how bout you two get married

Several months ago I saw a guy at the gym wearing a shirt that had a stick figure drawing of a bride and groom and underneath it said “Game Over”. And it’s been bothering me ever since… Like I know that’s the typical cis-het dude’s perception of marriage, but I want to go up to every knucklehead and say “Yo. Tell you what. I’ll marry your girlfriend, how bout that? Then you get to keep playing your "game”, I get the gay wedding I always wanted, and your now-ex finally gets appreciated for the lovely woman I’m sure she is… Everybody wins!“

I’m so sick of dudes making marriage into a joke and taking their wives for granted, but then when two women or two men want to cherish each other for the rest of their lives all of a sudden marriage is so sacred…

Mrs. Earp - A Wynonna Earp Imagine

Wynonna Earp x Reader

A/N: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WYNONNA EARP AND THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE REQUEST EVER so thank you for that, anon. also, i’m doing great how bout you?

Requested by: anonymous

“Are requests open if so can I get reader picks the worst possible time to ask wynonna to marry her and is taken hostage by a creature and gets saved by wynonna who answers her proposal? If requests aren’t open don’t worry about it but hi how you doin?”

Warnings: monsters & swearing? reader gets injured?

Word Count: 741


Wynonna and I had been chasing these monster freaks for nearly two weeks now. We still weren’t exactly sure what they were- all we knew was that they were invisible, moved faster than anything we’ve ever faced, and seemed to have these…tentacle like “arms” that they would use to snatch people up and carry them away. Three people have already been taken, and none have been found. Wynonna has been spending every waking minute working on this case- which I understand. This is her life, hunting monsters is what she does. I just wish I could be as focused as her.

Lately, all I can think about is Wynonna. Her smile, her laugh, her body… We’ve been together for the longest time, and I’ve finally figured out that she’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. That’s when you propose, right? I think so. Though, these probably aren’t the things I should be thinking about right now (currently, Wynonna and I are pressed back to back, making our way down a creepy dark hallway- her walking forwards, me walking backwards, never more than a step away from each other). But no better time than the present, right? Isn’t that a thing people say?

“Hey, Nona,” I whisper.

“Yes?” she answers, still focused on the path ahead of her.

“Will you marry me?”

She whips around immediately, her hair smacking me in the face. “Ow,” I groan, rubbing my eye.

“Seriously?” she asks incredulously. “You ask me that now? While we’re in the middle of hunting this…monster…thing…that we’re hunting?” Her eyes are opened so wide I’m worried they might pop out of her head, and her mouth is hanging open. Her eyebrows are furrowed as if to say “are you kidding me?”

“No time like the present?” I say hopefully, but it comes out like a question.

“I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply here!” she whisper shouts, waving her hands. All I can do is laugh at her shocked display. “But, I mean-”

She doesn’t finish the sentence. Or at least, if she does, I don’t hear her. All I’m registering is something wrapping around my waist and squeezing tight, before ripping me away from Wynonna and pulling me through the air. “Y/N!” I hear her scream, but only after this thing has pulled me around a corner. I begin to squirm, but the creature’s grip only tightens. It drags me into a room, and flings me through the air. My head hits the wall with a sickening crack, and my vision becomes blurry. Then, everything just goes black.


“Y/N, wake up!”

I feel as though I’m being pulled from the ocean; like I’m being dragged to consciousness. I open my eyes slowly, the dim light making my head ache as I try to focus on what’s happening. Wynonna is shooting around the room randomly with Peacemaker, occasionally making contact with the invisible creature. She’s yelling- both obscenities and random groans. I’m struggling to sit up when she finally hits the creature in what I can only assume to be its head. “Hell yes!” she laughs, throwing her hands up in the air. Then, “Oh, shit, Y/N.” She rushes over to me, helping me sit up. “Hey, babe,” she whispers with a smile. “Are you okay?”

“Better, now that you saved my ass,” I laugh, before reaching up to touch my throbbing head.

“Yes,” she whispers, smiling, brushing my hair off of my forehead.

“Yes..?” I repeat, slightly confused.

“Yes, I will totally marry you,” she laughs, putting her hands on my cheeks.

“Thank god,” I laugh, and she leans in to kiss me. “I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t always by my side to save the day.”

“Probably die,” she smiles with a shrug.

