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😈 and 💍

😈 Least innocent member of a group?

You forgot to specify a group but I personally think this would be Yuta as he just feels like someone who has experienced the world more and is more realistic. He’s not the innocent sort despite his smile.

💍  You’re marrying your ultimate bias, the second person on your ultimate bias list is the best man and the third person is objecting. How does the story go?

My main is Doyoung and Ten (my second) is really excited to see us get married but for some reason Cheng xiao from WJSN is objecting because apparently she wants to marry me instead. And long story short is I leave Doyoung for Cheng Xiao and we both live our days out in Australia together as lesbian cat and dog owners with Doyoung pining after me. 💕🌹

To: KPop Tumblr / From: An Angry Black Girl

WARNING: This is a RANT. If you don’t want to read this, or you don’t want to have to sit through my deepest disappointment and the annoyance that has been dwelling within me for the longest about this; please just scroll right past this and you will be a-okay.

- Admin Dayna

Okay so, I know I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to avoid the topics of racism and culture appropriation within K-Pop because the list goes on forever, and as a black girl with anxiety and depression, having to constantly speak up against these things get extremely tiring and weigh heavy on me. But the reason why I’m deciding to write about this now is because I’ve been seeing certain things floating around in the K-Pop side of tumblr that’s quite honestly being left untouched and I just… I really can’t sit back and let it not be known.

I want to first start off with my deepest concern for the constant validation black girls seek on tumblr about whether or not so-and-so or such-and-such Idol group likes black girls. We see videos on Tumblr and YouTube quite often of compilations of idols interacting with black girls, overthinking and overplaying said interactions/conversations and romanticizing it to gain some sort of self-worth from said videos. As if these girls need confirmation that they are beautiful and can be loved by anyone. Which really hurts because what other race of girls has to sit down and ask themselves if the person they’re interested in likes their race and not them, themselves. The only time that I see anything in regards of afro-fans within the K-Pop side of Tumblr is when the blog specifically caters to said race – which truly bothers me because then my race often times get sexualized in said blogs. We should be able to intermingle no matter what our races. POC girls are of the norms, bruh like tf?

Which leads me to this topic: Black Girls – or more so Black Culture – are used as props within K-Pop so often that when I try to express my distaste towards a certain idol or a certain music video, I get backlash for it from stans because they’re so blinded by either; A) The need to be loved and noticed by their biases despite the fact that their bias is using them as an object to enhance whatever aesthetic, concept, or audience they’re trying to appeal to, or B) the aggression or culture appropriation either doesn’t affect them or is so trivial (yet very wrong) that it ends up being dusted under the rug because “they don’t know better”.

But the thing is, some of these idols have been overseas, worked overseas, lived overseas, that they have been exposed to these things already, so the truth of the matter is, they do know better. So many idols have been called out for saying certain words (for example dropping the word nigga around as if they know what it’s like to be followed around a store just in case you decide to steal something, or to have an irrational fear of authority figures just in case they go ape shit and decide to shoot you unarmed) or carrying out certain actions (for example, painting their skin black and over drawing their lips, and pretending to know what it’s like to struggle out in these streets and use our means of coping – music – as a source of entertainment and costume). It is 2017, they have social media, and so many idols before them have made these mistakes before that there is just no fucking excuse anymore.


What lead up to this rant was the fact that Jay-fucking-Park, took a revolutionary name brand and rode it out for his own fucking label. Jay Park has taken NWA (Niggas with Attitude) and turned it into his own NWA (New Wave Attitude) and I am incredibly pissed that he would do that because Jay Park SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

The entire purpose of Niggas with Attitude was to reclaim and expose the hardships, stereotypes, and struggles of black people who find themselves cornered and stuck in the ghettos that they were forced into, and explain to the mass audiences why black people are “always angry”. Why black people “always steal”. Why black people “always do drugs”. It’s because majority of us don’t have a choice. We don’t have the same resources and do not know anything beyond the struggles of the streets because we’ve been cornered and kept there all our lives.

