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Robin was a good man, a loving husband, and a great father. He may not have been harry and gemma’s biological dad, but he was way more than that. He was so supportive throughout the years he has spent with the styles/twist family. It was obvious how much he made their family happy, always considering them his very own. Life will always be unfair, to take away the people who mean so much, but at the same time it’s a reminder of the goodness and the love he has given their family. I hope through this hard time people respect their family and give them all the time they need; they are all strong, but at the moment, broken. Though gone too early, may you always rest in peace, Robin.

Our hearts are broken. So sad to say that Robin Twist has passed away.

Our love, support and condolences goes to Anne and all his family/loved ones.

Robin was a man full of light, always being kind and supporting Harry and Gemma in all their projects. He was happiness itself. And that’s how we are going to remember him.

P l e a s e respect Harry, Gemma, Anne and all Robin’s loved ones and give them the privacy they need during this hard time.

Dear Robin, we love you and we’ll miss you so much♡.

Congratulations to our boys 1st win! #NCT1271STWIN It was a tough battle but we finally made it! Haechan literally dropped down after 1st place announcement (you can spot the tiny him on this frame) which lets us know how much, just how much did he want to win this time! We all did great, NCT and NCTzens! Let’s fight together for more wins! Don’t give up on streaming, this is only the start! They deserve it for all this hard-work and limitless love they gave to us during all this time we’ve been together as one! And lastly, but not least, congratulations to everyone who contributed for their first win and made this day special! #cherrybomb #🍒💣 #170622 🎉

Come On

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @destieldrabblesdaily !!!! Shirley, you are the best. the absolute best. HERE IS A BIRTHDAY GIFT OF A HIGH-SCHOOL AU FOR YOU <333

Dean let out a long, slow breath.

He’d imagined this moment so many times that he’d managed to make the reality of it feel like another daydream. Should he do it at school, or somewhere else? Separately, or all at once? Slowly, or bluntly? Seriously, or as a joke? Over and over, round and round, he’d pictured how he should come out to his friends.

And now here he was, with them all gathered around one of the tables at lunch. It was too hot for them all to be hungry; the summer had set in early, and it was all around them - in the discarded juice boxes littering the floor, and the scent of hot tarmac outside, and the whine of the air conditioning. It was putting sheens on foreheads and turning skin to gold - and Dean and his friends were at one of the outside lunch tables, enjoying it.

Jo and Anna were laughing together about a video that Ash was showing them on his phone; Charlie was talking at length to Garth about the Dungeons and Dragons game that they were both a part of, and Hannah was quietly biting into an apple as she listened in. And opposite Dean, Castiel was reading his book.

Dean watched them all for a moment, unnoticed. He had his bare arms resting on the hot metal of the table, his t-shirt sticking slightly to his lower back in the heat. Soon, they’d need to move inside - but first, he had something he needed to tell them. They were his friends. He wanted them to know.

He took a deep breath, and let it go. He could feel his heart pounding.

“Dean?” Castiel said softly; when their eyes met over the table, Dean swallowed. Castiel’s face shifted; it was the barest hint of a frown, the tiniest tilt of the head, the gentlest clouding of his blue eyes - but in the silent language that they’d built up over the years, it was a clear question. Of course, Dean thought, Castiel would realise that something was wrong.

He cleared his throat.

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Consolation Prize

Summary: Goodbye letter to Namjoon
Members: Rap Monster x Male Reader
Type: Angst/fluff
Length: Drabble

This is not only my first post since coming back but also my first time writing in a letter format and my first drabble or whatever, please let me know what you think! I hope whoever requested m!reader Namjoon is happy with this :3

- Admin Kain

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I am too big a coward to say this to your face so I am writing to you now instead. But I know you will understand as cowardice is something you are all too familiar with.

Do you still remember the summer we first met? Recently I’ve found myself looking back on it and wondering how things have ended up like this. God, you really took my breath away from the first moment I laid eyes on you. In all my life I’ve never met anyone who lights up a room like you do, there’s something about you, your voice, the way you carry yourself, that draws everyone in and why would I be any different?

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Marlene Didn’t Know Who the “HE” was in the dream!

Everyone please watch this interview! 

