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What are the Chocobros afraid of? And how would their s/o help them with it? Also your Blog is awesome keep it up friend <3

Ahhh thank you so much!

  • Noctis, as a child, had a fear of suits of armor. And the strange thing was, while he was a little spooked by people wearing armor, he was a lot more afraid of armor set up on display.
  • That fear never left him and it carried on into his adulthood. He might not fear people wearing them now, but empty suits he can’t stand. He’s uneasy around them and he could swear any room with one in it grew cold.
  • He always expects one to turn it’s head towards him (sometimes he could swear one has done exactly that, or to start walking- honestly he expects one to get up just to attack him.
  • Noctis will be hard-pressed to admit it, it’s embarrassing for sure. But you notice any one of the few times you’ve ever had to pass any that Noctis tends to grip tightly onto the fabric covering over your back, ducking ever so slightly, and seems to be trying to hide behind you much like a scared child would. As long as it made him feel more at ease, than all you have to do is let him keep trailing behind you like a shadow in moments like these.
  • Ignis doesn’t normally let any of his fears be known to most anyone. He has a few, but as to what they are is anyone’s guess.
  • However one thing you came to notice was that he often seemed really tense and stiff around… dolls.
  • He doesn’t like husk, rag or burlap dolls, he especially doesn’t like those old bisque ones. And it didn’t matter what they looked like either; they could be a pretty bride or a clown (they were equally as bad), jesters were no different, but somehow the baby and child dolls almost seemed worse. And he could swear that he felt the eyes of what he could only describe as something purely evil on him and following his every move. Every doll was a cursed one…
  • He knows it’s odd and irrational, but there’s not much to really do to help him. He’d rather avoid seeing those heinous things if he can so if you have them then stored away will be nice. But if you must display them then he’ll just deal with their presence.
  • The big guy keeps trying to say he’s not really afraid of much. You know deep down Gladio is afraid of failure (one loss and it weighs on his mind) but that one anyone could guess. It was a common fear anyways, but having that importance placed on his shoulders… But you wanted to know what else got to him… Curiosity killed the cat.
  • You found out alright. You and Gladio went into a cave just to scope it out a little. Maybe just nine steps in when a colony of bats came flying down and you had never seen Gladio flail around so much in your life, nor heard him shrieking yelling so much either.
  • “I’m not scared.” he says, “Just got startled is all.”
    “Then why are we leaving?” He shot you a glare.
    You had a sneaking suspicion as to why…
  • You ended up pressing him further, arguing that bats were even kind of cute.
    “They’re little daemon mice out for blood, looking for the first warm thing with their beady little eyes just so they can swarm, sink their jagged little fangs into to and eat. That’s not cute.”
  • Poor bats, they’re just as afraid of him as he is of them. And part of his fear, from what you can gather from talking to him, seems to mostly stem from his lack of knowledge on them. And all you can do about that is to just try to show a different side to them, providing he wants to listen.
  • Prompto has a lot of fears. He hates small spaces, he hates bugs and arachnids, he hates the dark, he always has that thought that everyone will eventually leave him, he doesn’t want to be forgotten, and the list goes on. But despite that he always puts on a brave face and steps forward every single day.
  • He powers through his own fears pretty well, all while openly admitting his fears and phobias. So really, you came to knowing them right off because of that.
  • He tries to not ever pester to get anyone to go out of their way for him. But if you want to do something to help him then start killing the house spiders/bugs or trapping them under a glass and taking them out. Start carrying around a small flashlight in your pockets for when things suddenly go dark. Cramped up in a place small and full of people? Then you might be able to step him away from that, if not then let him squeeze onto your hand and keep assuring him that he’s doing fine and he’ll be out of there soon enough. Always keep reminding him to take slow and deep breaths and to keep doing the breathing exercises.
  • When it comes time to him wanting to face them, you’ll probably have to help him find controlled ways to do them (afterall facing the dark won’t do good if you just run into any ol cave). The harder one to do is when he’s ready to face spiders is finding someone with friendly tarantulas, and keep him from talking himself out of meeting the big hairy buddies.
NCT Dream react to their GF getting them a big teddy

Request: NCT reacts to short (shorter than 152 cm/5 ft.) g/f giving them an 8-foot tall teddy bear that, when its nose is pressed, gives various clips of them laughing. Thank you! (I sent one in specifically for Chenle because hE’S MISSING IN YOUR POSTS, AND I NEED THAT BAB’S DOLPHIN LAUGH IN MY LIFE.)