“Yes, I would probably die.”

anonymous asked:

hi, I'm a lesbian Christian. I have a very strong faith but the one thing I can't get over is how in the Bible marriage is only described as between a man and a woman. I'm very much looking forward to marrying my future wife, but what does God/the Bible think about it ? how does God still support me if I'm "not allowed" to marry a woman? thank you in advance♥️

Hey sapphic sis! Do I have news for you! There are gays in our very own Bible! Just mistranslated!

So lemme tell you bout my boys David and Jonathan. (I'mma be getting most of my stuff from this site which does an awesome job at explaining it but tbh you can find this stuff everywhere)

(here’s another one that’s a bit of an easier read ) 

So 1 Samuel 18 gives us a pretty good idea of how in love these two idiots were. It says their souls were intertwined in the first verse. In 1 Samuel 20:41, when they reunited after they’d been separated, they literally cried and made out until David got a boner. (Most modern translations leave out the erection bit, but this is what the original text says). Then after Jonathan dies, David goes on about how broken up he is about it and says he preferred the love of Jonathan to that of any woman (since it was improper for men and women, especially of that standing, to be friends or speak to each other outside of a romantic/sexual context, we can assume this wasn’t just his way of saying “Bros before hoes”)

“But Sarah!” You say, “I know my Bible! David didn’t marry Jonathan! He married his sister Michal!” Look at you, knowing your Bible. I’m proud of you. But you fail to know context, my youngling. In that time period, the government wasn’t involved in marriage- it consisted of about two things: a promise and a u-haul. Even if a couple was only betrothed, unfaithfulness is a serious thing and the word for the splitting after that is the same as “divorce” in the original text (we can see an example of this in the story of Mary and Joseph). 

1 Samuel 18:3-4 shows David and Jonathan making a covenant and then getting naked so there’s that. Then David moves in with Jonathan and his fam. Still not convinced they were married? We actually have clarification in the original text, but modern translations mix up the words! Geez I wonder why! 1 Samuel 18:21 cites Saul telling David that once he marries Michal, he will be his “son in law through one of the two”. It’s assumed by the reader that this is referencing the almost-betrothal of David to yet another royal sibling, Mehab, who refused the marriage. Maybe she had a good gaydar or wasn’t gonna steal her brother’s man, idk. Except here’s the thing. The translation of the King James version completely makes up the words “one of”. It should read that David will be Saul’s “son in saw through two”. 👀👀👀☕☕☕ 

Yes, David had other wives, and children. Polygamy was very common back then, especially for a king such as he. But he never expressed the same love he did for Jonathan for any woman in scripture. 

This is just one of the several examples of same sex couples, one of the most notorious being the roman centurion and his bf, whom Jesus blessed. You can find more examples in those two links up top. It’s unfortunate that I don’t know of any cool biblical examples for us wlw, it’s one of the side effects of history forgetting genders besides male exist. Honestly though, are there really any good examples of couples in the Bible? Adam and Eve literally brought sin into the world, God told Sarah and Abraham were told they were gonna have kids and they basically went “lol u wild” and didn’t believe him so. It’s not like the God gave us great straight examples of what a biblical marriage is supposed to look like practically (song of solomon is just a bunch of gushing over each other). 

So what I mean to say is this: you are allowed to marry woman. God loves you whoever you marry, if you decide to marry at all. If you have more doubts, scroll through my apologetics tag or message me with your questions. I love you and so does God and I hope this helped and I hope you have a great day!! 

tl;dr David and Jonathan were super gay for each other and God put it in the Bible but homophobes messed it up but it doesn’t matter bc God Loves The Gays

If Forever Exsists - Newt Imagine Part 1

I’m back! This is going to be a mini series I’ve decided so get ready for that. Hope you enjoy! 

REQUEST: Hello! How bout an imagine where newt proposed to Y/N already? theyre bout to get married in the glade and all the gladers are sou excited and eager to help make the wedding very memorable for the two :) thank you

‘Newt!’ I hissed, glaring down at him, ‘Everyone’s staring, please stand up,’ I could feel the eyes of the other gladers burning into me, eager to see my reaction to what was currently happening in front of me. I shifted around on my toes uncomfortably, trying to draw attention away from my quickly reddening face.

