how bored i am

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how ya doiiiiiinnnnnnnnn?????

I AM BORED! i’m in this waiting room waiting for my dad to finish his appointment and i was reading harry potter but now i’m hungry. i brought chocolate but there’s a sign that says no food allowed…. should i try to sneak one

  • Leo: Hey guys do you want to hear a joke?
  • Annabeth: No
  • Frank: n o
  • Piper: N o p e
  • Jason: no
  • Hazel: please no
  • Percy: sure
  • Leo: Aww thanks Percy!
  • Leo: Okay, so what time did the man go to the dentist?
  • Everyone but Percy: *groans*
  • Percy: what time?
  • Leo and Percy: *laughing their asses off*
  • Everyone else: *walking away*
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: honestly the idea that pidge unequivocally hates traditionally girly things is in no way supported by the canon of the series, and is actually somewhat rejected when you consider how upset she seemed to cut her hair and take on a disguise. while it's possible after being stuck in space for a while with one (1) set of clothes she's grown to appreciate her current look, the idea that she hated having long hair and wearing dresses is kind of strange and seems to exist only to turn pidge into a bland stock character when she's actually a really interesting, layered kid. she can like computers and piloting and be sporty and stuff while also not being disgusted by the mere idea of femininity. if i have to read another gotdam fic where she moans about how boring/gross traditionally feminine habits/activities are i am gonna launch myself into the astral plane i s2g
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn

Good morning.

internet: Loki is good now and we’re SHOOK


me: You didn’t see that coming from like four years away?

me: Are you meaning to tell me this does not take up your entire life like it does mine?


me: What’s that like?

i love marco and also this stupid dumb cartoon

My Puppy | 1

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Chapters: [1] [2] [3]

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader-First Person View

Genre & Warnings: SMUT, fluff, pet play. 

Word Count: 4,406

NOTE: Pure Filth. Turn back now if you don’t want to see. Turning Tae Tae into my Fuck Puppy (Thanks, Anon). Soft femdom. Let me tell you, it was an EXPERIENCE writing this, and I am still not perfectly pleased with it. Mostly because I’m never happy with my own smut writing. I had to do so much research, so google probably thinks I’m freaky naughty af. Which I suppose I am considering I wrote this lol. So, for those that are hardcore into this and think I didn’t portray it well enough, I’m sorry, I tried. And I learned quite a bit about myself, like the fact that if I ever get my hands on someone like Tae, I am so going to try this. Now enjoy, and excuse me as I go drench myself in holy water to cleanse myself of sin. 

“You know, I hate the winter. It reminds me of your cold heart.”

My now ex-boyfriend mutters this line, looking into the snowy sky. He sighs loudly and saunters off, without looking back. What a fucking drama queen. I can’t help but snort as I watch him disappear into the light snowfall, and wonder what movie he got that line from.

Cold heart.

I don’t have a cold heart. He was just a damn bore. He never wanted to do anything but watch movies and freaked out if I suggested anything besides missionary. I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him for weeks now but was putting it off because I knew he’d cry. This saved me all the hassle.

Note to self: Don’t date actors.

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