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Let me start off by saying congratulations on 15 FREAKING MILLION SUBSCRIBERS @therealjacksepticeye YOUVE WORKED SO HARD AND YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE YOU REALLY DO

HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN WATCHING YOU I CANT EVEN ANSWER THAT i cant even say how much i want to thank you. Youve played such a large role in my life when times were shitty and nothing made me happy, i would just watch your videos and find myself giggling and even full blown laughter! 

I love how you keep in touch with your viewers when you make videos that discusses your opinions or your feelings and even your regular videos, you still show that youre you and youre not afraid of expressing that. 

You make ALL OF US AND I MEAN ALL OF US WHO WATCH YOU so happy even if you dont think you are. We all watch your videos and find so much joy in every second of them. We cant thank you enough for being a part of our lives and making them worth living. Even if you dont think youre doing anything, just being you and making these videos for US, youre bringing us all together. We’re so happy to watch your videos and thank you for bringing us so much happiness Jack. WE LOVE YOU!

When I think of him,
I think of dark evenings around 8 p.m., of pathetic pop songs and late night Internet - stalking. Of the tears I cried when he had another girlfriend, I think about timid smiles and soft hello’s, about unexplainable, mixed signals and confusing information.
I think of the way he smiled at me, giddy, like a schoolboy, of the way he smelled and how no cloud of smoke could make him less attractive.
I think about the songs ‘Razorblades’ and ‘The Ghost of You and I’ from Story of the Year. I think about the arguments about him with my parents and friends.
I think of Sundays and eye contact during church services. I think about always having to worry about him and the time he was in jail.

And eventhough overall it aren’t happy feelings, I would give so much to have it all back

—  confessions

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how do you deal with heartbreak?

for me?? it took a lot of time and nights out and music turned up real loud. it took drinks and mistakes and it wasn’t all pretty. so i won’t pretend getting over someone is all face masks and doing everything good for myself, but that helped too. it took a lot of crying and singing to both happy and sad songs in the car. it took a lot of living through the pain, but knowing it’s ok to smile too. it took a lot of writing and reflecting on things alone. it took actually believing it’s ok to be alone. it took cleaning out my room when i was sad and didn’t feel like getting up and it took cleaning out my mind and figuring out what i do and don’t need. it took packing up and leaving and doing new things i’ve never done before. it took grocery shopping and learning to cook things for myself and it took so many small things that seemed so big for me to wake up and say “you know what, i’m okay, i can do things for me, and i don’t need another person for that.” it took a lot of putting my pride aside and knowing that people don’t have to stay in my life if i’m no longer what they want and i’d hope they wouldn’t. i’d hope they go find what they do want and be happy

[ KOUHEI;; Uwaaaah!! I don’t even know what to say for my beloved followers… ; - ; 
You guys have no idea of how happy I am to have you guys as my senpais, this kouhai
is the happiest little shit when they’re having fun and interacting with you all… I would’ve
abandoned this blog a long time ago if it werent for you guys. The lil’ Kouhei and Amami
have grown a lot since december of last year and you all are an amazing part of all of this. ]

I met such wonderful people here that it’s impossible to not make special mentions, so here
we go:

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My English teacher straight up told me TO MY FACE that she didn't like writing styles that are written "like a novel" right after she told the whole class that my writing style is "long and very descriptive" so guess what my essay title just went from "Freedom of Speech" to "The weaponization of the American Constitutions first amendment and how it affects the multitudes of minority groups who reside here." Have fun reading the Parisian sewer system: constitutional addition hope you enjoy bitch

LMAO why does an ENGLISH teacher of all people complain about an elaborate style? Shouldn’t she be happy to read something a bit different? I mean maybe the message behind it was “It takes me ages to grade and for it to get to the point” because if there’s one think teachers lack, it’s time x)

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After watching R1, it quickly became my fav SW movie and I fell really deep into the SW fandom for the first time. But recently I've honestly kind of felt bad about myself because I loved the whole squad, including Jyn, and I absolutely love Jyn/Cassian, but the amount of vitriol surrounding both is unlike anything I've ever seen in any fandom. I know I shouldn't let antis get to me, and I don't want to give them the satisfaction. Do you have any advice on how to keep a positive head space?