This is possibly the best request I have ever seen it was so happy and it made me happy. Also, I agree about Chenle and because of that I made this an NCT Dream post just to make things different :) Hope you like this - Em x

Mark: “How did you find a teddy so big. Like bigger than even Johnny and by like 2ft.” He would laugh at how big and awesome the teddy was. “This is so cool!” He would give you a hug. “That’s the last hug you will ever get because I have this teddy now! Just kidding, I prefer to cuddle smaller people.”

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Renjun: You would wait till his practice had just finished and as he was about to go home you would surprise him. You jumped out from behind the door holding a massive stuffed panda bear. Renjun would immediately break out into a massive grin almost crying he was so happy. “This is so kind and cute. Ahhh how did I get such a cute girlfriend?” He would pull you and the teddy into a massive hug.

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Jeno: As he was walking home from school you would surprise him with the massive bear. “I thought you had extra study?” Jeno asked. You had planned your surprise by saying you couldn’t walk home together as you did every day. “Well it turns out I didn’t, I did have to meet a friend to collect this bear for you, though.” You replied holding it out to him. Jeno reached over to get it giving you a very quick peck on the cheek as he did.

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Haechan: You would knock at the dorm door and Haechan would open it a bit surprised because it must have taken someone so small a lot of effort to move something so big. “How did you even get this teddy to here y/n? It’s almost twice the size of you, it’s bigger than me. I love it though it’s so cute just like you.”

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Jaemin: You would be at the fair together and when Jaemin said he needed to go to the loo or something where you couldn’t go with him, you would run to the closet stall where you could win one of the giant stuffed snowmen. (It was a winter fair) You had been practising so you could win it quickly and sure enough, you did. When Jaemin came back you would give it to him and he would smile so bright like the sunshine he is. “I was sad because I couldn;t participate in the comeback but you make everything better y/n.”

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Chenle: It was Chenle’s birthday and you had been planning his present for a long time. It was perhaps the cutest present ever to be given. You snuck it into his room and hid behind it because it was so big and you were short at best. Chenle walked into the room to see an eight ft dolphin resting between his bed and the wall. It had a note by it saying press me.

He pressed the nose that seemed to stand out and a message played in Chinese from you. (If you don’t know chinses assume you did it specially). After the cute message had played every time he pressed the nose his cute dolphin laugh would play. He heard you laughing at how cute he was and pulled you out from under the dolphin.

“Y/n this is honestly the best present I have ever got it is so cute and I love it. Thank you so much you’re the best girlfriend ever and cuter than even my dolphin because you are small, unlike it.”

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Jisung: You popped out from behind the sofa when Jisung got back from practice. You had been waiting for ages since Jeno let you in. You threw a massive teddy at him which almost knocked him over. “Suprise!” You yelled. Jisung ran over to the teddy and over to you. “How did you even get this upstairs? Ahhh who cares its such a cool present. Now I won’t be lonely even when my best friend/ girlfriend isn’t around. This is the best. Just like you.”

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The 2ps react to their s/o being double jointed? (I am and my friends gets freaked out by that😂)

England: “o-OH” If you do some weird double-jointed shit out of the blue then you will do him a startle. 

France: “Neat. How about we put that to use~” Doesn’t really care, but uses it to put you in some weird ass positions, have fun.

China: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Canada: “Um, Cool? That looks like it hurts.” Kinda weirds him out. 

America: “Holy crap that’s awesome!” Asks you to do tricks.

Russia: “Hmm, Interesting.” Probably glances at it and then continues reading his book. 

Japan: “Considering your unique physical capabilities, how would you feel about posing for some things?” He poses it as a question, but you don’t really have a choice. He’s gonna draw you in some compromising positions. Take that as you will. 

Italy: *Queue sadistic smirk* “Well isn’t that fun~”

Germany: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Romano: “AHHH Don't do that!” Scares him. 


THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE! AHHH <3 @im-an-indoor-person

@everyone else who has left me sweet responses on posts….I love you too, but sadly I am still figuring out a good system how to respond to folks. I wish tumblr would allow me to respond with my side-blog. :( Booooo.

On a happy note, asks are all good with that, so feel free to leave asks my awesome followers! -Unoutan

Thanks to Mutabear for an awesome job editing. Hope you enjoy….kill some sperm…

Pets Made!

