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Danny Rayburn x OC - Love at First Sight, Ch1 - Waiting For You

I don’t think it’d be right calling this a (x reader) fic because I know there is too much of me in this character. Either way, I hope you guys will enjoy it. Also, practically none of this is based off cannon, except Danny’s tragic past, but at least here he can be happy. Also, please forgive my grammar and formatting I know it’s not perfect. Anyway… here you go…

Warning - smut

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no but people who don’t like pacific rim because it wasn’t logical or scientifically accurate like


we know

we don’t care

it is an homage to that genre. the original godzilla was a dude clearly in a rubber suit stomping cardboard tokyo and we were supposed to just accept that. pacific rim is a movie where a government council sat around like “what are we gonna do about these giant aliens coming from the ocean?”

“let’s build equally giant robots to punch them in the face”

“yes perfect” and like, that was of course the logical response because it’s friggin cool

mako didn’t use the sword because she had to wait until the perfect cinematic moment to do so

this movie is a love letter to painfully dumb action movies, but it is also one of the smartest movies i’ve ever seen. it’s just telling a story in a different way. instead of having audience vehicle main character explain everything to us, the movie shows you a world and asks you to accept its premise, and then lets you discover the story yourself.

this movie glorifies platonic love and familial bonds, this movie is about how we as people are stronger together, that it’s not one lone hero guy who can save the world, but the unity of all of us. it’s about the sheer unmitigated gall of humanity- “fuck this noise, we’re canceling the apocalypse!” it’s about the stupid dumb loud optimism that looks at the world and wants it to better, demands it be better, and does so with fists of steel.

it’s bombast and noise and i love it to bits so shut up and sit down and let me enjoy my giant robots punching giant monsters in the face okay?

Feral - part 1

Pairing: future alpha!Sam x omega!Reader

Word Count: 4,766

Warnings: angst, fluff, canon divergence, age difference (reader is 20, Sam is 31), canon violence (blood, physical injury)

Summary: set during and after 9x12 “Sharp Teeth” - When Sam gets bitten by a werewolf, it falls to you to keep him safe and under control.

Send a message or leave a comment! Feedback is much appreciated!

Sam was facing a difficult decision. Not that he wasn’t always facing difficult decisions, but this one was probably the hardest he’d ever had to make.

Garth was a werewolf. One of his best friends and a fellow hunter had been turned. He should have wanted to put the scrawny man down right there, and then put bullets in the rest of the pack, but he didn’t.

He couldn’t.

Because you were in the pack too, and if Sam killed everyone else, he would have no choice but to put you down too.

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Quite A Vexer

Originally posted by wolfiehunters

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “ 1 - Jeff Atkins”


1. “Shut up, I’m trying to study here.”

Word count: 911

Posted: 11th of May 2017

A/N: This is one out of eighteen requests of my lovely Aja. I am trying so hard to finish your requests and you should love me for that. Just kidding. Thank you for these requests Aja. I hope you like this, even though it’s a little bit short. Enjoy your Jeff feels.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry. You can always request something else from my prompt list. Thank you.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: (Y/L/T) is Your Lip Type.

“(Y/N), do you think that this white suit fits me well?” Your boyfriend Jeff curiously asked while he was admiring his own reflection in front of the full-length mirror in your room.

“You’re sexy, babe. I love the fitting.” You honestly commented as you took a moment to admire him. The suit really fitted him well and you could say that it enhanced his toned muscular body. Jeff was a sportive guy and he played in Liberty High’s baseball team, so he would always go training with his friends. “Are you using that for the Winter Formal?”

“Yup!” He shortly answered, still admiring his look. You shook your head while smiling as you realized how narcissist your boyfriend was.

Well, Jeff was really good looking and you’ve always admitted that he was hot and alluring. He was a great boyfriend too, because he perfectly knew how to treat you right, he was respectful towards you and your family. He was the perfect guy, your perfect guy, and you would never ask for something more in your life.

“How about you?” He asked you as you continued doing your homework. It was almost Winter break, but you still had to rush things for the school. You hated it, but you knew that you had to bear with it. Unfortunately.

“Me?” You corrugated your forehead as you wrote some notes on your notebook, giving him your back.

“What are you going to wear?” He asked you as if it was already obvious. You felt his heavy footsteps going towards you, but you just kept on doing your work.

You already bought your dress and you were lucky that it fitted with Jeff’s suit. You couldn’t wait to wear it and to show the dress to your boyfriend. You knew that he would love it.

“You’ll see, just be patient!” You demanded with a laugh and you heard your boyfriend doing the same. His laughter was one of the reasons why you loved him, he was so adorable and goofy whenever he laughed. “It’s a surprise.”

“Dang it!” He pouted as he sat on your study table. He wasn’t wearing the suit anymore and he observed you tranquilly. “The colour must match with my suit and, please, don’t wear anything sexy or something, okay?” He possessively reminded you and you rolled your eyes.

You loved it when he became possessive and jealous, but it also annoyed you because he was really a complete paranoid. Sometimes, he would even bother your sleep during the night just to assure himself that no boy was flirting with you at school.

You knew that he would do everything to protect you and, although he was an angel, he would start a war if someone ever dared to touch you. You were safe with Jeff and you thanked him for that.

“Why?” You raised your eyebrows as you waited for his answer. You knew that Jeff couldn’t really tell you anything, because you’ve always worn the stuff you liked, whenever you were with him or not. He’s always been protective, but he would always end up praising you for your looks. You were the most beautiful girl in his eyes, of course.

“Well, sexy stuffs stay between us,” He seriously stated and you looked into his astonishing and shiny blue orbs. “in bed.” He added with a wink as he tried to tease you, smirking as he had his perverse thoughts.

“Atkins!” You rolled your eyes and you carefully rested your pen on the desk. You pretended to be angry, but he knew that you weren’t. “Shut up, I’m trying to study here.” You complained and he let out some soft giggles, together with his naughty side.

“Am I distracting you?” He asked with a naughty tone as he leant in to give you a quick kiss on your (Y/L/T) lips.

“Isn’t it obvious?” You playfully slapped his muscular arm and he laughed loudly. He knew that you couldn’t resist his charms and you despised him for being that confident of himself. He would always use his naughtiness to tease you and you seriously hated him for that. “Your sexiness is something that I can’t resist.” You teased back as you knew how much he loved it.

“I know.” He confidently stated and you let out some soft giggles. He then brought his lips down your neck and nibbled your soft spot carefully. Your boyfriend knew you well and it wasn’t the first time that he would tease you in that way. “I am irresistible.” You pushed his face away from your neck as you still had to finish some of your projects.

“Whatever you say, big guy!” You sarcastically complimented him and you gained a loud and contagious laughter from him.

“I love you so much, my princess.” He honestly said in between of his laughs. He gave you another quick kiss before running away from you, being the goofball that he was.

“Atkins, you’re an annoying little prick,” You threw him the stuffed toy that he gave you for your birthday, but you missed him. “but I love you too.”

“I love you more,” He demanded as he admired you from afar. “and that’s final.”

You rolled your eyes for another time as you shook your head for your boyfriend’s vexing, but cute childish actions.

You knew that you would always love him. Well, was it even possible to not love Jeff Atkins? You didn’t think so.











FFXV Medieval AU

Since you guys really seem to enjoy my AU headcanons, I have decided to throw the boys in to my favorite type of AU: Medieval AU. Yaaaas. 

