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I just want to say that yours headcanons and interactions with everyone here just crack me up so fcking much, honestly, you guys are a true blessing. And, if it's okay, could I request the RFA+V+ Saeran falling hard for MC but they just don't notice, like, at all, and, God help them, they are trying their very best, what the actual fuck MC (it's okay if you don't wanna do the request, I hope you guys have a great day!)

A/N: omg you’re such a cutie thank you <3 ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”and did you mean like mc doesnt notice that they’re completely in love with them??? (soRRY im so exhausted lmao) but dude i’m completely mc in that case ripperoni  ~Admin 404


               - I thought…losing his eye was like… enough to show how much he cares about you

               -He’s always making you food and snacks in cute little shapes (especially hearts)

               -When the two of you play LOLOL he’s always giving you the best loot and diving in front of your character to make sure you don’t die

               -Always joining new clubs that either you’re in, or they cover a topic you’re interested in

               -That way, he can spend more time with you and enjoy some of the same things!

               -Not to mention it he actually really enjoys it all and learns something new about you every time

               -He’s even managed to hug you close for long periods of time without turning red or stuttering!

               -But you still! Don’t! See it!

               -You always think he’s just being really nice and a great friend! Sure you secretly like him but you don’t want to ruin the friendship if he doesn’t like you back!

               -Saeyoung’s made it his personal mission to get the two of you together because Yoosung just won’t take initiative and you’re just oblivious as hell


               -He’s always hanging off of you, how are you not even suspicious?

               -Always has an arm around you, hand on your shoulder, even on your knee when the two of you are sitting

               -For fucks sake MC, he kisses your cheek and holds your hand when the two of you walk anywhere are you DENSE??

               -Always bringing you flowers, chocolates, you name it


               -He’s so dramatic about everything. Every time you don’t react to his romantic gesture, he’s practically throwing himself to the floor in a sobbing fit

               -He’s even held you by the shoulders, looked you in the eyes, and told you how much he really likes you

               -You just responded with a tilt of your head, innocently asking, “Like…. you like-like me?”

               - hoW HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED BY NOW?????

               -EVEN AFTER THAT, YOU’RE STILL OBLIVIOUS. MC, why. Just, why. He loves you but wOW


               -She’s not exactly surprised that you don’t realize her feelings

               -More subtle with her emotions than the rest of them

               - even jumin is more open about his feelings for you, who would have guessed

               -She’s always inviting you to attend new cafes, or to show you her favourite ones!

               -Also makes you a lot of coffee/tea and cakes!

               -The two of you spend a lot of time discussing books the two of you have read, and theorize about those that abruptly ended

               -Always looking you straight in the eyes, smiling, and will constantly turn a light shade of red

               -But you don’t get it?? Is she getting a fever? Is it even hot enough in here to make her red like that? Is she alright?

               -You’re always putting your hands on her cheeks, trying to see if she’s ill and it just makes her blush 10x more

               -Dammit MC she’s gonna pass out at this rate, get your hands off of her, just notice that she likes you so the two of you can cuddle and she can get over turning as red as she does!


               -You’d think it’d be really obvious

               -I mean the man has next to no emotions but when you come around he’s practically a puddle on the floor- how in the world don’t you notice?

               -Always making sure you’re comfortable with anything the two of you do

               -If he invites you to lunch and you don’t like the restaurant, he’ll cancel his reservations and find a new place immediately

               -AND HE DOES EVERYTHING HIMSELF. Not once does he ask Jaehee or another employee of his to set up plans or grab something for you

               -Listens to your opinion more than anyone else’s. He’ll take it to heart and do whatever you suggested (that is if it isn’t drastic)


               -The dude tried to move you into his house almost immediately, seriously MC how can you not tell

               -Completely showers you in gifts all the time. If you aren’t there to physically receive them, he’s telling you what he got you and sends you pictures

               -He thinks it’s absolutely adorable that you have no idea, but at the same time it lowkey drives him crazy because he juST WANTS TO KISS YOU, MC. PLEASE. JUST, P L E A S E



               -This lil brat tries to hide that he’s completely in love with you until he just can’t take it anymore

               -Come on he’s built you Robo-cat, gone over personally to protect you, and a lot more, what do you waNT FROM HIM

