how are you not perfect smh

I hate it when people are like “why do people only talk about tonys mental illness?” Like bitch because it’s DEBILITATING. it’s EXPLICITLY shown and acknowledged as a mental illness. I don’t care how often Steve Rogers broods at thin air he never shows any of the ugliness that comes with mental illness and is in fact consistently painted as perfect at every possible turn. And you wonder why we only talk about tony smh

EXO: when you tell them that their smile makes you happy

Xiumin:  teases you by putting a frown on his face and pressing his lips tightly together. He won’t be able to stop himself from smiling because of your comment, and does it often just to see you smile in return.

Suho:  "of course you do, who doesn’t like my smile smh" after making a couple dad jokes and trying to be funny, he sees that you’re genuinely happy whenever he smiles, so he makes sure to give you a breathtaking grin.

Lay:  hides his face in your neck bc you’re so cute and he has too many butterflies in his tummy. Thinks you’re just teasing him and trying to start something, but he’ll kiss you without pulling away for a while, hoping that shows how much he loves you.

Baekhyun:  this is the perfect time to pull some aegyo tricks and make you laugh, so he’ll pinch his cheeks and smile while moving his head side to side. He’s a giggling mess by your side and he won’t stop complimenting your own smile for the whole day.

Chen:  starts squealing, just bc you rarely compliment him out of the blue and for something so ordinary for him since he’s always smiling around you. “Well, here I thought I looked smoldering hot when I kept a serious face.”

Chanyeol:  "ohmygosh jagi, you’re so cute.“ Covers his mouth with his hands or he’ll pull his shirt up to his chin so you don’t see how much of a goofy grin it is. He eyes you every time you’re talking to someone else, and smiles really widely bc he knows this will distract you.

D.O:  his heart would melt and he’d squeeze you so tight as he wraps his arms around you. Since he doesn’t smile much when he’s not around you, he really should be thanking you for always making him this happy.

Kai:  instead of smiling even wider, he’d give you that infamous smirk of his and wink at you. “I know you can’t resist my charm, no one can.” But tbh he’s really shocked that you even told him bc he always wondered why you kept staring at him in awe every time he smiled.

Sehun:  "and you know what makes me happy? Vivi.“ "Lololol jagi I’m just kidding, pls forgive me” he’d bite his lip to keep himself from smiling any further, but he can’t help it bc you’ve turned him into such a soft man.

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na jaemin; a conspiracy theory

if you have been following NCT/ NCT DREAM long enough, you may remember Na Jaemin, the 7th Member of NCT Dream. He debuted with NCT Dream in Chewing Gum. I know because I remember. I remember he was in the music video, was there for promotions, and his teaser photos, etc. But now, there has been no pictures or mentions of him since. He was not present in their last comeback. It’s almost like SM has been trying to erase all existence of him. So that’s my theory. If you search up a picture of nct dream during the chewing gum era, you’ll surely see a photo of nct dream, but with 6 members instead of 7. (see it under the cut)

do you see how there’s an odd empty space beside mark? that’s because jaemin is supposed to be there. if there were exactly six members, there would be two rows of three. or four on the bottom, two on top. as you can see there are two on top, but it is disproportionate. mark and donghyuck should be closer to the center. it would be perfect if someone aka jaemin was on the right side of mark. but instead there is a strange empty space. also notice how badly photoshopped this photo is, look at jisung and renjun’s shoulders. sm should’ve done a better job if they have something to hide, smh.. 

for my second piece of evidence i have a picture from one of nct’s videos on v app.

notice there are pictures of nct dream on the lockers. what era are they from? that’s right, chewing gum. jaemin is a member of nct dream, but they failed to put a picture of him up as well. where even is he? who knows. but ever since chewing gum, there has been no signs of jaemin’s existence.

my next piece of evidence is dm’s i sent. 

here is a dm i sent to nct dream’s instagram. it’s in my belief that one of the members saw it and replied. if jaemin was there/ a member of nct dream this response would be weird. but “who’s that” as a response is just fishy

i sent another dm to sm’s twitter

THEY BLOCKED ME. I don’t see how my question would be an issue if they weren’t trying to get rid of Jaemin…

now this is also weird. if you remember, nct dream debuted with SEVEN members. but the members have mentioned that there are SIX. Isn’t that weird?