If you guys like this AU, I will elaborate on the female characters! <3 Lemme know what you think!!  <3

Hahahah whoops I accidentally turned Ignis’s in a novel. I regret nothing.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum | Prince | Heir to the Throne | 

Born into the Royal Family of Lucis, Noctis has very little worry about. He grew up carefree and educated. He knew how to read, write, and was taught many various languages used around Eos. He was the perfect Prince.

Outside of the castle, however, Noctis is widely disliked along with the rest of the royal family.  While commoners often found themselves starving and ill, the Royal Family sat in the comfort of their palace, indulging themselves in delicacies. 

Noctis deeply hates the Royal Family’s reputation throughout the kingdom. It causes him deep, destructive, conflicting feels. He falls depressed. He avoids court at all costs. He begins to yearn to escape the royal bloodline. 

He confides in his friend, and Royal Advisor, Ignis Scientia. As Noctis expected, Ignis does not support his wishes. He reminds Noctis of his duties as Prince. He mustn’t fret over what those outside the palace think. Everything the royal family does is for the best.

When it is announced that Noctis will be apart of an arranged marriage to a young Princess who lives from a land distant from Lucis, he has had enough of the royal life. He takes his leave from the palace and begins a life as a farm boy, hoping that no one will recognize him.

Prompto Argentum | Farm Boy | Commoner |

Prompto Argentum is a low born, orphan. He has no knowledge of his real parents, nor does he know if they are alive. A single questions haunts him everyday, why did they give him up?

He was raised by a farmer in the village of Lucis. The man was unmarried, with no children of his own. He was mean, but he gave Prompto daily meals and a roof over his head. How could the blonde boy complain?

Prompto’s days began at the crack of dawn and ended when the sun was long gone from the sky. He did many tasks on the farm he called home. Harvesting, taking care of livestock, shoveling wastes, milking cows… menial labor. It wasn’t anything glamorous, but he often found himself enjoying it. 

He loves animals. He gave names to each of the animals that took residence on the farm. They each were his best friends and he cared for them deeply.

One morning, during his daily routine, Prompto came across a young man asleep on a haystack. He looked about that same age as the farm boy. His clothes were regal, but torn… dirt caked the young mans face. He slept soundly. 

The Prince? Prompto recognized the man easily. What was the Prince doing here?

Gladiolus Amicitia | Knight | King’s Guard |

The Amicitia line has been protecting the KIng’s of Lucis for centuries. Gladiolus is no exception. 

He takes pride in his work as a knight and first line of protection for the royal family. He has been sent out on numerous quests to eliminate those who attempt to invade or cause harm onto Lucis and any of it’s citizens. 

Gladiolus and his family are hailed as Heroes throughout the country and he is greatly adored. His strength and charm make him very popular with the young ladies that live throughout Eos.

When Prince Noctis goes missing, the King sets Gladio out to find him. Their first guess as to where to find the Prince is Lucis’s well known enemy; Niflheim. Perhaps they captured him for leverage purposes.

Even if that were a false hypothesis, Gladio was determined to find his Prince and friend. He soon began his quest, searching throughout all of Eos in attempts to bring home the Prince unharmed.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia | Royal Advisor | Member of Court |

Ignis Scientia is in closest relations to the Royal Family. The Scientia family has served them for countless years. Though still very young, Ignis was assigned to be the Prince’s right hand man and Royal Advisor. He is a member of Lucis’s court and is very well respected throughout. His elegant and gentlemanly demeanor made him well liked with diplomats of varying ages. 

Though he is very different from Prince Noctis, he hold a great respect for the young Prince. Still, however, Ignis finds himself cleaning up after his highness more times than once, yet he does not complain.

He understands Noctis’s worries about the Royal Family’s reputation, but strongly advises him that ignoring the reputation and rumors are for the best. Noctis follows his advisor’s suggestion until his engagement to Princess Lunafreya of the country Tenebrae is announced.

Ignis soon sees that Noctis is unprepared and unwilling to follow through with his princely duties. As much as it pains him, Ignis begins to support Noctis’s desires to run away. 

One quiet night before Princess Lunafreya’s arrival, Ignis rouses the Prince from his bed and urges him to flee the castle. Though Noctis is surprised by the gesture, he agrees. Ignis informs him on where to go; a local farm only a few miles away from the palace. Noctis graciously thanks his friend, and runs off to his solitude.

When the Prince is discovered as missing Ignis kept his mouth shut. He pretended as if he hand’t had a single clue about Noctis’s whereabouts. Eventually, Ignis teams up with Sir Gladiolus of the King’s Guard to return Noctis home from safety… all the while he leads the knight further and further away from the Prince…


Lena Luthor Appreciation Week - Day: When you started loving Lena

I started loving Lena during 2x08. I know that’s kinda late but let me explain. :) Okay you guys, I get how everyone loved Lena the moment they knew Katie Mcgrath was gonna portray her, or how everybody loved Lena right after her first scene during 2x01. I get it. Katie Mcgrath was perfect for the role. And the way Lena Luthor talked about being adopted, about Lex, and trying to make a name outside of her family, it was just everything. And that’s when I immediately shipped Supercorp. They had me at ‘and who are you exactly?’. I should probably say I started loving her when she and Winn did their science thing under the table in the gala or when she helped Kara with the alien fight club but No that wasn’t it. Despite shipping Supercorp back then to death, there was something about Lena I couldn’t quite figure out. But when this scene above happened…  

“ I thought you were different. You wear that symbol on your chest and everyone thinks youre good. How many times did your cousin put that high and mighty costume and come after Lex? My mother is no saint but you come in here and accuse her of being the devil incarnate, how long before you come after me?”

This is when I exactly fell in love with Lena Luthor. Not because of her chemistry with Kara, not because of Supercorp, not because of Katie Mcgrath but because of how complex her character is. Before 2x08, Lena was always portrayed as someone who was trying to step out of the shadows of her family. Everyone doubted her intentions. Before 2x08, Lena always made sure she was the best version of herself. Letting everyone see nothing but the good in her. And she was. But to every coin, there is always two sides. and in this scene we get to see that. We get to see the negative feelings Lena had kept aside. Her resentment and bitterness. We get to see how she probably felt that the world was being unfair. We get to see that despite not having a good relationship with her mother, she still wanted to believe that Lillian wasn’t capable of doing such thing. Yes, in that scene she wasn’t the “all good” Lena people wished her to be. but that made her more relatable. This scene made her a real person. The ironic thing is that the scene with her mother after this was supposed to make the viewers doubt her but this scene made me believed in her more. Katie Mcgrath’s acting, the way Lena looked so hurt during this scene, it made me understand Lena’s character even better. Like KAra did, I believed in Lena. And despite having every reason to join Cadmus, Lena still chooses not to. And ever since 2x08, I  love Lena Luthor even more and more.


You acted like the bad guy in front of her, but I know you’re hurt inside. I was aiming for that.

Owned - pt 10

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

“Darling, look at this arrangement. They’re so beautiful!” Mrs. Kim said.

The flowers you gave her were, of course, from the best shop in town.

The reporters were buying everything. Mr. Kim smiled and nodded at his wife.

“I’m glad you like them.” You said.

Namjoon remained silent.

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» Part one

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 10K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other Bts members)
Genre: Angst/slight Fluff (Rated M)
Warnings: Violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, (Eventual smut, not in this part).

