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Wait a damn minute, Roy Harper was in a rock band. Its how he got addicted to heroin. This means he can play instruments and sing. Now I'm not saying he sang to annoy Jason but I mean... he totally did that. Its like that one scene in Family Guy where Stewie is trying to write a song and Brian comes In and kills his vibe, then Stewie starts singing sarcastically about him. Or Jason is pissed about something and Roy (guitar in hand) decides it's a perfect time to start singing Rock Lobster.


I can just imagine Jason lecturing Roy about picking up his socks or not waking him up with weird vague texts in the middle of the night , and Roy just strums his guitar and sings about how mean Jason is to him. 

🎶 “Why you gotta be so ruuuuude? Don’t you know I’m an outlaw tooooo? Why you gotta be so ruuuuude? Jaybird you are so mean to me"🎶

”…I hate you, Roy.“ 

🎶 "And IIIIIIIII will always haaaate youuuuuuuuuuu IIIIIII-” 🎶



@snuffes is a mad genius, and there is no arguing this fact. 

Somehow, she managed to distill the sprawling, ridiculous, dark, bloody, messy Gates of Summer into three perfect paintings – and I can’t stop looking at them. She captured so much energy and so much of this fic’s mythology and plot arcs in these paintings, and guys, my heart is just so full

I could look at these for hours, and keep noticing new details. The tiny hands in the right painting, April’s tears on the left, the Elsewhen family fading into nothing, how the Boar is almost showing its true form as it and Donnie race toward their confrontation – it’s all so amazing, and so fitting that I get to post these tonight, when the whole fic ends. I wish you guys could see it as one piece, because it’s even more striking and emotional that way. 

I’m honestly a bit teary, and I’m so damn happy and in love with every tiny piece of this masterpiece, but most of all I’m lucky to know @snuffes, who has been yelling at me for this fic for years now, and who shared her genius like this. 

So thank you, thank you, Snuffes! May these hurt everyone as much as they’ve hurt me! <3<3

I find it disturbing how Kpop groups go though years of training and preparation, spend months at a time without their families, miss out on sleeping to improve themselves, only to be criticized or torn down by either their own fans or others because they don’t fit into their category of perfection.

Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re entitled to say whatever you want so stop putting so much pressure on Kpop groups, stop tearing down those who aren’t your favourite and please if you don’t have anything respectful to say then don’t say it

My Family Is Your Family

for @sterekseason‘s 25 days of sterek prompt ‘meeting the parents for the first time’

read on ao3:

“Stiles, stop worrying,” Derek said as they walked up the driveway to his family home.

“Derek, your family is huge and there are so many of them to impress I don’t think this will go well.”

“Babe they’ll love you okay?” Derek said, excited for his family to meet Stiles.

For so long his family pestered him for being single and never bringing anyone home. Now, he was bringing the perfect guy home and he couldn’t be more excited.

Derek flicked through his keychain while he looked for his key, opening the front door and letting the two of them in.

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Y/N Atlas...hmm sounds about right.

Prompt: Fluff with Daniel Atlas

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Warning: None besides the fact I suck at fluff, but I love to make you all happy.

Word Count: 865

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More Holiday AUs

- the ‘I live next door and just burned my holiday turkey; I know you smell my failure.  Do you happen to have a spot for me at your table?’ AU

- the 'We both are waiting for the same flight that has been delayed overnight; you want to cause some chaos and exchange crappy airport gifts?’ AU

- the 'I keep calling tech support because I’m an idiot with my computer and the guy has a voice sexier than the telephone sex operators on tv shows and I’m lonely because my family is doing separate Christmases this year.’ AU

- the 'I’m looking for a Christmas tree and this one is perfect; get your paws off my perfect tree’ AU

- the 'Look I was going to give this to my brother for Christmas but he and his girlfriend decided to go to his in-laws and I’m too pissed to send it to him, you want it?’ AU

- the 'Do you know how to wrap gifts; because, I am shitty at wrapping and this one is for my mother?’ AU

- the 'Secret Santa gave me your name and I refuse to find it creepy that I knew enough about you to get you the perfect gift but… do you like it?’ AU

(If you write one, tag me when you post or rec it.  I want to read some of these.)


[11.11.2016] // Autumn with little twins + Our 1st night out after the twins born!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Today is really being amazing, really, everything is going very perfect!
Since autumn is starting to be more active here, today was the 1st time that the twins went out with a very high cloth for autumn, and they felt so comfortable! Also, is amazing the trees with the yellow/orange leafs!
Me and Jhonny decided to went out today in the morning with the twins to see our old apartment, see how it’s going and if anything is broken or missing something. We do it every 5 to 5 month. This apartment was the 1st that we lived together! It’s when Rafa was made, tbh lol
We went with the twins and they stayed very calm while we was looking around. I couldn’t resist, and I take some pics of them in the apartment!
We went to home, and I took advantage for take a pic of them for the birthday post of their godmother Mia, that is making ages today haha!
Jhonny stayed the afternoon out, and when was like 17/18 pm, he called me to meet he in the square next to he, and he said too that their cousin Elo (that is one of the ppl that I most trust) was going to stay with the twins.
I waited she to come, and after, I went to meet them. He brought me to the apartment again, and when I entered, he did a perfect dinner for us, with their help. It’s for comemorate our 2nd engagement, since we didn’t did anything when he asked to marry with me again, bc the twins was so little.

