how are you even real tom

My Mother Said No One Would Love Me

(warning: long story)

Ever, she said.

That’s why when Tom came along, I was so happy to prove her wrong for once.

No one will ever love you, she said. My “peculiarities” were too much to handle. That’s what she called them, my peculiarities. She didn’t want to acknowledge that it might be something real–not her daughter, not the daughter of Miss Orange County, 1980.

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A Little Help

Hi guys! I wrote this on my phone and I haven’t been to sleep in forever, so I’m pretty positive this is just some rambly words about Tom and the reader wanting to be in a relationship, but being too shy to actually tell the other. So, instead, they just do small things to help each other out. P. S., Harrison ships it. I hope you enjoy!

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A Little Help

“You need help, let me grab that for you,” Tom said, reaching up to plunk the novel from the shelf. “Which one do you want?” Tom asked, bringing a hand to rest upon her waist to readjust her position to point out the book she’d been trying to obtain.

    She stood up on her tiptoes, eyes desperately seeking to survey the shelf clearer, “I actually don’t have one particular in mind, would it be a bother to just take everything by Pablo Neruda down?”

    “Course not,” Tom said and easily picked all the Neruda’s out for her. “Who is he?”

    Her eyes widened and she smiled, happy to tell Tom everything she knew about Pablo Neruda. “He’s a famous Chilean poet, I mean, he eventually went into the political field, but I mostly know him from his poetry. When I was in high school, my best friend and I were obsessed with a poem he wrote called, ‘My Ugly Love.’”

She was starting to ramble and she knew that Tom probably couldn’t give two shits about the ugly love spoken about in the poem, but she was so close to him and he smelled good, and his chest was firm when she leaned into him, so it would be a fair statement to say that she was beyond distracted. “It starts out-”

Tom didn’t remove his hand from her waist, figuring that if she didn’t like it, she’d step back from him. His gaze flickered from her lips, to the rosy flush gliding across her cheeks, and then up to her eyes. Tom drank in her words about Pablo Neruda, still not quite registering who he was, but still completely absorbed by her words.

As he listened to her, still holding an assortment of novels in his hands, he accidentally cut her off completely. “Wait, do you have it memorized?”

She was nearly positive that her entire body was tinged pink, “Yeah, I won’t bore you with the details, I just like the poem because it’s different.”

“No, no, tell me. I wanna hear about it. I just got,” Tom searched for an appropriate word. “Excited?” Truly, Tom had cut her off because she looked so endearing that he thought that he would physically blow up if he didn’t kiss her.

He loved it when she talked about stuff like this, he could tell it was one of the few times that she actually felt confident in voicing her opinions.

“My ugly love, you’re a messy chestnut.

My beauty, you are pretty as the wind.

Ugly: your mouth is big enough for two mouths.

Beauty: your kisses are fresh as new melons.

Ugly: where did you hide your breasts?

They’re meager, two little scoops of wheat.

I’d much rather see two moons across your chest,

two huge proud towers.

Ugly: not even the sea contains things like your toenails.

Beauty: flower by flower, star by star, wave by wave,

Love, I’ve made an inventory of your body.

My ugly one, I love you for your waist of gold.

my beauty, for the wrinkle on your forehead.

My Love: I love you for your clarity, your dark.”

She finished and looked up to him with a smile on her face.

“So, what do you think?” She asked him, reaching up to sift through the books that Tom had gotten down for her.

“How do you know the best of everything?” Tom muttered, eyes widened, because, as usual, she was right. The poem was supremely different from any of the traditionally romantic sonnets that he’d read.

She smiled and unwound herself from his grasp and wandered down the next aisle, in search for her friend and Harrison, who’d accompanied them to the bookstore.

Tom, still leaned up against the shelf was slow to notice Harrison’s approaching figure.

“Dude, you need to ask her out. It’s getting ridiculous. Everybody, even strangers, already think you’re together, so why not make it real? Not as if she’s going to say no.” Harrison urged.

Shrugging his shoulders and racking his brain for an adequate response, Tom eventually stuttered out, “you never know, she could just want to be friends, and then if I ask her out, then she won’t even wanna be that.”

Harrison rolled his eyes, “Well then, mate, better wipe that drool off your chin.”

The next morning, in a haste to open the door for her, Tom had accidentally whacked himself in the face with it. Now, he not only sported a bloody nose, but also a split lip. Still, he wasn’t complaining.

She’d freaked out when she saw the blood drip from his nose and the bruises already forming on his jaw and had rushed him home. She stood in between Tom’s legs, while he perched on her kitchen table, and held up towels to stop the bleeding.

