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Get You

A/N: SURPRISE I’M TRASH!! I told y’all I was gonna write a one-shot to avoid my finals, and that is exactly what I’m doing. Anywho this was gonna be filthy smut but then I started writing about how sweet Bucky is and this turned into soft, slow-burn, tender sex and I. Am. Not. Mad. I needed this tbh. Hope y’all enjoy <3 This was inspired by “Get You” by Daniel Caesar (IT’S A GOOD ASS SONG Y’ALL SHOULD LISTEN TO IT) Also it is 4:45 AM and I need to go to bed.

Summary: Bucky visits you after a long day at work and provides you with some much-needed comfort in the form of coffee, cheese danishes, and office sex.

Warnings: Mention of irregular eating habits, Stress, Smut/NSFW content, Slow burn sex, Oral (female receiving), Fingering, Unprotected sex (to be fair this time they’re married and are probably gonna have kids at any moment), Cute ass fluffy smut honestly

Word Count: 2,607

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The Big Reveal

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Request: Can you do one where Sebastian Smythe and reader are dating and they reveal it to the Glee club by having reader where his blazer?

Notes: So, Sebastian is a bit out of character in this one but still keeps his sass towards the others. It’s a bit shorter than my other imagines but I hope you guys like it!

“Babe, please?” Sebastian begs you, holding the jacket out in front of him. You take a moment to examine the blazer, noting the crispness of the navy, the sharp contrast of the red piping and the Dalton logo stitched on the left chest.

“Why do you want me to wear it?” You question, feeling the heavy fabric between your fingers.

“It’s the biggest game of the year. Our schools are playing each other, it’s just to show support. It’d be like wearing my jersey, but I kind of need that. The other girlfriends are going to be wearing the blazers too. You’ll fit right in.”

“Have you forgotten that I sit with my friends at the lacrosse games? The ones who not-so-subtly hate you? Who would flip out at me telling them that we’re dating?”

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Having a Chronic Illness is like

having severely bad eye sight and needing glasses. Except glasses don’t exist. Most people don’t believe you have bad eye sight. You get judged for not being able to see correctly, people think you are faking for attention. People tell you all the time how they wish they had your bad eye sight so they could get out of certain obligations. You cannot go to work because you can’t see. You cannot read a page in front of your face, doctors say you are just depressed or are faking. Everyone around you tells you to “try harder to see”. Lots of people tell you to do yoga.

Having a chronic illness makes you feel like you have the flu all the time. Except the treatment for your disease doesn’t exist. Most people don’t believe you are sick. You get judged for not being able to do things that everyone else does, people think you are faking this illness for attention. People tell you all the time how they wish they had your illness so they could get out of certain obligations. You cannot work because you are too sick. You cannot got out for more then a few hours without literally collapsing from exhaustion, your doctor say you are just depressed or are faking. Everyone around you tells you to “try harder to get better”. Lot of people tell you to do yoga.

Break-ups and Bestfriends

Broken. That’s how you felt. Awful. The rain pounded against your yellow raincoat that Harry bought you birthdays ago. You felt broken inside and almost shattered to tiny pieces. There was only one man that could help you, Harry. You needed him the most. You couldn’t call him to come pick you up, he threw your phone, you watched it smash to tiny pieces like your heart. You just wanted your best friend.You knew your face was puffy from crying. You hugged the coat closer to your chest. You soon saw Harry’s home in close approach.

You reached Harry’s gates and typed in the passcode and walked up to his front door where you used your key. “Harry?” You stammered. Suddenly he appeared from the door. “‘Allo love, you alright?” He said casually looking at his phone, this was normal for the pair of you. He then looked up and saw your puffy face and dull eyes. “Oh dear love, what’s happened?” He said running over to you. You burst out crying yet again after being able to contain yourself for a second. He wrapped his arms around you. “Oh love, what has happened?” He asked. “He, he broke up with me, he threw my phone. Harry… I,” You stumbled across your words. “Alright, sh, how about I run you a bath and make you a tea, yeah?” He asked. You loved Harry’s bath, it looked across the skylines of London and you’d never felt so on top of the world before. You sat on the swivel chair in the kitchen whilst he flicked the kettle on. He left the kitchen momentarily so he could turn the bath on but now before pressing a kiss to your forehead. You didn’t move. You heard the bath begin to run but you stayed put. Harry came back in and made you your tea. Putting three sugars and a drop of milk despite normally moaning about your sugar intake. He sent you a small smile, of which you returned.