My original post got deleted! Anyways, so Marlene did not know who the “He” was! They were brainstorming all season on how they were going to incorporate this flash back. 

Basically, they are writing the story as they go and I bet you on anything they have changed the identity of AD several times. Therefore, all the theories people have written were practically a waste. All those empty clues towards a person that likely wasn’t set in stone. This explains the lack of good clues for the remainder of season 7. I can officially say I am happy this show is over. Kisses! 

@landocalrisslan:  Can you draw ahsoka in 224 or lando in 115? I love your art so much and it’s so nice of you to do these things all the time, im still crying over how perfect the lando drawing was it made me so happy!! You’re honestly the best :)

I’m glad you liked it and thank you so much for all of that!! It was super nice to hear! I already got a lando request today so here’s Ahsoka, my actual daughter who I love (and someho havent drawn before wtf)

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Happy Birthday (sorry if im late) Younger Iruka and Kakashi adopting Naruto?

Thank you! 😚 I don’t know how much younger you meant so this is what I did. Hope it’s okay.

Iruka watched Kakashi clear the dishes from the table they nodded at each other without their blond house guest noticing.

Naruto was too busy rubbing his belly and mumbling about how full he was. “You’re a real good cook, Kakashi-san. Man, it would be nice to eat like this all the time. You’re so lucky Iruka-sensei.”

Iruka smiled at his eleven year old student that was a frequent visitor at this point.

He’d been Naruto’s homeroom teacher for a year now and the school term was drawing to a close.

“Naruto… can I ask you something?” Iruka asked carefully.

He and Kakashi had kicked this idea around this idea for a few months now and just last week they were given permission by the Third, if Naruto agrees.

So now they had to ask him.

“Huh? What’s up sensei?” Naruto sat up in his chair, scooting closer to the table.

Kakashi set the dishes in the sink and sat back down next to Iruka. “I know we don’t always get along… but um, you’re still important to us.” He and Kakashi often butted heads over little things. Tracking in mud, manners, tastes in food and books. Mostly it was Naruto’s volume he could do without.

But at the end of the day he was chuckling as he and Iruka went to bed. “Did you hear that knuckle head?”

“Naruto,” Iruka picked up, “we wanted to ask you, well if you wanted to stay here.”

“Like a sleepover? That’s kind of weird sensei.”

“No, not a sleepover.” Iruka sighed. “To live here. There’s an extra room. It can be yours.”

Naruto narrowed his eyes, not really understanding. “So who do I pay rent to?”

“No one,” Iruka said plainly.

“No more rent. No more bills. No more buying food. Iruka-sensei and I will take care of all that,” Kakashi added.

“But why?” Naruto was blinking with big eyes. He knew why.

“That’s what family does,” Iruka answered, smiling.

Naruto shook his head, fighting something. He put his face in his elbow. “But- but- You can’t want me-”

Iruka moved out of his chair. “We do. Of course we do. Naruto, I hate when you leave here. You come over for dinner once a week and I hate knowing every other night you’re home alone. I don’t want that for you anymore.” Iruka tugged at the orange sleeve. Naruto sniffled. “I want you to be as happy every minute of everyday as you are at our dinner table.”


Kakashi’s hand was suddenly on the top of his head, soothing yellow hair. It was like some magic acknowledgement that he didn’t know he needed.

Naruto looked up at him and then back at Iruka. He shoved himself out of his chair into his teacher’s chest. He was smiling wide, laughing through his tears. “When do I get my stuff?”

“We’ll go right now and you can get a bag. Tomorrow we’ll get the rest of it,” Iruka was just as happy. Holding him too tight for a second.

Kakashi smiled and held the red swirl of his jacket between his shoulders.

Nothing was ever going to be the same and it was wonderful.


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Can we get an update eon how all of the couples are doing? Married or not? Happy or not? Pregnant or not? etc

All? You think I have time in my day to give you a run down on all the couples? Why don’t you go focus on your own useless love life and leave the stalking to me? 

The nerve of some people. 


Sorry about her, as you can tell the priest couldn’t get the demon out of her, apparently she is a pure demon. There’s no soul in that girl. 

