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“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”

She was the stone-faced queen, then and ever after. She had needed the mask to rule, and she had been glad to have it. She wondered if Eugenides was glad of his.

Day 07 -- Extra-Super-Grande-Hella Cute [JongKey, PG, 1522w]

Getting this in just before midnight!! >:D

Drabble a Day | Prompt Me!

The university library closes early before holiday weekends, which is kind of not awesome. Jonghyun’s got a stack of midterm papers to write. He also has a bottle of painkillers, twelve encouraging texts from Minho laden with emoji, and two extra-super-grande-whatever sized coffees. He can do this. Maybe.

Anatomy is not his strong suit, even with the handful of practice he’s had on underclassmen this year – though that was mostly in the dark, so it probably doesn’t count, he thinks with a frown. He’s got his shoes off, hair mussed, and he’s seriously considering unbuttoning his jeans. Hell, give it another hour and he’ll be adjusting his unseemly bits. No one’s in his corner of the library anyway. The empty table he’s got to himself is proof enough of that. He can hear the aircon whistle through the shelves and he’s pretty sure he saw a giant crumpled-paper tumbleweed roll through twenty minutes ago.

He’s looking out the huge window behind his chair, watching a duck waddle around the “Pond for Peace” (whatever that means), somewhere in the range of two hours and forty-seven minutes into his cram session. Maybe Jinki wouldn’t mind coming down to help him. Jinki finished his papers early, because he’s a smug honors student and he doesn’t have the amazing commitment Jonghyun does to pizza or 90s television reruns. Anyway, he’s distracting himself pretty well when he hears a throat clear in front of him – behind him? He is looking over his shoulder – followed by a weak half-cough.

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Hiii!!! I really like your writings 😍 so I guess it's time to request sth finally 😁 can you make 4/4 blurb how they would react to your secret tattoo? 😌

thank you so much qt :)

you’d probably be having a tickle fight with ashton (let’s be real, the second he found out you were extremely ticklish he would pin you down on the bed) and you were kicking and screaming to try to get him off, both of you a giggling mess before his hands accidentally lifted your shirt up. ashton would slowly stop moving once he caught a glimpse of the roman numerals that were tattooed on you just under your left breast, his eyes glued to the little lines that he never knew existed. “y/n,” he breathed out, looking up at you to see that you were tugging your bottom lip between your teeth. he would then just lay down next to you and ask where/ when/ why you got it, his undivided attention on you as you told him the meaning behind your tattoo. this would lead into a really deep conversation that lasted until midnight, just you two going back and forth about some of your most painful but most significant memories.

it was your two year anniversary with luke, and just a few days before, you decided to get his initials tattooed in an arrow heart just below your collar bone as a surprise. when the day came, you told him about your new ink, but decided to have some fun with it and tell him that he had to find it himself. a smirk would grow across luke’s face as he pulled you onto his lap and started feverishly kissing you, removing your shirt first because you’ve said before that you always wanted a tattoo on your collar bone. luke would pull away and smile when he saw his initials permanently on your skin, lightly running his fingers over the letters before his eyes caught onto yours. he’d press his lips against yours with all the passion he had within him, the kiss being his way of telling you how much he actually loved your new tattoo. 

you would be over the 5sos house for a pool party just chilling in the hot tub and laughing with everyone when you heard calum go “woah y/n, I didn’t know you had a tattoo!” and you would watch as calum got into the water and sat down next to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders before kissing you on the neck where you had a little star inked on your skin. the feeling of his lips pressed to your neck as you had the hot water jets relaxing your bones was amazing, and you would slightly lean your head back to give calum more access. the rest of the day, he would sneak up on you by hugging you from behind and kissing the tiny star on your neck, giving you a soft smile because he didn’t know his girlfriend had a tattoo, and that made you even more attractive to him. 

I feel like michael would find your secret tattoo during heated sex, his hands running up and down your body as he was sucking on your skin. he would be leaving a trail of kisses down your stomach before spreading your legs apart and teasing you with kisses on your inner thighs. you opened your eyes and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion when you felt michael suddenly stop, finding him staring at the rose tattoo you had just below your hip bone. “how have I not noticed this before?” he spoke up, running his fingers over the design before looking back up at you, his green eyes clouded with lust. his tongue would run over his bottom lip as he hungrily stared at you, mesmerized by how sexy you looked without even trying. “your tattoo looks so fucking hot on you, y/n.”