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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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~ Him telling you how beautiful and smart you are every two seconds

~ “You’re so bloody gorgeous, darling. Honestly, you could tone it down a bit. You’re making me look bad.”  

~ Doing homework by the Black Lake on nice days

~ Him sneaking into your dorm late at night 

~ Stealing his clothes 

~ He would complain about it but secretly think it was so attractive

~ He would show you off with so much confidence

~ Going to every Quidditch match and cheering on Draco (even if you’re in a different house)

~ Him ordering Crabbe and Goyle to get things for you 

~ Them hating you

~ Holding hands during long walks around Hogsmeade

~ Draco would be so confident in you and believe you could do anything you set your mind to. It would just be so encouraging. 

~ Narcissa would frequently steal you away and Draco would be so annoyed

~ Professors taking points from Slytherin and your house for PDA


~ Sneaking into the kitchens well after midnight and cooking five course meals 

~ Draco would be such a good cook omg

~ Narcissa would’ve taught him how

~ Holding hands under the table during class

~ When Draco became prefect, he would give detention to anyone that so much as looked at you wrong

~ After dating Draco for a while you would turn into such a badass just like him

~ He would be so proud

~ Going to the Yule Ball together

~ Him loving dancing with you after that

~ Draco would tease you all the time

~ Christmas at Malfoy Manor

~ Baths in the prefect bathroom

~ Stupid pick up lines

~ “Are you a snitch?” 

~ “What?” 

~ “Because you’re the greatest catch here.” 

~ “Hey, Y/N? I don’t need ‘accio’ to make you come.” 

~ Really good sex

~ Sneaking firewhiskey into the Slytherin Tower

~ Draco would be so touchy 


~ He would obsessively make sure you’re content 

~ “Y/N, are you cold? Do you want some butterbeer?” 

~ “No, I’m fine. Thanks, though.” 

~ “Here babe, take my scarf. Crabbe, go get two butterbeers.”

~ Watching the Black Lake from the common room and pointing out all the creatures

~ Him taking you on broom rides and doing crazy tricks to impress you

~ Which usually scares the hell out of you

~ But you loved being in the sky

~ Harry Potter would not be allowed to even breathe in your general direction

~ A first year Hufflepuff accidentally bumping into you and knocking your books out of your hand

~ Draco pinning him against the wall and threatening him until he cries

~ “Draco, what the hell is wrong with you!”

~ “He hurt you!” 

~ “It was an accident! Bloody hell, Draco! He’s eleven!” 

~ “’M sorry darling, just instincts…” 

~ Him helping you with homework 

~ You getting so stressed because you don’t understand and just having a mental breakdown because O.W.L.S are so close

~ Him just doing your homework for you

~ Snape recognizes his handwriting but doesn’t say anything

~ Yelling at him about the word “mudblood” 

~ EVERYONE in the entire school would know that you were his 

~ When the basilisk is out and about he walks you to every class even if he’s late for his own

~ Since Draco is a literal genius you two would both put your names in the Goblet of Fire

~ He would love to kiss you

~ The kisses would rang from little pecks to him literally trying to suck your face off

~ Harry would hate you

~ Ron would think you were the hottest creature on the planet

~ Hermoine would secretly admire how smart and independent you were

~ Lucius loving you and always telling you embarrassing things about Draco 

~ Lucius would be like a second father to you 

~ He would be so hard on Draco, but the second something upset you he would be threatening to kill

~ Him and Narcissa would send you on shopping sprees all the time

~ Draco would love shopping with you

~ “Will you try on lingerie for me?” 

~ Little arguments all the time

~ Exploring Hogwarts and knowing about lots of the castle’s secrets

~ Discovering the Mirror of Erised together

~ “What do you see?” 

~ “You.” 

~ Him loving to play with your hair

~ Jealousy 


~ You sharing notes with Goyle and Draco ignoring you both for the rest of the day

~ “Draco, what is your problem? I need love and attention, stop ignoring me.” 

~ “Go get some attention from Goyle.” 

~ You HATING Pansy Parkinson

~ Her knowing and trying to get in arguments with you every day

~ Her twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes at Draco in the hallway, “Dracy, are you still helping me with my Potions later? You promised.” 

~ You just walking up and snogging Draco right in the middle of their conversation and whispering something super dirty in his ear

~ “N-No, Pansy. I,” he has to stop and clear his throat “I don’t think that I can.” 

