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Fawn’d Remembrance

Sitting around the table at Grimmauld Place. Remus sees a familiar smile, but on the wrong face. 

Sirius: Remus are you o-

Remus: Yah, I’m fine you look a little pale as wel-

Remus: Anyway.

Harry: Are you two alright over there? 

Remus: Were fine. Just amazed at how much more you look like your father as you age. 

Sirius: *Softly* But you have her eyes. 

Remus: Pads…

Harry: Did I do something wrong? 

((OOC: Thank you to the lovely @siriusly-not-over-remus and @asktheboywholived for being James, Harry, Sirius, and Remus))

  • Yugi: oh hi Ryou what did you do for Halloween?
  • Ryou: nothing much really, I watched a movie, ate some candies, that kind of stuff
  • Yugi: ok
  • Yugi: wait why are you limping
  • Ryou: I might have sprained my ankle a little
  • Yugi: how?
  • Ryou: uuuuh running?
  • Yugi: you- you were fine yesterday
  • Ryou: yeees haha
  • Yugi: ...what did you do for Halloween
  • Ryou: don't worry I managed to banish it

New hair=new reasons to be awesome

The last two days (not including today) I’ve had people tell me I’ve been dressing up for Halloween even though it’s clearly over….um no sorry, this is just how I look and dress…I’m not doing it to be cute or get attention….and I’m fairly certain I can get a husband while looking like this since I have what you’d call a “normal” boyfriend. Please don’t patronize me or say I need to look a certain way to fit YOUR ideal…I’m doing just fine, and yes my mother is proud since she bought several of the gothy things I own


[11.02.2016] // Our halloween!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Sorry for the belated post, but just now I had a good time to do it! The twins are sleeping now, and the kids went for the park with Jhonny for a playdate with their cousins!
Our halloween was AMAZING! We decided to do a little party for some close friends, and we stayed so happy with their presence and their kids presence too!
We decided for only invite Rain, Mia and Del, because it was going to be just a little party, we wasn’t planning in a very big thing. It was so simple.
We decided to do a cute and simple decoration for the party, my mother came here in day 30 and helped me to do the cookies and the cakes, also, I need to say a huge thank you for she and for Jhonny, because without their cook dotes, I would need to bought everything from the bakery loool
The kids helped us a lot too! They loved to help us with the decoration, and the twins helped sleeping in the most of the time while we was decorating it lol
The party was in the day 31, the kids was excited to meet their friends and I was too! I can’t wait to see my friends and show Jasminne and Chris for them!
Tbh, I was a bit apreensive with the reaction of the twins, but really, they was so calm! They didn’t stayed afraid of cried, they just loved them! But they passed the most of the party in their stroller, because they’re so lazy haha!

The kids had so much fun with their friends! I stayed very happy seeing them playing around! They was absolutely adorable together!

One thing that I loved was our fantasies! Really, I passed lot of time looking around for find the best, and I stayed in love with them! Also, the kids helped us to choose Minne and Chris’ fantasies, and I loved it. Was very good to see that them are very excited with their little sis and their little bro!

I loved to saw Alice and Louise again, but I can’t deal that they’re growing so fast! Today, they’re doing 10 months today! I’m feeling so old guys ;-;
I’m so glad to have these lil cats in my life <3

Also, we went with the kids for trick or treat arround the neighborhood! It was so cute, and they won so much candies! After it, we went to home and they past the rest of the party eating the candies and playing around!

Thank you so much @mimi-bennett @angelas-diary-blog @simmier93 @mamaandfourlittlecubs for join us! It wouldn’t be the same without you!
We loved so much your presences, and I can’t wait for another meet like this!

So guys, that was the post of today, I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a amazing day/night!


Haunted House

Summary: Halloween Special | You’re scared of haunted houses and I don’t know you but you’re friends left you behind so I’m gonna hold your hand and get you through this, okay?

Word Count: 1116

Member: Taehyung


“You guys, I’m not sure about this,” you heard one of the boys in the group ahead of you mumble. “You know how I feel about haunted houses.”

“Taehyung, it’ll be fine,” a second boy snorted. “Seriously, we’ll be with you the entire way.”

