how badass can this woman get

Can we please just get Cloudia Phantomhive in the Kuroshitsuji manga revealed already?

SHE BORE FRANCIS, the badass woman who also boRE LIZZY
She also probably had a relationship with a freaking grim reaper, how much more interesting can such a mysterious character like her get.


These are my imagines from my old blog. If anything goes wrong, all imagines are under the “harrylillies” tag. x

Harry & Y/N fight at Anne’s house.

Y/N feels uncomfortable when listening to Carolina & Harry has a few people over after an eventful concert.

Y/N, Harry & three little muskateers.

Harry has the hots for Y/N…who is Fionn’s girlfriend.

Y/N’s Family Definition.

Late Late Styles Inspiration.

Side Effects May Include…

Y/N is Lux’s ballet teacher, Harry is in love.

Y/N visits Harry on the Dunkirk set.

Y/N is a fan and so is destiny.

Harry is interested, Y/N isn’t.

Y/N’s celebrity crush is on TV, Harry is not so happy.

Sprouts are not why Y/N has morning sickness.

Y/N is a nurse and Harry likes to hear all about it.

Y/N is an insecure artist and Harry likes meaningful tattoos.

Y/N had a miscarriage before but she’s ready again.

Y/N is older than Harry but Harry doesn’t care.

Y/N is a police deputy and gets hurt.

Y/N and Harry adopt a child after unsuccessful attempts.

Y/N is hard to get, Harry is determined.

Y/N and Harry’s families are together on a vacation, Harry and Y/N are not so sneaky.

Y/N is graduating medical school and nobody can make it to graduation.

Harry spoiling Y/N.

Mad Harry giving Y/N the silent treatment.

Ticketing cashier Y/N & Harry’s new friend group gone wrong.

Not labeled relationship, dates, kisses and Camille Rowe.

Dunkirk’s loudest cheerleader.

Y/N forgets Harry’s birthday.

Ring Fingers Tattooes.

No Strings Attatched.

Stuck in an elevator a panic attack happens and Harry shares a joke.

Y/N’s “I wish we had never met”.

A kissing scene between co-stars, Harry and Y/N, is what it takes.

Youtubers, Harry and Y/N, announcement’s vlog.

Shy Y/N is intoxicated and it amuses Harry. (+Wild Thoughts cover mention).

Road Trip love realization.

Y/N wants Harry to take a picture with a puppy as they stroll.

Alex one shot.

Harry’s and Y/N’s toddler runs on stage. 

Drabble/Prompt list!

86. “Am I scaring you?”

1. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” & 15. “Well you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.” & 14. “Take. It. Off.”

148. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

51. “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

67. “You’re strong baby, you have to be.” & 70. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

76. “Put your penis away.”

79. “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?” & 83. “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

142. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

41. “You’re going out dressed like that?”

56. “I’m late.”

99. “You got a cute butt.”

71. “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.”

43. “Frost the damn cupcakes.”

26: “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka”, 35: “Take your medicine.”, 43: “I feel like I can’t breathe.”, 44: “You need to see a doctor.”, 69: “We need to talk.” & 85: “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”

2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” & 13. “I lost our baby.”

64. “Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.”

29. “How is my wife more badass than me?” & 37. “Welcome to fatherhood.”

60. “Are you going to talk to me?”

67. “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”

2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

94. “I had a bad dream again.” & 57. “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”

132. “We’re not playing strip poker. I don’t care what I said when I was drunk.”

53. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”

30. “Be you. No one else can.”

28. “You’re still mad?”

61. “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!” 

48. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

38. “You leave whenever you feel like it.” & 40. “Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.”

87. “Stay awake.” 

40. “The kids, they ambushed me.” 

49. “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?”

128. “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting” 

Harry Song Prompt List!

13. “I see you gave him my old t-shirt.”

5. “How could you ever turn her down?”

12. “I’m selfish, I know.”

3. “She’s an angel.” & 5. “How could you ever turn her down?”

1. “Give me some morphine.” & 15. “Tell me that you’re sorry, too.”

Song Inspiration!

Sorry by Halsey

Ease by Troye Sivan

13 Beaches by Lana Del Rey


Distant (pt. II) (pt. III) - The one where Harry cheats on Y/N.

Steady Heart (pt. II) (pt. III) (pt. IV) - The one where Harry needs to increase his media exposure with a steady heart.

S U I T S : - The one where most of Harry’s iconic suits remind him of memories of Y/N.

  1.  {PINK} 
  2. {YELLOW}
  3. {RED}

Just A Warning (pt. II) - The one where Harry and Y/N are childhood bffs and she warns him about the gold diggers of girlfriends he has.

Gotta Get Better (pt. II) (pt. III)  - The one where Harry and Y/N are singers, break up and write songs about each other. 

Social Media Prompts!

Harry announcing his missus’ first pregnancy (Instagram).

Instagram PDA. (Instagram)

The missus surprises Harry and he tweets about it. (Twitter) 

Harry captioning the missus’ picture with his lyrics. (Instagram)


So I’ve been asked why do I care so deeply for a show getting renewed. Wynonna Earp is such a great show and it’s something that I haven’t seen before. I absolutely adore the cast, and Emily Andras is just amazing! They work so hard for this show and bring us Earpers amazing content every week. I enjoy this show so much because I am a youth in the lgbtq+ community, and there isn’t a lot of representation in shows that I watch. Wynonna Earp shows me a healthy wlw relationship. I love that so much. Wynonna Earp herself is one badass demon killing strong woman. Melanie Scrofano had an interview where she described how wynonna earp can be flawed but strong. I love everything about this show. Don’t get me started on its one-liners and humor ! I don’t have twitter so I don’t know if my support here is doing anything to help, but I will do my best. To support it here and watch the show everytime it comes on. I avoid the leaks because I want this show to be renewed!! SUPPORT THE SHOW PLEASE!!! WE WANT THE SEASON THREE I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!! FRIDAY AT 9/10 ON SYFY AND SPACE!! IF YOU CANT WATCH IT THERE WATCH IT LEGALLY!