 'Newt I mean it, get up.’ I said, with more sternness this time, turning my gaze back down to the blonde haired boy.

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The Benders - Part 3

Word Count: 3095

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Gross body parts, Blood, Burns

A/N: This is so fucking horrible I’m so sorry

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You don’t plan on staying here, do you?” Sam asked with a knowing look on his face.

“Hell no.” you replied.

“Go. We’ll be fine.” Sam said. You nodded and walked out of the barn directly to the house.

You entered the house through the basement door and pulled out your flashlight. “Gross.” You whispered as you looked at all the jars in the room that were full of various body parts. You glanced to the next wall and saw Dean, examining a wall full of Polaroids.

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Fandom: Gintama
Pairing: Takasugi/Kamui
Rating: T
Length: 410
Summary: Takasugi and Kamui flirt, probably. (The flirting is death threats.)

(also on AO3)

“Hey, let’s get hitched,” Kamui says.

Takasugi his pipe out of his mouth and turns to glance at where Kamui’s lying beside him, stomach pressed to a futon and head propped up in his hands. “I didn’t take you to be the type who bothered with pointless ceremony,” Takasugi says.

“Nope,” Kamui replies cheerfully. “Just wondering what you’d say. And you didn’t say no!”

There’s a hint of a smile at the corners of Takasugi’s mouth. “What a coincidence. I was wondering the same about you,” he says. “What made you bring it up?”

“We-ell,” Kamui says, tilting his head thoughtfully. “We kiss sometimes, and kill stuff together, and you’re not a bad opponent either! Can’t ask for much more from another person, really, so I figured no matter what you answered, there’s no loss to me.”

Takasugi puts the tip of his pipe into his mouth and smirks around it. “No love? How cold,” he replies sardonically.

Kamui laughs. “Aw, come on, I’m not a kid. My dad and mom had a shotgun wedding ‘cause my mom got knocked up with me, ya know.”

“Sounds more like animals mating than marriage to me,” Takasugi says. “Though that may be more apropos, in this case.”

“That reminds me, I realized the other day that I’d never seen a beast that smokes from a pretty pipe and plays a musical instrument before I met you,” Kamui says, and laughs lightly.

Takasugi turns towards Kamui, craning his neck to blow a mouthful of smoke into Kamui’s face. “I just know how to sheathe my claws,” he replies. “Unlike you.”

Kamui’s smile does not so much as twitch. “You still haven’t said no,” he says.

“Then let’s get married over the entrance to the River Styx and honeymoon in hell,” Takasugi suggests wryly, “kill Hades, and then make his kingdom our love nest. How about that?”

Kamui laughs. It only sounds a little bit unhinged. “Perfect. Well, then, how ‘bout I send ya over first to get the preparations ready!”

Takasugi smiles. It only goes a little bit haywire at the corners of his lips. “Sorry, but I require at least two heads of influential leaders as part of my dowry. Try again in a few months.”

 “Eh, really,” Kamui says. “Forget I even brought it up, then. I’m going to sleep, good night.”

- - - - -

Outside the bedroom, Abuto sighs. “They’re flirting,” he says. “I think.”

Bansai shakes his head, gets up, and walks away.

I'm Addicted to the Love That You Garner

Pairing: Klaine

Word count: 2300~

Ratings/warnings: NC-17, anal, riding, bareback with no risk of disease, demisexuality, a tiny bit of angst. and talk of Kurt’s relationship with Adam (not spoken of in a negative or positive light; quite neutral).

Summary: Kurt is demisexual but hasn’t been able to find a way to tell Blaine yet. 

Notes: thank you to Ana and Mary for helping me so much with this!

“So I think we should have a threesome,” Blaine blurts out in the middle of their Monday afternoon quickie.

“Wait what?” Kurt squeaks, pulling his hand out of Blaine’s pants (and they had just been getting to the good part of handjobs where Blaine gets antsy and deep throats him instead).

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Tum hara say ho?

I’ve got to know.

It’s been like 7 years,

Now it’s time to grow…

He said I wanna give you two kids

A boy and a girl.

She laughed, said

I want an education and travel

the world.

I like you boy Don’t get me wrong

I feel you won’t want me For very


I’m fraid to commit and it won’t


Come on now, forget your past.

How bout we do this,

you and me.

