how can a 30 something year old man look like an adorable puppy

This is the Fenrys and Whitethorn/Galathynius daughter are mates HC (I am writing a detailed fic but I’m just gonna do this to BECAUSE WHY NOT)

-okay so Fenrys is living in the castle with Aelin and Rowan, and when they have their daughter he’s like “omg she’s adorable”
-but then she gets older and learns she has a powerful mixture of fire, water, ice and wind magic and Fenrys is like damn I’m just gonna keep out of your way
-rowan and Aelin are Proud Parents
-their daughter, let’s say her name is Mia (short for Nehemia, kill me) and she’s ALWAYS had a lil crush on Fenrys like who wouldn’t???
-ANYWAY, Mia has grown up being trained as a warrior but always been shown love and kindness besides that. She could kill a man in 4 seconds let’s be real this is rutting whitethorn’s daughter.
-so she and Fenrys are sparring one day, and he’s laughing at her bc she’s hungover as FUCK (she’s around 30+ years old and immortal) and she’s snarling at him getting real pissed off
-she throws a fire ball at him. It curves away all on its own and lands in the snow
- Fenrys just whispers, “Oh fuck” and stares at her and is thinking “so that’s what it is”
-and fucking Mia is like “Ha, oh no. Dad’s gonna kill you, boyo,”
-Fenrys laughs nervously and goes to walk away but rowan swoops in in hawk form then shifts to see how the training is going
-Fenrys is shitting bricks and Mia is kinda nervous too
-rowan scents their nerves and is like, “What is wrong with you two???”
- “Daddy….” -Mia is pulling the puppy dog eyes and charming smile she’d inherited off her mother
-rowan is like what do you want Mia. She’s all smiles and nerves and Fenrys is vehemently swiping a hand over his throat like “ABORT FUCKING MISSION ABORT” behind rowan’s back.
-anyway Mia sees and is trying not to laugh and rowan is a Confused Birdie
-Mia quickly saves their asses by asking Rowan to go buy her favorite chocolates
-he agrees bc she’s his baby lmao (rowan is the Ultimate Softie"
-anyway a few weeks pass and Fenrys and Mia have been sneaking around and making out and being naughty little turds and one night they making out in the freaking pantry when Aelin comes down for a snack
-she just laughs and says, “Good luck telling your father, Nehemia,”
-Fenrys kinda pales and looks at Mia, “I don’t want to die,”
-“Don’t be so freaking dramatic, Fenrys. Shut up and - oh my gods”
-Fenrys is good with his hands okay
-a couple days later they’re all having a family dinner. Aelin, Rowan, Mia, Aedion, Lys, Fenrys, Gavriel, Elide, and Lorcan.
-Fenrys and Mia’s scents have kind of merged bc they have been getting down and freakay in the pantry
-Gavriel scents it first and is just like “R u fuckin kidden me???”
-Every one but Aelin is confused. Mia chokes on her wine. Everyone is just staring.
-Lorcan is next and he’s like “you couldn’t keep it in your pants just once?”
-Fenrys is trying so hard not to look guilty or at rowan or Mia. Aelin is just leaning back in her chair sipping wine and smirking
-rowan sniffs and his mouth just drops open in shock at first because my best friend is sneaking around with my daughter what in the hell
-Fenrys is trying to explain, but a harsh wind knocks him on his ass and then it’s on
-everyone rushes outside behind rowan who is dragging Fenrys by the shirt lmao
-Mia is a freaking mess. Lysandra is trying to console her
-rowan and Fenrys begin to brawl
- halfway through Mia screams, “HE’S MY MATE”
-rowan drops Fenrys and turns to her like what??? This idiot is your mate?
-Fenrys gets up off the ground and wipes blood from his nose, looking angry and still kinda wary
-Mia shoves her way through the small crowd towards him to inspect his wounds.
-rowan growls when Mia touches Fenrys, and aelin just rolls her eyes and “stupid territorial fae bullshit”
-rowan calms down a bit when aelin holds his hand (what a sook )
-Mia is fuming mad, like she’s so pissed off. She turns to her father and is like “you’re such an asshole”
-“I’m just trying to protect you”
-“im a big girl, dad. If my mate was someone other than Fenrys you’d be fine with it”
-rowan looks uncomfortable because it’s true
-“It’s not like we can control who our mates are” Mia grabs Fenrys’ hand and storms inside, dragging him with her.
-rowan snarls at them “where do you think you’re going?”
-“to clean him up, you buzzard!”
-at few days later Fenrys and Mia are sitting in the lounge room. He’s watching her read bc she’s beautiful
-rowan stalks in looking pissed at their close proximity. Mia doesn’t look up, just ignores he father. Fenrys shifts away looking nervous lmao (I fucking love this kid)
-“Fenrys did you hear something?”
-“did you say something Fenrys?’
-the book flies from her hand, and she finally looks at her father. He looks frustrated and mad, but not at her.
-rowan apologies and says he will try to be okay with their mating bond. He also says the reason he lost it is because he thought Fenrys was just taking advantage of the crush she has on him
-Fenrys is trying SO HARD not to grin because omg Mia was crushing on me
-rowan is STILL TALKING.
-"dad. Shut up. Or I’ll start making out with him right now,”
-rowan growls a bit. Mia smirks, realizing she’s got a way to make her dad suffer for being an ass
-Fenrys snorts, and says he won’t do that to rowan
-Mia grins at him, and he can feel his control slipping because he loves her and wants her and OMG SHE’S GORGEOUS
-rowan is wincing like please stop that right now young lady you’re grounded
-Mia ignores him and kisses Fenrys and god if Fenrys doesn’t try not to kiss her back but she’s so amazing
-rowan pulls them apart with his wind and declares they are not allowed to do that in front of him ever again
-Mia is smirking, knowing she’s won
-over the course of the next few weeks every time rowan catches Mia and Fenrys together they’re either making out our holding hands or being fucking cute. Fenrys always rubs his nose on her throat bc damn she smells good.
-rowan’s form of conversation with them is growing and snarling and “rutting stop that”
-when Fenrys and Mia claim each other (eh eh *nudges you with elbow*) they stay away from the family for a week
-when they get back all rowan can think about is “one of my closest friends is sleeping with my daughter. Must kill him. don’t care if they’re mates”
-and rowan slams Fenrys into the ground. And y'all thought fae males were territorial. Ha. Mia yanks rowan off Fenrys and snarls, “Touch him again and I’ll pluck you like a chicken”
-rowan can’t help but be Proud. His daughter is feisty. He laughs and looks at Fenrys and says, “Good luck, boyo,”
-“help me up you prick,”
-Mia rolls her eyes because fucking fae males I hate them!!!!
-rowan and Fenrys are as good as new. Best buds
-Mia wants to kill them both. She’s so over her family, but she loves them so much. She punches rowan and Fenrys both in the arms and they’re like ow!! What was that for.
-“you’re both juveniles”
-she huffs and kisses Fenrys, rowan sighs. He’s always sighing. He’s suffering OK. Fenrys fights the urge to make out with her. “goddbye” she goes inside to find her mumma to ask for assistance on how to deal with annoying males.
-the cadre are getting drunk af in the kitchen later. The women join in and sit with their respective males.
-when Mia sits on Fenrys’ lap, rowan growls, but it’s half hearted.
“You know if you hurt her you’ve got four males ready to kill you” Lorcan laughs
-“nah, boyo, Mia could quite easily kill him” Gavriel is SO AMUSED by the thought of his great niece killing an all powerful male warrior
-“That’s so true,” rowan is delighted by the idea
-“I honestly don’t know why I bother with any of you” but Mia is grinning bc her family is amazing.
-they all get drunk together and joke about random things until Mia falls asleep on Fenrys lap and everyone is like aww omg that’s adorable.
-and rowan thinks maybe it isn’t so bad at all.