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Request: Is ok to ask for a Jensen x reader? If yes, can you do something where y/n is an angel of Victoria’s Secrets, and Jared and the others often (especially at the conventions) joke about Jensen being jealous, he play along but in reality he is very supportive of her career. But then she stops doing her show and photo shoots, even the jokes stop leaving the fan wondering if Jensen’s jealousy was true. After some time come out a really cute photo shoot of them and the reader has a pregnant belly?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: mild language

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kuerow  asked:

Grear!! Can i request rfa + saeran having accidents, they are fine but they forget MC- they forget their feelings for her too??? I hope for happy endings ^^. OvO Can you write this?? Please do it O-O Please OvO

N/A: Sure thing but sadly I can’t make this really angst except V’s, especially when all my ideas consist of memes, trolling, and other happy-related stories for Mysme. 


  • Say hello to friend zone, MC!
  • Still hangs out with MC sometimes, out of obligation. Ouch.
  • Being with amnesiac Zen isn’t that bad, but MC still feels the ache.
  • One day, he wakes up really early and hears a strangely familiar and beautiful voice coming from the kitchen.
  • At the time, MC dramatically reads a major role from one of his old scripts and apparently that role despite not being his own, he is secretly really fond of the character.
  • And dayum, MC does it so professionally to a certain point that the handsome actor starts sobbing to himself.
  • Only wants to practice with MC outside his acting practices since then. Will use his charms to make MC give in.
  • Eagerly wants to hang out with MC on his weekends and free time.
  • Zen on-guard duty is back. Will glare at any potential man coming near MC. MC Protection Squad where you at?
  • After sometime, he confesses to her and finds the shocking news of them already dating. Still happy as hell tho.


  • You know what you’d expect if Yoosung forgets MC. MC is Rika!
  • Has really high expectations of MC as RFA’s coordinator and hides his disappointment if MC doesn’t do it like Rika.
  • Tired MC is trying so hard! Poor MC, she’s going through the same phase again.
  • The whole RFA (including Saeran) is tired of this phase as well.
  • Thankfully, realization slaps Yoosung in the face when he starts seeing the differences between them.
  • He apologizes by asking the others about her favorite dishes and makes them. Surprisingly, he knows how to make them well.
  • Starts spoiling her with food and gets her into gaming. Wait, how did MC beat him in her first time?!
  • Yoosung becomes really affectionately clingy. Will use his begging puppy eyes to get her to pay more attention to him.
  • Thinks he’s still in university until MC shows him to his workplace as a veterinarian.
  • Guessing that they were/are currently dating, and MC gives him the face.


  • There must be a misunderstanding; Jaehee clearly remembers not having a roommate.
  • Wait, when did she start wearing contacts and her hair being long?! Mr. Han will be pissed!
  • Damn it, Jumin is this close to having Ms. Kang back as his assistant! Still suffering from his new annoying assistant. RIP Mr.Trustfundkid.
  • Mostly ignores MC unless it was a necessity to give her short formal conversations.
  • MC helps Jaehee with maintaining cleanliness in her/their apartment and Jaehee is impressed.
  • Turns out MC is her employee and she clearly loves MC brewing good coffee for her.
  • First sees MC as a friend whom she can freely talk and ask advice to.
  • Finally someone whom she can watch movies (of Zen) with!
  • She gets this feeling that were once a couple (still is) based on recurring yet quick flashbacks and tries to rebuild their relationship.
  • MC is happy to help her but takes it slow.


  • Wait, there’s a new maid? Why is he not notified of this?
  • Consists of a full thorough investigation and a confused MC thinking of Jumin who’s better off as a investigator.
  • How come this maid knows where he likes to keep things and take good care of Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • OMG, is she a permanent maid now? Kinky MC does not mind (but still wants to rebuild their relationship.)
  • Best friend Jaehee is so ready to burst through his penthouse like a boss and explain the whole truth but the whole RFA is holding her back.
  • Pretty much ignores MC after getting used to her presence, hang in there MC.
  • One day after looking through his things, Jumin finds hidden photos & letters of him and MC, and a suspicious-looking ring. Confused Jumin needs to know the truth. NOW.
  • Gets into a frighteningly serious discussion, but not an argument because MC has the patience of a goddess and Jumin is trying to be rational.
  • After their discussion, he realizes what this weird feelings were (developing lately) and pretty much apologizes to her while bowing down on his knees for a thousand of times during the whole week.  
  • Will make a fool out of himself and have his dignity destroyed as MC is his first priority. Imagine this dude putting up embarrassing-looking posters.


  • Let’s go back to when Seven was pushing MC away without the whole there’s-a-bomb-in-Rika’s-apartment ordeal. He’s dangerous, that’s why!
  • Pfft, as if the Great 606 will be defeated. Prepare to have your walls broken down, Defender of Justice!
  • Clearly surprised that MC not only cleans his usually pigsty place but places them where he want it to be. Be free of your burden, Vanderwood!
  • Knows how to evade his antics, but MC does it with swag.  
  • Tsundere Seven is struggling with his clashing emotions and persistent MC is getting better at handling him.
  • Rarely gets missions that has to do with infiltrating and installing CCTV in a big-shot opposing company.
  • MC tags along to his annoyance but is secretly awed that he managed to pass through, all thanks to her being a distraction.
  • The effect didn’t last for long and they were being chased down. But for some reason, this very moment is so déjà vu…
  • During their escape, he did not once let go and is stuck to her like a leech.
  • After the mission, MC is greeted by Seven wearing a maid outfit in a sexy weird pose. Capture a perfect angle of him, MC!