“6 of us started”? but they debuted with 7…

again, but with Donghyuck.


And here are other things NCT members have said…

isn’t it strange? Now, I am including a picture of Jaemin below. If you cannot see him then it is already too late…SM has already erased all remaning evidence of Na Jaemin. All is left is our memories. but be careful, we may lose that too…

thank you for reading my conspiracy theory. i hope we can raise awareness about this situation. 

Park Jihoon; stay-at-home date

Member: Jihoon // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could make a fluffy and cute scenario in which jihoon and i live together and we spend the evening chilling at home doing anything (watching movies, cuddling, stuff like that)

A/N: I tried asdfsf ,,, hope you enjoy!!

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  • you and jihoon have been living together for a couple months
  • and however much you love going out, you love staying in just a bit more
  • jihoon doesn’t mind
  • especially not nights like tonight, when the sky’s stormy and the temperature’s low
  • you two had planned to go on a double date, but the look you exchange says neither of you want to go
  • he shoots you a small grin, one you return
  • should we cancel?
  • ooo let’s say you got a debilitating 24-hour sickness,
  • good one~ should we call?
  • no, text them - i’m bad at lying over the phone,
  • are you slytherins?? probably
  • it doesn’t matter if you’re snekes though, because you’ll be snekes together
  • you spend a good ten minutes debating over a movie to watch
  • jihoon wins
  • apparently magic mike isn’t an acceptable movie for a couple’s night in
  • you disagree but wHATEVER
  • so you watch pitch perfect instead
  • you have to pause the movie at the puke scene, bc you almost puke yourself
  • jihoon isn’t any help, laughing as you hold a hand over your mouth
  • but then he distracts you by placing a long, slow kiss on your lips
  • cue the blushing
  • ok um- let’s watch the m-movie now” 
  • just because you’ve been together for a while doesn’t mean you don’t get flustered when he pulls smooth shit
  • when you run out of popcorn mid-way through, you play rock paper scissors to see who has to go make more
  • let’s just say jihoon is terrible at rock paper scissors
  • you distracted the king of aegyo with your own aegyo
  • he’s trash for your aegyo
  • after the movie is over, both of you are too lazy to get up, so you spend half an hour just cuddling and talking
  • about the movie mostly
  • jesse is my ultimate movie crush
  • excuse me
  • benji’s pretty cute too, to be honest
  • excUSE ME
  • i mean you’re cute but–
  • jihoon may be the visual god™ but you never fail to make him insecure
  • in your defense, you only do it because needy jihoon is literally the most adorable thing
  • and you like assuring him that he’s your #1
  • anyway
  • when it gets too warm to cuddle, you migrate to the kitchen to graze on various snacks and cool down
  • you know if you eat dairy before bed you’ll have wild dreams,
  • i’d better eat some ice cream then and hope you’ll visit me in my dreams ;)
  • watching him pretend not to be flustered is everything
  • eventually, he has to forcibly remove the snacks from you and you decide that’s probably your cue to go to bed
  • so you snuggle up in the bed you two share and end up cuddling again
  • you just love cuddling a lot ok 
  • i have the perfect meme for that ^ smh
  • i wonder how the date we were supposed to go on went,
  • woojin hates us anyway lol
  • you talk about random things for a while until the conversation slowly turns to silence
  • you’re both getting sleepy when jihoon abruptly rolls over and kisses you
  • you’re too tired to do anything but smile
  • jihoon,” you whisper
  • yeah?
  • i really like you,
  • i really like you too, y/n,
  • you haven’t said “i love you” yet, but you both know it’s the unspoken meaning
  • so you proceed to drift off to dreamland, unable to wipe the smile off your face and jihoon’s arms curled your waist
  • hey that rhymed
Waitress MC

Someone requested a HC for RFA+V towards a waitress MC, so here ya go~~

P.S. This might’ve deviated from the actual request, but I found it interesting ^^


–College life = no money + no time to cook because LOLOL = eat cheap food at a family restaurant to get a student discount

–Pleasantly surprised to find the food was pretty good and decent quality?

