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Jungkook & Jimin on their way home from ISAC 2017
  • <p> <b>Jimin:</b> *narrowing his eyes* So. Did you have fun, Jungkook?<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Yah, I have fun every year. Did you have fun?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> A bit, yeah<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Just a bit?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Yeah.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Jimin is something wrong? You don't seem like yourself<p/><b>Jimin:</b> I just don't feel like talking<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> That's fine but you literally started this conversation so..<p/><b>Jimin:</b> IF YOU WANT TO TALK SO BADLY WHY DON'T YOU GO TALK TO YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND MINGYU.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *sighs* Jimin...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> No...look Jungkook I was alright when you started hanging around Yugyeom but this time...<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> AT LEAST I WASN'T HOLDING HANDS WITH MINGYU LIKE YOU WERE WITH CHANYEOL. HE'S LITERALLY A GIRAFFE DO YOU REALIZE HOW SILLY YOU LOOKED?!<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *gasps* oh really?!<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Guys let's just all stop before we start saying things we'll regret<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Why don't you just go join Seventeen then, what's another member?!<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Yah and EXO has a few spots open so why don't you go join them too?!<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> *slamming his fists down* ALRIGHT YOU FORCED IT OUT OF ME. I'M LEAVING YOU TWO FOR MINHO. HE'S JUST SUPER COOL AND SUPER NICE AND WE GOT SUPER CLOSE WHILE FILMING AND I JUST REALLY LIKE HAVING AN OLDER FRIEND BC HE BUYS ME THINGS MORE SO GOODBYE. I'LL THINK OF YOU TWO OFTEN.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> *kisses Jimin and Jungkook on the forehead* *leaves*<p/><b>Jungkook & Jimin:</b> *confused*<p/><b>Jimin:</b> ..he's not serious, is he?<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Idk...maybe we should...<p/><b>Jungkook & Jimin:</b> *Gets up and chases after him*<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> *giggling and running* I knew that would work.<p/></p>

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I'm curious how you have the energy to work ALL day? I basically feel exhausted all the time and no matter how much I try and put in the effort to work on my book, I struggle to just stay awake. I get plenty of sleep but I'm just tired all the time. Do you have advise for this?

It’s not that I have some insane amount of energy, it’s just that when you want something really, really badly, you do whatever it takes to make it happen. I don’t have more energy than the average person, just more drive. 

🔥i’ve lost a lot of friends due to this, whether it be because i was the one not prioritizing or because they were not prioritizing me. Do not go to the extreme and say that this means spending every second with each other because it does not. - This can also be applied towards goals. “I’m too busy to exercise or eat correctly!” The opportunity is always there, it’s how badly you want it that decides if you will reach it.

Why does Yurio want to win so badly?

Yurio has spent much of the series saying how he wants to win and how he’s going to become the best in the world. Most people have attributed this desire solely to Yurio’s personality and just the way he is.

However, that’s not correct. Yurio wants to win… because he needs money. Now before you keep scrolling because you think that’s ridiculous, hear me out and keep reading.

If you guys haven’t scrolled through the Yuri!!! on Ice official website, you should do that sometime. 

Wait… let’s take a close look…

Not since he’s junior days… since his rookie days… since the beginning. Yurio’s whole skating career has been so that he can provide for his family. The earliest we see Yurio skating competitively was age 12. A twelve year old, and maybe even younger, was the primary source of income for his family. Can you imagine the pressure on Yurio as he competes? No wonder he said he would throw everything away to skate when Lilia told him to. No wonder he put six jumps, a “death wish”,  in the second half of his free skate. Yurio is desparate. He want’s to win so he can provide a better life for his family. 

Jack and Mark should NOT have to apologize for making triggered jokes cause they ARE NOT aimed at the mentally ill.