~ Him just loving you so, so much 

~ Draco would just be the best boyfriend

~ Like despite everything he goes through he always puts you first 

~ He just loves you so much ugh 

~ It would be so good

This was probably entirely too long but I love everything about Draco Malfoy so I can’t help it.


Can we just talk about Quentin’s outfit for a moment? Like, seriously, did each team member design their own uniforms? Because there’s Eliot, looking gorgeous and stylish and rocking the still drunk while hungover from last night look. Then there’s Alice, super adorable in her baby doll dress; Margo, the epitome of a fashionista; and Kady, who is just so absolutely stunning.

And then there’s Quentin. I don’t even have words for poor, frumpy, asymmetrical Quentin.

Honestly, how did Eliot let him out of the cottage in those pants? You cannot tell me that Eliot wouldn’t have taken one look at him, had a fit of epic proportions, and then literally set fire to that outfit.

Can I just take a moment to appreciate the Sterek fandom?

Round of applause to you all because you guys are amazing.

I just can’t believe how far we’ve actually come. Seriously. We started out so little, barely any shippers, barely any Sterek dedicated blogs, accounts, etc. (well, at least in the first few episodes because this fandom grew pretty fast). We had little fics, little arts. Can you honestly believe that there was once a day where Sterek only had 100 fics, a handful of art and a couple hundred shippers? Because I fucking cannot. 6 years later and there’s 46k+ fics, thousands of gorgeous arts, fanmixes, many dedicated blogs and accounts, thousands and thousands of stans and events guys, so many Sterek events that only help broadcast even more of what this fandom has to offer.

Guys, we’ve expanded so much throughout the years. Our fandom has grown rapidly and we just keep building up.

And don’t even get me started on how much we’ve been through. Because we have been through so much together. We’ve been slammed for wanting to see these characters together, we’ve constantly been told that “Sterek is non-existent” and “Sterek will never happen,” yet we’re still here.

We’ve been used by Jeff and tossed out by the network and the show. We’ve seriously been through more than any other fandom ever associated with Teen Wolf, but you know what’s beautiful? We only kept going.

We literally gave a bunch of “fuck you"s to everyone who’s ever spoken down on us by continuing to progress the way we are. We’ve been so successful in creating something that we never even dreamed of becoming this big.

Hell, people who don’t even watch the show ship Sterek! That’s how amazing this fandom is. That’s how talented and dedicated we are.

And no one can even argue against the dedicated part, because regardless of all the constant hate we’ve received, we continued on and progressed. Guys, we’re so dedicated that we made our. own. fandom! We made our own fandom guys! How insane is that?

And in all honesty, I know it may suck sometimes, thinking about how we were baited and all, but don’t let that be a bother. We still got something great from all of it, many things actually. And also, the joke is all on Jeff because when his show is done, we’ll still be here!

We really are victorious, honestly. And no one can ever make me think differently.

This fandom is filled with so many strong, talented and absolutely amazing people. And yes, like every other fandom and ship, this one has its issues, but we always make things work and I think that’s truly beautiful.

We are still this massive group of people who have yet to falter in our constant expansion. We are still this group of people who are incredibly devoted and we are still this group of people who still have yet to come to a dead end in all we do.

I honestly couldn’t have asked to be part of a better fandom. I know it sounds like all talk, but I’m serious guys.

We may not have gotten canon, but I think we still got more than a lot of other fandoms. Friendships flourished, some talents were discovered and some talents were strengthened, creativity continues to blossom throughout this entire fandom, support is a constant thing, we’ve got people to lean on. We’ve got each other and we’ve got these two beautiful characters with all this potential that we used and created into what it is today.

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this fandom!

And from here on, we’ll just keep growing. So thank you all so much, thank you for all of it. And special thanks to the first person in this fandom who ever brought up Sterek because I’m pretty certain that is a major factor in the growth of our fandom.

You guys are astonishing, and I appreciate all of you so much.

This fandom, to me, is pretty God damn iconic. And every single person in it has been a part of what makes Sterek and the fandom itself as astounding as they are.

So round of applause to us all!

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

Everything That Could Go Wrong...