               -Sends you memes in the middle of the night because he thinks you’ll find them funny

               -Calls you at night just to talk until he can hear you fall asleep on the other end of the phone

               -He’s also buying you a lot of little things because he thought of you when he saw it, and couldn’t bring himself to just leave it

               -You’re the only one he’ll let drive his babies. HIS. BABIES. MC, COME ON

               -Always looking at you like a love-sick puppy. Whenever you do something completely adorable he gets as red as his hair

               -He’ll lightly brush his hand against yours when the two of you are walking close together, and watch to see if he can actually grab your hand

               -Gives you the Flynn Rider smoulder more times than you can count but all you do is giggle because it’s your favourite movie. Your giggle is like heaven but MC whY CAN’T YOU SEE HE LIKES YOU

               -HE EVEN SINGS THE LITTLE MERMAID SONG “KISS THE GIRL”(or he changes the lyrics to boy, depending) TO GET THE POINT ACROSS BUT ALL YOU DO IS JUMP IN ON HIS MUSICAL NUMBER. One day MC, one day.


               -He’s gentle with everyone, but you??

               -Well, he’s gentle but he plays around a LOT more

               -Playfully pushes you, pinches your cheeks, he even does gross shit like lick your cheek okay but i do the same

               -Leans close to you all the time. When the two of you talk, he’s leaning into you, staring into your eyes

               -Y'all even spend the night at each other’s houses watching movies or just talking about life

               -How the hell can you not tell that this giraffe loves you??

               -Always taking beautiful photos of you! Well…almost always

               -His favourite photo album is full of pictures of you being goofy, and packed which terrible candid’s of you, but he lOVES THEM SO MUCH MC LOOK AT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -He plans trips for just the two of you so he can take pictures and you can see the sights! Takes you to romantic dinners! Y'all even go to festivals and carnivals together.

               -He’s always holding your hand because he doesn’t want to lose you in a crowd. Or that’s what you think. In reality he just wants to hold your hand; MC please he’s so cute just kiss him already


               -He just plain sucks at sharing emotions

               -But he thought he was pretty obvious?

               -Like there are times that you’re the only one he’ll even acknowledge? That’s pretty self-explanatory there MC

               -He takes you out for ice cream all the time, walks around town, whatever you want. He hates people, he doesn’t willingly go out for that. Unless you want to

               -Always invites you over to just hang out and play some games, watch some movies, or sometimes just to nap

               -Even asks you to teach him how to cook/bake, so he can spend a lot more time with you!

               -Sometimes you give him this dazzling smile that just makes his heart flutter and he can’t even look at you

               -You also like to hug him and he practically passes out every time. It scares you a little bit because you can’t figure out why?? Is he okay??? Are you dead??

               -But he steps out of his comfort zone and hugs you back?? You’re so happy and you absolutely love it! You think that maybe he’s finally becoming more social! You have no idea that he only hugs you because??? It’s you

               -Please just admit you like this man so he can get comfortable MC, he’s too awkward to ask you out himself


You know I love everything about new BatB and there are a few special moments which are missed in the original picture of 1991. 

I just can’t stop thinking about Days in the Sun scene (which is more touching and sad than Human Again no doubt) it’s not just because of Beast remembering his mother and how his cruel father didn’t even let him say goodbye to her upon her deathbed (IT’S A REFERENCE TO WHEN BELLE ASKED BEAST TO LET HER SAY GOODBYE TO HER FATHER FOR THE LAST TIME do u understand?!) 

It’s more because of these lines of Belle: 

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure

Belle was quite confused how everyone in the castle is so loyal to Beast FOR GODDAMNed 10 years and they even accepted that they are guilty for the curse somehow. BUT then Belle realized all those feelings LOVE AND KINDNESS AND DEVOTION they had for each other and for their master AND HOW STRONG THEY ALL MIGHT BE and that’s how she started to think that Beast is not that bad and there must be a reason he’s so cold and everything…


This is one week set apart from the rest of the year that will be entirely dedicated to Padmé and Anakin, in the form of — ART! If you’re interested in participating, let’s delve into this, shall we? Calling all shippers, you are invited to show your love for this pairing using any artistic expression of your choice, be that; drawings, edits, videos, gifs, literature etc. Be creative, and take your muse wherever it leads you! This is not a contest of skill, but an event to showcase our appreciation for literally how much we cannot contain our love for this couple (it’s not something to be suppressed, believe us!) What will happen is between the dates of May 4th to May 10th there will be a theme idea posted each day. We hope everyone participates and has a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful, underrated couple.” 