“Fine,” the boy, Taehyung, muttered back. “But don’t just leave me in the middle of the house.”


With that, the group went in and you were left with your two friends. “Y/N, hello?” one called to you, obviously having been trying to catch your attention and failing.


She snorted at you, rolling her eyes. “Since you’re no longer distracted by cute guys,” she teased, pushing you. “Matt and I aren’t too sure about this haunted house.”

“Yea,” Matt mumbled from beside her, smiling sheepishly at you. “Neither of us are too big on haunted houses and we feel like we’d both like… pee. Or cry. Or both.”

You laughed at the pair of them. “Stop lying,” you snickered. “Natalie is amazing with haunted houses and you’re too tired to notice anything half the time. The pair of you just want to go make out somewhere without me third wheeling.”

“Whatever,” Natalie giggled, shoving your shoulder again. “You’ll be good in there without us?”

“Yea,” you agreed with a smile. “Don’t swallow each other while I’m gone.”

The worker called next and Matt and Natalie fell back while you stepped forwards. “Going it alone?” the worker questioned, smiling at you.

“My friends would rather be sucking faces then getting spooked by zombies and jump scares,” you joked, shrugging. “It’s okay though, haunted houses are usually my thing.”

“Well, good luck,” they shrugged, allowing you in. You stepped in, thanking the worker before you were swallowed by the darkness. It was almost pitch black and you could only see due to the low blue lights coming from places on the walls.

This haunted house was themed after a mine shaft, the walls replicating the wet and echoing stone, occasional wood banisters “holding up” the roof. You stepped through it, not hearing anything, but you were soon hearing footsteps following you, quickly but stopping when you did. It didn’t take long from someone to jump at you, gripping your shoulders and shrieking in your ear from behind. By the time you turned around, they had disappeared into the darkness and a yell you didn’t realize you had let out was finishing echoing on the walls.

You walked a little further before you heard quiet sobs and soft whimpers from someone trying to not be heard. After rounding the corner, you spotted someone curled on the ground against the wall. It took a second of debate, deciding whether or not to go up to them, but you quickly recognized the person as the boy from before, Taehyung.

“Excuse me?” you whispered gently, trying not to startle him as you stepped closer. He took in a breath and fell silent, not looking up. “Are you okay? I’m not one of the actors trying to scare you, promise. I’m just walking through.”

With that he lifted his head and you could see his worried face looking up at you with slight fear. There were tear streaks down his face and his eyes were still glossed over. “Who are you?” he asked quietly.

“My name is Y/N,” you responded, moving to sit next to him. “You’re Taehyung, right? I heard you and your friends talking earlier. Did they leave you?” He simply nodded in response, instantly filling you with a sadness. “I’m sorry. Would you like to finish going through with me? I know I’m not a big support system of friends, but I’ll hold your hand, if you’d like.”

He paused for a moment before letting out a soft chuckle. “This is embarrassing,” he whispered, wiping the tears from his cheeks. “I’m a grown man crying at a haunted house.”

“Hey, that’s okay,” you smiled. “I still cry if I have to go into a store to buy things by myself.”

“Really?” he asked, laughing quietly.

“Definitely. It’s so weird for the cashiers. I have to call one of my friends to help me if I need groceries because I can’t talk to the cashiers.”

With that, Taehyung smiled and stood, reaching his hand down to help you up. Once you were standing, he gripped your hand in a more comfortable position. “I might scream,” he warned. “Or cry. Or fall to the floor. Or I might jump on you. I’m not really sure.”

“It’s alright,” you responded with a giggle. “I’m here to support you.”

Together, you and Taehyung made your way through the haunted house. There were jump scares and breaking windows and actors that jumped out and yelled or actors that followed, whispering terrifying words. There were times when Taehyung did exactly what he said. He had screamed, he had let out loud sobs, he had fallen, curling into a ball, and he had tried jumping into your arms, although that very rarely worked out without one of you or both of you falling to the ground. But eventually the pair of you had reached the end.

Once you both exited, Taehyung pulled you into his arms in a tight hug. You could tell that he was shaking slightly, feeling a few tears fall onto your shoulder, so you only held him tighter and rubbed his back. “Thank you,” he whispered, pulling back and wiping his tears with a laugh. “Oh!” he exclaimed, quickly turning, reaching into his pants. When he didn’t find what he wanted, his head popped up and he began searching around. He spotted what he wanted and grinned. “Wait here,” he called before sprinting off.