First of all, nonny, I am so happy you love Rogue One so much! I know so many people have had it skyrocket to their favorite Star Wars movie and are finding themselves in fandom for the first time. It’s great to see and participate in all this Star Wars love. That is what fandom is all about.

Given that, I am so sorry that the antis are getting you down. People can be jerks, and antis feed off the way they upset people. I’ve come across this with many of my favorite characters and it’s really just same old, same old with these people. The structure of Tumblr makes it a little harder to get around them but here is my advice.

1) If you see antis when you go into the tag, go ahead and block them. I block freely and without reserve. People who don’t respect the tag or don’t try to keep their posts out of the search results are trying to rile you up and they don’t deserve the satisfaction.

2) Do not directly engage with a post. What I do and what I’ve seen others do is create a new post that mentions the claim and then debunks it. What you are interested in is not convincing the anti, who is out to destroy happiness, but to generate positive conversation with people who are casually reading things (and your friends). Keep the high ground at all times. Responding to the post directly only feeds the trolls. If by some bizarre unfortunate chance you get anon hate, delete it without publishing. Imagine the anti, refreshing your blog over and over waiting to see your outrage in vain.

3) If you have friends who are posting negative things about Jyn or Jyn/Cassian, ask them if they can use a tag so you can blacklist their posts. Friends don’t want to keep upsetting friends, after all. I use Tumblr Savior but XKit is also a good tool to filter out these posts.

4) Rewatch Rogue One! (Maybe stop right after they go through the shield gate so you don’t cry but up until that point it makes me purely happy.) Watch Jyn learn to trust again and find a home after being abandoned for so many years! Watch Cassian yell for her in concern and go back for her repeatedly, even when the mission does not require it! Watch them have no concept of personal space, even when they’re upset with each other! Watch the entire Rogue One team bond and become a found family! Watch the way Jyn and Cassian light up in the “welcome home” scene with bonus leaning! Watch the elevator scene! The good news is that canon is on our side.

5) Most importantly, focus on the joy in fandom :) There are so many more fans who love this movie and Jyn and Jyn/Cassian than people who hate her and the ship. There are many people who are not on Tumblr who love the whole team, including Jyn and this ship. You can follow positive blogs to stay inundated with positive fandom and I have to give a shout out to @therebelcaptainnetwork​ as a central location for happy Jyn/Cassian content.

(When in doubt, step away from Tumblr. Go for a walk, drink some tea, pet a fluffy animal. Fandom should be fun but it’s also important to take breaks when it’s not, as with anything.)

The antis are loud because they want attention but at the end of the day, these people are spending their time hating something instead of creating positive content about something they love. They are the equivalent of the bullies in the parking lot yelling mean things as you drive off with your friends to do something you love, and they should be treated as such - ignored in general and publicly, calmly, and factually refuted when they become a nuisance (like this weekend). In contrast, we get to spend our time being delighted and happy about these characters.

Above all,

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Honestly I am a huge fan of your work, have been for a long time. But going back and looking at your older work you can clearly see a progression, your style evolving. I just wanted to congratulate and tell you how amazing your art it. Also your Shepard and Liara are forever my favorite :)

Awwwwwwww………….Thank you so much:)))<3  I know you’ve been here. I’m just too shy to explain how much I appreciate all your Ms and support:) drawing makes me feel happy and the fact that there’re people who enjoy my work somewhere is truly awesome!!

  P.S. Hey! Shepard Liara are always my fav too. It’s like first love never fades away ha!

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Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce? That's awful! Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids? What do you expect to happen exactly? And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories. J2 ate good men and especially would not put kids in that situation and wanting a marriage to fail is horrible.

OH MY GOD!!! my first het!!! i’m so happy!!! i don’t know what to do i didn’t think it would happen!! i honestly feel so honored that you wasted your time to try and put me back on the “right” track or make me feel ashamed or something lmao

no but first of all i wanna thank you for not insulting me, really, i appreciate that

and second of all you have no idea how much you made me laugh so thank you! honnestly you just put a big smile on my face because you have no idea what you’re talking about it’s incredible! you have no clue whatsoever holy shit 

i could try to explain to you how i became a tinhat but it’d probably be like talking to a brick wall so i’ll link speak the truth (come on, give it a shot, maybe it’ll open your eyes a little) 

so anyway, i guess i’ll answer your questions now

“Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce?”