We waited this long

Let’s marry aymi.

I’m battling inside

What I should do

Learning not to fight

Gotta keep my cool.

Many years went by

His feelings seem to die

Looking back now

All I can do is sigh.

My dad once said

Don’t settle for Lorain

You’ll find it all

Forget your pain.

In the next state

Or even world wide

Many different races

Humanity ain’t died.

Why should I listen to him?

Look at his life

2 step kids

Ain’t this your 7th wife?

It’s because of you two

Who didn’t have a clue

Then I ask myself

How could I ever blame you?

Now I’m fraid to commit

Probly from things I shouldn’t have to see

So worry bout you

Don’t you ever worry bout me.

Im waiting to see

How this one will end

For now though

Let’s just be friends.

You reap what you sow

So what do they know?

Just do your best

This is but a test.

Lord this life is hard

I’m trying get my trial right

But no matter what

I can’t give up the fight.

Sure I ask myself

As I drop to my knees

Is life worth living?

I’m begging please.

Open the book

And check my deeds

If I end it all,

Will You forgive me.

But what if your gonna send me down there

Because I didn’t make it up here

I’m in hell all round every day

Looks like I lose either way.

So I keep going

Even if it knocks me down

I lift my head

I'ma fight because I ain’t dead.

But y'all gonna miss me

When I’m dead and gone

For now though

Here’s another fuking song.


All or Nothing

Hello My Lovelies,

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories.

All or Nothing

pretty-next-door said to 5minutefanfiction:

Request: The reader is into weddings and such; and her and Dean are getting married. She wants it small with close family & friends. Somehow, she finds out about Sam & Dean’s brother still being in the cage with Lucifer and demands the three of them work towards rescuing him & is super angry they never tried

Authors Note:


Dean watched as the sunlight caught the diamond on Y/N’s engagement ring. Nothing looked as good as that ring on her finger. He smiled lovingly at his fiancée, as she flipped through items on whatever website she was on. Dean watched as she lay on the blanket in the sun outside the bunker. He hovered over the top of her, kissing her shoulders, arms, neck.

‘Does that mean you finally finished your guest list?’ she laughed, as Dean worked hard at trying to distract her from whatever it she was doing.



‘In my head I know who I’m inviting.’

Y/N rolled over and smiled at him, he watched as her eyes sparkled just like the ring. As her hair fanned out slightly around her.

‘I can’t send invites if I don’t know,’ she smirked.

‘There’s that,’ he grinned. ‘I’ll text them the details.’

He watched as her jaw dropped, Dean’s smile grew bigger and he moved in to kiss her collarbone.

‘I’ll give you a list so you can send them a real invite,’ he offered.

He felt her hands move around his body, pulling him in closer.

‘Yes, you will,’ she murmured, kissing him back.

‘Who would have taken you for an actual wedding person? I figured Vegas was more your style.’

Y/N laughed, ‘Yeah, well I only plan on doing this once. And it’s not like we get the chance to do much celebrating of anything.’


‘And I am loving the idea of a honeymoon.’

‘One that involves no clothing right?’ Dean asked, his hands wandering her body.

‘As long as there’s no hunting.’

‘We’re taking your car aren’t we?’ he sulked.

While Y/N was a hunter, once they joined forces a few years back. They had shifted her weapons into Baby, leaving next to nothing in her Prius. Now that was there non hunting vehicle. Not that they ever really used it.

‘Want me to show you why it won’t matter what car we bring?’ Y/N asked cheekily, and yet seductively.

‘Oh Sweetheart, I’m all for show and tell.’

Dean kissed her again, melting into her. Nothing came close to describing the pure ecstasy he felt when he was with her. The way she made him feel, the goose bumps that covered his skin, the way her moans could finish him, was all new. It took everything to new heights. Dean even tested her for everything he could think of just to make sure she was human and real. He laughed silently of the memory, her raised eyebrow but amused smirk as he stopped to make sure she wasn’t a siren, or a witch. The lustful way he took her afterwards, the eagerness that filled him because she was human.

Her kisses tasted like cherries. Dean grinned. She had found the dish of them he had got her earlier. The couple of kilo’s worth he had got her. If she had eaten them, it meant one thing. His girl had also made pie. His heart swelled some more, as they finished and lay tangled up together.