Now here is Jay Park, a man who has been exposed to black culture, knows black people, love black people, taking such a powerful name brand and turning it into some whimsical ass whatever-the-fuck for the hype or the wave and shit – completely dismissing the historical importance of the original NWA in music.

This shit ain’t no fucking joke. This shit ain’t to be messed with, b. Gangsta rap, hip-hop – just rap in general isn’t a fucking game. It comes from starvation. It comes from self-hate. It comes from poverty, and degradation, and discrimination. Hip-Hop and Rap became what it is because black people were too broke to afford instruments and shit – we had to use our voices. Because music was all we got. From the slave trade to now! It ain’t shit for people to be twisting up for their own fun like this.

Put some respect on our names or get the fuck out!

Now we got people like fucking Keith Ape running around snatching up Atlanta’s trap music calling it “noisy rap”. We got fucking Taeyang saying “he wanna experience black people’s pain”. We got Jackson and Jooheon making a fucking fool of themselves (bless they souls man, don’t even come for me because Jooheon is my ultimate bias, y’all know this. i fucking love him and Jackson but they were wildin’) claiming that Jooheon is like “the Korean Kendrick Lamar”. Like the fuck they know about Kendrick Lamar? The fuck they know about “The Blacker the Berry, the Sweet the Juice”? The fuck they know about “Nagus to Niggas”? The fuck they know about “How Can I paint a picture, when the color blind is hanging you?”

What does Jay Park know about “Fuck the Police”?

Black people aren’t props.

Stop protecting y’all biases and get with the shits bruh.

Anyways, I hope y’all have a blessed day. Love you.

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Haechan Appreciation Post
  • it’s finally this cutie’s birthday!! <3
  • he’s basically like a second ultimate bias to me
  • everyday may love for him just grows more and more and i’m so happy that i can talk about him a little here
  • even if it’s just a tinypart about my feelings, because my love for him is infinite and would be impossible to describe it with words
  • i’m just so deeply in love with him
  • but can we start talking about how perfect he is already?
  • first of all, he’s so hansome??? like ??? have you seen how beautiful this guy is??
  • he has the prettiest eyes and his smile is so breathtaking
  • i’m not lying when i say that he has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen in my entire life
  • i’m not fucking joking
  • hAVE YOU SEEN, THIS ??????
  • ignore our dream maknae and just let’s look at our 127 maknae <3
  • he’s an actual ray of sun
  • also, his !!!!!!!! skin !!!!!!!!!! tone !!!!!!!!
  • so important and glorious, oh my god
  • my skin is really fucking white, like, everyone basically bullies me bc i’m super pale but him?? his skin color is so perfect
  • also, hAVE YOU SEEN HIS MOLES???
  • i’m obsessed with his moles, especially with the one he has in his neck but he also has a few in his face and ugh, he’s so beautiful
  • and he has a really tiny scar in his eye but iT’S SO PRETTY
  • lee donghyuck is a work of art, okay? HIS WHOLE EXISTENCE IS A MASTERPIECE
  • and also, his personallity
  • i’m speechless, idk how to explain how much i love his personality
  • he’s such a bright and talkative person but also he’s so respectful and so attentive at everyones opinions
  • also, he’s really mature for his age
  • he may be super playful and loves making jokes and being an idiot but ?? what’s the point??
  • it doesn’t change the fact that he’s super caring and protective, not only with the younger members, but with everyone, even with the fans
  • he’s so sweet and he’s always telling us how much he loves us and miss us and this world deserve someone so perfect
  • his heart is made of gold, i swear
  • also, can we talk about how talented he is for a bit?
  • his voice is so angelic
  • not only whe he sings but, his voice when he talks or even he laughs
  • god, i could listen to him for hours and never get tired of it, never
  • and he’s also such a hard-working person
  • you can tell really easily that he has real passion for what he does, and, despite his young age he’s so dedicated to it
  • even if there are like a hundred of toxic person trying to bring him down he still goes to stage with a smile on his face like if he’s not heart broken on the inside by all this comments
  • when in reality he’s a really sentive person and probably things like this can make him feel terrible in just a few seconds
  • he’s so strong, and honestly, that’s so admirable
  • this prince never  fails to put a smile on my face and i’m so grateful just for being alive at the same moment that him
  • he’s such an amazing example to me and to the youngest members and you can actually tell how much chenle or jisung love him
  • i  wish him nothing but pure happiness because there’s nothing in the world that he deserves more
  • i would do everything to keep a smile in that pretty face of him, i swear
  • god, i’m so in love with him

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BTS reaction to you orgasming untouched (because of their words or hickeys or whatever) - I know this is unrealistic since every woman needs clitoral stimulation to cum but the thought is nice so 😂 thank you so much!