No please don’t feed onto (get it?) his shitty life schedule and giving him more of a reason to be a NEET

–He needs to get his shit together, and he knows that with this good and cheap food he won’t progress from Cute Boy to Manly, Responsible Man

–So he’s just internally screaming, a skill he’s mastered throughout his college life 

–But before he can spiral into thoughts like how to beat Seven in LOLOL, he hears bickering at a nearby table, and turns his head to look at MC looking very Pissed

–He almost mistook her for Jaehee with the resting Bitch Face that she had all the time while working for Jumin

–Curious, he peeked his head over the booth behind him and he saw that you were arguing about the price of a smoothie

--Lowkey him when he’s broke, but the customer was so disrespectful damn like have some chill bro

–He saw that the customer was about to snap at MC after minutes of pointless arguments, but MC shut em up real quick

–”Excuse me, sir, but we are past haggling in this time and place. If you’d kindly leave the premises and try to catch up to the present timeline, that’d be very much appreciated.”

–Yoosung internally screamed and fanboyed there and then

–He’d occasionally go to visit MC and chat, but he tried to be more responsible to suit her mature tastes


–He was eating out with his coworkers after rehearsal, because he’s a lil shit who only has beer and instant noodles at home hungry, and he hadn’t expected to see MC, with rags in your hands, in a dimly lit restaurant at 2 am

–”MC! What are you doing here?” MC gave him a tired smile, “College fees.”

–Ah. MC had told him about her financial troubles recently, but he didn’t think it would worsen to the point that she had to overwork herself at 2 am, probably getting very little sleep and less-than-enough eating

–Gdi, he knew his premonition dreams was trying to tell him something

–With his smooth charm and suave, he convinced the supervisor to let you eat with him and his coworkers

–But he had made a Very Huge Mistake

–His coworkers started to flirt with MC,and even though it was friendly (hopefully) he saw that MC was uncomfortable and kept smiling politely

–Eventually, Zen has had enough of it, and tells his coworkers on MCs behalf

–”Guys, I don’t think she likes to violate work ethics with flirting…”

—One of the guys saw this as jealousy and decided to target Zen’s insecurity which was a Very Bad Idea “What, just because we get a little bit more decent casting roles than you, you’re going to swoop away this young lady?”

–MCs polite smile immediately thinned into a disappointed scowl, “Excuse me, but shouldn’t you be able to discern my fake smiles from my genuine ones? If Zen, who you claim to be worse than you is better at that, then where do you stand, really?”

–They shut up immediately, and MC just sips her mango smoothie in silence

Zen thought that was slightly hot oh no


–Here she was, buying cat food for Elizabeth the 3rd during her lunch break. I didn’t fuckin sign up for this man what the shit

–But alas, she did it anyway because she’s a responsible lil bean <3

–So, as she was walking towards C&R with a bag of premium cat food, she heard a very familiar voice yell out: “Thief! Stop the thief in the ugly Christmas sweater!”

–Jesus Christ MC, you still have time to yell that part out? I mean considering she told Seven in his route ‘I love you’ when she was grabbed by Saeran I wouldn’t be too surprised

MC saw Jaehee, “Jaehee? What are you doing here?” and wordlessly, Jaehee threw the bag of cat food to MC and ran after the thief

–She went Sanic The Hedgehog because she’s Gotta Go Fast™

–She just judo-flipped the fuck out of the thief RIP You won’t be missed m8

Then she just. kinda dragged the thief to MC lmfao and asked for her cat food back

–She saw MC wearing a waitress’ uniform, and asked, “What did this man steal, MC?” Other than her time of course

–”We bought premium coffee beans recently, and couldn’t find a place to store them immediately and so we just put it under the kitchen counter, but he just…leaped over the counter and stole a jar of them.”