(This is shit forgive me)

Telling them Apart


Suho is the leader, you can tell who is he by looking for the person who is almost all the time ignored and looks like he will cry if he’s made fun of one more time. Most likely when he’s seen with the rest of the group he has the “don’t mess with me or i will ground your ass in no time” look. Suho can sometimes look like the word “daddy” personified or he can look like a 30 year old man who’s given up on life and there is no in between. Can be squishy and cute. $uho’s wallet is thicker than his eyebrows.

Baekhyun is the little black haired shit the one who looks like an adorable puppy that makes you want to punch yourself. Most of the time he’s on screen and when he’s not…no actually he’s always on screen, it’ll be easy telling who he is because he talks a lot and makes stupid jokes that you laugh at because he laughs at them as well. In a performance or a music video you can tell who he is by waiting for the high notes and looking for the person who looks like a baby lion trying to roar for the first time and has neck veins more popping than your booty. A way of finding him is throwing a cucumber into the group, whoever runs away and cries is Baekhyunnie

Chanyeol is the giant, he’s basically a Korean yoda-fairy-elf-puppy. 90% legs, is on screen a lot if not he’s humping fawning over Kai (I’ll tell you about him later) Sometimes makes jokes but most of the time is the one who’s laughing over baek’s jokes cos he has a thing for him. Can be spotted by looking for giant ears that make him look like Dumbo or something. He’s the one with the deep voice, the vibrations from his voice will get your panties wet, trust me I’m a scientist. You can also spot him by looking for the one who’s whoring out on the ‘V’ sign, V standing for virgin.

D.O. i don’t even know how to describe him, he’s either super handsome, super squishy or super satanic, you can never tell which one he’s gonna be.50% eyes 50% lips. His eyes are big enough for you to see the trapped souls of fangirls, the number 1 fangirl being Kai. His lips will give Angelina Jolie a run for her money and her husband cos D.O. brings the boys out, he brings the gay out in everyone. Whenever Baekhyun is around he is the one who looks like he can kill someone, looks like he’s given up on life and doesn’t know who the other members are. When he smiles sun shines check it out using lyrics but honestly his lips are perfect for smiling, but before he smiles he has this little smirk that makes him look like he knows all your dirty little secrets.