  • Photographer and the Boxer - Married, pregnant and doing okay. Everyone has their fights and getting over their first one is a big step. 
  • Wallflower and the Boss - married and doing well, I haven’t seen any major bust-ups yet. So keep working together. 
  • The Gamer and the Feisty One - They’re getting married next weekend! Let’s up Karina has her killer dress all picked out.
  • Dancer and the Broken one - I love Levi, Alex is a very lucky girl. They’ll be getting married soon. Lets all hope for an invite.
  • The Bad Boy and The Nerd - Married and getting over their first big fight. Well done boys, keep talking. 
  • The Rich kid and The Runaway - They’ve just started getting to know each other
  • The Protestor and The Jock - They aren’t married yet and isn’t Jacob just a sweetie? 
  • The Blogger and The Workaholic - That’s going to explosive, I hope they figure things out before the wedding day. 
  • The Genius and The Millionaire - Married, strong beautiful women, It’s a shame they can’t make a go of things. 
  • The Criminal and The Cop - Not married yet, and they’re a very funny duo. Getting along quite nicely. 
  • The Romantic and the Pessimist - Married, I just adore Cooper.  They seem to be doing okay. 
  • The Biker and The Good Girl - They’re getting along really well and they’ve just got married. 
  • The Lover and the Activist- They’re just friends that recently got married, isn’t that sweet? 
  • The Widow and The Healer - Married, getting along well, although they do have a few bumps in the road to get over. I have faith in you guys.
  • The Celebrity and The Bookworm - A lovely married couple, doing well. Who wouldn’t get along touring the world?
  • The Student and The Slacker - They’re just getting to know each other, good luck guys, you might need it. 
  • The Therapist and The Obsessive - They’re not married yet, just getting used to each other. Sam seems lovely though, what a catch Leila. 
  • The Activist and The Fighter - They both seem really sweet, they’re a brand new couple that I’m so excited to see develop.
  •  The Single Mother and The Trouble Maker - I think they need to talk more, but they seem well suited. Ben needs to have a bit more faith in himself. I would so switch him up with Gia if I could. 
  • The Bestie and The ex - I think they both need to focus on their relationship a bit more, or things will get rocky soon. 
  • The Spitfire and The Stoner - Same as above really, go on some dates kids. 
  • The Veteran and The Physio - Both new and adjusting. I can see them working once they get used to each other. 

Can I just honestly say how much fun season five has been for me to write from past seasons? Not only are the episodes so intresting/complex/and hilarious, it’s the ideas that you guys given me that has shaped this entire story so we could get at this point. I’m writing the very last part of “My Bloody Valentine” and…I don’t know. I just feel so happy with how everything is running so smoothly. (And terribly painful, if you ask me.) We’re at the point of the season where we can explore the reader’s own story line and tying it with the boys. To everyone who’s submitted ideas to me…(And all fanfic writers!) 

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Wren looks quite comfortable handling the gun, doesn't he? I like that. I really do. It's so satisfying to see him with a gun after years of theorizing about him. I feel so alive but also dead at the same time. Does it make sense? I can't put to words how happy I am lol. I know the other scenes in that promo are good but all I can see is Wren haha. Whatever he's up to, he's important. This scene is a proof. Did I say how happy I am?

I am right there with you. Knowing we, Wren theorists, are FINALLY getting our validation makes me so so so ecstatic. Whether he is AD or not is irrelevant, we’re FINALLY getting our answers. I could cry!!!! I think I will too when the time comes haha.

BTS Reaction: When You Tell Them You’re Genderfluid

Anonymous said: omg i Loved your snaps of yoongi. Can you do a gif reaction of bts reacting when you tell them that you’re genderfluid (fab) and how they would all take it and maybe a cute lil written part w he/him pronouns if you want to and have time? thank you so much

A/N: I’m so happy you liked them babe!! I stuck to they/them pronouns but if y’all want a seperate reaction with he/him pronouns I’ll gladly do it!! Hope you like this! <3 

Warning: This is based on my personal viewpoint and it’s not an accurate fact, all of my reactions are BASED ON MY OPINION of how the boys would react, not how they actually would react in a simular situation. 

