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Epoch (m) a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.

Words: 11.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, language and angst

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: When Namjoon breaks up with you, you’re left wondering what to do. Realizing you’ve been unhappy with your life, you go off to Hawaii. In Hawaii, you meet a cute desk clerk named Jungkook who saves your ass. (Based off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

You were waiting for your boyfriend, Namjoon, to come over. He had just gotten back from New York, where he had a few concerts. You worked with him, you were a lyric writer and producer. He had called you last night, saying, that he would be getting in early and wanted to see you.

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Ride Me Baby *Part 3* (Harry Styles Mature Mini Series)

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Hiya guys, so finally I’m getting this chapter up. I am beyond over whelmed with the feedback ive been getting from this series and I cant be more thankful for you guys reading it and enjoying it! I hope you enjoy this chapter! –K


Word Count: 5,869

As I stood there speechless staring at Kendall as she was staring at Harry then glaring back at me like I had done something wrong. Has Harry been cheating on me with her this whole time? My heart started to sink at the thought. Harry and Kendall did date for a while but broke up because of the public always stalking them or taking pictures 24/7, so for all I know Harry might still have feelings for her and sleeping with her behind everyone’s backs. And by his reaction it seemed like he was happy to see her, even though I was standing right there. “Your faces are priceless, cant believe you fell for that one” Kendall started to laugh uncontrollably as she stood clapping her hands applauding her performance. “What the fuck Ken?” Harry’s face slightly changed into a crooked smile as he joined in with her laughter. “What are you doing here? Please come in” He steps backwards as she walked into our room, with her long legs and flat stomach that was on show under her crop top. She is so beautiful, why did he leave her for me? “Y/N?” My head shot up as I was startled out of my train of thought. “Sorry?” “How are you doing sweetie?” Kendall came over to great me with a hug, which I accepted. I had to. Ive never really sat down and got to know Kendall to know what she is like. She is so sweet and polite, I have no hate against her. But for some reason I don’t like her either. “Im good thanks how are you?” “Good, how are you guys enjoying your trip?” “Yeah its great, Y/N has always wanted to come here so I surprised her for our anniversary” Harry butted in as we walked into our kitchen. “Oh my god I’m so sorry I interrupted, I seen that you guys were here so I thought it would be rude not to come down and say hi” She giggled as her stare as with Harry through out the whole conversation. Now I know why I don’t like her. “Aw thank you for popping in Ken” His stare was with her, again. I don’t know whether I’m reading too much into this situation but with the atmosphere it seemed like he was glad to see her or something, I don’t know.

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BTS reaction to their S/O sleep talking

requested by anon


Jin would think it’s super funny that you talk in your sleep. He would always to try to start conversations with you.


“Tell me again how handsome your boyfriend is.”

“…Hmm…My boyfriend…?… is a gigantic nerd….”

“Wow, rude.”

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Yoongi would be pretty freaked out when you suddenly start laughing in your sleep.


“Oh my god, I invited a demon into my house.”

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Namjoon would be so done after being woken up at three in the morning by your rambling.

“…Why would I want to dim the lights…?”

*looks into the camera like on the office*

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Hobi would just lie there, trying to figure out where the cackling is coming from at two in the morning. Once he figures out it’s just you he would be both relieved and confused.

“Oh my god, you scared me.”

“…Hehehe…He will never guess what we are up to…”

“What the fuck..?”

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Jimin would love your sleep talking so much. Sometimes he would purposely stay up to listen to your rambling.

“…My boyfriend is the best…”

“Is that so?”


“What babe?”

“…You can’t…have him…”

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V would be shook by something you said and stay up all night trying to understand it.

“..If I punch myself… and it hurts… does that make me weak… or strong…?”

“Well… so much for a good 8 hours of sleep.”

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Kookie would think that your sleep talking is absolutely hilarious. He would take some videos to have something to show you next time you tease him about his love for Iron Man.

“Stop being mean to the shrimp… THEY HAVE FEELINGS TOO.”

“My day has come.”

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EXO / They realize they’re in love with you

Request: Can you please write an Exo reaction ‘realizing they’re falling in love with you’? Like after dating for a while or being friends you know stuff like that? Thank you and have a nice day!            

this was so much fun to write omg thank you for requesting this, hope you enjoy!! 🖤

GOT7 version is here


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Ever since you and Minseok started dating, you two decided that no matter how busy you both were, you had to spend Friday nights together. And in order to make that possible, both of you pissed off a lot of friends who wanted to hang out with you. So, in return, they constantly teased you both about being whipped, despite only being together for two months.

This was another one of those Friday nights, when the two of you were cuddling on your couch, watching Harry Potter movies, while your phones were turned off.

“You know,” Minseok said while Harry and Ron flew into the Whomping Willow on the TV. “This is my favorite part of the week.”

“Watching Harry Potter?” you asked teasingly.

He smiled. “No. Being with you.”

Your smile widened as you turned your head to place a soft kiss on his cheek. “Well, you’re my favorite part of the day. Every day.”

He laughed at this. “Do you always have to beat me in everything?”

You nodded, still smiling.

Minseok’s heart almost started to beat out of his chest because of the sudden warmth that spread through his body when he realized that there was no place in the world where he’d rather be right now. He’d never leave this couch and your teasing smile even if someone offered him a free ticket to Hawaii or the moon.

“I love you,” he said, not able to hold it in any longer. “Beat this.”

Your eyes opened wider and your heart started to beat faster immediately after he said it. Not replying anything just yet, you leaned in to kiss his lips, putting everything you felt into the kiss that was warm and soft but still left you both breathless.

Then you pulled away and looked at him with the widest smile possible, ready to one-up him again. “I love you more.”


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Junmyeon has been working the whole day with barely any breaks. He was exhausted but he didn’t want to go home before he finished doing everything that he started when he first came to the studio this morning.

Suddenly, his phone started to ring. He could have sworn he had put it on silent and yet it was still ringing. He picked it up, annoyed until he saw your name as the caller’s ID and that forced his heart to warm up instantly.

“Yeah, Y/n?” he picked up the call.

“I’m outside your door right now,” you said. “I brought you food but I’m freezing my ass out here and no one is letting me in, so I assume you’re the only one still awake. Please, come unlock the door.”

He checked the clock on the wall in front of him. It was 1:35am, and you brought him food, fighting the risk of catching a cold in this weather or worse, being attacked by some lunatic.

“I’ll be right there,” Junmyeon said, his voice suddenly quiet.

He tried to gather himself together as he flew down the stairs to the front door. The sight he saw through the glass door – you waiting for him, with paper bags filled with food, in the middle of the night – forced him to stop for a moment due to an overwhelming amount of thoughts running through his head. The memory that it was freezing cold outside, however, forced him to start walking again a second later.

He opened the door finally, ushering you inside quickly.

“I should have worn a warmer coat,” you said, visibly shaking. “Anyway, I’m sorry I disturbed your work but I knew you’ve been locked up in the studio the whole day and you always forget to eat when you do that, so I—”

“I’m going to marry you.”

“—brought you food. What did you just say?”

“I said I’m going to marry you,” Junmyeon repeated a lot more confidently. “Not right this moment, of course. But one day in the future, I promise you that.”

“I’m…” you tried to say something but you were too flushed and overcome with emotion that you couldn’t form sentences anymore. “Where did this come from?”

“It just did,” he shrugged his shoulders. “I realize that I don’t want anyone else. You’re the one for me and I’m not letting you go. Now, come on. Let’s warm you up, I don’t want you to catch a cold.”


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He was halfway across the world from you and seemed to always forget the time difference. And yet, you always answered whenever he called you. Which is why, it was 3am on a school night, and instead of sleeping, you were on the phone with him.

“—and then he told me I was annoying him. Me! How could I ever annoy anyone?” Yixing finished telling you a story about a rude stage manager that he encountered in Shanghai.

“I honestly don’t know,” you answered and then tried to cover up a yawn, but failed.

“Am I—oh shit, what time is it there for you?” he asked, suddenly realizing.

“It’s, uh, a little after three,” you said, awkwardly.

“3 PM?”

You stayed quiet for a moment before answering, knowing he’ll freak out once you do. “No. 3 AM.”

“Oh my God,” Yixing gasped. “I’m so sorry. I woke you up, didn’t I? Why didn’t you turn off your phone when you went to bed?”

“Because I knew you’d call,” you said before you realized how it sounded.

He stayed quiet on the other end and you started to regret being this honest.

“Y-you don’t turn off your phone because you’re waiting for me to call?” he asked, slowly, still not fully understanding what you had just told him.

“Yeah,” you answered simply. “We don’t see each other when you’re away, so talking on the phone is the only way for me to hear your voice.”

You heard him swallow on the other end and another moment of silence followed. Yixing couldn’t decipher his thoughts and couldn’t seem to find the right words to express what he was feeling right now. He has never been with anyone this dedicated, and consequently, he realized that he has never felt these feelings before, either.

“I’m flying home tomorrow,” he said suddenly.

“What?” you asked, confused. “But your tour isn’t over for two more weeks.”

“Y/n,” Yixing said. “I’m flying home to tell you that I love you.”


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You and Baekhyun have been friends for almost five years. He treasured you like you were the most important person in his life, and he always thought that you meant so much to him because he knew you for such a long time. But then he realized that he never felt the same way about the other members. Or any other friend he had. Sure, he loved them. But not in the same way.

It took him long enough to finally put the name on the feelings he had for you, but once he did, he got scared of them. He didn’t know if he should tell you because this way, he’d risk ruining your friendship and he couldn’t bear to lose you. Just the thought of losing touch with you was breaking his heart.

So, he started to show you his real feelings in subtle ways to see how you’ll react.

One night, after you returned from a movie night at the cinema that Baekhyun had invited you to, you got ready to head to sleep but saw your phone ringing. You picked it up but frowned in confusion when you saw that the caller’s ID read “BAE(khyun)”. Slowly, you picked the call up.