Kai is hot as fuck i don’t care, let me hold onto my panties cos shit. In a performance or a music video he is the one who is always, alWAYS hot. He’s on the taller end of EXO. His jawline is sharp enough to cut through diamonds i am not lying. Kai’s lips are like D.O.’s but not as plump. It’s easy to tell him apart he’s the one who either has dark brown/black hair or a greyish blond colour. Either looks like a 5 year old boy or a 20 year old model. Off stage he is cute and looks like a ball of fluff, almost childlike. Like Chanyeol he laughs at jokes but it’s not really a laugh, it’s more of a opening his mouth as wide as he can and shouting “HA HA HA HA” ya feel? Also when he laughs you can spot him by the one who hits people who are next to him. He makes you want to cuddle him but also do very inappropriate things, will hip thrust his way into your heart fuck you kim jongin.

Sehun the maknae. The one with the hair that always stays in shape yet never the same colour, you can tell who is he by looking for the strong eyebrows, he’s the tall hot shit that you really want to do even if he isn’t your bias. When he’s not around all the members he looks really cold and arrogant but in reality he’s a softie. Sehun’s voice is also deep and his dancing makes you want to scream. When he talks he does this eyebrow thing, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Ways to find him: shout yehet and he will be obligated to shout ohorat and you shall find him. Almost always has his tongue sticking out of his mouth and if by chance that’s not happening he’s making the ( -  /\  - ) face, is basically 97% legs.

*takes a deep breath* time for EXO-M 

Xiumin he is your bias even if he isn’t your bias, he used to be chubby and adorable but now he’s xiuman and hot. He’s small but his arms aren’t, you can tell who is by the one that Luhan is clinging on to, it’s kind of hard pointing him out in performances or music videos, or even at all because he’s small and quiet but whenever he does talk you’ll find him because all the attention will be on him. He’s hot and cute at the same time. Sometime he looks like the youngest but then he does the eyebrows and BAM you’re on the floor crying over a 24 year old Korean who has too much power. He can make the boom boom’s in your heart go BADOOM BADOOM with just one look, i want to marry him and that’s that. He’s a real life Disney prince, the end.

Luhan is the finest piece of China available, constantly looks good. If you’re trying to find him in an interview or show wait for a joke to be said and look for the one who looks like they have no chin, he has delicate features and flawless skin which make him look girly but he isn’t, he’s not okay. Looks like Bambi, sings like an angel and dances amazingly well. His thighs are big and muscly so just look for those and you will have found Luhan! Most of the time he is around Xiumin. Luhan is utter perfection, literally idgaf he’s better looking than anyone and it makes me angry and sad because i love him so much. I have so many feelings for Luhan and you will too

Kris okay I know he’s not part of EXO anymore but he’s been in every single era okay so imma do it. Let me explain to you a thing, he is incredibly handsome, incredibly tall, incredibly talented. Whenever EXO wave at the camera or whatever look for the big yaoi hands, who’s hands are they? Kris. This is gonna be short, Kris is hot, tall, fantastic hair, deep voice. His voice is deeper than the ocean and will make you cry, imagine him calling you baby and you have an automatic breakdown why? It’s too good to be real. You can easily tell who he is by looking for someone who looks cool but then he ruins it by saying something stupid. his eyebrows can sometimes make him look like an angry bird The End.

Lay is the angel, the pure heart, the unicorn. A distinct feature is his dimple, it’s deep enough for you to cry into and then drown yourself in it because he’s too perfect to be real, his bottom lip is cute and pops out, why? Cos he bites it so much it’s probably swollen, poor thing. He is incredibly handsome and cute. In Korean interviews he doesn’t say a lot but in Chinese one’s he’s the one who always makes everyone laugh and smile, Changsha’s Pride; that’s what he is. Every member of EXO loves him and he loves every single member too. On camera he’s the one who spends about 60% of his screen time bowing. He’s very forgetful and can seem lost and confused so that’s how you find him. He’s extremely precious and kawaii. Even if you don’t love him, he will love you. His smile will give you diabetes

Chen is the one who you forget is actually talented. All the time he is trolling people, teasing them and mocking them it doesn’t matter if the member is his hyung or dongsaeng he will fuck you up with his words and laugh about it till the world ends, his laugh will echo in your ears at night leaving you with no sleep and you shall shout out his motto “WAEEE”. ChenChen is the one with high cheekbones, just as high as his notes and a kitten like smile and a cute adams apple. There’s something about his forehead that you’ll like, I can’t explain it. In music videos and performances he’s the one who does the high HIGH notes and does a little kick after he finishes. 