Jin: *is confused and not that familiar with the term* “You’re what baby?” *after you explain to him, he’ll probably be surprised and will need some time to get used to it*

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Suga: *he is so chill about it and still loves you the same,or maybe even more* “okay baby.. So what’s the serious thing you wanted to tell me”

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Rap Monster: *like Yoongi he still sees you the same way, but wants to know more about it* “What pronoun do you prefer honey? When did you realise you where genderfluid?”

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J-Hope: *he’ll try and get used to it although his type is very feminine girls* “Looks like my ideal type is not feminine girls.. My ideal type is you baby”

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Jimin: *is very understanding but would take him a while to get used to using the pronoun* “Yes Y/N is the best..She’s- I mean they are so beautiful”

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V: *If he truly loved you and the relationship was serious he’d try his best to not let it bother him* “So that means.. I can’t call you baby girl anymore..?”

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Jungkook: *He wouldn’t believe you, or wouldn’t want to believe you, he’d be the least understanding of them all* “Pardon? You’re not serious Y/N, right?”

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Hi, I love daiya no ace and I especially love reading your tumblr, especially the character analysis as it really helps me really look and see the characters. Could you please tell me what you think of Sawamura and kuromochi's relationship? Also ho do you think the Coaches see Sawamura (Kataoka, Oota, Oichai and Rei especially (I love how she believes in and act like a proud mama to sawamura)). I would really love you hear you thoughts :)

Dear anon!!

Thank you so much!!! I’m super happy that you’re enjoying my character analyses so far.

This is a lot of questions in one, so the answers may be a bit brief because I don’t have time to find textual evidence for all five relationships (Sorry), so these are just my impressions

Sawamura and Kuramochi

For me these two are like very close siblings, who really love and enjoy each others’ company. They fight, and they squabble, and sometimes it goes overboard (in my opinion), but they’re also ALWAYS there to support each other, mess with each other, and have fun.

They both have similar backgrounds of violent behavior and a tarnished reputation, and they were both rescued by Rei and Seidou. Plus they have the same zodiac sign (the bull) so I think they were created to be really similar.
They’re also the two people who have to deal the MOST with Miyuki —and the two he enjoys teasing the most, which amuses me.

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I don’t know how one can be so lucky to have someone in their life when sometimes all they could ever think of is that they don’t deserve it or they haven’t done anything that is worth being happy about. Sometimes, I have those days. I just don’t think, I’m not right for you or for all the thoughts your mind could offer but there are times, when all I could ever think of, is that I don’t want it to be over. You mean far too much - even if sometimes, your mind is cluttered, even if sometimes you are wrong in a sense I only know. I want you to know and to always remember that what I think of you is different from anybody else’s perception of you. And my hands, though small, will always choose to hold you even if it’s at the point of choosing to let you go. And remember that my heart will always be here to shelter you with no hate, no blame and no judgment. So when you feel like everyday is autumn, just hold my hand and I’ll try to give you spring.

062217|For P.

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omg the stuff u write is so so soo good. honestly I don't come on my tumblr much but I came across yours today and absolutely all of it is amazing. i think everyone goes through hard times in their life and I had my heart broken recently and some of your poetry honestly describes exactly how I feel right now I'm actually in tears you are so amazing!!!!!

jsijshsjhs thANK YOU im sorry you got your heart broken :( but im glad my poetry could be of service to you!! that truly means a lot that my writing means so much to you :’) thank youuu ily <3

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hello i love this blog (ive read through a bunch of your stuff while at work lmao) and i just wanted to say you're very talented and also so pretty wtf!!!! i wish the best for you in all you do!!!

Oh my, Beautiful 💕 you make me blush! You’re so sweet, I’m so happy you like my writing so much! I can only do so much because of followers like you ✨ You don’t know how much your appreciation means to me 😱It makes my soul jump every time someone tells me I can make their day a little better ☺️✨💕

um okay so as you all know i’m doing that “every time keith smiled” compilation and i decided that i would be very thorough, meaning i’m gonna zoom in on every little keith to see if he’s smiling

and i stumbled across this scene. keith is smiling at lance…

…and lance smiles back as soon as keith turns away (lance that’s gay)

alright cool nothing special here

but wait-

wait, is keith looking back again?! yes. yes he is-

he caught lance’s smile. and look at how happy he is in the next frame-

not to say too much but keith is gay for lance #confirmed


Made some Muskies iPhone wallpapers