 Here are the themes for each day: 

05/04. Day 1: Happy Skywalker family AU 

 What if Anidala and their children had their happily ever after? 

 05/05. Day 2: Favorite Anidala scene 

 Your favorite scene of Anidala from any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/06. Day 3: Modern AU 

 Anidala in a modern setting 

 05/07. Day 4: Favorite Anidala quote 

 Your favorite Anidala quote from any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/08. Day 5: Song inspired 

 Creations inspired by a song/lyrics 

 05/09. Day 6: Favorite Anidala kiss 

 Your favorite kiss they shared in any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/10. Day 7: Free day 

 A day where you can do anything you’d like. Any Anidala AU or prompt that you can think up! 

Just remember to tag your posts with #anidalaweek2017 as one of the first five tags so that we are sure to see it and reblog it! Have fun everyone and may the Force be with you ⭐️ 

 Thank you to @anidalafeelss for the beautiful banner!

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I just noticed in that Jyn&Cassian on the beach gif you reblogged that Jyn is looking at the horizon while Cassian looks up at her. Kill me now.

That was actually one of the first things I noticed about that gif, too, and it was devastating. Cassian opens his eyes at the last minute and looks at her; Jyn turns her head and faces her death head on. LIKE HOW EXTRA ARE THESE TWO?

Also, now that I own the movie and can rewatch it like the obsessive I am, watching everyone in Rogue One die destroys me twice as hard. Somehow it feels more concrete because when the screen turns white I know that I’ll never see these assholes alive again except in my imagination?

And I feel the pain of that loss all the more, having seen a million different gifs of the final scenes. Every expression, every meta filling me with greater, tragic turmoil.

I didn’t cry when they all died when I saw the movie in the theater, but I get pretty choked up or teared up now when I watch it.

Honestly though, so many kudos to everyone on this movie. IMHO, this was the best acting ensemble wise of all the SW films so far, and I did love how Gareth Edwards filmed the deaths, especially Jyn and Cassian’s. The elevator, the walk on the beach, the close up of their hands, the way they look at each other on the beach but you only see the back of their heads. It’s so beautiful and yet so melancholy, dramatic yet strangely muted. Obviously my id wants them to all be alive, but as it is, what a beautiful way to go.

Chris Evans Fic: Disney Princess Reality

Sequel time! This is a sequel to Disney Princess Obsession, requested by the lovely @pegasusdragontiger, who wanted Chris and Sleeping Beauty to be reunited: “Sequel to Princess Obsession, She is cast in the next Avengers movie with Chris they are awkward and flirty with each other and do interviews together to promote the movie. In an interview the interviewer ask’s their favourite part or ride in Disneyland Chris of course answers as dot he fellow cast mates and everyone looks to her and she say’s she hasn’t been to Disneyland everyone ask’s why said well 1)her family never had the money and the other she hasn’t had time and Chris desides to take.”


So, I’ve got to ask, how has working together been since Chris’ epic humiliation after the Oscars?

‘Really dude? We’re really going to go here again?’ Flushed pink tinged Chris cheeks as he barked out an embarrassed laugh. It had taken weeks and weeks of hardcore charm offensive from him for you to drop your guard around him after his put his foot and most of his leg in his mouth when he met you on the press line at the Academy Awards, and then again when he was asked about you in an interview. And now in every interview on this fucking press tour, his massive blunder was brought up time after time.