Tao: looks like an assassin but is actually a 12 year old girl. He’s one of the giants of EXO. Long ago when Tao’s teaser came out everyone thought he would be the cool mysterious one but boy were they wrong, whenever Tao tries to be cool or cute it fails, but when he doesn’t try it works. Looks like the Asian Miley Cyrus with blond hair. Always, I mean, always with Sehun cos he’s a raging homo for him or bickering with Baekhyun. Basically look like a cat/assassin who sleeps a lot. In airport pictures he’s the one constantly on his phone. Doing what? Looking at his nudes cos he loves himself like that. If you ever hear about an idol being very sexual with the fans, it’s Tao. 

now comes the hard part of deciding which one of these shits is your favourite, it wont matter cos in the end you will cry about all of them at 3AM. Enjoy the ride but even if you don’t they will cos they ride each other till the sun rises

it doesn’t matter because you’ll love all of them equally :)

10 Things I Hate About You

Title: 10 Things I Hate About You

Words: 1680

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: This AU is based on my favourite movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You’. Reader is really smart girl, decided to go to Harvard. She’s having great grades and lives healthy. Dean on the other side is typical bad guy. Girls are falling on their knees in front of him, but Dean doesn’t care. Until he meets a girl who seems to be immune to his charms. Decided to win her over, Dean makes a bet.

Warnings: cursing, AU

A/N: Okay, so I wrote this because I’m in love with this idea and I really wanted to start Dean series. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

School bell rang just as you entered the school.

Halls of this high school had always been full of life. People were everywhere, talking to their friends and blocking your way to the locker. You rolled your eyes at couple making out right next to your locker, trying to ignore the fact that they were just about to eat each other’s face.

It wasn’t that you hated couples or people in general. You just wound it extremely annoying. The only real reason you went to school is to study and get into Harvard, your childhood dream. Reese Witherspoon had inspired you to study hard and ever since you saw Legally Blonde, your goal was to go to Harvard.

Grabbing a few notebooks out of your locker, you hugged them tightly and continued your way to the classroom.

All the people in the hallway made your goal extremely hard. Ever since you entered high school as scared freshman, you never missed a class. You have never been late before and you sure won’t let a couple of freshmen ruin this on the last year of high school.

You forced a few people to move away, ignoring their complaining. You stopped caring what people think a long time ago. Education was a way to success and that was the only thing you wanted in your life.

Mr. Howman’s class was only a few meters away, when somebody bumped into you. Books flew from your arms and you lost your balance, crashing on the solid ground. Person who bumped into you came crashing down on you and for a moment you were trapped under them, trying to catch your breath.

“What the fuck!?” you yelled angrily.

“Look, I’m sorry…” male started apologizing, but you cut him off.

“Is it that hard to look where you’re going?”

A few people turned to see what happened, but most of them ignored it. You started grabbing your books, not allowing him to touch anything.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you, okay?” he sighed.

You looked up at him, surprised to meet, kind, forest-green eyes. The guy smirked when he saw you staring, offering you his hand.

Ignoring it, you stood up, trying to get the dust from your pants.

“I’m Dean,” he flashed you a smile.

“Well Dean, next time watch your step. Shit!” you looked at the closed door in front of you. “I’m late!”

You ran towards the classroom, ignoring Dean when he asked you for your name.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” you mumbled a quick apology, sitting on your usual spot.

Time until lunch passed by quickly and without any problems. Classes were more or less interesting and a surprise pop quiz in Chemistry wasn’t really a surprise for you.

“Y/N!” your best friend Ellie called, waving so you could spot her in a crowded cafeteria.

You ran to her, giving her a quick hug before taking a seat behind nearest table. She was telling you about her day while you pulled out your lunch.

“This again?” she teased you when she saw Greek yogurt in your lunch box next to a banana and few almonds. “How do you manage it?”

“Manage what?” you asked, lifting your eyebrows.

“You know, great grades, healthy food, exercise… You amaze me.”

You laughed, shrugging. “Ya know… organisation and no social life.”

This time she was the one laughing. “Really? Cause I saw you talking to some boy this morning.” she said with a grin, winking at you.

“Oh.” your smile fell and you rolled your eyes. “You mean Dean.”

“Can’t forget me, sweetheart?” you heard a confident voice behind you. Dean walked closer, sending you a wink. “You know, I couldn’t stop thinking about you as well.”

He didn’t let you any time to answer, he only left with a cocky smile on his face. You’ve never talked to him before today and you could already tell that you’ll hate putting up with him.

“Yeah, I meant him.” she grinned, wiggling her eyebrows at you.

“He’s a dick.” you mumbled.

“Who’s a dick?” Michael asked as he took a seat next to you, quickly pecking your cheek and greeting Ellie.

“Some Dean. He has a thing for Y/N, she announced proudly and Michael laughed.

“Dean? I think we have P.E. classes together. Good guy, funny actually.”

You sighed, disagreeing with both of them. Ever since you met him, he acted like a jerk and you couldn’t stand that.

Meanwhile, Dean was watching you from the other side of the cafeteria. He studied your face, smirking because he knew just how much he annoyed you with his attitude.

“Hello Dean.” his best friend, Castiel greeted him and Benny followed. “What are you looking at?”

“You see that chick there?” Dean asked, pointing at you.

Both Castiel and Benny nodded.