  • Has forgotten that he no longer has feelings for Rika.
  • Imagine V pining for Rika who’s currently being treated and MC pining for a confused V.
  • Treats MC politely yet distantly and MC is struggling between her emotions and rationality.
  • Jumin comes to the rescue and brings down his hammer of realization onto V. His savege-ness has no boundaries and V is stunned.
  • V makes an effort to know MC once more.  
  • The rising feeling of nervousness, excitement, and longing is starting to unsettle him whenever he’s around MC.
  • MC, the master of comfort and reassurance is back.
  • Dude is feeling torn between MC and Rika.
  • Recovering Rika spits out some harsh truths to him that makes him realize of what he really wants.
  • Jihyun Kim is MC’s significant other™. Prepare to get melted, MC.


  • Let’s welcome back angsty kid, Saeran!
  • This girl with no eyes (her bangs are just covering it!) is suspicious to him!
  • MC knows how to deal with his outbursts and tantrums like it’s no big deal.
  • Unsure of how to interact with her so he straight up ignores her, but MC know how to twist this back into her favor.
  • He secretly appreciates how she’s not treating him as if he’s made of porcelain like everyone else. He’s amnesiac not broken for goodness sake.
  • Also thankful that she’s not Rika and helps him whenever he seeks for it.
  • Falls in love all over again as they get closer.
  • Unlike Tsundere Seven, he’s unsure what to do with his feelings so he dwells into the virtual world of romance because this noob lover-boy needs to learn.
  • Seriously takes notes as if he’s studying for finals and applies it to his life but fails because MC can come up with a better pickup line. Come on MC, give this pitiful trying-so-hard-to-impress-you kid a chance!
  • Despite his inexperience in dating, these two make fast progress in their relationship.


  • This girl is obviously a spy.
  • MC ain’t a clingy girlfriend nor a coward.
  • Is stunned at the fact he found a person who doesn’t irritate him.
  • Will defend the poor guy from Seven’s antics.
  • What Vanderwood wants he gets, despite being reluctant about it.
  • Finds comfort in MC as he full-blown rants about Seven and his bizarre cough adventures.
  • MC knows how to deal with his criticism and be better at what she’s terrible at through practice.
  • One time when they were surrounded by enemies, Badass MC beats them up with a Gucci purse. Vanderwood is impressed.
  • Sometime later, he finds out about their relationship from his confidential files and still pretends he doesn’t remember.
  • He still won’t admit he loves her but him being overprotective is getting out of hand. No one can touch his woman.
Korra Fitness- The Official Launch!

Hello everyone! :D As some of you may know, I posted something about working out to look like Korra, a few days ago, and SOMEHOW, it blew up. A bunch of you guys showed your excitement, and it was freaking awesome. So, @justteamavatar/ @avatarmuscles and I were thinking…let’s make it official! :DD

We’re officially launching Korra Fitness! The aim for this little movement is just to encourage fitness within the Korra fandom community to look BADASS as FUCK and get ripped like Korra. We all know how strong and lovely the woman is, and we wanna be like her too! 

 @avatarmuscles and I will personally be posting workout tips, exercises, motivation, (muscular pics of Korra…), and progress pics! Aside from fitness, we also wanna encourage the meditation side of Korra. So, maybe some yoga poses, breathing exercises, generally anything we can do to achieve the balance and harmony that Korra has :’) (because that stuff is important too!).

Anyone is encouraged to join in! :D We want this to be as open as possible, so whatever progress pics/questions/motivation/workout tips you guys have, feel free to do so! The community will appreciate you greatly, and you might even inspire someone else to begin working out <3. (Anytime you guys post something about Korra Fitness, remember to tag it ‘Korra Fitness’ too!)

There’s already so much positivity in this fandom, and we wanna keep it rolling <3. So, hopefully, this little movement will add to the general feeling of good-heartedness, and motivation, and love that makes me love this fandom so fucking much.

So, without further ado-

Originally posted by yang-smash-trash

Korra Fitness is officially launched! :D

May we all hopefully become as badass and as strong as Korra. :’))

Drunj!Der Yells About Outlander

Thoughts on Ep. 305

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

That’s it. That’s my thought. I have nothing more to say about this episode.


This episode, for me, is like last year’s finale in that I liked it, but it made me dislike the Claire stuff in the prior episodes even more by comparison. Like from now on my own personal headcanon is that Claire’s story goes from ep. 213 straight to ep. 305 and I feel like I wouldn’t really be missing out on anything super important. Except I *do* feel like I’m missing out on super important stuff, but what I feel like I’m missing can’t be found by watching the previous episodes.

Everything in this episode feels like the culmination of things the show chose not to go into. So like we get the destination, but without the depth and meaning that would have come from seeing the journey.

Like Claire and Joe are obviously awesome friends. But we know literally nothing about Joe except that he’s Claire’s friend. We can infer a bunch of stuff about him and their friendship just based on the fact that he’s a black man becoming a surgeon and she’s a woman doing the same, but that’s not the same thing as actually investing in and building that relationship, and showing how they’ve become so close that he’s the only person Claire will talk to about Jamie. Geillis and Mary and Louise all got to be more fully formed characters in prior seasons in addition to being Claire’s friend. And I’m really bummed we didn’t get the same with Joe.

We see Claire being badass as a surgeon, but like none of what it took to get her there. Healing is at the core of who Claire is. To jump over her reaching the peak of her calling seems like a wasted opportunity to really get into how fully embracing that part of herself gave her purpose in her 20th century life when she didn’t feel like she had any.