Harry put your cup of tea on the bath side and you saw he had put your fluffy pj’s on the side. The pair you always leave here. “Thank you Harry” You smiled to him. He gave you a sympathetic smile and wrapped his arms around you and you leaned into his touch. “Lets just focus on you, yeah? Have a chill out, we can watch a Harry Potter or something after yeah?” He smiled. You nodded.

You nestled down in the bath and the warm water consumed you. You felt at peace and you closed your eyes. How did things get this bad? Where did you go wrong? What did you do to him? How long was he feeling like this? Why didn’t he speak up sooner? There was a knock at the door that startled you from your train of thought. “Y/N, you alright?” He asked. “Yeah, thank you, H.” You replied.

After about twenty minutes, you’d gotten out. You put on your fluffy pj’s, used some of the skincare stuff Harry had brought for his house and made your way to the living room. Harry was sitting there reading something on his phone. “Hey, you” he said when he saw you walking in. He held his arms open, implying a cuddle. You climbed over the sofa and placed her legs over Harry’s and nestled your head on his shoulder. “I’ve missed you, you’ve been distant lately.” You whispered into his neck. “M’new album” He said as he got Harry Potter on the screen. “How’s that coming along?” You asked. He nodded good with a smile. “Written any songs about how amazing your best friend is?” You asked. “Ha, no. I did write a song about how good your best friend was at making tea though.” He smirked passing you a tea. Best friends were the best.

Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Seven

You should all be proud of me for somehow managing to get this out on time. I have no idea how I did it. Thank you for the support though! It definitely motivates me.

Word Count: 1648

Warnings: Cursing. More Willy. (That’s a warning right?)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

You couldn’t quite describe the emotions that were running through your body. You were still hurt from what happened with Alex the previous day. You were lost, not knowing what to do. Lonely, losing not only him, but Kasperi as well. Confused, as to why Will was now sitting on the couch in your living room. He leaned back comfortably on the cushions with his arms crossed. A nonchalant appearance across his face as you sat on the love seat across from him.

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Guilty - Alex Standall x Reader

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Pairing : Alex Standall x Reader

Fandom : 13 Reasons Why

Warnings : none

A/N: *cough* grammar mistakes *cough* 

It was late. Your day had been a though one and you were tired, but Alex brought you with him at Bryce’s. You were sitting by the big swimming pool, thinking about nothing, eyes gazing down on the clear water. You could hear Justin and Bryce shout, and the sound of shotguns from Montgomery’s videogame. You hated the fact that Alex spend that much time with them, because you knew he wasn’t like them. He tried his best to be like them, but he could'nt. He was so much different.You got out of your thoughts when you felt a hand on your shoulder. It was Alex, he looked particulary sad, but also pissed off.

“Hey.”  he said, sitting by your side.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I don’t know, Y/N.”

“Alex, you can talk to me.” you replied, placing your hand on his cheek.

“I know, It’s just…I miss Hannah. Like, a lot. She was my best friend and I let her down. I’m so fucking pathetic Y/N, I wish I could turn back time and tear that damn list into pieces.” you saw a tear streaming down his cheek.

“Babe, don’t say that. We all let her down, don’t blame yourself for her death, it’s not your fault, and you should know it.”

“Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?” he said calmly, staring into your e/c eyes, and you nodded. “Well, if I hadn’t wrote Hannah and Jessica’s name on the list, then nobody would’ve hurt Hannah, and Jessica would’ve still been her best friend. I started all of this Y/N, you can’t deny it !”

Just as you were about to answer, you heard Montgomery yell something about ’‘how bad of a player” Alex was. You rolled your eyes then took your boyfriend’s cold hands in your warm ones.

“Listen. I know how you feel, but we’re all guilty, Alex; you did something wrong, I did something wrong, Clay Jensen, THE Clay Jensen who was madly in love with Hannah did something wrong just by taking the wrong decision, and this fucker right there did something wrong” you said, pointing at Bryce. “But you know what’s worse ? What’s worse is that we’re hiding behind him. Look, everyone treats Tyler like shit because of the pictures he took of Hannah, but god know this kid doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets.”