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one day the Ari and Dante movie is gonna come out and I’ll be physically a mess I’ll be brought to tears in the opening scene where he wakes up to hearts alone and when he meets Dante for the first time and when I see my beautiful boy and his wonderful parents and my other beautiful boy and his beautiful parents and how everyone cares for each other and loves unconditionally and all the moments and all the tragedies and then that final drive out into the desert when ari finally does the thing and I will be alive and I will drag my future partner to go see it with me and they’ll have to sit next to this crying mess of a young adult in the theatre because mark my words I will be broken down and rebuilt again in the duration of that movie just like that first time I read the book

predictions for the last jedi
  • rose and rey will fall in love and be happy beautiful lesbians
  • finn and poe, who r already in love, will admit it to each other and have a wonderful relationship
  • luke will reveal that hes actually been living on the island with his bf ezra bridger
  • the combined gay energy will resurrect baze and chirrut who r also already in love and already in a relationship, and together the four couples will resurrect ahsoka tano, queen of the lesbians, who will fucking decimate kylo ren and snoke bc shes just that badass, and then the final movie is just everyone being happy and gay
Shrek appreciation post

 I thoroughly enjoy the Shrek movies. They have comedy and heart and…they’re just good movies.

 I love Shrek. And I love how much he loves his children. One of the first questions he asks when he wakes up in Shrek 4 is “Where are my babies?” and the way that line is read absolutely breaks my heart.

It sucks that Shrek has become a very inappropriate joke on the internet cause he is such an emotional character. He’s been judged for so long that he learned to shut everyone out and grew to hate people, but inside, he just wants to be loved.

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And I grew up with shrek. I felt his pain deep in my heart. And this is why his and Fiona’s relationship, to me, was so cute. I just love everything about them. They each saw each other as beautiful in every movie despite how they looked.

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and the movies gradually got better animation. And I just love how much emotion they show.

look at that tear though

This is my favorite scene because this is actually the first time we see Shrek cry out of all of the movies and it really touched my heart. I just love his character and his character development throughout the movies.

Hats off to you, Dreamworks, because I absolutely love these movies no matter what anyone says.

Dating Noah Foster Would Include...

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A/N: Damn this ended up longer than I thought that it would. I hope you all like it.

  • Before you two get together he would spend as much time with you as possible 
  • He would probably be really awkward asking you out and wouldn’t be able to finish before you would say that you would go on a date with him
  • He would be super nervous whenever he did anything at the beginning of your relationship. But after you both get comfortable you would always be connected somehow when you were together.
  • Seriously hand-holding, you leaning into him, your head on his shoulder (or vice versa if you’re taller), cheek kisses when you leave, never not right next to each other
  • You two making tons of references to things, and the amount of inside jokes you two would have is ridiculous
  • Emma would probably joke around and call you guys the “stereotypical adorkable couple”. And everyone else would end up calling you that.
  • Whenever someone said “Adorkable couple” you two would immediately look over.
  • Binge watching horror movies with him (and dealing with him talking throughout the entire movie because it would be adorable.)
  • The amount of books/movies you have bought him about serial killers is actually a little absurd
  • Audrey pointing out to you how your sarcasm has started to reflect his
  • The killer targeting you because he knows that Noah’s a threat
  • Noah comforting you after every single time the killer contacts you.
  • You and him have ended up sleeping at his job more times than you can count because you would both fall asleep cuddling and watching movies there
  • Noah and you would just love cuddling because you both knew how close you were to losing each other, and having each other in your arms would calm both of you down.
  • Noah would text you as soon as he released a podcast, so you would always end up being one of the first to listen to them
  • You being a guest on his podcast a lot. After a while you would say no because ‘Seriously Noah why do you want me on there again?”
  • “Y/N please come and co-host with me?”
  • “When did I become a co-host? I don’t remember signing any contract.”
  • You would end up going and being a guest again.
  • Audrey making fake vomiting noises whenever you two show a little bit of PDA (which only makes you two make it more dramatic)
  • You two would always do your homework together.
  • But sometimes you two would end up flirting and wouldn’t even pay attention to your homework
  • You literally knowing tons of random facts about serial killers because he rambles about them All. The. Time.
  • And he would know random facts about your favorite tv show/book/hobby because he wanted to make sure he knew what you liked
  • Audrey being completely supportive of your relationship.
  • “You know you make him really happy.” 
  • “He makes me really happy too Audrey.”
  • (If you’re into sex) You would be his first time, and he would stumble and be really awkward the entire time. But he would always be really sweet and make sure that you were completely comfortable with it.
  • He probably would be really sweet and slow about it every time you guys slept together. He would just be so amazed that he got to be with you that he would be really sweet. He’d make sure that you always finished. 
  • He would probably be the type of guy who always tells you how beautiful/handsome/attractive you were when you two would sleep together. Honestly he’d probably be the sweetest guy to sleep with. 
  • Your fights probably wouldn’t last long because one of you guys would immediately regret what you said.
  • But when the fights were really serious you guys would give each other the silent treatment, and make it really obvious so everyone would know that you were both mad at each other.
  • After those fights you would have a movie marathon and cuddle for hours.
  • At first the murder board was the source of a lot of your fights because it always messed with you. The thought of there being another killer out there only kept you from moving on. That means for the first month after the killings he would cover it up when you would come over.
  • But one time he would forget to cover it up, and instead of it making you really emotional you made a few suggestions about it. And then you guys began working on it together.
  • After you guys dated for a few weeks he would know that he loved you. But he wouldn’t tell you until after a few months because he didn’t want to scare you off.
  • He would kiss you before pulling away and stare at you for a moment before he would mumble. “I love you Y/N.”
  • “I love you too Noah.”
  • If he ever got in a bad mood and horror movies wouldn’t help you would probably turn on music and do dramatic really bad dance moves to cheer him up. After a while he would join you.
  • You two having deep conversations about life and your relationship all the time. 
  • “What would I do without you Y/N?”
  • “I don’t know. We ended up together so we don’t have to worry about it.”
  • “I know I wouldn’t have made it through all this.”
  • “Well I couldn’t have gotten through it without you either.”
  • He would make a big deal out of your birthdays/anniversaries. Romantic date, thoughtful gift, him being extra sweet the entire day, the works.
  • Noah being your personal IT guy.
  • “Noah!” “What?” “The computer froze again.” “Just do what I told you.” “… What’d you tell me to do again?” would be a conversation that happened a lot between you two
  • You would rarely complain about each other.
  • He would always think about how beautiful/handsome/attractive (couldn’t find a better gender neutral one) you were
  • “Noah you’re staring again.”
  • “Sorry.”
  • “No you’re not.”
  • “Right. But you can’t blame me.”
  • “I keep myself from staring at you!”
  • “Oh please I know you stare at me during our movie marathons.”
  • “Okay but at least I’m more subtle about it!”