Lafayette X Reader

Warning: Secondhand embarrassment, swearing (bad habit sorry), fluff, a little bit of Lams


You are going on your first date with Laf and Alex and the squad show up to watch

Note: The POV switches back and forth from yours and Alex’s. It’ll tell you but just a heads up :)

(Your POV)

You stood in front of the mirror nervously. You were going out with the most attractive man you had ever met. When you saw him in the coffee shop, you honestly could not comprehend how someone could be that handsome. Your thoughts were interrupted by a sharp rap at the door. You answered it timidly and you smoothed down your outfit. Damn, he was a gorgeous as you remembered. How you were going to get your blush to fade, you weren’t sure.


Oh fuck, he said something. You quickly thought of something witty to say, but his gaze distracted you

“I, um, uh, hi.”

Goddamn it.

“You ready to go? I hope you like French cuisine! I know the best place. When I lived in Chavaniac…” He babbled
You smiled at how passionate he was, and took his hand. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all…

You arrived at the restaurant and you gasped. The place was beautiful, with luxurious seating and sparkling chandeliers.

“Do you like it?” He asked nervously.

“Oh Laf, I love it!” You squeezed his hand reassuringly.

A finely dressed waiter escorted you to your seats and placed menus in front of you. After he left, conversation flowed naturally between you two.

(Alex’s POV)

“Laf is getting laid tonight boys!” I shouted from outside the restaurant. John whooped and high fived Herc. I zoomed in the binoculars. “Looks like they just sat down, and the conversation is flowing. Let’s see if we can, ah, ease the tension a little bit more.” John looked confused. The man was gorgeous, but he wasn’t the brightest at times. “Just follow me.” I sighed.

(Your POV)

Laf sat directly across from you, the only thing dividing you was the almost empty plate of bread. You both shared so much in common, including your passion for politics and food. The only thing you had disagreed on was fast food.

“Burger King has a crown for a reason!” He argued

“Oh please, the Big Mac was the original 1000 calorie burger, Burger King copies.”

While you argued, three men approached your table. One look and you saw Laf’s face go sheet white.

“Hey, Laf!” The shorter one said, dripping with innocence. “We just came by to let you know your test results came in, sorry dude, you tested positive for an STD, although we aren’t sure which one.” He smiled sweetly, then turned to you brightly.

“You must be the date! Hi, Alexander Hamilton, pleasure.” Alex shook your hand like a salesman, never breaking his smile.

“The lovely men to my left are John and Hercules, but don’t talk about Herc to Laf. They’ve got a history, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.” He stage whispered. You saw Laf’s face go furiously red when Hercules winked at him, and he became suddenly very interested in the table cloth.

“So!” Alex exclaimed, putting his elbows on the table. “How did you two meet?”

“We met at a coffee shop called Central Perk.” You said, nodding at Laf reassuringly. The poor boy seemed embarrassed out of his mind.

“Ah, Central Perk! Laf, wasn’t that the place you went to stare at the hot blon-”

“OKAY!” Laf yelled. “I think it’s time for me and [Y/N] to order now!” You saw a bead on sweat trickle down his forehead. “I’ll see you guys at home!”

“Can’t wait.” Said a flirty John, who then winked at his latest victim. They all turned and strutted towards the entrance.

You turned back to your date, who looked as if he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him. “I, uh, don’t have an STD and I didn’t have a relationship with John or Hercules and the only person I’ve ever met at Central Perk is you and-” He babbled.

You giggled. “Laf.” He looked up and his eyes softened. “I know they were your roomates. I saw them with binoculars before they even walked in.” A look of relief swept over him.

“Oh thank God.”

“Still pretty embarrassing though.”

“Don’t remind me.”

You laughed, and the rest of the night went smoothly. After dinner, he walked you home and kissed you goodnight after making plans for another date. “I promise I won’t tell the boys about this one.” He joked. You walked in your apartment feeling like you were floating. You couldn’t have asked for a better date!

(Alex’s POV)

I was lying with John under my arm when we heard the door open. A few second later we heard a heavily accented voice yell:


Uh oh.

I just want to spend all of my time talking about how much I love each and every sign omg :’)

Like have you ever met an Aries?? I know this one boy and he talks like the world is this one great big opportunity, like anything could go so right or so wrong or so ANYTHING. Or I have this lil Aries friend and she’s honestly got this atmosphere that makes people adore her, she’s amazingly independent but she’s so funny and perfect, she’s gorgeous and I just !!!