Bree and Claire have some really intense conversations and we see them bond and Bree manages to not make me hate her. But we are missing 20 years of their relationship. What was it like between them when Claire was in med school? What was it like between them after Frank died but before they went to Scotland? Bree has said she noticed that Claire had walls up or was distant, but we don’t see that as Bree is growing up because we really don’t see Bree growing up.

So yeah. Overall I liked the episode (seriously, the end of it is basically perfect!), but I feel like all the pieces leading up to this episode are missing. And that makes me a bit sad. But what’s aired has aired and fanfic exists so I guess that’s what I’ll be diving into during the week off before ep. 306.

Rambling and nonsense under the cut…

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You may have noticed me enthusiastically supporting the Six of Crows duology (SERIOUSLY READ IT IF YOU HAVENT ITS WORTH IT) and have probably wondered why. Lemme tell you guys. These characters. I can relate to almost all of them in some way.

- Kaz Brekker, Dirtyhands, and Bastard of the Barrel. This fucker. Is one of the deadliest people Ketterdam has to offer. He hates people touching him, has on page panic attacks at least twice as far as I remember, has a noticeable limp (all of which I can relate to). Yet he is never looked down on because of that. He is literally one of the most feared people in Ketterdam even though he’s disabled.

- Inej Ghafa, the Wraith. Another one of the deadliest people in the Barrel, probably the deadliest. A canonically badass woman of color who is also religious. Still not looked down upon. Was forced into a brothel where she was…you get the idea (I relate to this part, not the exact circumstances but similar experiences). Yet she found a way to empower herself and be happy.

- Jesper Fahey, sharpshooter, and gambler. BISEXUAL (positive bi rep!!!!) CANON. BADASS. Ends up in a healthy relationship with a guy. Man of color. CARES ABOUT HIS FATHER. TRIES TO RECTIFY HIS MISTAKES. Has powers he never asked for but still occasionally uses them to help his friends. How can you not love his character.

- Nina Zenik is a Grisha Heartrender. She can literally stop your heart from thirty feet away and you’d thank her. Loud, sarcastic, flirty, stubborn, confident. ALSO BISEXUAL (there’s me!!! A bi female!!!)!!!! CANON CHUBBY. THE CURVY BADASS SOLDIER WE DESERVE.

- Wylan Van Eck, this kid. He may have grown up in a privileged setting, but. Wylan is unable to read. Straight up can’t understand the letters. Can barely read his name. His own father basically tried to have him killed. BUT THIS LITERAL RAY OF SUNSHINE (they legit call him Wylan Van Sunshine at one point) IS INCREDIBLY SMART. IS EVERYONES FAVORITE DEMOLITIONIST. Really fucking smart dude. ALSO ENDS UP IN A HEALTHY INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESPER. HES SUCH A KIND AND AMAZING CHARACTER.

- Matthias Helvar, a drüskelle (aka Grisha hunter to put it simply), understandably has a massive grudge against Nina for reasons. BUT. He realizes that he was wrong. And he may not necessarily “forgive” Nina right away, they stop hating each other. And they end up having a cute ass relationship. BUT HES SUCH AN HONORABLE GUY. WHICH MAKES FOR SOME GREAT INTERACTIONS IN THIS BAND OF PEOPLE WITH QUESTIONABLE MORALS (the same can be said about Wylan I was saving it for here though).

tl;dr: Literally all of the characters develop and have their own journeys and are relatable in some way, to nearly everyone. AND ITS AMAZING. THERE IS SO MUCH POSITIVE REP. LEIGH BARDUGO IS A GODDESS AMONG AUTHORS.

unexpectedly charming

Before Season 2 of Voltron came out, I had read an article that had mentioned there would be several bonding moments between Keith and Allura, and as a pretty invested Klance and Shallura shipper, I was skeptical. I really was. I figured if it happened, it would happen, and I would just deal with it.

The last thing I expected was to like Kallura even a little bit, let alone be completely charmed by it.

(gif credit to the marvelous @flusteredkeith!)

Not only had Keith and Allura barely interacted, I didn’t really have a grasp on Keith (there were assumptions, of course, which I used to inform the way I wrote him in fic)- so going in, I had a lot of reservations. You could even call it a low-key notp, because I didn’t want them to get together just because they had been together in the original series. It didn’t make sense to me, given the interaction they had had up to that point.

But then some of my friends started watching season 2, and when I asked two of them about shipping moments, as I am wont to do, they both mentioned Kallura…and that it was actually kind of cute. And charming. And the all in all, they didn’t hate it.

I was intrigued. So I went into watching Season 2 with an open mind, and I discovered that it really was kind of cute. And the more I thought about it, the further I fell, and I really wanted to figure out why.

So I’ve decided to do the only thing I can do when I’m overwhelmed by feelings about something: write about it.

So here goes: a little meta essay (read: roughly 4,700 words with copious screenshots and gifs inserted for visual interest) on how I fell for Kallura, and why I’m interested in its potential, and why I think it’s worth giving a shot!

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Meeting Mary, your Mother, for the first time would include...

- Feeling pretty guilty because you were the one in the cot when Mary died

- Being lowkey jealous of Sam and Dean’s closer bond with her at first because they both have actual memories with her

- You’re shy around her and find it hard to open up

- You thinking she’s the most badass Hunter and wondering if you’d ever reach that standard

- Finally having another woman in the house

- She tells you how proud of you she is

- She can be very stern

- You help her out when she’s trying to get used to technology and how it all works

- You act more serious when she’s around, but so do your brothers so no one calls each other out

- It’s hard to call her Mum at first, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it

- You teach her about modern-day times and help her to adjust

- She finds you looking through one of the old photo albums and you can finally hear stories to go with the pictures

- You asking about what your brothers were like when they were really young

- “John would be so proud of you.” (You doubt it very much, but keep quiet)

- She picks up on small things about you such as eating habits, musical interests, general preferences etc..