“Tom, literally what the hell?” She murmured, gliding her soft palm across his lower lip.

“I told you, I saw a bee and I didn’t want it to sting you,” Tom lied. Obviously, there hadn’t been a bee, but he refused to tell her that he’d nearly broken his face purely to hold the door open for her.

“But I never saw it? I didn’t even hear one, and besides, it wasn’t like there were flowers around. Why would a bee wander over here?” She mused, walking to the fridge to grab a bag of frozen vegetables.

“No, no,” Tom whined, “Those will be too cold, I don’t wanna put that on my face.”

She pouted, “Too bad, let me help you! I don’t want you to be hurt.”

Tom hesitated, and then opened his arms and pulled her close to him, keeping a gentle hand on the small of her back. “Fine, fine. Just do it.”

She smiled and rocked up onto her tippy toes and pressed her make-shift icepack to his face. He didn’t even shiver when the frost-covered package touched his bare skin, because when she was this close to him, he could see the multitude of colors swirling in her eyes.

A week later, it was time for Tom and Harrison to, once again, travel for the press tour. Tom was gutted. He couldn’t imagine leaving her without explaining to her that he wanted to be with her so badly, that the mere thought of leaving her made him physically ill.

Little did he know, that she felt the same way. All he knew, was that he was going over to her apartment to give her one last goodbye hug while Harrison waited in the car.

From inside her apartment, she spritzed on Tom’s favorite perfume. Whenever she wore it, he always leaned into her more while they were in conversation, or fiddled with her hair more and didn’t pull away from her when they hugged.

She had done her best to conceal her nighttime tears with makeup and sheprayed that Tom wouldn’t notice them as she opened the door.

Tom stepped in quickly and before she even shut the door, Tom surged towards her. Bending down to her height, Tom threw his arms around her, ignoring that his phone had fallen to the floor.

“Are you alright Tom?” She questioned, hands stiff at her sides.

“Just gonna miss you loads and loads and loads.” His voice was muffled by her sweater.

Her arms wound around him, “You know I’ll miss you too.”

“I don’t want to leave you yet.” Tom pulled away and his gaze bore into her floor.

Taking him by the hand, she pulled him to sit down on her sofa. “I made you something to help.”

Tom curled an arm around her frame as she sat a heavy box down in front of him, “Darling, what is it? You shouldn’t have gotten me anything, I didn’t know-”

She cut him off by pressing a hand over his lips. “Promise to look at it on the plane?”

She looked to cute and eager and shy that Tom had agreed, and now, after finally boarding the plane, Tom opened the box.

Inside were all the Pablo Neruda books that she’d bought the day she read him ‘My Ugly Love,’ and a note.

The note read,

Hi Tom,

I’m just going to assume that you followed my directions and now you’re flying safely through the air, but if you’re not, and I find out, may Mother Earth save your soul.

All of these books were mine before yours because I wanted to give you something that would remind you of me. I wrote you little notes on all the pages, so it’ll be like we’re talking about them. I highlighted my favorite ones for you in pink.

Please don’t forget about me.

Tom scoffed, as if he could ever forget her. He opened the first book and quickly spotted the swirls of her delicate handwriting on the bottom corner of the page. It read,

Don’t freak out, some of the poems are in Spanish, but I made sure to help translate them for you in the margins.

Tom smiled and began to leaf through the poems, blown away by not only the words of Pablo Neruda, but also by her tiny love poems for him written so softly in the captivity of the margins that he could barely tell that they were there.

When he landed, he would make sure to send her some of his own.

I’m so tired of seeing these post floating around tbh. “why did y'all let topp dogg flop” is why.

first off, Topp Dogg has never flopped. Just because they haven’t reached their deserved success doesn’t mean they have flopped. A flop is when something or someone is a complete fail. Someone or something who never makes any achievements and stays at the bottom. Since when has that been Topp Dogg???

Idk about you, but I see my boys making vast improvements. Their popularity has gained, their rap and vocals have gotten better, their dancing is still amazing, and they’re better than they were back with Stardom. There are still some hiccups but never ever have they been a flop. Topp Klass would never allow that to happen.

Yes they’re underrated, we know that. But that’s not stopping us TK from rooting for them 24/7 and putting in our best effort to make sure they don’t actually become failures like people think they are. Do you know how often we worry about them disbanding??? We put in so much effort and time to make sure that will never happen. So don’t you ever refer to Topp Dogg as a flop or even imply that they are. Its insulting to them and us real toppklass.