And Taurus oh god they’re just???? so adorable??? When you’re around them you just feel like you’re At Peace with the world, they always want to just make the best of what they’ve got, and they get so excited about tiny things like chocolate and baths and interior design I don’t know how to deal… And they tend to have these random awesome talents?? You know? Ah they’re great

So there’s my best friend and she’s a Gemini and she just… knows how it is. And she's just got so much curiosity for the world, she wants to love so many different people and learn everything and go to parties and pass her exams and do EVERYTHING no-one will stop her she’s so smart and witty and just the friend you want so bad… honestly Geminis = A++

Then sometimes I’m like hating myself so much but I’ll read this post which is really Cancer positive and I’ll be like !!! we are so Strong and Moral and good people and when I talk to other Cancers online they’re full of so much love and emotion, they are filled with all the beauty of the world and I aspire to be like them, they care so much about other people it’s honestly so admirable

BUT BUT BUT I know I know everyone loves Leos but so?? why would we not love Leos??? Leos are amazing. And everyone says they’re arrogant or uncaring or whatever but they’re ??? so generous and kind and love others and they’re so beautiful and just exude confidence and want to be everything and I’m like yes you can I will always be their cheerleader

Don’t let me get started on Virgos ok. I have a lot of Virgo friends and I love the way they think about the world and the way their voice goes fast when they’re excited and when they stress I’m like ??? my friend you deserve more than this, you shold love yourself and they’re always so smart but they never see it they’re so insecure i honestly adore them help me please

Sooo okay I do have this one Libra guy friend and he is just!!! He FLIRTS with everything but like jokingly and he dresses so well and he has the most amazing joke faces and ! he’s dating the gemini and together they have such beauty, libras are so perfect in relationships, honestly doesn’t everyone want to be a libra, libras are the joy of this world, I can’t even

Scorpios, oh Jesus, they like exude this magnetism from within, you want to know them and be part of their life, and when you find out how much they care and who they really are your heart hurts because you want so bad to just love them and cherish them and care for them forever. they have this passion and this glory, how can you live without a Scorpio in your life??

Now I used to be best friends with a Sagittarius and when our friendship ended I HAVE NEVER BEEN AS SAD. Because how could you be okay with losing such a beautiful person from your life?? they are just like, at one with the world, like they are full of love and philosophy and understanding and okay but, they are also really really chill??? so awesome

Caaapricorns if you know me you will know how much I love this sign. They’re so Hardcore™ I Have No Soul and then you get to know them and  you’re like oh my poor baby and you want to hug them so bad, because they hide so much and they go through so much and they are so strong. they are amazing and will go far, I 100% support this sign whatever happens

Right okay man I am going to need some time to prepare because who’s coming next???? AQUARIUS!!!! YAAAS omg I know everyone says it but they’re so goofy and awesome, they make you realize that yes this world is worth living in with people like this in it. they have such vision and hope and wisdom and you’re just like be my friend or I might die

Or Piiiiscessss I have a Pisces friend who is the gentlest soul, she loves to crochet and she is so kind to her siblings and looks after everyone and gets all uncomfortable when someone tells a sexual joke, but right in the CUTEST WAY. I don’t know man she’s great. Pisces are great. tbh I would give anything for this girl to be happy, she deserves so much

I just love?? People?? Sorrryyy oh my god

BTS REACTS TO: their s/o loving their flat chest

Anon Asked: can i get a bts reacts to their s/o being super proud of her flat chest? like she never wears a bra, constantly rocking sideboob, loves wearing plunge neck tops/dresses, etc.

So from what I understand, you want a BTS reaction to me? - Admin Dayna


In the beginning of the relationship, he’d steal glances, making up his face, trying to cover you up. You were his jagiya! Only he could see you like that! It was just far too much skin! After a while, he learned to back off and let you dress and do as you pleased. It’s a bold move for you to be walking around as the living embodiment of #FreeTheNip, and much as Jin was an avid fan of you and your body, he’d low key but honestly high key still wanted you to cover up - especially when the boys were around or whenever you went out in public. He’d praise your outfit, but then slide a suggestion that’s a bit more on the modest side.

“Ahh~! You look gorgeous, jagi~”

“Don’t you think it’ll be a little chilly?”

“You should probably wear a jacket over that. Just in case.”

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Medieval au fluff any member plz sorry

I went with Jun! medieval AU is a broad concept so I hope you like this mess..? 😘 ♥ bullet points just because I can. 