You turned to see his group of friends standing there. He reached them and dug through one of their bags before running back, a bright smile on his face. “What just happened?” you questioned with a giggle.

He didn’t answer, simply pulling your arm towards him and taking the cap off the pen in his hand and writing along your arm. When he was finished you looked to see a phone number written carefully on your forearm. “In case you ever need help in a grocery store,” he giggled, a soft blush making its way across his cheeks before he moved back to his friends.

You pulled out your phone and sent a quick text to Natalie, asking where she was, before adding his number to your contacts. You quickly pulled up the messenger, typing out a quick message. As you walked away, you heard Taehyung let out a happy laugh from behind you.

In case you need help in a haunted house again.

The Other One : Part 9

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Halloween Special Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 

Part 10


You lean up against the door frame, blocking him from coming into your apartment.

“What are you doing here? I told y-“

“I know what you told me, but its two days before your birthday and I know that you wouldn’t stick to our tradition. I didn- Are you okay? You seem a bit flustered.” He leans in.

You wanted to confess right now how you had kissed Jinyoung.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired I just got back from work.”

He eyes your uniform down, you looked cute with your little apron and your hair in a ponytail.

“I didn’t know you changed jobs.” He lies, smiling down at you.

His smile plays with your heart strings, he looked so fluffy, his hair flopping over his forehead. His body drowning in his oversized hoodie.

“Yeah, I got fired from my other one. Apparently not turning up is not a good thing.” You joke, laughing.

He chuckles. You two chat for about 10 minutes, and for those ten minutes you forgot everything. It was as if you two met for the first time. But then you’re pulled out of that moment when your phone buzzed.

                                               ‘Can I leave now?’

“Thanks for the drinks.” You say, grabbing the bags and shutting the door in his face.

Was it bad that you wanted to forgive him? You wanted to tell him that you could forget about everything, even though you couldn’t. You wanted to lie and make everything better. But how could you? You had just kissed Jinyoung, he had cheated, and everything was a mess.

You sigh and set the bags on the table.

“You can come out now.” You say.

Jinyoung slinks out of the room.

“I don’t think we should see each other again.” You say, avoiding eye contact.

Jinyoung collects his shoes and coat and walks towards the door, before turning around.

“Just one date, and if you don’t feel anything for me, I’ll forget about this. And I’ll go back to being your friend.” He compromises.

You couldn’t just reject him, what if something was there? You know you would regret it if you missed such a moment. What if he was the one you were meant to be with?

“Okay, just one date.” You just wanted to try it. All those missed looks and longing touches, what if they actually meant something.

“Great, I’ll swing by at 7 on Friday. I wanna wine and dine you for your birthday.” He smiles widely.

“Um… I can’t do Friday, I’m going out with friends… well friend. Maybe Sunday, when I won’t be disgustingly drunk or hungover?” You suggest.

“Sunday is perfect. I’ll see you then.” He walks towards the door. Suddenly he stops.

“Sorry about today, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. And I don’t expect you to be over Jaebum, he was such a big of your life. And I hope to be the same, just without the infidelity.” He nods, before leaving, gently shutting the door behind him.

You walk into the bathroom, admiring the bath that you had just ran for yourself, it had been a rough day.

You strip out of your clothes, then take off your underwear. Unfortunately, nothing in your life, not even taking a bath, was easy. You trip and fall into the bath, banging your knee. It hurt so much, you might have broken it. You try and get up, but fail, as your body falls back into the bath, water comes flowing out of the sides. Even if you were to get out, you would just fall back into the bath again, slipping on the suds flooding the floor. You really want to get out of the bath, this wasn’t the relaxing soak you had been anticipating. Your eyes search the bathroom looking for something to assist you, and your eyes land on the house phone next to the toilet, you kinda thank the lord that you order pizza on the toilet last night. You reach over and pick up the phone. You didn’t know any number off head. Except one. You didn’t want to call him, but you also didn’t want to be stuck in the bath. You reluctantly dial the number. It rings twice before he picks up.

