how are you so happy all the time

Get that GREEN GLOW🌿🌞✨ how have you gotten in your greens today??
I started early with one of my all-time favourite greeen smoothies🙌🏼
Fun fact about Nina: I’m really fussy with my smoothies. I can’t STAND ‘smoothies’ that are watery and thin, in fact I only like smoothies that are almost thick enough to eat with a spoon🙈
I’ve also found this makes smoothies so much more satisfying, and better for my digestion⚡️⚡️
Back to my green smoothie, you can find the RECIPE for this tropical ‘Green Glow’ Smoothie up on my blog now, the link is in my bio!💚

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hey, i was wondering what you do when your sad? how you keep yourself positive? im having a tough time and i need some advice :(

!!! Awh nonny :+( !! I’m so sorry that you’re having a tough time !! let me give u a virtual hug (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c) to be honest I’m not always happy/positive ! What I usually do is exercise, distract myself (drawing), listening to my fav jams or cry! Sometimes it’s okay to cry- esp when you have a lot of emotions boiled up- I rather let it all out than keep it in yeuno what I mean? After crying I feel 100x better and I try my best to recover and watch you tubes/happy movie. Or look at dog gifs !! They’re my fav hehe. Talking to ppl helps a lot too :+) but remember to take ur time okay? You’re doing great & remember that ily :+) I wish u the best nonny 💞 stay warm + hydrated !!

I just want to say thank you to all the Reddie fic writers (and to fanfic writers everywhere tbh) who take the time out of their days to write amazing stories for such a beautiful ship. It’s astonishing how much thought you guys put into your plots and how dedicated you guys are to writing in general. It’s corny as hell, but you guys really brighten up my day when I read your works and I’d be happy to read more. I wish I could write at least half as well as all of you. Please send me any headcanons or fics and I will honestly be overjoyed to read them!

Sooo many people likeing my art its unbelievable

I have got about over 100 likes on my new art its just

Id like to thank everyone for being a good friend to me and likeing my art ever since ive started on tumblr and it brings so much joy to my eyes and ive improved alot since i started on tumblr and id like to thank you all for helping me struggle though everything ive been though and dont ever say you art is rubbish


because you will improve and take a good old look of how much ive improved and ive never been happy with my art but for the first time ever ive found my happiness
And i love my art as it is and you should to be proud of your art to and one day you will thank me for it because to me you are all beyond amazing

And we can be best friends and fly agmongts the stars and see what jupiter is like and all the planets weve never experienced before

Because to me you are all my best friends and i dont just love your art
I love the happiness that is growing inside you and make your light shine
Because you are beutiful my friend and dont be ashamed of yourself be proud of yourself

And you have all have helped me get trough the darkest of times Keep going mah friends
Bcus your a natural


After my watering breaking in Aruba, a scary jet ride, 6 hours of labor and what ended in an emergency c-section, our baby girl is finally here. (Excuse my expose boob but she was hungry) lol. She’s so beautiful and I totally see what I had such terrible heartburn. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us! The prayers worked. She’s 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 17 inches. I’ve been thanking God all night for her. @draketee cries every time he looks at her. I can’t believe how happy I am. She looks like me, except she has her father eyes. ☺️ Everyone welcome our flower, Ryan Alexandra Tyler. ❤️🎀

lmao so

we went to the grocery store, right, picking up last minute things for tomorrow (as was everyone else)

and i went up to customer service to get a bottle of brandy they’d pulled from the aisles for me

there was this guy standing next to me who started making conversation, ‘i must have passed you like three times, you just look *so* happy to be here! well hey, at least i got you to smile!’

just… really all up in my face, while i do the smile, laugh, try to close myself off routine, and he puts his hands on me– dude had a tight grip

ferry, who’s about 50 ft away, IMMEDIATELY makes her way over

dude maintains, apparently doesn’t notice how angry she is, continues to put his hands on me; she was definitely about to throw down

and, since she was with me, the clerk asked for both our ID’s–she left her purse at home, so we had to leave it

out in the parking lot the guy was pulling out and all jokingly, 'don’t you run into me! don’t you run into me!’

ferry just shouts back 'haha h a DON’T TEMPT ME, I’LL RAM YOU 8)))’

… anyway i still need to go back out for liquor and i feel gross

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I hope you know i had cried for 20 minutes after reading Jumins, To mourn. I literally went 'Thanks! i Hate it!☺' after i had finished. I love you and your works a lot btw. Hopefully you don't kill my heart with the last ones for this series.

Hello darling Nonny Chan! 

At first I thought you were @illneverrecover cos she literally says that all the time and I was just like- JACKIE DID YOU READ THIS AGAIN!? ^_^ (and people go and send her some love and affection right now- cuddle her and send her sweets- sweet bab deserves it!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my work, I’m so happy you liked them! Thank you for sending me this and telling me how my work has effected you- bless you honey! 