 Y’know for those people out there who sill say Tom’s gonna hurt Marco or he’s abusive..

Lemme remind you that THIS is how they first met:

Marco didn’t quite have them start off on the right foot.

(( Tom afterwards even acted politely towards Marco, despite being dismembered by him :P ))

Tom might be a powerful demon whose anger can get out of hand…

But Marco can also have his emotions get out of hand…..

He DID attempt to murder a child with a monster arm…after all.

At least Tom has yet to do any real damage to anyone….to our knowledge

(( I’m sensing an “Emotions are a powerful and dangerous thing if not controlled” vibe from Tom, Star, and Marco))

Tom’s not perfect, and he’s not meant to be.

But neither are Star Or Marco.

They’ve all made bad choices.

Marco and Tom didn’t get off on the right foot, Marco didn’t know much about him other then from what Star told him…his appearance was unsettling..he was worried about his friend…..

And Tom just was worried Marco would ruin his chance to get back the closest and most meaningful relationship he had…

But after spending time together….they got to start to properly get to know each other.

And Man, have things changed XD

Don’t keep blaming Tom for literally everything, he’s a flawed teen, and he’s clearly misguided…

But Marco and Star can also make huge mistakes, and can just as easily hurt others.

I’m glad, despite the rough beginning..these two managed to form a wonderful relationship.

I can’t wait to see it evolve more and more.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: did beca and chloe ever talk about the shower scene aside from that "well you saw me naked" comment from beca during hood night?? really do they make inside jokes about it or what? like what if one time at the bella house one of them accidentally saw the other naked??? do they make remarks like "oh you don't need to cover yourself beca there's nothing i haven't seen" or "chloe cmon do you really have to wear a shirt because we both know what's under that"?? did the real story ever leak to the other bellas??? has beca told jesse about it the whole time they're in a relationship?? does aubrey even know how the alt girl came to the auditions???? does anyone aside from tom know about the shower incident??1?!? am i the only one not okay not knowing these?!1!??
sweet, sweet superstar

( PROMPT: I met you online, and I think I’ve fallen in love with you yet I have no idea who you are, so I suggested we meet and wHAT DO YOU MEAN “just come after filming” are you kidding me?? How am I supposed to get past security they won’t let me in!!! )

A/N: IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD, MY HUSBAND’S - TOM HOLLAND - IS IN SINGAPORE, AND I AM PRAYING THAT I’LL MEET HIM BEFORE I HAVE TO GO TO LONDON, BUT HOW DO YOU FIND TOM HOLLAND??? WHERE DOES HE GO??? AND NO ONE WILL GO WITH ME TO CHECK OUT HIS HOTEL. I COULD CRY. I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR HIM TO COME TO SINGAPORE, AND NOW THAT HE’S HERE, I CAN’T EVEN SEE HIM. WHAT IS THIS LIFE. ( In other news, this will be a drabble series featuring famous! Peter Parker. And let’s be real - all the comments we make about our husbands would probably get us laid or slapped. I went with the former. )

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You’re in the lecture theater, listening to a yawn-inducing lecture about classroom management, when your phone pings and vibrates inside your jacket pocket, sending a tremor up your arm. A little too eagerly, you yank it out, clicking open the LINE app, a smile blooming across your face when you see who the message is from.

vnderoos: Hey, (Y/n)! How’s your day going? 

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Hey Eddsworld Fandom

I’m guilty too, I ship the boys. HOWEVER, I have never shipped the real people behind the characters, nor have I used their last names. It’s just being an asshole if you harass someone into kiss/etc with their friend, so don’t fucking do it. DO NOT use the real ones’ last names. PLEASE. Edd wouldn’t want this, seriously. Maybe we could even clear up some of the ships from the main tag for Eddsworld? I’m not saying “Don’t ship them!!!” but how about when we write or draw one of the ships, we tag it instead as ‘Sinsworld’ like all of the nsfw artists? It would be doing a huge favor for Matt if he ever decides on looking through the main tag. Also, don’t tag the characters in their main tags when its nsfw or shipping, like ‘ew tom’ or ‘eddsworld tom’ instead you could tag it as ‘sw tom’ ‘sinsworld tom’ or even just tag the ship.

Please help straighten this fandom up!!! They’re simple, considerate things that can be easily done! It’s just Matt and Edd’s family, possibly Paul but I don’t know and don’t you dare bother him about it, so let’s make it as easy as we can for Matt.He doesn’t deserve this, nobody does.