“Ahhh fuck…air…” Looking around at his six other frat bros, Bill can’t help but notice the minuscule smirks on their faces.  They all cool their new turgid forms in the air, slimy and clammy from their most recent outing.  Most of his other bros seem to be in the same situation as him, except for Duke, who seems dirtier at first glance than the rest of them. Duke’s grin, however, tells a different story.  I would ask my bros how long we have been like this, but we don’t worry about the passage of time much anymore.  It seems to almost be different…but no.  Damn, thinking is harder and harder now.  The only thing we try to track is the number of days since the change.  Bill winces as all six of his buddies voices simultaneously assault his ears, though admittedly he should be used to it by now.  Part of the punishment for the seven frat bros is to never be able to have a separate thought, existing as a sort of “hive mind”.  Every thought or idea any of them had was immediately common knowledge among the group, not even a single concept was kept private.  “Damn you guys stop shouting.  Does anyone know what day it is?  Last time I checked was 68…right? So, now it must be 69 right?” A faint shudder of concern runs through the group of them.  They all sigh and sink back into acceptance of their new existence.  None of them seem able to describe quite what happened, as they seem to lack knowledge of what they were like before the change.  They get a distinct feel of ownership though, as though they are property or perhaps pets in their new existence.  All seven shift and strain to look up, as they can hear and feel a deeply intelligible rumbling.

           “On one hand, I’m glad it is farther away than normal,” a voice rumbled, “yet disappointed it wasn’t closer.”  Looking down at their newest revenge plot, a diverse group of seven 30-somtehing-year-old graduate students joke and chat amongst themselves while naked.  They can elect to tune out their new pets, their pets cannot understand anything but their own new language. “Seems like our cock pets are finally getting into the spirit. They have already lost their sense of time.  Almost all they can do is focus on our suggestions…even though it has only been 3 days.” Jake announces with a big grin. “Yeah guys, this has been the most…talkative bunch we have had in a while.  Of course, they were also the horniest and sexual as well.” All the grad students look down with a lustful look as their pet’s yawn and droop, ready to go to sleep for a while.  “Check it out Sam, they are even getting used to our schedule.” Mitch grins at his own observation, his own massive cock slowly starting to deflate.  Another member of their group speaks up “Ok guys let’s get ready to head out to class, I doubt we will have any trouble from the pets today.”

           All seven men reach down giving their new frat cocks a hearty tug, as they have been instructed to, and their cock pets all begin to slowly smile a bit…noticeable only as their piss slit mouths curls up before their head recedes.  Most of them begin snuggling deep into their owners’ comfortable foreskin.  Their new scent and leftover moisture from their earlier activities comfort the bros in their new cock forms.  Some are hauled into cargo shorts, while others just hang free until jockstraps and tight shorts are pulled over them, each man’s clothing selected in order to best show of his larger bulge.  All seven frat boy cocks feel crushed and manhandled as they are adjusted and placed in the best position to emphasize the endowments of their new owners.  The motion of fabric against warm flesh causes them all to begin to drool in their “sleep”, while the pulsing of their shafts mimics the action of breathing.  Small wet patches begin to appear across some of the jockstraps, causing smirks and crotch adjustments from the students.  Admiring their new sizes while looking in the mirror at their now overfull crotch baskets, and the small but growing pre-cum wetness, as their cock’s drool in their “slumber”.  After giving themselves each a hearty grope, adjusting their pets in their mesh and fabric homes, the grad students all head out.  All of them seem to unconsciously play with their weights cocks and heavy nuts all day long…

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So i've been watching sailor moon and it got me wondering, (For Naruto) in a sailor moon AU who would you cast as who? <3

This actually was asked a few weeks ago! It would be an awesome crossover, wouldn’t it? 

My thoughts:

Ino as Sailor Moon.

Karin as Sailor Mars.

Tenten as Sailor Venus.

Temari as Sailor Jupiter.

Hinata as Sailor Mercury.


Wouldn’t Tsunade make an awesome Luna? And Jiraiya could be Artemis!

For the Outer Senshi, how about Kushina as Sailor Neptune? And Mikoto as Sailor Uranus. And Konan as Sailor Pluto! Maybe Fuu as Sailor Saturn?

Ahhh, I really love this idea, okay wow.  

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Head canon request! Give me sappy fluff Shiro and his s/o! Like who cooks, who gets up first, what do they do together in their free time, who's the bookworm. Things like that. I'm a sucker for fluffy Shiro!