“Y/N, I pushed a girl to suicide! I don’t care about who’s reason is worse, I just can’t live with the fact that I’m one of the reasons why she killed herself !” he said, letting go of your hands to bury his face in his.

“Standall, stop being such an idiot. Hannah needed to be loved and she needed help, but unfortunately we couldn’t see it. You are not the main reason why she killed herself. Bryce fucking Walker is, and you know it. He’s the one who made her take this decision Alex. He’s the one who should rot in jail right now, but instead, he’s having fun with his dear hypocrite friends “

"But I took away everything she had. I took away her best friend, I ruined her reputation. ”

“Justin, Courtney and Bryce did.” you added.

Alex shook his head and bite his lower lip. He knew how persuasive you were, and he didn’t want to fight with you, the last thing he needed right now was to lose you.

“Hey, come on…” you took his jaw in your hand and pressed your lips against his, kissing him softly. “We’ll tell the truth soon, I promise, it’ll be over soon.” he pulled you closer and you curled your arms around his torso, letting him rest his chin on top of your head.

“Thank you for being there… and for keeping me from taking more bad decisions. I don’t deserve to be with someone like you.”  he said, holding you tighter, leaving a small smile on your face.

"I love you, Standall.”

get on your knees;

pairing: DeanxReader
summary: Dean’s had a long day and he just wants you to help him feel better
warnings: smut, swearing, femdom
word count: 3,857
notes: I’ve mostly been inspired by the several people who have mentioned that they’d think Dean would totally be a sub, but I was also inspired by @bibalor‘s FinnxReader femdom fic as well. And I totally listened to Get On Your Knees by Nicki Minaj while writing this. A huge thanks to @fightblissfight for beta reading!

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Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry

Or when your roommate Niall endlessly makes fun of you for hooking up with Harry while you freak out…

You roll over and immediately groan at the mounting pain in your head. Why the fuck did you drink all that last night? You open one eye, the other barely opens from the gobs of mascara you forgot to wash off the night before.

The phone next to you lights up with a notification, grabbing for it, you notice the time and groan again. You never get a good night’s sleep after drinking heavily, you’re dehydrated body woke you up at 6 a.m.

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kitsuneoftheorganization  asked:

The R.F.A + V and Saeran (especially saeran bc <3) reacting to MC falling asleep on/against them

Hello :) Mod Saeran here bringing joy and happiness to all of the fandom :) NOT GOING TO LET THOSE RUDE ANONS GET TO ME. >:O

This is really fluffy and cute * I HAVEN’T WROTE FLUFFY AND CUTE IN A WHILE *


-It was a beautiful winter morning, the air was chilly, the snow gave the surroundings a beautiful white blanket. You thought the day couldn’t get better BUT IT FREAKING DID.

-The director called Zen that rehearsals were cancelled because the theater was way too cold to practice in.

-It’s been awhile since Zen stayed home so expect tons of kisses and cuddles C:

-You guys decided to cook breakfast together and he was so happy :’)

-When you were getting the flour and eggs to start mixing….. this man….. was…. ABOUT TO START WAR IN HIS KITCHEN….

-He grabbed a handful of flour and just threw it at you :O


       ~Zen: My angel just had to match the weather outside you look like a beautiful snow prince-

       *You threw flour back at him and it was a FLOUR FIGHT

      * You were mad because it didn’t even notice on his beautiful white hair ( I LOVE THIS MAN’S RAT TAIL IDGAF WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK )

      *So you decided you needed to be extra

      *He saw that you were pondering…… he was trying to figure out what you were thinking…. TILL HE SAW YOU REACHING FOR THE EGG

    ~ Zen: babe…. Princess…. PLEASE NO.