A/N: Actually, females are able to think themselves to an orgasm weather they are alone, or if they have help from their partner, so it’s not unrealistic at all. 

Seokjin: Jin would be surprised, to sat the least. All he did was whisper in your ear. However, he would surly add this new method of sexual stimulation to your guy’s sex life.

“Did you just?” “I didn’t even touch you yet”

*Low-Key proud of himself*

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Yoongi: Yoongi would low-key enjoy it because it means that he wouldn’t have to do anything if he wasn’t feeling completely up to it, but if he was really in the mood, he would get quite frustrated. 

“Are you kidding me?” “What about me, do I get to get off?”

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Hoseok:  I feel that Hoseok is into overstimulation, so if you came by just him marking your neck, he would no doubt continue to stimulate you in other ways. I.E. oral or penetration 

“I hope you weren’t expecting to be done just yet, love”

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Namjoon: Namjoon would find it hot that you were so affected by his words that you could cum from just that. He would no doubt use this tactic in the future.

“You’re so sexy, babe.” “Can you do it again?”

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Jimin: Jimin would be a bit upset at first, but he would eventually change his mind and find it extremely attractive that you could find your way to an orgasm just by him sucking hickies into your neck.

“How did you do that. That’s not fair” “Actually never mind, it was hot”

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Taehyung: Taehyung would be really into it. He would constantly tease you by whispering dirty things into your ears when you two were out shopping or with the boys for dinner.

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Jungkook: I feel like marking his partner is a huge turn on for Jungkook, so if you were able to cum from just that, he would love it. He would use every opportunity to tease you.

“Try not to cum, baby girl. You know how loud you can get, and all of the boys are here.” 

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DAY6 Scenario: Heart Strings

Request: Can I get a Day6 scenario where Jae teaches you (his gf) how to play guitar because she always wanted to learn

A/N: Oh anon you beauty! Thank you for requesting my ultimate bias my dear, I’ll definitely have fun writing this one! We need more Jae & DAY6 writers out there! #buyyouwerebeautifulonitunes

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It had been a long day sat at home in your shared apartment by yourself. You desperately searched in every bookmarked page in a book and in every dusty cake recipe and yet nothing seemed to spark your interest. Your boyfriend Jae was busy at work filming for ASC in the morning before promoting with DAY6 in the evening and so you doubted he would be home for another hour but with the way the boredom was consuming your brain cells you weren’t sure how much longer you would last. You pulled your heavy bones from the couch leaving a small dip in your spot before you wandered without aim through your apartment.

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Dating Park Chanyeol...

* Laying on the couch in his studio while watching him make music
* You two eventually falling asleep together on it
* Early mornings
* Waking up to his legs litERALLY ENGULFING YOU
* “Squirt”
* He would most definitely put things on high shelves just to see you struggle
* Tickle fights
* Him trying to cook for you but burning everything
* But when you cook for him, he thinks it’s so attractive
* He’ll come up behind you and put his arms around your waist while kissing your neck
* “Kitten this looks so good, but I’m hungry for something else”
* Spanking 100%
* He would whimper while your riding him
* Soft morning sex
* Where he tells you how cute you are as he’s slowing thrusting into you
* He would growl when you pull on his hair
* Master of overstimulation
* Like he wouldn’t stop until you’ve came like 5 or 6 times
* Letting you wear his sweaters
* Buying you matching ones tbh
* He would be so protective of you
* And he would hate to see you upset
* Like it would make him so stressed out that he would cry
* The smollest babe honestly
* Long cuddle sessions
* Trying to sit on your lap when your watching tv
* “Chanyeol, you’re not a dog”
* He would just look at you
* And bark
* And you’d question why you even like him
* When you guys shower together, he would beg you to let him wash your hair
* Late night walks
* You two would always share new music finds with eachother
* And he would write songs about you
* And then shyly let you listen
* Hiding his face in his hoodie
* You would try to pry his hands off his sweater while telling him how much you loved the song
* Eventually getting his face out and kissing him all over
* Him giggling like the child he is
* Dating your best friend 💕

