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Malec Appreciation Week: Day 7 - Free choice
Magnus & Alec in their own words + everyone else’s

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 22 - Yellow Dress Watercolor

Hi friends! Back from my travels as of 11pm last night! Here’s one last painting I did back in June as I recuperate. I was inspired to try watercolors again by @rachellbostick and her beautiful pieces! Excited to catch up on all I’ve missed these last two weeks! (It sounds like there’s been a lot!!)

Have a wonderful week! September’s a week closer!

Going On Vacation, Babes!

Hello, precious readers!

I’m going to be taking this next week off for my mental health. 

Don’t worry, nothing bad is happening, I just gotta hit the ol’ reset button and take some time to take care of myself and breathe a little!

I’ll still be posting on my Instagram and Snapchat, but the comic is going on an itty bitty week-long hiatus while I sort myself out. :) 

I’ll also be answering your Asks on occasion, streaming here and there, hanging out on the Discord, so don’t worry, I’m not disappearing, you know how hands-on I love being with you guys.

Have an awesome week and I’ll catch you guys later! MWAH!



Well, what a fantastic beginning to the new series! 😱

I thought it was completely brilliant. 😍

I adore Bill. She had big shoes to fill and she totally knocked it out of the park. 👊

Today I’ll probably watch it again, just coz 🤗🤗

Hope everyone has a great day whatever you are doing. 😇😇

Too much Peter Capaldi cannot possibly be sinful. 😈😈

I failed to post this earlier today as work was quite busy.

But this is me giving Monday some sass as I plan to kick butt getting back on track. I’ve decided my goal is to reach the 270’s come late November before I’m off to visit @hrstories1234 for a week.

So after some months of yo-yo-ing due to stress and then to happiness of enjoying life I find myself at 307 lbs. Not bad tbh…In fact I’m down 7lbs of gain/bloat from my holiday a week ago. So that’s awesome!

I’m not 100% sure how this week with workouts is going to go, I plan to put some effort into it, but a solid week of tracking will make me a very happy camper.

I’ve lost over 200 lbs so I know I can do this. It’s healthy Michelle time. Time to get back to my Michelle kicks ass in 2017 tag!

Also, I shall be bringing back the monthly workout challenge in September! So lookout for that for sure.

So I’m having a late start but, hello August I’m here and not giving up!

Shadowhunters- The unspoken LGBTA+ Fandom

Perhaps it is just me but until this week I was unaware how awesome the shadowhunters series really is; for mainly this reason: the LGBTA+ representation (canonically speaking) is fantastic. 

We have an asexual vampire (which probably stood out the most for me, since you very rarely see any asexual characters that explicitly voice that they are in fact asexual), a bisexual warlock and a gay shadowhunter, along with a handful of other gay/ bisexual characters that were mentioned in passing. 

Now, I am aware that three LGBTA characters (although they are technically main characters, not just supporting) isn’t a lot, but let’s keep in mind that these three are also of non-white ethnicity (I’m not going to say what nationalities they are because I honestly have no idea), which is absolutely brilliant in representing our community, as opposed to the traditional white token twinks that are thrown in as background characters if the writers wish to introduce an LGBT character.

Right, so next? Let’s see a butch black lesbian werewolf with an equally hot mundane trans girlfriend in a cute flannel and ripped jeans. A small trans boy that goes to Alec because he wants advice on how to talk to boys; obviously Alec doesn’t know shit so he sends him to Magnus, thus leading the warlock to teach little Tommy how to mix a mean martini and maybe even use his magic to give the lad the body he’s always dreamed about… 

This fandom is my everything right now; let’s make it better, let’s bring trans, agender, aromantic, pansexual characters into the canon because frankly, we need it. 

“Furuya can only pitch one inning. It’s the fourth inning. It’s too soon… to walk off now.

#5 with Aquaman.

I accidentally answered this privately oops

  “My love, please.”


  “Just let me-,”


  Arthur let out a deafeted sigh, finally giving up trying to reason with you.

  “I’m going to keep on drinking until  pass out,” you said and hugged the bottle closer to your chest

  “That wouldn’t set a good example for the youth, now, would it?” He, again, tried to grab the liquor but you jumped out of his reach, nearly slipping and giving him a heart attack. Once Arthur saw you were steady on your feet he let out a sigh in relief.

  “You are bad for my heart, love.”

  You giggled ans spun around the room before sitting with your back against his chest. He took that chance and snatched the bottle away from you, holding it above his head and out of reach.

