how are you so squishy


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


an orange mochi ♡


DOODLES YES. I had way too much coffee a few hours ago so I started drawing like a madman (even tho I should have been doing homework).

The last pic is me merging Star vs the Forces of Evil with Hunter x Hunter and the first drawing was based off of a thing I saw of people wearing shirts like that (i drew the first one in an hour ok, I know it’s bad)

i love my freckly short son with thickness and a soft squishy middle



~This is my Cutiefly OC, DO NOT STEEAL! ~

Jk. It’s a cutiefly dressed up as a Shinx, Two of my all-time favorite pokemon (I have like a top 10 that I adore and these two are among the cutest)

NCT U Reaction To You Cuddling Up To Them When Your Cold


He’d become so shy he didn’t know how to act I mean he’s already squishy enough. So when you cuddled up to him in front of the members during a movie they all smirked at him as he covered his mouth trying to hide the blush and smile as you kept scooting closer to him.

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Smug bastard y’all might fall for the shy and innocent act but he’d be such a smug little shit he’d almost forgot you where practically almost in his lap. He’d wrap his arms around you tightly pulling you into his lap the other members trying hard not to laugh as you all sat in the studio.

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At first he didn’t know how to act I mean you two had been best friends since forever and here you were cuddling up to him because you were cold. When he felt how cold you were protective instincts took over and he grabbed a blanket wrapping you both up. When Winwin got home he was so shocked to see you two curled up into each other and asleep.

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My little baby he got so embarrassed he fell out of his seat causing you to whine from the loss of warmth you just had. Jaehyun and Taeyong looked at him and they just shook their heads and walked about. Ten would still be embarrassed and had his arms covering is cherry red face.

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At first he didn’t know how to act but then when he saw just how cold you were he opened his jacket to you and you instantly hugged him softly but firmly he smiled his cheeks a rosy red from the cold and from just how damn cute you acted just now.

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It was just a small SM get together as all the artist sat down watching a movie. So when you got cold you curled up into Mark who yelped catching everyone’s attention causing not only him but you too to be humiliated from the scene. All the artist either laughed or called you two cute and perfect for each other.

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Happy birthday my squishy son. How can you be getting older so quickly! You’re literally a ball of sunshine and have all of NCT and this fandom wrapped around your finger. I have such a soft spot for you and I see so much in your future. I just know it’s filled with love and success (I mean you’re already pretty successful). Don’t you ever forget we love you. Hope you eat lots of ice cream today my love. ❤️❤️ Happy birthday cutie!!

my phone is fucked! but you know whats not? the love in my heart

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Your art is actually perfection I just cannot I actually spent my entire weekend looking at your art and didn't study for my yearly exams!!! Anyway, I love your art so much and how you draw shouyou's pout and soft squishy kags and I just really appreciate! Make sure you don't overwork yourself. You're amazing Ally! <3

ANON PLS STUDY FOR YOUR EXAMS AGSGSHSHSJ thankyou so much tho!!!!! this means the world bc i’ve never draw anyone else as much as i’ve drawn them that it’s become muscle memory kkkkkkkkk.

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How do you make everything look so squishy and cute??

Thank you! I love squishy things! Imho, all you have to do to make characters look like they were drawn in daily-reuniclus’s style is to give them thick legs, a wide base, fat cheeks and little beady eyes - u -

Like this! Wide bases make figures look softer and friendlier! For things with big heads (like these cuties), maybe just a little bigger than the head!

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