  • right so you’re a part of the nobility and your parents work for the royals in such positions that you, along with your siblings, live in the castle
  • you’d honestly be pretty good friends with the princesses and other nobles like yourself, and generally everyone in the castle has taken a liking to you, especially the ones who have seen you grow up from a 2-year-old toddler into a gorgeous young lady
  • when you were younger you probably didn’t pay that much attention to all the people in the castle, especially those of a lower class than yours because that was how you were brought up
  • but then comes the day you’re out with two of your fellow nobles, walking in the courtyard, and see a handsome young man chopping wood
  • his hair is dark brown and a bit messy, and his upper body was toned from likely years of physical work, which you could tell all too obviously with him wearing no shirt
  • you’re barely able to hold your tongue when you’re already asking, “Who is he?”
  • one of your friends smiles at you and places a hand on your arm
  • “I think his name is Junhui? He’s a new hire, who does practically anything, I’ve heard. He may be handsome, but… that’s about all I know, my dear.”
  • you find yourself nodding, but there’s something about Junhui that really piques your interest, and it’s not just the playful look he gives you when he wipes sweat off his forehead and notices that you’re staring at him
  • while you hadn’t noticed him before that - part of it being because he was indeed new - after the first sight, you were unable to not see him
  • it felt like every time you as much as looked out of the window of the hallway, he was there, doing whatever work he could get his hands on
  • and even when you went outside, you felt like you always ended up where he was working
  • it’s not that you minded, really, but it only made it so much more difficult to ignore him
  • he’d get a lot of praise from practically everyone for his great work ethics and amicable personality, and every now and then you’d hear snippets of stories about him
  • most of the time you’d find yourself smiling a little as you listened to those, because the more you heard, the more he seemed like a good guy
  • unless it was one of the older noble ladies expressing their desire for him, which never failed to make you feel ill
  • one day you’re seated on a bench in the courtyard with a cross-stitch on your lap, trying to focus on it more than the fact that Junhui is approaching your direction with a large tub in his hands
  • however, when he’s about to pass by, you put your work down and stand up
  • “E-excuse me,” you begin, your heart beating rapidly in your chest, and it definitely doesn’t calm down when Junhui turns around and gives you a sweet smile with a playful glint in his eyes. “I was just…”
  • “Is there something you need, milady?”
  • you feel so intimidated, so exposed under his mischievous stare, but somehow manage to blurt out, “I was thinking if you could… uh, teach me about the garden sometime. I’m interested in the flowers.”
  • Junhui quirks his eyebrows and takes the smallest step closer to you. “A noblewoman who wants to learn about gardening?”
  • you give him a quick nod, at which he chuckles
  • “As you wish, milady. I’ll see you around, lady..?”
  • “Y/N,” you say quickly, your cheeks undoubtedly heating up, and force a smile
  • Junhui nods and with a quick wave, continues his way to the shore, where he’s already got a big pile of laundry to wash
  • and it’s just that much more difficult to focus on your cross-stitch when you’ve got a drenched, handsome young man like him nearby
  • it only gets worse when he takes off his shirt and your eyes just happen to be aimed at him a lot more often than on your work
  • it’s at that point that you decide to move back into the castle, so that you could both finish your work (and before your thoughts could go any further)
  • Junhui would’ve noticed approximately all of the glances you threw at him, because he was stealing some at you, too, and so when you left, you left behind a widely grinning, jolly worker who still had many hours of laundry ahead of him
  • but those hours in all honesty go by faster than he expected, because he spends most of that time thinking about you
  • one of the next days, you’d finally spot him in the garden and, without much of a second thought, join him there
  • “You really came,” Junhui says almost incredulously when he notices you, and turns to you
  • “Of course I did, I take pride in keeping my word,” you say a bit defensively, which earns you a chuckle from Junhui
  • “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry if I upset you, milady,” he says, his voice a bit softer than earlier, and you find your heart melting just a little