‘Ok,’ Dean sighed. ‘I can get over using your car. But you’re doing that again.’

Dean came into the viewing room later that night and found Sam and Y/N in a dispute over something, he smiled watching the friendly banter.

‘Here,’ he grinned as the teasing calmed down.

Y/N unfolded the piece of paper in front of her and looked at Dean’s writing. He had written out his guest list for the wedding.

‘Dean, I’m not sure I can make it,’ she pouted. ‘I already have plans that day.’

Dean grinned at her. ‘Fine, how bout we both skip out on the party and do something stupid.’


‘Get married or something equally dumb.’

Y/N snorted, ‘Meh, why not. I mean it can’t possibly be worse than hell right?’

Dean grinned.

‘I’m on your guest list how many times?’

‘I really want to make sure your there.’

‘Kinda pointless without me, Babe.’

Dean chuckled and kissed her softly.

‘This is it? I know we wanted it small, but if you take out the one, two, three…’ Y/N move through the list counting how many times Dean added her. ’19 times I’m invited, Sam, Samuel, Sammy, my Brother and Baby. I can’t believe you invited your car,’ she laughed. ‘You’ve got Charlie, Bobby and Cas.’

‘Yup that’s it.’

‘There’s no cousins, nothing?’

‘Sorry Sweetheart.’

‘You don’t need to apologise Dean,’ she sighed.

‘I’ve got you, I don’t need anything else.’

‘Thanks Dean,’ Sam chuckled.
Y/N got up and kissed  Dean before heading off to find her laptop.

‘Baby? Where are you going?’

‘To find the addresses of the other 18 versions of me.’

Dean grinned at her, and crashed on the couch, changing the movie to an old western.

Y/N rang Charlie and ran through Dean’s list with her.

‘So everyone really is dead?’ she asked sadly.

‘Dead or locked up.’

‘They have family in jail?’

‘I wouldn’t call the pit jail, but I guess it is,’ Charlie commented absent mindedly. ‘Are on you World of Warcraft, I need help.’

‘No,’ Y/N sighed, ‘give me a minute.’

She logged in and helped Charlie with her battle.

‘Who’s in the pit?’

‘Adam, it’s in the novel swan song,’ Charlie mumbled.

Y/N finished helping Charlie and downloaded the book and read through it. She walked into the viewing room and turned off Dean’s movie.

‘I was watching that,’ he complained.

‘You’ll live.’

‘What’s wrong? What did I do? What did Sam do?’


The two Winchester’s froze.

‘Err, yeah.’

‘You have a brother. Stuck in the cage with Michael and Lucifer. You haven’t rescued him. He’s probably being tortured. And neither of you thought it was a good idea to bring it up.’

‘There’s not much we can do. The choice was Sam’s soul or Adam.’

Y/N’s jaw locked in place, Dean looked at her, unsure of what to say. He knew what family meant to her. She lost her last surviving family member last year to cancer.

‘Have you tried to get him out?’

Neither man said anything. Guilt, shame, sadness washed over them. They didn’t know the kid all that well, but he was family.

‘He shouldn’t be there,’ Y/N said quietly.

She stood up and handed Dean a piece of paper.

‘What’s…’ Dean read over the fancy writing and raised an eyebrow. ‘Adam’s busy right now and can’t come to the wedding.’

‘So free up his schedule.’

‘Kinda hard to do Sweetheart.’

‘So’s a wedding without all family present.’

‘Are you kidding me right now?’ Dean growled.

‘He’s your brother Dean, you can’t leave him there.’

‘Y/N,’ Sam said softly.

‘Until everyone is dead or can make it, the wedding is postponed.’

Dean’s heart sunk so quickly he felt like he was going to throw up. His chest grew tight and he struggled to breath. He tried standing but struggled.

‘You’re calling off the wedding? You’re breaking up with me?’

Tears sprung to his eyes.

‘No, I’m not doing either,’ Y/N said more gently this time. ‘Dean I love you. But we can’t leave him there, and it’s not fair that your lives carry on all happy and wonderful while he’s being tortured. We find a way to get him out, then we get married.’

‘Baby,’ Dean tried.

‘All or nothing at this wedding, Dean.’

‘If we can’t get him out?’

‘I’ll reconsider. But we need to try.’