–Jaehee was pissed. How dare he even try to steal precious coffee beans? DIdn’t he know how pricey they can get? Furthermore, it was stocked for a restaurant, so it must’ve been of some degree of quality product—

–Jaehee subtly stepped on his stomach a little bit more

–MC made Jaehee a cup of coffee, which was perfect because Jaehee missed her whole lunch break just to get a bag of cat food and to catch a thief smh

–”Don’t worry, it’s on the house. But you can come to my house….anytime. ;)”

–Gdi MC you smooth fucker

–Jaehee’s face was red the whole time as she stomped to C&R


–So he had this brilliant idea of finally progressing from cat-obsessed man to cat-obsessed man WITH  A BUSINESS

–So one day he visited a cat cafe to see what it was like and to get ideas of opening his cat-themed business

–The first thing he saw was MC in a waitress uniform with cat ears on her head

–He looks calm but he’s actually like AAAAAAA WHAT THE HELL

–Additionally, the first thing he asked was “Do you have financial problems that you need my help in?” and MC almost looked offended if she didn’t know that Jumin was just a concerned Friend and Cat Mom

–Jumin was quick to dissipate the amused but Jumin doesn’t know that lol frown on her face by assuring her that he found it respectable for her to get a job at her age Dude I’m like in college what do you mean by ‘your age’

--MC recommended him a latte with cat art on the foam, which he immediately said yes to

–But he saw another customer giving you a hard time, and he just zoomed over there

–”Excuse me, is something the matter?” holy shit he sounded like he owned the place

–”Yes, your employee refuses to repay me for what my money is worth!” he nodded sharply to MCs direction, who just shut her lips even more and glared icily at the customer

–He pulled out his wallet and threw a 20 on the customer’s table, shocking both the customer and MC.

–”Didn’t you hear? People don’t serve things that have worth to worthless people. Take this as compensation and go.” DAMN SON YOU’RE MORE DRAMATIC THAN ZEN

–After the ordeal, he confronted the manager and tried to buy the shop from him, just so he can keep an eye on MC

Saeyoung / Seven / 707

–Okay so this boy is a secret agent, but he doesn’t do a very at good job at keeping it a secret

–For example, he just deadass went to restaurant to eat something other than HBC and Dr Pepper

–This would’ve been fine, were it not for the fact that he was oN A MISSION AND HE’S STILL IN HIS DISGUISE AS A MAILMAN


–So there he was,a mailman ordering a Happy Meal at McDonalds (not sponsored) and he’s waiting at the counter just chillin and waiting for his cheeseburger with fries and a limited edition toy on the new Cars movie

–A few minutes later, a bunch of suspicious looking dudes entered the restaurant, and their clothes were bunched with, what he suspected looks like firearms

–Secret agent instinct: ON

–And his suspicions were confirmed, as one of them approached the counter with feigned bravado and trying to exude some sort of confidence maybe??

–EIther way, it didn’t work very well, because even MC looked like ‘really m8 you coulda tried harder’

–Saeyoung didn’t know what he was thinking, but he didn’t want to cause a ruckus and any unnecessary trouble for MC

–He walked up to the guy, and pecked a kiss on his cheek.

–MC is wtf’ing

–The guy is definitely wtf’ing

–Saeyoung is DEFINITELY wtf’ing like what the hell what am I doing, why am I here, I want to walk away, Jaehee where are you pls help me get out of this BS

”Honey!” Saeyoung cooed, snugging closer to the man and cuddling his arm as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He caressed his arm, and stopped at his hands gripping his handgun in the pocket


–The man was so traumatised that he just,,, signalled his friends to scram

–”Saeyoung? Is that you–”


V / Jihyun

–I…..he’s blind….

–Well, he’s getting more blinder, anyways, MC couldn’t convince him to get the surgery. :’(

–He decides to spend the last days of his sight by looking at ordinary, normal, beautiful things.

–So one day he just walks along the roadside, camera hanging from his neck and his mind swarmed with sentimentality. 

–He saw a family restaurant, and it saddened him. He would be able to hear and smell, but he wouldn’t be able to see the bustling warmth of families. He wouldn’t even be able to see, or witness the birth of his own child that he’d someday make with MC.