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I have seen that one! The high school I went to as a freshman had a system where they divided the lunch period in half, and for the half of the lunch period when you weren’t eating, you took a ‘lunch class’ that was shorter than other periods, usually was more fun than rigorously academic, and only lasted a quarter (about nine weeks). One of those classes was Classic Movies, and you better believe I took it. We watched a movie each week, and discussed it. That was the first time I saw Casablanca.

The main thing I remember is being amazed at how many clichés came from that movie: the beginning of a beautiful friendship, it don’t matter a hill of beans, of all the gin joints, here’s looking at you kid, we’ll always have Paris. And of course the iconic line everyone remembers—“Play it again, Sam”—that’s actually not said in the movie at all.

Thanks, Brinn! 

send me iconic movies you think everyone should’ve seen in their lives and i have to respond honestly if i’ve seen them

Dating Scott McCall Would Include…

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately, but I hope you all enjoy this! 

Requests are open!

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  • never missing one of his lacrosse practices
  • wearing his jersey
  • jawline kisses
  • study dates
  • being best friends with Stiles
  • motorcycle rides
  • your parents absolutely loving him
  • him telling you how beautiful you are
  • being the ‘parents’ of the pack
  • late night movie marathons
  • cooking together
  • comforting him when he’s stressed
  • pack meetings
  • passionate kisses
  • lots of corny, romantic gestures
  • skipping school to stay home and cuddle
  • being close with his mother
  • walks through the woods
  • him teaching you lacrosse
  • showing everyone that you’re his
  • your safety being his number one priority 
  • makeout sessions in coach’s office
  • him constantly checking up on you
  • puppy eyes
  • lots of wolf jokes
  • being an epic power couple
  • lots of hugs
  • him kissing your hands
  • collarbone kisses
  • getting detention for all of the PDA
  • loving each other unconditionally
drabble #1

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◇ 34. “Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?”

◇ Johnny x reader

◇ wolf!au


Having a mate was amazing, and Johnny meant it. He was lucky to have been born a werewolf, a creature who always had the perfect person waiting for them, somewhere out there. When he was younger, he had never cared much for mates; he didn’t understand properly, but that changed as he got older.

