how bad can i possibly lesbian

Reminder that if you’re trying to figure out gender and sexuality it is totally okay to focus on what you *want* first and then, if necessary, turn that into a statement about who/what you are.

Your questioning doesn’t have to start out as “am I a woman?” “Am I a lesbian?” “Am I asexual?” etc.

You can focus on decisions you want to make with your life. Whether or not you want to get rid of facial hair that makes you feel like shit. Whether or not you want people to call you she, whether that feels good or bad or neutral or just confusing. Whether or not you want to have sex with a particular girl or particular guy.

Sometimes identity level questions are overwhelming or concepts don’t make sense. What is “romantic attraction” and how is it different from liking someone and also possibly wanting to kiss or have sex with them? What does it feel like to be a woman or a man? Some people just know but other people have a hard time with that. Focusing on what you do or don’t want to do can be easier. That’s allowed.

There are literally people who had no problem reblogging block lists that listed “TERF lesbians”’ urls next to neo-Nazi blogs, now acting shocked and disgusted about Heather Hogan comparing TERF lesbians to neo-Nazis.
How could someone imply that lesbians are as bad as Nazis! What could have possibly given them the impression that this was okay! I have never contributed to this in any way, though it feels good to virtue-signal by reblogging a “Nazis, terfs and other horrible people” block list every now and then”

The hypocrisy and/or cognitive dissonance displayed by all these different factions of progressive lesbophobes with their faux outrage like “Noooo you’re not hating lesbians the right way! Let me show you! You can compare lesbians to Nazis but not like that!” is completely exhausting.

Problematic genderfluidness

So I’m gender fluid and I think my biggest problem is that I love long hair but I prefer male terms most of the time and since I have female parts it makes it hard to be recognized as male. And when I’m in a male mood (most of the time) I just want short hair. But last time I cut all my hair off and had shorter hair all I would hear from people was how I looked like a butch lesbian and I got made fun of a lot. :/ I don’t know how to fix this issue of mine. I’m also pretty chubby and have ginormous boobs. I want to get a reduction because they make my back hurt. It’s so bad a doctor told me I should get x-rays and possibly think about a reduction and I’m on board with it but my mother had no interest and since I’m only 16 I can’t make that choice.. it’s pretty hard to be yourself when you can’t look it. I can’t stand it sometimes. I just want to be a dude who sometimes is a girl not a full time girl.