- Mary admits how she feels like she can never get to know you properly because she wasn’t there for the majority of your childhood

- When she asks about John you go very quiet and look over to your brothers in hopes that they’ll help change the topic

- She calls family meetings to drag you from out of your room

- Sharing looks every time your brothers do or say something stupid or strange

- You finally taking in the fact that you have a Mum 

Requested by anon

Hi! Could you please do a headcannon where Sam and Dean’s little sister is meeting Mary for the first time? Thank you ❤️❤️
Of course! Hope this is okay, I tried to think of as many as I could x

I do not own these gifs

(Tags after cut)

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Baahubali 2 -  Thoughts

Can we just forget the little flaws and appreciate SS Rajamouli and his amazing team who pulled off this mad genius venture?! Can we not point out the disturbingly prominent CGI arrows that flew out of Amarendra Baahubali’ s bow! I am sick and tired of people trashing the movie because of its tiny glitches. GET OVER IT, THE MOVIE BLEW MY BRAINS OUT.

Originally posted by queenofmahishmati

Let’s start with how magnificent the screenplay is and the symbiotic music that urges on the movie. Can’t even begin to describe the swell in my chest when I experienced the movie on the big screen, a mixture of pride, love, joy, grief - EVERYTHING. It made me FEEL things and that is all I need. A vibrant storm of emotions, nonetheless.

Originally posted by manoharis

There was that subtle humour incorporated into the scenes and that was cleverly done. As for the characters, oh my god where do I begin! They have been infused into the plot beautifully, so much so that one cannot function without the other. You need the good and the bad and damn it, they have got it all.


Originally posted by tollywoodprema

THESE TWO PRACTICALLY STOLE THE FUCKING SHOW. I bet those who watched the movie will be nodding their heads like crazy because daddy Baahubali and that fine hair of his is unequivocally SWOON - WORTHY. The romantic elements have SSR’s touch and you can draw parallels with the chemistry from Magadheera. Right now, I can only recall the archery scene.

Originally posted by i-heart-indian-movies

Amarendra Baahubali is the ultimate husband material, jumping in front of her to save her honour, not that she needs anyone’s help, she can kickass just fine on her own but its that gesture which makes you howl with happiness. His character is so well-developed and sculpted to perfection and sometimes you can’t help but wonder about his flaws. Also, his rapport with Kattappa is simply brilliant. You can practically feel the love.

Originally posted by i-heart-indian-movies

I cannot get over how PERFECT this scene was. Their love basically oozes out of the damn screen and straight into your heart.  

Originally posted by jaimahishmathi

Some Uncle Scar appreciation for Bhalladeva and his fab body. Also, you can’t hate this cutie, no matter how hard you try. Them pony tying skills though!

Originally posted by kollyreign


Her intro was LIKE A FUCKING BOSS! Definitely made it into my woman crush Wednesday list. How can you not fall in love with this face?

Okay, I think I am done ranting.

sedumbhun-is-my-bae  asked:

HI! Can I have RFA members HC to MC for once NOT being a total ass kiss, cutie, shy, quiet girl and being a badass, bold, direct woman. Who has opinions on her own other than agreeing with the members but is still a kind, understanding person! Thx 😘

a/n: i hope you like this! i love the idea of MC being that way, 100% behind it tbh. also aaa thank you so much for the (first!!) request!


  • honestly would be so intimidated at first
  • p much immediately admires you tho bc ur so strong?? he lowkey wants to emulate you
  • also adores the fact that despite having such a hard exterior, you’re so caring??


  • now we all know Yoosung’s route deals with him becoming more “manly”
  • but here me out here
  • secretly loves the fact that he can totally rely on you (ofc he tries to be there for you just as much as you are for him)
  • so eager to show everyone how badass you are
  • someone else is hitting on you/him? not getting the hint? decked by you
  • yoosung swoons and sticks his tongue out at the injured party


  • at first he’s a bit… confused? he didn’t expect you to be so bold
  • totally digs it after a bit tho, he’s never met a woman quite like you before and it honestly rocks his world
  • has a crush on you instantly honestly


  • tries his best to flirt and make you blush, but you’re so, so much better at it
  • poor boy is reduced to a blushing mess frequently, he is sooo not used to that he loves it
  • for how much he loves your badass exterior, he loves how kind and compassionate you can be even more which is saying a lot
  • the sassiest couple when dealing w unwanted advances tbh, u two usually go at the perpetrator in tandem, but sometimes he loves just watching you put people in their place it turns him on


  • hoo boy this angel just heart eyes immediately at you
  • ur everything she wants to be??? and she admires you so much???
  • ur so badass but so graceful?? she doesn’t know how you do it


  • honestly can’t believe how lucky she is to be with someone like you
  • and u just know that you rub off on her;; you give her so much confidence and strength
  • neither of you take shit from anyone and honestly #goals


  • so Jumin being the control-freak he is…. he’s a bit put off by you at first
  • but for some reason that he can’t figure out he’s totally intrigued by you
  • shocked every time you don’t comply and/or agree with something tbh eventually gets used to it


  • oh man you two are both such alphas…. ur relationship is really something
  • starts out a bit rocky honestly…. he wants to be in total control and that’s just not gonna fly w you
  • y’all genuinely care about each other tho so, it takes some work, but you two eventually become absolute equals in every way
  • suuuch a power couple honestly like holy shit he fckn loves it


  • he is intimidated pretends he isn’t but honestly loves it
  • loooves the times when you go along with his pranks, lowkey hates it when you firmly tell him to quit teasing people yoosung
  • rlly just wants to be in your good graces but he thinks he fucks it up all the time :(