Now, he fully understands what having a mate means. Happiness, love, passion. It means wrapping someone up in your arms when it was cold, swaying them back and forth. It means bundling up when it gets chilly outside, making hot chocolate for each other and watching stupid movies because you had way too much time on your hands. It means wanting to show you off to everyone, to showcase you to the world - my beautiful mate.

It means protecting and comforting you whenever it was needed, and vice versa. And you were both doing a great job at that, honestly, he thinks to himself, tightening his embrace around you as you stir something into the big bowl you had in front of you.

It’s winter. It reminds him of when he first met you; how beautiful you looked under the soft golden glow of the lights, how your expression lit up like a Christmas tree when you first saw him. And it’s cold outside, but it’s incredibly warm inside with you, the radiator on full blast and his arms around you.

“I thought you were gonna help me?” You ask with a raised eyebrow after you’ve finally popped the cookies in the oven. Johnny watches with a smile as you fold your arms in mock anger. “All you did was stand there.”

“I was keeping you warm!” He argues lightly as he steps forward, placing his hands on either side of you on the counter. “You would’ve frozen if I hadn’t been there.”

“Really?” You scoff, laughing as he hums in response, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “If I didn’t know better, I would say you wanted to cuddle me, Johnny.”

You didn’t notice that he hadn’t been paying attention until he doesn’t answer - you look up to him in confusion, tilting your head to the side. “Johnny?”

“Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?” He questions quietly, his head bowing closer to your lips, teasingly brushing his lips softly over yours.

“Not hard enough, I’m guessing,” you murmur back, just as his lips are being pressed to yours, sweeter than any cookies you could’ve baked and softer than any blanket you’ve been wrapped in.

The cookies turned out burned, all thanks to his lack of self control, but you definitely wouldn’t have it any other way.

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i wanna thank you again for the bvs event. everyone screaming GENTLE BOY and NOOO at the end was one of the most wonderful things i've ever seen! (ok to publish)

I KNOWWW OMG we really came together for that entire movie, and I think my fave part was like how we’d go from having a discussion on the horse symbolism to screaming HE and MOM at each other it was quite beautiful :’)

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Why do blacks think all while people look down on them? I personally don't look at them any differently. I don't treat them any differently. I don't randomly touch their hair (who even does that?). It upsets me to think that because I'm white this is how I'm viewed. Not all whites are racist and rude. I wish we could all just see the good and the beautiful in each other instead of assuming the worst of everyone. Like let's all just be a big happy family and band together in love.

So you’re not one of those particular white people. Well, great! Movies like “Dear White People” aren’t geared towards you. But, the fact of the matter is, there are MANY white people who do in fact do this. You have to realize, as I came to realize, our personal experience is not everyone’s personal experience. If there’s one thing we have learned from recent events (Ferguson, the Trayvon Martin shooting, many of Trump’s supporters), racism is still very much a thing in our society. As white people, many times, we don’t see it. And sometimes, media like “Dear White People” provides a good dose of that reality, which many people definitely need to see. At the end of the movie, they show actual recent photos from parties at national colleges where students were dressed in blackface as a costume. One of those colleges was the University of Florida… my hometown. That was certainly an eye-opener. That movie doesn’t exaggerate on issues in the slightest. If this sort of media hurts feelings, that’s nothing compared to years of systematic oppression that black people have had to endure, and are still enduring. If you long for being a big happy family, as I do as well, then speak up. Stand with them. Don’t remain silent and hope it will all eventually work itself out. Educate yourself on the issues happening, as I’m still trying to do. And lastly, if you’re offended by black people making a blanket statement about all white people, it’s best not to phrase your question “Why do blacks…” because that’s kind of a blanket (and pretty derogatory) statement too, right? 

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You know how Blaine is naturally flirty person. What do you think Blaine reaction would be, if one day when he is famous, a tabloid has a picture of Blaine with one of my girlfriends. The heading is, is america sweetheart cheating on his husband.

Oh you just know that this will happen. It’s a picture of him and Ms. Tina Cohen Chang holding hands and grinning at each other after Blaine offers her a beautiful bouquet of flowers (Tina has just landed the role of Maria in the Broadway revival of West Side Story and Blaine is celebrating her, as he does). The tabloids explode. There has been rumors about how flirty and cutesy they were while filming their movie together a while ago and now they are seen holding hands? Is Blaine bi? Is he having an affair with the Golden Globe nominee? What’s happening?