Eddsworld is one of the greatest things i have ever found and has inspired me so much, even makes it a bit easier to be happy! I haven’t even been in this fandom for half a year, please don’t let Edd down. Keep Edd’s world spinning.

No conclusive analysis as to why Sherlolly is plausible?

I’ll give you some, sonny boy.

Molly is canonically in love with Sherlock Holmes. Rupert Graves himself said that Molly only has eyes for Sherlock. He even said that Molly/Greg is impossible for that reason. Benedict Cumberbatch never said anything of that sort about Sherlolly. But of course, since omg, Sherlollians aren’t as wonderfully eloquent as you are, you can ignore those, right?

That’s one for the Molly part.

As for Sherlock?

“The one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me, was the one person who mattered the most.”


You can analyze the shitstorm out of any eye contact or delusional subtext you can find for your ship, but you will never be able to deny the gravity of that statement. And you can’t give me that “it’s just platonic” excuse, because it’s been proven and insisted by cast and crew time and again that John and Sherlock are PLATONIC, but you choose to ignore that. Molly is ridiculously important to Sherlock, he adores and loves her (Moffat said so himself), and whether or not he meant it in a platonic or romantic manner, it gives us a really solid foundation for why we think Sherlolly could happen.

We could spend days debating about how Molly could see Sherlock in a way not even John can, about how the cast and crew actually see Molly as Sherlock’s rock/saving grace, about how he trusts her with things he doesn’t even trust John with, about how he turns to her every time his back is to the corner and triumphs in his darkest hour because of her or her influence on him, about how John couldn’t even make him apologize to MRS. HUDSON with stern words but Molly made him apologize to a STRANGER with just a look, about how you have the privilege assume that the only reason Lestrade asked Molly if Tom and she were serious is that he was jealous but apparently the two REAL cheek kisses Sherlock gave Molly when he didn’t really to kiss her doesn’t mean anything, about how Molly’s become SO SIGNIFICANT that even without having “book canon” status her character is included in teasers and trailers and becomes more and more prominent by the season, about how she is KEY (Mark Gatiss’ words, not mine), about how Sherlock can’t really do with her (Amanda Abbington’s words, not mine), about how Sherlock and Molly’s relationship is beautiful (Benedict Cumberbatch’s words, not mine). About how NONE of them have directly turned down the possibility of Sherlolly, but:

Rupert Graves has done so with Lestrolly,

Moffat, Gatiss (and his husband), Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have ALL done so (and with increasing frustration and barely concealed annoyance) with johnlock.

But of course, since we’re apparently not as eloquent as you are, these things cannot be taken into account as “proof” for the plausibility of Sherlolly.

We can also debate about how Molly is canonically shown to be romantically interested in MEN, and how John is repeatedly shown as NOT GAY, and how BC and MF have repeatedly confirmed that neither John nor Sherlock is gay. But whoops, forgive me, I’m not a maestro with words and as such, those “justifications” for my ship just float into nothingness.

We can also discuss how one of the writers is gay and the lead actor is shown to have no homophobia whatsoever, but they still don’t like the idea of johnlock and we have to wonder whether it is due to homophobia, as many shippers seem to argue, or whether it’s because it’s just not the way they see the characters and the show.

We can also debate on how Moffat himself said that Molly can put Sherlock on the back foot, in a way NO ONE, NOT EVEN JOHN could. So the argument that Molly is too weak to handle Sherlock? Gee, I’m so sorry because my inadequate command of the English language is hindering me from defending the Sherlolly ship.

There’s also the issue of Molly deserving better than Sherlock… but apparently John doesn’t deserve better. Even though John isn’t in love with Sherlock but Molly is. So in short, John and Molly, the two kindest, strongest souls in the show, deserve to NOT GET WHAT THEY WANT. Damn it, my communication skills are too damn bad for me to explain how twisted that logic is!

I can also launch a discussion of how Sherlock Holmes saves EVERYONE (given maybe that it’s an interesting case), so saving John/Irene/anyone else isn’t really a measure of how in love he is with those people. But nope, I suppose I’m running out of nice, big English words to use. Forgive me.

I am perfectly aware that the writers have uttered words that are misleading in the past, but I could also argue that everyone chooses to hear only those that they want to, and saying “oh but we shouldn’t believe Mofftiss!” for saying that johnlock is not going to happen but then turning right around and saying we should believe Gatiss for saying the Molly is wallpaper is a bit fishy, don’t you think? But then again, I must only be muttering monkey noises to people, considering this explanation may not be as impressive as non-Sherlolly shippers’ meta.