–So he stopped by. He wanted to remember, and he if he couldn’t do so, he would leave an evidence of his memory through his photgraphs.

–”Jihyun!” There was only person that could call his name out like that, like they were excited to see him, that they anticipated his arrival. He smiled, feeling grateful that even if his sight would disappear, one thing that remained a steady constant in his life would stay that way.

–”MC,” he turned, and squinted. and widened his eyes as he vaguely recognized MC in a…waitress uniform?

–”You work here?” “Yep!” “Do you have financial problems?” Gdi no wonder you’re friends with Jumin 

–MC grinned impishly. “No, but I’m helping a friend with her shifts. Plus, the kids here are so adorable and well behaved!”

–MC turned around as she heard her name being called. “Coming!” then she turned to Jihyun, “Sorry, I’ll get back to you later, okay?” her hasty footsteps left an imprint on his memory, as if she herself radiated passion and warmth.She crouched down, wiping a little girl’s tears, and making goofy faces to cheer her up.

–Jihyun smiled. He took his camera, hands tentative. A shutter of a camera was heard, and he felt a smile curve his lips. It’s a good picture, he thought.

–The next day, he lost his sight.


Hey,,,you didn’t tell me I couldn’t write angst, okay. Plus, in the words of @mysplaced-pen, V is too easy to angst. This was requested by @herecometheohs ^^

Requests are open! 

P.S.: I’m really proud of Seven’s lmao

Seventeen Reactions: Duet with you for a grade

Request: Can you do svt reacting to them having to do a duet with their crush for a test grade?? :) thank you

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He would most definitely be the most chill about it, but he’d still be super hyped to be partnered with you. He would plan out a step-by-step program on how to get closer to you every day in class, and knowing him, it would totally work. BOOM Y’ALL ARE DATING because hello it’s Choi Smooth-cheol we’re talking about here

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Jeonghan would be very calm about it, but then would get progressively more controlling day by day and it would begin to frustrate you. Eventually you would call him out on it only to have him confess to you, saying that he just wanted everything to go right so you would be impressed by him (AWWW).

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Lord Jisoo would turn absolutely paper white in the face when he heard your name called out with his to be partnered for the duet. He would be super awkward and stiff the first few times you practiced, but after you told him how much you admired his singing he would lighten up and your duet would end up perfect (as per usual).

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(lil frickin greaseball smh) ANYWAYS Junhui would be all like “HECK yeah she’s gonna fall for me so hard” but then,,, you started singing the beginning of the song and all of a sudden everything is in slow motion and cherry blossoms are falling from the sky and all he can see is you until WHOOPS IT’S HIS PART. You’d have to wake him up from his daydreams about you literally every day but you’d find it so cute that you can’t get mad at him for it. You’d totally bomb the duet, but it was worth it bc you got a cute bf out of it.

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HA this guy…. ok so Soonyoung would be so worried about you the whole time. Like he would bring you daily gifts at practice and insist on driving you there and back every day because “you might get mugged!!1!1!!!” even though you live like 3 minutes away from school. He ends up overworking himself just so you would get a good grade on his behalf so he has no voice when your evaluation day comes and he keeps apologizing (and probably cries) but you’re like “um!!! it’s ok this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me lol” and you give him a lil peck as thanks and then he promptly passes out lmao WEAK

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He would remain completely stoic the entire time your names were called and stay that way during your rehearsals until one day, you would be going over your part and you turn around to find him literally crying and he’s all like “UM NO i wasn’t crying it’s just…… you sound like a literal angel hahahaha WOW that was cheesy i’m sorry i-” but you’re just like “omg shut up you cute tree branch i like you too”

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He would immediately get controlling like Jeonghan, but eventually you’d be like “that’s it just let mE SHOW YOU MY IDEA CHRIST” and you would run through the song just how you planned and after you finished he would just be sitting at the piano bench completely floored. Then he would just be like “ok um that was BRILLIANT WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING I LOVE YOU I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW” and you’d just be like “1. I tried to tell you and 2. I think you do owe me something so yeah I’ll take that kiss now” and he would turn into a big blushy mess before planting a smooch on your cheek and the rest is history

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Seokmin would be so HECKIN excited he probably wouldn’t be able to speak in front of you in fear of literally screaming instead. At first you’d be like “this is a disaster” but then he actually opens his mouth to sing and you’re like “…..o shit we got this in the bag”. You would compliment him every day even though he’s still not able to speak to you so you make it through evaluation day without a word from him but then he hands you a paper afterwards that just says “I meant every word that I sang to you.” and you’re like “UM OK HI DATE ME?????”