M/G: After that long-ass nsfw Lance thing I needed something like this so bad, bless u 

Also, I did the ones you asked but I also remembered this thing that you can fill out about a ship and a lot of it is really sappy?? so I did that also idk if that’s what you were lookin g for but it’s there under a cut lmao

➤ Unless his s/o is really into cooking, he’ll do the cooking most of the time. He’s a practical man and very self sufficient, so he’s been cooking for himself all these years and doesn’t mind continuing to do it for you as well

         ➣ Get him a personalized “Space Dad” apron okay just dO IT

➤ Since he struggles with nightmares as a symptom of his PTSD, Shiro is almost always the one who gets up first. If it’s not because of a nightmare or something of the like, then it’s because he loves a good workout in the morning!

         ➣ He’ll definitely make you a nice breakfast to wake up to, which is awesome B)

➤ When he’s not saving the universe, he likes spending the free time he has with his s/o working out if they’re into that type of thing, having quiet movie nights in, reading together, taking his s/o to new places in the universe and exploring. He likes so have his mind working on something at all times, so things that are intellectually stimulating are one of his favorite things to do with his s/o

         ➣ In all honesty, though, he’ll pretty much go wherever you go and offer to do whatever you want to do first before requesting anything himself. He’s a pleaser, and wants you to be happy

➤ I can see Shiro being a big book-worm in his time off, especially after the Galra incident. That year gave him a lot of time to think, and he’s become a lot more pensive about things because of it. He would love if you read next to him while cuddling on the couch, though

➤ Once he saves the universe, I can see him retiring from the Galactic Garrison to live a quieter life with his s/o, but he still loves piloting ships and aircrafts, so he loves to take you on rides!

➤ Shiro is more inclined to stay in than go out, especially when it comes to parties and social gatherings. Of course, he’s great in social gatherings, but he feels the most comfortable spending time with just you.

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How do you imagine an aquatic alien species would do as InCube surrogates (assuming gill-friendly facilities are present, of course)?

Hey ahhh this was sitting in my box too long, hopefully the answer is still helpful…

I think they’d be awesome. I know off the top of my head that @barabeasts has a shark dude! And yeah the facilities would be very accommodating; InCube can incubate anything in anyone. *finger guns*

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I've been with my ldr boyfriend for a year now. he's my soulmate and I want to spend my life with him. hopefully he gets accepted for a visa and he can come here in four months and I finally get to hold his hand and cuddle ahhh I'm so excited and nervous!

omg this is so beautiful, I love this. Congratulations. I’m hoping that he can get the visa too!! How awesome would that be!! <3 Best wishes! 

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-scoots in- Hey Nyra, your art is amazing and your writing is so detailed and fabulous and I love it and so does everyone else so please keep writing and being the awesome and kind wonderful person you are okay bye!!! -scoots out-


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But ahhh seriously though, thanks Saduna, you have no idea how happy it makes me that people would even /like/ my stuff. :‘V

If I had the option you can bet your ass Alaluria would have a demon tail. Hmm a rather slim thing. Not a thick tail like an Eredar/Draenei has. Like a succubus/incubus tail.

tails are just awesome okay

also I wish her wings were a permanent feature on her model. Although I get how that would be difficult for blizzard with armor.

ahhh. Her actual “true/full” demon form is terrifying. A monstrous thing. Taller, bigger with longer, sharper horns. Hooves and gnarled claws and a mouthful of fangs. Scars and fel infused tattoos marring her unnaturally thick almost scaly hide. Fel fire that seems to burn just underneath the surface of said tattoos and scars. Seriously I want her to be a horrifying monster in this form. Not just a bigger, hoofed version of herself like in game.

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Prompt I chose was for a Demon!Peter:  I figured Deadpool accidentally gets Peter possessed but I promise after a bit of fighting and harmless life-draining (yikes that is a slow heart-beat!) they come out okay and demon-free.  

Teii, I did this for you.  You have no Idea how much I love your work… or.. maybe you do.. seeing as how I commented on Quarantine about a dozen times over the course of reading it.  I’m not kidding though, you are hands down one of my all time favorite spideypool writers and eek.. thank you so much for being so awesome (please never stop writing!).  I really hope you like this gift.  Happy spideypoolsecretsanta day!!!!! <3

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Heya! Wanted to holler over at FFNet but saw your note on PMs. Just would like to say that I am very much in love with your writing and I love how you still write KHR (one of my forever fandoms that I need to reobsess myself with lol), and your BNHA stuff's awesome!! ALSO DAT KHR X BNHA CROSS-OVER IS A BLESSING (I'm obviously late to the party lol but yeah). Currently powering through your fics and prolly gonna fave-happy in a bit haha. Keep doing what you love!! 💕