Dean ran his thumb over the silver engagement ring, the diamonds catching his eye. He looked at his his fiancée, the spark in her eyes had dulled. She was serious. He understood, but he didn’t like it. He didn’t want to wait any longer than he had to for her to become Mrs Y/N Winchester. He pouted and sulked for a bit before sighing.

‘Fine,’ he groaned. ‘I’ve got no issues trying to rescue the kid, but I don’t see why we can’t get married in the meantime.’

‘I want all our family there Dean. It’s not right otherwise.’

Dean watched as the spark faded a little bit more as she fought back the tears.

‘Fine, fine. Sammy start looking, let’s get the kid out the cage.’

Y/N smiled brightly at him.

‘I love you.’

‘Yeah, yeah,’ Dean grinned, kissing her struggling to not take her to the bedroom as she kissed him back.

‘This had better be over quickly. And that honeymoon had better be naked holidays.’

‘Does that mean I need to return the nurse’s outfit, you mentioned you wanted to see me in? Cos I had no idea, so Charlie hunted everywhere for one. Not that it covers much…’ Y/N’s voice trailed off, as Dean’s gaze darkened with hunger.

‘You may be delaying becoming a Winchester. But you’re not delaying that. Bedroom. Now.’

‘Dean, we need to-.’

‘Now,’ he ordered, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the bedroom.

‘I should make you wait for that too,’ Y/N laughed.

‘Not happening, the weddings bad enough.’

‘The outfit will ensure he’s out inside a week,’ she smirked.

‘Find a different one,’ he challenged, pulling her in and kissing her. ‘Now go change. Then we find Adam. Then you become Mrs Winchester.’

In love with my best friend

In love with my best friend

Steve x Reader AU 


You were with your best friend, Steve in your shared apartment.It was 10:30 at night and you two where sitting on the couch watching some of your favorite movies.

You and Steve go waaaaaaaay back.

It all started on the first day of college.

You were a little nervous on your first day.

Different people,different school,different room,and different state.You held on tight to the boxes you were holding.

Your parents were too busy to help you move in to your new dorm so you were stuck moving in on your own.You opened the door expecting your room mate to be in there but it was empty.

“Great,"you thought,"I get to pick which side I want.”

 You went to the right side of the room and placed your things on the bed. As you were finishing up on putting the sheets on your bed you heard the door open. 

 Without turning around you said,“Hello,you must be my room mate." 

 You turned around and saw a man with blondish hair and baby blue eyes. The man standing at the door way was carrying a luggage and some boxes.He gave you a friendly smile. 

 "My new room mate is a dude?"you thought. You internally groaned,"great…”

 You sent him a friendly smile back.

He put his things on his bed and held his hand for you to shake,“Hi, i’m Steve." 

He seemed nice.

"Maybe this won’t be too bad,"you thought.

And that was just the beginning. 

 Now you two are sitting in a couch watching movies and eating pizza. It’s been almost 15 years since that day.

"Do you remember,"Steve said,"that..thing we promised each other 5 years after we met?" 

 You take a bite of your pizza with your eyebrows furrowed.

"I don’t know,we made lots of promises back then,"you said chewing on the pizza.

"The thing we said to each other,"he says,"you know?After I broke up with my girlfriend and you broke up with your boyfriend the same day?”

You nod your head,suddenly remembering the promise. 

  It was a cold winter evening.You and Steve planned to break up with your current ‘partner’ since you weren’t feeling that 'spark’ anymore.

Steve’s girlfriend was currently going to parties,clubs,and drinking. She was just not the right kind of girl for him.Now your boyfriend was too clingy and got jealous every time he sees you and Steve together.

The night Steve broke up with his girlfriend she didn’t really care because she said that she was cheating on him anyways.Steve was hurt by this and went to you right after.

You guys just finished college and were living in a small apartment together. When Steve came home he saw you sitting on the couch drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

“I broke up with Josh,"you said,"he took it surprising well.”

You sipped your drink,“how bout you?What happened with you and Ashley?" 

He sat next to you with a sad expression,"she didn’t care,she said she was cheating on me anyways.”

You let out a small gasp,a little shocked that she would cheat on Steve but you could see that happening since she parties so much.You set your cup of hot chocolate down and pulled Steve into a hug.