There’s also so much meta for Sherlolly, but then again I’m pretty sure some people haven’t bothered to look, and then they claim that there are no properly written, extensive analysis on them. Gosh, sorry, that’s totally our fault. The thing is, we don’t tag our Sherlolly meta in the johnlock/lestrolly tag, which is maybe why you don’t see it. You may not be familiar with that concept, seeing that you tagged your lestrolly defense as “Sherlolly”.

I beg your pardon, once again, for the sheer lack of ability on my part to show “proof” for Sherlolly. Really, I should go back to school and work on my written communication skills.

anonymous asked:

I love your insight and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. In your previous post you gave examples of shomances with Henry/Kelley and Tom/Taylor. Those are seemingly bigger celebs than Sam and Cait. Do you think, or have you seen other C-listers go to this much effort to cover? It just seems like an awful lot of moving pieces.

Tom and Taylor were the perfect example of how the more visible you are separately, the more visible you’ll be together. And that in and of itself seems like it would be a winning combination when trying to sell something, but it also means the microscope under which they live goes from the one included in a Fisher-Price My First Science Kit to the $27 million model that can see an image that’s half the width of a hydrogen atom. What their teams put together didn’t hold up under scrutiny or, let’s be real, even a casual glance. 

What I find interesting about SC is that (to me) it looks like their teams are trying to apply SFOP (Standard Fauxmance Operating Procedure) to a different scenario and that’s where the wait, what, huh? occurs. Why is it SO insistent and, at the same time, so half-assed? Is it that the solution is the wrong answer for the equation?

This farce often makes me feel like I’m looking at a picture inside a picture. My eye is naturally drawn to the gorgeous flowers in the forefront but when I look closer, there’s a dude in the background taking a dump in the bushes and once my brain absorbs it, it’s all I can see. In one instant, the pretty flowers aren’t the focus of their own picture, it’s the sideshow everybody is talking about. The question here is, and has always been, is that what the flowers want? In this instance, I’ve always assumed yes.

The Muse of My Heart

Tom HiddlestonxReader (Anon Request)

I was thinking of an imagine with Tom reading you his poetry he wrote because you were having a rough night and problems sleeping.

(So this was probably a short imagine request, but sometimes my brain gets out of hand haha… 1000 some words later… here we are. haha)

You took a slow breath and mustered the best smile you could. Damn if he wasn’t too good for you. He was wonderful and beautiful and he also had the uncanny ability to defuse your most stressful days. How was he even real?

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Passionate Kisses (Tom Holland)

Originally posted by spideycentral

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader, Cole Sprouse x Reader
Warning: Cursing
Summary: Tom comes to visit you at work on the day you have to film a set of scenes with your co worker, Cole. A kissing scene to be specific and Tom gets a little jealous.
Author: Dizzy
A/N:  Another Cole and Tom fic! Thanks so much to the cutie who asked for this saying, “omg i just read your “i dont wanna be your man” imagine with cole and “tommys girl” its so good!!! ive recently been watching riverdale and i was wondering if tom (holland) visited y/n on set of riverdale, the day y/n and cole has a kiss scene? while tom watches tom gets a little jealous because it looks real and passionate and even more jealous when he sees how close you and cole are after shooting?? thank you i love your imagines omgg😍😍😍”

Masterlist Request Any Of These

You laughed and rested your head on Cole’s chest as he stumbled over his line.

“I’m sorry! It’s a hard line! There’s a lot of alliteration.” He apologized with a chuckle.

“Everybody just take five!” The director announced as you and Cole walked off set, playfully shoving one another as you made fun of him.

“Get your shit together, Sprouse.” You said, “I can’t keep laughing through my lines.”

“Well I’m sorry if it’s a rough line to say before you’re trying not laugh while kissing your best friend.”

As you were about to reply, two arms wrapped around your waist. You quickly turned around to be face to face with Tom, who was smiling widely.

“Tom!” You cried, wrapping your arms around his neck. “What are you doing here?!”

“I thought I’d come visit you at work. I heard you’re shooting a big scene today.”

You pulled away and moved so you were facing both Tom and Cole.

“I am. Well, Cole and I are, actually. We have the biggest and most awkward scene to shoot today.” You explained. “Chucklehead over here won’t stop laughing during it though.”

Cole laughed and raised his hands in mock surrender. “Hey, I’m trying my best. It’s hard not to fuck up.”

“What scene are you two working on?” Tom asked as the end of your short break was called.