    ~ (Y/N): I swear to your beautiful voice if you don’t clean up this mess while I shower i will throw this at you

      *He laughed because you were trying to be mad but your whole face was covered in flour LOL

-He promised to clean up and when he finished he saw you sitting on the couch hair wet and wearing his shirt

-He loved moments like this he went over to you grabbed a blanket and pulled you closer to him C: but…. minutes later YOU FELL ASLEEP



-he felt so touched that you thought he was comfortable enough to sleep on

-He rubbed your shoulder so lightly that it felt like he was touching a delicate snowflake

-He whispered to you that he loved you so much and he thanked you for making him a better person

-He sang a beautiful lullaby that would of put Snow White to shame :’) he was absolutely in love with you.

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Imagine making Jensen laugh during an interview

“So what can we look forward to this season?” The interviewer flashed Jensen her biggest grin as she looked up from her notes but he barely paid her any attention, too distracted by you.

“Well we’re bringing back some old school Dean and Sam fighting the old monsters, you get to see Mary’s character develop.“ You pranced around the set behind the woman, forging mock horror as Jensen failed to mention your character. “And of course there’s a few new faces.”

“Like the new female hunter played by Y/N Y/L/N?” She raised her right eyebrow, leaning slightly closer, intrigued by what he answer might be.

“Exactly.” Jensen simply nodded, giving nothing away. After the two of you had been spotted spending a lot of time together he’d gotten use to these kind of questions.

“And what’s it like working with Y/N on set?” You rolled your eyes dramatically, silently fake yawning.

“It’s definitely different.” He smirked slightly, trying to stop it growing when you narrowed your eyes.

“Different how? Good or bad?”

“Good.” He had to cover his mouth with his hand once you began dancing hysterically, shuffling across the floor. “She knows how to make people laugh.”

“Shit!” You gasped, cursing when you tripped during your attempt of the running man and Jensen couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. “Oh god I’m so sorry!”

“Miss Y/L/N would you like to join us for this interview?” She spun around in her chair, no denying of what you were doing this whole time behind her.

“No, I have to, uh, I should go.” You smiled briefly, waving before running off and calling over your shoulder. “Happy interviewing!”

“Like I said, different.”

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Fine pt-2

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based on fine by Taeyeon

words: 2.2k

summary: Your in love with Jimin, your best friend, who’s also a player and you don’t know how to tell him about how you feel.

before your read: yes i had posted a part two to this but i didn’t like it so instead i completely RE DID IT. I am sososo much happier with this part! Anyways I hope you like it!

part 1 , part 3

You almost feel lightheaded at Taehyung answer, you didn’t believe he would actually do this to you. You trusted him, despite him only being Jimin’s friend and not really yours, you truly had put your trust into him.

“What?” Jimin asks dumbfounded as if it was hard to believe it.

“What the fuck Taehyung?” you whisper almost slightly pushing him and he averts his eyes towards you.

“I’m doing this for your best” he reassures and you laugh at him, how dare he be the one to tell him when you were waiting for the right moment?

“No Taehyung, you’re not. You did this to mess with me! I told you I didn’t want him to know and you went right ahead and told him! What rights did you have to do this?” you feel the tears wanting to escape your eyes but instead, you look down at the floor, hoping they would disappear somehow.

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Girlfriend worthy v.l x reader

summary: reader comes out as a lesbian, and Veronica is a jerk until an accident happens. slight Cheryl x reader

word count: 1775

a/n: so im supposed to be leaving for school but im posting this instead. pls love me .

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“Hey guys, so as Kevin has told me, i should be honest with you guys and tell you,” you say smiling at your best friend as he squeezes your hand as you both sit across from your friends.

“So, I’m a lesbian.” you state, smiling slightly hiding you nerves from your friend, as you wait for their response.

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Issues (Jughead x reader)

A/N: Just wanted to do something to Issues by Julia Michaels cause I love it. Also I mean what an adorable moody nerd.

Tags: @thecupcakeconsumer, @courtneychicken

Warnings: potential language and like idk it’s kind of sad but then super fluffy really

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“Hope you all don’t mind; I have a little something I wanna sing for a little someone.” You gave the audience the first nervous smile all night. Everything else had been routine, but you had to get this off your chest now that you could see those blue eyes steadily watching from the crowd.

I’m jealous, I’m overzealous
When I’m down, I get real down
When I’m high, I don’t come down
I get angry, baby, believe me
I could love you just like that
And I could leave you just this fast

But you don’t judge me
‘Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too

“Am I crazy or is she staring at Jughead?” Veronica hissed to Betty and Archie. All three stared between Y/N on stage and Jughead standing next to them. “Juggie do you know her?”