“Hello.” He says.

“I need your help.” You wince, as you watch your knee swell.

“Who is this?” He asks, you must have never given him your house phone number.

“Your ex-girlfriend.” You sigh.

He sits up in his bed.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, putting his shoes on.

“I’ve hurt myself and I’m stuck in the bathtub.” You admit, embarrassed.

You hear a stifled laugh.

“You know what? I’ll just embarrass myself and call the ambulance if you’re gonna laugh.”

“No! I’m on my way.” He says, grabbing his jacket and running out the apartment.

“I’ll see you soon.”

You sit in the bath for what feels like 2 days before your house phone rings.

“I’m outside.” He says.

“Come in then.” You say.

“I don’t your pin, you changed it.” He says, quietly.

“It’s the day we met, 040615.” You say, shyly.

It was easy to remember, and even though you were hurt it meant a lot to you.

“Okay.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell he was smiling. And the thought of him smiling made you smile through your pain.

You hear feet run into your apartment and a hand pushes the bathroom door open.

“Turn around and pass me my towel.” You scream.

“It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before, now just let me help you.” He says.

“That’s different, we are not together anymore, it’s inappropriate, let me just cover up first. Now pass me my towel.” You holler.

He chucks your towel over his shoulder, it makes a soft sound as it fall in the water.

“Well done. Now I can’t cover myself.” You say sarcastically.

He chuckles.

“If I shut my eyes, will you let me help you?” He asks.

“Okay, but keep your hands on my arms.” You say.

He walks towards the bathtub, slowly but surely. Almost falling over a couple of times because of the of the water soaked floor.

After a weary few minutes, he makes it over to you unscathed.

“Okay, I will put my arms out and you will pull me out, okay?”

He nods.

You reach your arms out as he blindly feels around. His strong hands wrap around your arms. Just as you’re about to stand, your wet arms slip from his grip and you fall back in bringing him down with you. You try and not panic as he lies against your naked body.

“Get off of me! “ You scream.

He smirks.

“Well it’s been a while.” He jokes.

“Get. Off. NOW!” You shout.

He gets out of the bath and wrings his top. You couldn’t help but stares as the material clung to his abs.

“You kno what?  We tried your way, and that didn’t work. Now we try my way.” He says, reaching out.

“Close your eyes.” You say.

He rolls his eyes and scoops you up, being mindful of your obviously swollen knee. As he walks out of the bathroom, with you in tow, you grab your towelling robe off of the door and wrap it around yourself.

He sets you down on the living couch.

“Thank you.” You say quietly.

“No problem.” He says, taking a seat on the opposite chair.

“I’ll get your clothes, I’m taking you the hospital.” He says, getting up.

“It’s fine, I’ll call someone else, just pass me my phone and you can go.” You tell him.

“No, I’ll stay.” He goes into your bedroom to look for clothes for you to wear.

You stare off into the distance, thinking about how deep his love for you must be. You were astonished at the speed he got to you in. How he heroically picked you up, how he made you feel safe. If you could rewind to the moment you left, would you have fixed everything?

anonymous asked:

I'm cosplaying Blue Pearl from steven universe for halloween, but im having trouble making her pearl. i need something like a 50mm acrylic flat back pearl deco, but i cant find one anywhere online. white or light blue is fine. I found a tutorial that would probably work but it involves sculpting resin and rubber and stuff 0~0;; but i dont have a lot of experience, do you have a simpler idea of how to make one?

Hello there!

Blue Pearl’s gem is a bit of an odd shape – it’s not entirely round in most shots, but it’s not quite oval like Pearl’s gem is.

When I made Pearl, I painted my gem, which greatly expanded my options. Pearls are good candidates for painting, since they’re opaque and pearlescent paint is easy to come by. I’d use multiple thin layers of paint, and use a few layers of a different color or two mixed in there, since it creates more depth to the color.

If you wanted to make your gem yourself, here’s a few options, of varying degrees of roundness/ovalness: 1 2 3
(Option #3 is glass – I’d proceed at your own risk with that, since it is more prone to breaking than plastic, and may prove dangerous. If you wanted to paint the glass, lay down a layer of glass paint first and then use your regular acrylics so that it sticks better.)