“You’ll see.” You said with a wink as you and Cole linked arms and walked to set.  “Okay, Cole, get it together. This is no time for joking. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can all go home.”

Cole rolled his eyes with a smile. “I know, Y/n. I’ll try my best.” He promised as you got into your positions.

“And, action!”

“You know that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, right?” Cole said softly, leaning close to you, his eyes never leaving yours.

You nodded slowly and put a hand on his chest with a sigh. “I know, but-”

“No ‘buts’, just trust it, trust the things you’re feeling, the things that I’m feeling for you.” He said with such passion, it seemed as if it was real. “Just trust me.”

He leaned in slowly, just as you started to do before your eyes fluttered closed and his lips brushed against yours. He wrapped an arm around your waist before his lips connected with yours and you kissed with such a great passion that if no one knew you were acting, they would’ve thought you were truly in love with Cole.

You pulled away, as spoke softy. “I do.”

“Cut!” The shout made you and Cole pull away from one another and face everyone else. “Great work! You both did a great job today!” The director continued to speak before letting you both go.

You walked off set with Cole, his arm around your shoulders as you both talked.

“High five, man! We fucking did it.” You said, holding your hand up.

Cole gave you a quick high five and smiled. “Do you want to go grab a bite to eat? I’d love to get to know that boyfriend of yours.”

“Oh, shit. I can’t. Me and Tom already have dinner reservations. How about tomorrow?”

“I think I could do tomorrow. Depends on what time though. I have a big date.”
“Oh really?”

“Yes, really. You sound surprised that I even have a date. What? Did you want me all to yourself?” Cole joked.

“Oh, most definitely. You’re mine and only mine.” You said dramatically as you caught sight of Tom. “There’s Tom. I have to go, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Of course. Remember to ask him about dinner. Have fun.” Cole said, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek before you did the same, something you did as a platonic gesture.

“Thanks. I’ll see you later!” You chirped as you walked to Tom, a big smile on your face as you walked up to him.

Tom had an odd expression on his face that you couldn’t decipher. He wasn’t mad, but you couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” You asked as you followed him to the car.

“Nothing. I just didn’t realize how close you and Cole were.” He mumbled, almost incoherently.

“Aw, is someone jealous?” You asked, watching as a light blush dusted his cheeks.

“I’m not jealous. I just like it when my girl is my girl and my girl only.” He stated in a matter of fact tone as you climbed into the car.

“Oh, come on, Tom. It was just a joke.” You said, putting a hand on his thigh. “I’ll always be your girl. Cole’s just my best friend is all.”

“Does he really have to kiss you and do you really have to kiss him back?”

“Tom, it’s not like we’re making out.”

“You made out with him today and it looked pretty damn real.”

You giggled. “I was acting, you know, like what we do for a living?”

“Did you like it?” Tom asked, jealousy raging inside him.

“Of course not. It was like kissing my brother.” You replied with a smile. “Seriously, Tom, you have nothing to be jealous about.”

You ran your hand up and down his thigh in a teasing fashion. You would never tell Tom, but his jealousy was starting to get you bothered.

“Y/N.” Tom groaned.


“Would you quit it? It’s hard to be upset with you turning me on like you do.”

Let’s just say you never did go to dinner.

things i liked in the christmas special
  • how dramatic it was. for real. the songs were so overdramatic i was like “me @ life”
  • seeing everyone in their cute little winter outfits?? even tom and sabine?? adorable
  • this special warmed me up more to Nathalie’s character. you can see she does really care about Adrien.
  • CHAT LOOKING OUT MARINETTE’S HOUSE WHILE SINGING??? i can’t believe marichat is canon
  • the most dramatic scene in miraculous ladybug’s history ever??? I WAS LIKE THE HELL IS THIS INTERNAL STRUGGLES WHERE DID IT COME FROM when chat noir was about to cataclysm THE FUCKING BIG CHRISTMAS TREE?? but his mom appears in his mind so he just nopes the fuck out and destroys something with himself instead?? like that fanart??? i can’t??
  • ADRIEN OPENING MARINETTE’S GIFT: we thought that dreamy face was gonna be for ladybug but NOPE!! it’s about freaking!!! marinette!!! “she’s so kind” child ur so in love stop lying to urself
  • Adrien wishing Merry Christmas to Plagg and using the hat to keep him warm I’m so fucking????? OH MY GOD???
  • the whole little converation with Santa and Adrien giving the hat to him. He’s so precious
  • that little Ladrien moment *eyes emoji*
  • “MY LADY”
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir falling into Alya’s house AND HER LITERALLY PROVING TO BE THE LADYNOIR #1 SHIPPER
  • It’s not like that” - Ladybug, 2016
  • Alya calling Ladybug “CocciNoel” that was so funny and cute


  • Mrs. Cole: Wha-what?
  • (Delphini continues peacefully eating bread)
  • Mrs. Cole: I don't think you two understand how an orphanage works. You cant' just buy a child.
  • Mrs. Cole: I mean, this isn't even a real orphanage. All these kids have parents in the real world.
  • Mrs. Cole:'re not listening to me, I see that now.