“Um,” you started. “Did you change your contact name on my phone?”

“I don’t understand the question,” Baekhyun answered.

“You do realize that the ‘Bae’ in your name doesn’t sound the same as the actual word ‘bae’, right?” you asked.

Baekhyun didn’t pay attention to anything you said. Instead, he focused on the fact that you didn’t protest about the name change too much. And although this was a small sign, this gave him hope. He took in a deep breath and decided to do something that would cause irreparable damage to your friendship.

“I called because I wanted to offer you to do something crazy this weekend,” he said, ignoring your question.

“Crazy sounds interesting. What do you have in mind?” you asked, suddenly curious.

“Go on a date with me.”

You forgot to breathe for a good minute. “That does sound crazy.”

“Oh,” Baekhyun started to panic. “How about we do another crazy thing and play a game where we forget I ever asked this?”

“How would I say yes to the date if we’re supposed to forget you asked?”

“How would—wait what?” he perked up. “You’re saying yes?”

“Depends,” you were teasing him now. “Which crazy thing are you proposing – the date or the ‘let’s forget this’ game?”

“The date. Definitely the date.”

“Then I’m saying yes,” you shrugged your shoulders. “And, for future reference, it’s not even that crazy.”

“It’s not?”  Baekhyun asked, desperately trying not to crush his phone from excitement.

“Chanyeol told me that you had feelings for me,” you admitted. “So, that gave me time to sort my own feelings out. And I do want to go on a date with you.”

“I’m so glad,” he replied, still smiling, although his eye was starting to twitch. “Now would you excuse me? I have to go murder a certain tall person who can’t keep his mouth shut. But I’ll call you after.”


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He was doing the third (and final, thankfully) interview of the day, answering the same questions over and over again, and still trying to smile and look alive.

Thankfully, the interview wasn’t live, so he had time to complain to you via text messages during short breaks. You always knew what to say to cheer him up, and he had no idea what he would have been doing if it weren’t for you.

“Let’s analyze this situation,” Jongdae heard Baekhyun’s voice and raised his head from his phone to look at him in confusion. “Jongdae has his phone in his hand. He’s texting. There’s a smile on his face. Sorry, but I can only come up with one conclusion. You’re texting Y/n, aren’t you?”

Jongdae couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face at the mention of your name.

“Behold, our next Sherlock Holmes,” he said, making Baekhyun smile triumphantly.

“You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out,” he told Jongdae. “Ever since your first date you never stopped smiling whenever she texts you. It’s kind of annoying.”

“Okay, shut up,” Jongdae shot back, still smiling. “Go be jealous somewhere else.”

Baekhyun smirked at this but walked away, leaving Jongdae alone.

Once all of them returned to their seats in front of the cameras and the interviewer proceeded to ask them even more repetitive questions, the thoughts of you were the only thing that kept Jongdae from losing his mind.

“I’m not going to ask you about relationships,” the interviewer said. “But I do want to know if there’s any of you who have crushes on anyone. Could you raise your hands?”

A few members raised their hands. Jongdae considered to do it, too, but then he stopped himself. He realized he didn’t have a crush on you. He was way past crushing on you.

The sudden realization about the depth of his feelings for you forced him to breathe in sharply. Baekhyun, who sat next to him, was the only one who noticed this and he smirked teasingly again. Jongdae punched him in the shoulder, wordlessly telling him to stop making that face.

“Oh, what’s going on there?” the interviewer noticed the two of them. “A secret crush that one of you don’t feel like admitting?”

“Not exactly,” Baekhyun said. “I just think if you asked which ones of us were in love, different people would have raised their hands.”

The boys all laughed at this, sharing an inside joke that left Jongdae blushing. Thankfully, the interviewer didn’t push this matter further, or Jongdae would have been forced to confess his love to you on national television before talking to you about it.


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Chanyeol had a deadline but he just couldn’t come up with any lyrics, let alone the melody for a song. Sighing in defeat, he got his phone out to send you a quick text.

           “This sucks. I can’t write anymore. Miss you. ❤️”

He put his phone down and stared at a wall until you replied.

           “You can do this! Sending you kisses. P.S. Write about your feelings. It’s the easiest way.”

He stared at your text for a few minutes, re-reading it over and over again before he finally put his phone down and tried to follow your advice.

Writing about his feelings only sounded cool in theory, however. When he tried to actually put his feelings into words, he ended up hitting a wall in his mind. Chanyeol couldn’t understand where this writer’s block came from but it was frustrating him.

Finally, he placed his guitar on the floor, and covered his face with his hands, trying to calm down and relax.

His mind started to wander. He remembered your first date. He remembered how hard you were laughing when you saw him slip on ice on his way to see you. He wasn’t even mad at you for not asking if he was okay because he would have fallen a hundred more times just to hear your laugh again. He remembered your first kiss and the sleepless night that followed because he just couldn’t fall asleep when the kiss kept replaying in his mind.

Suddenly, fueled by these memories, Chanyeol’s hands grabbed a pencil and slowly started to write words. He didn’t even think of what he was writing and yet he could see the song slowly start to come together as he recalled his favorite moments with you.

Thirty minutes later, he had finished writing. Having never written a song faster before, he re-read everything he wrote multiple times, just to make sure the lyrics actually made sense. And they did because they were about you and him. And nothing made sense more than your relationship did.

The only thing left was the melody of the song because he had already thought of the title.

Grabbing a pencil, he wrote in capital letters at the top of the page, “I LOVE YOU.”


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He knew it as soon as you slammed the dorm room door closed, leaving him alone in the hallway. He knew you took his heart out with you when you left and he could never tell you this because it was too late. He ruined it all because he was too blind to see how in love with you he was.

Punching a wall in anger, he returned to his bedroom, passing Jongin on the way.

“Whoa,” Jongin noticed Kyungsoo’s anger right away. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know what I am anymore,” Kyungsoo answered, not stopping until he reached his bedroom and lied face-down on his bed.

Jongin entered the room after him. “What happened? Did Y/n leave?”

“She did,” he confirmed. “And I don’t think she’s coming back.

“What? Why not?” Jongin continued to ask questions but Kyungsoo didn’t want to talk about it, so he stayed quiet. Jongin, however, wasn’t going to give up that easily. “Kyungsoo, come on. Tell me what happened, maybe I can help.

Kyungsoo raised his head from the pillow. “No one can help. I messed it all up. It’s too late.”

“It’s never too late if you love her,” Jongin said, earning a confused look from Kyungsoo. “Don’t look at me like that. I think you and Y/n are the only ones who can’t see how in love you are.”

Kyungsoo looked down, thinking about this.

“What do I do?” he asked Jongin then, desperation evident in his voice. “I told her a lot of things that I regret. God, the look on her face, when I said it… I wish I could take everything back but it’s too late. She left.”

“Go after her,” Jongin said, simply.

“I-I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t? Get your ass up and go. Let her know how you feel. Make her hear you.”

Kyungsoo swallowed, sitting up in his bed, suddenly feeling hopeful. “You really think it’s possible for her to forgive me?”

“Of course!”

“Okay,” Kyungsoo nodded, standing up from the bed, adrenaline flowing through his veins already. “I’m going to her house. I’ll talk to her. I’ll beg for her forgiveness if I have to because I just don’t have any shame left.”

“That’s the spirit!” Jongin cheered him on. “When you get back together with her, though, don’t forget that I’m your number one shipper.”

Kyungsoo stopped by the door and looked at him in confusion. “Our number one what?”

“Nevermind,” Jongin dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “Just go get your girl back.”

Kyungsoo smiled then, feeling a lot more confident. “I’m going to get my girl back.”


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He’s been on tour for two months. That’s two months he spent without you. That’s half of your guys’ relationship. He couldn’t wait to get home and finally spend time with you to redeem all of the time that you lost.

“Looking for someone?” Sehun asked as the two of them walked down the airport because he had noticed Jongin’s eyes follow every single passerby.

“Not at all,” Jongin lied. “I’m just…”

His words got caught in his throat when he saw what he was looking for.

You were standing in the waiting area, looking around shyly. You were very uncomfortable in large crowds of people, and yet despite that, you still came to the airport to see him. As he watched your eyes reflect the airport lights, he realized that he never wanted to spend another two months without you. Actually, he didn’t want to spend a single day without you.

This realization forced him to feel like a puppy who hasn’t seen his owner in years. He turned to look at Junmyeon, who was walking on his left.

“Go to her,” Junmyeon said, understanding Jongin’s question without him having to voice it.

Nodding excitedly, Jongin started to flee away from his groupmates and closer to you.

Since you had expected him to come from a different direction, you only saw his smiling face right before he engulfed you in the tightest hug possible.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered as you hugged him back, feeling a smile spread onto your face.

“I missed you more,” you told him, surprised to feel tears in your eyes. “I can’t believe you’re back.”

“Me neither,” he said, still holding you in his arms, ignorant of his surroundings now that he finally saw you again. “I’m never leaving you for this long again.”

“I’m not letting you leave me for this long again,” you said, making him laugh softly and tighten his grip on you.

You stayed like this for so long that you lost track of time. And although Jongin never managed to gather the courage to tell you he loved you outright, the fact that he couldn’t stop hugging you – no matter how many people loudly complained that you were blocking their way – told you more than enough.


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At the beginning of your relationship with Sehun, you were in the middle of your exams. You barely had time for him but he understood and patiently waited until you finished studying and were free to spend time with him.

Which is why it took him four months of dating to finally get you to come to his concert. And once you texted him that you were at the venue, he realized he was never this nervous before any show he’s ever done in the past.

“Hyung,” he complained to Junmyeon for the tenth time that night. “I can’t do this. I feel like throwing up.”

“Calm down, Sehun,” Junmyeon said, suddenly seriously concerned. “You’ll perform just fine. Y/n will love it.”

“Right, but what if she won’t? What if she’ll think I’m absolutely horrible and will break up with me?”