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Surprise Proposal

A/N: sorry this took so long. i had/still have writer’s block :/

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber 

Request: ’omg do one where Y/n is also a singer and she’s on tour and Justin suprises her on stage and proposes. Love youuu 💜‘ 

Warnings: none


“So I just want to say a quick thank you to every single one of you who has come out to all the shows. This would not have been possible without you. This has honestly been a dream. So, it honor of this being the last show, why don’t we just do a Q&A because I’m sure you’re all dying to know what I’m up to.”

The entire crowd got much louder than before and I looked about for someone to chose. “Okay, why don’t we go with the girl in the hot pink sweater in the front. What’s your question?”

Okay, I just want to say that I love you so much but, anyways, my question is why didn’t Justin come on tour with you?”

“Well, you guys know Justin, he’s a busy guy! Trust me, he’s working very hard on what he was coming. Next question." 

I came here prepared with an entire list of questions but, how did you and Justin meet? You guys never really talked about it so now is the perfect time.“ 

"As cliché as it sounds, we met actually on vacation. I was visiting family up in Canada and I happened to run into him. From there, we just clicked." 

Okay, hey {Y/N}, my question is how did you know singing was your passion?“ 

"It sort of started when I was in middle school chorus and my teacher told me I had an insane voice. After that, singing just blew up for me. I’ve always liked singing since I was a child." 

I know you two are young but, what’s your ideal proposal? Like where and how would you want it?“ The crowd ooo'ed in what I presumed was a good way, more like scandalous. 

"My ideal proposal would be maybe somewhere tropical, like the Bahamas or something like that. It would be really cute if it was during dinner or something. I’m just a hopeless romantic so, whatever he has planned I’ll go with." 

"How would you like if you got proposed to right now?” I froze in my seat when I heard the voice. Wait a minute, I knew that voice. The crowd screamed and music began playing in the background. I turned around to see who was coming out on the stage. To my not-so surprise, it was Justin. 

Originally posted by beliectionerimagines

“Oh my god, wow.“ I said to myself, well, aloud. I was in shock because I wasn’t expecting Justin to show up. He was literally half way across the world! I got up to hug him and rested my head on his shoulder. I couldn’t help but start crying because I haven’t seen him for so long.

“Okay {Y/N}, I know this isn’t your ideal proposal, which I do apologize but,will you marry me?” Justin questioned. The crowd got silent which was sort of surprising.

“Yes. I’ll marry you, even though this isn’t my ideal proposal.” Justin slipped the ring on my finger and the crowd applauded and congratulated us. We both bid farewell to the crowd and headed backstage. 

“I almost forgot, I heard what you said about the proposal so, last minute, I booked us tickets to the Bahamas. I hope you don’t mind,” he spoke up. I looked over at him with a loss for words. “We are going to have so much fun.”

That was exactly what we were going to do.


Summary: Ian and Mickey’s children have a sudden interest in their fathers past.

Word Count: 1342

Notes: I got this request through my messages, here it is :)

As Yevgeny and Rae were growing up, they never had heard about their fathers past. Now that Yev was nearing the age of fifteen, his interest was peaking. In the midst of her older brothers nosiness, Rae started to wonder too. The girl was only twelve, but she was a clever one.

There had been a few times that both children caught their fathers whispering about their parents, but it was never for a long period of time— not enough to inform the kids of anything drastic.

All of this questionative thoughts were running through Yevgeny’s head, so he decide to be straight out with it. He grabbed the remote and paused the television show that they had on. “What the fuck, Yev?” Mickey asked his son.

Yevgeny rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you ever tell us about what you guys were like when you were kids?”

Mickey shook his head. “No, no, no—”

“Mick,” Ian said sternly. “We could tell them a few things.” He looked from his husband to their children, and gave them a weak smile.

The other man put his head down. “Fine. Don’t say nothing stupid,” he said to his husband.

“What do you guys want to hear about?” Ian asked his kids. Though there was sincerity in his voice, there was a thick amount of anxiety.

Rae started smiling widely. All of her friends talk about how their parents met, now she gets to find out about her own. “I wanna know how you met.”

Mickey quietly snorted and shook his head. A big smile flashed across Ian’s face. “Well, when J was fifteen, Aunt Mandy really wanted to, um, she wanted to date me—”

“She wanted to fuck you,” Yev said with raised eyebrows. Ian’s eyes widened and he gave his son a disapproving look for his choice of words.

Rae slapped her brother in the back of the head. “Only Papa and Dad can curse like that!”

Ian nodded. “Well anyway, when I let Aunt Mandy know that I did not like her, she took it the wrong way and fuckin’ told your Papa that I tried some bad things on her and Papa tried to kill me.” He looked back at Mickey. “And here we are now.” He leaned back to kiss him husband’s head.

“Hold up,” Yevgeny said. “You tried to kill him?” He looked at Mickey.

“Yeah,” Mickey shrugged. “I took some gun from his boss though after it was sorted out, but then he came to my house and tried getting it back from me with a fucking tire iron. We fought and then that’s when we got together.”

Yevgeny couldn’t really believe his ears, but neither could Rae. “You beat the shit out of each other and fu– hooked up in the same night?”

The men shared a loving glance to each other. “Crazy, right?” They smirked when they saw their children’s baffled looks.

“Well, that’ll be a strange story to tell my friends,” Rae said with a cocked eyebrow, causing her fathers to laugh.

“There you go, now you know about our past,” Mickey said. Though they did share some fond memories, it always brought him back to the back.

Yevgeny shook his head. “Wait, what about your families. We’ve never been told about your parents? And also where does Mom come into this whole equation if you two have been together so long?” He raised his eyebrow.

Ian and Mickey immediately tensed up at their son’s words. They have specifically avoided talking about their parents, and their first encounter with Svetlana. Rae noticed there uncomfortableness, and grabbed her older brother’s arm and shook her head as if to tell him not to press any harder.

“Uhh, we both had really bad parents—”

“Ian,” Mickey’s voice cracked a little. “You sure you want to talk about this?” His face held a lot of worry. Ian nodded slightly.

The redhead huffed out a breath. “Like I said, we had really bad parents. Really, really bad.”

“Fucking alcoholics and drug addicts,” Mickey spat.

“Y’know how I get sick sometimes and Papa takes care of me til I can get out of bed?” Ian asked his kids and they nodded. “Well, my mother would get sick like that too, but when worse came to worse, she’d leave. She left when I was really young and every couple years she’d come back around and fuck some more shit up. Your grandfather, Frank loved her, he was fucking nuts though— only cared about beer, drugs, and himself. Your Aunt Fiona raised me, not those two assholes.” He shook his head in displeasure.

Rae frowned. She couldn’t imagine not having her parents in her life. “I’m sorry, Dad,” she said sympathetically. Ian shook his head once again and kissed her head.

Yevgeny and Rae then turned their heads to their Papa. It was kind of hard for them to believe Mickey’s parents could be answer worse than that. They assumed it’d be equal.

Mickey noticed their expectant faces and hitched a breath. “Fuck—”

“You don’t have to, Mick,” Ian said, but he shook his head.

“When I was real young, my mom overdosed— died right in front of me, so I didn’t know much about her. I know she had to put up with Terry’s shit though so it’s not a surprise she wanted out. Terry, um, he was terrible. Beat on me, beat on all of his kids. He was always in and out of jail. He hated fags,” Mickey turned his head to Ian.

Ian let out a sad sound. “Really hated us.”

Mickey nodded. “He saw us together once and he beat us pretty bad. He called your mom to come over then— fuck— and then you can put two and two together from there,” he ran his hand over his face.

