how awkward omg

As Doug bumbled along the outer wall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, his gaze (and focus) bobbed haphazardly to and from just about everything he passed. One minute, he was completely absorbed by the way the grass felt along the exposed skin of his ankle. The next, he was completely turned around by the odd fluttering dance of a bird far above. Because of this, Doug’s movement itself was just as sporadic, making it look like he was doing some odd dance back and forth across the campus. 

But of course, Doug didn’t mind.

“Left foot, right foot, right foot, left foot,” he chanted absently as he bounced along. A lot of “B” words seemed to describe him today – bumbling, bouncing, bobbing – but that seemed to be a not-so-interesting thing, and Doug brushed it off almost right away. There were other things to focus on – like that person over there.

Person!” Doug beamed (another “B” word, would you look at that). A disjointed but exuberantly energetic wave followed. “Hi there!”


~Quinn didn’t want to do anything insane for his bachelor party, but he let Dwight, Julian, and Max take him up to a small ski lodge in Hidden Springs, British Columbia for a night of pool and drinking. Quinn beat Dwight at two games and they seem to be getting along okay~

@simovee I used your Phil base sim that you released like forever ago I think? I found him on a cc finds blog and liked him so he’s one of Quinn’s friends, and he’s even dressed the same cause thats a nice outfit lmao

Johnny Depp: *is nominated for People’s Choice Award*

Johnny Depp: guys pls i know u love me ok i don’t need to win pls don’t make me get up on stage pls u know how awkward i am omg i am begging u

Deppheads: *rubs hands together* Challenge accepted.

People’s Choice Awards: 

Johnny Depp:

  • Me [telling a joke]: So Sherlock and Watson go camping-
  • My mom: Where's this going?
  • Me: -and they set up their tent and then they go to sleep-
  • My mom: Together, in the same tent?
  • Me: ...I guess? I don't know, but-
  • My mom [apparently quoting Big Bang Theory] : Is there a "love that shall not speak its name" relationship going on-
  • Me: No-
  • My mom: -Because there's a lot of fanfiction about that-
  • Me: ...uhhhh
  • Me: No... That was NOT where my joke was going...
  • My mom: Oh... Continue then
  • Me: ...
  • Me [walking away]: I'm just going to make a tactical retreat now
  • My mom: But-
  • Me [from down the hallway]: RETREATING!

I’ve always been complaining that I want bts to come to Europe. But now that they’re here I’m like ‘please go away, you’re too close, and I’m not okay, I can’t deal with this’.