how awesome was she in the group numbers

Pitch Perfect 3 Plot - Please & Thank You

How awesome would PP3 be if it was all the Bellas going to Cynthia Rose’s wedding. And the whole movie would be them together, with clips of them during the days leading up to the wedding, but the majority of the film would be frequent flashbacks to the 3 years of Barden in between the first 2 movies. 

So we get to see them during their college years: 

1) When Chloe surprises them by coming back right after auditions at the end of the first film cuz she “failed” Russian Lit (apparently Kay Cannon forgot that at the end of the film Chloe wasn’t there so it was presumed that she graduated).

2) Them getting their Bella house for the first time (I’m assuming it’s new cuz Beca was still living in the dorms even tho she was a Bella in the film).

3) Them picking their rooms/roommates while no one knew where Lily was sleeping until they ventured into the basement one night in search of something and they see things that would be out of Little Shop of Horrors. They run out of there and camera pans over to a dark corner where Lily is shown to be sleeping upside like a bat. The girls never figure out where Lily sleeps, she just always seem to appear. —- that could explain Beca’s random comment about the basement being haunted.

4) Show more bonding moments with the Bellas - since they didn’t really show any any real moments in the PP2 that showed the tight group the Bellas should be. 

5) More Bechloe moments, becuz even tho it was mentioned how close they should be in the 2nd film, (all the: “why didn’t you tell chloe”’s) it wasn’t actually shown that they’re best friends.

6) Maybe explain why Denise isn’t there in the second film, she was there at the end of the first? Seriously, was she so quiet that even Kay Cannon forgot about her? They only had Flo as a new member, which I’m assuming is for Aubrey’s spot. So…what happened to Denise?

7) More awesome mashups and dance numbers. Maybe they can redeem the lack of Chloe solos in the 2nd. So please, more Chloe solos for PP3. Maybe even have Brittany Snow do a wrap number??? 

8) Them winning numbers/shows scattered through the flashbacks so we can have Gail and John back, and obviously cuz…acapella movie. 

9) The flashbacks can end with clips of what they all the after graduation and/or years after graduation - Bumper and Amy in the middle of moving in together and you see the 2 build-a-bears on their bed. Emily instructing the new Bellas on the christening of house. Beca moving in an apt (in LA?) and Chloe being her roommate (Or she can be shown moving in across the hall - I’ll take either or). Or if Beca stays at Residual Heat, then they show her behind the controls for some artist in the booth. Chloe teaching little kids how to dance. Chloe and Beca either being roommates or living across from each other in their new apt, as they both decided to stay. Lily building a time machine. Flo getting her greencard. Stacy…modeling? Jessica and Ashley being in total boss professions like lawyers or doctors - something opposite of how their quiet natures.

And the end of the movie can be them doing a lil reunion performance at the end of CR’s wedding.