  • “You didn’t,” you say hurriedly and avoid his gaze because how is it so piercing?
  • he proceeds to lead you further into the garden, and you listen in fascination as he tells you little facts about each plant and flower while tending them
  • there’s something about his voice and the way he smiles every now and then that really gets to you, and you honestly never thought you’d be as eager to hear about flowers as you are then
  • you’ve gone through maybe half of the garden when Junhui stops and turns to you, smiling
  • “Should you really be spending this much time with someone like me, milady?”
  • you blush a little and turn your attention to the flowers
  • “I don’t… see it as a problem. I like learning.”
  • he chuckles and turns to the flowers, too. “But really. A noblewoman spending hours in the garden with a worker? Do you know how many eyes are on us at this very moment?”
  • your eyes widen at that, because he has a point, and you should’ve realized it all much earlier
  • and yet there is no denying that there was something about him that has caught your interest inevitably badly, and you don’t want to simply stay away from him
  • as you remain silent, unable to say anything, Junhui chuckles and carefully cuts a rose from the bush in front of you, bright red in color
  • “This is for you. Consider it a gift of gratitude for keeping me company. It’s been a great pleasure, Lady Y/N.”
  • your eyes slowly move from the flower to Junhui’s eyes, and you’re met with an amount of warmth you were definitely not expecting
  • “T-thank you, Junhui,” you manage to say and begin to leave the garden
  • he follows you with his gaze, and the smallest of smiles plays on his lips
  • there’s definitely something about you
  • after that, the two of you spend more time together - much more than a noblewoman like you should be spending with someone like him
  • but you enjoy his company, so you defy all the judging glances
  • besides, you have assured your parents nothing would happen between the two of you, so in the end your conscience is clear, even if they still don’t approve
  • you’d often be doing your own work while he did his, and you’d talk about a bit of this and that, little by little getting to know each other
  • sometimes you discuss your lives, with Junhui sharing the hardships he’s come past and you sharing some of your experiences in the court, but sometimes you discussed something much less serious, such as court gossip or what you were looking forward to when seasons changed
  • the more you learn about him and his past, the more fondly you think of him, and the more he learns about you, the more he finds himself looking forward to being with you
  • needless to say, you’re at your most distracted whenever Junhui does something physical, because that was exactly when your eyes couldn’t help but move up and down his body, observing the way his muscles move
  • Junhui chuckles every time
  • “You might want to be a bit more subtle, milady, as flattering as your stare is.”
  • you blush furiously, and through your stammering Junhui’s only able to make out “I didn’t”, which he laughs off, because yes you did
  • your promise to your parents is on some very thin ice, because the more time you spend with Junhui, the more you wish something did happen between the two of you
  • and your heart only beats more for him at the times when you enter your room and see a bouquet of flowers on your desk, beautiful yet simple, with a note from Junhui that either had a small poem or a short message
  • even if the voice at the back of your head nags about how you’re supposed to marry well
  • it’s early spring when you join Junhui for a trip to the village
  • you take a horse, with you sitting in front of him, and it’s quite likely the most exciting yet nerve-wrecking time of your life when you practically have his arms around you
  • you buy some essentials he needs for his work, and you give in and give some money to some poor families, which Junhui observes in curiosity
  • before you leave the village, Junhui takes you between two buildings and, bolder than ever, takes a hold of your hand
  • “Junhui?” you ask, your heart hammering inside of your chest, as you look into his unreadable eyes, closer to yours than they had ever been
  • “I have a problem,” he starts, his voice sounding thick, and there’s a sad hint to his smile. “Milady, I’m afraid I feel more for you than I should.”
  • and you honestly feel like your heart stops in that very moment
  • you’re about to say that he’s not alone with that issue, but Junhui lets go of your hand and gently brings his forefinger close to your lips, not daring to touch them
  • “Don’t say anything.”
  • so you don’t say anything
  • and instead wrap your arms around him and hide your face in his chest