“Oh yes, Y/N. We have English together, she’s really smart, Dean.” Castiel spoke.

“Way out of your league. She may not be popular, but she’s hot and smart.” Benny agreed.

Dean bit his lip, studying your face once again. He had to agree, not only that you were hot, you were also extremely beautiful.

Usually girls fall on their knees in front of Dean and he was the one pushing them away. But not this time. You didn’t care about how hot and handsome he was. Neither did you react to his sweet side. That was something new, fresh to Dean and he wanted nothing more, but to make you fall on your knees.

“Nobody’s out of my league.” Dean argued.

“She is.”

“I’ll find a way to get her Cas. Give me two weeks, she’ll be melting in front of me.” he stated confidently.

“I bet 50 bucks that you’ll fail. She’s too good for you, Dean.” Benny mumbled, food still in his mouth. No matter how many times Dean and Castiel warned him, Benny always forgot to eat with his mouth closed.

“I bet 100 I will.”

“You got it!”

Castiel just shook his head at the way his friends acted. He never liked the way Dean acted towards girls. He thought of them as toys and never considered their feelings. And Castiel knew that one day Dean will get it all back. That some girl will leave him heartbroken if he doesn’t stop with this madness.

But he never said anything. He just smiled and supported his friends no matter what.

“Hey Dean!” Sam’s little brother interrupted their talk just as Benny and Dean sealed their bet. “Don’t tell me you’ll try to win another bet. What is it this time?” Sam sighed.

As Cas, Sam was sick of Dean’s acting even though he knew that behind this is the divorce of their parents. Ever since Dean figured out that Mary and John are getting a divorce, he acted differently. A man who once treated women right and a boy who believed in true love became a heart-breaking jerk.

“You see that girl? Y/N?” Dean spoke proudly, again pointing at you. “In two weeks she’ll beg me to be with her.”

Sam followed his brother’s finger, his eyes widening when he saw you.

“No.” he stated firmly. “You’re not doing this to her, Dean.”

Dean and Benny laughed while Castiel agreed with Sam.

“Why not?” Dean chuckled. “You like her or something? Don’t you think she’s a bit too old for you?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I don’t like her, jerk. She helped me when I had problems with Math. She’s way out of your league anyway, Dean.”

“Can you ask her to help me with History? You know I need help, Sammy.” Dean asked, shooting puppy eyes at Sam.

“Dean…” Sam sighed, knowing that he can’t do that.

“Or I’ll tell mum about you and Jess. And you know what I’m talking about.” Dean threw a wink to his friends who couldn’t help but laugh when they saw redness on Sam’s face.

“You jerk… Okay, but if you end up with black eye I’ll make sure that it will stay black for quite a while.”

Sam left, not letting Dean answer. He knew that his decision is wrong, but he couldn’t let Dean tell their mom about what happened between him and Jess.

He approached you right when you finished your lunch.

“Hi.” he waved and took a seat at your table.

You’ve known Sam for quite a while now. You met him after the first month of his freshman year in the library. He was studying Math and didn’t understand anything. He had just moved into this town with his mom and brother. Afterwards Sam told you about his family and slowly he became like a little brother to you.

“Hiya Sammy!” you smiled. “What’s up?”

“Um…” Sam swallowed thickly, praying that you won’t get mad at him if you ever find out. “My brother has huge problems with History and he’s failing, so…  Could you tutor him? Only if you have time, of course.”

You nodded, offering him a few almonds you always kept in your bag.

“Sure thing, kiddo. When and where?”

Sam smiled tightly and spoke. “Our place at, let’s say… 6:30?”

You pulled out your bullet journal, making sure you won’t forget it. Meanwhile, Michael asked Sam about Jess.

They were adorable together and you’ll never forget how they got together. Sam used to be the clumsiest thing around her, always making a fool, but Jess liked it.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” you promised.

Exactly at 6:30 you rang the door at Sam’s place. House wasn’t really big, but it really was adorable. His mom always made sure it was nice and tidy, beautiful flowers on every window.

You fixed your hair, holding a pile of books in your hands. History was one of your favourite subjects and you loved to tutor it. Feeling just a bit nervous, you bit your lip, waiting for the door to open.

There were footsteps before the door opened.

“Hello sweetheart.”

There was Dean standing in front of the door, cheeky grin plastered on his face.


Opinion are welcome! Also should I make part 2?

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Jackie and Hyde for the ship thing

:’) my heart is on the floor 

Send me and OTP and I’ll tell you who:

-accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night: Hyde but is it really an accident when five minutes before jackie begged him for a glass of water and when he shot her down with a “jackie dammit I’m not the hired help you know where the kitchen is” only to feel her tiny feet shoving him, with more force than he would care to admit off the bed? Needless to say ten minutes later he has a content jackie burkhart snuggling against his chest and an empty glass on his night stand that he will swear to god he only got because “I was going to the kitchen for a midnight snack anyways man I didn’t do it for you” and Jackie sleepily replies the same thing she told him all those years ago when they were still miles away from knowing what they would mean to each other, “Oh Steven you’re such a bad liar.” 