YES that’s EXACTLY what i want! don’t worry about the kids, it’ll be better for them if their parents stop pretending they’re in love and stop using them like shields against gay rumors, and i can guarantee you that jared never wanted to marry gen in the first place

“ Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids?”

ok so you may wanna sit down for this one… it’s really sad but the society we live in is homophobic and so, gay people don’t say they are gay because they’re scared it will make them be treated differently than straight people that’s why they lie and will go as far as pretending to be in a fake relationship to prove they are straight. it is what jared and jensen did to be sure to have as many opportunites as other young actors and still do because if they say they’re gay spn will be immediately over and now they’re too deep in their lies to come out, and they’re in their 30s now so it’s normal they have kids even if they’re in the closet and have to lie to them too, let them live god damn it

“What do you expect to happen exactly?”

well i hope that jared will divorce soon to make it easier for his mental health since being in the closet really affects him and then some time after spn ends and after jensen divorces danneel i hope that jared and jensen come out to live like any other couple. that’s what i think could happen

“And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories.”

well yeah but knowing what i know:

“J2 ate good men”

holy shit for real? did you call the police? no cos lying to people i can understand but eating good men? that’s just going way too far

“ would not put kids in that situation”

and yet that’s what they do buddy, i really don’t like that either but it’s them you have to blame, not me

“ wanting a marriage to fail is horrible”

im sorry what was that? i can’t hear you over the sound of jensen telling everyone that jared and gen’s wedding is fake as fuck

have a good day and thanks for the laugh!


*Rises from the dead to bring you 10k words of Zelink fanfiction*
Chapter 2 of my Zelink Week Master Quest is here!

Prince Link must escort Princess Zelda to the Ordon Village Harvest Festival. Understandably, neither is very happy about this.

Light | Forest

Princess Zelda thought it would happen sooner than this. Six weeks was a pretty long time to wait considering how adamant King Clement was about moving this courtship and marriage along quickly. Maybe their parents had hoped their children’s heads would calm down a bit. But if Prince Link was anything like Zelda, he would still have a quiet layer of seething anger just below the surface. But as it stands, her first official outing with Prince Link would take place in two weeks’ time. It would be a warm-up to the first public declaration of their courtship, a way to see how people will react when they see Link and Zelda together, and Zelda was at least glad it would be on her home turf.

The Ordon Village Harvest Festival was always a staple for the beginning of fall in Hyrule. The small village had grown from producing quality milk and cheese from their humble goat ranch to the a rather well-to-do farming town that supplied half of the country’s wheat and cotton as well as herding cattle along with the famous Ordon goats. It was a pleasant festival filled with none of the stuffy rules, tight corsets, and political masks of a Royal Festival; it was truly one of Zelda’s favorites, and she was going to damn Link to the Dark Realm and back if he ruined it for her.

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drabble challenge: 103 for Klaroline

103: “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.”

Short and sweet…i think lol On FF.

Also, If you want me to do one!

What’s Yours Is Mine, What’s Mine Is Mine!

“Sweetheart, stop looking at me like a hungry lioness.”

Covering his hand with hers and looking deeply into his eyes, Caroline declared, “Klaus, I love you and I care about you, which is why I’m saying this, if you touch my fries again I will have to cut off your hands.”

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I’m going to be a lil cheesy real quick; if you read my legacy story let me tell you, you give me so much happiness. I love writing; and even though it’s just a sims story it’s one of my favorite things to do. So any of you, who take the time out to read my story and give me your thoughts and your love for my sims; ILY. Thank you for being the coolest peeps in the world and loving and supporting my legacy. ❤️❤️

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my best friend is the sweetest boy ever he makes me so happy and we talk about everything with each other and we joke around all the time and it feels so nice because before high school i had a lot of trouble keeping friendships and i mostly skipped around friend groups but he's always there for me and with me and i really can't tell you how amazing it is to have him in my life 💛

!! Cute n Sweet !!

