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Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!



~This is my Cutiefly OC, DO NOT STEEAL! ~

Jk. It’s a cutiefly dressed up as a Shinx, Two of my all-time favorite pokemon (I have like a top 10 that I adore and these two are among the cutest)


DOODLES YES. I had way too much coffee a few hours ago so I started drawing like a madman (even tho I should have been doing homework).

The last pic is me merging Star vs the Forces of Evil with Hunter x Hunter and the first drawing was based off of a thing I saw of people wearing shirts like that (i drew the first one in an hour ok, I know it’s bad)

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Hi :) how do you think UF/UT/US bros would react to their s/o (who happy and a bit weird) crying on the kitchen floor, calling themselves a stupid failure... 😔

♥UT Sans: Oh boy. He kneels down and pulls you against him before asking what’s wrong. When you start ranting about how you’re good for nothing and stupid, he’ll shush you and tell you that none of that’s true. You’re about start up again to tell him he’s wrong and that you are horrible, but you start to feel very tired and begin dosing off in the middle of your sentences. Sans is looking at you lovingly, his eye light softly glowing as it wraps a warm blue aura around you. “I think you should take a little rest, kid. Stress like that isn’t good for anybody”. You try to protest as he lifts you off of the ground and carries you to bed, but you can’t find it in yourself to fight the overwhelming feeling of warmth and safety and quickly fall into a peaceful sleep. “If you still feel the same way in the morning, we’ll talk. For now, though, I think you could use a good night’s rest”.

♥UT Papyrus: Papyrus instantly panics and scoops you up. He’s going to focus on getting you to stop crying first and does this by hugging you tightly to his chest and covering your face in kisses. Eventually, you can’t help but stifle a giggle as he frantically continues his onslaught of smooches. Your giggles begin to multiply and you burry your face in his scarf to try to hide them. Papyrus notices and lifts your chin up so that you’re looking directly at him. “Y/N, please tell me what’s wrong” This is one of the few times that he speaks this softly and uses your real name. You just sniffle and try to turn away in shame, but he won’t let you. He wipes the tears away from you eyes and stares at you with a soft smile and a look so genuine that it makes your heart hurt for worrying him so much, but somehow also make you feel amazing that it’s directed at you. When you begin to explain why you were crying, his grip tightens on you and he’ll shush you before you finish. Papyrus then proceed to list off everything that he loves about you and every way that you’ve made his life better, all in the same uncharacteristically soft tone. After a while of this, you begin to doze off and fall asleep in his arms, feeling better already.

♥UF Sans: When he sees you crying, he automatically assume that someone upset you and wants to know who it so he can go kick their butt. When you begin to go on about how much you hate yourself, he’s a little shocked. Why would you hate yourself? You’re one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He’ll tell you that, but you don’t listen and begin to move away. That’s when he hugs you and zips you into his jacket with him so you can’t just leave. How is he so soft and squishy? Right now, your chest to chest with him and he has both his arms wrapped around you, holding you as close to himself as possible. He nuzzles his face as much as he can into your neck as you try to struggle out of his grip, but it’s not much use. “Please, please don’t say those things about yourself, doll”, he turns you to look him in the eye, “I might not say it a lot, but I love you so much, and you wouldn’t believe how much it hurts to hear you talk like that”, to you surprise, he’s actually tearing up a bit and you begin to take in his words as you snuggle into him. “Heh, it’s gonna be alright, kid”. He teleports you both to the couch and actually purrs as you cuddle, and you fall asleep pressed tightly against each other.

♥UF Papyrus: Like his brother, Boss assumes that someone upset or hurt you and is demanding to know who it was. When you begin to bag on yourself, he instantly feels guilty. Has he been to hard on you? Boss has a tendency to degrade people, even the ones he cares deeply about. He not quite sure what he should do. Boss likes to be able to punch his problems away and has trouble dealing with emotions, so things are awkward for him. He takes a deep breath, “HUMAN, YOU HAVE PROVEN YOURSELF WORTHY OF BEING THE DATEMATE OF THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS, THAT ALONE SHOWS AMAZING WORTH!” He places a hand on your shoulder and tilts your head up to look at him. “Please, y/n, don’t say those things”, he says to you in a soft tone that you’ve never even heard before. He’s going to spoil you a lot more than usual for the next couple days, because he still feels like it’s his fault that you felt that way about yourself.

♥US Sans: You picked the wrong skeleton to be sad around! Blue rushes down to you, scoops you up, and carries you to the couch. When you begin to tell him what’s wrong he starts to cry and begs you not to say those things about yourself. he’s blaming himself for ever letting you feel that way. He’s going to get some blankets and some snacks and the two of you are going to watch a move and cuddle until you’re feeling better. He may also resort to tickle attacking you if necessary. The whole time he’s clinging to you and won’t be letting go anytime soon. 