-gives the other piggy back rides: Hyde back when they were still navigating their rocky friendship it started one day after a particularly rocky sledding accident had Jackie limping beside him pitifully with her face crumpled up because “I woke up at five am to set my hair and now I bet it’s all lifeless and limp like Donna’s” God she could be irritating here she might have a sprained ankle and she’s whining about her precious, beautiful (where the hell did that come from?) hair. He scooped her up easily and threw her on his back and really it was just to shut her up man but he couldn’t and still cant explain why the feel of her face in his neck her hands wrapped around his shoulders and the feel of her breath on his cheek had his hands shaking and his breath coming quicker… “Man Leo’s stash must be way stronger than the stuff I usually get” he rationalizes later that night.  

-tries to act tough but is really a giant sap: HYDEEEEEEEEE until he gets around Jackie then he’s nothing more than her “precious puddin pop” 

-almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake: oh man Jackie Jackie Jackie and after the third time they practically burn down Forman’s house (he lets her test out all her new recipes at Eric’s instead of their apartment to avoid the smokiness chasing him out and also because he can’t exactly pass up the opportunity for a great burn) she decides its time for her to take a cooking class, he agrees wholeheartedly…that is until he finds out it’s a couples cooking class but he takes one look at the adorable albeit manipulative puppy dog face and the next thing he knows he’s teaching Kelso how to make a souflee if only to watch him screw it up and catch his shirt on fire a few times obviously. 

-sings lullabies to their kids: Hyde surprisingly has an amazing voice and after hearing Jackie’s strangled cat gargle he decides to spare his six month old twins (a boy and a girl) the hearing loss that’s sure to come. Of course it’s only Led Zeppelin songs and Jackie would much rather he sing something by The Captain and Tennille but she can’t help but fall in love with him a little more everyday when she hears him.   

-morning person vs dead until they get their coffee: Oh god Jackie Jackie Jackie to be fair it’s not exactly her fault she used to get up early for Cheerleading in high school and now hosting her own talk show she has to be up and out by at least 7:30. Hyde has to stop himself from screaming when he hears her loudly playing The Dancing Queen at 5:45 but some of his rage tempers off when as she’s leaving she plants a kiss on his lips and whispers she loves him and he can smell the distinct smell of fresh coffee wafting up from the dresser. Damn she knows him well. 

-cries during sappy movies: Jackie and of course then she starts to panic and asks “Steven oh god how do I look mom always said I was such an ugly crier and frankly crying is unladylike” and as he looks at her with her puffy red eyes and wet cheeks those little chinks in her armor the reminder that even when Jackie had more money and class and popularity than he had she was still just as lonely and neglected by her family by the people who were supposed to love her…just like him and he can’t think of a moment where she could ever be anything other than beautiful.  

-wears a billion layers because they get cold easily: both of them have you ever been to fucking Wisconsin it’s freezing. Although they do find other more creative ways to stay warm when they’re alone. 

-initiates cuddling: Jackie and at first she thinks he doesn’t like it that maybe even now maybe even after she peeled back all the hurt and resentment and anger hiding behind those damn sunglasses he’s always wearing in the end he’s a guy and guys only want one thing out of bed just like Michael just like every other guy she’s ever loved maybe this isn’t the kind of intimacy a guy like Steven would be into but then she feels his hands wrapping around her waist, their fingers interlacing, and a warm kiss on the back of her neck and the doubt vanishes like smoke. He’s nothing like those other guys…

-hogs the covers: Jackie Jackie Jackie although she likes to think she makes up for her selfishness in other ways.

-would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other: Jackie, she once told Hyde that girls didn’t want sex as bad as guys did (to be fair she was dating Michael at the time and he was anything but generous in bed) but she can’t help but think she was sorely mistaken when she feels Steven’s lips at her ear telling her how to hold the pool stick and his hand guiding her waist into the movement. She’s off kilter she’s so unused to this feeling. If Michael was butterflies in her stomach Steven was a thunderstorm, she didn’t feel anything “light” with him. And for the first time ever that made her happy she deserved more than lukewarm love. 

Date #4 with Southern Gent (First Intimate)

Ladies. Ladies. Ladies.
We work for our money. Good gracious I deserve the pint of ice cream I’m devouring right now. Okay, now that that’s out of the way… I meant to check in before this date with you all and ask advice about first intimate encounters but my emotions are out of this fucking world right now and I can’t seem to calm down or organize my brain or care enough or… I don’t even know. I’m a walking conundrum. Anyways, another story for another time. I’m a bit tipsy. Date story time.