“Then she’s very shallow and she doesn’t deserve you. But this doesn’t sound like Y/n at all,” Junmyeon said. “Now breathe. The concert will be great.”

Sehun nodded and took a deep breath, hoping he’ll calm down before he has to go on stage.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he finished the first song with no mistakes. The only thing that caused him to panic slightly was the fact that he couldn’t find you in the crowd of people. He waved at fans, giving them small smiles, but his eyes scanned the crowds for your face.

And then he saw you.

You were standing close to the stage, talking to a couple of girls who had taken a break from fangirling. He saw you agree to take a picture of them in front of the stage. And then, as you were showing the two girls the picture you took, he realized you wore EXO merch. The black t-shirt with his name on the back looked so good on you that he felt his heart start to beat faster.

Once the two girls walked away and you were left alone, you finally looked up at the stage and your eyes met. You waved excitedly, but Sehun stood there frozen, with a huge grin on his face. He found you. He found the love of his life.

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| Stranger | Older! Chat Noir

Adrien frowned, yet again.

“Dude,” Nino raised an eyebrow, interrupting the blonde’s deep thought. “Are you planning on consuming that pencil whole?”

Adrien paused red-handed at the question. He’d been chewing on the end of said mistreated pencil for unnaturally long and flushed red, lowering it from his lips.

Nino chuckled. “What’s got you so twisted dude?”

Adrien tilted his head and Nino followed his line of vision, pushing up his glasses.

There you were.

Not too far from them, close up against the wall and almost blending into it. Your head was down in a book as usual, fingers absentmindedly twisting the strands of your hair into a mess. All that was known about you was that you were a new foreign exchange student and that your name was Y/N. Besides that, it was like you had faded into the background without so much as a trace.

Adrien found it…intriguing.

As if feeling the stare on your person you glanced up. Your eyes met Adrien’s for a split second before you purposely glanced away, your lips tugging down.

Nino whistled slowly, amused. “Well that was intentional.”

Adrien groaned, leaning back into his chair and boring holes into the ceiling. “I know. She’s been acting that way around me since she got here, and I don’t know why. Anytime I even try and start up a conversation she bolts.”

“Technically she’s like that around everyone; some chicks just can’t be fazed man,” Nino shrugged, patting his friend’s shoulder in a consoling motion. “Let it go.”

Adrien furrowed his eyebrows. He wished it was that simple, as he’d been telling himself the same thing for the past two weeks. But no matter how he tried to push you out of his head you had taken up permanent residence there with a mortgage and everything. No, there had to be something he could do.

In the middle of his contemplation someone passed by your desk, laughing at a pun they had shouted across the room. You visibly bit the inside of your cheek and giggled, before coughing into your hand.

Adrien’s eyes widened. “She likes jokes.”

“I guess,” Nino blinked, scratching the back of his neck. “So what? Are you gonna start cracking up like a clown to get her attention?”

Adrien shoved him in the side and Nino retaliated with a contagious grin, ruffling his hair.

No I’m not,” Adrien rolled his eyes. “And I can’t anyway, because, like you said, she is uncomfortable around everyone.”

Light came to his jeweled eyes as he turned to look outside the window with a concealed smile.


“But I do know someone who can.”

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anonymous asked:

A reaction to them seeing you out with an unfamiliar boy. They see you two shopping, grabbing lunch and when you come back home all giddy from spending time with him they confront you about it just to find out he's a long lost gay friend who's taken anyway pleeease

Your wish is my command. Here you go baby

He’d know you would never do anything to jeopardize your relationship but he’d still finding himself secretly following you to see who this ‘friend’ was. Once he spotted you from across the shopping mall he’d seen enough. When you finally got home he’d step up and ask you to tell him all about this friend and when he noticed you had left out the fact he was in fact a he, Jin would call you out and admit that he had seen you. When you finally told him that your friend was in fact a boy he’d furrow his brows and scoff at your laugh. ‘Jimmie, y/f/n’s boyfriend just broke up with him we needed a girls day.’ 'Boyfriend?’ 'Y/f/n is gay, oh and he agrees with me. He thinks you’re cute too’

He would have gotten a text from a friend of the two of you laughing with your hand on his forearm at a restaurant, shopping bags surrounding the two of you. It would make his stomach flip and he’d scoffed at the picture, he’d never seen you laugh as hard as you were in the picture. When you got home you’d still be smiling but it would fade when you saw him pouting on the couch. He’d tell you what was wrong by showing you the picture and his anger would grow when you’d laugh and shake your head. 'Babe, that’s y/f/n. I haven’t seen him in forever.’ 'I’ve never seen you laugh that hard before.’ 'We were sharing childhood stories’ it didn’t seem to make it getter so you smiled again. 'Min Yoongi I hope you’re not jealous of my friend… I told him we’d go on a double date with him and his boyfriend while he was still here.’ He’d think about that and a smile would reach his face once he realized your friend was far from a threat.


The moment he was told he would leave to find you, and once he did and saw you smiling and laughing his protective boyfriend switch would flip and he’d invite himself to eat with you. 'I was in the area, thought I’d stop by and meet this friend.’ He’d say locking eyes with your friend who smiled sweetly. 'I’m Namjoon, y/n’s boyfriend.’ He’d emphasize. He’d relax a little when your friend gave a polite 'I’m very well aware.’ But the way he looked at you then to him then back to you made him feel uneasy. When the two of you got home and he asked about what the look he kept giving you was. You’d blushed and chuckled nervously. 'Well before you joined us we were talk about you… in bed…’ you’d say putting your things away. 'Why would you talk about things like that with another straight man!’ He’d say getting angry. You’d look at him and laugh once loudly before covering your mouth 'Because those are the things you talk about with your gay best friend.’


He’d expect the worst when he found out about it but, wouldn’t talk to you about it. He’d look at you with sad eyes seeing you so happy and smile a straight line when you approached him to kiss his cheek. He’d wait till after dinner to ask you about it indirectly. Even though you were sitting there with him curled up against his chest and playing with his fingers, it’s still made him sad as you told him about your day with this boy. 'Oh, y/f/n and his boyfriend are putting on a party Friday, I’d told him we’d make it if your free.’ You’d say nonchalantly. 'Boyfriend?’ He’d say, breaking into the first real smile since you had gotten home. 'Yeah, is there a problem?’ You’d say pulling away from his chest slightly. 'No Jagi, that’s perfect.’ He’d say pulling you tighter into his chest and kissing the top of your head gently.

He wouldn’t do anything, he trusted you and knew you wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. You loved him way too much. It wasn’t until you came cheerfully trotting through the door holding onto your friends hand and laughing loudly did he start to grow uncomfortable and doubtful of his original thought. He’d be polite to your friend when the two of them were introduced, but when you took his hand again infront of Jimin and pulled him towards your shared bedroom he’d start to slowly grow furious. After a good few minutes of hearing you giggle and his low voice saying how sexy you’d look he’d walk into the room to see you holding a three piece lingerie set up for your friend to see. 'What the hell!’ He’d say as you quickly held the intimate clothing behind your back. 'Jimin you weren’t supposed to see that.’ You’d say blushing. Knowing something was about to happen your friend looked at his phone and clicked his tongue. 'It’s getting late, um I should go, I have a date with y/f/b/n tonight and I should probably get ready.’ Jimins eyes would soften and he’d put his hand to his forehead embarrassed that he had gotten mad at you. 'Valentines is coming up.’ You’d say awkwardly as you waved the lingerie at him.


Tae would become very possessive while trying not to be at the same time. He’d probably had gone with you so he could meet this mysterious best friend. Everytime you’d laugh at one of his jokes or old stories his hand would move up to your shoulder or he’d hold your hand on top of the table so your friend would know exactly who you were dating. It got to the point that when your friend stood from the table to take a call you pinched his knee and looked at him. 'Why aren’t you being nice you know that’s my closest friend.’ You’d say getting angry at how rude he was being. 'Jagiya he’s basically flirting with you and I’m right here!’ 'Kim Taehyung he’s gay for gods sakes’ you’d say watching as his face softened and he curled up one corner of his mouth. 'You’re still cute. Even when your jealous.’ You’d say pinching his cheek and making him laugh. He’d be a lot nicer the rest of the meal and when he confessed he thought your friend was flirting with you the three of you would laugh and it would become an inside joke for the years to come.


It wouldn’t take much to make Jungkook jealous, you knew that, but when it slipped your mind to tell him you were going out to lunch with your friend and his boyfriend you knew the two of you were in for it when he spotted you from across the court yard the restaurant you were it was located. You warned your friends and although they said it was cute how protective he was you knew he’d embarrass you. When he met up to your table and looked at you with eyes that were mixed with worry and jealousy you held a hand to invite him and Jimin to sit. 'Kook, this is y/f/n and y/f/b/n, his boyfriend. I’ve told you about him, right? My friend from back home?’ Jungkook’ expression would immediately soften and his bunny smile would appear again as he held out his hand to strongly shake your friends. Knowing he’d overreacted a little he’d make sure to be extra kind to them for the rest of the time he and Jimin sat there.

The first time I met you keeps replaying like a broken record in my mind. Nothing has made me feel more alive in such a long time but your smile surely did it. My stomach filled with butterflies and my heart filled with warmth – waiting to be in your presence was far too long.
Nothing could compare to looking over and seeing your beautiful smile and hearing your laugh. And my god, I didn’t mean to stare because I was always taught staring is rude, but how could I not stare at the most beautiful fucking work of art I have ever seen.
You see, I have always loved art and I have always loved mysteries, so perhaps that is why I could not take my thoughts off you. I could compare you to “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, but I don’t even think that could define the work of art and beauty that you are. You are so mysterious and it attracts me more and more everyday because I want to know every last thing about you.
I will never forget the first time you laid your lips on mine and kissed me. Everything around us went quiet and quite literally I felt fireworks inside of me. I think about you sleeping next to me, and my god I am so cold and am in need of your warm touch again.
You make me feel so calm, but at the same time you cause a ruckus inside of my body. When I say ruckus, I mean having you next to me makes me feel as if I could run a 5K marathon and never stop. You make me feel so much and then some.
I pray to God you never leave my mind, the thought of you makes me feel again.
—  j.n 
  • Us: Hey, uh, people like deserve to live.
  • Them: Actually you don't deserve to live and here's exactly why you living would not benefit our society and it's actually selfish of you to act like everyone deserve to live. And now let me open up this PowerPoint on why you are subhuman and don't deserve anything.
  • Us: Okay fuck off and literally do not talk to us again.
  • Some anon: Oh my god you guys are so rude. You know that is NOT the way to approach people you are having a debate with. You're supposed to treat your fellow human being with respect and you're just being ridiculous, honestly. How do you ever expect people to feel safe enough to talk to you if you just treat people like shit? Take a look in the mirror next time, you're supposed to love everybody!