Ahhh thank you! Ahaha I’m well, okay at this point I can’t stay I’m new to KHR fandom but I entered it very, very, very, late. (2 years ago? lol which was what 5 years after it finished??) There’s no such thing as late -bricked-

<33 I’m glad you love the fics though. :3 <333

i was tagged by @maharieel :)  & im tagging @solaspride @denerim & @mchaelscfield

countries you’ve lived in: germany

favourite fandom: what

favourite film of 2017: 2017 isnt over yet!!! i have that feeling my fave ones are yet to come…. but gotg 2, logan & spider man were awesome!

languages you speak: english, german, spanish

last article you read:  it was one about adam driver but i cant find it rn ahhh

last thing you bought online: the last 2 witcher books!

any phobias or fears: darkness, pain, wasps

how would your friends describe you: funny, easy-going, weird/eccentric, creative

how would your enemies describe you: arrogant, mean, cold

would you take a bullet for anyone: my fam

if you had money to spare, what would you buy first? concert tickets, merchandise, a rocket to launch my ass into space with,.,.

the fact that Alejandro Sanz tweeted Jonghyun’s performance of Y si Fuera Ella and that there are so many positive comments from people who don’t know Jonghyun is just so overwhelming !

Ikon Rection: They find out you’re a classical violinist

Request:How would Ikon react if they found out you were a classical violinist who is in demand in her field while they were in a relationship? (I’m asking because I am a classical musician and I cry over the genre gap sometimes :() Thanks!!!!

A/N: So this is for @endlessdreamcollector Hope you like it!! Sorry it took so long 

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@ladytharen replied to your ask post: this is so lovely! I really enjoyed the AU setting and I think adapting smoking to saw (and how jyn would react to it) works really well. it has these nice soft tones to it that lend a real sense of hope as well, and deep familiarity. thank you so much!!!

ahhh, I’m so happy you liked it! I felt a bit uneasy as it veered farther and farther offroad (which, let’s be honest, my prompt fills tend to do).

@ibonekoen replied to your ask post: This felt perfectly in character! It would be awesome to get a followup of their dates :D

thank you! I’m swamped with other stuff to write first, but that is an intriguing thought…

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How would GOM + Imayoshi + Kagami + Takao react to their girlfriend being really insecure about their stretch marks? Thank you so much for such an awesome blog!

ahhh thank you so much!!! i do my best uwu

Kuroko: Seeing you constantly shifting your clothes to hide your stretch marks was starting to make him feel bad for you. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, [Name]-chan,” he says, patting your head a bit. “We all have stretch marks. I’ll show you mine, too.”

Kagami: “…That’s what you’re worried about?” he asked, a little confused as to why it was a problem. When you nodded, he sighed a bit. “Hey, I’ve got ‘em too…from building up too much muscle at once…so I think they show…how strong you really are?”

Kise: “But wearing this will make them show…” you whined, trying to cover your nearly-naked body with your arms. Kise just gave you a warm smile as he looked over your bikini-clad body. “But you look so cute in it, [Name]cchi! I wanna show off how pretty you are to everybody!”

Midorima: “What do you expect?” Midorima states bluntly, and you flinched at his response, scared of what he was going to say. “…You’re only human. We can’t control what our bodies do and don’t give us. You…you look perfectly fine, so stop putting yourself down so much.”

Aomine: Being friends with Momoi for so long, Aomine was used to these kinds of insecurities. “What’s there to be embarrassed about?” he questioned. Shrugging his shoulders a bit, he gingerly pat your back. “You look cute already, so don’t feel like you have to change for anyone.”

Murasakibara: “Ahh…I have lots of those, too.” It was true; he showed you his legs, arms, hips, etc. to prove his point. His growth spurt(s) were probably the cause of all of them. “It’s just your body growing, [Name]-chin, so it’s okay to have them, even if it’s a lot.”

Akashi: You were scared of showing them to him (scared that he wouldn’t like you anymore, or something), but he insisted that you did. He touched them lightly with his fingertips and even brushed his lips against some of them. “With or without them, you still look so beautiful, [Name].”

Imayoshi: “Ah, but they’re just a few little marks,” he insisted, running his eyes over your body with a small grin. “Unfortunately for you, there’s no avoiding them, but don’t beat yourself up over them. It’s natural.” He wouldn’t mind showing you his own, too, if it made you feel better.

Takao: “But you don’t have to be embarrassed about them, [Name]-chan.” He ran his fingertips along some of the ones that were bothering you the most with an elated grin. “They’re just another part of you that makes you…you! And you know I love you, right?”