Alas… I can not guarantee that the last ones won’t break your heart… 

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I think it's not mentioned enough!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND ALL THE TIME YOU PUT INTO ALL YOUR YOURDAILY-BLOGS!! ❤❤ I know you post things mostly on queue, but you still need to take the time of your day to find pictures and reblog them (so don't even try to fight me on this =.=) And that for this many blogs you own?! *shook* Truly, thank you. I really appreciate your blogs <3 I saved so many good pictures from you, it's unbelievable...

Wow, this really made my day! Thank you sooo much for this ask ♥ 
I can’t explain by words how happy this made me ;__; ♥♥

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Today I found out my first love, (still kinda fresh from 3-4 years ago) got married. I’m not coping with it all too well and cried for like 8 hours. I wish I could be happy for him but I’m so hurt because it should’ve been me... I haven’t spoken to him in years even though I miss him dearly what is a good way to let things go and not be so resentful?

Truth is, it wasn’t meant to be you. If it was, you would be married to that person. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried over lost friendships or relationships and now that the years have passed I can see things much more clearly. Sometimes you’ll never understand why things don’t work out. There are countless people looking for love on this planet. I was in a four year relationship and once I broke it off they started dating a friend of mine. They are now married with a kid. I was so angry at first but now it’s just a joke to me. I’m so glad I’m not married with a kid. I’m touring the world and living my dream. I’m happy for them and I’ve forgiven the situation. Time can help a lot as far as perspective is concerned. Relationships end for a reason and humans tend to romanticize the past once people are gone. This person is married and you don’t really have a choice but to let it go or change your perspective. If you choose to do so, it will put your energy and heart in a much better position: a better position to love and receive, a better position to heal, a better position to attract NEW love (if desired) and live in the PRESENT. You may just want to sit with yourself in silence, light a candle or whatever… do some type of ceremony to move forward and accept what’s already happened. Might have to wrestle with yourself a little bit but remember that ultimately, it’s for YOUR happiness. Forgiveness is for YOU. You don’t need all of those bricks on your back. You need lightness and freedom. You need freedom from the past and closure. Examine why you want to reach out and if it’s the only way to get closure, I’d advise politely congratulating them and send love, then… move forward. You have no idea what kind of great things could be around the corner for you if you accept the present and let go of the past.

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Happy Birthday! Sans birthday headcanon: for various time/gaster shenanigan reasons, doesn't actually remember how old he is, just that he's old enough. He doesn't even care anyway. He's one of those people you can know for years before it occurs to you, "Oh snap! When is his birthday?" And then he takes great pleasure in changing the subject/ignoring people when asked so it becomes a source of irritation for all involved. Papyrus refuses to admit he doesn't know either, and is of no help.

i really like sans not telling people when his birthday is because it annoys them.  it’s so…needlessly secretive when he could just make up a date, but it’s just too funny how irritated people get.

Toriel REALLY wants to bake Sans something.  And she has SO MANY IDEAS for pun themed gifts and gyftmas really isn’t enough to express all of them.  

I’m imagining everyone just being like “ok thursday’s sans’ birthday so there” and he goes along with it because, well, what the hell?  a cake’s a cake.  after that papyrus just decides that day was always Sans’ birthday and they have it the same day every year from them on.


I was tagged by my beautiful wife @kisookai thanks babe :**

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. wallet
  2. keys
  3. earphones
  4. hand sanitizer
  5. bottle of water

Five things you’ll find in my room:

  1. My bed aka the best place on earth
  2. bookshelves
  3. family photos
  4. big mirror
  5. pink stuffed piglet toy :3

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. learn as many languages i can
  2. scream as loud as i can
  3. learn how to draw
  4. live in Asia
  5. spend a weekend with my SO in bed, watching movies

Five things that make me happy:

  1. family and friends
  2. music, movies, books
  3. Kaisoo
  4. love
  5. popcorn

Five things that I’m currently into:

  1. writing
  2. sleeping
  3. listening to music
  4. dreaming irl
  5. sewing and tailoring clothes 
    (I do all of this all the time, not just now, lol)

Five things on my to-do list:

  1. relax
  2. love more
  3. graduate
  4. feel proud of yourself
  5. and be happy :)

Thanks love!

And I’ll tag: @mym8812 @detectivetrabula @rome-ong @strivingwaytofar :)

I double checked series 5 and even Colin’s play photos.  Bradley’s definitely the pastier one, which is impressive, considering his time working in Southern California.

But artists should feel free to do whatever they want with skin tones, ethnicity, gender, etc. etc..  I love that the Harry Potter fandom, for example, represents Harry in so many ways, from pasty English boi to possessing ethnic backgrounds from all different countries.  Do what makes you happy!  ;)

But for anyone who’s curious, here’s Colin/Bradley a few more times.  


