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For Merlin Reverse Big Bang 2015.

Story: ‘Til the Day I Die by Scotscookie

Art: CoverJust… don’t be a prat by FreyaFenris

Arthur believed Dragoon had killed his father, and so he plunged his sword deep into the sorcerer. Now Merlin was dying in his arms and Arthur was facing the future alone.

Jet Black Heart just makes me want to find Michael and give him a rly big hug and just tell him how talented he is and how we all care about him because sometimes I think he forgets that


YAY I GET TO BE GONE DURING THE GMW WRITERS TWITTER Q&A WITHOUT WIFI can someone tweet these questions to them i’ll love you forever <33

  • Will there ever be another lucaya piggy back ride? #askGMW
  • do you scroll through any gmw tumblr tags #askGMW
  • how many “ha-hurr”s in GM Texas can you confirm so far? #askGMW
  • horses/horse riding in GM Texas? #askGMW
  • what’s the best gmw theory you’ve heard so far #askGMW
  • have you read any gmw fanfictions #askGMW
  • scale of 1-10 how big is riley’s character development going to be #askGMW
  • will we find out what happened on their camping trip #askGMW
  • will we find out what happened on shawn and katy’s date #askGMW
  • which show(s) on Disney would you crossover with #askGMW
  • what’s charlie and riley’s ship name #askGMW
  • is zay going to be a regular #askGMW
  • was charlie’s blue cat on the wall in gm creativity foreshadowing #askGMW
  • was the thing lucas did really really really really bad #askGMW
  • is there going to be an episode about racism #askGMW
  • will we get to see farkle as pippin #askGMW
  • was sloppy joe in s1e1 an accident or intentional #askGMW
  • do maya’s cowboy boots get addressed in gm texas #askGMW

lol these questions for the most part are really random but i’m genuinely curious


Thank you for all the support guys. It means a lot. I just never want to be annoying and I never know when enough is enough. I am glad you all enjoy my art so much! That is really not good for my ego.

I am going to be working on my big acrylic piece today. We shall see how far I get!

sometimes I spend a long time just remembering people I used to be really close with, romantically or just a friendship, and I find it so odd how we used to be such a big part of each other’s lives but now i only think of them when someone mentions their name

anoteinpink replied to your post: when u see a reblog of a post aobut sa…

“the victorians thought” - which is to say, a perfect reason to be skeptical

“HMM YES SHE WAS A… SCHool… Teacher…. Yes….. that’s it…. “ say the Victorians. to be fair the post was going “yes the victorians thought this and in 10 ad this person wrote this and all of that is not likely true about sappho at all” but its like going, “ok lots of ppl thought she was a Hetero thru time “ to juxtapose w/ our Modern Conception of her as A Big Gay and how thats like the Same Sort Of Thing We’re Doing is not i think precisely fair. like “Our modern attempts to paint Sappho as entirely homosexual are no better than the attempts of archaic historians to paint her as heterosexual.” is not i think entirely fair: pls see, how ppl like Heteros more than lesbians, for an example. 

“But honestly I’d rather be somewhere with my people,
we can kick it and just listen to some music with a message,
(like we usually do).
And we’ll discuss our big dreams,
how we plan, to take over the planet.”

Here’s a mock up of the enamel pin badge, it’s the lil ghost and it’s glow in the dark!
It will be approx 3cm with a mental butterfly clasp and pinned on to some cute card packaging. 
This badge is limited to our indegogo campaign and you can donate HERE! On the right hand side are the different amounts you can contribute and what you can get if you do. 
No matter how big or small we are incredibly grateful for all the donations, you ghosties are so amazing!
Thank you for helping us to spread positive awareness of mental health! xxxxx

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So with the excellent news that Erimem is apparently confirmed bi in the preface to the new book (thanks to whenyousayrun for pointing this out!) I thought it was time to do an updated version of my old bi companions graphic to include her as well as Benny since she’s confirmed to have married River (as said by both Moffat and Cornell) and also give Owen and Tosh their own squares because why not, even if they’re not technically companions they’re close enough.

The usual caveat applies that this is generally taken as indication that the characters have displayed romantic or sexual attraction to multiple genders and thus many could also be read as pan, or ace and bi/panromantic, etc. while others have been confirmed through word of god, but all can fall somewhere under the bi umbrella. Although anyone who says that Jack isn’t actually bi but is really pan will feel my well-researched wrath.

(The list: Mike Yates, Erimemushinteperem, Ace McShane, Bernice Summerfield, Chris Cwej, Sam Jones, Fey Truscott-Sade, Fitz Kreiner, Majenta Pryce, Jack Harkness, Toshiko Sato, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, River Song, Oswin/Clara Oswald, and potentially more? If anyone has any more to add to the list I’ll be happy to hear of them!)

The Signs As My Friend’s Perspectives on Aliens & Their Respective Signs

Aries: our universe is so big so like how you gonna believe we ain’t the only living thing?

Taurus: they are real and live somewhere in the universe. 

Gemini: They are real and I am one :)

Cancer: uh… i don’t know . ..

Leo: Could be real. I don’t really care. 

Virgo: they’re scary af.

Libra: probably visited us before and when they saw how shitty everything was they were like “bitch bye”

Scorpio: are they hot?????????? will the sex be amazing??? will they treat me right??? 

Sagittarius: they have green dicks maybe but they chill.

Capricorn: They’re inevitably real and they’re smart not to come to Earth.

Aquarius: Aliens are real. For sure. 

Pisces: Do you think they eat vegan diets? Like in AVATAR? Weren’t they vegans in AVATAR?