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Abandon All Hope (Part 6)

A/N: This was a fic I have been really excited about writing. Believe me, I was constantly talking about it to my friend for days. This is kinda an AU but kinda not. Everything that is happening in TWD is still happening. Some stuff has changed for the Winchesters background with Supernatural but there’s still a lot of the same things happening. I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear your positive feedback. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged.

A/N 2: Thank you all so much for all the love and support. Means the world to me! :)

Summary: (y/n) Winchester is just trying to survive the new world of the apocalypse with her brothers, Sam and Dean. While looking for your father, John, you come across two men who welcome you to their community, Alexandria. The events that follow will test the limits of not only your mind and body, but also your heart.

Pairings: Eventual Daryl x reader (almost), Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Characters: (y/n), Daryl, Sam, Dean, Rick, Negan, Rosita, Dwight, Saviors, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, Carl, Saviors, Simon

Word Count: 2217

Warnings: language, angst as fuck, death, Negan (yes he’s a warning), smidge of fluff

Tagging: @thewalkingdeadfanfiction, @daryldixonwife1987, @omlbeans, @the-silver-iris, @sebbylover24, @megsense, @loricwizardbluetoastedcake, @youandyourstupidrope, @canadianjelly, @abnormal-angel, @shinydixon, @onlydarylnormanfic, @jodiereedus22, @crystallovesdaryl, @negan-dixon, @deepsouth, @multifandomizer, @sapphire1727, @johnmurphys-sass, @waayward-angel, @sassy-specter, @tiquismiquis, @frozenhuntress67, @saintflandus, @steve-rcgcrs, @jasondialurentisnews

Masterlist [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] 

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“Man oh man, I do not appreciate you killing my men.” Negan said while standing back up from his crouching position in front of Rick. You watched as the man you knew to be your father threaten your new group. “Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not fucking cool.”

Negan began to make his little speech while swinging the bat he had in his hand. You recognized it to be your fathers, but it was now wrapped with barbed wire. You felt numb to the world. You knew something bad was going to happen you just didn’t know how bad it will be. You didn’t even notice the tears in your eyes until they started to drip down your face. You felt Daryl squeeze your hand a little tighter to try and reassure you, but you both knew it wasn’t going to help much.

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Some Drunken Mistake (Maria x Reader)

Summary: Maria comes out to you

TW: Angst (kinda), homophobia, alcohol, mentions of sex (gets pretty heated), swearing


You flip through channels, settling on a home improvement show because, hey, we all have those days. You start to fall asleep when your phone vibrates on your chest. You groan and open your eyes.

From Maria:

To (Y/N):

I need to come over

From (Y/N):

To Maria:

My door is unlocked. I’ve got beer and wine

You take a deep breath. Maria was never one to admit that she was weak; she would never tell anyone when she was upset. She didn’t live too far away from you.

She opened the door and ran to you, sobbing. You immediately embrace her, running your hand over her hair. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She hiccups. “I’m sorry.”

You shake your head. “There’s nothing to be sorry for. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

You sit on the couch with her in your lap. Her breathing starts to calm down before she looks up at you. “I-I think I’m gay.”

You smile slightly. “Is that what’s bothering you?”

She nods and sniffles. “I don’t know what to do. I saw when you came out, and I just-I can’t deal with that rejection. I just want to be me.”

You take her hand. “There is no reason for you to have to come out to anyone.”

“I just-”

“You don’t want to hide who you are. I know, but please don’t think that you have to lose your friends and family because of it. You don’t have to label yourself.”

Her eyes are still filled with tears. “What do I do?”

“I don’t know. I wish I could help you.” You sigh.

She wraps her arms around you and pulls you close, burying her head in the crook of your neck. “Don’t leave me. Please.”

You hug her. “I would never.”

You feel her tears soak your shoulder and the back of the couch. “Shh. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Her tears slow, and she sits up. “I don’t want to go home.”

You grab her hand and help her stand. “Then stay here. My clothes should fit you.”

“I really can’t,” she protests.