  • you two challenge each other a lot (in a healthy way)
  • & i really can’t stress enough how much strength you give him
  • you pick him up when he’s at his lowest, you protect him, you’re his rock
  • so lost w/o you honestly…

Do people ever put any actual thought into shit like this?
Here, let me break it down:

Opening doors for another person is just the polite thing to do. I open and hold doors for grown ass men all of the time because it’s called being considerate.
Hold the bags? What does this even mean? You mean like when your wife is shopping and you’re just there to “hold the bags”? Because I’ve actually never seen that anywhere but in a movie where they are portraying stereotypes.
Give up your seat? So you won’t give up your seat to a pregnant or elderly woman to stick it to the feminists? I’ve often given my seat up to elderly men and women, pregnant women, or just another young adult of any sex because, like everything else, it is considerate. If someone has been standing for a while and I’ve been sitting, I will always offer my chair. It’s polite. That’s it.

Free drinks are always offered by men in the hopes of getting laid, and sex is almost always expected. And if the woman doesn’t go home with the man after he bought her free drinks?
“What do you mean ‘I really appreciate the drinks. That was sweet of you, but I’m sorry, I’m not going home with you’? Why did I spend all that money buying you drinks? Just because I wanted to get to know you? Pffft.”

“I don’t get free entry”
Once again, the whole ‘women get in free’ thing is always done to then attract horny men to pay to get into said place in the hopes that at least one of the women will get drunk off ALL THOSE free drinks and sleep with his pathetic ass.

And before I hear anyone yell “there are women only nights at clubs! Where are the men only nights?!!” Remember this: a lot of women go out solely to have fun with their friends. They don’t want to get hit on and/or harassed by drunk, horny men. And so a club with only women is a safe spot to get drunk, have fun, and not worry about getting hit on or fear the possibility of being sexually assaulted. They can let their guards down and just have fun. Now, ask yourself, when is the last time a straight guy wanted to be at a club with only other straight men? The words “sausage fest” comes to mind. One privilege of being a man is not having to worry about getting drunk, letting their guard down, and getting raped. I AM NOT SAYING A MAN HAS NEVER BEEN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. But how many times has a man been pulled into a dark ally late at night, held down, and raped by a strange woman? I am sorry (but also not sorry, because it is a GOOD thing) to say I don’t think that type of rape has never happened to a man. So, a girl’s only night at a club but no boys only night at a club is ultimately the fault of men. Deal with it. And if you want clubs to have men only nights, work to change it!

“I don’t get sympathy.”
Bahahaha. What the hell? First of all, what the hell do you mean?? What is the context here? Do you honestly think only women receive sympathy? I’m so confused.

“She must have one gaping vagina, the slut!”
“Ew that vagina looks like an open face roast beef sandwich!”
“It was like throwing a hot dog down a tunnel!”
“Damn, her pussy was so tight!”
“I want that tight pussy of yours so bad, ma.”

I could go on and on and on.

Once again, this is all because of other men. Men are expected to be masculine and adhere to certain styles that aren’t 'feminine". This is exactly one of the things feminists fight for.
Men, you wanna wear heels? Wear them. Rock them. If they make you feel hot, throw them on and then dig that heel into the temple of any man or woman who calls you less of a man for wearing them.
I have pretty large feet due to my height, so we can even share cute shoes! And I won’t think you any less of a man.

Again, with the makeup. It’s only because society (mostly men) call it unmanly. But feminists say, my dude, you wanna contour your face and rock a nice shade of lipstick? I’ll shoot you some tutorials and tell you how badass you look afterwards. It. Doesn’t. Make. You. Any. Less. Of. A. Man.
And while you’re at it, gimme some tips. Cause I suck at doing my makeup. That’s why I rarely wear anything more than eyeliner and mascara.

Stupid men can’t be blond? What does that mean? Are you saying a man can’t be stupid and get away with it because he’s blond??? Since when can women get away with that ridiculous stereotype? It’s 2016. We know hair color has Jack shit to do with intelligence. If a woman is blond and can get away with being stupid, it’s because a lot of men are attracted to the ditzy, sexy, blond. That’s one large reason women, Marilyn Monroe to name one iconic one, dye(d) their hair blond and act like idiots even though they are actually very smart. They are afraid men don’t like smart women. And most of the media proves that many men don’t. (Once again, think Marilyn Monroe)

“When you slapped me I was wrong”
No, I was wrong because no one should be slapping anyone unless in self defense.
“When I slapped you I had anger issues”
Possibly you do have anger issues. Who knows? But once again, it is wrong because no one should be hitting anyone else unless you are in fear for your safety and need to try to protect yourself.

Well, if she had worked and had a salary and you are getting divorced she is entitled to half because it was a fifty fifty income no matter why you are divorcing. Other than that, there is such a thing as a prenup.
Now, let’s all think of all the cases where the man cheated on or was beating the woman and she decided she wanted a divorce and the judge ruled in favor of the man and gave the man everything? I personally know two women who got married, did the stay at home mom thing while he worked, found out he was having an affair (the other one she was being mentally abused by him and finally had enough), filed for divorce, and he walked away with everything while the women and their children moved in with their mother (the other with her sister and her husband and daughter).

Feminism addresses all of these things. Feminism is not just fighting for women’s rights. It is fighting against the patriarchy, a patriarchy which also harms men. We are constantly addressing those issues. But all the manplaining and MRA bullshit doesn’t look at that. They just see men being “attacked” and immediately start complaining.