Fourth date. It was looming that we would be intimate since our last date. I was finally comfortable. “Comfortable”. Really, I just wanted the money. Sex for money. The strange, uncomfortable, “immoral” taboo that would make my religious parents weep and curse God asking what they did wrong with my upbringing and then they’d dig their own graves and die because it’d be better than living with the fact that their daughter had sex for money. But here I was, approaching this date with that information continuously waving around in my thoughts. Mind you, I’m someone who is VERY VERY picky about who I have sex with. Personal choice. I can count everyone on my two hands and the majority were one or two time drunk mistakes in the early years. Now, “casual sex” isn’t in my vocabulary. I need a big connection. Physical and wholly mental. It all has to be there. Went two years without it. Masturbating is as casual and necessary as brushing my teeth. And here I am, about to drain my already depleted introverted resources to put on my acting face and have sex with someone who I wouldn’t choose to have sex with.

So, our date is a big show that’s in town. The tickets were apparently $300 each. He says he will meet me in the lobby. On my way there I was so freaking sad and oddly numb. Sad about this boy “blondy” that I don’t care to explain right now because that would take a novel. I’m also sad about things I can’t seem to put words to: life, lies, memories, loss of innocence and the sadness that sometimes covers rainy, cloudy and cold days. I always arrive unnaturally early because it’s a huge fear of mine to not be courteous and show up late to a date. It comes to be 5 minutes until showtime and he’s nowhere and it’s bitterly cold; they won’t let me in the door without a ticket. It’s odd but we only email each-other and he doesn’t have my number so I email him that I’m there and don’t see him anywhere and I give him my number to call me. LONGEST 5 MINUTES OF MY LIFE. You guys! I was questioning every decision I had made in my life leading up to this point. It’s complicated but visions of this boy I think I may love, blondy, were going through my head; I wanted him to come save me from what I was about to do. I was convinced that I shouldn’t be having sex for money, that the whole sugar thing was a mistake, that I’m too innocent for all this & my parents taught me better, that I should be making my own money at a 9-5, that I should start a business, that I should leave and never look back. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS, well, more like all my daily typical crisising jam packed into a single moment. It was all consuming when looking around. The show started and I didn’t know what to do. 1pm. I sent another email and sat inside will-call because my nose and fingertips were frozen. I knew he wasn’t the type to just ditch me, especially since we had confirmed our date an hour earlier. So, I waited when I wanted to leave and end the anxiety and turn my phone off. But 8 minutes after 1pm he called. Now, mind you I was a little irritated despite knowing that he paid $600 for these tickets and is a total sweetheart. I bet he could tell, but we were rushing to our seats that they wouldn’t even let us into until a song or two went by. BUT OMG THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. Good gracious. During the first act I just kept thinking how we were going to fuck and it was making me so uncomfortable inwardly. During intermission I used my powers to score a glass of wine to calm my nerves. He’s not a drinker at all, though I wish he was. He doesn’t seem to judge me when I drink glass after glass though. My stomach was empty so I felt it, thank God because my mind would not stop with life crisis thoughts and the looming sex. During this break he said to me, “you’re a bit of a nomad. I can’t let myself get too attached to you.” He said it so sad.

Act 2 was so much better, I was calm and could finally be flirty and grab his hand. He’s so kind, at the end of the show he said “do you want a souvenir?” And he got me some bracelets from the show. He always asks if I want something when I look or mention it, I really should ask to go shopping with him. I don’t want to use him…but he’s so easily usable. I think there’s a difference; some men just have so much money to blow and impress you and spend it to feel manly and to get in your pants but Southern Gent truly does it out of the generosity and kindness of his heart and the genuine care that I strongly sense he feels towards me. Sigh. So I feel like I’m manipulating him with my charm and words sometimes, which perpetuates guilt. But okay….where was I?

So, we are hungry. We parked in different garages and I say that I’m comfortable taking his car to a restaurant. We drive to a place which was closed and we look up 5 other places which all don’t open until 5pm. (Sidenote: a song just came on shuffle which makes me feel so sad. Why are songs so closely attached to times in one’s life and memories and feelings. It’s like each song is a pagemarker… and this one has “blondy” written all over the page.) We finally, after driving around forever, find a place. Now, let me explain Southern Gent… I’m very naturally submissive but a weird mix of confident and outspoken depending on the dynamic of who I’m with. I’m rather indecisive and it can be clear. But Southern Gent is even more so than me, I become the leader of conversations, I become the one who calls all shots of what we do and where, I say where we eat and what I’m okay with. I’ve never been on this end of things. I wouldn’t like it in a typical relationship (but LOL I don’t date and have been single for 7 years) but in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship it is fucking perfect. I call the shots and he is like my little puppy dog.

Oh. So the wine is wearing off and I’m panicking just praying I can drink enough at this restaurant to be relaxed enough when it comes to the hotel. The place had live music and adorable old people and young kids dancing. Whenever I smiled watching them dance, Southern Gent just stared at me. I ate pork barbecue, green beans, mac and cheese, chocolate cake with ice cream and three glasses of wine (though I wanted more). I pulled him up to slow dance with me. He’s awkward, it’s cute. The words that stood out to me most at dinner was that he feels “a change, newly alive, like I have something to look forward to. It only happens every ten years or so.”