The jokes are aimed at the people who use ‘triggered’ to shut down an argument and try to gain sympathy points. The people who turned it into a goddamn joke. You can still use the word ‘triggered’ legitimately. I do. You just have to stop giving a fuck what some assholes might think about mental illness. Cause you can’t change them. Just because someone uses a JOKE doesn’t mean that they think badly of mental illness. Do you understand how much the guys really fucking care about us?

They aren’t aimed at you. Stop playing the victim. Get down from your high horse. The guys aren’t there to hurt you. LISTEN to what they say all the time. How much Jack cares. How much Mark cares. How both have done so much for the communities. How much they want us all to stay and NOT hurt ourselves, to stay healthy and try to stay happy. To fucking downplay all that for a joke not even aimed at you?? If they tried to accommodate to every little thing that upset you, there would be no channel, just 24/7 ‘I’m sorry for existing’.

In short, they shouldn’t have to apologize for making a triggered joke.

I know I’m behind 2 weeks or so, I’m sorry~ Uni won’t let me breathe ‘till now that I’m finishing my semester, I promise to work hard on this thing and probably yall will get 3 pages this week if everything goes fine and if I don’t lose my motivation :3c so, wait for news and updates! probably you can see some wips on my twitter or snapchat~


Hm, yes hi, i wanted to release this when i had more pages finished but people are behaving badly in and outside the fandom and i want to bring positive vibes to the rest of the people who dont give a shit about some random anime popularity contest and how badly it was administrated, thank u vry mch .

I’m doing a little enchanted AU comic because i saw this movie some days ago and goddam its really cheesy and silly and lighthearted i just felt it needed to be a yoi au fjdkgh, i haven’t though much about it so that’s why the comic seems really weird and rushed hahaaha, also im not a native english speaker so if you find something gramatically wrong please tell me! ok that’s all hope you like it!!

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To all of our lovely Witches, Wizards, and Non-Magic folk,

   Hello! How are you? I sincerely hope this message finds you well. It’s been quite a while since you last heard from any of us, so I suppose that is where I will start.

   First of all, on behalf of all the cast and crew of The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film I would like to apologize for how long it has taken to bring this film to life and to make this dream a reality. We realize that you have been waiting a long time for this film, and we are truly sorry about that. I think that should be first and foremost. Believe me when I tell you, we all want the film to be finished just as badly as you do. And we absolutely hear you every single time one of you asks us “When is the film coming out?” Whether we like it or not, it is always a fair question. So again, we sincerely apologize for the wait and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us, for sticking with us, and for maintaining your enthusiasm for this project. We are working very hard to make it the film that you deserve.

   That brings me to a brief (ish) explanation of what the past year or so of post-production has looked like and why it has taken this long. The first thing to admit is that this project was an enormous undertaking. When this film was dreamed up and our team was assembled, the majority of us were still students, with a few exceptions who were recent graduates. As you may or may not know, it is very rare for student-run projects to reach feature-film-length. It is equally rare for fan films to do this. The simple fact is that without a professional team already assembled and behind you (as well as a professional budget), it is incredibly difficult to bring together enough resources and people – and to carve out enough time – to shoot and produce anything longer than 25-40 minutes long. Even projects of that length are incredibly challenging undertakings. Admittedly, we probably unknowingly bit off a bit more than we could chew at the time. However, that is not in any way to say that the quality of The Gathering Storm suffered as a result. It just slowed the process a bit, because we were all basically learning on the fly. As you know, it took us almost the entirety of that first year (May 2014 – March 2015) to finish shooting all the footage we felt we needed in order to put together a high-quality film and a fully-realized story. Yes, our inexperience hindered us in a few places along the way, as it does with any student or fan project.  While we may not be a Hollywood Blockbuster level production, I have no doubt that you will love getting to see the Marauders story we have all wanted for so long.