Rolling my eyes so hard when I see rude comments about Meghan Markle. She is a independent, successful, hard working, intelligent and kind woman. She had a voice before she met Prince Harry and I see no reason why she needs to change that! So sick of reading “she’s too clingy”, “she speaks over him”, “she’s in it for the fame”. How are you not tired of your own bullshit? God forbid a strong, successful woman would DARE speak up and own her narrative? God forbid Meghan is secure in herself and in her relationship that she is very comfortable speaking up and seeing herself as an equal to her husband! She’s her own person and if she is happy, comfortable and has no problems interacting with the media, then that’s great! Don’t forget, she’s been working in the entertainment business for YEARS. She’s worked with the UN and spoken during many conferences and different forums as a women’s advocate, of course she will have had experience in dealing with media! She will rock her new role as Duchess and I can’t wait to see it! Let the woman be and leave them both alone. They’re obviously very happy and in love.

You’re the only one [M]

Genre: Smut

Lenght: 1.575 words

Pairing: Ong Seongwoo x Reader 

Request: “can i request a seongwoo smut when the reader gets jealous of another girl and seongwoo reassures her by you know ;)”

A/N: Hey there! No I’m not dead, I know that I didn’t post much this few days, I had pretty busy days buuuuut it’s all settled so I’m going to restart to post more often. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy reading this scenario! Let me know if was good (or bad) -Vely

You sighed happily looking at the view from you comfortable sit. You were enjoying the sweet taste of your chocolate while waiting for Seongwoo, while sipping your hot drink you would occasionally look at the front door of the little caffè that you both settled to meet. You silently giggled, knowing that it will probably be late like usual, someone else would probably be annoyed by his lateness but you didn’t mind at all, at the end he always arrived. 

You raised your head once you heard the familiar ring of the bell on the door, signaling that someone has entered the cafè, your smile widened when you saw your boyfriend coming towards you. You got up to peck him on the lips.

“Late as usual uh?” you mocked him giggling

“What can I say this handsomeness has a price!” he replied before sitting down in front of you, smirking when he noticed that you had alredy ordered something to drink for you “Patience isn’t one of your best qualities uh?” he asked mimicking your voice. You laughed, restraining yourself from hitting him. He smiled at you before starting to speak.

“So, what ab-” 

“Seongwoo? Ong Seongwoo?” you heard the soft voice of a girl call before your eyes met one of the waitress behind the counter, a huge smile formed on her lips as her eyes settled on Seongwoo. Your boyfriend turned to see who called him.

“Seolyeon!” he exclaimed with a smile as wide as hers. The cute girl hopped until he was near him, engulfing him in a thight hug that made your blood boil a bit, who she was? Why Seongwoo and her seemed so close? 

You stared at the scene in silence, afraid that you could say something rude. When they both stopped hugging each other you saw Seolyeon look at you before smiling brightly “Sorry, I didn’t notice you, I’m Seolyeon, I was an old classmate of Seongwoo, and you are?” she asked.

“She’s (Y/n), my girlfriend” he smiled Seongwoo

“Ohh finally our little Ong found a girlfriend! We didn’t see each other in ages, thanks God I finished my shift just now! Noe tell me, how you’ve been?” she asked making you silently sigh, knowing that your date was practically over. Seongwoo and Seolyeon continued to talk like you weren’t even there, making you lose your patience. You looked at the girl speaking happily with your boyfriend while slowly feeling the jealousy creeping inside your chest, Seongwoo was supposed to have a date with you but instead his attention is focussed on his ex classmate next to him. Some time passed, as you noticed that it ws starting to get dark, you cursed mentally, how long did they talk? 

As you both looked Seolyeon leave - Not before hugging again Seongwoo much for your discontent - you felt a little part of jealousy in your body leave only to be replaced by anger towards Seongwoo, which didn’t even look at you after Seolyeon started to talk. 

“So… I know it’s late but-” 

“I don’t feel well, let’s go home” you deadpanned, coming up with the first excuse that popped in your mind. Seongwoo looked at you suspiciously before nodding and going home with you. The walk to your apartment was silent, filled by your sighs that made Seongwoo even more suspicious. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked for the millionth time. This time, however, instead of just huff at him you sent him a cold glare while opening the door of your shared flat. “Why don’t you go ask to your pretty friend?” you mumbled as you entered, striding quickly towards your bedroom and leaving Seongwoo dumbstruck “Pretty friend? … Is she jealous?” he thought before a little smirk crept on his lips. 

In the meantime you were in the bathroom, busy wiping off the make up angrily but still with care so you wouldn’t ruin your skin. “Damn girl… and damn you too Seongwoo” you would mutter while looking at your reflection, once you finished you came out off the bathroom only to be blocked by one of Seongwoo’s hugs, his chest rumbled as he chuckled.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you at all (Y/n), why were you? You know that I have eyes only for you” he asked your boyfriend, a hand caressed your cheek, tilting your head so your eyes met his. You huffed while sending him a glance “I don’t know, you seemed very damn friendly with that friend of yours” you stated. He chuckled again as if you said a simple funny joke. 

“Like you said, she’s just a friend” he said while backing you towards the bed “She’s not as cute as you” he pecked you once “Or as intelligent” he said before pecking you again “And surely he’s not as hot as you when she’s jealous” he dared before bend over, trapping your lips with his in a rather hot and passionate kiss. You cursed yourself for being so weak when you noticed how putty you were in his hand before circling his neck with your arms. You closed tightly your lips so his tongue wouldn’t slide in your mouth. His hot muscles flicked against your lips, searching a way to enter in your wet cavern, however when you refused playfully the access he didn’t back up, instead he pushed you slightly, so you landed on the bed. You had barely the time to let out a yelp that he was on top of you, his lips on your once again as he ravaged your mouth with his tongue. 

His hands found their way under your shirt as they cupped your breasts, kneading them from time to time. You separated your lips from his only to let out a little moan when his cold fingers touched your nipples, playing with them. “I bet her moans aren’t as melodic as yours” he said before stripping himself, letting you see him in all his naked glory. His fingers hooked the hem of your pants long with the one of your panties, yanking them away. Seongwoo’s hands caressed your thighs before opening your legs wider so he could settle his head between them. “I must be dumb” he stated while placing your legs on his shoulder, his hot breath hit your wet entrance making you shiver “I must be really dumb to speak about that simple friends while I’ve got a beautiful goddess in front of me” he whispered before letting his tongue dip between your folds. You choked on your own spit at the sudden contact before letting out a little moan of pleasure. His tongue slided quickly in you. Your jealously was long forgotten as he worked magic on your core. Waves of pleasure would drown you at every move of his tongue. Not satisfied with pleasuring you with only his tongue he decided to move his mouth on your clit while replacing his tongue with two of his slender fingers. A high pinched moan erupted from your mouth while he hit your sweet spot with his digits, curling them from time to time. Waves of pleasure drowned you everytime his fingers would hit that spot or when he would suck on your clit, it all felt so good, but you wanted more.

“S-Seongwoo!” you called him, making him stop and look at you, his lustful gaze fixated on you “Please Seongwoo…” you whined making him smirk. “Please what princess? I can’t understand you, what do you want?” he asked playing fool while his fingers caressed teasingly the skin of your trembling legs. “Please just fuck me!” you said, voice full of frustration. 

He got up from his previous position, pulling out a condom from your drawer and rolling it on his throbbing cock, still chuckling he settled himself between your legs “Since you asked me so politely” he chuckled before thrusting in you with a grunt, hips against hips as he stretched your walls so blissifully with his lenght. He waited one or two seconds before began to thrust in you slowly just to tease you. “F-faster” you demanded gripping thightly the sheets. “So eager for my cock aren’t you (Y/n)?” he mocked you rocking slowly his hips on yours, you let out a little whimper followed by a curse “Just… Shut up and fuck me” you blurted out before he snapped his hips sharply in you as he started to pound in you faster making you clench your walls around his member. “So thight… Fantastic” he panted setting one of your legs on his shoulder so he could reach deeper in you, his shaft was now hitting your g spot at almost every thrust. Seongwoo couldn’t say what was better between your pleasured expression and his member being engulfed deep in you between your thight walls. His mouth went on your collarbone, showering it with bites as he pounded frenetically in you, sending you on the edge of your orgasm while chasing his own. 

“S-Seongwoo…” you called breathlessly “Cum with me Seongwoo” you managed to say before waves of pleasure rocked through both of your bodies, moans and groans mixed together as you let yourself lose in the sea of feelings. Seongwoo’s chest waas rising and falling quickly as he pulled out, throwing the condom on the trashcan next to the bed. His long limbs caged you against his body as you both laid there peacefully. Seolyeon was long forgotten.

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the dads’ and kids’ reactions to dadsona who is a professional gamer/streamer?

Of course Craig knew this would be your profession since the day you met in college. But he never realized how big you would actually become by the time you two met again. He himself doesn’t watch any streams and the only reason he found out was because his daughters obsess over your videos and asked him if they could buy tickets to a tour you were doing later that year to meet fans. He of course not only bought them tickets, but also one for himself. Craig is a bro and bros always buy tickets to other bros shows.