Rae wasn’t fully understanding of what her father meant but putting ‘two and two together’ but she understood enough to be extremely disturbed. The only difference with Yevgeny was that he fully understood what Mickey meant. The boys jaw was dropped open. “So was that why I was born?” His voice was a bit shaken and Mickey immediately regretted telling him that. Rae frowned at the sadness in her brother’s voice.

Mickey nervously looked at Ian for help, and Ian went over to Yevgeny’s side. “Well, that’s one reason, Yevy, but you know we’re more than thankful to have you. You being here brought me and Papa closer together, and it brought us both closer to Mom.”

“And y’know what they say about fate and shit like that?” Mickey asked in his best attempt to make his son feel okay. “It was fate that me and Ian got to have you— and your mother of course. You’re the best Milkovich man there is to live so far,” he got up and put his arm around his son. He also dragged his daughter over so all four of them were huddled up.

Ian nodded, proud of his husband’s words. “We got blessed havin’ you two crazy kids,” he kissed each of their heads.

Yevgeny finally let out a grin. “Man, you guys were really fucked up,” he snorted.

“Sounds like it to me too,” Raw scrunched her nose sillily.

Ian stuck his tongue out at his daughter. “We are a bit crazy,” he reach across to hit playfully Mickey in the shoulder.

Rae giggled. “I still love you though, no matter how crazy you are,” she said with an undeniable sincerity.

“Yeah, I love you guys,” Yevgeny said. For a teenager, it was common to be iffy on how to show love, but Yev knew how to when he needed.

Ian and Mickey smiled at the kids and then at each other. “We love you too,” they said simultaneously.

Mickey felt a warmth suddenly grow in his chest. After all that shit that he never wanted to speak of, he did it today, and everything was still perfect. The Gallagher-Milkovich family was perfect, and nothing could ever break that apart.

Hard Eyes: Part 2

AN: There was a huge response to part 1, so I decided to go ahead and post part 2! Also I did a thing … Enjoy. Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my works it means a ton! 

Words: 721

Part 1 

        You stare at the baby in the carrier. Penelope is fast asleep, oblivious to the world around her. She looks a lot like Bruce, all dark hair and long lashes. You sigh before adjusting the blanket around her a bit more. You don’t take your eyes off of her, even when someone slides into the chair across from you.

          “She’s pretty, like her mother.”

          You smile, and turn to face an old friend, “Hello Floyd.”

          He smiles back, “It’s been a while Y/N. To be honest I never expected to hear from you again. After all you were able to accomplish the dream, you got out. You have that perfect family, perfect husband, perfect life.”

          You smile, “If only you knew.”

          Floyd leans back in his chair, “Someone giving you a hard time?”

          “Bruce has been hurt. He underwent surgery to fix the effect of an attack, it’s been fourteen months and he’s still in physical therapy.”

          Floyd’s face grows serious, “How bad was it?”

          You bite your lip for a moment before saying, “He’s been able to learn to walk again. But it’ll be years before he’s back at full strength, if ever.”

          “I’m sorry to hear that. You need me to kill the guy who did it?” You give him the look, and he just smiles before holding up his hands in surrender, “I don’t know why you’re giving me that look, you’ve been out of the game for over ten years, for all I know you’ve gone soft.”

          You lean forward and whisper, “The day I go soft is the day that you miss a shot.” He just grins and you slide the folder over, “I need information on who could have taken the shot, or who could have made the poison the bullet was coated with. I find those guys I find the antidote.”

          “So it was more than just the bullet?”

          You nod, “The poison is what’s stopping the recovery progress. While the damage from the bullet was bad, and the surgery to remove it was a high risk procedure, technically he should have been able to make a full recovery in ten months, instead he’s very far behind. Deep level testing revealed the poison. We’ve had it for around six months and no progress has been made.”

          Floyd just leans back in his seat and asks, “Who the hell did Richie Rich piss off?”

          You stare at him, “Would I be asking for help if I knew?”

          He shakes his head, “I guess not. Can I ask you one question though?” You nod ,“Have you asked them for help, I mean they like Bruce too, hell even the voice of god is under Wayne’s protection.”

          You shake your head, “Harley and Ivy stay far away from me, just like you do Floyd. I became a traitor when I left, that means I don’t get anyone’s help.”

          He shakes his head, “That’s where you’re wrong, they stay away because they don’t want to mess it up for ya. You got normal, Baby Girl. That’s all any of us wanted, and we’ll be damned if you get it taken away from you. Why do you think every crook in Bludhaven drops their gun at the sight of your oldest boy? We have orders out, anyone who messes with him, earns a one-way ticket to the afterlife. And as for Waller, you were always her favorite, you were the Baby Girl. And we both know that brother of yours would do anything to protect you. Even if it means pretending he’s not your brother.”

          Floyd reaches across the table and grabs your hand, “We’ve been watching your back since you found that happy ending. Let me bring the squad in, let us handle this.”

          You hesitate, it would be so easy to let them take it, to wipe your hands clean of this entire mess, but you’ve never been one to pass your problems off to someone else. You cover his hand with your other one, and look him in the eye, “You forget Floyd, there is no getting out. Once a member of the Suicide Squad, always a member.”

          He just nods his eyes sliding over to the baby carrier, where your daughter is now wide awake. He just smiles and says, “She has your eyes.”

BTS Reacting to Their S/O Getting Hate

Request:  Bts reacting to you (their s/o) getting hate

Jin (Seokjin) 

 Jin would encourage his s/o to just ignore any mean comments or hate messages they got, he wouldn’t want his love to see any of the negativity. He would keep anything he saw online about his relationship away from his lover. Jin would probably become very protective after he saw the initial hate and would take to making his (most likely) already relatively private relationship even MORE private than before. Once Seokjin saw the hate and especially if his partner got upset about it,  Jin would take every precaution to make sure fans and press had almost no access to his love. Jin would be a fierce protector, never publicly acknowledging his relationship again. 

“I don’t care anymore Jagi, I don’t want you seen by anyone. That’s it. I’m sorry if ARMYs want to know you, I just can’t risk seeing you that upset again. No more.”

Suga (Yoongi)

Suga would react in one of two ways, all depending on the way his s/o reacted to the hate. If Yoongi’s partner was barely bothered at all by any sort of hate, he would be a huge supporter of just ignoring everything. Yoongi would brush off any negative comments about his love, probably not even noticing them at all. However, if his partner was very distressed by hateful comments Suga would pissed. So pissed. He would be furious, so much so that I think it would affect his opinion of some ARMYs. Yoongi would be quietly steaming if he ever heard anyone saying awful things about his love publicly, I don’t think Suga would ever react vocally in public, since he seems to keep his emotions controlled in the spotlight, but in private i can definitely see Suga angrily ranting. 

“This is why I didn’t want to go public with our relationship at all. Its between us. I don’t even want you to look at any comments, good or bad. Its no ones business but me and you.”

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Monie is a logical and rational man, he would probably be the most calm about any sort of negativity his s/o got. Namjoon would take on a comforter role, if his love was upset Monie would listen to them intently and assure them of his love. He would try to reason with his s/o, pointing out that people making comments didn’t really know his partner, not the way he did. Rap Monster would try to cheer up his love with stories of times he was upset by hate and how to ignore and move past it. Namjoon would not get angry or lose his cool except in the most extreme situations. Instead of shielding his s/o like some of the other guys, Monie would focus more on being a support system, shoulder to cry on and listening ear for his partner. He would try to help his s/o grow stronger by themselves rather than protecting them. 