   Since the completion of shooting, post production has been a sometimes fast, sometimes slow process. Approximately the first six months after we wrapped shooting (March 2015 – August 2015) were completely lost, as a result of some unexpected turnover in the editing department. To put it somewhat more bluntly, our original editors were unable to continue with the project. In addition to that, the editor that we initially brought on to replace them also, after a few weeks, determined that they would be unable to follow through with this project. So searching for a qualified editor willing to commit to the entirety of the project was step number one, and that took much longer than we had hoped. After that, our post-production team evolved significantly. Members of our team, myself included, who were not originally going to be part of post-production, were brought on in order to shoulder more of the workload and in order to get things moving in a productive direction.

    The first few months were spent in intensive meetings between Aaron (our director), Danielle (our producer), Jenni (our new editor), and myself, where we recalibrated and reconfigured many of the creative aspects of the film. In short, we felt like some of the moments of our story were not as “earned” as they should be, so we spent a significant amount of time on fixing that (and we believe we were successful, by the way). Those meetings illustrate a larger point about the tediousness of this process though: We have kept you guys waiting for so long now, that at this point we absolutely refuse to give you anything less than the very best possible version of this film. Yes, we could have accelerated the editing process   We could have not bothered to adjust story elements, and we could be taking much simpler and more-direct routes through finishing the final aspects of post-production… but we as a team cannot and will not in good conscience do that. You guys deserve the very best, both for your support of us during the campaign, and for your continued support and patience now. In every single conceivable sense of the phrase, we would not have been able to make this movie without you. And we will never probably be able to fully express our gratitude. The least we can do is make sure that every aspect of this film is done in the best possible way it can be.

    That is why post-production has taken so long, along with a number of extenuating circumstances. We have had other crew members have to leave the project due to personal conflicts (as mentioned before, plus others), our lead editor and our VFX artist both have to work over 60 hours a week at their real jobs, some of us lost friends and family members over the past year, and a member of our post team lost their home in the Louisiana Floods this past August. It’s been a year, you guys. As 2016 has been for many people, it has been. a. freaking. year. And to be clear, these aren’t meant as excuses. We are not asking you guys to stop begging for this film or to “get off of our backs.” We want you on our backs. Stay there. You’ve earned it. These are simply being offered to you as explanations for part of why we have so dearly needed your incredible patience and support.

    We have been going back and forth amongst ourselves for a few weeks now, trying to decide whether to send out a new update. For a while we were thinking we wanted to hold off, not release any more updates until we were ready to release a new trailer. But we have decided, that with things moving as slowly as they have, we didn’t want to continue to maintain radio silence. We realize that updates have been few and far between for both supporters of our Kickstarter and of our Indiegogo, and we’ve pledged to be more vigilant about that. If you are one of our backers, please check the Indiegogo or Kickstarter Pages. We’ve posted an update for you regarding backer rewards, as well.

    So that’s where we’re at. We’re still here, we’re still hard at work, we still love each and every one of you for your support, and we have not forgotten about you or this project. We’re into the home stretch now. What remains is finishing the original score, visual effects, sound mixing, color correction, and a few other finishing touches. As I mentioned before, because all of us have now entered “professional” life, we all have a lot less time on our hands to get these things done. So I cannot honestly say how long those remaining tasks will take. But what I can promise is that we will do the best job that we can, and we will not be cutting any corners. You all have waited this long for The Gathering Storm. We will not be delivering the 75%-of-what-it-could-have-been version. When it is finally done, it will be the 100% version of this film. And I promise, as soon as we know when we’ll have it done, you will too.

    We get just a little bit closer every single day.

    This project has been a huge part of our lives for the past couple years and it has been amazing to share the journey with all of you. We’ll all be able to say “Mischief Managed” together soon, I promise. ^_~

    So, finally, from all of us on the TGS post-team, and from everyone who worked on the film during production as well: Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued patience and support for The Gathering Storm. You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

Warmest regards,

Benjamin Wessels
Co-writer, Actor, and Associate Producer 

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MG: Noona, do you want us to sing for you?