Now, we will have this night just for us, I already have some pumped milk for the twins, and it will be the suficient for them, since I have a bit of breast milk frozen in the fridge.
I’m so glad that we’re having a time for us, for do our things and talk about us!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you! <3
Have a amazing day/night!


Wedding Bells (Alec x Reader) Imagine

This is the second part to Arranged


   You stood in the room looking at yourself in the mirror. You were wearing a long golden wedding dress. Your runes were clearly visible all over your arms and neck. You looked like the perfect shadowhunter bride. You were getting married today to a man that you barely even knew but it was to help restored his family name you kept telling yourself. You were doing a good thing. You were always the person to help some one if needed but wasn’t this abit to much even for you. Your story to everyone was that you guys had been keeping dating each other a secret because you guys didn’t know how his parents would feel. But everyone close to you two knew the truth about you two. You remember about how his friends felt when they found out last week. Confused and angry.


   “ALEC” Jace yelled as he and the others walked into the room. Alec and you jumped when they enter then turning to face them.

“What is going on?” Izzy asked crossing her arms.

“I’m getting married” Alec said with a eye roll

“No shit Alec, cut the crap why are you getting married” Izzy said

“Because I’m in love obviously” Alec answer. Izzy and them didn’t look to convinced with what Alec was saying. They knew him and knew when he was lying.

“Why don’t you just tell them Alec” you finally spoke looking at him.

‘People aren’t suppose to know” Alec said back to you.

“Tell us what?” they all asked at the same time.

“Were doing this to restored a familys name” you said while looking at them. They just looked at you not sure what to say. Izzy was the first one to speak.

“Just because your family did something stupid and now your family name sucks doesn’t mean you get to go and marry someone random person, which is my brother. He may like helping people but this is a little too much.” Izzy said then turn to look at Alec “You should be happy in life’

“You think it’s my family name that needs restoring” You laughed

“Well if it’s not yours then who’s name is it?” Clary asked

“Its our?” Izzy said coming out more like a question.

“Alec this have to be some sick joke, there’s nothing wrong with the Lightwoods family name.” Jace said looking at Alec.

“That’s where you guys are wrong. The Lightwoods family name is no longer look upon as it used to be. With everything happening lately is more looked down on then anything.” You told the three standing in front of you. “It’s name no longer holds it’s good meaning”

“So your helping Alec with our family name?” Izzy asked you.

“Yes that’s correct” You answerd

“Why?” Clary also asked

“The Lightwoods family needs help, I vowed as a shadowhunter to always help others. With the Blackthorns family name I will be putting peoples faith back in theirs” You said “I’m sorry if that makes you unhappy but it has to happen if you want people to think that you guys are still good people” You told Izzy and the others. “Well excuse me now,I have a  wedding to plan” you said as you left the room. When you left Alec had told you that Jace only asked him one question before they all left too.

“Could you be happy?” Jace asked Alec. All he wanted was for his best friend to be happy no matter what. He knew that’s what the others wanted too.

“Yeah I think I can”Alec said as he smile thinking of you.


 You haven’t really talk to any of Alec’s friend since then. They would say hello as you passed or smile but that’s it. Plus you had been so busy planning the wedding you really haven’t had a chance. All you wanted was for them to like you since you knew how much it meant for Alec.

*Knock Knock*

You heard at the door. “Come in” you said as someone walked into the room you could see them from the mirror.

“Hey” It was Izzy. She was wearing a brown golden dress. It look wonderful on her, it fit her in all of the right places.

“You look amazing” You told her.

“Your one to talk, you look beautiful in that wedding dress.” Izzy said as she came up behind you. “I wanted to see if my sister in law was ready yet”

“Almost sister in law” You smile. “Yeah I’m ready” Even thou you weren’t sure if you really were. You just needed to get this done and over with.

“Well then come on” She said as she took your hand leading the way to the room.

“I’ll see you soon” She said as you guys arrived at the doors and she made her way in. You waited outside of the white doors until you heard the music.It meant that it was time for you to enter. The guards open up the doors and you started to walk down the aisle. The first thing you saw was Alec. He was looking at you and smiling bright. Every feeling of doubt you had went away when you saw him. As you got up to the front of the aisle he took your hand to help you up the stairs.

“You look beautiful’ he whisper in your ear. You smile

“You don’t look too bad yourself” You both look at the Silent Brother and nodded your head saying you were ready to start. As you looked at Alec you knew that as long as he was by your side that meant that you were doing the right thing. Not only were you helping him, he was helping you learn how to fall in love and he didn’t even know it yet.

angst prompt: Giotto is having dreams of a happy past life with his S/O and is determined to search for her but finds out she was a civilian casualty during a fight between the Vongola and a rival famiglia sometime later after he begins his search.

G watched his friend frantically make calls and write letters like a possessed man, all grace and finesse gone as he tried to search for his supposed lover. He knew about the dreams Giotto has been having and knew how happy they made him. The smiled the blonde man had given him were blinding, full of hope and excitement.