“You can’t listen to the comments of anonymous people who don’t know you. I love you, your family and friends love you, you know yourself. You know how amazing you are, how perfect you are for me. Don’t listen.”

 JHope (Hoseok)

Hobi would be similar to Rap Monster in the sense that he would take on a comforting role. Jhope would be adorable, just cuddling up to his love if they were upset about comments they saw. Hobi would constantly assure his s/o that they were amazing and make lists of reasons why he loved them. Hobi wouldn’t explode in anger or anything like that but would rather direct all his energy into making his partner smile. Unfortunately, I think Hobi is able to relate to getting some hate and so would know exactly how his s/o felt. Hoseok would teach his love little tricks to stay positive and strong, encouraging his partner to focus on self-acceptance. Jhope would just be sad at the hate, and very hurt that people would be so mean to someone he loved and valued. Hobi would just be disappointed. 

“I know it’s hard, Y/N, but you just have to think instead about positive things. Don’t look at things that will hurt you, instead focus on increasing your confidence in yourself. Look forward." 


Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jimin can be surprisingly bold when he’s angry or feels there’s some sort of injustice. Whether it be on Hello Counsellor, Gayo or even in certain episodes of American Hustle Life, soft Jimin can harden quickly. With that in mind, I think Jimin would be very upset by any negativity towards his s/o, regardless of how hurt they may be by it. Jimin probably does not react well to hate in general, he would not be able to understand how people could just be rude and mean for absolutely no reason. Jimin would obsess over the hate comments, frustrated to no end. He would show the other members in disbelief, not wanting to draw his love’s attention to them. Jimin would be fiercely protective of his s/o, and would be the most likely member to be openly angry at comments. I could definitely see him going so far as to address hate towards his partner publicly if he felt it had gone too far. I’m picturing a VLive broadcast Jimin would make, scolding those who spread negativity and pleading for ARMYs to help support him and his s/o.   

“Enough is enough, Jagi. I’m going to talk to Manager-nim to see if I can just hold a VLive and-and talk to them…talk to everyone. I don’t know, I just…I just want it to stop Y/N. It upsets you more than you try to let me know, you can’t hide that from me.”

V (Taehyung) 

V can be a bit of a wildcard, in more ways than one. He is generally very light-hearted and carefree so one may assume he wouldn’t let something as trivial as hate bother him, even if it was directed at someone he loved. However, I’ve definitely seen times where  Taehyung shows a more sensitive and serious side suggesting that he is much deeper thinker than he initially appears. Taehyung would not normally be bothered by negativity towards himself, but he would be pretty devastated if his s/o started recieving hate. Taehyung would be attentive to his love, cuddling and comforting them if they were ever hurt by comments. V would take time to cheer up his love, paying special attention to his partner’s every facial expression and movement, watching for signs of unhappiness. Taehyung would talk constantly to his partner to distract them from thinking of any mean comments they saw. He would be frustrated that there wasn’t more he could do for his love and would also feel a sense of guilt that it was his fame that led to his partner being hurt. 

“I’m sorry, Jagi. None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for me. Well, we can get through it together. Let’s go get ice cream, or iced coffees. Something fresh, it’ll cheer you up, Y/N.” 


Jungkook, traditionally seems to be more reserved and quiet in public settings, like award shows or interviews. Therefore, he wouldn’t be very likely to be noticeably upset at hate his s/o received. Nochu would keep his true feelings hidden for the most part, focusing on more lowkey tactics to help his love. This may seem radical but I could totally see Jungkook making accounts on different social media platforms anonymously and defending his love online. He may not make a scene, but Jungkook is every bit as manly and bold as other members. Kookie just may be a bit more crafty. He would probably not be very bothered by hate in general, but seems to be very empathetic (hello look at Begin and Star Show 360), so he would deeply feel the pain that his partner may be going through. Jungkook is loyal and proud, two traits that make him one of the most likely members to take drastic actions to protect who he loves. lowkey tactics to help his love. This may seem radical but I could totally see Jungkook making accounts on different social media platforms anonymously and defending his love online. He may not make a scene, but Jungkook is every bit as manly and bold as other members. Kookie just may be a bit more crafty. He would probably not be very bothered by hate in general, but seems to be very empathetic (hello look at Begin and Star Show 360), so he would deeply feel the pain that his partner may be going through. Jungkook is loyal and proud, two traits that make him one of the most likely members to take drastic actions to protect who he loves. 

“I’m not crying…I just have a bit of dust in my eye. Yah, you need to stop crying Jagi. I told you I’d take care of you…always. I have this under control. Trust me.”

That moment when you see a SD&S tag and this is what you’re working with…sorry @tuesdayswithrachel… The reality of #Iwokeuplikethis is NOT pretty, especially today.  Dark circles for days and days…

I haven’t slept well much at all the past couple of nights.  I’m usually excellent at compartmentalizing.  But, things with my parents have gotten so bad that I just can’t.  I am feeling so stressed that I have this weird feeling of being underwater all the time.  So much pressure, shortness of breath, and anxiety.  Fun.

At least Conner has been behaving himself.  It’s difficult sometimes to drag things out of him, but talking is so important.  I recently finished Beartown, and it was SO good.  One of the many things I totally identified with is how the parents in the book struggled with the concept of giving their kids enough space but also trying to make sure they still stayed in the loop of what was going on with them.  Parenting is freakin DIFFICULT, man.  Mother’s Day is coming up again, and I was just looking at the Mother’s Day card Conner made me last year.  One line meant so much in particular: “I know that you always love me even when you get mad at me.” Having my kid never doubt that is pretty high on the list of life goals, so I treasure that card so much.

When you’re feeling this exhausted and stressed, it’s important to acknowledge the little things that bring some brightness to the day.  Conveniently, @neurotic-rob tagged me to list five happy things–thanks, friend–so here goes:

  1. My house has remained so clean that it’s almost miraculous since this past Thursday when I hosted gym book club.  HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??
  2. On Sunday, my family spent the whole afternoon together–dinner on the patio, countless Uno games, and a two hour walk in the woods.  So much laughter, and hugs, and that rare and perfect feeling of time slowing down.
  3. Good books! Always.  I LOVED Beartown, and I’m currently enjoying American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
  4. Being “that” couple.  When you go to a barbecue for your newly engaged friends and are asked, “So, how do you guys do it–you seem so happy!?” Still loving the crap out of my husband and flirting like teenagers. Heart eyes for days! :)
  5. Leftovers and part-time work.  If ever I needed a day with no responsibilities, it’s today.  Because of those two things, I get to have it.
Request: Prospect

Request: could you write an imagine with Juice and the reader in which someone flirts with her during a party and Juice gets extremely jealous so he admits that he is in love with her?

I tried something different here, I hope you enjoy it. 

Originally posted by diaryofmay

Juice creased his brow as he turned to look at Jax, “Are you… Are you serious? A female charter?”