Sorry this is so long but Chanyeol is my ultimate bias and I’m 135% trash so 😊 also thank you anon for requesting this and I hope you liked it! Feel free to drop by my message box any time you’re so sweet 💖 as always requests are open!

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how to make reactions

A/N: Heyy, don’t worry, this isn’t a dumb question! I’ve been enjoying making reactions myself since i started this tumblr account. I’m not the best account but many of you seem to like my work so here you go~

My first tutorial post on how to make reactions!

1. Decide on a topic and idol

This part is completely up to you. At first when my account was new i did not get requests and so had to come up with my own ideas!

TIP: Be creative! do not do something that many people often do, your work will not stand out :)

2. Make sure you know your idols well

Personally, i think this is incredibly important to make a reaction because readers often look forward to reading something that’s realistic. 
It would be weird if you wrote a quiet, kept to himself idol like Yoongi to be loud and hyper like Hoseok. It just doesn’t seem realistic.

TIP: I study psychology so i can tell apart personalities really easily but this isn’t the case for everyone, My tip is that you watch a lot of their videos, TV shows, and interviews so you can kind of see how they react in certain situations better

3. Start writing!

What I do on my blog is that i actually list all the names of the members and start writing their reactions based off of their personalities. It can be kind of difficult sometimes but if i get a writer’s block i watch some of their videos to just get inspired again, (i’m not going to lie… sometimes i get lazy ^^) 

TIP#1: Despite the fact that most of us see them through screens most of the time, please remember that these idols are REAL people with REAL emotions. Avoid writing them to be so robotic and emotionless (e.g. Yoongi) bc behind what we see through the screen they’re just like us ~

TIP#2: Avoid writing the members reaction to be similar, of course there will be members who have similar personalities but not everyone will react to certain things the same way. You have to look more in depth to their personalities ~

4. (Optional) Add gifs

When i surf through tumblr, my favourite reactions are the ones that have gif’s in it so i can kind of picture the members faces in the certain scenario. 

TIP!!!!: This one is kind of important - I prefer to make sure that the gif’s in my reactions correlate to what’s happening in the reaction because it annoys me when it doesn’t. Image reading about a sad breakup and seeing a gif of your idol smiling and jumping around… doesn’t sound very nice to me 


                                         HOW TO ADD GIF’S:




( he’s my ultimate bias by the way ;)) 

4. ~ gif is automatically added when you click on it ~

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Well there you go, it’s not very good but I tried. Hope this helps and good luck in making the reactions for your blog anon! ~

                                                   -bangtan angels-

BTS Finding Out That They’re Their S/O Of Two Years Ultimate Bias

Request:  Hi! Can you do a reaction of Bts dating someone for about a year or 2 and finding out (like scrolling through the s/o camera pics or finding their fan account on instagram or something) but the s/o has been hiding the fact they are a very loyal and gigantic fan of Bts and whoever they are dating is actually their Ultimate Bias. What would Bts do? Thank you!! @imrav3n

A/n: Lol bb thanks for finally requesting, hope you enjoy!


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“I knew it jagiya, I mean how can you resist such a beauty with godly vocals?”


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“Awe Jagi, I knew you enjoyed my amazing tongue technology” 


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“I love you and I bet you love my dancing skill/rapping skills.”


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“Awe sweetie, that’s adorable and so predictable.” 


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You’d probably make him super flustered. “Jagi, in my heart you’re my ultimate bias as well.”


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*Turns to the boys* “You hear that guys? I’m her ultimate bias so back off!” He would shout with joy.