♥US Papyrus: He hugs you and is very calm about the whole thing, but the second you start to bag on yourself he shuts you up with a kiss.“Pap, I’m a total fa-”, *kiss*, “shush”, “will you just lis-”, *kiss*, “I said shush, kid”. You start feeling tired and give in, leaning into his touch, while he strokes your back and continues to kiss you, as a warm glow emanates from his eye socket. “Why don’t we go lay down?” You sleepily nod as he teleports you both to bed and covers you up. He cuddles you close to him and rests his chin on your head. “G'night, hon”, his lazy smile is the last thing you see as you drift off. He’ll be keeping you in bed with him all day tomorrow.


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THANK YOU FOR THE SQUISHY DAICHI DRAWING I so can't get enough of drawings of chubby daichi and there are so few to find on tumblr... so thanks, you totally made my day!! Also, I was asking for art, but now that you're offering headcanons, please tell me some if that's okay! Again, thank you so much I love how you draw squishy daichi!

HNGMFMFM aaahhh i’m glad my art could make your day! ;;v;; ALSO THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE I LOVE CHUBBY DAICHI CLUB!!! there’s never enough daichi in general orz but yes i’d love to see more chubby daichi out there!! ToT

here are some more chubby daichi (+iwadai) headcanons!:

  • as he’s trying to lose weight by exercising with Iwaizumi, he’s also changing up his diet, eating in smaller portions but having five meals a day + water diet. its absolute T O R T U R E. Daichi enjoys eating just about anything and his habit of eating more than he should just because it tastes good is not easy to get rid of. Iwaizumi has to watch him like a hawk to keep him from sneaking extra bites. Iwaizumi doesn’t actually want to be strict with Daichi tho (he actually wants to spoil him with all the food) but Daichi made him promise to. Iwaizumi struggles to be strict especially when Daichi sulks. He has to distract Daichi with kisses and carry him away from the kitchen before he himself ends up giving in.
  • i like to hc Daichi as the type to walk around their apartment without pants on so he’s in his briefs a lot of the times, but ever since he’s realized how chubby he’s gotten, he wears a lot of sweatpants or windbreakers which is one of the few things Iwaizumi finds unfortunate ever since he’d gotten chubby. (Iwaizumi is always lowkey thirsty for his thighs ok muscles or chubby it doesn’t matter. hes gotten so used to seeing those grade AA thighs everyday that he’s having withdrawal thirst)
  • despite Daichi not “liking” Iwaizumi touching/squishing his chub, he finds it comforting when they’re cuddling before sleeping or maybe its because he’s too tired to protest (it’s probably a little bit of both). Iwaizumi soothes him to sleep by rubbing the skin of his back softly and gently massaging the squishier parts
  • Iwaizumi carries Daichi on his hips and over his shoulders all the time (there are plenty of other times where Daichi is the one carrying Iwaizumi. It was just a fun thing they made a habit of doing when they were just friends) and Daichi loves being carried by Iwaizumi but he’s always hesitant to let him now that he’s chubby. He tells Iwaizumi he can get up on his own in the mornings even tho he’s barely functioning and actually does want to be carried. After a week of Daichi refusing the usual morning carries, Iwaizumi realizes what’s going on and decides to carry Daichi anyway. Daichi refuses without much effort and gives in when Iwaizumi tells him he’s not heavy and that he’s barely straining a muscle doing so, then peppers his forehead with soft kisses. Daichi’s totally swooning
  • Daichi doesn’t understand why Iwaizumi likes to play with his squish all the time. He thinks about it one day as he’s in the bathroom touching his own stomach chub. Iwaizumi catches him, a grin stretching across his face as he sneaks behind Daichi to join the stomach squishing party. He earns a headbutt for that and somewhat of an apology along the lines of “sorry but you really shouldn’t have scared me. so you deserve it.” Even though he says that, Daichi kisses the swelling forming on Iwaizumi’s head as a sincere apology and Iwaizumi’s smiling like he’s forgotten all about the pain
EXO’s reaction when they see a girl they like (you) during a fansign


*shy mama bear that can’t get his eyes off of you*


*cornily flirts with you during individual meeting* (featuring hungry dino chen)


*when he gets caught staring*


*shy shy when one of his members teases him for staring at you*


“woah! how can you be so pretty!?” *smug mode activated*



*super shy and squishy*

*will probably secretly jot down his number on the signed album if he suddenly feels super confident*


*politely bows because mama bear and biological mother taught him well*

- can we talk about how much he looks like suho in that gif


*shamelessly flirts*


Kris Wu - “guuurl you are my style”

*i don’t own the gifs*


BlackPink Reaction: As your girlfriends

This girl would be the most cuddly most loving girlfriend you could ever ask for. She would constantly shower you with kisses and skinship is a must for her. Her ideal friday night is cuddled up next to you watch a movie like a Disney classic. She is very sensitive and doesn’t like to fight with you. She also is constantly take selcas with you and likes to show you off. She hates leaving you alone when she has to work but always promises to come home. You basically struck gold with this girl.

