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Yeeeeessss!!!!!! Now I can ramble about bnha chapter 131 for real!!!!

technically I spoiled the whole damn chapter for myself by looking at @sevi007, @thestarmaker-s​, @crazytwirlcurls​ and @toxic-vanilla​‘s posts but whatever.

First of all, this freaking colorspread!!!!!!!!

It’s so coooooolllll XD!!!!! look at how awesome Kacchan is, look at Shouto!!! Uraraka, Tsuyu Izuku are just so cute here, and OMFG Iida Tenya!!!!! I did NOT KNOW HE COULD LOOK THIS GOOD!!!

I didn’t actually think All Might would tel Izuku he was gonna die, but I guess he had to tell him eventually. But the way Izuku’s face is here, the way he’s just trying to digest everything… it just hurts my heart…

Izuku why are you doing thids to me?!!!!

This dadmight fluff here is so heartwarming, All Might already had so much faith in Izuku, he’s already defending him when he barely even knows him! I think he’s bleeding from happiness here!!!

My son, why are you doing this to me?!!! DX!!! It’s soo cute how Izuku is so hellbent on wanting All Might to be around when he becomes a hero! 

The cinnamon roll doesn’t even realize how much he’s changed All Might these past few months. This s just too cute, Izuku is basically All Might’s motivation to live!!!

and this… THIS!!! All Might’s muscle form is so… deformed now! His hair can’t even stand up anymore and he doesn’t have eyebrows!


Yes my son! Change that shitty future that Nighteye predicted!!! All shitty futures can be changed!!! 


She is sooo cool! and pretty!

YEEEEESSSS!!!!!! thank you Horikoshi!!!! This is exactly what I want, more of class 1-A (apart from Shouto and Kacchan)! I want to see more of class 1-A in action! I want to see them use their quirks to its full potential!

Just imagine how Uraraka’s quirk will be when she’s older, she might even be able to lift heavy boulders, or fallen skyscrapers or something! Tsuyu can legit stick on walls so she never has to worry about falling.

I love her so much already

@mysteriouskusajo, @leinbow the missing page has been found!

also I really wanna know what Suneater’s quirk is, his costume looks so cool

I’m gonna take a moment to appreciate my excited red son here.



in short, this chapter was really good.

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This is my last post about Diane and Norman shitstorm.

It’s awesome how people who ship them start to insulting me just because I express my opinion.

  • I don’t like Diane one bit, so what?

I never liked her, since before all of this drama, she treated like shit a lot of people, even people that I know so, yeah, i have my reasons.

  • “You’re jealous, you wanted Norman for yourself gnignigni…

Wtf? Norman could be my father, i don’t like him that way, i’m just worry about him, he’s a good man, and I’m afraid he’ll get hurt.

I’ve supported all Norman’s previous relationship, just for the record

  • “Norman can date everyone he wants”

Of fucking course he can! he’s 48 years old for fuck sake!

  • What do you think about them?

It’s not important what i think, if he’s happy with her then he can do whatever he want.

I just hope that all this drama doesn’t ruin his career

Whit all of this said, I don’t intend to answer anymore about all of this; keep bashing me, hating me, i don’t care, this is a writing blog, not a gossip blog.

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You make everyone in the Green Day fandom feel so welcomed regardless how long they've been a fan or how intense of a fan they are and that's really awesome and refreshing tbh. Too many fandoms aren't as cool and welcoming as Green Day

aw this made my day thanks so much!!! 💖💖yeah honestly it’s a dumb thing to judge people for because literally we all started out not knowing anything and if ya enjoy their music and love the band that’s all that matters ✨true though i really am thankful to be apart of a relatively chill and awesome fan base!!