“She’s wonderful, G,” he remembers Giotto exclaiming. “She’ll make a perfect Donna for the family.”

The Storm recalls asking his friend, “How do you know? She has to be different if everything you say is true, Gio. Things change, what you guys had was in a past life. What if she’s not the same woman you knew in your dreams?”

Giotto had refused to be discouraged as he continued to write down a list of people to contact. “I just do, G. Trust my intuition, okay?”

And he was trusting his intuition because when has his friend’s incredible talent ever let him down? Also, like a good friend, G had pulled his own contacts together for Giotto to use and called in favors he didn’t mind cashing in. He was the Right-Hand Man and best friend of Don Vongola, it’s only natural he should also act as his wingman too.

The facts are these: she worked in her family’s restaurant with a flower shop on the side, she had long hair that was always tied up with whatever scrap of fabric she had on hand, she adored the rain, and so on. Giotto loved waxing poetry about her but kept the more physical descriptions to himself, which pissed G off because dammit, how can they find her when they don’t even know what she looks like?

G knew when to put his foot down though. He was not afraid of cutting this search short if it threatened the safety of the family and Giotto was well aware of that. His boss had mused aloud one afternoon if he could contact rival families to employ them of their services and G actually physically smacked his friend from talking about such nonsense.

This search was practically an obsession for Giotto.

“What if she doesn’t want to be with you?” G asked, finally voicing a thought that lingered in the back of his head. He ignored the glare his friend sent his way and continued to be the voice of reason instead of an enabler as he had been the past few weeks. “What if she’s already with someone or doesn’t like you? What if she’s the daughter of some rival family or politician?”

Giotto put his pen down and laced his fingers together on top of his desk. He straightened his back and smiled, tilting his head a little to the side. “She won’t have a choice but to be with me, of course!”

“You always did whatever you wanted, Gio,” the other sighed and shook his head.

Time passed and the search still came up empty. When the little information Giotto gave out about his beloved came up with almost no matches, tensions began to run high as the women who did match were not the right ones. Word spread of the Vongola’s search and soon enough, women from all walks of life started to present themselves as Giotto’s past lover.

The Vongola boss turned them all away, knowing his darling would never be so forward in their relationship.

And so, the year came and went as the search continued. It was time for the yearly report of civilian casualties that the Vongola did to pay respects to the families who lost loved ones because of the mafia-related fights. The Vongola always sent a small amount of money to the families that time of the year, as a way to endear and gather support for themselves from the people.

G had been making his way towards Giotto’s office when his friend had abruptly left the room and grabbed his arm, dragging him towards the front of the house. A stack of papers had been shoved onto his chest, G reading what could have possibly driven the other man into a frenzy as a car was pulled up front. Both men climbed inside, G still reading and Giotto breathing heavily.

He flipped the page before before finally coming across the cause of his friend’s distress. There in black and white, circled in pencil, was the exact name of Giotto’s obsession. Mid-twenties, ran a flower shop, caught and killed in a skirmish earlier that year between the Vongola and the now-eradicated Espositio family, next of kin a sister a few towns over, buried in a cemetery on church grounds.

“Giotto,” G started but could not finish. The man next to him was wide-eyed and shaking, his breathes ragged. He could easily be mistaken as distraught but G knew better.

No. He was furious.

“I shouldn’t have killed them all,” Giotto whispered. “They should still be alive so I can kill them for this. Make them suffer, make them hurt.”

Both men were silent the rest of the ride to the church. They had left the car, walking around the cemetery grounds to quietly search for a tombstone. Giotto was the one who found it, staring listlessly at the grave as G made his way back to his friend.

G walked up to his friend, quietly asking, “What if that’s not her? What if she’s still alive and waiting for you?”

“Trust my intuition, G.”

The two men stood by the grave, one mourning for his friend and the other mourning for what could have been.

Addickted Chapter 1

Hi Guys!!!!!!!!! Addickted is FINALLY here! My sister had some extreme technical difficulties with life and doing her part for the series but what matters now is that Addickted is here! We have been working real hard to get these chapters to you guys and we are excited to see everyone’s reactions for the first chapter. On behalf of my sister and I, we hope you enjoy the series as it will began right now! @wicked-gamesofdersha 

Ahsha’s POV

Never in my thirty-six years of life would I ever think I’d be here. I had a plan, I had it all together. Perfect career, great husband, beautiful family, everything was the way it was supposed to be. I thought I had left my past behind, buried it beneath me, I was wrong. It’s crazy how fast your life can change in just an instant. One specific turn of events, that I will never forget. & one where it all went…wrong.


Ahsha-Hayes Roman sits in her car glancing out the window as her thoughts scattered her brain as she has just pulled up to her destination. She lifts up her car mirror applying a touch of red lipstick to her lips, putting her sunglasses on. It was fall in ATL and the weather was hitting the mid-80’s everyday so she tried every attempt to stay cool. She takes two deep breaths then gets out of the car and walks up to the building. Her red-bottom Louboutin’s heels click hard against the pavement as she strides her way into the elevator. Walking out, she takes notice to the mark on her arm then covers it back up quickly. Approaching the door now, she knocks lightly.