Found these gems on Facebook. Lots of men sharing them thinking they are sticking it to us crazy feminists!!
(By the way, everyone who has Twitter should @ these to all the actors in these images, since we all know the person who photoshopped these did not have permission to use these images for something I know for a fact none of these men stand for. So, everyone, please send these images to these actors Twitter’s)
But this just makes me laugh/want to cry. No thought went into this. Men are really grasping at straws here.

Sooo… We all know that Benvolio is a fighter, a badass, but can we talk about how his first response when shit starts to go down is to get Lady Rosaline the hell outta dodge! He didn’t go for his sword or molly whop the nearest Capulet. No. He grabbed his woman (one that he is suppose to be RELUCTANTLY marrying by the way) to get her to safety. I’m so sold on this couple that I can barely wait for next week’s episode.

ifyoulikepinacoladas31000  asked:

OMG, have you drawn Fleur's outfit completely?? It looks gorgeous!!! Your art is amazing!! It takes me back to when I was 8 and discovered Harry Potter. Keep up the good work!! :D

No, I haven’t drawn the entire outfit! It was really fun trying to come up with something for her Triwizard Tournament suit. Can you imagine how fashion and badass Fleur would have looked like? Because I do. The woman doesn’t get enough credit for being a freaking champion on this tournament. Yesterday I thought about it all day. I love her, I will draw more of her!

and bill, of course 


I originally wasn’t going to read it bc tbh, i didn’t *love* the last two books in the series: QOS and EOS (i felt like the series peaked @ HOF)  and an extra book about kale? i was like? really? is this necessary?

[spoilers ahead]

and it’s so hard to not let other people’s opinions effect how you see this series….esp all the antis on tumblr. but slowly and surely I’m listening to my own opinions, rather than what strangers declare on the internet like I have read so many arguments on this series and there’s good points on both sides that ultimately it just goes round and round and whatever the fuck I’m just really jaded and tired as shit so moving on to the actual review thats more like a list thats really incoherent like always


- chaol’s fucking character arc like. fuck. r u fucking kidding me. fuck. i was never a really big chaol fan to begin with ever since tog, but god. this book just made me love him??? like jesus by the end i would’ve probably died for this veggie

- YRENE FUCKING TOWERS!!!!!!! jfc like the assassin and the healer was always my favorite of all the novellas and fuck this just came together so beautifully. seeing how yrene’s changed from that girl all those years ago when she first met celaena to the strong woman she is now I’m QUAKING! and that fucking last scene on the boat?? with chaol and yrene??? the note??? fuck me up???

- SARTAQ AND NESRYN I’m dead don’t even w me like fuck I’m dead. get u a otp that rides giant badass hawks together. like fukc. i can even begin like nesryn fucking deserves this so much I’m so happy that she’s happy I’m fucking. jesus. ALSO THAT LAST SCENE W HER FAM. that was some Cute Shit.

- THE ENTIRE SUPPORTING CAST. i literally can’t even like how the fuck do i describe???? as far as I could tell there were no like overused cliche tropes for supporting characters. And Sarah could have described poc better like. There are more words than just brown?? And idk I just felt like she could’ve described their skin color more frequently bc for a lot of the poc it was like described once and never mentioned again. and hasar. like im shaking.

- How Chaol viewed aelin and dorian and coming around and letting go of that bitterness in his heart. like my fucking bleeding heart. My OG Babies. like yall. that was some Real Shit.

- ALL THE FUCKING MESSAGES IN THIS STORY. this was the most beautiful part of the book, in my opinion like just. here. these are some of the messages i saw:

  • no matter how small a role you think you played, you still deserve to have your story told. (nesryn & the arrow thing) (I’m sorry im really tired and i just finished and i cannot for the life of me remember the names of anything)
  • let go of the bitter shit in your heart. or in the long run it’ll eat u up. (i mean. kale’s entire thing.)
  • family is just. so important. like the royal family The Khagans. like u hear all this shit about them wanting to kill each other but like. “never us” bye my eyes are fucking sweaty
  • even if you think it’s the end of the world. it’s not. (like idk just chaol learning to live with his disability and how it doesn’t make him a different man like that fucked me up. also the remanence of his convo with aelin? the one where kales like “what if theres just despair beyond this?” and aelins like “then it is not the end” or it goes something like that. like. tattoo that on my fucking forehead.

anyways HOF was my favorite book in the series and now this one. is right up there with it so I’m just really emotional. bc it really blindsided me with how good it was like it was just. way better than i expected. 


Request: hi love! i’m so sorry to bother you as i’m sure you have tons of things you’re working on. but when you’re taking requests (idk if you are right now) can you write something where kylo is interested in the reader but she’s kinda skeptical about going out with him and the knights of ren take it upon themselves to be his wingmen? like almost every time the reader turns a corner, one of them are there with great stories about the commander to try to get her to warm up to him? thank you angel!

A/N: I love writing kylo in these kinda fits bc I make him so damn dry and blatant but its funny and yeah thank you anon for this request! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.6K+

It was pretty obvious that the commander was infatuated with you; you didn’t have to be Force sensitive to tell, Kylo just didn’t know how to hide it. The man was always staring at you from behind his helmet whenever you walked by or were in the same room as him. He didn’t know what being discreet meant.

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Club Security - (1/?)

Summary: Being an almost Chief of the Italian Mafia wasn’t all that good, sometimes things would get boring. That was one of the motives that made Bucky create a “secret” club; and just as every important and rich establishment, there should be someone to take care of it. And that someone happens to be you.

Pairing: Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,162

Warnings: Cursing, mention of blood and guns, MAFIA, slight angst, mafia cliché.

A/N: HELLOOOO, so… Should I be starting another series when I didn’t finish none of the ones I already have? Nop. But can I get this freaking idea out of my head? NOP SO DEAL WITH IT. Anyway, I actually really liked this and I had two versions of it, but I ended choosing the one where the reader is kinda badass; Hope you enjoy it! <3 (btw, I have no clue how I’m almost reaching to 300 followers. No. Fucking. Clue.)