Blaine laughs himself silly, Tina grumbles about how everyone, even the tabloids, thinks she is dating a gay guy again and Kurt tells them that it was just a matter of time for something like that to emerge. Damn them and their touchy feely selves with all their hand holding and silly nicknames. Those two will be the death of him. That is until Tina snarks at him that he and Rachel act just as couply and have, in fact, been mistaken as a couple before, and he grudgingly shuts up. Blaine ignores the rumors for the most part. He is sure of and secure in who he is and in his relationship with Kurt, and he kinda gets a kick out of some of the things he is reading (It’s his first Big Flashy Rumor. Does that mean that he has officially made it? Sue him for being entertained by this.) He doesn’t address it until a while later, when an interviewer asks him about it when he is promoting his next album, and he answers that he is a perfect gold star gay and that Kurt is the love of his life. Both Kurt and Tina are there, sitting together in the audience and Kurt dissolves into laughter as Blaine teases Tina about her old high school crush on him and she grumbles at him that it was a just phase and would he shut up about it already? Jeez, he is as bad as Sam is.

Enough of the bias!

Okay - Let’s get real, this is RIDICULOUS! Enough acting like children, use your objectivity and don’t see everything in Naruto through biased eyes.

Firstly, NaruHina Shippers who are mad about Gaiden and it’s focus: I get it , you miss your ship, I love NaruHina too but let’s get real - you JUST had a beautiful movie with a kiss (which we haven’t seen) , a wedding (which we haven’t seen/may never see) and your anime/manga scenes were recent (unlike most of SasuSaku’s, which happened in the first part of the series… years and years ago!). Can we not have 9+ chapters without people screaming how it’s “forced” or “unfair” to have a shred of SasuSaku focus - like… really? Are we really fighting about this? We waited years and years for our ship too people! Can we not - even if we don’t ship each others ships - realize everyone is getting something and be civil about it? I was so happy for NaruHina - and it’s shippers - when watching The Last  - even if you don’t support the ship, try being happy for your fellow Naruto shippers while they get a little shipper happiness too…  *rolls eyes*”

Secondly, how is calling your wife “wife” and your husband “husband” forced? Newsflash - THEY ARE MARRIED?! That is who they are to one another! And the argument the other couples don’t use such language? Umm, we haven’t SEEN the other married couples and conversing save for a glimpse of NaruHina in The Last - so how exactly do you freakin’ know? Please don’t be biased and use facts before you prattle. I’m just waiting for other couples to address each other or talk about each other using wife or husband or honey or whatever and for their fans to flip out in glee as well…

Thirdly, Sasuke is a shitty father for leaving (!!!!) to PROTECT his family, but Itachi is a damn hero for doing the EXACT SAME THING?! Oh yeah… That makes sense.. (Not that I don’t agree it’s unfair this was done to poor Sasuke, but still - the bias is unreal)

Fourthly, and yes, I’m still hearing/seeing this, Sakura is weak for marrying Sasuke, because he tried to hurt her when they were enemies and he was mentally damaged as all hell - really? Naruto forgave him and Sasuke tried to kill him, too and he too still loves him - where is the hate on Naruto if this kind of love and forgiveness is pathetic and weak? Oh yeah, it’s only weak because it’s Sakura right?  Or how about Gaara - who tried to kill Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto - and not only was forgiven, but they (Naruto and Sakura) risked their lives to save him and now love him as a friend as well? Or how about Kurama - a being responsible for so much death - being forgiven and given a new start by one of the people he hurt most? Or Itachi, who STILL murdered so many people, despite his incredible ordeal and beautiful intention in saving his brother and heroic, incredible deeds - who is forgiven and praised because you take into consideration the CIRCUMSTANCES behind his actions? I don’t know if you noticed but judging a person not just by their actions and the appearance of monstrous qualities, and instead, understanding, saving, and forgiving them, is one of the main freakin’ themes of Naruto! And if Sakura is weak for it - so is almost every other damn character! That is… If you consider understanding, saving and forgiving someone weak… Also, in addition to CHARACTER CONTEXT, let’s not forget WORLD CONTEXT. This is the world of Shinobi - we’re enemies kill - or try to kill - one another and everyone, at some level, has bloodstained hands. And if his actions are abuse, so are the actions of almost every other Shinobi who fought or killed people - even people they cared about - for whatever reason. This statement is so many levels of stupid and biased, I don’t even know why I have to bother picking it apart?! And, in addition to the above, she went there with the intent to attack as well - determined to save him, one way for another, from falling further.  Did Sakura attacking Sasuke mean she didn’t love him? Heck no! Was it abuse? Heck no! Did Naruto fighting Sasuke, threatening to break every one of his bones, mean he didn’t care about Sasuke? Heck no! It’s true, Sasuke attacking her was a sorry, sad event - much like Sasuke’s fight with Naruto at the end of Part 1 - but both sides we’re ready to fight and that’s exactly happened. At the time, they were enemies - and one was … broken and that lead to many sad actions and mistakes.