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“I mean…It’s pretty obvious why” 

imagine your biases in one room
  • sehun: let's get something straight-- i'm the ultimate bias here.
  • hyungwon: i seriously doubt that. *cackles evilly*
  • yuta: yeah, i mean c'mon. i basically slayed the suspenders.
  • wonwoo: are you kidding me? *laughs sarcastically*
  • jinhwan: oh, please. *scoffs, shaking his head*
  • jackson: just because y'all just had your comebacks doesn't mean a thing.
  • minho: i agree. *smirks, crossing his arms over his chest*
  • me: how about we don't fight here and--
  • taehyung: we'll stop if you decide on your ultimate bias.
Astrology is neutral.

If you guys have been following my blog, I think I’ve said this statement countless times in countless ways. And really, I am not kidding. Everything about astrology is neutral. I think a lot of people can misunderstand astrology for what it is because of their own perceptions, and because concepts that are made to simply help one understand astrology can actually limit their views in the long run. I’ll explain.

Since astrology is neutral, the “doomed” dilemma should logically cease to exist. Have you ever read Saturn in your chart and thought, “Wow, I’m so screwed?” Have you ever found your crush’s placements, only to be crushed that he’s a Sagittarius, and you’re a Cancer? I think the main misconception here is that with anything that is seemingly negative in astrology (malefics and challenging aspects,) the only outcome that can result from those things are negative, which is not true at all. The signs are neutral and the aspects are neutral. Period.

How is it that you can see an Aries and Cancer couple last forever, but see a Virgo and Capricorn couple fail? How is it possible to see a couple with hopeless synastry make it through, but a couple with a trine-filled synastry chart fail? All of that would be possible, if astrology was neutral. The signs are neutral because there is a a positive and a negative expression. The aspects are neutral because there are good and bad expressions. 

To be specific, having a square aspect can definitely be challenging, which is the negative expression everybody cries about, but overcoming that challenge is definitely rewarding and fulfilling, which is the positive expression some people forget to see. Not so bad anymore, right? With harmonious aspects, a lot of people can see how easy it is to channel your positive characteristics, but people tend to forget that with easy access and harmony to a certain part of your chart can bring laziness and ignorance. With harmony comes a lack of a need to improve. If you can already do a certain thing so well, why look at it? And since the harmonious energy comes so naturally (especially with a trine,) it can bring ignorance. Since the harmonious energy comes to you so naturally, you can think that other people are able to handle energies nicely like you, which is definitely not the case. Not so good anymore, right? With that being said, aspects are neutral.

And if astrology’s neutral, it really gets rid of a question people tend to have with astrology: Does astrology limit free will? If astrology is neutral, it will most definitely not. If astrology was viewed in a biased way, then yes. Whether free will exists or not is another topic, but for those who do believe in free will, the fact that astrology is neutral should give you hope. Imagine having the freedom and ability to transform that ugly Sun square Mars aspect of yours into something great. Imagine having the freedom and ability to also transform that beautiful Sun trine Pluto into something truly terrifying. With the neutrality of astrology, you can really do whatever you want, and that can either be very comforting or terrifying.

Astrology is really not supposed to limit your abilities. It’s really just tragic that some people will let their own perceptions of astrology limit them from what they can do. Astrology is not meant to limit the way you think, it’s supposed to make you understand yourself, others, and the world around you. The moment you let some “astrological knowledge” limit the way you think, you are not practicing astrology.

The only thing that is not neutral is ourselves. We are not neutral because we are people that ultimately decide what we do with the natal charts given to us. The natal charts we have affect how we see certain things, which ultimately brings bias. Couples, not aspects, ruin relationships. People, not malefic planets, ruin their own lives. With that being said, we are completely responsible for our successes and failures, not the stars.

Secret Love Song // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: I want to request a fluffy story with Ten from NCT. I would like him to fall in love with his international dance partner, as he practice for a surprise stage for a show. I hope you can make it really fluffy!

words: 2662

category: fluff

author note: the title makes his sound angsty but actually I had no idea how to title it so… I hope this is fluffy enough idk. i didn’t make it too relationship-y since they’ve only known each other a few weeks. but ten is my smol ultimate bias wrecker and i lov him.