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The thick cloud of smoke was familiar to Bucky’s eyes and lungs, just as the taste of expensive liquor and the annoying sweet perfume of the woman dancing on his lap.

It was so familiar that it turned ordinary, monotonous, boring.

The same types of women, the same types of men, the same smell, perfumes and even personalities; it made him feel sick to his stomach.

“May I see the face of the gentlemen?” Her high-pitched voice made Bucky huff in annoyance, staring blankly at the blonde on his lap that was trying to look seductively by biting her bottom lip, but that just made her look ridiculous to his eyes.

“Stop the act and get the fuck out of me, you know who I am.” She hissed with how rude his voice sounded, but complied with his orders, knowing better than to challenge and disobey the owner of the club and almost Chief of the Italian mafia.

The mask that covered part of his face gave him an even more dominant and mysterious look, causing all of the women to stare and desire him.

“You shouldn’t be that rude.” Steve scolded his best friend, earning a scoff from him.

“And she shouldn’t be trying to cheat on her husband.”

“How’s business?” Looking around, Bucky shrugged his shoulders and ignored the glances that the female part of the club sent him. “You’re on edge, what’s the deal?”

“The deal is that shitty rule that says I have to marry to accomplish my right fucking spot.” Looking at his friend with sympathy, Steve patted his shoulder.

“You’ll find a nice lady to yourself, is not like you’re out of options.”

I don’t want to get married, Steve.” He hissed, annoyed with the line of the conversation. “Look around, they are all the same! I can’t just get fucking divorced; it is a literal ‘forever’, you punk.”

Some members – rarely – got the chance to marry a person they loved, but Bucky wouldn’t know how that felt, he never loved anyone.

“What about Natasha? You two are friends, she wouldn’t mind helping you. Besides, you two had a “thing” some time ago, didn’t ya’?” Keeping his eyes on the stage, where some girls danced the slow music, he laughed humorlessly.

“Said it right. Had. I won’t put her into a fate where she won’t be loved, she doesn’t deserve it.” Steve was about to list all the women that were willing to marry Bucky when something caught his eyes and made his voice get stuck in his throat.

The brunet followed his friend’s gaze and almost choked with his liquor at the sight in front of him.

You stood next to the bar, awaiting for your drink while tapping the wood slowly with your nails, the red dress clinging to your breasts and waist, the skirt of it falling like a cascade into the floor on the back while the front stopped in the middle of your thigh.

Turning your head when you felt the sensation of being observed, your Y/E/C lingered on both men and without giving a second glance, you turned back into your previous bored position.

You were the only women in there using a mask, all of the others had their faces uncovered since they objective were to find a pair, and they couldn’t do that if they weren’t able to show the beauty that attracted their prays.

Something in your eyes made Bucky’s palms tingle, noticing that he wasn’t the only one paying attention to you, he cocked a brow at Steve.

“You want her dead? If Peggy caught you staring, know what she would do?” Teasing, he chuckled at his friend’s failed attempt to hide that he was staring at you. But Bucky didn’t blame him, there was a ‘thing’ in you that called people’s attention.

You had a sensual and independent aura, and that was what made Bucky get up and walk into your direction. Confidence overflowing from him, making all men back away slightly.

“And how does such a nice lady find herself in my club?” It didn’t go unnoticed to you that he made sure to say that the place was his, your eyes burning into his, trying to catch any sight of the face under the mask. “Business or pleasure?” You would be lying if you said that his hoarse voice didn’t send chills down your spine.

“Business.” It was the only thing you said before grabbing your whiskey and turning your back at him, slowly walking to one of the sofas and crossing your legs, eyes on the room like you were the queen of the place.

And to the men in there, you certainly did look like you were.

“Wow, right, chief?” Bucky nodded his head, agreeing with the bartender and bowing on the bar counter.

“Who’s she?”

“Y/N Y/L.”

“The name is familiar.” Steve chuckled at his side before muttering his order.

“You should recognize the name of the women that takes care of the safety of the club and yours.” Cocking a brow at his friend, Bucky rested his arms on the wood, still watching you swing your leg slowly while solving the whiskey.

“And that was supposed to mean?”

“She’s the leader of the squad that takes care of you and your sisters… And Peggy… And me… And basically every single person of here.”

“So you are telling me she has sources?” Steve widened his eyes at Bucky’s smug, denying with his head furiously.

“I wouldn’t try the luck, pal. Y/N is known for turning down every men that try to get into a relationship with her.”

You eyed Bucky, your smoky eyes sending vibrations through all his body. Feeling the chills caressing your exposed back when he grinned at you, you took a sip from your drink, smirking at him from behind your glass.

“I’m always up for the challenge.”

Before James could do a move, you quickly got up, aiming your gun at him and shooting at an incredible speed.

The club went silent as a women’s body fell to the ground behind the chief, dropping her own gun with a ‘thud’, the blood gushing out through the whole in the back of her head while a single line of blood flood from the one in the middle of her eyebrows.

You took off your mask, tossing it absently at the sofa you were seconds before; walking calmly to Bucky, you saw his eyes shinning in admiration.

“Threat eliminated, Mr. Rogers.” He nodded his head, still in shock with how quick you were.

“Huh, I can see that.”

“I shall accompany Mr. Barnes to his car now; will you want an escort, also?” At any occasion, Bucky would’ve dismissed the babysitting, but he would never deny such a fine lady’s company.

“It’s ok, Peggy will soon be waiting for me downstairs.”

“In this case… Will you follow me, sir?” Bucky cocked a brow at Steve before following you to the exit.

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