Autor Ladyoftheteaandblood

“Darling what’s in the small suitcase it’s awfully heavy?” He looked at the amount they were taking and wondered just how long she thought they were away for. How much stuff could one female need? He knew he took a lot but he had shows and promo stuff to do. 

Once upon a time a man could just have the one suit and a collection of white shirts with different ties. Now like the girls they need a different outfit for every bloody event. One day he’d just walk on wearing his trackies with the hole in and shock them all, or an animal onesie.

“And here to tell us about his latest movie Kong Skull Island, is Tom Hiddleston”, out he would come wearing a penguin onesie. Even better, he could do it on a day Ben was with him and get Ben to say what he was wearing.

Right everything in, now all he had to pack in the car was Conny. Where the hell was she?

“Hey lady we have to go come on!” Out of the door with a hand luggage bag filled came Conny.

“Shit women, they do have stuff in Australia” 

“Trust me dearest you will thank me later” I won’t be thankful for the hernia I’m going to get lifting this lot onto the trolley, he thought.

Finally in the car and onto the motorway, music on loud and singing louder.

Tom realised after giving his vocal chords a good work out he’d not packed any drink, at which point a bottle of water was held out to him.

Ten minutes later he was hungry and biscuits came his way. Thirty minutes later he remembered the motorway loos to the way to the airport were shut. And like all small children he’d not gone before he’d left. 

The bottle she had in the bag was helpful for that and it meant there was no chance him getting photographed having a whizz behind a bush. She even took the bottle out and chucked it in the layby bin. She had wet wipes for hands or hand sanitizer, all in the bag.

Then they hit traffic, shit! Tom was not the most patient of people if he had to wait in queues, or traffic, in fact if he had a fault this was it and the Moaning began.

“These road works should have been finished six weeks ago” his face was not in happy mode and got even more so when the time slipped by and the possibility of actually missing the Plane became a real problem.

“It’s fine I’ll phone and say you will be late, for once we will use your star status to hop on a plane the easy way”

“I didn’t bring the checking phone number, just the tickets so how will we phone?”

Out of the magic bag came the paperwork, her phone and some painkillers. She phoned the airport and explained, the airport was only too happy to help. She gave the painkillers to Tom with another bottle of water,

“How did you know, I’d need them?”

“Magic darling! Want a sandwich, chicken and avocado with mayo?” 

He looked at her and smiled as sandwiches for both of them came out, along with napkins and packets of crisps. 

By the time they had eaten those Tom was happier and finally they got passed the bloody hold up, and onto the airport. 

Parking the car in one of the huge airport carparks they unloaded the bags.

“Where’s your hand luggage bag dear, the Mary Poppins one, it not on the trolley?” 

“No it’s still in the car, that was just for the journey, I’d seen a traffic report and just knew we might have to wait, It’s got packets of mint Kendle cake in it for the journey back”

“Smart arse” he grinned at her.

In the airport they booked in their bags and waved to them as they slipped off down the conveyer belts, hoping they’d join them in Oz. They booked in themselves and got rushed through the airport in VIP style.

Safe in their seats on the Plane Tom asked,

“What is in that small suitcase because it was very heavy?”

Conny looked at him and smiled “Oh just an annoying females dead body cut up, it fitted beautifully, Ive sent that case to Kurdistan” and with that and a wink she put on her headphones and watched the inflight movie.

Leaving Tom, a touch afraid.

Picture not mine I just played with it.

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Realize -- Chapter Two “Whirlwind”

Tom HiddlestonxReader and reference to Sebastian StanxReader is the future perhaps?

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some of my own silly brain … Here’s Chapter Two :)

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Chapter Two - Whirlwind

It was a whirlwind from there. You knew that this was going to be your big break, a major role in a broadway production opposite a famous leading man, it would take a lot of screwing up to not get at least a small career bump from that much luck and good press, but you had no idea just how big. It didn’t help matters that the internet had practically exploded with rumors about you and Tom since the pigtail selfie incident.  This was almost too much too fast, but you did your best to take it in stride. Thankfully, when you’d feel overwhelmed, Tom was there with kind words of support and advice.