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hi! can i request a scenario where yurio has a s/o and get's jealous? :3 (also i love your blog and i love yuri on ice but I LOVE YURIO TOO AHHH and i love your headcanons too!)

Yuri always thought that having a girlfriend who skates would be an awesome thing. And it was. They often practiced together and shared tips on how to improve.

But in moments like these, when (y/n) got hogged by her fans after winning a competition, he wasn’t sure how much he liked that.

The girl was standing in the middle of a crowd (that was mostly made up of males, mind you) and was practically glowing from the attention she was receiving. And that made Yuri feel insanely jealous (not that he’d ever admit it).

Deciding he had had enough of that, he walked right up to the girl and hugged her in front of everyone.

When that happened, cameras flashed from everywhere. It was only natural it would happen, since the couple hadn’t announced their relationship to the public yet.

“You did great love, I’m proud of you.”

With that comment, (y/n) melted, since it was pretty unnatural for him to say something so romantic.

What she didn’t know, though, was that Yuri was giving the crowd around them a death stare while saying that.

#34: dreams of someday

Mark: “They’re so cute,” Mark comments on a couple with a dog in the park while you’re both sitting on a bench. “I love dogs,” you say as the puppy runs to catch the ball the boy threw. Mark chuckles. “We’ll get a dog one day. When we move in together one day.” He looks over at you and puts his hand on yours and you smile back at him, unable to get the image of waking up next to a puppy and Mark in the morning.

Jr: “Someone’s hungry,” you say as Jinyoung takes another huge spoonful of rice. He smiles so that his eyes smile along with him and he gets the little crinkles next to his eyes. “I’ll cook for you tomorrow,” you promise him. “And I’ll cook for you one day, too. Maybe once we’re married and all that jazz,” he says casually. You’re a little taken aback by what he has to say, but you couldn’t be happier that he had been having the same thoughts that you did.

JB: He pulls you closer to him so you don’t run into a crowd of kids. “Thanks,” you say, “I didn’t even see the little cuties.” He chuckles and takes your hand as you continue walking. “You better not be like that when we have our own kids,” he says, and you laugh back at him. “Excuse you! I’ll be an awesome mom,” you say back at him. “I know you will be,” he says and you smile back at him, dreaming about what your kids would look like and how awesome of a dad JB would be, too.

Jackson: “Let’s go in here!!!” Jackson drags you into a furniture and home decor shop. “What…?!” you say, but there’s no stopping Jackson once he gets going. “Ahhh, Y/N look at that! And this!” he points at the most ridiculous things – a popcorn machine and a fancy trash can. “We’ll get all of this stuff once we have a place of our own,” he puts his hands on his hips, satisfied. “And this too?” you ask, holding up an ice cream maker. “YESSSS!” he agrees, and you both walk hand in hand throughout the store, dreaming of all of the things you’d get for the house.

BamBam: “I’m not sure,” you say over the phone to BamBam. He was trying to convince you to get into the basement to get a can of corn. He was away, so the only way you couldn’t be scared was to hear his voice. “Ahhh, Y/N,” he says, a bit frustrated. “I’m sorry.” “Sorry for what?” you say, confused. “Sorry I’m not there. I promise that one day I’ll be there to protect you, alright? I won’t leave you so you’re scared.” You laugh a bit, “BamBam! Stop being so dramatic! It’s just corn!” He laughs, too. “I’m serious okay! Just pretend I’m there okay?” And you start imagining all the times he really would be here for you.

Youngjae: “How was practice today?” you ask Youngjae at dinner. He groans a bit. “Same old. Tiring.” You nod, understanding the trainee life was difficult. “Someday I’ll debut,” he says with a little shine in his eyes, “And everything will be the way I dreamed it will be. We can perform and dance and be happy and I’ll have you.” He smiles with his eyes and you’re so touched. You know how hard it is and you didn’t want anything else for him other than his dreams coming true. He takes a spoonful of some soup and you dream about the day you will see his dreams coming true.

Yugyeom: “Thanks for picking me up again,” Yugyeom says as he gets into the car. He hadn’t had the time to get his driver’s license yet, so you had been driving him around lately as he got busier. “It’s okay,” you reply with a smile on your face. “No really, thank you.” He says it more sternly this time. “I’m sorry you have to drive me. I know you’re the noona and all, but I promise one day I’ll be able to take care of you.” You give him a kiss on his cheek and nod at him, thinking about how nice it would be to be taken care of.