You shake your head. “Your jeans cannot be comfortable. Go to my room and find something to wear. I’ll be in in a minute with-do you want beer or wine?”

“Beer. Thank you so much. For everything.” She heads to your room and changes out of her clothes into a shirt from your high school and a pair of sweatpants. She folds her clothes and sets them on a chair next to your bed before sitting on your bed and looking around your room. You had clothes thrown all over your room. You had a full-time job and had very little time to clean. She looks at the clothes that lay at the foot of your bed. A few blouses for work, a skirt, and pair of pants, a pair of sweatpants, a single sock, a jacket, the dress from when she dragged you to a bar all lay there, jumbled into one pile. She smiles and thinks of each of the days represented on the bed.

You gently knock on the door, pulling her out of a trance, and open the door. You hand her a beer and sit next to her. “Sorry that it’s a mess. I wasn’t expecting anyone.”

She tags a sip of her beer. “It’s okay. Thank you for letting me stay.” She stands to leave, but you grab her arm. “Where are you going?”

“I-uh-I figured I’d sleep on the couch.”

You shake your head. “I’ll sleep on the couch. You are my guest.”

“Yeah, but I showed up uninvited. I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“You’re going to have to get me drunk before I agree to that.”

She smirks and grabs your beer from the nightstand. “Drink up.”

You giggle and take a drink, while she does the same. As the night continues, the two of you manage to drink almost all the alcohol you have.

Maria laughs. “Y’know why I came to you tonight?”


“Well, first off, you’re into girls, so like, you could help me, but also I have a huuuge crush on you and thought you would tell me you liked me too.”

You smile. “Of course I like you. You’re fucking hot. And funny and-ugh-words are hard.”

She laughs even more. “Wanna play truth or dare?”

You roll your eyes. “Are we literally twelve? Besides, there’s only two of us.”

She tugs on your arm. “Please. It’ll be fun.”

“Fine. You first.”

“Truth or dare?”


She thinks for a second. “First girl you fucked?”

“Jasmine. Met in college. She was experimenting. Truth or dare?”


“Ever touched yourself and thought of a girl?”

“Yep. Truth or dare?”

You shrug. “Dare.”


Your eyes widen, but you slowly take off your clothes anyway, until you’re completely naked for her. “Truth or dare?”


“Kiss me.”

She doesn’t miss a beat. She kisses you roughly, causing you to fall back onto the bed out of shock. You wrap your arms around her neck just as she starts to pull away. “Truth or dare?”

You groan. “Just shut up and fuck me.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” she teases.

You roll your eyes. “Truth.”

“How bad do you want this?”

“Why don’t you find out?” You smirk.

She smirks and kisses you again.


You groan as the sunlight hits your eyelids. You slowly open your eyes and see that you aren’t alone in your bed. You’re greeted with a very naked Maria. “Oh God,” you whisper. You study the way the sunlight reflects off her skin, the way her hair lays on the pillow. You can’t bring yourself to turn away from her. You know what you did last night wasn’t right, but you can’t but think that it wasn’t wrong.

Slowly, Maria wakes up. “(Y/n), what are you doing in-oh shit. Did we…?”

You nod slightly. “I am so sorry.”

“No, please, don’t be. I don’t want you to think of me as some drunken mistake.”

You shake your head. “I would gladly be with you sober.”


“Really, but only if you would let me.”

She takes your hand. “I’d be more than willing to be with you.”

You smile and bring a hand to cup her cheek. “Good. Then, let’s do this right. I’m going to get dressed and make breakfast. Go ahead and take a shower. Then, tonight, I’m taking you out for dinner.”

She smiles widely.

Unpopular opinion: 2016 was actually an incredible year to me, so many cool things happened!! I’ve become independent, I learned and experienced tons of things, I’ve overcome my problems and finally I achieved what I’ve wanted for so long: I am truly happy with who I am as a person! I learned how to be happy and how to stay happy, I learned what’s important and to what extent. I realised that everything is a choice and there are literally no limits!! I finally see that every minute spent on whining and crying under a blanket is a wasted minute!! There’s literally no point in being stuck in one place, life moves forward and so should I!! Every failure is a test of persistence and determination, the key is to never stop looking for solutions!!

tl;dr Bring it on 2017, I’m ready