If you wanted a perfect gem that required no work, you can purchase blue Pearl’s gem on Etsy: 1 2

Another option would be to either commission someone for a resin version or a 3D print of the gem; you may need to finish and paint a 3D print yourself if you went that route.

I hope that helps! Good luck. :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: It’s OCTOBER YA’LL!!!!!!! You know what that means … . HOLY HALLOWEEN B@MAN SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! This is the first spoopy request for this month and this particular story has at least 2 more planned parts!

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you have time and since it’s almost Halloween, you could do a vampire fic with Jason or the batboys, if it’s okay with you. Pretty please?? And thank you:)) (requested by @redbircl)

“Are you sure you don’t want to share a cab?” You dreadfully hopeful date asked suggestively. This was probably one of the worst dates you’ve ever had and your date just couldn’t seem to get the hint that you weren’t interested after he started bragging about how many women he’s banged. You forced a smile and waved him off.

“No that’s fine. I have some errands to run before I can go back home. Thanks for the offer though.” You said politely hoping that this was the miraculous moment where he might catch on.

“Whatever you say. I’ll text you later, ok babe?” He said as he slid into the back seat of his cab.

“Uh huh.” You hummed non committedly.

“Night gorgeous!” He said blowing you kiss and a wink. After his cab was out of sight you sighed and rolled your eyes. You can’t help but to wonder what you ever did to deserve to be attracted to such horrible men.

Shaking your head slowly you wrap your jacket around you closer to protect you from the cold Gotham night air and started to walk home. You tried not to linger too long in any place and you hurriedly walked the shortest possible route to your apartment. You were only a couple blocks away when you decided you were going to cut through an alley in an effort to get yourself home faster. You didn’t realize you were being followed and next thing you knew you felt a subtle sting of a knife being held at your back.

“Don’t you dare fucking scream. Gimme the purse” He whispered threateningly. Your eyes widened in fear but you followed his directions and handed him your purse. Nothing in it was worth enough to get yourself killed over. “Good girl. Now your cell phone. Hand it over, bitch.” He commanded pressing the blade a little harder against you. Tears sprang to your eyes at the pain but you handed him your cell phone as commanded.

“Please! You have what you want! Let me go.” You said fearfully.

“Oh, I’m not done with you yet.” He leered roughly grabbing your hips and squeezing your ass, his fingers painfully digging into you.

“Don’t touch me.” You growled trying to pull away from him. He spun you in his arms and clasped your wrists in his iron grip to keep you from fighting.

“I’ll do whatever and whoever the fuck I please, and right now that lucky whore is you.” He snarled. His unoccupied hand reached down and ripped at your dress. You began to scream and kick against him, trying to break from his grasp. He slapped you hard against the cheek and covered your mouth with his hand to muffle your screams.

Suddenly your attacker was ripped away from you and you fell to the ground. When you looked up you saw your savior forcefully expose your attacker’s neck and roughly sink his teeth into the helpless man’s neck. You sat on the damp ground petrified as you watched the scene unfold, as you watched your attacker get the blood sucked out of him.

When your attacker fell limp and lifeless in your savior’s arms, your savior lifted his head with blood staining his lips and teeth. You gasped in fright and suddenly the man’s dark, hungry, gaze was fixated on you. You scrambled to your feet and tried to run away from the man but easily and fluidly pounced at you, taking you firmly in his arms. You kicked and screamed against him and tried escaping his grasp. He snarled animalistically and your struggles and as soon as he had the opening he sunk his head into the crook of your neck and bit down, his teeth easily slicing through your skin like butter.

You let out a blood curdling scream as you registered the pain in your neck and he started to steal your life force. You tried fighting against him, pushing him away, kicking and punching him. Nothing worked and eventually your attempts to escape grew weaker and weaker as you lost more blood to him. When he had gotten his fill of you he pulled away and looked at you in guilt and remorse.

“God no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t meant to! Fuck!” He cried out angrily at himself as your vision started to fade into blackness. He set you carefully on the ground and gently swept your hair away from your eyes.  “I’m sorry” You heard him whisper sincerely as he walked away from you just before you blacked out.