  “C’mon,” you whined, “I’m not even drunk yet.” You didn’t made a move to take it back. Instead, you pouted.

  “Do you know how hard it was covering you position as King, while you were in the surface world, partying?”

  “I wasn’t partying, Y/N. The Justice League had an-,”

  “- important meeting, yes, I know,” you huffed. “But, you’ve been gone for almost a week and, as I said, filling in for you was a pain in the ass.”

  You stretched and let out a moan in pleasure. “Mera had me running left and right, up and down. My whole body is aching. I thought that I was the one supposed to be ordering everyone around? Neptune, your advisors teared me apart.”

  A comfortable silence filled the room, until Y/N spoke again. “ You have to admit it though.”

  The King gave you a questioning look.

  “Admit it, I’m the whole package. Not only am I strong and-,” Arthur let you rant then. First abouy how ‘awesome’ you were and then about your adventures the past week. About how you deafeted a herd of monsters on the east and south seas, all on your own. About how you handled the advisors and their constant nagging, and about new ideas for the educational system of Atlantis.

  He let you ramble on until you body went limp against his, and soft, little snored filled the new found silence. He look down at you lovingly.

“The whole package, huh?”

  He glanced around the room. Papers and clothes were scattered on the ground. His desk was filled with files-some of which had Y/N’ s doodled all over them-and lastly, he look at the wall. There hung a map of Atlantis, with a sharp dagger pinning down a location at the south sea. The place was a wreckage.

  “More like a whole package of psycho.” Neptune, he loved you more and more every day.

I just want to say a massive  thank you to every single person who participated in this week’s round for ChoicesCreates (there’s a whopping 53 entries this week! How crazy awesome is that?)! You’re all so incredibly talented (I’m astounded by y’all) and so enthusiastic! (Not to mention gorgeous! That selfie game this week has shown that this is a very attractive fandom!) I am so honored and blessed to be part of such an amazing fandom (we’re really a family) and I love you all so much!

A big thank you to the mother of our family @hollyashton for creating this amazing carnival and bringing us all together! She’s such a beautiful soul inside and out! Thank you to everyone for allowing me to be your host! I’ve enjoyed interacting with and getting to know all of you! If you participated this week and your entry isn’t on here, please let me know so I can add it!

To those who are self concious about your work, feel like it’s not very good, or who doubt themselves, I just want to say: keep going at it! Even if you feel discouraged, please don’t give up! What you’re doing is not easy. Continue to practice your craft, master it! You’re already so amazing, and you have so much more potential! To those who are self-concious in general: you re beautiful, and funny, and smart, and talented, and so many other amazing things, and you’re so so loved! Please don’t ever forget that!

Without further ado…grab yourself a snack, maybe a drink, get yourself cozy, and check out these outstanding creative works!

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anonymous asked:

How do you guys feel about Shark Week?

I think it’s awesome! Sharks are very commonly misunderstood, and spreading awareness about what they’re actually like (still dangerous, but not the vengeful man-eating monsters the media make them out to be) is very important.

I do think they need to be very careful about staying away from fiction (which there have been issues with in the past) because in order for it to be understood and trusted, there needs to be minimal room for doubt that they’re telling the truth.

That said, I think it’s a great way to teach people about what is going on in the ocean. I don’t usually watch it because I have a hard time finding the time and energy to do so, but I’m glad it exists.

Negan x Reader (Labor, Birth)

(Negan, Birth, Labor, Contractions, Water break…)

Hi guys, English is not my first language but I tried my best. I had a lot of fun writing this “birth” imagine because I’m a student midwife and I’m in love with my job and The walking dead:)……………

Y / N had been in Rick’s group with her husband for 2 years. After the cruel happened in Terminus, her husband was bitten in the forest and Rick had to shoot him. One week later, in Alexandria, Y / N learned that she was pregnant. The entire group supported her. They were always there for her until a man came into their lives and destroyed everything … Negan. Now there was nothing more. One day Negan made a visit to Alexandria. He came to the bars. Everyone could see his shadow. He hit the metal with his baseball bat named “Lucille”

“Little pig, little pig, let me in”

The people had no choice and opened the door. Negan stood with Lucille in his hand. Rick looked at him angrily.

“Hi Prick,” said Negan, smiling.

“You’re early,” Rick said.

“I missed you” He went in with his many men. They searched everything. They took the weapons, the medicaments and even the mattresses with them. His men carried many things out of the houses. They had a big box in their hand and took it out without looking in it. “You are not taking this!!!” Daryl said. (Daryl is not Negans prisoner) The men stopped and Negan turned around. He had this cheerful smile on his face again and went to Rick. “Prick are hiding something from me”

Rick looked at him angrily.