15 Million Subscribers!

CONGRATS ON 15 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, SEAN!! Yay! Celebration time! Thank you for creating this community to what it is. I’m so happy to be in a community where I feel like I can be true to myself and have people who care, even if I’m thousands of miles away. Thank you for all the time and devotion you put in every video and thank you for being the caring and sweet man that you are. It always warms my heart to see just how much you care about us, even if you don’t know all of us individually. (Seeing other people’s videos from PAX makes me cry of joy for them) But most of all Sean, thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, even through the bad times and making me smile all the time. Hopefully I can meet you one day soon (hopefully PAX West) so I can meet my hero. Anyway, congrats @therealjacksepticeye dude! Hope you celebrate this day with lots of cookies and cakes :P (or with the snacks from your snourney yesterday with Signe) Love ya dude! Have a wonderful day!

And to you and this community, I FUCKING LOVE YOU! (You may now return to your regularly scheduled programs) P.S. BAYTINS! (Sorry I’m stupid)

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You're honestly one of my fave people here. You're nice, helpful and have a great sense of humor. I always look forward to your posts!

I’ve received so much love from you guys today and it means so much to me. I’m sitting here typing with tears in my eyes. 

I always joke about how I can read your mind with my corner-buddy e.s.p. It’s been a running joke here since the beginning. But today, it’s as if you all are the magical ones, because you’ve really cheered me up when I needed it.

So thank you, Precious Anon. I’m so happy to meet so many people just like you. You’re wonderful!

I don’t just type out “I’m happy if I’ve made you happy” as some throw-away comment. I really mean it each and every time I say it. 

You guys are just the best friends that one could have! Thank you!

Congrats on 15 million!! You deserve every one of them, you make me and others soo happy and you are so genuine and nice and you understand us, which is very good thing. You have made me smile at times, all I can think is just cry and suicide, you have no idea how much you have helped me, you mean so much to me. Everynight I wanna cry myself to sleep, I just turn on your video and I feel happy and I feel the pain is away. So thank you for making my life little better, you are amazing. I wish I could be a Youtuber like you but it’s hard for me.. Because of my bad anxiety and what others think of me.. I know I shouldn’t think that but I can’t think anything else. Anyway, keep doing what you do and keep me and others happy! Love ya Jack 💚😋 @therealjacksepticeye

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hello, i absolutely love you blog and i'd like to request a scenario with Ichigo where he asks his not yet s/o out. problem is, they're from another country and not 100% know the language yet and misunderstood it for hanging out, and since they're busy, they decline. i would like to leave it up to you how the issue is resolved, but i'd like a happy ending, please? i hope this isn't to complicated, or if you don't like the idea, feel free to ignore it! :)

Ok anon I tried the best I could with this one! I don’t mind at all doing it! It was an interesting request indeed!
I’m going to go with the idea that Ichigo’s soon to be s/o speaks English so you can just imagine Ichigo and the others speaking in Japanese. Also, I had a hard time of how to write it out when his s/o misunderstands what he’s saying so, I wrote it down as what they are hearing, not what he actually said…I hope that makes sense haha!

You were the new transfer student at Karakura from over seas to study abroad. You were staying with Uryu and his father, who were very nice however you didn’t see much of his father around since he was the director of the hospital. Uryu had kept you company but he seemed so stand offish and you didn’t really bother to say much to him other than the usual greetings.
You were still learning how to communicate fluently in Japanese though and while you were at school you had been lucky enough that Orihime had been around to help translate for you.

It’s been a while since I’ve written little scenarios so I hope it’s okay…I feel like it could have been better written but I sort of got in a rush at the end…It’s time for me to go home and some sever storms are moving in so I’m going to try to make it home before they start!

Also, just A/N before you read…Hanami is the Japaese tradition of welcoming spring…it’s also called the cherry blossom festival and it’s all about appreciating the temporal beauty of nature…I think a lot of times people gather under cherry blossom trees to eat and come together and stuff…..
(You can thank Byakuya for my obsession with cherry blossoms by the way)

Today however, had been different. 
Orihime didn’t show up today for some reason, and you found yourself spending most of the day copying the notes form the board when you didn’t know what something meant. Thankfully though, the bell rang for lunch and you decided to eat by yourself since you couldn’t find Uryu.