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HAHAHAHA (I’m sorry I just don’t even know where to start with this one) ok so the whole time he’d try to act all high and mighty like “lol peasant” to cover up the fact that he literally screams for 5 minutes straight in his car after every practice but then one day you walk past his car and you’re just like “um?????? what r u doin m8″ and long story short he has to confess bc like, how are you going to cover that up ANYWAYS  that’s like the cutest thing ever to you so you ask him out bc why the heck not

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Minghao my baby!!! ok Minghao would be so sweet and considerate the whole time, letting you take the best singing parts and watching you like a proud boyfriend (even tho he isn’t (YET)). You just kinda end up slowly falling for him because he’s perfect boyfriend material and he’s so nice to you and doesn’t expect literally anything in return so (here comes the twist :0) YOU end up confessing to HIM first and he’s just like “no way i’ve been in love with you for like three years this is the best day of my life” and it just breaks your heart even more if that’s possible

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SQUISHIE SASS BOY so Seungkwan would be super excited to work with you bc, you’re, like, the love of his life so when you ask him to help you with all your parts so you can get up to his level, he’s so proud and he’s like “of course!! you’re voice is already as pretty as your face, but i can try!!” and that makes you blush so much bc vocal god Boo Seungkwan just complimented YOU of all people and one thing leads to the next and you’re now the vocal power couple of the entire school no biggie

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Hansol was actually hoping he didn’t get paired with you bc he just wanted to fail this assignment in peace without letting you know how terrible he was at singing so when he heard your name, he literally said “shit” in the middle of class. You overheard so you were like “I’m sorry if you don’t want to work with me we can try and switch partners maybe…” and he’s all like “NO NO NO it’s not you it’s just, well uh I’m terrible at singing and I don’t want you to hear me singing because you’re so talented and pretty and amazing and I’ll just hold you back. I’m sorry” but you’re just like “I honestly could care less about the grade but that’s really cute. Wanna get ice cream instead of practice??” and he’s just like “omg i am in love”

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aw lil Chan would be so embarrassed to be working with you bc you’re his idol for real and the whole time he would just put himself down bc he thinks he deserves it and it breaks your heart so you make it your daily mission to improve his confidence by complimenting him and helping him with his vocals and whatnot and you kinda just fall for him bc it’s lowkey so sweet to you that he looks up to you so much and you just want to tell him how great of a person he is every day so the practices slowly turn into dates bc you just end up talking to each other about literally everything under the sun and the rest is history

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I daily look at *pretty Saeran face and giggle like a maniac. People around me got used to it I think. It’s a masterpiece

Can you believe someone on ig freaking recolored it, like how dare they mess with such perfection smh

  • me, a snowbarry shipper: wow i love iris! she's so smart and independent and cute i love how much she's grown this season!!
  • WA fans: honestly the racism here is disgusting! how dare you slap every WOC in the face like that! how dare you hate such a perfect holy character?! sn0wbarry shippers are the most hateful group ever where will it end?? smh
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: ...Caitlin has really grown this season too
  • WA fans: OOOH I BET ITS BECAUSE SHES WHITE HUH? white supremacy at its finest. everyone hates caitlin she is so useless! GO AWAY TRASH!
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: ....ok

:))))) stop calling yoi a ya/oi or queerbait fanservice please like smh if you wanna hate on yoi how about you watch the show first so you can have some actual critiques about it. i’ve seen the show a number of times and i have a sideblog for it that i both praise and complain about it. no show is perfect but this was one that touched a lot of the lgbt community’s hearts for a reason. if it’s not your thing that’s fine but don’t spread shit saying it’s fetishization when it’s one of the closest things japanese animation has produced that isn’t stereotyped mlm. this has been my ted talk thank you for coming.