“There is something important for us, but not for you”

He laughed. “Now you have made me curious” He turned to the men.

“Guys … open the box” The men opened the box. There were only baby stuff in it.

“Hey, hey, what have we got here … I see here as a child only your daughter and no one else and she is probably too big for these clothes”

Rick said nothing because he wanted to protect Y / N. Negan moved closer to him and pointed to Rick with Lucille.

“You tell me now who owns all these things, otherwise Lucille gets thirsty again”

Rick said nothing again.

“Then this is your fault”

He began to swing Lucille until he heard a female voice.

“It is mine”

He turned around and saw Y / N holding her bulging stomach and looking at him anxiously

“Holy crap, sweetheart, if I knew the whole thing belonged to you, I would act like a gentleman”

He went to her with a smile on his face. He was now half a meter away from her and watched her.

“I’m so sorry if I scared you honey”

She did not try to look into his eyes, he had killed her friends. Negan peered into her eyes.

“You know what doll, I’ve never seen such a beautiful face in my life”

“Leave her alone,” Daryl screamed and wanted to go to Negan when Rick stopped him.

“Are you stupid, why should I leave this beauty alone,” he said to Y / N and touched her shoulder.

Y / N showed with her hand to Daryl and Rick that everything was ok. She did not want more friends to be murdered by him.

“How can you be pregnant and still keep the figure so well? Believe me for this face I would kill 10 men at once”

“Yes, my face is beautiful, the opposite of your face”

“Ouch, that hurts,” he said sarcastically and laughed.

“These are probably the ……… ou yes the hormones that make you so aggressive, but it’s good because you look more beautiful when you’re angry,” Negan said.

She looked at him obliquely.

“Do not you want to sit down because I can not stand so long on my feet”

“O doll why do not you say that sooner, of course we can sit down”

She sat on the steps in front of the house and Negan was sitting next to her.

“What is your name?”

“Y / N”

“Ou it’s a very beautiful name, I’m Negan …. from whom is the child, Prick or Daryl?”

He pointed to her stomach. She looked at him seriously.

“My husband died”

His face changed suddenly.

“I get it,” he said only

He began to smile again

“Can I touch it?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I mean can I touch your stomach” She looked to her friends. The group meant a lot to her. She nodded slowly. He put his hands on her stomach. Just then, the child started to kick. He began to laugh.

“Hey, hey he knows that I am here”

“He?” She asked

“Yeah, I’ve got this feeling and my feelings are awesome”

He leaned back again.

“How long are you?”

“37 weeks”

“How long does it take?”

“Normally 40 weeks”

“Do you have a doctor here?”.

“We had one until youre man killed her

2 days later…

Negan was back in Alexandria, but this time with Dr.Carson from Hilltop.

“Hey, sweetheart, I have a surprise for you ….. a doctor and a lot of baby stuff”

She stood there shocked.

“Is this all for me?” “Of course, that’s all for you my princess”

She did not want to, but she had a different feeling. Somehow she trusted him.

“Thank you,” she said in an uncertain tone

“Youre welcome honey”

Rick interrupted theire conversation.

“Get out of my place,” he said in an angrily voice

“Hey Rick, I think you forgot that this place is no longer yours”

He pulled out his big knife and pointed it to Rick.

“Or do you have a problem with it”

Their dialogue was stopped by a noice.

It was a “splash”, as if someone had poured water on the floor. Negan heard this, of course, because it was so quiet around. He turned and looked directly into the frightened eyes of Y / N. Only now he did notice the wet on the ground beneath her feet. She had a jeans dress and it was dark from the wet. The clear water still ran from her legs. He knew what that was. Her water was broken.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a timid and trembling tone. She was red because she was ashamed. The situation between so many people was unpleasant. Negan went straight to her and held her.

“Hey hey, do not be ashamed, it’s all natural, you can not do anything for it…..Carson, you see it was good that I took you with me, go in the house and prepare everything”

She had to hold his arm because it was dizzy. He went in with her into the house and then into the bedroom. Tjete was no matress but bed sheets on the ground. Rick and the others wanted to see her, but Negan stood in front of the bedroom door and did not let them in

“No no no no, now I have the situation in my hand and only me and Carson will stay with her,” he said, closing the door. _________________________________ Dr Carson examined her and Negan turned to the door.

“Well Y / N, you are definitly in labor, do you have contractions?”


“Ok then we have to wait.