“Yes come in.”

The woman sitting behind her desk speaks coming out to greet Ahsha.

“Hi I’m Dr. Saldana, but you can just call me Raquel.”

Holding her hand out to shake with Ahsha’s.

“Thanks, uhm, the person who recommended you said you’re very, discreet?” Ahsha says, clasping her hand quickly.

“Yes, that’s completely right. Please, make yourself comfortable. Take off your coat and feel free to sit anywhere you’d like.”

“Thanks.” Ahsha responds removing her coat putting it on the back of her chair sitting down. Raquel collects her clipboard from her desk then sits down in the seat directly across from Ahsha.

“Before we begin I will just go through normal protocol about the process and your rights as my client.”


“So first of all, you have full confidentiality with me. All that means is that everything we talk about here will never leave this room.  Nobody sees these notes besides me and the only time I will disclose information to others in the department is if there are signs of self-harm, you hurting others around you or abuse going on in your living environment. If this becomes the case, I can disclose that information without your permission. So, do you understand this the way it’s been read to you?”

“Yes, I do.” Ahsha nods.

Raquel goes on.

“Good. You completed your form of consent document beforehand agreeing to everything these sessions include, do you still give that consent?”



Raquel writes down some more notes before putting her pen down. Ahsha stares ahead crossing her legs fidgeting with her fingers on her lap.

“Do you have any questions before we begin?”

“Just one. How do you know where to start?” Ahsha wonders.

“Nobody really knows exactly where to start, it’s a very tough process. The best thing to do is think about what led you here to begin with.”

“That’s the thing I… I don’t know the answer to that.”

“How ‘bout we just start from the beginning.” Raquel intercepts. Ahsha sighs under her breath.

“Alright. Well, I guess it was at that point in time where, I realized that, all the good things in my life could never fill this void that’s always been there.”

“Go on.”

“Everything was fine and then it all just, fell apart. I had it all, and then I lost control.”


Ahsha’s POV

Back in college, I didn’t really have a plan for my life. Sure, I had aspirations but nothing was really set in motion, no set plans. Plus, life is so unpredictable, you really don’t know what cards you’re being dealt. My main goal back then was making my own happiness a priority. And I found that, with the man of my dreams and father of my two children, Jasmine and Cameron. Two of the smartest kids I know with hearts of gold, spitting images of their father, my soulmate, and the love of my life Derek Ray Roman.


Ahsha Hayes Roman pulled up in the driveway of her home after a long day at work. Even though the day was over, she still had a lot to do over the next few weeks. All she wanted to do right now was open the door and see her children’s faces and be in the comfort of her husband’s arms. She grabbed her keys and purse, locking up the car and walking up the steps. Before she could get her hand on the knob, the door flew open with her son and daughter jumping for joy.

“Mommy’s home!”

Both children screamed running into her arms.

“My babies have missed me I see!”

Ahsha says to them wrapping her arms around them both as they greeted her at the door with kisses on her cheeks like they’re known to do. The trio hug each other one second more before parting.

“We’re not babies, mom!”

“To me you are, and you always will be so you might as well accept it mister”

“I’m not the baby Jasmine is, but on another note, we did miss you! Where have you been all day anyway?”

“Work son.” Ahsha responds, laughing, amused by her son’s question.

“Why so long though?”

“Wellll Gotta get these bills paid somehow don’t you think?”

“I guess mama.”

“Besides, long hours mean lots and lots of cash for you and your sister.” The mother informs them.

“To spend!”

“Oh, no buddy, it’s to feed you, keep those clothes you have on your back, and shoes on your feet. I keep telling you, money don’t grow on trees and I’m pretty sure you had this conversation with nana, right?”

The boy stood still with his head down.

“Hmm, that’s what I thought.” Ahsha teases.

“Mommy’s right you know” Jasmine chimes in.

“You would say that goody toe shoes.”

“I’m not a goody toe shoes because I’m spitting facts, it’s called being smart, you should try it sometime.” The little sister snorts.

“Yeah and you should try shutting up sometime!” Cameron snaps back.

“That all you got for me bro? You can come a little better than that, no wait, wait, you can’t because you’re a punk!”

“Better than being a kiss-up!”

The siblings went back and forth as their mother tried to diffuse the situation before it escalated.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough you two. Cameron stop being mean to your sister. Jasmine don’t tease your brother.”

“But mom, she…” Ahsha cuts her son off before he continues telling on his sister.

“No buts, now apologize.” The mother says with authority.

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry too.” She apologized.

“Good, now be nice to each other and help mommy with her bags, and go get ready before Nana gets here.”


The two kids say together as they walk upstairs to put their mom’s bags in the room while she makes her way into the kitchen to find what she was looking for the minute she walked in the house.

“Is daddy home too?”

“I could be, why don’t you come a lil closer so you can find out.”

Ahsha’s husband states as he turns from the stove to face her. She remains on the side not moving while she continues eyeing him from across the room. She licks her lips at the view.