Happy birthday Abe!!  I think the fact I took time to make gifs for the first time in months shows how much I really care about you. You are one of the nicest, sweetest guys I’ve meet and I’m so glad I had a chance to meet you in person! ( Hopefully someday we meet for more than two minutes lmao) ) You’re truly one of my greatest friends and I enjoy talking with you everyday about everything from film to the sexiest man alive David Harbour (and our man Alex Brightman of course). I hope your birthday is the greatest one you have ever had. You deserve all the happiness in the world, I love you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️ 


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


…i have a lot of feelings about young genji

1. take pictures of your friends. take pictures with your friends. take as many pictures as you possibly can. even if they start to get annoyed with you, even if either of you feel “ugly” that day, even if you just took one the other day. because a day is going to come where all you’ll have is pictures and wishing you had more than what you’re left with hurts just as badly as losing them.

2. do the thing that scares you. do the thing that you’ve always wanted to do but have always been too scared to try. don’t force yourself if it doesn’t feel right but don’t be scared to try new things. as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, stepping out of your comfort zone, even for a moment, is worth it. regret is not.

3. it’s okay to hurt. if it hurts, that means it mattered.

4. sometimes, when something breaks, it cannot be fixed. there was nothing you could have done to make them change their mind, nothing you could have said to make them stay. the two of you broke apart, but that doesn’t mean you are broken.

5. heal, mourn, grieve. let yourself feel. don’t try to force the healing, it’ll come naturally, when it’s time.

6. there are going to be days when all you do is lay in bed, drink coffee, and refresh various social media apps. that’s okay. you’re allowed to rest, you’re allowed to do nothing. you don’t have to validate doing nothing.

7. you’re going to face a fear you didn’t even know you had. but you won’t have to face it alone.

8. don’t keep it all in your head. let the bad thoughts out to make room for the good ones.

9. whatever you think you did, whether it be in this life or a past life, to deserve suffering and pain does not exist. you don’t deserve to hurt. you don’t deserve to make yourself hurt. you don’t deserve to suffer. you don’t deserve to make yourself suffer.

10. you’re going to do things, you’re going to make decisions, you’re going to make yourself see things or read things that are going to hurt you. self harm isn’t limited to bruises or bleeding; you’re hurting yourself by caring about someone who doesn’t care about you anymore. that’s not to say that you should stop caring about them, but you should definitely stop checking their twitter account in the middle of the night.

11. you don’t need to look like anyone else to be a certain kind of person. you’re you and you are enough just the way you are.

12. get outside and lose yourself beneath the rays of the sun, escape to a place where it doesn’t hurt as badly as it does inside your house.

13. you’re gonna screw up, but that doesn’t make you a screw up.

14. it’s okay to set boundaries, it’s okay to distance yourself from others. it doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t make you mean. it’s okay to put your own needs and wants above others. it doesn’t mean you don’t care, but you need to care about yourself first.

15. there was a person you thought you could never live without. and you will be without them. and you will still be alive.

16. you know what will make you feel worse, and you know what might make you feel slightly better – even if it doesn’t work 100%, it’s still better than doing the wrong thing. these choices are yours, so make the right one all of the time.

17. family isn’t always blood. sometimes, family can be the people who choose you and who keep on choosing you, not because they have to but because they want to. this isn’t a family you’re born into, but rather a family you find and create for yourself.

18. home isn’t four walls and a roof over your head, but rather someone that makes you feel safer than any building can.

19. happiness won’t always be so far and few.

20. never underestimate just how healing a car ride with your best friend can be.

21. you matter. you really do.

22. hope isn’t silly and though sometimes slippery, never stop clinging to it.

23. try taking your own advice from time to time. allow yourself to grieve, to be wounded, to cry, to hurt. allow yourself to heal. try to remember that one day, having all of this hope won’t have been for nothing and start promising yourself the things you promise others; that it’s going to be okay, genuinely and sincerely. because it’s the truth. you survived this year, you’ll survive the next.
—  23 things i learned at 23 // happy birthday to me
(cc, 2017)
This week, just so you guys know, I’m overwhelmed in the best sense. It’s all because of you and all of the amazing, insane, wonderful, loyal acts and feelings you’ve expressed not only this week but the past year, the past 10 years. I’m not trying to get up here and bore you with my feelings but I’m about to be 28 and there are so many of you here tonight that have been hanging out with me online, or listening to my music for 10 years, 12 years, 6 years, whatever it is. I am trying so hard to process the way that I feel about what we’ve done this week. It’s just different this time, it just is. I used to feel happy and just jump around. This time I’m so happy and I’m so proud of us. It’s a different kind of happiness. It’s like a contentment and a pride that I have for you and how close we are and that you guys would come here and went to the pop-up show yesterday. That was crazy. It’s all just so much to take and I am so happy to see you. I just hope you had a good time tonight so far. I’m going to say hi to you guys, I’m going to take pictures, and that’s what’s gonna happen next. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so happy that you like me, thank you for being here. I’ll see you in a minute!
—  Taylor at the Taylor Swift Now reputation celebration (x)

Made some Muskies iPhone wallpapers