- destinee

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Sf9 When They Find Out They’re Not Your Original Bias

Inseong: “That’s hilarious, of course I’m your ultimate bias right?” He would ask until he sees that you’re being serious. Probably wouldn’t get too upset about it but he’d be shooked and would ask a shiton of questions on what made you like the ex bias before and would probably try to display those same qualities in him later on smh. If you’re ex bias in sf9 was Taeyang, he’d try to be as sexy and dance better for you. “Babe, look at my body wave, I’ve perfected it oh yeah~so sexy~.” and your just like ppftt okay sweetie. God, catch him just trying to be more sexier on tv and everyone just like “is he feeling ok?..”

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Youngbin: Wouldn’t mind too much about it. “I mean if Rowoon was your bias before, that’s ok with me babe as long as I’m your ultimate bias now.” And that’s what he would say to you out loud but whenever your’re not there and he’s with just the other members including Rowoon, he’d stare at Rowoon for a longass time. (and I mean just stare) until Rowoon would get uncomfortable and would be like hyung why are you looking at me and Youngbin would just smile and be like “I’m trying to figure out what about you attracted Y/N in the beginning..” Was that shade the world may never know Whenever you’re with them youngbin will highkey try to up his game, trying to look more cool and battle to get your attention (even tho he’s already dating you) and Rowoon who already realized why Youngin’s acting like this from day 1 would just be like omg, is he still really acting like this.

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Rowoon: Wouldn’t let it hurt him even though it’s sort in the back of his mind whenever he see the member. “Zuhos was your original bias? ..Say no more, as long as I’m the only and only ultimate bias now, thats all that matters.

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But deadass would be so petty and just bully your ex bias for like week till he gets over it.

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Dawon: Having that knowledge engraved into him some days, he would either not care at all about it or be super duper salty and petty there is no in between

“Jaeyoon? HAHA iTS ALL GOOD I DONT CARE i mean why should I be mad there no reason to be jealous I’m actually gucci babe.”

*NEXT day*

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Zuho: “….You used to stan Youngbin as your ult? So You didn’t fall in love with me at first? Was I even on your mind when you first met all of us, I fell in love with you from the beginning though and yet I wasn’t even your first original bias..*sigh*

“Zuho are you actually this upset what..” Legit he really isn’t and is just teasing you but you’ll never know. Whenever you’re with sf9 and you coincidentally end up standing next to Youngbin or something, he’ll mess with u again and pretend to be sad like ‘sigh and there she goes again’

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Taeyang: “It’s cool, you cool, we cool baby.” But nah NAH, this guy is the most jealous and pettiest of them all. 

Hwiyoung: Oh hey y/n hows ur da-


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Jaeyoon: All smiley and is like “pftt u kidding me, why do you have to even tell me, it’s not like the past matters bby” But in actuality, he’s already got this thing handled.

 “So as you know, y/n used to bias you but ofc you know what you are obligated to do right or should hyung repeat it again for you.”

Chani: yes yes i know, to act as unattractive and uncool as possible in front of y/n”

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Hwiyoung: Downright Offended. “So the other day y/n told me i wasn’t her original bias and Dawon was.,Does that make any sense? Dawon? Like, I can maybe understand it if she had said Rowoon or something, but dawon?” (About to get a flying kick by Dawon right after but the boy’s not gonna let that stop him from speaking his petty mind)

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Chani: Is a swave and chill guy most of the time but to know that he wasn’t your first bias and Inseong the awkward uncle was? Now that’s just ridiculous to him. Wouldn’t let it get to him tho but the other members and Inseong wouldn’t let him live about it especially Inseong who would mention it until Chani goes legit crazy

Inseong: Hey Hey it’s ok it’s not like you’ll ever be good as me in y/n eyes it’s just the truth of life little one

Chani: I- *explodes*

Inseong: shhh shh let’s just keep it moving

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This is late and messy but I couldn’t not make something for my ultimate bias’ birthday. Happy birthday Kim Jonghyun- sometimes you frustrate me with how selfless and doubtful you are, but I love you so much regardless (and probably because) of that. You’ve come so far and never fail to make me smile. I’m proud of you- forever and always.  