“Hey, Y/N, what are you doing by yourself, where is Orihime and Uryu?” Ichigo asked, staring down at you. You thought for a moment, translating the words in your head and coming up with the reply. “At home I suppose.” You manage though, it came out as more of a question. “What about Rukia? She’s always with you..” You managed to smile up at him as he looked at you like he was surprised at the question.
“She had to go take care of some things at home…” He said, rubbing the back of his neck. “So, I guess it’s just us today…”
You shook your head as he sat down beside you and looked at your lunch. It was different than what he was used to, and not at all the traditional Japanese cuisine. “So, I was wondering…" Ichigo started as he watched you much on your food. "The Hanami festival is happening this weekend and I was wondering if you would want to go and hang out? They’ll be tons of food, it’s really something to go see if you haven’t seen it before…” Ichigo smiled down at you with a hopeful look in his eyes.

“Well, I’m not sure that’s a good idea…I’m really busy with all of my studies since I’m not fluent in the language yet…but maybe some other time?" 
It took you a moment to get the words out correctly, pausing between some of them but Ichigo seemed really disappointed for some reason.
"Yeah, that’s….Maybe some other time then…” He started, moving his gaze away from you and finishing out lunch in silence.

*Later that day*

“Uryu…Can I ask you something?” You asked, knocking on the door to his room. You were sure you had seen him come in.
“What is it?” He opened the door to let you in, stepping aside as you saw the clothing he was working on. It was white with a blue streak going down the middle of the front and the colors seemed to fit him well.

You told him about Ichigo’s strange behavior and when he asked you to go into further detail you gave him word for word what he had asked you.
“No! That wasn’t an invitation to hang out…He was asking you out on a date….” Uryu pushed his glasses up and gave a sigh. “But I think you did the right thing…You should focus more on your studies an-” Before Uryu could finish you were already out the door and rushing to the Kurosaki clinic.

“Why are you sulking around so much Ichigo? What’s with you?” Rukia crossed her arms as she watched him scribble things down on the paper in front of him. 
“He’s upset because the new girl wouldn’t go out with him to the Hanami festival this weekend…” Kon clarified as Ichigo threw him across the room. “Mind your own business will you?!” He growled before Kon stood up.

“Is that the way to treat a friend like me?! How could you! I was about to help you fix all your problems and you just-”
Muffled screaming could be heard as Rukia pushed a pillow over him to shut him up.
“Look, Ichigo, I’m sure there’s an explanation…”

“Ichigo! Someone is here for you!” Yuzu called to him from down stairs. Ichigo stood up from his desk and closed his eyes in frustration. “Yeah, she said she was busy it’s not that big of a deal…” He gave a sigh and headed back down stairs to see who had come to visit him.

“Y/N…” Ichigo said with a surprised look. “What are you doing here? Is everything ok?” He asked, looking down at you as you caught your breath. “Ichigo…I’m so sorry…” You fought to breathe for a moment as Ichigo watched you a bit concerned.
“I asked Uryu what you said earlier…I didn’t realize exactly what you meant…” You stood up finally and smiled at him. “I’m still not 100% fluent so there are some words that I don’t catch, but if the offer still stands, I would really like to go to the festival with you this weekend…and…not just to hang out…” You blushed and Ichigo’s confused look turned into a smile. “If you didn’t understand you shoulda just said so…” He teased you. “I’ll pick you up then, around 11? We can walk from there…”
You nodded your head with a smile before you could hear Isshin gushing over how his boy was growing up and asking a girl out on a date.
As Ichigo turned red in the face and frowned you couldn’t help but smile and give a soft giggle. He had such an adorable family after all…

💖admin amanda

I came out to my mom today because??? She asked? And I was like yeah okay it’s time.
She was off the wall excited that I finally did, like she just kept telling me that she loved me and all she wants is for me to be happy
It was good. Like, I didn’t expect it to be bad? My mom is one of the most caring and understanding people that I know.
But you know. You never know how parents are going to be.
But yeah! So that’s a thing.

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Can I request a Shinee scenario? Where Key neglect his girlfriend? Also I want a happy end, thank you so much 💛

This Love

He didn’t mean to forget, you knew that. But, it hurt, nonetheless. You knew he was busy, being an idol, having to appeal to the public. But you just wished that you could spend a day with him, all to yourself. But you knew that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

 How many times has it been now? Christmas. New Years. Your birthday. And now, your one-year anniversary. No matter how you reasoned it, it wasn’t right. This day was special. It marked that your love had endured through the hardships for a whole year. You had let go of all the pettiness, knowing what his life was like. But, now you sit here thinking … Is all of this really worth it?

