how bad do i look


I love them??? please excuse the bad anatomy I haven’t been drawing people 

someone: i gave up on ajin the cgi is so bad and ugly lol

me, crawling up to them with tears in my eyes: tHe sToRy, YoU’rE nEGlecTinG tHe sToRy

If eremin became canon
  • Some of you: ew that doesn't make sense!! they're just friends!! well whatever I'm sure it'll just be a fling, everyone knows Eren will end up with Levi eventually 😍
  • The rest of you: omg so revolutionary!! i shipped it allll along
  • Me, a steadfast eremin shipper since chapter 5: oh goodness
  • Me:
  • Me: I'm sorry, my memory must be failing, I don't remember seeing you at the meetings
  • Me: my apologies, I must've imagined the snk fandom's complete and utter lack of support for eremin
  • Me: but sure
  • Me: yes quite revolutionary who could've seen it coming

majestically running Kim Jongdae


Tom/Harry AU: Harry didn’t expect to face Tom Marvolo Riddle again, not after what had occurred in the Chamber of Secrets. Four years later, however, he was proved wrong. This version of Tom wasn’t part of Voldemort’s split soul any longer—instead he appeared to be tied to Harry, who was far from pleased by this development.

ahhhhh i really wish I could do something better…….. I need to give a Lot more priority to learning how to do backgrounds that don’t look super bad ;;

ahh. I loved how this game looks… I was so worried, but once they showed it? I feel it really works. The colors are incredible, it still feels like Zelda……. I can’t wait until we can play it ;;

Also!! I’m having screen problems, please tell me if the colors look too burnt/saturated on your screens!


Ashido for @cutiepie-tro & @therealcakelover

Let’s just focus on the close up bc it looks way better

Send me a character so I can disappoint u with my doodles

Some sketches I did X3