He went out and Negan stayed with her. He sat down on the edge of the sheets with her.

“Do not worry honey, everything will be fine.

He put his hand on her leg.

“Thank you, I mean for your help”

“Youre welcome,” he smiled at her.

She always thought he was a mean man, but he was just the opposite. Just then, she held his hand tightly and closed her eyes. Negan held her hand.

“Contraction?”, He asked and she nodded but could not say something

“Ok honey breath in and out slowly”

He tried to show her, and they breathed together.

“I think its over,” she said relieved.

“Well congratulations sweetheart, you had your first contraction” she laughed

“Yeah I’m very happy now,” she said sarcastically.

“Would you like to lie down?”

“No I think I want to go” She got up and went back and forth in the room with her hand on her back.

  1. 2. Contraction:

“Ouch this hurts”, she stopped.

Negan held her arm.

“Come on girl squeeze my hand as hard as you can”

  1. 3. Contraction: “O noooo”, she groaned

“Just try to relax honey”

  1. 4. Contraction:

“O it hurts”

“I know honey I know, but today it’s all over”

12 hours of agony the baby was not there.

She was leaning on the wall with her hands and breathed slowly. Over time, breathing became more and more difficult. She did not scream but she made noices.

“Ouch,” she held his hand

“Please make it stop, I can not do this anymore”

“Come on girl you are strong”

“I’m not strong, I do not wanna do this anymore”

The next contraction was very strong. She did not scream but tears ran down her cheeks and she tried to wipe away as quickly as possible. Negan suddenly ran out of the room and caught Dr. Carson by his shirt and pushed him against the wall.

“Why did I bring you with us so you could just stay around?”

“I do everything I can”

“Then why is she in pain?”

“Negan that is normal. That is her first child and she is only 7 cm dilated”

“Can’t you give her something for the pain?, She had tears in her eyes ”

“Negan I do not have something like that. If I would give her normal painkillers, that would hurt the baby”

“Ok damn” He went back to the room. She was no longer standing . She was on the floor on her hands and knees. He went down to her. She was sweating.

“I could not stand anymore”

“That’s okay, you wanna lay down”

“No thanks this position is good”

Next contraction:

“Ou my back”

“Is your back hurting?”

“Hmmm”, she nodded.

He put his hand on her back and began to massage slowly and softly.

“O wow that feels good, thank you, youre my savior,” she said in a calmer voice.

Wooooorst contraction ever:

“O nooooo”

“Honey, you do not have to be quiet, scream, scream when you have to, do not be ashamed”

Now she dared to scream. She screamed and screamed until the contraction was over. She screamed so loud that everyone heard her outside.

“Is that normal”, asked Daryl scared.

“Yeah it is” said Carol.

Rick paced up and down. They were a family and he could not listen to a family member’s pain.

Dr. Carson went in quickly.

“Ok Y / N I have to check you again”

“Do whatever you want”, she said

As he checked her.

“O man I hate this part”

“Do not worry honey, if he does examine you again, he will get to know Lucille more closely”

He gave Carson a very, very vague look. Carson sweated with fear.

“Aaaammm ok Y / N. I do not have to examine you anyway because you are fully dilated now”

“Then I am gonna push,” she said directly.

“No no no not now”

“Why the hell not”, she asked angrily “

“Because the baby has to slide down with his head a bit”

“O no I think this will take 3 more days ……… o there is another one aaaaaaaaa”

“You have to wait a little bit more” She could not

“Negan you can go out, you helped me enough today”

“No way darling. I am staying until this baby is born”

After 30 minutes …

“O no it’s pressing to much. Ouuuuuuu I really want to go to the toilet.”

“Ok Y / N you have to sit down now”

She turned around with Negan’s help from the position and leaned her back against the wall.

Negan sat next to her holding her hand and put a cool cloth on her forehead.

“Ok, when the next contraction is there, I want you to go with all your strength, chin on the chest and eyes closed and push”

She shook her head violently.

“O no there is one”

“Ok give me one good push”

She pressed with so much force that Negan thought his hand was broken. When she realized that she was drilling with her nails into Negan’s back, that it was slowly beginning to bleed. She took her hand away immediately

“I’m sorry I did not realize that,” she said panickily.

“No no no its okay. Just squeeze it. It is not hurting me”“

“One more push,” Carson said

She screamed in pain and pushed with her strength.

Suddenly she began to cry.

“I will ruin the life of my child ….. in this world without a father”

When Negan heard this, he had tears in his eyes

“He has a dad” he said suddenly

“If you want I can not live without you” She looked in his dark eyes"Yes ….. I want to”

“Don’t push now just pant okay?”