Miraculously a stranger happened to notice you that night and called an ambulance for you. You attacker was pronounced dead on the scene but you were resilient, you survived. You were rushed to the hospital where they gave you a blood transfusion. You had lost most of your blood and the doctors told you when you woke up that it was an outright miracle that you were alive with the unprecedented amount of blood you lost.

You should have died that night but you didn’t.

You started thinking a lot about what happened to you, if it were really possible that that man could have been an actual blood sucking vampire. It seemed a ridiculous thought to you, a silly horror story that is usually saved for a Halloween campfire story but the scarring bite mark on your neck told you otherwise.  

Life goes on and you try to put the incident behind you as your bite mark scarred over and became a little less noticeable. The mark healed quicker than you thought possible but you weren’t going to be one to complain about it. Most people now assumed that you just had an enthusiastic lover but you knew the truth.

You were on your way home from work one night, making sure to take well lit paths. After what happened to you, you vowed that no short cut was worth the risk, not in this town. You were hyper aware of your surroundings so you stopped dead in your tracks when you saw a familiar crop of dark hair. You visibly paled several shades and stood petrified as the two of you stood staring each other down, both of you equally wide eyes.

“It’s you.” Jason whispered in awe. You broke out of your trance and immediately sprinted away from him. “Wait!” Jason calls after you. He sighs and starts following your scent. He could easily catch up to you but he figured that would panic you more than you already are.

Jason couldn’t help but to be intrigued by you. He was almost certain that he killed you that night but he had left you in the alley before he could hear your heart stop. He didn’t mean to attack you like he had. He only intended to kill your attacker but the moment his blood hit his tongue the bloodlust took over. He didn’t register attacking you until after he came out of his bloodlust fueled haze and you were lying half dead in his arms. He had felt guilty for what he did to you and his family reprimanded him when he told them what had happened. If he could be given the chance, he wanted to make amends with you or at the very least apologize.

Jason easily caught up with you and pulled you into the shadows away from the prying eyes of any passerby. “Just wait a minute!” He pleaded, his hand reaching out to grab your arm.  

“Please!” You sobbed. “Don’t kill me! I swear I won’t tell anyone what I saw.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” He reassured in a gentle voice.

“What do you want from me?” You asked, him still tightly gripping your wrists. He looked down where he was holding you and released your hands from his grasp.

“I - are you alright?”

“What?” You asked incredulously. You found it ridiculous that he of all people was worried about your well being.

“Are you alright?” Jason repeated. “I know this might be hard for you to believe but I never meant to hurt you that night. I lost control and I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself sooner.”

“Well why didn’t you?” You asked accusingly. He hesitated before responding.

“The bloodlust. It’s hard to explain since you’re human but for me, once I start I can’t stop. Especially if I don’t … eat often enough. When I found you I had gone too long without it.” He explained gently. Your head was reeling with all the information. “Usually I hunt criminals, people who don’t deserve to live anyway, but never innocent civilians. I would have stopped myself from hurting you if I could.” He explained.

“What right do you have to decide who lives and who dies?” You asked in offense.

“Excuse me?” He asked with a critically raised eyebrow. Every part of you said to run, to not anger the predator that could easily still sink his teeth into your neck and finish the job.

“What about the good criminals?” You asked.

“Do you even hear yourself?” He asked mockingly.

“Yes I do! There are people who only do the things that they do in order to survive. Surely you must understand that.”

“And how do you suggest I distinguish between them, if it’s so goddamn important to you that the right criminals live? Also keeping in mind that the longer I go without the more likely someone like you is going to get hurt again. How do you weigh your morality and the safety of good innocent people?” He asked angrily, slowly stalking towards you. Your eyes widened in fear and you walked backwards until your back hit the wall of the alley. He was close enough to you that you could feel his breath brushing against your face. He leaned in and brushed a finger against the closed wound that he left on your neck that night. You wrenched your eyes shut in fear, sure that your end was near. You should have known better than to poke at the lion but you have too big of a fucking mouth for your own good. But the end didn’t come and he sighed in frustration.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to go off on you like that. You have nothing to fear from me.” He reassured gently, his eyes gazing down at your scarring tissue. You could see a hint of hunger in his eyes but he pushed it aside.  “I know I will never have your trust but I assure you I don’t take lives lightly. Out of respect to you, I’ll try to be more conscious of which criminals I target in the future.”