You: No, that’s okay-

VN: Noona, Noona, listen to how good we are.

(all start singing loudly and “badly”)

HS: (Y/N) is so pretty, she looks so beautiful today, she is the prettiest Noona in the world!

You: (cringing but smiling)


He rubbed his hands over his face and looked across the rickety motel table-top at his little brother. “What do I, Sam? What am–what do I do?”

Sam’s earnest hazel eyes only peered back at him. “Dean, this shouldn’t be a a bad thing. Do you have any idea how badly people want what you have? They search for it their whole lives.”

Dean nodded but he didn’t look relieved. “I know. I know… I’ve totally fallen for Y/N and–and that should be a good thing–just hoping I get to see her each day is enough to keep me going–but all I can think about is what if something happens to her? And it’s my fault. It’ll be my fault. …And it’s scaring the hell out of me.”

Sam’s forehead creased with concern as he stared at his brother. Dean was only looking down at his hands now. “You can’t live your life that way, Dean. The ‘what-ifs’ will crush you. Trust me. I’ve been there. You need to hold onto this,” Sam said. “Hold onto it kicking and screaming if you have to. But if you let it just slip away,” he shook his head, “that is guaranteed to haunt you forever.”

Dean tried to swallow the tightness in his throat. He knew his little brother was right… but for now he couldn’t act on what he knew to be true, that he had fallen for you and was still falling… For now, he would hold onto it alone and weigh the options. Maybe he felt he didn’t deserve it–or maybe he was just scared–perhaps it was both, but for now he would make damn sure that you were safe.

You don’t get to pick who you love. You don’t get to pick why you love them, either. You don’t decide who, with all their quirks and flaws and problems that probably make you want to strangle them, you don’t choose the person who stumbles and jokes and awkwardly mumbles their way into you heart. You don’t decide who has the ability to turn your entire world inside out and upside down and repaint it with any color they want to. But you do decide what to do about it. And I think that in any universe, in any alternate world where we both exist, I think I would choose to tell you the truth. Because no matter what happens or how badly we hurt each other, I would rather know if you love me than spend the rest of my life wondering.
—  from an unfinished story #401
Preference "How they react when you start talking dirty to them" (NSFW)

(So i’m still going with the NSFW theme XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it!! Yay for our fav being turned on…well most of them XD PS. I still took out Carl, Ron and Enid for this one…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be way more than turned on but still he’d try to keep it together for a while. However, he’d always fail to go through it completely and would just pin you down under him. “Careful Y/N…Saying things like how badly you want to ride me and how you’d be my dirty slut doesn’t come cheap…I’ll fucking make it happen…Oh yeah! I’ll do it…”

Daryl- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get distracted by you and would slowly stop doing whatever he was doing to grab your wrist and pull you closer to whisper in your ear. “You better stop it Y/N…stop it right now…I swear if you keep this up…Everyone will know about how much of a slut you are…right here…right now…”

Rick- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get turned on and let you keep going. He’d honestly felt somewhat flattered hearing you express this way and pull you closer to whisper. “You really have a way with words, don’t you, Y/N…you know exactly how to get to me…And let me tell you this…you might regret saying all those things right now…”

Merle- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get immensely turned on and would just want to make everything you were saying a reality. It wouldn’t even matter where you were, he’d start to undress. "Alright baby…let see how badly you want me…Talkin’ about getting on your knees for me…and being a slut…you think i’m just gonna let that slide…oh fuck no…”

Glenn- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, you’d peak his interest and he’d listen closely to your proposition, being interested that for once, you were the one initiating it. He’d then pull you away and say “Really, Y/N…is that all you’re willing to do for me…with me…getting all…and…You know what…let’s do it…now…”

The Governor- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d smirk and slowly feel himself getting more and more turned on. He’d then turn to you and aggressively kiss you to shut you up. “Y/N, stop it…you know I can’t handle you talking to me like this…I’m going to have to do something about this…Get on your knees…”