Joseph isn’t a gamer and knows very little about that side of the internet. His kids probably came across your channel a few times, but haven’t really been back due to your not so friendly language during particularly tough sessions. Finding this out about you earns a sort of awkward smile from him and a very stale “I support you and your job.” Okay, maybe he doesn’t really think it’s a real profession, but at least he’s not going to try and stop you. It’s a pretty decent pay and he can’t complain about that.

You didn’t even get to say hello to him the first time you met him at the Coffee Spoon before Mat recognized your face. He almost drops the drink he’s working on as he excitedly talks about how he’s been watching you for several years and that he loves everything you do and you’re so funny and he’s always wanted to meet you and talk about the retro games you play and oh god he’s going to have a heart attack he’s so excited to meet you in person. Carmensita happens to be there of course and is less than thrilled about how much of a nerd her dad is being it’s so embarrassing.

“Ernest, please stop staring. It’s rude.” Hugo has no idea why his son is suddenly incredibly starstruck, but after you explain your profession, he seems to understand. Hugo doesn’t watch those kinds of things, but apparently Ernest does and really that doesn’t surprise him. He has to do his best not to have Ernest follow you everywhere you go with questions about every aspect of your life. If there was any silver lining, at least it’s easier to keep him out of trouble now that you’re around.

Sometimes you wished for a quieter life where no one really recognized you. You definitely got that with the Harding family. Brian respects your profession of course and boasts about your gaming skills to others dads. Even if he’s never sat down to watch any of your videos. Daisy seems to have her interest about video games piqued after you show her what you do, but is a little shy about picking it up as a side hobby. You eventually convince her to join you on a family friendly stream of Pokemon and you even let her pick your starter Pokemon.

You don’t get much from the Small clan except an acknowledging nod. If either of them understand your passion in an abstract way, it’s Val. She works in the graphic arts after all and can appreciate your in depth reviews of particular games. Robert tries to understand and at some point, it all seems to click in his head. He offers to play a game with you and it all seems to go well, but you quickly really that he gets incredibly competitive and that he will absolutely throw the controller if you allowed. Maybe keep the games to yourself for now.

Similar to Ernest, Lucien immediately recognizes you but keeps his excitement a little more on the down low. Damien knows a bit about what you do, but admits he isn’t familiar with the concept of Let’s Plays. You figure he would just leave it, but the man is absolutely willing to sit for however long it takes for you to explain everything until he understands. Probably the most open about learning, he actually asks to play video games with you. Lucien is a little embarrassed by this, but he joins you and helps teach his dad the basics. After a couple of months, Damien comes home with a brand new game and asks you two to play it with him. You both happily oblige.

- Mod Auggie -

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thank you for always taking the time to answer my asks! i appreciate it a lot ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ as a follow up: what was shiro's reaction to his baby girl getting engaged? especially since the fam was notified via text?? aLSO THE WEDDING OMG WHAT WAS THE WEDDING LIKE?? i love this au and this family!!

You’re welcome ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡  

Pidge’s Wedding Part 02 (Part 01)

[The Voltron Family] The second Shiro got the message of Pidge—the photo of her hand with a ring, he immediately called Keith.

Keith: *laughs* I know! I’m so happy for her. 
Shiro: Keith! *panics*
Keith: Shiro? *worried* Are you crying? *smile softens* Aww, s’okay, babe.
Shiro: Keith, she’s going to leave me now… *sniffles*
Keith: Oh my god, Takashi. 
Shiro: Keith. My baby girl. *sniffles*
Keith: Shiro, we’ve been through this.
Shiro: No, we haven’t! *cries even more* I’m supposed to have an operation in a few minutes and my daughter drops this news that she’s going to get married to her first and only relationship with some ace Italian?!!
Keith: You basically just summarized Pidge’s wonderful relationship.
Shiro: But Keith.
Keith: We both know that Lotor can provide for Pidge. We know that very well, Takashi. He’s the heir of The Galra Enterprise. We have nothing to worry about so don’t be so dramatic.
Shiro: You have no right to say that to me when you cried so hard when Hunk wanted to marry Shay.
Keith: *gasps* How dare you say that to me, Takashi Shirogane! You bawled when Lance got married!
Shiro: Exactly! So this is kinda normal for me. *huffs* *sniffles*
Keith: *sighs* Awww, baby. You’ve always been emotional when it comes to weddings.
Shiro: Yeah. And it’s gonna be my baby girl’s wedding. Please prepare your waterproof suit, love. You know it’s gonna be full of my tears.
Keith: I got you, sweetheart. *muses*

The wedding was held in Italy. All expenses were paid by Zarkon because he only had one chance of going all out for his son’s wedding. Everyone flew to Venice and Pidge was so damn excited. Shiro and Keith visited Pidge while she was wearing her wedding gown before the ceremony. 

Keith: *teary eyed* Sweetheart, you look so beautiful. *caresses Pidge’s cheek affectionately* 
Pidge: *chuckles* *nuzzles Keith’s hand* Thanks, Daddy Keith. Kinda funny I had to wear a gown though. But I’m glad it’s not that itchy as I thought it would be. *adjusts her gown* 
Shiro: *stops Pidge from adjusting all the more* Stop that, sweetheart, you’re going to ruin it. *looks at Pidge and smiles* *takes her hand and rubs it*
Pidge: Oh no. Please don’t cry, Daddy Shiro. *frowns*
Shiro: Too late. *sniffles* I’m already crying. 
Keith: *rolls eyes* C’mon, love. Let’s go. *pulls Shiro*
Shiro: Wait, lemme just kiss my baby girl one last time. *squeezes Pidge’s hand* I might not be able to do it again.
Keith: *sighs while smiling* Okay, I’ll leave you two. 

Both Shiro and Keith marched with Pidge and of course Shiro was crying while Keith was there to hand him a handkerchief. 

Lance: Hohoho! Pidge! Looking good with that wedding dress. What have you done to my sister?!
Pidge: *turns to Lance* *gives him the middle finger* Say that again to my face and I’ll kick you out of my wedding, loser! *grins so wide*
Hunk: Pidge! That’s very rude! *gasps* And pay attention! You’re marching!
Pidge: I don’t care, Hunk! *chuckles* No cake for you later. Except for your little kiddos cause they’re my faves.
Lance: How dare you say that in front of my babies, Pidge! 
Keith: Gods, kids. Please. We’re in a formal event here. Save the bickering for later. And Shiro, stop crying already or you’re going to trip. Why do I have to keep this family together? You’re like a bunch of hooligans.

After the wedding, Shiro and Keith approached the newly weds. 

Keith: *to Lotor* Did you know we had our honeymoon here as well?
Lotor: Really? *smiles*
Shiro: Yes. A very memorable night. *smirks at Keith*
Keith: *rolls eyes* So? *eyes Pidge and Lotor*
Pidge: We’ll probably just play a bunch of video games later. *looks at Lotor and gives him a high five* 
Lotor: While eating junk food.
Shiro: *hand on chest* Oh thank god. I’m so glad.
Lotor: *scrunches his nose* Dad, please. We’re not gonna do that. *laughs* 

As soon as they left…

Shiro: *sniffles* Lotor called me “Dad.” 
Keith: *smiles* *squeezes Shiro’s hand* He did.
Shiro: I didn’t have the heart to correct him and call me “Daddy Shiro.”
Keith: *laughs* *playfully slaps Shiro* TAKASHI! 


Request: Hey, could you do a 20. “Hug me so I can Get warm.” and a 21. “You’re like a heater!” Steve Rogers X Reader? Pls? - Anon

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Word Count: 2,446

Warning: FLUFF! Self-doubting, cursing (nothing new), Sexual Tesion(?)

(A/N): HELLO! Well, I’ve been wanting to make a Steve x Reader fic for a while now, and I’m hapPY SOMEBODY REQUESTED IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Btw, today (02.06.2017) will be the return of my classes and I can’t sleep and it is 1:38 A.M and I have to wake up fucking early like 6 a.m, please kill me. 

Originally posted by naih-reedus

Fucking Weather.” You cursed, trying to wrap yourself more in your thin layer of coat. “Fucking Nick Fury asking me to come in this fucking weather

You worked at the Avengers’s intelligence, and you still could not believe that on your day off, the day that you just wanted to be crawled under your cushions, sipping to tea and reading a good book, you couldn’t do those things. Nick Fury said that he needed you immediately, and you had been unlucky enough to be your laundry day and you hadn’t see that you putted your best coat in the middle of the dirty clothes.

“Wow, wow!” You gasped as you bumped into a massive chest; you felt hands on your shoulder as someone secured you, sparing you from falling to the cold ground.

“Sorry, Y/N, I didn’t see you there.” You raised your head only to find Captain America blushing and running his eyes through your body, searching for any bruises.

“So, I’m invisible? Are you saying that I’m not as important as you?” His eyes widened as he shook his head violently, making you bite a grin back; Trying to keep your best impression of as angry, sad person. “Are you telling me that the simple Y/N doesn’t deserve even been seen by the important Steve Rogers?!”

“God, no! Never!” You smirked and hugged your best friend, also, your ultimate crush.

“I’m kidding, Captain. Gosh, why are you so stressed out?” You giggled as he squeaked in surprise and outrage

“You were the one almost punching me, right now!”

“Sh, Rogers! Didn’t your mother taught you that is rude to scream at a lady?” You teased, knowing full well that he would be a perfect gentleman and shut the fuck up. Your heart was bagging hard against your chest by his warmth and by how close you were to his body.

“Lady? I see none.” He said in a sassy tone.


Your hands slipped slowly away from him, and taking a step back, you smiled trying to hide how that had hurt you. Of course fucking Captain America wouldn’t even see you as a woman. You knew that, but damn… It would still hurt! Especially when he would come to you to talk about other women and how to act around them or ask them out, since the times had changed.