“Ohhhh, I would love to do that I just, have a lot of really bad habits. But maybe, you can help me with that.”

“I can do more than help you.”

He said walking over to her slowly. Inches away now, he grabs her by the waist as she wraps her arms around his neck.

“Well, let’s see if it works.”

And the couple attack engaging in a wet kiss. Ahsha dives into Derek’s mouth as his head is slightly tilted to the side, proceeding to deepen the kiss. Ahsha moans in his mouth as he bites her bottom lip before massaging his tongue with hers. Her hands are caressing his cheek as his trickle down to her round bottom lightly squeezing her cheeks. She giggles as his hands stay firmly on top of her ass, easily enjoying her reaction. They part to exchange a few pecks then look up at each other.


“Hi.” Derek responds, kissing his wife once more.

“How’s my favorite girl doing?”

“Mmmm, so so, work was great as always, the girls are coming quite well with the steps for their next performance, but I missed my husband’s touch.”

“And he’s missed yours.

Diving into the nape of her neck. She tilts her head back a bit moaning quietly.

“Mmm you did?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Soo tell me chef D, what’s on the menu tonight?” She sang playing with his tie.

“Your favorite.”

“Shrimp alfredo.”

“Garlic bread.”

“Mmm. Broccoli with cheese.”

Wrapping her arms around his waist as they continue to finish each other’s sentences.


“Apple pie la mode with a side of D.” He smirks giving a devilishly grin.

“Sounds, tasty.” Winking to his face.

“Oh you have no idea.”

“Oh but I think I do.”

“Maybe you do then, but first we have to wait until mama gets here to pick up the kids.”

“Because?” She steps back a little.

“They’re her headache for the weekend remember.” He grins. Catching his drift now, she smirks back.

“Aaanw alone for the night.”

“Damn right we are.”

“Well in that case, maybe I should go upstairs and change into something more comfortable.” She replies, releasing herself from his grasp trying to escape.

“No, no, no, no.”

Pulling her back in as she tried to leave the kitchen.

“I like what you got on now baby.”

“Oh? Then I guess I’ll keep it on a lil longer then.She suggests, pressing her lips on his cheek.

They embrace, wrapping their arms around each other as the children walk back in now, with grandma Sloane.

“Ugh you’ve got to be kidding me.” Cameron expresses with great annoyance in his voice.

“If you two don’t get a room!” Sloane stresses, trying to cover up the kids’ eyes.

“We’re in it!” Ahsha groans, causing Derek to laugh. He presses a kiss to her forehead and looks at Sloane, slightly embarrassed.

“I meant your room.”

“Mommy I think nana means you and daddy’s bedroom.” Jasmine comments, laughing.

“Mommy thinks so too, just like mommy also thinks you need to stay in a child’s place.” She raises her eyebrow. Jasmine immediately stops laughing and her eyes widen.

“Okay you two, go kiss mommy and daddy goodbye so we can get going.”

Sloane ordered her grandkids and lets them go. Cameron punches fists with Derek since he didn’t believe a son should kiss his dad, that was a girly thing. He then kisses his mom on the cheek. He may not be so affectionate with his dad but he adored Ahsha.

Jasmine jumps into her daddy’s arms for a long tight hug then kisses her mom’s forehead.

“Love you momma.”

“I love you too sweetie. Be good for nana tonight okay, you two mister.” Pinching Cameron’s nose.

“Yes, I know momma I will.” Cameron replied to his mother.

“Good, okay mom make sure they don’t stay up too late tonight and I’ll be there to pick them up after Derek and I run errands for the house.”

“Girl don’t try to school me on parenting, I’ve been doing it longer than you. It’s the weekend, you’re not getting them back until Sunday night! I got this.” Sloane boasts.

“We have no doubt, mom.”

“Thank you, son.” Sloane tells Derek kissing his face as Ahsha playfully rolls her eyes. They always tease her together when she played the over-bearing mother from time to time.

“You both make me sick.”

“Oh baby, you just jealous cuz momma loves me more.” Derek teases his wife, rubbing her back.

“I came out of her Derek, I’m pretty sure that’s a myth.”

“I love you both the same.” Sloane intervenes at the couple’s playful but cute banter. She blows her daughter kisses as Derek wraps his arm securely around her waist as she leaves with the kids. Ahsha walks to lock the doors then gets back into her husband’s presence.

“Soo my lady what shall we do first?”

“Hmm, I can go for some food right now, and a back massage with oil by my lovable husband.”

“That can definitely be arranged.” Derek says, kissing her on the lips and picking her feet up off the ground, carrying her to the kitchen. Ahsha’s laughter filled the house as the couple enjoyed their quality time away from the children.

“Your husband seems really sweet and so do your children. You mentioned that you work. What is your profession?” Raquel asks.

“I’m a dance teacher, running my own business that I built from the ground up, for people ages two to ninety-nine, from all walks of life. I love my job.” Ahsha says as Raquel jots down Ahsha’s statement.



This was the day before the dance competition and all Ahsha wanted to do was go home and cuddle up by her man’s side, she glances at the clock on the wall, noticing that it is only six in the evening. She felt the day could not move any slower.