guess what annoying girl just got to 600 followers and is here with some blogrates for y’all ?? i bet you guessed right ! yeppp it’s me

so i wanted to do something for all of you and who doesn’t love blogrates? if you want one this are the things you gotta do:

  • you don’t really have to be following me but it’d be nice:(
  • pls reblog this to spread the word
  • send me an ask giving me a song recommendation, telling me about something you love, how was your day, someone you love and why or just whatevs you want really

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I decided to take a minute and tell you how thankful i am that you're in this community! I have almost all your custom content and i think it's 10/10, your profile is so amazing and you seem to be a really nice girl, you're one of my favorite simblrs here and this place wouldn't be the same without your presence! (sorry if i seem a little weird but i had to, you deserve it) (and let's talk about your edits, fu**in PERFECTION)

  • Aries: I got lost... yikes!
  • Taurus: I underestimated how much time I had.
  • Gemini: I thought I had enough time to do some tasks before coming... I was wrong.
  • Cancer: I wasn't prepared so I gave myself a pep talk in the car before coming.
  • Leo: I was getting ready. You can't rush perfection smh
  • Virgo: I kept walking around the house because I thought I'd forgotten something
  • Libra: I was chatting with someone and they wouldn't stop talking! It totally wasn't my fault.
  • Scorpio: I didn't really want to come. I'm late, but it wasn't an accident.
  • Sagittarius: I was dawdling. Time doesn't exist people!
  • Capricorn: I stopped and had a conversation with someone. OOPS.
  • Aquarius: My alarm didn't go off, and once I realized I was already late, I was like what's the rush? So I took even more time
  • Pisces: I overslept. I was having a really good dream too!

cafedetude  asked:

congrats on 3K!! I just checked my mark for my biology lab report and I didn't do half bad, considering I did it all in one night smh, but on a more positive note I love your blog!

That’s good and tbh I do the same thing. Cramming is life. 😅 And thank you! Your blog’s amazing!

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Crazy how you find things out after you get rid of ‘em. But you know what? It’s okay. Why? Because I’m good.

I’m so glad that I got rid of that toxic ass girl. 10 years of my life just gone away because she didn’t know how to be honest & loyal & love/treat me the way I should’ve been.

I’m not perfect, I can admit to my mistakes, but if you have someone who is willing to hold you down no matter what, you really shouldn’t have to think twice about being with them, especially if you love them.

If you’re going through something with someone you love, whether your wrong or right, text them, call them, look over at them, let them know that no matter what’s going on right now, you will always be there for them & when you say it, mean it.

trashmouthgazebos  asked:

idk if you’re still doing the ship things but if you are here’s Me™. i’m 5’9” (aka tall as fucq) with wavy ish dirty blonde hair & freckles& some green ass eyes. i love dogs, 80’s teen movies, and creative writing. i swear probably way too much for my own good, but what can ya do. i have add but i like to think i’m smart? hopefully? also i think i’m funny? just today someone laughed at a joke i made, i’m getting more and more famous everyday smh

I ship you with Eddie Kaspbrak!

•cutest relationship holy wow

•Ed’s would be so envious of how tall you were compared to him

•cuz he’s a little small bby

•but who cares.. He made a perfect arm rest.

•and chin rest

•and everything rest i dunno

•he would always laugh at you if you had to crouch to get under or in places. Which didn’t happen often bc you’re not a fucking giant what am I doing

•the two of you knew each other through grade two

•he always had a little crush on you. But his mom told him girls has cooties so whoops

•after a certain trashmouth told you about Eddie’s feelings, you asked him out yourself

•he hesitated, but of course said yes ??

•like, what a fucking babe

•you dated through grade five to nine

•for an “unknown reason” he broke up with you

•but you figured it was for the best

•but after he realized everything was safe, and that those gazebos were bullshit, you guys got back together hell yeah

A/N: please do not send in anymore ships! I’m finishing with the ones left in my inbox and then I’m done. Sorry bby’s