Abraham- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d find it endearing of you and actually think you were being adorable. He’d chuckle looking over at you and suddenly pull you into his lap . “Damn, Y/N…never expected you to be this turned on over me…I’m used to it being the other way around and you always being the pure and innocent one…Guess I was wrong…”

Eugene- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be surprised and would gulp and gasp at every word you’d tell him. However, he wouldn’t ever tell you to stop as he’d actually encourage you to keep going.“Wow…really…Oh my god…Y/N…you’re not usually like this…Oh…but I didn’t tell you to stop though…I wanna know more…”

Jesus- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d wondered as to what would get you in such a mood and try to figure it out. Only to slowly forget and get caught up in your words. “Y/N, what did I ever do today to get you all hot and bothered? I mean you wouldn’t really do all that right here and now…With me…right now…right?”

Dwight- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he wouldn’t be able to handle it and wouldn’t even try to deny it to you that he’d want to do you. “Fuck, Y/N…You really think i’m not gonna do anything after all that…Every fucking time you do this!…I just want to…and after you told me how badly you want me to touch you…No…Get over here…right now!”

Morgan- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d slowly feel uncomfortable over the fact you were both out in the public and grab your arm to warn you. “I’m flattered, Y/N…I really am…but this isn’t the right time for you to tell me should keep that to yourself when we’re out…And remind me later in our room…”

Shane- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d immediately talk dirty back and just walk towards you to corner you while actually try to win over you. “Oh yeah…that’s what you’d do…Did you ever think about what I’d do…I’d rip those fucking clothes off and get you on the floor…then i’m gonna make you my slut…want me to tell you how…or should I just show you…”

Milton- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get flustered and try to keep his mind to his work but the more he heard you, the more he couldn’t take it. “Y/N, please stop it…you’re really distracting me…go away…You know what, let it go! Don’t leave! I’m serious, don’t!Just lock the door! I-I want you badly, now! Hurry, get over here…”

Aaron- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be impressed by everything you were saying and be in slight disbelief you felt that way over him. “Really? Wow! You want me to do that? That badly? Y/N…are you really serious about all of this? I mean I know you like me and all…but this…this is a whole different thing…”

Gabriel- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d try his best to not listen too much and think of anything else while telling you to stop but in the end always fail and give in. “Y/N, please stop it…it isn’t right…You shouldn’t be saying these kind of things to me…We’re not like that…Wait! I-I change my mind…don’t tell anyone…let’s go…”

The Wolf- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d smirk and feel confident about himself and just want to do everything you’d want him to. “Is that really what you want, Y/N? For me to do…and…all that…right now…Alright…get over here…I can do that! I’ll make it happen…”

Michonne- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d give you a warning look and listen to all you have to say before actually giving into you. “Is that all? Are you serious Y/N…you want me to do all that…just because you…feel that way…Alright then…Show it to me…Now…Here I thought you were an innocent one…”

Maggie- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be amused by it and would smile and chuckle to every word you have to say. “Y/N, this is going to sound strange but…that is so sweet of you…I’m serious…I love knowing that you’d get on your knees for me…and do all that…I also like knowing that you’re willing to do all that right now…”

Andrea- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be turned on and grab your wrist to pull you along with her. “Get over here Y/N…You really think i’m just going to let you go…after you said all that…Oh no…Believe me…I’ll even make you regret saying those things…”

Jessie- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be stunned and shocked to hear you speak that way. She’d try to get you to stop and tell you “Oh my goodness Y/N…Stop it…we’re out in public…it’s not the time to say those things…keep it for later…Imagine if anyone else heard you…aren’t you embarrassed?