She panted through the contraction. Suddenly she felt dizzy

“Y / N no matter what you feel now, you should not press in any case”

“Why? is something wrong”

“You are bleeding to much and I think the baby is stuck in the birth cannal …….. Negan you have to press on her stomach and I will try to get the baby out”

“But it would hurt her even more”

“But it would save her life and life from the child”

Negan took off his leather jacket. He had a white shirt. He put his one hand on her stomach and with the other hand he was holding her hand, but he could not push.

Y / N held his hand tightly and looked at him with tired eyes.

“Just do it, I’m fine, just do it”

He sweated and nodded. He pressed her belly and Carson tried to take the child. She was tired of screaming and took a cloth in her mouth and closed her eye. She pressed with a lot of force.

30 minutes later …

“Come on Y / N the babys head is coming don’t push just pant. She panted and the bany head was finally out. “The head is out and he has a lot of dark hair, just a few pushes should do it”

“I have no more energy, you can just pull him out please”

“No I can not do this, I need your help”

After 5 contractions the child was almost out. At the last pain she cried, until she had no more voice.

“Open your eyes honey, open your eyes”, said Negan happy

She opened her eyes and saw her child. It was crying.

Carson lied the small baby on her chest “You did it, you did it. I’m so proud of you ”

“No honey we did it”

She stroked the child.

“Wait a minute, is it a boy or girl?” Y / N asked and Negan raised the towel, where the child was wrapped in.

Y / N and Negan looked and laughed

“I said to you, I had a feeling it’s a boy”

“Yeah and you were right” , dhe laughed

“Negan you wanna cut the umbilical cord”

“No, I do not want to hurt him ”

“You will not hurt him” Carson said.

He nodded and took the scissors and cut through the umbilical cord.

He leaned against the wall next to Y/ N.

“What will you name him??”

“Ou I thought maybe Jeffrey Dean”

Negan raised his eyebrows.

“Jeffrey Dean”, that is a very good name, Were did you find that”

“I do not know, but if I always see you I have this name infront of my eyes” she said:)))))))

“Ok then welcome to our life Jeffrey Dean”

8 years later …

Y / N and Negan lived in the Sanctuary and were married.

Y / N was his only wife like he promised.

Aaaaaaaannnnd they had 5 sons

Jeffrey Dean (birth-> read the story :)

Norman (birth-> in the sanctuary with Dr. Carson Negan fainted)

Andrew (birth-> with Dr. Carson, Negan was on hunting)

Steve (birth-> waterbirth with Dr. Carson and Negan by herside)

Michael (birth-> Negan played the midwife because everything was so fast they could not call the doctor :)

“Hi Negan, I have to tell you somenthing” “Tell me sweetheart” “I’m pregnant again”:)))

(Gifs are not mine)

This was my own request:)

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Anonymous’s Submission:

Sometimes I use my inattentiveness as an excuse because “I forgot” sounds better than “I thought about it for six hours straight while battling executive dysfunction and RSD until I was on the verge of an anxiety attack.”

Anonymous’s Submission:

I’m really having problems with
-sitting still/moving around when I’m having dinner with my family
-Reading. Like even if it’s something I want to read I physically can’t bring myself to do it. And if I manage to start, I can only read two pages before I start something else.
-Watching Tv shows. Same reasons for reading.
-RSD (more like oh god please help me)
-Listening to friends when they’re talking to me and not interrupting :/
Sorry this turned into a long post! I love you guys :)

flipflopfishing’s Submission:

random obsessions/ hyperfixations
I’m from the UK and in the last week have realised just how awesome baseball is.
I’m on a uni placement and I’ve used baseball research etc. as my thing to do while relaxing. It’s not affecting my work.
And it’s so cool and I want to try it out (there’s a British team super close to me) and I was trying to explain a league structure to my parents down the phone. To be fair they’d already said they had to go soon- dinner was nearly ready to come out the oven and they normally are supportive and tolerate my interests
But getting told “this is something with your ADHD you can control. just focus on your other hobbies. baseball isnt this country. it has nothing to do with you, cut it out. stop explaining! i said cut it out i dont want to know” hurt so much.
My favourite book is about a baseball player and I really wanted to try it out at the local club. But now I’m scared that this will just be another passing interest and if they know I went they’d get annoyed. Even though it’s not stopping my work

Please reblog or send in your thoughts regarding these issues. This is your community of ADHDers sharing the things they are struggling with the most right now. We are crowdsourcing support!