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Why do you protect Amy? I just want to know, I mean she's an adult and can protect herself. Just because she's marks girl. What happens when they break up? What if its her fault? Im just honestly curious. People dont need cinnamon roll status. I genuinely want to know. No one is perfect, they are just people. Ive met her and i dont think she's such a nice person as she 'seems' She is a bit tightly wound. Sadly disrespectful to Mark as well. If i was you i would just let them be.

why do people make jacksepticeye, markiplier, pewdiepie, etc protection blogs? because its fun, and its a way to express your love for a hella cool person. its not because she’s marks girlfriend, but the reason I found her was because she’s marks girlfriend. in everything I’ve seen she seems like a sweet, caring girl, and I really admire how awesome she is and her personality and everything. if they broke up, I’d probably still watch both of them, and still care about both of them, because I care about them and their happiness more than I care about them being together. also, you dont know how she acts to mark, you’re not either of them, and you aren’t a close friend. if she seemed tightly wound when you met her, maybe it was because she was meeting the dick that is you.

I love how we all tell stories with initials, “J had an awesome date with C” or “T and I are going out again!” It’s like part of the unwritten poly handbook 😂 but no matter how many stories I read, I get into it and am like “yassss you go ‘J’!”

I just feel like every story needs to end with:

Gossip Girl

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So two prompts that could be fused, but how about Jackie and Tom reacting to Marco coming out?

Awesome :) Well I’ll have to get back to you with the Jackie one but Tom’s reaction came to me in an instant.

Marco Comes Out to Tom

Marco and Tom are sat playing video games in Tom’s lair.

Tom jumps up in celebration. “Hahaha!!!! Take that. 1st place.”

“You’re cheating again aren’t you”, Marco says sounding annoyed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Marco”, Tom responds with an evil but simultaneously playful grin. “My game console totally isn’t possessed by demons that rig the game so I always win.”

Marco puts their pad down on the table and turns to Tom.

“Awwwww, come on dude”, protests Tom. “I’ll let you win this time I promise.”

“No, it’s not that”, Marco says nervously. “I want to tell you something.”

Tom has started to set up a single player game. “Mhm.”

“Tom…” Marco pauses and takes a deep breath as if trying to get the courage to say something important before blurting it out fast. “I think I should be a girl.”

Tom doesn’t react whatsoever and says nonchalantly, “Oh yeah, I know already. Known for ages in fact.”

“What!?” Marco yells sounding annoyed. “How!?”

“You forget that I spy on you all the time”, Tom says.

“Then…then…” Marco goes trying to find the words. “Why did you let me go through all of that? Do you know how scared I was of you possibly reacting badly?”

“I knew”, Tom says. “But I was reading online and the people on there said you’d tell me in your own time and not to pressure you.”

“Oh”, Marco says calming down a little. “You researched this.”

“Of course”, Tom says now turning to face Marco. “You’re my friend and I care about you.”

“Thanks”, Marco says smiling. “You’re a great friend.”

“I know”, Tom says smiling. His expression then sours, “There are some really horrible people on your internet though.”

“Ha, yeah”, says Marco scratching the back of their head.

“Seriously”, Tom says. “Some of the stuff on there. It makes my people look like saints. And we live in Hell.”

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Your boyfriend is an ugly neck beard lmao

Ugly neck beard? I can’t even take you serious, with your insult that honestly makes zero sense!

How ever, he is quite gorgeous, with a killer smile, awesome personality, fucks me really great, and treats me like the princess I am!


So tell me again how your opinion is relevant to my life :)!

Seriously, like all I can think about when I space out is garlic mustard. How cool it is. How terrifying it is. How awful and awesome it is.

I feel like I’ve brushed its spirit a few times now, and it is powerful. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s a powerful plant on its own, or because I’m encountering it in a region where it has no limits on its strength and growth.

Whatever it is, it comes on about as strongly as I’m used to animal spirits being. Which is not typical for how I experience plant spirits.

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CAME FOR THE. "CritRole". STAYED FOR THE "blogger, like, holy hell you're awesome and adorable and such a good writer??? how dare".

awwwwwww thank you *~*

just imagine for a second if marc guggenheim wasn’t an incompetent idiot who only cares about fanservice to a vocal minority and could actually think of an interesting storyline for once in his life and in doomworld, instead of vigilante f*licity, we had vigilante iris

like how awesome would it be to have candice finally make a goddamn appearance on one of the other dctv shows and we’d also get to see iris “strap on some leather” (candice’s words not mine lol) and kick some ass and be a fucking bamf

like come on marc i would be a better showrunner than you oh my fucking god