“Great job guys!” She congratulates her dance class of six to nine year olds in beginner’s ballet and dismisses them. She leaves her class and heads to her office, ready to call it a night but to her dismay she has to teach hip hop in thirty minutes.

She swaps out her ballet slippers for her sneakers and walks back out of her office to stretch before her next batch of students come in for class.

“See you later Mrs. Roman!” One of her students, Emily says and rushes to hug her.

“I’ll see you later, Emily. Amazing job on your turns today!” She says and hugs the little dancer back.

“Thank you.” The little girl with the high pitched voice says and runs back to her mother who waves at Ahsha.

“See you next week!” She says before leaving the dance studio.

Ahsha’s next batch of kids roll in and put their stuff into random cubby holes.

Kyle, Ahsha’s best friend and business partner uses this time to talk to her about something important.

“So Carebear, I had a meeting with Quinton Canosa’s agent and he told me that Quinton should be at the dance competition next week and that he is very excited to come dance with us.” Kyle says, earning a confused look from Ahsha.

“Wait, who is Quinton Canosa again?” Ahsha quizzes, partially joking.

“The choreographer who had worked with Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko, Demi Lovato, Jojo and probably Obama. He is the king of choreography! You don’t remember me telling you about him wanting to work with our dancers for a few months?”

“Yes, I remember, Kyle. I was just messing with you. Please tell his agent that we’ll be happy to work with him for the next few months and that we look forward to seeing him next weekend.”

“I will. I’ll see you after you finish classes.”

“See you later, Kyle.” The blonde makes her way back into hers and Ahsha’s shared office and starts to make her phone call to Quinton Canosa’s agent.

“Mrs. Roman! Look at what I can do.” One of Ahsha’s students, Tiara says and does an aerial, blowing the dance teacher away.

“You got it! Just remember to pointe your feet a bit and land in a plie so that you don’t mess up your knees.” Ahsha suggests.

“Can you show me?” Tiara challenges. Ahsha laughs at the girl in front of her and mentally prepares herself for the task. She takes a deep breath and follows the instructions that she gave Tiara, landing in a perfect plie.

“What other flips can you do?” Tiara asks in amazement as she claps for her dance teacher.

“How about this? I can show you in gymnastics on Thursday night. For right now, let’s start practicing for competition!” She eagerly says as more of her students pile into the middle of the dance floor.

“Are we ready?” She excitedly asks her team.



It’s been a week since Ahsha had received news of Quinton Canosa’s visit to the dance competition. Today is the day of competition and Ahsha knew that she could not let her nervousness get in the way of an amazing business opportunity.

“Are you guys ready?” Ahsha asks her hip hop team. The ballet dancers just left the stage two numbers ago. She is confident that they are going to win the competition.

“Yes!” The team cheers as they excitedly head out of their dressing rooms with Ahsha in tow as they get ready to take center stage.

At Leap of Faith Dance Center, competition means business. The dance teacher heads out to the audience and watches her dancers get ready to perform.

Ciara’s “Give Me love” plays through the auditorium and Ahsha’s dancers step on to the stage and start their routine.

The crowd excitedly cheers louder as the group of six do their aerials in sync, making Ahsha very proud.

Another dance teacher enters the auditorium and sits right next to Ahsha. “This group is amazing.” He compliments as he watches them move across the stage.

“Thank you. Those are my dancers.” Ahsha proudly boasts as the group finishes their routine.

“I’m impressed.” The man suggests and joins the audience as they clap for the team as they leave the stage.

“That was Leap of Faith Dance Center performing Give Me Love. Next up is Turning Pointe Dance Company performing To The Hilt.” The announcer says.

The ballet dancers take the stage before the music starts and begin dancing. As they are dancing, the Banks’ To The Hilt starts to play, blowing Ahsha away with the amazing choreography. She is blown away by the dancers’ fluidity and admires their neat, quick footwork.

“They’re amazing.” She tells the man next to her, she quickly looks down at her program and sees that Quinton Canosa choreographed this dance.

“This choreographer, Quinton Canosa seems amazing. This gives me faith that he is going to do amazing with my dancers.” She spills.

The man chuckles and looks at the woman next to him, mesmerized by the dancers who are still dancing. Their dance ends and everyone offers a loud applause, in complete awe of the dance that they have seen.

“I’m Quinton Canosa, and you are Ahsha Hayes?” He guesses. Ahsha offers her hand for Quinton to shake. He accepts the handshake, noticing the rock on her finger.

“Wow.” He says and lets her go. He stares at her lips and then back into her eyes.

“Now that I have a face with your name, I notice that you are just as beautiful as your name.”

Ahsha feels her cheeks getting hot all thanks to the compliment and she looks back up at him. “Thank you.”

“I normally don’t do this, but I have a piece that I have been working on for about a year or so, and I would love if you could dance with me. I’ve seen your work, you are incredible.” Ahsha’s eyes widen in shock.

“What?” She asks, once again taken aback.

“You would be perfect as my love interest in the dance.”

“Thank you, Mr. Canosa, but this is strictly business and I don’t dance with my business partners, no matter how talented they are.” She replies. Quinton looks upset but quickly snaps out of it.

