern and he ain’t even got here yet….

We had a party consisting in a warrior, a reaper(me) and a priest and we decided to join a tournament later in game so we had to practice our duel skills a little, my reaper has a skill that shoots a ball of darkness that stuns which is notorious for being easy to dodge and hard to aim.

We were also talking on Discord.

Warrior: Okay how about I stand completely still next to you so you can win for once? 

Reaper: A pity win is still a win *uses the stun attack first and completely misses*

Priest: *is losing all her shit at this point*


I had to go on a swim in the Lake of Shame for the next 10 minutes

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Why am I shipping Lerovich so much now? I love them! but I have to ask, how much time do you spend writing? You put out so much stuff!!!

I have fallen so damn hard down this rabbit hole… and Ill continue to blame @chou-3 for it too! And they only encourage it more and more! ha ha ha! 

How much do I write? Honestly?

Not as much as people would think… 

for example.. these Chapters to “The Games we Play”– they are short 2k chapters… I can literally write, edit and post them in an hour. 

When they story is in my head, it is easy to get out! Lately they have been FUN and EASY for me.. so they come a lot faster– plus I’ve usually talked about them in length during the day in chat and just need to come home and type them out.

If I have no distractions, I can easily do 3k words an hour… which lately with the kid working evenings… I come home get the animals straight, clean around the house, watch the news with some coffee… and relax a bit. 

I really only spend an hour or two an evening typing. I don’t watch much TV at all… and since I play in chat while at work, leaves my evenings free to type for a bit… and I take off a couple nights a week and don’t type at all! 

Im going to work some prompts here soon… and keep up with “The Games We Play” and “Repression” – but not sure how many one shots the next week I’ll have. 

All I Want For Christmas

I don’t know how I keep ending up posting these Yatori oneshots at one in the morning but here we are, enabled by @lunar-resonance​ also being up late and around to beta for me. Have some Christmas fluff inspired by that old manga extra. Also, I’m working on doing actual cross posting so I have this fic, along with my other Noragami oneshots over on AO3 here

Also I’m still looking for more prompts… just putting that out there. Enjoy. 

“I don’t know why he’s so excited about Christmas – he’s a Japanese god,” Yukine huffs, flipping over onto his stomach with his legs still under the kotatsu. 

“You know how he is.” Hiyori fidgets. She wishes she was back at home, there’s only two days until the holiday itself and she’s only half finished with Yato’s present; after making his shrine, thinking of something else to make him was a bit of a challenge. But Kofuku had called her that Yato was in distress about decorating properly, and the usually patient god had sounded so at her wit’s end, Hiyori had to come over.

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Dead And (pt. 5) [ Distraction ]

Masterlist: Click Here
Synopsis: Satan plays cupid in the apocalyptic world
Chapter Warnings: N E G A N and his delicious mouth, lotsa lotsa sexual innuendos and sexual flirting and some pantie slow burn shit, two psychopaths empathizing with each other (anything else, please tell me)
Chapter Synopsis: He’s different and it’s a bad thing.
Word Count: 2,500+ words
Rating: 18+ 18+ hide your children please.
Pairing: (So far it’s) Negan x Reader
Helpful BGM: “Dirty Mind” by Boy Epic
A/N: Well well well, shit’s getting filthier and ugh I love how Negan and Reader are both unstable and mentally sick yet adorable as fuck, even I get flustered and confused with their personality shifts. Enjoy motherfuckers xoxo
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“Leave us,” Negan commands, his eyes never leaving (Y/N)’s. The subordinates peer at each other before walking themselves out of the living room, leaving their leader and his new interest. “Kitten…” says Negan in the softest purr-sounding noise, motioning his body to move closer.

(Y/N) knows — just by the look of that devilish sneer on his face — Negan likes how he towers next to her height. She sees him blink while he does that stance again with his upper torso tilted to a side. Negan parts his lips as he gazes on the woman’s face, eyes searching but twinkling. He’s about to say something, but instead (Y/N) sees the tip of his tongue peeking out and slowly sliding from left to right. Almost immediately the girl bows her head. They are like two magnetic poles; an unstable combination of attraction and repulsion. (Y/N) gulps and gives her massive thanks to the force in between them and to the height difference (if it isn’t for that, Negan would have noticed how the lump in her throat goes up and down)

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It’s been a week since Love is Strange was released! I wanted to put some thoughts down on what it’s been like working on the game and seeing it come this far. this is probably going to get a little sappy

Let’s start with a story, shall we? It’s the morning of April 1st, the day our lovely VN is scheduled to be released. Due to timezones I’m currently the only member of the team awake. This has worked in our favour since it’s meant that thegadgetfish and I could tag in and out of scripting the game itself while the other has been asleep. The past week have had a lot of last nights for us as we’ve worked on bug fixes and polish for the final release.

I open up our QA doc which is looking very empty. Awesome! There are a few minor typos left to fix but that’s an easy job so I get to it. I spend about an hour trying to work out how to get some of yuripirate​‘s awesome leftover sketches into the credits, but I’m a baby scripter who doesn’t know how to do anything on my own. Never the less, after much googling I finally pull it off and I’m feeling pretty good about myself! The credits looks cute now and each member who’s worked so hard the past 6 months has a rad sketch by their name.

The afternoon rolls in and more members start wake up. I tell them of the changes made and how the current build is looking really solid, thinking we’ll probably do one more round of QA that day. We’re already getting tons of messages asking what time the game will drop. Our lead, thegadgetfish, wakes and declares that since it all looks good and there’s nothing left in the QA doc we should just release the game now. They tell me to make the final build.

It might seem a little silly but being last person in the code before we made that final build had me feeling a little tender haha. I came into the project as a testers and finished as a scripter and an artist. I learnt so much from our team, thegadgetfish especially, along the way and it’s still astounding to me that I was apart of this.

Once the game was finally out there the reaction blew me away. I knew people were going to like it, I knew it was a great game because our team had worked so hard on it! But when you’re in a development bubble it’s easy to forget what a game like this can mean to poeple. We hadn’t even really thought about how the VNs release was happening around a particularly rough time period for queer characters in media. We just wanted the VN out so everyone could play it! But reading everyone’s messages, seeing all the live blogging happen, it’s made all the hard work totally worth it.

I’m so proud I was apart of making Love is Strange! And that we’ve been able to give everyone this unabashedly positive game. I got to meet and work with so many amazingly talented people through this project, it was wild 6 months! I’m glad I was along for the ride.