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linny postwar headcanons for @rravencclaw and @hpfemsecretsanta . I had a ton of fun with this! it’s a little chaotic, but i hope you like it! it’s not really a reflective post-war thing. i just wanted them to be happy. 

  • ginny always felt strange about her relationships during her earlier hogwarts years
  • especially her relationship with harry 
  • But she decided maybe it was just her imagination, and played the role of the Chosen One’s Girlfriend well
  • I mean, she did like Harry a lot
  • maybe just not how you were supposed to like your boyfriend
  • but she kept it up
  • then came her 6th year and the battle of hogwarts
  • she didn’t really have time for feelings because honestly there was so much happening and she just hoped her family would be alright
  • the summer before 7th year, ginny was so relieved when harry pulled her aside and said he didn’t have the space for a relationship
  • she felt so free and she was happy that neither harry nor her had been hurt
  • ginny spent her 7th year mostly with luna and neville
  • especially luna
  • luna was like a gorgeous fairy
  • she was intelligent and kind and amazing
  • and the war had made ginny appreciate her even more
  • she imagined losing luna and it cut through her like a sharp knife
  • ginny could listen to luna talk for hours
  • and she did
  • regularly 
  • because what good was studying if you could be listening to the cheerful voice of Luna Lovegood?
  • ginny gets even more into quidditch during her 7th year, if that was possible
  • luna goes to all of her matches and practices, cheering loudly from the stands
  • ginny even manages to convince McGonagall to let her commentate another time
  • luna focuses only on what ginny is doing and claims she’s “really the most talented quidditch player ever and she’s also got really shiny hair”
  • ginny almost falls off her broom at that
  • luna is not allowed to commentate again
  • ginny, luna, and neville study together occasionally 
  • but ginny and luna often get sidetracked
  • to which neville shakes his head and rolls his eyes and gives ginny a knowing look
  • ginny doesn’t know why he does that
  • or maybe she does
  • she just doesn’t think about it too much
  • life during their last year at hogwarts continues on like this
  • pleasant and light
  • trying to escape the war through friendship 
  • but all the while ginny feels as if something besides the past haunts her
  • one day in the spring, ginny spots two fifth year girls walking together down the corridor
  • they’re holding hands
  • ginny watches as one of the girls shifts slightly and kisses the other one on the cheek
  • and just like that
  • it hits ginny square in the chest
  • maybe she … likes luna?
  • dissimilar to the way she likes other people
  • in a softer way
  • in a romantic, toe-curling, cheeks-blushing, heart-aching kind of way
  • in a way she’s never liked anyone before
  • maybe she’s always liked luna
  • that seems right to ginny at that moment
  • she’s liked luna since the instant they met
  • suddenly ginny feels much calmer
  • calmer than she’s ever felt
  • she knows exactly what she’s going to do
  • for she is a gryffindor. brave and bold
  • and she’s waited a painfully long time for something to feel so right
  • she’s not going to wait any longer
  • so, for better or for worse, she marches her way down to the grounds
  • somehow she knows exactly where luna will be
  • like magic
  • a different kind than the one she is used to
  • it’s a beautiful magic
  • ginny walks her way over to the greenhouses
  • she finds luna leaning against one of them, reading a book and winding her long, blonde hair around her finger
  • ginny stops for a second just to take this girl in
  • this amazing, wonderful girl
  • she takes a deep breath
  • then she calls out a greeting to luna
  • walks right up to her
  • and just kisses her
  • luna doesn’t even act surprised
  • she just melts right into the kiss
  • she drops her book and slowly brings her arms up around ginny’s neck, curling her fingers gently into ginny’s hair
  • the two girls just stand there kissing near a greenhouse
  • for an eternity or a minute
  • no one could say for sure
  • when the kiss breaks, their faces stay close together
  • ginny has tears in her eyes
  • “woah”
  • “uh-huh”
  • luna can’t keep herself from smiling
  • she’s been waiting for ginny to kiss her for years
  • it’s even better than she’d imagined
  • after a few seconds, luna reaches down and grabs ginny’s hand
  • they walk back up to the castle together
  • and just like that
  • they’re girlfriends
  • they graduate hogwarts together
  • move into a little flat not far from The Burrow
  • luna decorates it with flowers 
  • ginny populates it with quidditch memorabilia and comfy cushions
  • luna writes for the quibbler and ginny plays quidditch
  • they spend their lazy days sitting out on their tiny balcony
  • luna paints portraits of ginny
  • and ginny tells luna stories and asks her questions and tries to distract her with kisses
  • they’ve never been more in love
  • they get married on a hilltop in springtime
  • on the 7 year anniversary of their relationship
  • they invite only family and close friends
  • the ceremony is short and sweet
  • followed by hours upon hours of dancing
  • until the sun finally sets on two impossibly in love young women
  • despite the horrors of the past
  • they’re happy

have you ever just been minding your own business when BAM you’re suddenly struck by how utterly gorgeous katsuki yuuri is and you have to take a minute to remember how to breathe and maybe clutch at your chest a little???