“Don’t be so sad about it Steve,she is totally not worth it anyways,"you said rubbing his back.

He lets out a sigh,"yeah,I guess your right.”

“Being in a relationship sucks;no one is ever good enough for us,"you chuckled.

"If only we could just marry each other,"he laughs lightly. 

"We could,"you said. 

He looks at you with a shocked expression,"really?”

“Yeah,"you said,"how bout if we don’t get married in 10 years we’ll marry each other?”

“Deal?"you said holding out your hand.

Steve smirks and grabs your hand and shakes it,"Deal.”

You didn’t mind marrying Steve,he is actually everything you want in a man.Plus,you two are basically a couple just not with all the kissing.But he would usually kiss you on the forehead and cheek and you’d do the same.Just no lip action.

You two snuggled in a blanket and shared the hot chocolate you were drinking while watching some tv.

“Oh yeah,"you said,"I remember.What about it?”

“Well,"he said scratching the back of his neck,"It’s ten years.”

“Today?"you said,mouth full of pizza.

He nods,"yup.”

“Wow,we’re getting old,"you said

 He chuckled and says,"yes,yes we are.And we’re still not married.”

“No,no we’re not,"you said still holding a slice of pizza.

Steve took the pizza box that was on his lap and put it on the coffee table.

He kneel in front of you and said,”(Y/n).I know we never dated or even talked about dating each other,but I love you since the first day of college when we got lost in the campus at night and I found out that you were the most sweetest,nicest,funniest,and smartest person I’ve ever met and you were pretty adorable too.I don’t know why I never asked you out but maybe because I didn’t want to break the great friendship we had.And the day we made a deal about the whole “if we’re not married in 10 years thing” made me happy that you would actually want to marry me but I thought 10 years was too long but I decided to be patient and I was hoping you weren’t going to have a relationship before the ten year mark,“he laughed,"but anyways….those ten years went by fast but everyday of it was worth it because all of it was well spent with you.And what I’m trying to say is…(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N) will you marry me?”

He opened up a small box with a beautiful diamond ring inside. You already had some tears running down your face,and before you could say anything.You leaped off the couch and wrapped your hands around his neck,pulling him into a big hug.

When you pulled away you let out a breathy laugh and said,“of course I will Steven.”

He placed the ring on your ring finger on your left hand.

“It fits perfectly,"you said,"I love you.”

“I love you too (Y/n),"he said leaning in for a kiss.

This was you two’s first kiss with each other,and let me just say..this kiss was nothing like you ever had before.

Kissing Steve wasn’t weird,even though he was your best friend this kiss felt like you two had been dating for years.It was the first kiss of many and you couldn’t wait to kiss him right after you hear the words 'You may kiss the bride’.

 A/N: I hope you liked my first AU fic :) I haven’t posted in a while so I hope this will do.I just thought of this and wrote it quickly.It’s currently 11:44 pm and I’m really sleepy lol good night{even though I’m posting this in the morning} Update:It’s 3:33 in the afternoon and I’m barely going to post it:|

The Model Series FINALE WEEK-- Harry Part One

“Oh my gosh! Thanks so much!” You ring off the phone and excitedly bounce down onto the couch next to Harry. Your 9-month along bump bounces as you sit. “What’s up baby?” Harry asks, addressing both you and your unborn fetus. He smiles at his joke, the same one he’s been using for the past six months. “That was Ralph,” you say, meaning Ralph Lauren. “He wants me to close one of the walks in his show next week!” Harry beams at you. “That’s great [Y/N]!” There’s a pause. “He knows you’re nine months pregnant right?” You laugh and lean back, placing your feet in his lap. “Of course, he’s designed a new maternity line and apparently there is a shortage of pregnant models so he wants me to walk. Plus, you know, it’ll up the press coverage.” You blush at how immodest you sound. Harry smiles and starts rubbing your feet, he knows you always get embarrassed whenever someone brings up how famous of a model you actually are. “Ugh I can’t wait to be back to work….and then we’ll have our baby!” Harry sighs and you know he’s picturing the two of you welcoming your baby to the world. “I can’t wait either….” he murmurs. “I just hope he or she stays in long enough that you can walk in the show!” 