“Yes”, SAMCRO president nodded, looking at his younger brother, “These girls have been trying to have their own space for a long time and Indian Hills seconded this, they’re gonna support the girls. They’re gonna be the first SOA female charter”

“Yay!”, Tig raised his hand, “I mean, you didn’t ask but I vote Yay”

The Sons around the table just smiled at their brother’s comment as Chibs supported their president, “Aye Jackie, if you’re sure about this then we should do it. I know those girls and they’re good, they can do it. Club is in a good place and we can help them”

“I agree brother”, Jax looked from his Sergeant at Arms to his brothers on Chapel, “Let’s vote then”


It had been months since they had voted for the female charter. They had gone on a run to Indian Hills and met the girls. Chibs was right, they were good, hard-working and, in Tig’s words, also hot bikers. A female charter was a big change, something new to the Sons and they were frequently checking on them or getting updates from Indian Hills’ guys. Chibs was the one who got their first prospect, Y/N Y/L/N. He had met Y/N’s father when he moved to Charming and knew her family. She was perfect for the female charter, but Chibs asked if she could stay with them for a few months until she was ready to move to Indian Hills. 

“I hope you watch over her too Juicy boy”, Chibs blurted one morning as they walked to the garage, “I love that lass like a daughter, I respect her old man. You were my prospect, you know how this works”

“I do Chibs, I do”, Juice nodded and he really wanted to make his sponsor proud, but after meet Y/N he realized he couldn’t do it. There was something about her that attracted him, Juice was falling for her, the new prospect. He was supposed to be like a brother to her, Chibs was expecting that and Juice tried, he did tried…


Yes, another charter was coming to Charming and yes, they would throw a big party. Usually, Juice would be excited, but this time he wasn’t looking forward for it at all. It would be Y/N’s first big party, a lot of people she didn’t know and who didn’t know her, who she was, though she had a leather kutte on. A kutte that looked so good on her in Juice’s opinion.

“Promise me Y/N”, Juice continue to talk as Y/N worked behind the bar, putting beers on the fridge, “If anything, anything at all happens you come talk to me or Chibs okay?”

“Yes, I promise Juicy”, she smiled, calling him the way Chibs used to do, “But nothing will happen. I think this kutte gets me some respect don’t you?”

“It should”, he grunted, “But assholes just ignore it sometimes”

“I. Will. Be. Fine”, Y/N winked and patted his cheek before walk away. Juice sighed and closed his eyes, still feeling her touch.


It was always the same. Clubhouse was crowded, everybody had a drink on their hands and were smoking, dancing or talking to friends. Juice tried to relax, drink, talk to the Sons from Reno and look at the girls, but his mind and eyes kept going back to Y/N. She had been walking around, smiling and greeting people and of course, all eyes were on her. Juice was jealous and getting worse every minute, with every smile and every man who looked at her. He tried to stay outside, pretend nothing was going on, but he lasted only a few minutes before go back inside to watch her. He was just glad Chibs was distracted or he would notice something was happening.

Juice leaned on the bar and ordered a beer, looking for Y/N on the crowd. He finally found her, leaning against the wall and talking to a random guy. She was smiling and Juice clenched his jaw as the guy rested his hand on Y/N’s waist. That’s it, he crossed the room fast to stand between them.

“Get lost”, Juice barked as the guy frowned at him.

“Juice?”, Y/N called him but he didn’t look at her, not breaking the eye contact with his opponent.

“Who do you…?”, the man started but Juice got closer, intimidating him.

“I said…Get lost!”, Juice hissed again, “Leave her alone”

Y/N stepped between them quickly, resting her hand on Juice’s chest to stop him before they got into a fight, “Come on Juice, come with me”. He let her guide him to the back of the club and push him inside his bedroom. “What is going on?”, Y/N raised her eyebrows as they faced each other.

“What is going on!?”, Juice raised his voice, “How can you let him touch you like that? I told you to be careful, to talk to me if something happened!”

“Nothing happened!”, Y/N came closer, trying to calm him down, “We were just talking”

“You were talking”, Juice sighed as she caressed his arms, “He was undressing you with his eyes, in his mind and touching you”

“That is called flirting”, she smiled but he didn’t think it was funny at all. Juice was jealous, he couldn’t live like that anymore, “What is wrong Juice?”

“I don’t like you flirting”, he admitted, “You have no idea how sexy you look in your kutte, all men were looking at you”

“They were not looking at me Juice”, Y/N rolled her eyes, “You don’t have to act like my big brother”

“I’m not acting like your big brother at all baby girl”, Juice lowered his voice as he got closer to her, watching Y/N’s eyes widen, “I should be doing that though, that’s what Chibs expects, but…”

“What?”, she was looking up at him, mouth ajar and chest heaving, her voice was barely audible. 

“I’m more like your jealous boyfriend”, Juice grunted before press his lips on hers. He pulled Y/N closer by her kutte and she did the same, tugging on the leather. “I’m in love with you”, he confessed in a whisper when they pulled back.

“Juice”, Y/N whispered.

“I know”, he cut her off and closed his eyes, clenching his jaw, “I know. We shouldn’t”

“I don’t care”, Y/N smiled as Juice looked at her again, “I can give up on the kutte if this is a problem and if you want me”

“I do”, he smiled too and wrapped his arms around her waist, “But you shouldn’t give up. We can make this work right? I think we can, I hope we do”

“We will”, Y/N threw her arms around his neck and kissed Juice again, “What am I now? A prospect? An old lady?”

“I don’t know”, Juice laughed and lifted her on his arms, making Y/N squeal, “I just know you’re my girl now”

“Yes I am Juice”, Y/N cupped his face as Juice gently laid her on his bed, “I am your girl”


tbh why r all these accounts getting hate??? I’m not saying its funny but like its low-key funny like y’know why would someone hate on a account like its ridiCULOUS! i don’t get why someone would waste their time to say that to someone. just rude honestly

- aight so

- when u were ten your parents told u that you’d be getting a new neighbour

- you didn’t really like that idea, cause old man joe was ur bestie ngl

- anyway

- when you see the moving van appear your family goes out to greet the new fam

- but!!wait!!

- a cuTIE PIE jumps out of the backseat and y'all make eye contact for 0.029029292 seconds

- you know in hotel transylvania and how they talk about zinGS


- moving on

- so like ur family invited them over for a welcome dinner

- and your parents figured out that u and renjun were the same age

- “y/n!!! did you hear that! you guys coULD HANG OUT!”

“yes mom I heard that I’m in the same room but ok”

- renjun was dying cause u were?so?cute?

- alSO u invited him up to ur room to play 

- and y'all fell asleep on the bed together

- and tHATS WHEN


- u and renjun also go to the same school!!!

- so u guys like walk from and to school together everyday and people think u guys r dating even tho ur like 10


- like his parents treat them like their son in law 

- same with his parents!

- u guys just go to each others houses when ever u want cause!! y'all r besties!!

- tbh this is gonna turn into a best friend! renjun shiT

- this is super cliche but u and renjun have window in ur room that line up exactly so y'all always talk through that

- “y/n who are you talking to this late at nigh- oH RENJUN!!! NVM SWEETIE KEEP TALKING”

- y'all water each others lawns together


- always ends up in a water fight

- skip to the age of 14 whERE PUBERY IS HITTING YALL


- like u guys didn’t see each other for the whole summer cause of travelling and shit

- but on the first dAY OF SCHOOL


- renjun glowed up so hard omFG 

- sAMe wiTh yOU

- thats when yo feelings for each other became stronger

- and things got a little more awkward


- u would always tease him

- “heY rENJuN!!”