We leave. I feel like screaming but I’m so calm and collected on the outside, no one would know. Finding a hotel was HELL. This goes towards his very submissive nature of not knowing what to do. But he’s cute and makes little jokes along the way. We get lost finding this hotel. We get lost finding the next. We roam around and I’m not gonna lie, my only thought was being upset that the longer we drove around the more the alcohol was wearing off. We find one place. It’s full. We finally find another and up we go, together in the elevator to the 7th floor of a Marriott. When we get in, I go to the bathroom with the soul intention of taking the shot of rum that I packed in my purse. Welp. Here I was. It’s happening. And it did. It’s always been clear to me that he’s traditional and has lacked affection for so long in his life so I wasn’t sure how this would play out. The air was thick with tension for sure. He sits next to me on the couch and the lights are off and curtain closed, thank goodness. I wanted darkness. I needed darkness. Once it started and the extra shot kicked in, it wasn’t bad at all. We moved to the bed and he took his own clothes off. I took mine off. More methodical than anything, which is fine, I don’t want to fake passion. He’s not overweight or bad looking, average size dick, he put on a condom and in about ten minutes, it was over. Nothing crazy. Now the interesting part, pillow talk.

My suspicions are confirmed. I think he loves me but will not use the word, instead he says “care”. He has placed me in the same category as his daughter, grandkids with this type of care he has for me. Pillow talk: let me try to remember through the fog and strangeness of it all. We cuddle for a good 30 minutes and I barely talk or ask questions. It’s switched. It’s him asking. He asks what we are. I wish I could remember the phrasing but let’s just say that I know he was hinting at if we could possibly ever be more than this sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship thing. Even at dinner he said he wants me everyday and everywhere always with him. And it all clicked, I remember the way he’s hinted that it would take the right woman to leave his wife and then how he separately says that I’m always the right woman. I just intuitively feel he’s infatuated perhaps to the point of thinking he loves me or actually loving me? He said, I think I know what I am to you but what do you think? Inward panic attack. I said something like, it’s the relationship we agreed to and it’s a lot of fun. I could feel the disappointment. He also said, “every guy who meets you must want to make you their wife… you’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re kind and you’re funny and talented. It’s everything. Every man must want you.” He also said, “how did I ever get so lucky?” Ladies. This was all too much for me. I felt guilt and sadness and just an overwhelming bought of emotions. Thank goodness we were in the dark and I was being little spoon at this time because my thoughts shifted over to blondy mostly and I actually shed a tear. One tear full of emotions at the craziness of this all, it felt like I was in a fucking movie. Life is crazier than any movie script. I’m convinced. He also asked if I’d ever sleep over with him. I laughed and said I never have sleepovers with anyone, I like my own bed. That was easier to say then “yeah for 2,000 dollars more maybe?” Another question that came out of nowhere was, what would make me the happiest out of everything? He clearly wants to make me happy. We look at the time and it’s time to leave. We dress and he “makes it rain” in my purse with $1,000.

Fuck I need another drink. Or a hug. Actually both.

Cherry ICEEs and Pink Dragons

This is what happens when I start grad school and can’t sleep:

Gail sighed, tapping her foot impatiently in the dirt. This line was taking forever, and all she wanted was a damn ICEE. It had been ten minutes just standing there. Maybe she could swoop in and use her badge, declaring it a cherry ICEE emergency? She toyed with the badge still in her pocket from her morning shift. No, she guessed it would be an unethical use of police resources.

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lingeringfears  asked:

Listening to Carrie Underwood has given me lots of Sterek feels & the 1 I want would be too long for a prompt so instead--All-American Girl--can I have daddy!Derek & u just write it however u see it lol just need Sterek & lots of Daddy!Derek thanks:)

Oh man my weakness (one of many mind you) is kid!fic. Also, I just finished this fic, and it is pretty much EXACTLY what you are wanting and it is so adorable (and super slow build). But here, have my way shorter and sorry attempt at it.

Ok, yeah. If Stiles thinks too long about it, he’ll admit it is really strange for him, a 24 year old man, to be friends with a 8 year old girl. But this girl is insanely smart and way more mature than him when he was her age (and occasionally more than he is now). She’s incredibly adorable, seriously, she gets away with anything, which Stiles has only realized after the fact when he’s giving her treats and bringing her things, something he doesn’t do for any of the other kids.

Her name is Talia (she likes to be called Tali though), and if it wasn’t completely illegal and his dad wasn’t the Sheriff, Stiles would have taken her home with him a long time ago. She’s got long dark hair, the most amazing insane eyes that are green and blue and gold, and even now Stiles knows that she’s going to be able to get any guy she wants when she’s older. Heck, she already has him wrapped around her finger, and he doesn’t even see her that often.

He sees her every Monday and Wednesday because that’s when he goes to volunteer at the after school program at the elementary school. He had initially went because Allison, one of the school teachers and his best friend’s wife, had said they were short on volunteers and could use some more help. Stiles had the time available and agreed to help out. Now, though, he purposefully makes sure his work schedule does not conflict with his volunteer times; he couldn’t possibly imagine missing his afternoons with Tali.

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