“Do you expect me to thank you?” You asked looking defiantly into his admittedly enchanting eyes. His eyes narrowed and he stepped away from you.

“No. Not at all.” He grumbled and turned to walk away from you.

“Wait! I never got your name!” You called as he walked further away from you. He stopped and turned around to flash you a smile. The sight of his teeth sent an involuntary shiver of discomfort down your spine. You had to remind yourself that despite this man’s charming and handsome appearance he was potentially fatally dangerous to all he came in contact with.

“Jason.” He answered.

“I’m [Y/N], in case you were wondering.” You offered.

“Have a good life [Y/N]. May fortune let this be the last time we meet.” He casually saluted you before shoving his hands in his pockets and turning away to disappear into the night.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i know frank iero's knuckles spell out "halloween" b/c of his birthday, but sometimes i just think about how, if one were to only look at his left hand, he literally has "ween" tattooed across his fingers. his left knuckles, alone, spell out the word "ween." do you think frank considered this when he got the tattoo?? do you think the thought ever crosses his mind?? does frank iero know his left hand says "ween."
Day #6 If Their Lover Was A Zombie(Zombie theme) (31 days of Diabolik Halloween)

Shu: “You’re a zombie?” you nod and Shu just blink his eyes “At least you aren’t eating any human so that fine”

Reiji: “How did you died exactly?” you begin to explain to him about everything “You’re interesting but I must do some experiment on you in order to get you back to your human form”

Ayato: “Heh that Ore-sama girlfriend making that type of joke!” you sigh this is going to be hard to explain you was telling the truth

Kanato: “Who care you’re zombie as along as you don’t eat people then you’re fine”

Laito: “Bitch-chan how about you show me your zombie skill fufu~?”

Subaru: “Um well…. I guess we going to have to get Reiji to help us get you back to your human form”

Ruki: “No wonder your blood was dry. Hm I better start figuring out how we can get you back to your human form”

Kou: “Do you eat human?” you nod no “Good that all I need to know my little zombie m neko-chan”

Yuma: “Heh sow you don’t look like zombie at all”

Azusa: “Will it hurt if you scratch me?”

Kino: “………First Person to have a zombie lover!!!”

Carla: “Sigh let me get you back into your normal form”

Shin: “Look like I got to change you into human otherwise nii san wouldn’t like that at all”

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How did you meet and develop a relationship with your boyfriend? Does he have ASD also?

i met my boyfriend before i knew i was autistic! we met at a halloween party + then started hanging out and kind of just never stopped. when we first started dating i was kind of just like “i have a lot of weird quirks so sorry in advance” and then almost 2 years into us dating i found out i was actually autistic which he was 100% fine with. he doesn’t have ASD but we strongly suspect that he has ADHD! 

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Can you do some more Tratie please!?!? P.s you're awesome :)

  • Katie grows pumpkins every year for her, Travis, and Connor to carve. 
  • Travis and Connor take it upon themselves to teach groups of kids how to swap costumes efficiently so they can trick or treat for twice as much candy 
  • Katie learns just how seriously the boys take “trick or treat” when she’s suddenly standing look out as they egg and toilet paper the house of a rude man that wouldn’t give them candy because they were “too old” 
  • Travis and Katie like to go for walks on Sundays after the farmer’s market and they see who can step on the crunchiest leaf (it gets pretty heated with pushing, shoving and racing towards a perfect looking leaf– they get lots of looks from strangers that they could not care less about) 
  • the boys take costumes very seriously so Katie always ends up having to join them for a trio costume– she doesn’t actually hate it as much as she pretends to except for the year they make her dress up as Bo Peep (she really hated how puffy the dress was and her sheep kept running off to prank people) 
BTS Reaction to You Not Paying Attention When They Try to Flirt

Guys if you want to know the background to these screen shots is my new dashboard theme. I like the holidays a lot so i always go all out especially Halloween xD  

- Jasmine


J-hope: *tries to put his arm around you*

You: *moves over*

J-Hope: Really?