- “y/N shUt uP”

- omfg ur parents teasing got woRSE

- “ooo renjuns gotten more attractive ;)))) whats stopping you now ;))”

- “ooooh is that y/n? u should’ve told me! thEIR GORGEOUS NO WONDER U LIKE THeM-”

- honestly y'all props knew u liked each other

- time skip 16 yrs old

- u and renjun started to drift apart

- ur parents were :(((

- u guys started to focus more on school and found new friends

- y'all barely talk through windows now 

- and barely walk to school together

- bUT!! u guys still like each other!! alot!!

- anYway

- so ur parents both noticed how y'all barely talk and decided to go on a huge family camping trip over the summer!

- so like u guys arrived at ur campsite and set up ur tents

- “ok so renjuns parents r gonna share a tent and we will share a tent 00pS THAT MEANS THAT U AND RENJUN HAVE TO SHARe A TENT!!”

- y'all knew what they were doing but didn’t complain  lol

- so like your family had a campfire

- and it was rlly fun!!

- so many jokes were shared and 

- renjun remembered why he liked u

- you were so funny!!! and beautiful!! and nice!! and perfect!!

- so bedtime right

- you guys had a 4 person tent

- so u made sure there was space between u too

- it was super awkward

- buT u guys had a really long and deep talk

- “im a little sad we don’t talk that much anymore”

- “yea,,,me too,,,, its really sad cause i like you an- sHIT” - honestly u would be the one saying that

- “wait,,,what”

- renjun was stoked that u liked him back

- suddenly his sleeping bag is right next to ours and he just whispers 

- “i like u too” 

- honestly u die

- y'all fall asleep next to each other just like the first night y'all met

- u wake up 2 ur parents screeching and taking pics  of y'all

- anyway imma stop this b4 it becomes a dating! renjun (which i will make later)

im rly tired lmao



- emma

Wedding Day

Summary: The day of Ian and Mickey’s wedding.

Word Count: 2159

Notes: Loved this request!

It was the morning of the wedding, and Ian and Mickey were happier than ever. They had just had the best morning sex ever so they were both practically glowing as they walked down the steps of the Gallagher house. Fiona insisted that they slept there for the night because she wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for the wedding. She could not have the two of them mess something up.

When the couple got into the kitchen, Debbie started to fake gag. “How many times do you guys fuck throughout the night? I can fucking smell it,” she rolled her eyes as Mickey gave her the middle finger.

Fiona stood up abruptly with a big smile on her face. “You’re getting married!” She ran over and hugged them– Ian hugged back, Mickey just sort of stood there. Hugging anyone other than Ian (and his sister) felt so strange to him– luckily the Gallagher family had never gotten offended by his lack of showing affection. Once the eldest Gallagher sibling had let go of the embrace, she watched as their enthusiastic and nervous eyes went from her to each other.

“We’re getting fucking married today,” Ian giggled in disbelief as he pulled Mickey in for a chaste kiss. After all these years, they were finally promising to spend their lives together.

Taking everyone’s attention from the two of them, the backdoor opened to Mandy. She looked different and beautiful as could be– her hair was lighter than ever, and she calmed down on wearing such heavy eye makeup. “Hi, assholes,” she smiled before dropping her suitcase and running to greet her brother and best friend. She hugged each of them tightly and placed a quick kiss on Ian’s lips.

“What the fuck, bitch?” Mickey scowled at his sister for kissing his soon-to-be husband.

Ian shook his head and wiped the girls lipstick off his lips. “What? I felt like kissing my boyfriend one last time,” she jokes. Ian ruffled her hair and pulled her in for another hug.

“I missed you, Mands,” he said in a warm tone. “Everything been okay?”

She nods. “Everything’s been great,” the Milkovich girl responds. “Enough of me, you guys are getting fucking hitched today!” She beams as the two standing in front of her smile. It’s nice seeing Mickey genuinely fucking happy for once. When she hears an excited shriek come from behind her, she turns around to hug Fiona, Debbie, Carl, and Liam. “Can you guys fuckin’ believe these two?”

“It’s fucking awesome,” Carl smirks. He’s proud of his brother for being able to keep such a strong hold on a Milkovich because no one’s ever done that before.

Suddenly Lip walks down the stairs. It looks like he’s still half asleep but once he’s eyes set on Mandy, he gasps and freezes in his spot. When his ex girlfriend gives his a soft grin, he relaxes and walks farther down the stairs and into the kitchen. He walks over to his redhead brother and squeezes his shoulder. “You excited, man?”

Ian vigorously nods. “Fuck yes. We’ve went through enough shit to finally get here. We’re so close to the finish line now.” He kisses Mickey’s head.

Fiona smiles at her brother and then turns her head to the side to see the time. “Oh, shit! We gotta get ready!” Everyone then proceeds to finish their breakfast before rushing to get dressed and prepared.

* * *

Surprisingly, in their previous search to find someone to marry Ian and Mickey, the Gallaghers found out that many of the regulars at the Alibi were ordained, but they chose Kermit to do the job. He seemed to be the least likely to ruin the whole thing.

As Kermit was waiting at the front of the VFW for his two grooms, he heard the wedding bells chime. Everyone excitedly shifted in their seats. Because no one really knew how this wedding would work, Ian and Mickey decided to walk out at the same time and meet in front of Kermit.

When the men locked eyes, the happy sounds of the attendees were suddenly drowned out, and it was only them. This is happening. This is real. Ian’s heart was pounding so hard that he could hear it, and Mickey’s hands were profusely sweating.

Once close enough, the redhead reached out and grabbed Mickey’s clammy hands. He felt as if he couldn’t wipe the grin of his face so he didn’t even try to. The affection and joy in Mickey’s eyes were making Ian’s heart melt.

Kermit then began, and after saying “I do” a few times, it was time for their vows. “I, Ian Clayton Gallagher, take you Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, to be my lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, and in joy as well as sorrow.” Ian chuckled as he started his vows in a traditional form. “I promise to love you through the crazy shit we have yet to face. I promise to never leave you again. I promise to be my best for you. I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, fight with you, love you, and cherish you until death do us part,” he says and holds back the tears that are welling in his eyes.

Mickey smiled and cleared his throat before speaking. It was hard to him to describe his feelings in front of this many people, so he steadied his gaze on Ian and kept his focus there. “I, Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, take you Ian Gallagher to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health,” he smirks and he thinks of all the times he’s taken care of Ian whenever he’d been hit with a bipolar episode. He started again, “in good times and in bad times. I promise to never let you go. I promise to never give up no matter what shit is thrown at us next– we’ve made it this far.  I promise to always take care of you, protect you, fight for you, hold you, love you, and cherish you.” He speaks in the most sincere tone anyone has ever heard. “And I fucking mean that,” he adds with a smirk.

They exchange rings then and Kermit grins at them both before saying his final words. “By the power vested in me by the state of Chicago, I now present you husband and husband! You may kiss your groom,” he starts to clap before their lips even connect. While they are in the middle of their kiss, Kermit raises his arms triumphantly. “I present to you the newly married couple, Ian Gallagher-Milkovich and Mickey Gallagher-Milkovich!” Everyone erupts into a loud cheer.

Ian laughs into Mickey’s mouth, but then proceeds to kiss him harder. They’ve never kissed with so much love in front of an audience like this, but they were thrilled about it. When they separated, they rested their foreheads against the each other. “We fucking did it,” Ian giggled.

Mickey nodded proudly. It was hard to believe that they’ve came this far. “I love you.”

“I love you too, husband,” Ian smiled and pecked Mickey on the lips.

