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First Time

Title: First Time

Paring: Castiel x Reader, Sam, and Dean

Word Count: 2,190 (not even remotely sorry)

Warning: some adorable fluffy awkward Castiel smut

Credit: A very funny conversation with @mysteriouslyme81 for the inspirtation

A/N: Enjoy! Read the other parts of the Awkward Boner Trifecta here: xxx

Hearing the familiar rumble of the impala as it pulled up you opened your motel room door to see Sam and Dean smiling at you. Well, Sam and Dean plus another guy in the backseat.

“Y/N” Sam said as he got out and came over for a hug.

“How’ve you boys been?”

“Oh ya know, the usual,” Dean said as he gave you a quick hug. “Y/N, this is Cas. Cas, this is Y/N.”

You held out your hand, “nice to meet you Cas.” He stared at you for a minute before shaking your hand with a little smile. Releasing your hand, he abruptly turned and headed to the trunk of the impala. “Um, did I do something?”

Both boys shook their heads. “Don’t worry about him, he’s actually an angel.”

You stared at Dean, “an angel? Seriously?”

“Well he was, but then he lost his grace, so now he’s human. And he wants to be a hunter,” Dean said with a smug smile.

“We’re keeping an eye on him,” Sam assured you.

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Seriously I don’t know why canon acts like Plagg is the lazy kwami partner option when Tikki is a thing, FOR REAL. 

Like okay sure she’s “emotionally supportive” or whatever and easy to feed for a kid who lives in a bakery, but Plagg has carefully crafted this FINE CUSTOM-FITTED LEATHER GET-UP that includes helpful things like claws and night vision and a nearly decent-sized mask and FUCKING POCKETS, Plagg takes the time to lovingly re-style Adrien’s hair for every transformation, AND Plagg includes neat little details and adorable interactive accessories just to reassure all of Paris that yes the superkid can obliterate anything he touches down to its last atom if he feels like it but also he willingly wears kitty ears and a tail and bell in public so it’s fine, he’s adorable, look how cute and harmless he is. The ears and tail even MOVE! Precious. Just so precious and definitely not remotely capable of destroying everything you love just for funsies. 

Also, not for nothing, but Chat Noir can probably actually take OFF his suit if for example it wound up covered in horrible slow-burning acid or stuck to something dangerous or something. Like, I realize “can get undressed” does not sound like a very helpful thing when you’re dealing with a supersuit but SERIOUSLY YOU WOULD BE AMAZED HOW IMPORTANT BEING ABLE TO GET UNDRESSED CAN BE IN AN EMERGENCY, JUST AMAZED

But you, Tikki. YOU. You just toss a girl a light-up yo-yo and a seamless bodysuit and call it a day like “whatever! good enough! good luck out there kid try not to be TOO obviously recognizable as looking exactly the way you always look, bring me cinnamon raisin tonight!” 

Legit, it is no wonder Plagg’s always whining about being exhausted and starving, PLAGG’S THE ONLY KWAMI PUTTING IN ANY REAL WORK HERE. YOU ARE THE GOD OF CREATION, TIKKI, FFS STEP IT UP. 

Tumblr keeps recommending a very unnecessarily unkind blog to me and I wish it would stop. I love the recommended blog thing, don’t get me wrong! I’ve found many amazing blogs, pictures, and people through it and I’m happy it’s on my dash. But seeing these comments from this one blog in particular on other people’s posts is almost ruining the whole thing for me. They’re commenting on pictures of very pretty people who are adorably chubby, commenting on people’s drawings and stories about how they conquered mental illness, saying things like “ you really need to go the gym if you want to be even remotely attractive” and “people who have mental illnesses just have crappy willpower.” Respectively. They’re saying incredibly homophobic and transphobic things as well.

It’s deeply upsetting to me and, well, I suppose I just wanted to whine about it. Thank you all for being such good listeners. I love you all. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

For many of us, starfish are little more than blind, deaf, headless, brainless creatures that feel just as at home dried up on the beach as they do rambling along in the water. If they could talk, they would absolutely be Patrick from SpongeBob. It’s almost impossible for them to look less intimidating than they already do. That, unfortunately, is part of their cruel master plan. Behold a starfish’s eating habits.

Yep, starfish are voracious meat lovers, consuming anything they can catch: oysters, fish, snails. Shit, if we were small enough, they’d probably get us, too. But perhaps you’re wondering how they actually, you know, digest stuff, since they lack teeth, jaws, or anything even remotely resembling a mouth. Simple: They spit their sticky, acidic stomach clean out of their body, catching their prey and digesting it for hours, sometimes days.

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