“Would your husband mind us dancing together?” Quinton asks, getting closer to her, unknowingly causing Ahsha to become intrigued with his offer.

“I haven’t given it any thought.” She replies and starts to grab her belongings.

“It was nice meeting you Mr. Canosa.” Quinton reaches for Ahsha’s hand once again, this time softly caressing it.

“You too, Ahsha Roman.” He says. Little did he know, he had Mrs. Roman swooning on the inside. She quickly pulls her hand away and exits the auditorium, going on her way to find her dancers.

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Darlin' Cowboy: McCree Headcanons

Oh yes. It’s time to talk about one of my husbandos. :3 (I resisted the urge to make this all fluffy stuff)

  • Don’t get me started on this guy and how adorably flirty he is. Oh, he can be smooth and charming when he wants to be, but usually he’s just a cheesy dork who’s all pick up lines and nicknames (darlin’, pumpkin, sweet pea, honeysuckle, sugar, doll, angel, LITERALLY EVERYTHING). He’s genuine too, so you know this is all 100% McCree. Not to mention he’s a full gentleman too.
  • Yes, while chubby McCree gives me life, I imagine he’s got an average body (not to muscled, but not super chubby…but still chubby enough to make him perfect for cuddles).
  • Overwatch became his family when he joined and people sort of subconsciously filled familial roles for him over time. He didn’t exactly have a family (or, he did, but he was too young to really remember them too well) and the closest he’d had to a long time was the Deadlock Gang, so he’d never really experienced having one (much less having a good one). Reyes was the most prominent as a father figure (*cough* with Morrison *cough*) and Fareeha was a little sister (but that was once Ana was fine with her baby hanging around that “juvenile delinquent"…then she kinda became a mother figure).  
  • While he might not remember it, that serape of his was given to him by his mother
  • He was such a troublesome and stubborn teenager when he first joined Overwatch, but over time, influence from Reyes turned him around and changed his mind to think he had a chance at a better life. He didn’t have to be an outlaw anymore and could make up for what he’d done.
  • Oh, when he found out that Reyes - the only father figure he ever had - was dead from the Swiss HQ explosion, he was torn apart. He was in denial about it for the longest time, too, thinking there was no way that the Gabriel Reyes he knew could die like that. When it finally sank in that he was dead and wasn’t coming back (in his mind),  Jesse grieved for the longest time. In fact, he felt kinda guilty; he thought that maybe if he hadn’t left before the official disbandment of Overwatch, if he’d stayed behind a little longer, maybe he could have saved him. It’s actually a partial motivation for him still fighting for justice, since that’s what Reyes would want him to do.
  • He loves animals, but has a total weakness for dogs
  • As a teen, his relationship with Mercy was confused. She was always hounding him about his smoking and behavior and actions and literally everything under the sun while he just continued on and didn’t care. This sort of softened when she treated his lost arm and helped attach his prosthetic (made by Torbjörn) where he realized she genuinely cared even through her annoyance at him. They slowly became good friends over time and had actually matured as adults (though she’ll still tease him from time to time).
  • So confident in his skills and appearance, you’ve got no idea. He’ll play the humble card in front of people (though if he’s flustered, it’s much more genuine), but you know he just eats up compliments (such a sucker for compliments).
  • He only knows how to cook breakfast foods (he can’t make a steak to save his life, but he can make the meanest hash browns you’ll ever eat).
  • His whole cowboy look and lines come from spending so much time as a kid watching westerns and pretending he was like those cool sheriffs or roaming heroes
  • While he’s calm and collected on the job with a ton of patience for anyone and any situation, he’s much more emotional and open in his spare time.
  • He knows how to ride a motorcycle and pretends like he knows how to ride a horse (he’s seen horses and he’s been near them, but never ridden one)
  • His most prized possessions are his serape, his hat, and his BAMF belt (oddly enough, Peacekeeper comes in forth even if he doesn’t act like it does)
  • If he’s in a stressful situation or really deep in thought, he’ll either be twirling an unlit cigar or his Peacekeeper in his hand
  • Loves to show off with literally everything he does (he’s not one of the best shots in Overwatch for nothing and will happily prove it to anyone)
  • He can play guitar and likely learned from Reyes (he’s out of practice though now, so he’s pretty rusty). Bonus, he’s a pretty decent singer as well so it’s a nice, relaxing combo when you have both
  • You know how he lives receiving compliments? Oh, this man, this Jesse McCree here, lives giving them even more. He’s received so many reactions and responses to them too and loves every one of them.
  • Just like Fareeha, he’s been to Reyes grave, but only once. He spent the whole day mourning and left flowers on his, Ana’s, and Morrison’s graves in respect (though there was slightly more emotion to leaving them for Ana and Gabriel)


Now that you guys know that Kylie is expecting, I can finally show you their new house! I took so long to build this because I wanted it to be perfect, but I really love how it turned out! I ended up making Ben and Kylie’s room a little bigger, and there’s a little seating area out the door across from the study that you can’t really see. Overall, I’m happy with how it looks!

okay but y’all know how Calum basically turns into Bashful the dwarf whenever he gets a compliment? Now can you imagine what he’d be like when he goes home with you to meet your family for the holidays? Everyone would fall in love with him and think he was just perfect for you. Your little cousins in awe of all the “pretty pictures” inked on his arm, exclaiming that Calum is the coolest guy they’d ever seen because “he is like walking art.”  And grandma commenting on how cute you two look snuggling together on the couch by the fire. Plus your aunt telling him how handsome he is, and how she’d eat him up “if only she were a few years younger.” omg Calum would combust into crinkly smiles and do his lil wheezy laugh then shrink himself down to hide his face behind you. But every time he hides back there, he’d kiss your shoulder or smell your hair until the attention went away.