Grabbing each other’s hands, they then proceed to walk down the aisle while everyone shouted and clapped for them, but obviously those plans we changed. Fiona and Debbie launched themselves out of their seats to gather their brother and his new husband in a hug. When the girls let go, the newlyweds were suddenly embraced by Mickey’s Iggy and Mandy, which was a huge fucking surprise because it was rare for the Milkovich family to show such affection. Once everyone backed off, it was time for the reception.

* * *

As everyone crowded into the Alibi the music begins to blare. Everyone gets their drinks and starts dancing, but Ian and Mickey hold back. Ever since Ian’s been on his meds, Mickey’s cut back on the alcohol because he doesn’t want Ian to go through it alone.

When everyone was congratulating them, Mickey started to notice that Ian seemed to be growing impatient. Once everyone cleared out from around them, Mickey cocked an eyebrow at his husband and Ian instantly grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward. “Need to taste you,” Ian whispered in Mickey’s ear and started dragging him towards the bathroom.

Mickey’s dick hardened the second those words came out of his husbands month. He’s been wanting for Ian to jump on him since they were getting ready for the wedding.

Ian smirked when he saw Mickey’s needy expression on his face. He locked the doors and sunk down to his knees. He couldn’t deny that the sight of his husband made his own dick twitch, but right now he needed to take care of Mickey.

As he unzipped Mickey’s pants, he grinned at the boner he had exposed. “So fuckin’ hot,” Ian said as he stroked his cock.

Ian had barely even begun and Mickey was already trembling in the knees. He knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to last long, but that was probably for the better. He tried to keep his eyes focus on his husband.

“What do you want me to do, Mick?” Ian teased.

Mickey let out a lustful sound. “Fuckin’ suck me off!”

With that Ian wrapped his mouth around Mickey’s dick and began bobbing his head up and down. His hand wrapped around the part of Mickey’s cock that Ian couldn’t fit into his mouth. He was doing all the right things with his tongue, causing Mickey to let out sexiest moans that Ian has ever heard. He was pretty sure these sounds alone were enough to make him jizz in his pants.

Ian seductively looked up through his eyelashes. He could see that Mickey was about to cum just from the look on his face– which was fucking hot. “Gonna cum,” Mickey panted. The redhead nodded and prepared himself to swallow. A few moments later, Mickey’s cum shot down Ian’s throat. When he finished, he licked up and down his husbands dick one last time, making sure he didn’t miss anything.

Once completely done, he pulled Mickey’s pants up for him and zipped him up. “Better repay me later,” he joked and kissed him.

“You know I will,” Mickey reassured him. His placed one last kiss on Ian’s lips before the walked back out into the crowd.

As they unlocked the door and made their way out of the restroom, Iggy yelled, “Hey! They’re back!” Ian laughed and Mickey blushed.

“Horny fuckers,” Fiona said to them with a laugh. “Time to make a speech.”

Mickey’s eyebrows shot up. “I have to make a fucking speech?” Publicly speaking was never his strong suit, and the only time it was was when he was making a scene to get his point across.

“Yes, Mickey, we’re making a speech,” Ian tells him happily. Ian grabbed Iggy’s beer and tapped the glass with a fork to get everyone’s attention. He smiled, grabbed Mickey’s hand, and began. “When I was fifteen I made the crazy decision to go after Mickey Milkovich, and instead of him beating the shit out of me, we fucked. Ever since that day I have been so hooked on this asshole. We’ve been through so much– way too much, but we’re still here and stronger than ever. Eleven years ago I wouldn’t never believe that this is where we’d end up, but I’m so fuck happy that we’ve gotten here. I love you, Mick.” He kisses Mickey’s head as everyone clapped.

Mickey took a deep breath and got ready to talk. When Ian saw Mickey’s leg tapping, he grabbed his cheek. “Hey, talk to me.” Mickey nods.

“I tried so fucking hard to hate you when he first started hooking up, but you were like a drug or some shit– I never wanted to want you, but I kept coming back for more. When you left that first time is when I accepted how much I loved you– that’s when I stopped fighting it. After all the shit– Terry, Frank, Svetlana,” he pauses and looks at her apologetically and she smiles at him, then begins again, “juvie, fucking Boystown, the Army, your bipolar disorder, that bitch Sammi, the list goes on forever– I’ll always be here for you. I fucking love you,” he said sincerely. Ian smiles so wide that his mouth hurt.  

Everyone erupted in a big cheer. Fiona had tears welling in her eyes while Lip went to go hug his brother. The Gallaghers told the newly weds how proud they were of them while the Milkovich cousins and siblings shook their hands and offered them a two month supply of weed– Ian accepted it because he knew that was their way of showing their love. Ian and Mickey along with their families have finally crossed the finish line, they’ve overcome so much and nothing could stop them now.

DDR Battle // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 1.7k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Dan and his and Phil’s daughter Emily play DDR together.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog so much; I was wondering I could request hcs for the RFA+V+Saeran for an mc who's chubby and was bullied really bad in school/virtually ignored by other students so she has a really hard time accepting compliments and physical affection? Like she'll smile but she won't actually believe the compliment, and they see that she really wants to cuddle and be affectionate but is self conscious because of how she looks? Hope this made sense <3

Heya! Thank you so much, I’m really glad you love my blog! //Little reminder that you’re all flawless and perfect how you are. I love you all <3
Also, I know I said a while back that I wouldn’t really be able to write about things like this, there have actually been a few people who’ve requested this and I really felt like I should try to write it again. The MM crew would 120% agree that this outer shell we have wouldn’t have an impact in the way they feel about you! You’re all so wonderful!


  • He’s been picked on for years by his family for his looks
  • So there’s no way in hell you’re getting away with insecurities
  • You don’t have the opportunity to feel self-conscious about anything
  • Because the second he realises that you’re more reserved because of your body type
  • He’s doing everything he can to show you how perfect you are to him


  • He loves every part of you! It’s so weird to him that you’d feel this way about yourself?
  • So he’s going to make a point of showing everyone how much he loves you
  • Whenever you guys are out, he’s holding your hand and smiling at you
  • He’s literally going to be reminding you of how beautiful you are all the time


  • He doesn’t get why you’re so insecure about it
  • I mean it’s your body and you’re amazing?? there’s nothing else to it, is there??
  • But finding out that people actually talked negatively about the way you look crushed him
  • Lowkey looks into how badly he can ruin the people who were mean to you
  • And will make sure you never feel that way again, by any means necessary


  • She thinks the world of you, so being chubby really isn’t an issue? she actually loves it
  • She’s so sad that you’re insecure about yourself and will always be there, if you’re having a bad day or now
  • There will be a hell of a lot of cuddles and kisses from her so she can remind you that she loves you so much


  • This boy loves every inch of you 
  • And will not hold back on the constant stream of compliments
  • All he wants is for you to see yourself the way he does, and will do anything he can to help you reach that place
  • You’re always going to be the most important thing in the world to him, and he’s gonna smother you with love and affection all the time


  • He really didn’t get why you were so awkward with the way you looked
  • But he’s honestly so sympathetic ((i mean he probably has insecurities as well, given everything he’s been through)) about the situation
  • If he ever manages to pick up on you wanting affection he’s there
  • Every opportunity he gets, he’s reminding you just how amazing you truly are


  • He breaks you’re insecure about yourself?
  • He loves every single bit of you so much
  • Actually apologises for the way you’ve been treated in the past sweetie no it wasn’t you  s t o p
  • It’s his life goal to make sure that you never feel that way again, and he’s gonna show you how wonderful you are all the time