“Oof,” you grumble, buttoning up the shorts that complete your outfit. You love Ralph’s new maternity line and you especially love your outfit. “Hello darling, are you okay?” Ralph pokes his head in and you greet him with two cheek kisses. “Oh yes Ralph the collection is gorgeous….I’m just sad my pregnancy is almost over so I can’t wear these beautiful clothes much longer!” You both laugh and feel Ralph’s critical eyes scanning every thread making up the outfit. He nods his approval but your smile is cut short with a sharp twinge of pain in your abdomen. “Oooh,” you bend over slightly and Ralph look concerned. “[Y/N] darling are you okay?” The pain goes away as quickly as it started and you stand up straight. “Oh yeah, just a cramp I’m sure. This baby is ready to come out I think!” You laugh before Ralph moves on to start the show. By the time your walk comes around, you know you’re in labor. You breathe through the contractions, which are about ten minutes apart, and you are determined to finish your walk before going to the hospital. Your assistant Clara is not of the same mind. “What the hell you’re in labor?! And you’re still going to do the walk?!?!” You finish touching up your makeup and start walking towards the stage as your portion of the show starts. “Clara calm down, it’ll be hours until our baby is ready to come out and meanwhile Ralph is counting on me. Now listen,” you interrupt her panicky chattering. “I want you to go get Harry when I am at the end of the runway and tell him okay? He’s sitting in his usual front row seat, don’t get him until I’m at the end and have done my twirl and am coming back okay?” You send her off just as it’s time for your finale walk. You relax into the walk, a happy smile beaming across your face as you hit your stride and hear the audience go nuts. On your way back you see Clara pull Harry up and see him sprinting backstage, nearly tripping over photographers and Anna Wintour sitting next to him. You bite back a smile and finish your walk. Once offstage, you are surrounded by people including Harry. You vaguely hear him yelling at people to get out of your way as he ushers you into a taxi and you manage to text Clara to get your bag from home and meet you at the hospital. “I’m surprised you aren’t telling me it was dumb to do the walk.” You say to Harry on the way to the hospital. “Honey, our baby is coming into the world. I couldn’t yell at you if I tried.” You grip his hand as the taxi speeds towards the hospital and you mentally prepare yourself to become a mother. 

Headlines read: EXCLUSIVE PICS: [Y/N] [Y/L/N]’s Deluxe Delivery Suite; Model Goes Into Labor On Catwalk, Baby Daddy Harry Styles Runs Backstage–See the Million-Dollar Suite They Rented For a Month At the Hospital!

By the time you reach the hospital, you’re in the later stages of labor and your contractions are coming closer and closer together. “Just hold on baby we’re here alright I’ll help you I got you let’s go baby,” Harry coaches you out of the cab and into the hospital where paparazzi already swarm around you. Hospital security surrounds you as paps snap thousands of pictures and yell things at the two of you. “HARRY IS THIS YOUR BABY?” “HARRY ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?!” “[Y/N] HOW ‘BOUT A SMILE?!” Harry ignores them and you concentrate on breathing through the contraction that is squeezing your uterus. Once inside the hospital and out of the noise and camera flashes, nurses rush you and Harry into a private elevator and upstairs into your delivery ‘suite’. You were willing to give birth in a normal hospital room, but Harry wouldn’t hear of it. “I want our baby to have the best of everything, and that includes her delivery. Plus, you’ll be pampered and you deserve it.” How could you refuse that?

You change into a hospital gown as your on-call doctor steps in to examine you. Harry excuses himself to call your parents, Anne and Des, and the boys. “Alright [Y/N],” the doctor is saying when Harry walks back in. “You are about eight centimeters dilated so it won’t be long now until your baby is here!” Panic flickers across your face and Harry rushes to grab your hand, carefully avoiding the IV sticking out of the back of it. “Alright baby just breathe, it’ll be over soon and we’ll have our baby and we’ll be parents forever we just have to get through this one day baby okay just breathe.” You calm down, squeezing his hand, before another contraction squeezes through, the biggest one yet but the epidural, already at work, helps to ease the pain. Suddenly pain cripples you and you yell out in pain. The doctor runs back in and peeks under your gown. “Alright [Y/N] your little baby is moving really fast here you’re not fully dilated yet but I can already see its head let’s get ready.” You lean back against the pillows and grip Harry’s hand as you feel the baby move.

The final part to Harry’s story will be posted at this time next week!