Family {33}

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Yelling, Threats (More Warnings in the tags)

Words: 2,136

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 22,23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32

I think I got all the warnings, I’m sorry if I have forgotten any. I’m far from perfect guys, so hopefully I’ve warned you enough. Enjoy!!

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This is the first time that I try to draw manga about Middle Class Family au!You guys want to know how was Kylo and Hux’s life like before they became the perfect family. And I want to tell you the story little by little

Once upon the time, deep in the very dark wood

There was a little black bear called Benny the pooh

He was depressed and grumpy, isolated and sad

“No one really knows me, and life is unfair”

One day there came a prince with shinny ginger hair

“Sorry for being so late, I’m here to save you from tears.”

“Under your dark furry skin, there is a princess sleeping.

The soul of my ideal girl, is here burning and gleaming.”

He cut the pooh bear open, filled him with spices and sweets.

After the pretties nightmare, the princess in fur was released

Happily they get married. Forever they left the sad old place.

This is how perfect tales should end. Evening kisses on your face.

anonymous asked:

Is it a challenge to make the the ot6 appear more parental in the Like Us series? Because you've written in their POVs for so long, how has it been looking at them from their kids POV? I'm really excited for this series btw, the fact that we'e followed a generation along to the next is sure to be amazing. Love you guys!

It might’ve been harder had we not written Some Kind of Perfect. But SKOP serves as a sort of prequel to the Like Us series in terms of family dynamics. We already have a basis of how each couple are as parents, so it makes it ten times easier to write the families from the kids’ POVs :) 

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45 for Zayne x Millie sorry it just made me laugh after the last Drabble.

“You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.”

Millie stared in awe at the boisterous personality of her children. “I love them so much,” She said aloud. “Never in a million years did I think that I’d be blessed like this. Never.”

“We do have the perfect family,” Zayne replied, watching Jordyn chase her older sister. “They’re so beautiful, just like their mother.”

“How?” She asked suddenly, “Did I get so lucky with you? I mean, I could have been dealing with someone like Zander for the rest of my life. We were such good friends. I thought we were perfect for each other.”

“I don’t want to hear tyyhat guy’s name ever again. He made a real stupid mistake.” Zayne snaked his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulder. “You know, I’ve lived a really long time, an I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite like this. Well, maybe once, but that was years ago.”

“Your first wife,” She whispered. “I know, you don’t have to mention her.”

“Don’t be jealous,” He muttered, close to her ear. “You’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted. And a big beautiful family too. You know, there was a time that I didn’t think I was capable of being loved. I made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of people I cared about.”

“I’d have liked to meet him,” Millie said. “Charlie, I mean.” Zayne had mentioned the boy once and only once. Never again, he swore, would he let himself get that raw with Millie. But of course, he couldn’t help it when he was with her. 

He shut his eyes. “He’d love the girls. You know…we should have more kids.”

Millie shook her head violently. “More? We already have 3! No, you’re getting a vasectomy and that’s final.”

“You don’t want to compete with Charlotte?” He teased. 

“Six kids is way too many, I can barely keep up with the ones I have.”

“I think I can change your mind.” He winked at her. 

Thanks for the ask!

So guys, I have finally stopped crying(ish) and I just want to talk about Episode 24 for a sec. More specifically, about how PROUD I am of Kara and Totty.

More under the cut, if you’re interested! 

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So with Leandro Alejandro Núñez Cuesta Espinosa being the perfect name for Lance, what does that mean for his family? I remember you guys talking about Cubans with 3-4 last names and wondering how that would translate to naming Lance's siblings, because I wouldn't want to accidentally make Lance have a sister who's only got half her proper name.

well the way i see it is that his first and middle names are Leandro Alejandro, and the others are his surnames. 

so when giving his siblings names you would give them a first and middle name, then the last names

psa tho real quick tho most of you i already know, know this stuff abt my portrayal its for the newcomers. charlie is some heavy Canon divergent. If I’m being honest I didn’t like nessie. I loved her potential, but didn’t Like where it was taken. She had a great concept but it was ruined by this ever constant perfect little princess thing she had going on. Charlie struggles with blood lust. HES A CHILD. And he’s half human on top of that. He is incredibly smart however! And definitely very clever. He still has his gift to show his thoughts through touch, and I’ve gone into further detail before how dangerous that can become as he grows and matures. I’m just warning you guys Charlie is far from the perfect nessie in the books but is still in a sense very much her with her innocence and abilities and connections to the family.