Cloud 9 // Kim Namjoon

Pairing: Namjoon (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Fluff (College AU)

Word Count: 2k+

Anon says:  can u write a namjoon college au ? fluff/smut either one :-)

Author’s Note: I love Kim Namjoon with my heart and soul and he deserves the entire world. Oh, and he’s my ultimate bias. S/O to @kwangie and @1wice for helping with editing and learning how to tumblr. Enjoy~

You finally got through midterms and you couldn’t be more proud of yourself. Not only did you pass every class, but you ACED them. As a self-celebratory occasion you and your best friend decided to go ice skating. You’ve never tried it, but you’ve always wanted to. You think to yourself, “Ah, what the hell, why not?”

When you got to the rink, you looked around and saw that it wasn’t too busy which made you happy. This way you wouldn’t be as embarrassed when you fall on your ass later (which will happen - multiple times).

You and your best friend sat down and were tying your skates on when she turned to you.

“So you know that guy Jimin I’ve been talking to? Well, uh, he asked if he could come hang out with us too. I said it was okay, you’re not mad, right?”

You rolled your eyes but gave her a small smile. You couldn’t be mad when she had been pining after the guy for weeks now.

“I guess I’m third-wheeling again, huh?”


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170623 - WE LOVE LAY

Today’s bias is Lay!

because we still love him no matter what, whether he’s in the comeback or in China.

Lay: “Really?”

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Lay: “Oh, okay, hehehe…”

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You: “Because you’re a fantastic dancer.”

Lay: “I did almost ruin my body to learn how to dance well.”

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You: “And your lip bite is everything.”

Lay: “It is?”

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You: “One more, please.”

Lay: “Okay.”

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You: “Yeah, you’re incredibly good looking.”

Lay: “I am?  Not cute?”

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You: “You go back and forth.”

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You: “You look great in a suit, too.”

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You: “You look great all the time…”

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You: “You do so many things so well!!”

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Lay: “Did you watch Operation Love?”

You: “I’m working on it!”

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You: “But for now, you just need to rest.”

Lay: “Did you mean… write another song?”

You: “No, go to sleep.”

Lay: “Did you say dance practice?  Which song should I practice?”

You: “RELAX.”

Lay: “Okay, but I didn’t choreograph a dance for Relax.”

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You: “GO TO SLEEP!!!!”

Lay: “Okay, if that’s what you want…”

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do me your worst.

➵ characters: g-dragon x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 4574
➵ summary: to be honest, this is probably 90% smut, i don’t even know how to describe this. just know that a half-drunken confession leads to jiyong acting upon his words. if you get what i mean. 
➵ author’s note: if it had to be anyone i’d write a smut for, it’d be with my ultimate bias of all time, of course.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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Boyfriend Haechan