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Lisa would be the most caring girlfriend and the most craziest. She also gets very jealous whenever you talk to someone with the wrong intentions. Her unnies would tease you guys 24/7 and also take pictures of you both when you guys aren’t paying attention. She is constantly cuddled up next to you and always giving you piggyback rides. She would be the one to randomly kiss you when you are doing stuff like cooking or washing dishes. She constantly needs your attention and hates when you don’t pay her any attention. When she is gone for a long period of time or in her case 1 hours you guys would either be watch a drama together or having a light makeout session. It would make you question how you got so lucky to be with her.

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Jennie is a very squishy and cute girlfriend. She is constantly cuddle up next to you and hugged up next to you. Whenever you are stressed from work or school she would talk in her cute baby voice or do aegyo to cheer you up. You also would have random dance parties in the dorm with the other members until she pulls you way to spend time with you. She would randomly kiss you in public not caring about the consequences. Also expect big grand gestures from her when she is away for a long time. She would also sing you to sleep when you guys are cuddled up in bed. She also doesn’t like to share you with anyone else. She would always bring you her to practice and shows because she knew how much you loved to watch her. She is basically the most amazing girlfriend you could ever ask for.

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This girl is the jokester of your relationship and also the mother at times. Whenever you are feeling down she would tell you jokes to make you happy. She also lives for your laugh and smile. She is always singing to you and tickling you to make you laugh. She hates when you tease and don’t pay her any attention. She is also always taking your clothes and wearing them proudly. She can also be brutality honest with you. But don’t get between her and Dalgom because then she forgets you guys are dating and will defend Dalgom. She is the most silliest, loving girlfriend you can ask for.

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Dating Baekhyun

-does he ever shut up?
-“why is chanyeol here again?”
-constant teasing
-he’ll tease u for having sweaty hands when u hold hands for too long
-but he wont let you let go of his hand
-he’d love showing you off to the point you might even get embarrassed yourself
-daddy kink
-“stop calling yourself daddy”
-he doesn’t stop
-most of the time it won’t even be sexual
-he’ll just come over and be like ‘y/n-ah daddys here!’
-but tbh with this kid things turn sexual fast
-he won’t stop touching your butt
-and biting you
-why is he such a pervert oml
-he won’t stop talking about you to his bandmates
-“baekhyun we get it already, shes the best gf ever”
-whiny when you don’t pay attention to him -will annoy you until he gets it
-you would be actually dating a puppy
-he’s the type to get jealous over a pet
-kissing him so he shuts up
-turns into a make out session
-what was the movie even about?
-spontaneous dates
-cute night ins
-midnight walks
-he’ll sing to you all the time
-he knows you love it so he’ll be super cocky about it
-he’ll be super cocky about everything tbh
-especially his good looks
-he’ll catch you staring and he’ll just be like “you like what you see?” With that arrogant smirk
-you’d get so embarrassed when he teases you like this
-he’d love seeing you flustered omg
-he’ll doing everything he can to make you flustered because your reaction is so cute
-and he won’t hesitate to tell you how cute he finds you
-face timing all the time
-he’d be so squishy towards you and he would get so ripped for it by his band mates
-but he doesn’t care, he’ll kiss you in front of them to make them feel awkward
-he’s a little shit but he’s your little shit

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the cutest;ㅅ;)/♥

BTS Reaction: You Telling Them you Love Them for the First Time

Jin: He’d be so surprised and cute about it. He’d smile like the lil’ prince he is and cuddle you so hard before saying it back to you.

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Suga: He’d smile and pull you into his chest, telling you how much he loves you. 

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J-Hope: He’d squish your cheeks and squeal happily while shrieking his love for you. Or, he’d just be all around hyper-happy about what you said.

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Rap Monster: He’d smirk and give you a sweet kiss to your forehead that sends butterflies aflutter in your tummy. Of course he’d tell you how much he loves you in the sweetest way ever.

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Jimin: He’d be a happy munchkin. He’d kiss you with passion and probably get all hot and bothered by it, if I’m honest. But, he’d make sure you knew how much he loves you. 

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V: Tae would be so squishy and cute about it. He’d tell you over and over how much he loves you and would cuddle you for the rest of the day. He’d even take you out on a really nice date if it really meant a lot to him.

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Jungkook: Bunny is on happy overload. He’d love that you told him you loved him. He’d return it and give you the kind of hug that makes your chest flare up and maybe bring a tear to your eye. (His hugs look so good.)

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