I recently commissioned @cocotingo for a bust of Nevena and… holy crap it’s gorgeous.
I think this is probably the image of her most like the one I’ve had in my head since I created her. I honestly cannot get over how gorgeous and perfect she looks. <3

Big thanks to @cocotingo for the commission, and being patient with my changes. If you get the opportunity to commission her, do it! :3

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anonymous asked:

hi! i'm absolutely in love with your demigod au! could you please write headcanons for oikawa and akaashi (perhaps suga too if it's not too much of a bother?) with a close friend who's their half-sister (so basically a daughter of aphrodite)? like, headcanons of them sort of being cute & brotherly i guess? thank youu omgomg (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

  • Your brothers are fiercely protective of you, keenly aware that someone could be wanting to take advantage of their precious sister just because of how attractive you were.
  • Honestly, they are amazing brothers, always looking out for you whenever possible. Oikawa is the embarrassing one, Suga is more mother-like than anything, and Akaashi is the dependable one.
  • You can go to them with any problems and they’ll solve it. They hate seeing you upset.
  • Oikawa has a flashy way of showing you off. Whenever you’re with him he has a habit of saying, “Move! My gorgeous sister is coming through and if any of you stare for more than three seconds I’ll have your head.” And he says it all with a smile.
  • When they found out that you had a date, most of them were excited. Akaashi and Suga were the ones who helped you get ready and gave advice when you needed while Oikawa griped and complained that no one was worthy of his sister.
  • Let’s be real, they all followed you on your date. It was mainly Oikawa’s idea, but Akaashi and Suga didn’t stop him. If you’re going to date someone, they have to earn your brothers’s approval.
Teen Wolf Episode 8 Discussion

WARNING SPOILERS: This post will include my comments while watching this episode as well as main, key points I found interesting

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I never do anything halfway. No matter the activity, I feel the need to put my entire heart and soul into it.

Of course it makes sense that this would apply to how I love you. Because there’s honestly no feasible way to half do that. How could I only be partially infatuated with your breath-taking grin, or your gorgeous hazel eyes? It’s not possible for me to incompletely adore your sense of humor and the freckles that decorate your skin like constellations. I can’t just partially acknowledge that you look at me like I’m different in a good way, or how damn kissable your lips appear. To not love you in full is a foreign concept to me, and I can assure you it’s not one I’ll ever try out. You deserve the world sweetheart, and I intend to give you every bit of love I can.


Waking up next to a very sleepy Jumin Han, and his yawns and sighs have that heavy and deep tone to them. You just stare at him and think to yourself *Holy shit, how did I score this GOD* and He just pulls you into his chest, squeezing you tightly and reminding you how Fucken gorgeous you are *EVEN THOE I JUST WOKE UP, ARE YOU BLIND?!*
You start blushing as he showers your entire face with kisses and HIS GIGGLES
HE ONLY GIGGLES WITH YOU AND HONESTLY, ITS THE BEST SOUND Ever. Music to your ears. Someone give this man a grammy.
JUST trying to pull him out of bed but instead you end up spending the entire day laying and rolling all over eachother—— WHY DO I DO THIS. HE ISNT REALLLLLLLL AHHHH STOP IT @ ME.

I Met Karlie ☺️

I had the opportunity to go to Karlie’s Swarovski event yesterday. ☺️

I have seen Karlie in person before on the streets in NYC but this is the first time I was able to observe her up close and to talk one on one with her. She is very engaging and a pleasure to talk to.

If you ever want to meet Karlie, this is the way to do it. Intimate events like this allow you to get close to her and to get a picture with her.

I thought I would share my thoughts. Please know that I am trying really hard not to sound like a fan girl here. I am older than Karlie and I am not someone who is impressed by celebrity.

BUT ….

Pictures honestly do not do her justice. While she looks gorgeous in photos, she is absolutely STUNNING in person. As many photos as I have seen of her, I was still awestruck by how beautiful she is.

💅 Beautiful skin

💅 So so smiley (Sunshine is a perfect description of her)

💅 Tall and sooooo lean (tiny waist)

💅 Very, very classy

💅 A girly girl

💅 Warm and engaging and makes everyone feel important

💅 Very humble with a hint of shyness to her

💅 An adorable and sweet demeanor (not pretentious or inconvenienced at all)

At the event we were able to watch her interview up close and see her engage with the interviewer. She was so articulate (despite the jokes that Taylor is the one good with words). Karlie was answering spontaneously and came off as so genuine and intelligent.

Taylor is a very, very lucky girl. I would not let Karlie out of my sight if I was her!

Below the cut are a bunch of pictures that I took … enjoy!

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