Fifthly, “Sakura is weak - Sasuke had to save her in the new chapter.. again!” - really? The woman was outnumbered, has just been ILL and had a minor wound before her husband showed up and kicked ass for her - I assure you, push come to shove, sick or not, she could kick some effin’ ass! Oh yeah… She already did kick that guys ass didn’t she? You know.. The one punch KO several chapters ago? Yep - there you go… Facts are helpful ;) And she doesn’t need to prove it to anyone, she proved it in the damn show and manga already that she is strong - if you didn’t look at her through biased eyes - even if you don’t like her (I get it, she isn’t for everyone - likes/dislikes are personal and all that) you’d realize that. She isn’t perfect - nobody freakin’ is - and I’m not so disillusioned by my love for her that I’d ever believe everything she does is good, or perfect, or smart but come on… The bias against this character is damn well ridiculous. It’s like facts don’t exist, if those facts are about Sakura!

My point.. shippers, try and be happy for each other. We are ALL getting something - that is fact, so enjoy what you get, hope for more and be happy for others - or if you can’t, be civil and don’t get all biased and hate on each other with un-true info. We are all Naruto shippers and we have an enormous amount of passion - let’s not use that negatively on each other :) Secondly, this fandom has a MAJOR issue with bias - likes/dislikes are personal, however, that isn’t what I’m talking about - it’s about judging character actions through eyes clouded with bias and hypocrisy, which IS very prevalent in the fandom as a whole and due to missing the point, misconstruing facts and viewing a lot through biased eyes - that isn’t something to be proud of.  Thirdly, this isn’t a rant addressed to everyone and I am not calling this fandom shitty  - I LOVE this fandom. Truly. It’s a wonderful group of people with such passion, it UTTERLY amazes me! The fics (oh the fanfics!), the posts, the fanart, everything this fandom does is so damn passionate and we have all been on this incredible Naruto roller coaster for so long and we get each other in that.  But we have our issues and there isn’t anything wrong with calling that out as a whole. We aren’t perfect - we’re passionate as all hell, but we, as a fandom, aren’t perfect. 

I really am not going to be making many friends on here if I keep ranting.. *blushes shyly*…. 

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top 6 stisaac headcanons??

  • isaac loves stiles’ hands a lot (not for obvious reasons) but they’re just so nice and surprisingly warm all the time and it’s so easy to lace their fingers together and just hold on and walk hand in hand
  • they don’t have sex hardly as much as everyone thinks. most of the time when they spend the night together, they just fall asleep watching a movie or cuddle a lot. 
  • but added to that: they jerk off thinking about each other more often than they actually get off together. maybe their busy lives are to blame but it’s whatever. they both don’t mind. 
  • scott suddenly starts spending a lot more time with other people because he just can’t stand listening to stiles talking about how beautiful isaac’s jaw for the freaking 100th time
  • stiles thinks he’s sneaky with stealing isaac’s shirts and wearing them, but everyone sees straight through it. they pretend to play along with it though.
  • when isaac leaves for france, he refuses to talk to anyone for a while, but then he slowly starts answering everyone’s texts and somehow he and stiles end up texting all the time, like, all the time. he falls asleep clutching his phone and waiting for stiles’ reply, and wakes up in the morning to five different texts and idk it’s a thing and neither of them knows how to call it but it’s definitely a thing