Wanda and Natasha were always trying to get you to confess to him, but you knew that he was too much of a gent to say a ‘no’ to you, and you didn’t want him to feel like he needed to go on a date with you.

“Oh… huh… Fury called me so… I’ll go now.” He knew he had said something wrong and that it had hurted you, since you would always tell him that when you were younger, you hated be seen as “one of the guys”. It was just a punch in your already low self-steam.

“Y/N… I-I’m sorry! I-I’m didn’t meant to-”

“It’s okay! I know I’m not ladylike and pretty like the others, I know that. You don’t have to worry, I’m used to people telling me this kind of stuff” You laughed trying to ignore how you felt like crap

“No! Y-you’re-”

“I need to go, Steve.” Steve was surprised by your sad tone and that you called him by his name, you never do that. It would always be “Captain” “Cap” “Rogers” “Hottie” “Sweetie”; But never “Steve”.

“Shit!” He cursed, seeing you following your way with your hands inside your pockets and with your eyes on your boots. “Shit, shit, shit, SHIT!”

“That is a dirty mouth, Captain.” Bucky played as he got close to his friend “Nick is calling you to his office” Steve nodded and started to walk “Hey, you know what’s wrong with Y/N? She looked pretty sad when I met her at Fury’s office. She didn’t even tell me to go to hell when I told her I could make her forget you.” Steve huffed, sending Buck a cold glance

“Away from her, James.” Bucky smirked at his friend jealously

“Are you finally admitting you’re in love with her since you saw her last year delivering the Intel of Prague’s mission?” Steve choked while walking, being followed by The Winter Soldier

“I-I have no idea of what you are talking about!”

“Oh you don’t? So you wouldn’t mind if I asked her out on a romantic date that might end in a happy ending, would you?” He provoked, seeing Steve’s shoulders tense as he ended the sentence

“Okay, I like her! But she doesn’t… See me that way. Y/N can only see me as friend.” He sighed, and I just hurted her feelings and feel like a fucking scumbag, he thought while entering Nick’s office.

You were sitting in one of his chairs, away from everyone and with your arms crossed

“You should apologize.” Wanda whispered next to his ear, making him send her a worried gaze “And tell her what you feel, she’s been hurt enough. Don’t fuck everything even more.” She went to the sit next to you and Natasha glanced coldly at Steve, as if she knew exactly that he was the cause for you to be sad.

“Good everyone is finally here. Well, I just wanted to say that because of Y/N, we are finally able to finish the Prague’s mission. We’ve been working on it for years by now, and ever since she joined our team, we made huge advances. She found the last thing we needed on the last Intel we got. Because of that, we’ll make a make a celebration party tonight!” You rolled your eyes in anger

“You made me wake up early on my day off to warn me of a party?! Couldn’t you just send me a fucking email?” Bucky laughed at your words, if Steve didn’t like you, he would be totally all over you.

“Would you open it?” Fury looked at her with challenge all over his face, she sighed and closed her eyes

“You got the point.”

“Also, if you don’t appear, you’re fired.”

“NOW THAT IS JUST PLAY DIRTY, FURY!” He chuckled and nodded while you huffed and got up, walking towards the exit

“Don’t you want to know the information about the party?”

“Send me an email, like how you should have done in the first place.” You didn’t look into anyone’s eyes, cursing – mentally – Fury for throwing a party right when your self-steam was lying and crying on the ground.

You were late, and that worried Steve since you were never late, no matter what was the occasion. Hell, he thought that even if it were for your death, you would be in time!

“Don’t worry, Cap. She’ll come.” Natasha tried to calm him, hiding her grin when she imagined his reaction when you appeared. 

But she couldn’t when Steve spitted his drink when the elevator doors opened, revealing you with a killing dress and a killing make up.

“Is that Y/N?” Sam asked in surprise, of course everyone thought you were pretty, but Natasha made your make up and chose your dress and told you that the party would start two hours later than the actual time, so everyone would be amazed by her work.

Wanda smiled at her partner of crime by your side and said next to your ear

“Why won’t you get us some drinks?” You nodded, unaware of everyone’s attention on you, since you were too busy trying not to fall of your high heels.

You asked for two drinks on the bar, bowing over it, trying to release the pain of your feet.

“Look pal, if you don’t go there right now, I will.” Bucky said to his friend, his eyes on you. Steve took a deep breath and drank all of his drink, trying to gain courage, he looked at you and…

“I can’t.” Bucky groaned and gave a look to Natasha, she rolled her eyes and something grabbed her attention, making a smirk appear on her lips

“Oh, look at that. Isn’t that John from her department going to th-” And the Captain was marching right to you, she knew that Steve hated that guy since he heard him saying that he wanted to – in his own words – ‘fuck you until you couldn’t walk’. “Stupid.” She chuckled before taking a sip of her drink

“You’re looking amazing, Y/N.” Steve whispered at your ear, causing a shiver to walk down your spine and your breath turn sharp. He took the place at your side, winking at stupid John as he did.

“Oh, now you can see me as a lady?” You wanted to sound playful, but it ended looking too sad and bitter, so you giggled thinking it would minimize the damage, but hell, you didn’t have to! He hurted you again, you were done with it!

“About that… I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to-”

“You know what, Cap? I might not be the prettiest woman to walk on earth, or not be the most feminine or ladylike, but I AM a fucking woman. And like everyone else, I have feelings. But know what you did? You stepped on them, again!” He formed a gap with his lips, surprised that you snapped, since you were usually the kind of person that let people know they made something wrong by giving incredibly cold and sharp glances.

“What do you mean with-”

“With ‘again’, you ask? Well, you hurt me every time you go bug me when I’m working to ask me how to talk with other women! When you go and- and… And stare me with those amazing eyes and just ask me “How do I call a woman to a date?” “If I bring flowers to a woman, will she feel flattered like the old days?” God! You could have just stabbed me in the heart with a fucking blazing knife that it would be less painful and-”

Steve, with all his courage, he cutted your speech grabbing you by the waist with one hand and pulling you closer, his other hand stood on your cheek as he kissed you, unable to say anything.

First, you didn’t move, since you were too shocked to even blink.

Second, you still couldn’t move, but you felt like fireworks were being shot inside your chest.

Steve pulled away blushing, looking a little bit sad that you didn’t kiss him back

“I-I’m sorry, I just-”

“Shut up.” And then you passed your arms around his neck and pulled him back, kissing him with your might while he let out a sigh of relief and rounded your waist, almost lifting you from the ground.

You thought he had amazingly soft lips and you couldn’t be happier, the cheerful screams made you two separate smiling at each other and looking around, only to see that everyone were clapping because of you two.

“Finally!” Sam screamed laughing, Wanda smiled widely at the scene; she was getting tired of hearing both of you saying - and thinking - that one didn’t like the other as the one did.

You blushed, hiding your face in Steve’s chest as he laughed, hugging you and kissing the top of your head.

“Let’s go outside.” He whispered and you just nodded, holding his hand and dragging him to the porch, away from all the music and talk, you slipped away from him to watch the city from the protection grid, kicking your shoes to the side and breathing deeply. He watched you for a moment, how you were glowing and amazing with that small smile on the face.

He got closer, carefully standing by your side. Both of you watching different lights. You watched the city’s light while he, he watched you.

“Why?” You asked, finally looking at him. Steve thought that he could watch your eyes for days and days without getting tired.

“I… I like you, Y/N. I like you a lot, actually.” You felt something warming your chest. “But I always thought you didn’t like me back… That you only see me as your friend” He shrugged his shoulders while you smiled at his blushing cheeks

“I also like you, Steve. I really do.” The Captain sighed when he heard those words “Now, Hug me so I can Get warm.” He chuckled at your stretched arms and hugged you, closing his eyes and stroking your back while kissing your forehead “Gosh, You’re like a heater!” You purred, rising your head to face a happy Steve. You felt like melting under his gentle but firm touch, like you were the most precious thing that he had ever held.

“You’re beautiful, Y/N.” He whispered, brushing his lips on your cheek and as you closed your eyes, he kissed you gently, making you sigh.

“You told me this earlier.” Steve made a soft kissing trail to your jaw, whispering next to your ear

“I said that you looked amazing, now I’m telling that you are beautiful, and going to keep saying it. You’re beautiful.” You sighed one more time, feeling like your legs were turning into jelly

“How long have you been feeling this way?” He hugged you harder

“Since the first time I saw you in your sweater pants delivering the Prague’s Intel.” You chuckled; It was truth, that was one of those days you just wasn’t feeling all right, so sweater pants were the best thing to wear.

“Then, why did you kept asking me how to call woman on a date?” You mumbled, hiding your face in his warm chest

“First, I asked Natasha, since she knew you better. But she just told me to ask you.” You frowned your brows and looked at him again


“Well, she actually almost screamed at my face “Just ask her!”. So I did, but well, I didn’t had the courage to call you after you tell me how to call someone on a date.” You choked with a laugh, he looked at you confused and damn, that was cute!

“Steve, if that wasn’t the cutest thing ever, I would call you dumb.” You chuckled, hugging his waist “She meant for you to ask me on a date, not to ask me how to call me on a date.” He made a gap with his mouth and you got back to laugh loudly at his blushed cheek

“Well, she wasn’t very specific in her words.” You bit back a grin and stood on your toes to kiss him again, pulling this bottom lip with your teeth, hearing him moan slightly, you smirked at his darkened eyes, whispering over his lips:

“Do I need to be specific on mine?”

Should I make my first smut?

Dialogue Prompts

1) “I’m gonna go take a nap.” “But we have things to do!” “Listen, I just saved the world. I think I’ve earned a nap.” 

2) “I’m back.” “Where did you go?” “I was gone for two years and you didn’t notice?!” “Um … no. Was I supposed to?” 

3) “Hey, are you still awake? “ 

4) “This could go wrong in so many ways!” “Yes, but it could go right in one way!” “I don’t like those odds.” 

5) “Please no, I didn’t mean to hurt her, I didn’t mean to do it! Please!” 