Beth- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d freeze and wouldn’t be to sure of how she feels about it. She wouldn’t hate it but she would’ve preferred to not hear so much. "Uh…well…I don’t know what to say after all that…It’s nice of you Y/N but…I don’t think it’s the right time for you to say all those things…”

Sasha- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d chuckle and laugh, shaking her head in disbelief over everything you were saying. "Wow…what’s gotten into you Y/N? You’re not usually like this…I’m used to you being all shy and innocent! What happened to that Y/N?! Well, it’s not like I don’t love this new side to you…”

Rosita- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be entertained by you but would sarcastically reply only to further provoke you to make you talk even more. “Really, is that all you’ve got?! Come on, Y/N! I know you can do better…i’m sure you have dirtier things to say than just that…So say it…go on!”

Tara- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d start getting flustered and wouldn’t want to believe you were talking to her that way. “Oh…you’re serious? Like you want me to…and you’d do all that for me…If I…Wow Y/N…this is…a lot to take in…I don’t hate it…but I’ve never seen you like this before…”


january 15, 2017 — hmmm on that last page you can see me trying a new style (and failing badly i mean its really messy ahhh) but i’ve made it a resolution to do something different this year since i wasn’t very satisfied with how the clean and minimal spread was looking ;; but!! i also want to post pics of my art as well, especially how messy my desk gets when im doing art jafsdkf ah, some of the lettering (”softly and tenderly”) was inspired by @studyrose !! ;’-)

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Maeno wants to see KENN’s photobook (≖‿≖)

Kindan Nama Radio #72 (2016.11.09)

Maeno Tomoaki: KENN, I heard you released a photobook?

Toriumi Kousuke: He did, he did, it’s called ‘Nu’~

Maeno: Why didn’t you give me a copy?

KENN: You don’t need one!

Yasumoto Hiroki: Oh I got one. I’m telling you, it’s amazing! A. Ma. Zing!

Maeno: How much did he reveal?

Yasumoto: ALL OF IT!

KENN: It wasn’t everything!!

Maeno: Why didn’t you want to give me a copy of your book?!

KENN: What the hell are you going on about? *laughs*

Maeno: Just let me have a peek!

KENN: Why do YOU want to see it so badly?!

Things I noticed while watching Fantastic Beasts for the second time

Warning, minor spoilers and Harry Potter theories ahead.

1. SO, do you know why Grindelwald wanted to find an obscurus so badly? It’s because Dumbledore’s little sister, Ariana, was an obscurus, and Grindlewald saw the extent of her power. Just think about it, she was kept hidden her whole life, and she died during a chaotic moment where she could have easily just transformed and died. Plus didn’t she kill her mother in an “explosion”? I don’t remember that part completely so I may be wrong…

2. Also, how did Newt find the beasts so fast? Well he’s a Hufflepuff, and they’re particularly good finders. (StarKid reference)


4. Let’s talk about Seraphina Picquery for a second. She is a woman of color, and also a highly respected president… in the 1920′s!!! How freaking awesome is that! She rose above the racism and became a freaking President. Props to her!

5. We have the Harry Potter series with Gryffindor leads, the Cursed Child with Slytherin leads, and Fantastic Beasts with a Hufflepuff lead, I’m expecting a Quidditch Through the Ages with a Ravenclaw lead hopefully? That’d be cool, it’d be breaking Ravenclaw stereotypes. #RAVENCLAWPRIDE (I’m also hoping for some more Slytherin leads, to even out amount of movies/books)

6. I’m going to be 18 years old, sitting in the theater by myself and crying at the Warner Brother’s symbol, when the next Fantastic Beasts movie comes out. 

7. I almost forgot about this one! Newt was close to a Lestrange while at Hogwarts. That means that 1) not all Lestranges were evil, and 2) I’m assuming that she was in Slytherin, and that means that there were inter-house friendships! That makes me so happy!

Please add your theories/what you noticed! I’d love to read them

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DID WE MAKE THE DEADLINE? #conservestreetdogmillionaires2k17


Except for you. I’m hereby offering you priesthood in the Orthodox Church of Chalocentrism.