Jimin: Y/n!!! Pay attention to me!!!

Jin: *tries to dance with you*

You: *turns around* Hey Jin what are you?

Jin: What i was just dancing by myself…

Jungkook: *he compliments you*

You: *ignores*

Jungkook: I tried

Rapmon: Why can’t you see how much i like you?!?!

Suga: Want me to take you to get icecream on Friday?

You: No I’m ok

Suga: Fine i’ll go spend my money on someone else

V: If you won’t see my effort then i’ll just take a break from trying to hard

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I love how Buffyverse demons ‘take a night off’ during Halloween. I mean;

  • Can you imagine the thought process behind his rule? “People are going door-to-door dressed up with stakes? Holy water? Oh shit, the humans are prepared for us, THE HUMANS ARE PREPARED FOR US!”
  • Picture Angelus planning a massacre and then being like “Wait, it’s Halloween; best cancel those plans. Aye, a night at the ballet will do just fine.” 
  • Do you think vampires pig out the night before to avoid starving during Halloween itself? Imagine Spike and Dru going on a “dinner date” October 30th and leaving a dozen bodies in their wake, walking home hand-in-hand, Spike commenting on how nice it is that they can still be romantic after so many decades. 
  • Does that mean Slayers over the centuries got the night off too? Was Halloween literally Christmas come early? Was it the one night a year when the Chosen One could be free of her burden, could just be an ordinary girl? Obviously it didn’t work out that way in Buffy’s case, but did Nikki Wood get a night where she could just take Robin trick-or-treating without having to fret about anything lurking in the dark? Where Robin wouldn’t have to worry about whether his mum was coming home? Did Kendra get to put away her stake for a night and just enjoy her life? Was it a day of freedom just as much as a day of festivities? 
Missed Moments

Sorry it’s the 28th, not the 27th, but I changed the whole concept at the last minute. This is set in the middle of Brigham at Halloween time. It’s FLUFF FRIDAY! Harvard/Brigham series can be found here.


The ‘I’m fine’ thing. If a man says it, it usually means 'I’m fine’. Coming from a woman, it could mean 'please ask me a questions until I admit what is bothering me’, 'I’m in a terrible mood- help’, 'You’ve done something wrong- figure it out yourself’, 'I’m not fine’, and of course the least likely of them all- 'I’m fine’. So when Owen Hunt asks me how I am as he saunters into the room to scrub next to me, and I want to say how upset I am, how angry I am, how disappointed I am, I simply reply with, “I’m fine.”

“I know that 'I’m fine’,” he smirks, “You’re not fine. Tell me Snow White, what’s the problem?” Damn him for knowing me so well, and for being so charming about it too.

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13 Days of Halloween- Day 1

How to Call a Werewolf 

Prompt from @chiseplushie

“This is ridiculous Harry.” Hermione said as she pushed through the bush, its twiggy fingers pulled on her clothes, trying to hold her in place. Or that could have been the Bowtruckles, she wasn’t really sure anymore. “You could just curl up inside and be perfectly fine.”

Harry turned back to look at her, his lip curled up. “You don’t know that Hermione.” When she opened her mouth to retort, Harry held up a hand, stalling her. “No, I know what the Wolfsbane does, but what if I’m not okay inside? What if I break out and attack you or Ron? I couldn’t let that happen.” He turned away and trudged deeper into the small forest behind Potter Manor, his head down as he kicked the fallen red, yellow, and orange leaves at his feet.

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I know I’ve done a post like this before, but I still can’t get over how much Mavis looks like April trying to cosplay as Karai. XD

Can you just imagine? 

Leo: “I just don’t know what I’m going to say to Karai once we get her back home… how I’ll tell her how I feel…”
April: “OOH I know! You can practice with me!”
Leo: “What?”
April: “Role play! Just tell me what you wanna tell her! Wait here, I’ll be right back.”
*a little while later she shows up sorta dressed as Karai*
Leo: “Yeah this isn’t gonna work.”
Mikey: *walks in* “Hey April! Whoa, awesome Mavis costume!”
April: *makes done face* “Okay, fine, you’re right, this won’t work… try drafting a few ideas of what to say in a journal or something… I’m just gonna save this for Halloween.”