 You sighed, leaning back into the couch and glancing at the clock.

 10:10 p.m.

You had waited all day for him. You had your phone within reach at all times, just in case. You got up early to get ready today, to look nice for him in case he showed up. But, not once did he text or call. Not once did he show up at your door to see you, even if only for a few minutes.

 Angrily, you got up and put on your shoes, slamming the front door on your way out. If he wasn’t going to come see you, then you were going to go to him, despite the fact that his manager had told you specifically not to go to his dorm because Dispatch might catch you. You didn’t care though.

Your thoughts ran wild. Were you even important to him? What were you to him? Where did you stand in his life?

You rang the doorbell twice. No answer.

You rang it again. This time, someone opened it. The manager.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Is Kibum-oppa here? I need to talk to him.”

The manager felt the anger radiating off of you. He knew better than to say no to you right now.

“He and the other members are at the practice room. You can wait for him in his room.” He stepped aside and let you in.

You headed straight to Key’s room, throwing yourself face fist onto his bed and letting out a muffled scream of aggravation. You sat up and looked around. The room was a mess. His clothes were all over the floor. Music sheets were strewn everywhere. You guessed that with his schedule, he didn’t even have time to tidy up.

With nothing better to do while you waited, you cleaned his room for him. You gathered the clothes on the ground and brought them to the laundry room. After putting them in the washer, you headed back to his room to clean up all the papers.

Most of the room was clean now. Then, you saw an open book poking out from under his bed. You reached for it, wondering what it was. What you saw made you stop, your eyes widening.

Journal Entry Date: March 22, 2017
Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary. I wish I could go see her. But the company says we need to practice for comeback. Maybe, if we finish practice early, I can go to her house and spend some time with her?
But what can I do if I don’t have time to see her? I haven’t seen her for a few weeks now. And I keep missing all the important dates. Will she be mad at me? Will she leave me?
Aigoo, I miss her. Every day that I can’t hear her voice or see her, I feel lonelier.
Being an idol and dating at the same time is hard, but I want to make it work. Doing what I love most while being with the person I love most. I don’t care about anything else, but I need her to stay by my side.

 Tears fell from your eyes. You knew he kept a journal, but you didn’t expect that he would write about you in it. Wiping your eyes, you closed the book and put it in the drawer in the nightstand.

You lied back on the bed, hoping that he would come home soon. You weren’t mad anymore. You just missed him.

Key came home around 3:00 a.m. Exhausted and tired, he sleepily walked into his room… to see you sleeping in his bed. Surprised was not enough to describe what he was feeling. How did you get here? Who had let you in? Did you fall asleep waiting for him?

 Making as little noise as possible, he changed out of his practice clothes and into his pajamas. Then, he slipped into the bed and pulled you toward him.

It was the best night of sleep the both of you had ever gotten.


Hi there! I’m one of the new admins, hyerin-incaratland. It’s a pleasure to be working with btstextsnmore. 
My main groups are SEVENTEEN (bias: Jeonghan … bias wrecker: Joshua) and INFINITE (bias: Woohyun); but, I also love EXO (bias: Suho), SHINee (bias: Key), BTS (bias: Jin), and many other groups. 
I hope you enjoy this scenario! :)

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Wow, so you guys are just around the corner from revealing Cinderella Phenomenon to world! How does it feel, after having worked so hard on this game for so long?

Oh you have no idea how happy and scared we are right now! We’re super happy that we actually finished a long VN and we are now going to release it, and at the same time we’re scared that people won’t like it. But whether we get positive or negative reviews, we’re thankful for all of them. At least we’ll know what to improve on for our next games. :D

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I had a huge crush on my friend and we used to talk all the time about deep things like hopes and dreams and our deepest ambitions and our greatest fears and insecurities and recently she cut me off out of nowhere. And I know she's straight so I'm not trying to date her or anything, I just want to know if you have any advice on how to get over her?

I’m trying to get over a girl right now and honestly the best advice I can give you is to surround yourself with other friends and people that make you happy. Moving on is very difficult, but I can promise you there are plenty of other girls out there that are sapphic and would love to connect with you just the same as your friend. Things will turn out okay!! -Mod S