6) “What happened to your family?” “They died. A few years ago.” 

7) “Why do you think he’s doing it?” “I don’t know, honey. Sometimes people just do bad things.” 

8) “The funeral was the worst part. I remember I just  broke down. I collapsed and cried for hours. My mother had to pick me up and carry me back to the car. The funeral just … I don’t know. Made it real guess.” 

9) “Did you hear that?” “Sorry, no. I couldn’t hear anything over your enormously loud ego.” 

10) “I love you.” “God, don’t say that like it still means something to you.” 

11) “You just stabbed me!” “Yeah, why aren’t you dying.” “I’m too insulted to be dying! How rude!” 

12) “I was going to go home but … I knocks on the door and my mom answered. She didn’t even remember me.” 

13) “How about we don’t jump into the flaming death hole.” “Stop calling it that, you’ll offend it.” 

14) “Please, come back to me.” 

15) “I meant what I said.” “Oh … so you meant it when you said you loved me?” “Yes! Of course!” “Funny. Because you didn’t seem to love me much when you killed her.” 

16) “Why’d you do it?” “I was angry.” “I get angry all the time but you know what I’ve never tried to crash a plane.” 

17) “Promise me you won’t do anything unsafe well I’m gone?” “I mean … I can’t really promise that. Have you met me?” 

18) “Hi … I um, I missed you.” “Wish I could say the same but honestly I was hoping I’d never have to see your ugly face again, sweetheart.” 

19) “Listen to me. Head up, eyes down. Do as they say but do so silently. It’s going to be okay, mon étoile.” 

20) “Come back home.” “This isn’t my home. It never was. Come on now, you know that.” 


Pairing: Bones x Reader
Word Count: 2129
Warning: raunchy behavior, swearing, drinking, nsfw
A/N: Hellooooo sorry this is gonna be formatted weird again. My wifi is out so I have to upload this on mobile 🙄 also I found the perfect gif to use as a header but the app won’t let me put it at the top!!! Without further ado, this is gonna be the first installment of my “Embarrassing Encounters” series. Hope you enjoy! Also I hope the read more works….I can never seem to get it to work on mobile….

“Alright, Y/N. Your turn,” Jim yelled. He was like a five year old in a candy shop. Hell, a room full of half-drunk women probably was his idea of a candy shop. You groaned as the pillowcase was passed to you.
“Why do I let you talk me into these things,” you asked as you fished your hand in blindly, reaching for a slip of paper with someone’s name on it. Someone, you hoped, that wouldn’t be Leonard McCoy.
“Because I’m irresistibly charming.” Jim winked at you while you struggled to hide your snort as a cough. Jim caught it and scowled. “Fine, because I’m your captain and I order you to pick a name.”

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boyfriend! kim jaehwan

how kim jaehwan, the waiter, would confess

  • so you really really like this restaurant on the corner of this street
  • like it’s your go-to restaurant and you go there all the time
  • the food is a1 and super authentic,, definitely a 5 star review on yelp
  • but you like going at night time since there’s less people and of course since you go there so often, the wait staff and the owner recognize you
  • and the owner really likes you and tries to get you to work there, and low key sets you up with jaehwan :)
  • she’s basically like your aunt
  • and jaehwan is always your server,, like every single time you show up he’s always waiting for you
  • sometimes when there’s no other customers, he comes and eats with you
  • he started talking to you when you laughed at one of his jokes one day
  • bc nobody laughs at his dumb jokes lmao he’s stupid
  • jaehwan said something on the lines of “why is a circle so hot? bc it’s 360 degrees”
  • wow you’ve never wanted to shoot someone so badly, but you ended up laughing instead bc math jokes are fucking gr9
  • and shitty jokes are always the start of an amazing and idiotic friendship
  • jaehwan slowly started falling for you each time you swung by to grab a late dinner,,, like how can someone look so good in sweats and an old stüssy jacket??
  • you make beauty look effortless in his eyes and wow he even loves how gorgeous you look when you show up to the restaurant in pajamas
  • story time: jaehwan once spilled water over the front of your shirt one time, and he kept apologizing over and over but you just laughed and joked “i guess you made me wet ;)”
  • and that’s when he knew you were the one
  • lmao jk
  • but for real who tf would hire clumsy jaehwan as a waiter wth
  • good thing he’s not the chef bc my boy tries to cook without the fire wow so genius
  • work makes you really stressed and you tell him about your crappy day and he actually listens to your problems and offers his advice aw
  • but seeing jaehwan at the end of the day really makes things a lot better
  • sometimes you ask him to sing for you and wow
  • he truly has god’s voice oml 
  • his voice is so sweet and calming and makes you forget about your stresses,, it’s like honey 
  • the first time you heard him sing was when you were eating and you heard him mumbling the lyrics of seventeen’s boomboom under his breath as he cleaned tables
  • and wow even his half-hearted singing sounded like heaven
  • you fall for his voice and how caring he was since he would sometimes walk you to the subway station and give you his jackets when he noticed you shivering
  • yeah jaehwan really likes it when you wear his clothes
  • at this point y’all are already pretty much dating but jaehwan’s kind of confused bc you’re sending mixed signals 
  • like you hella flirt with him but you might just be a friendly person??
  • so one day he asks you out to dinner to determine your true nature
  • and you’re just like “wow is jaehwannie asking me out on a date?” bc teasing him is so fun lol
  • and he light weight is but he’s tryna play it off and go “no wth i’m too pretty for you hoe”
  • woW offensive,,,, we are hands thrown
  • so you just try to piss him off even more and say “bitch i don’t need you i already have a sugar daddy fuck off”
  • it’s all jokes to you but jaehwan is internally screaming like wtf do you have a side piece??
  • so after dinner jaehwan actually can’t take it anymore and when he’s walking you to the subway station, he’s like “what am i to you?”
  • and that question really gets you thinking bc what actually are you guys??
  • and you’re so flustered by how straight up this boy is and you can’t formulate an answer
  • so you end up spluttering some gibberish and jaehwan just laughs awkwardly and says “forget it” and bids his farewells
  • you end up texting him at night after thinking about jaehwan and thinking of a good reply to him for like 3 hours nice
  • “you’re someone i love, that’s what you are to me”
  • and jaehwan is all smiles and an actual blushing mess when he reads that and comes in the next day with his guitar, prepared to serenade you as if you didn’t love him enough already
  • he even prepared a confession song and everything which he totally didn’t have planned two months ago
  • you’re so fucking embarrassed that you don’t even go to the restaurant the next day and curl up in your blankets the whole day and bash your head into the wall repeatedly bc you’re so stupid and cringe-worthy yikes
  • and he didn’t even reply after your flat out confession, and all these thoughts go through your mind like what if he hates you?? 
  • this boy left you on read,, the disrespecT
  • but that’s only bc he wanted to tell you his feelings in real life bc he couldn’t find the words to properly convey his love for you awe
  • yeah you didn’t know that so you’re kind of angry at his dumb ass for not even replying,,, 
  • jaehwan knows something is wrong when you don’t come grab dinner at the restaurant, and he’s really disappointed and anxious bc what if that confession was a joke too?? like he knows you love teasing him so what if it was a rouse to make him embarrassed?? ;;
  • at this point, this poor boy is doubting everything, and you’re at home singing single ladies at the top of your lungs bc boys ain’t shit tbh
  • don’t worry bc hunger will get the best of you and you’ll end up going to the restaurant anyway
  • and your petty ass will dress up hella even though it’s 12am to show this bitch what he’s missing out on
  • when jaehwan sees you walk through the door while he’s cleaning up and ready to close, his jaw drops bc damn you look stunning??
  • and he already had your favorite meal prepared before hand since he was waiting for you all night scute
  • you walk straight up to him and glare at him 
  • “why tf did you leave me on read you dumb hoe”
  • and jaehwan’s at a loss for words bc he was waiting for you to say you loved him or some shit haha beT
  • “i’m sorry i wanted to tell you how i love you in person”
  • he starts singing crush’s beautiful and holY
  • wow you just melt and maybe start crying a lil bc it’s fucking beautiful
  • “just say you’re mine god you’re sO ruDE”
  • is what you scream to him in tears as you cry into his shoulder
  • jaehwan laughs and even his laugh is music to your ears and it makes you cry even harder
  • the owner of the restaurant was secretly recording this whole time and fangirling since she was shipping you guys since last year 
  • yeah that’s the start of a dysfunctional beautiful relationship
  • boyfriend jaehwan is 100% sweet and 200% stupid lmao
  • jaehwan’s psycho laugh is the best thing in the fucking world don’t @ me, we all know it’s true
  • 90% of the reason why you love his dumb ass
  • his laugh is the only reason why you laugh at his stupid puns
  • sings for you!!!
  • raspy singing at midnight to help you fall asleep
  • writes song lyrics thinking about you,, most of his songs are written for you or written thinking about you :’)
  • owns an instagram and 99% of his posts are those cute aesthetic couple pics of you two
  • selca king wow
  • knows all the right angles and lighting holy 
  • karoake dates!!
  • yes karoake dates at 2am are a thing,
  • you love watching jaehwan sing his heart out and your heart flutters when he hits those high notes 
  • nothing makes you smile more when you see your bby so passionate and happy doing something he loves
  • threatened his nasty ass that you wouldn’t cuddle or kiss him until he took a shower, washed his hands, and cleaned tf up 
  • sO exTra
  • thought he was getting murdered once but it turns out he was trying to sing i will always love you
  • actually an embarrassment wth
  • when you go put on dates with him, he’s always trying to act super cool like he’s not wearing the same jeans from the 10th grade and 2 inch insoles 
  • tried to perform seventeen’s boomboom in front of you to make you laugh and you use that video as blackmail now 
  • what a scammer,,
  • god of exaggeration
  • “yes i’m 239 cm tall come fite me”
  • “i can do kung fu watch me babe”
  • “i’m a rap god, call me kanye east”
  • “i’m the dance king, exo got nothing on me”
  • “if i were in a kpop group, i’d be the main everything”
  • yeah, you’re having serious regrets about this relationship
  • but he tries so hard to be a good, caring boyfriend and things just don’t work out lmao
  • he tried to buy you roses once, but accidentally bought purple cabbage gg
  • tried to buy you a new album but got finessed by an unauthorized amazon seller
  • and of course, who can forget the time when he tried cooking without turning on the stove??
  • “lmao jaehwan i thought you worked at a restaurant”
  • it’s okay bc it’s v cute and it shows he cares about you 
  • cooks you burnt pasta and rice sometimes but
  • “it’s okay babe you tried”
  • never let this precious idiot go! 
  • 12/10 need to marry now
Just Hobi Things (J Hope/Hoseok)

IT’S J HOPE, ARMY’S HOPE, ARMY’S SUNSHINE. HIS PERSONALITY IS TO DIE FOR <3 He’s the mood maker of the group and we can all see why. This hyung that mixes well with the younger ones. 