~Bullet Points~

  • Okay so where do I even start with this little *sigh*
  • Yall most likely started as best friends but then he asked you out after a fudge ton of persuading from the boys
  • When he did and you ended up together not much would actually change apart from the fact he’s a hella a lot more clingy and now says ‘I love you’, he’d probably tease you even more now too though
  • With Haechan I don’t think he has any shame whatsoever
  • Like if he was in a cuddly mood and the boys were there, he’s gonna cuddle you
  • Just he has his limits, he wouldn’t ever kiss you anywhere in front of the boys, but innocent fluffy things he would fine with
  • Doesn’t even care if he gets teased because he’d just tease them back 100x worse like ??? come on now it’s Haechan we’re talking about
  • His two favourite ways with cuddling you would be him having his arms around you whilst you snuggle into him
  • or
  • Him snuggling into you whilst one of your arms is wrapped around him, your free hand would be playing with his hair or drawing random things into his back
  • He’d be such a tease if you initiate skinship, like he would say something like
  • ‘Am I that attractive?’ or ‘Wow someone’s clingy.’
  • But if you attempted to get up or go away from him he’d instantly pull you back into his arms
  • Just because he teases you doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you to cuddle him I guess
  • Yall are always pulling pranks on the other members, especially poor Mark
  • You guys once played a prank on the whole of NCT 127…. let’s just say they definitely wanted a word with both of you… yeah don’t mess with the hyungs guys
  • So instead you target Dream a lot nowadays
  • Your pranks aren’t too extreme because you insisted that they were only children so only needed small baby pranks
  • They all hate you both
  • But as much as they all hate you they see you both as a power couple
  • Like you both like to stand your ground so when a roast battle happens between the two of you, which believe me it happens a lot, the members get the popcorn out and crowd around you both
  • You both don’t really argue a lot, just about small petty things really your young to be worrying about all the big stuff
  • It’s more like who gets to pick a film for the movie date or who gets to pick where you both eat on the next date
  • Just small cute stuff if I’m honest
  • When he gets jealous he just becomes extra clingy, like clingy as in he has to be holding you 25/8
  • Even would go as far as clinging onto your pinkie or the hem of your shirt
  • You just go with it too because you already knew what would be up, so you’d probably be extra affectionate when he acts like this
  • Because even though Haechan may act like a big brick wall and nothing hurts him, he’s actually a little insecure bean who needs protecting at all costs
  • If someone makes a comment about his tanned skin or anything about him in particular he’d be really down for the whole day, but would fake a smile so no one worries about him
  • But you and the members just know something’s up
  • Like if he was acting up at the dorms they’d invite you round asap
  • When you get there you go straight for Haechan, asking if he’s okay
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he cries yanno, I see him as the type of person to bottle everything up and just break down when someone asks him why he’s upset
  • Would ask you really insecure questions
  • ‘Do you think my tanned skin is bad?’
  • ‘Am I too rude to the hyungs?’
  • ‘Do you even like me?’
  • You would just tell him how you feel, how everyone else feels and how he shouldn’t take notice of all these haters no matter how hard it may be
  • He has you and his members and all his family and friends who love him just for him and couldn’t care less for how he looks
  • He’d shake it all off and yall would end up having an unplanned date
  • Just Haechan is so precious and needs protecting (yes I said it again because it’s true)
  • Please love this baby and treat him good, because he loves you more than anything and isn’t afraid to show it

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Guys I love Haechan, it’s official he’s my ultimate bias in NCT. Mark I’m so sorry but, Haechan!!!!

Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this boyfriend Haechan and I should be posting a Luhan one later! Idk if you guys heard either but I’m also hoping to join an NCT network called NCT writers, I think it’d be a really good experience and help me get to know so many other writers with similar interests to me!

I love all you guys so much~

~Admin Stroni~

K-Pop LED Concert Sign Tutorial

There are SO many kpop concerts coming up in the USA, and we all know this is our ONE CHANCE, our ONE OPPORTUNITY, to make our wo/man notice us. We must CAPTURE this moment, we can’t LET IT SLIP his palms are sweaty knees week arms spaghetti

I can tell you from experience that these things are NOTICEABLE and your bias WILL look at you (shoutout to jongin u da best boo). There are a few youtube tutorials on how to make a nice LED sign for concerts, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents here on tumblr. With SHINee World V coming up here in Dallas (and with me landing FRONT ROW TICKETS WHAT) I knew I had to find a way to make my ultimate bias #2 look my way. Taemin, I’m comin for you. I documented my step-by-step process on how I made this lovely sign, and I hope this helps everyone else out there make a sign for your bias as well!

(If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask me! I’m here to help!)

Here’s how!

The SM Basement (NCT Edition)

Even though there are several members of NCT that everyone can recognise, some of the best talent has yet to escape the dark, damp room that is SM’s basement. With no way of telling who exactly is contracted under SM, there are certain undebuted idols who are hiding down there despite being popular in the NCT fandom. In case you don’t know who SM is keeping hidden from us, here is a handy guide.

Side Note - a lot of the trainees in the SM Basement are officially unannounced, so a lot of information is unknown and what we can find might not be correct

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