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How he is easily scared of certain things. It’s just so funny when the maknae line teases him, poor hoseok xD

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BUT WHEN HE PERFORMS, THIS MAN IS A SEX GOD OH MY JESUS. (Forgive me for I have sinned, but for a good reason). You were born a star J hope, Army knows it!

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You will always give army a smile everytime he is so extra and everytime he laughs/screams. Army loves their hope! J HOOOOOOOOPE. (Anyone can add on to this post) You have such talent that you show the world and I hope you have hope in yourself. Also THAT MIXTAPE THOUGH?!

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Just Namjoon Things

Just Jin Things

Just Yoongi Things

Just Jimin Things

Just Taehyung Things

Just Jungkook Things

Just Bts Things

Understand this:

Just because someone makes amazing content doesn’t mean they are a good person.

Just because someone makes a good character, doesn’t mean they’re all sweet and innocent themselves.

Just because someone snaps one time, doesn’t make them a bad person.

Just because someone exposes something that has been going on doesn’t mean they are trying to start drama.

Just because someone points out facts doesn’t mean they’re a know it all.

I see so many people bringing up drama and starting blocking fights or getting others to send a certain someone anon hate all because they got their ‘feelings hurt’.

Fact is, there is no way to avoid this kind of treatment. You can either choose to be snappy and rude and blunt and act like you have the god-given right to post what ever the funk you want,


You can be patient and kind and not let it get to you because anon hate is really here or there when it comes to who sends it. For all you know, it could be one person just spamming you with anon hate.

Our actions have an effect on how others see us. If you want to be known as a certain person, just keep in mind that if you act differently than how you portray yourself, people will label you as rude or hateful.

So, why bother even spending energy hating on others? It isn’t worth it.

Casual Summer Reading : What you say, what they see.

A Handbook on Destiheller History, Psychology and Behavior.

Note: This isn’t tagged Destiel so that the nice cool Destiel shippers can avoid this. If you are wandering in the anti tags, you ain’t cool.

JENSEN: Destiel? No, Meh.

Destihellers: Ohk .. Not meaning to be an asshole but Jensen is homophobic and it could be because just like Dean, his dad is homophobic too.Evidence? Here is some meta:Art imitates life.

Someone in SPN crew: Destiel? Where?

Destihellers: Ok, I respect everyone’s opinions but I’d like to say how wrong you are, it is there right in front of you.How can’t you see it? Your show queerbaits all the time. You are WRONG. You need to delete. You don’t understand your own shoe please get off twitter. 

Samantha Smith: Destiel? Ship? What? NO, thanks.

Destihellers: I don’t mean to be rude and this might seem harsh but you are really irrelevant, Samantha. You might have played Mary Winchester but you don’t understand the show and you aren’t even a part of it anymore so please, either ship and ship destiel or just don’t express your opinion. Because it is your opinion and we don’t agree with it and WE are SPNFamily and a part of the show, what you say and think is worthless.

Samantha Smith: Returns to the show.

Destihellers: ……. Well, I can’t wait to see Mary ignore her son Sam, be a mother to Cas and Dean and play a matchmaker for them because Sam can’t even do the role of Destiel Matchmaker correctly. Can he stay on the sides, hopefully dead for a while till Mary, his Mother manages to make Destiel canon in a TV show with audience who don’t know shit about shipping and have been falsely lead to believe for 10 years to believe that Dean Winchester is straight because he fucks too many girls and has relationship with too many of them to be actually straight. 

William Shatner: Destiel, uh not really. 

Destihellers: You are only saying that because you are friends with evil bibros. This is a conspiracy. I won’t believe that you are Misha’s friend because you just disrespected my ship that exists in the fanfictional world. 

William Shatner: This is all just about a ship.

Destihellers: You are using your celebrity power to bully poor Destiel shippers, you should be ashamed of being a celebrity and defending yourself. Being a celebrity automatically means you cannot defend yourself from people questioning your mental capability due to old age. 

Meghan, the Assistant of the new SPN Show Runner: I’ll read a Destiel handbook about how EVERYONE SEES Destiel and why it needs to be canon now.

J2/Bibros/casual non shipper fans: Ok, do it at home though. Not at work. Keep shipping away from the show, thanks. I don’t know how I feel about someone in the crew reading Destiel fanfiction. The show is about Sam and Dean first though.

Destihellers: Oh god, oh Lord I am so hurt and disappointed in the SPNFamily. Oh these few vile evil bibros, worshipers of unholy Wincest. HOW DARE YOU BE RUDE TO SOMEONE IN THE SPN CREW. LOOK AT YOU DARING TO TWEET ANDREW DABB. I CAN SEE YOU ARE TRYING TO GET THE HER FIRED. I can’t believe how horrible they are to the SPN crew its like they forgot only we have the right to do that since the past 6 years. Oh Maghan, you are already our favorite if you didn’t notice with all the asskissing we are doing. You will be a special example serving as evidence in the next ‘Why Supernatural Queerbaits and how its a conspiracy’ Article when Destiel still isn’t Canon in Season 12 finale. You’ll do what Katherine and other people related to the show we spent our time on couldn’t do – Teach Jensen the error of his’ not liking Destiel and loving SamandDean too much he might be one of those evil bibro accounts on twitter/tumblr’ ways. If you can’t do it, we will give you mention you along with Jensen and Jared and all the other professional queerbaiters. 

Jensen: Misha is a friend, he is really-

Destihellers: SEE I TOLD YOU HE IS ALWAYS QUEERBAITING. Its like he thinks he can queerbait like our lord Misha and get away with it. No one else get to queerbait us but Misha without being called a Queerbaiter even if have called him homophobe for many years.

Jensen: Thoughts with Orlando.

Destihellers: SPNFamily is amazing. So much support but I don’t think Jensen has the right to be a decent human being since he doesn’t like the idea of Destiel in Canon and it has already made him homophobic.

Gay/LesbianBisexual/Pansexual/Asexual/Trangender/Etc. fans:  No, not Destiel. No forcing other sexuality on a straight character for representation, thanks.

Destihellers: No, YOU. You are homophobic/biphobic, what do you know? Please fuck off we need representation for the LGBTQA society. Don’t you understand how important it is that Dean be bi and Destiel be canon for the LGBTQA society? 

LGBTQA Society: …. How about helping us and the people in our communities who are facing physical/mental abuse, being abandoned by family, living in poor condition, trying to commit suicide at least once or once every year before we turn 20 instead of trying to turn a stated straight character from a 10 year old TV Show into Bi so you can see some man on man action? 

Destihellers: Here is a handbook for you … see how Destiel is already canon and seen by everyone so that it can actually be officially canon. Thanks. Good Day. Lets all respect each other and live like a family. We love you till you love what we love and see what we see. If not, you can fuck off bye. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t straight, you are homophobic anyway.


I hope while you do your light reading this summer on how to identify a destiheller and what to expect when you come across one, this handbook helps you understand the Destihell logic and gives you an understanding of what to expect while dealing with one. Don’t try to use your general logic while dealing with these special creatures. Not being able to grasp their logic might lead to severe case of mental harassment and trauma.

Soulmates, maybe

Okay, so in this imagine your soulmate and you get matching “tatoos” once you meet eachother. The reader isn’t exacly excited about having the god of mischef to be her soulmate even though Loki has been better since he started living in Stark Tower with the Avengers.

Author’s note: So, this is my first Loki imagine, idk how many parts it’s going to have, or if it will even have another part. It all depends on how well it does I guess, so here it is!


“WHY YOU?!? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE FRIGGIN YOU?!?” You waved your arms around to make the point clear, in case the vocalized capital letters were not enough.

Loki threw his arms up in defence
“I don’t know, love! How was I supposed to know this would happen!?”

“First of all, don’t call me ‘love’ I just got to know you. Second, WHY YOU?”

“I already said I don’t know… love.” The god smirked.

“I don’t even like you!” You gestured to him.

“That’s rude. You barely know me.” He pouted.

“I know that you tried to take over New York, and you know what they say, 'actions speak louder than words’ or some shist like that.”

“I didn’t know about your little saying, by the way you’re quite, what is the midgardian word?” He pondered “ Ah yes! You are quite 'cute’ when you’re frusturated, especially when you try to avoid curses like that.” He smiled.

You crossed your arms and blew some stray hair out of your face, the hair came back but you refused to lift your arms from their stance.

“Alright, come on now love, we’ve been marked already. There’s nothing we can do now but accept it.” He said as he placed the stray hair behind your ear and cupped your face in his hand. You got a good view of the forsaken mark that bound you to him on his wrist, it was emerald green.

“That doesn’t make it easier.”

“Well, you just proved yourself wrong, love because you never let me touch your face  and you still haven’t swatted away my hand.” He smirked as he backed his hand from your face and started walking away.“You know where to find me!” He called out as he made his way to his room leaving you alone in the common room.

“Why is it allways me that gets chosen for this kind of crap?” You thought to yourself as you made your way after him.