Your agent, however, was about to kill you. After the limited run ended, you had gone from being a fairly unknown stage actress with a loyal, if tiny, band of fans, to one of the hottest new stars, the word “Tony” has even been bandied about but you were not holding your breath. There were offers upon offers for shows, movies, even a couple tv pilots, and you were taking your time trying to decide what was next. You agent just wanted you to pick something before the heat died down.

You didn’t want to be a movie star or famous, that was never your goal, you just liked living someone else’s life on stage in those fleeting personal performances that were gone as soon as they happened. It was truly living in and for the moment when you were on stage. You didn’t need to live in posterity on the silver screen, you were happy in your presenium. It was Tom who talked you into finally doing an independent film, a story that felt very real and close to your past. You felt a connection to the character so deeply that it ended up earning you a Golden Globe nomination. You took Lou as your date and had a fabulous night with her and Tom, even if you went home empty-handed.

The more you thought about how this all came into being, the more you realized it was all with Tom’s help and that made you smile. He really was a wonderful friend.

You were out in L.A. doing some press for the post globes wide release of your film when a sweet-faced and delightfully nerdy interviewer asked, “So, you’ve really become Miss Popular since your nomination, there are rumors you’re on the path to join your friend Tom in the Marvel Universe, is there any truth to the rumors or is Sebastian Stan just getting his hopes up?”

You covered your face and laughed, “I’ve heard that rumor too, but sadly, I can’t really say.”

She laughed along, “Awe, poor Sebastian, he’s been campaigning for you at every interview I’ve seen him do for the past two months.”

You giggle and wink at her camera as you say, “It’s good to know I have fans, Hey, Sebastian, call me.”

A week later, as you’re packing up to head back to New York, your phone rings.

“(Y/N), you’re staying in L.A.” your agent never bothered with pleasantries, “I got the call.”

You stop mid-packing, “What call?”


It was about a week later when you laughed as Tom crushed you in a hug. He had decided to celebrate you joining the “family” by surprising you when you got home from L.A. “Dear Lord, man, I need to breathe eventually.” He gave you an overly noisy kiss on the cheek as he keeps a hold of you but takes some of the boa constrictor out of the hug.

“I’ve missed you, hugging simply cannot be avoided.”

You laugh as you slowly if a bit reluctantly pull yourself out of his hug. “You saw me a week ago, Tom. Don’t be so dramatic.”

“Just telling the truth. Welcome home.”

You dropped your bags in your bedroom and flop down on the couch next to Tom as he handed you a glass of wine. He seemed so at home here that you had a brilliant idea.“Tom?” You lean your head on his shoulder and smile at him.

“Hmm?” He smiled back and took a sip of his wine.

“Move in with me.”

He chokes a bit and laughs, “I think you skipped a few steps there, (Y/N), you should at least ask a man out to dinner first.”

You lightly punch his arm and he feigns grievous injury as you say, “Don’t be weird, I just mean that if you’re in New York anyway either for work or to hijack my Netflix, you may as well stay here, seems silly to keep living out of hotel rooms when you spend your time, whenever you are not asleep or working, here anyway. You’re one of my best friends, Tom, so, yeah, move in with me.”

The warm and genuine smile makes his eyes crinkle. “I’d love to.”

theemoestdemon  asked:

Hey I know I requested something recently already, but I need something to help me feel a bit better. (In case you're wondering I got into a small right with another girl, who may or may not be a sociopath, I ended up getting detention for the first time.) I just need some nice comfort fluff, maybe just Marco just comforting Tom about something? If you want fit it in today that's ok.

Of course I can write that! I’m so sorry you got into a fight with that girl! I’ve got into a few fight and it sucks. She slashed my tires and it got UGLY. What happened was her drug dealer cut her off because she was an addict, and he didn’t want her overdosing on his supply or he would get into a LOT of trouble. And she blamed it on me because I told my sister she was an addict, then my sister told the dealer.
Bottom line is I got attacked, then I fought back, then my sister broke into her boyfriend’s house and I hit him with a spatula. Stuff happens! We just have to move on and keep loving each other!!!!!

“Tom? Is that you?” Marco asked, flipping on the light. Tom was huddled by the couch, his eyes were big and bright. Marco looked worried, Tom never showed up in the dead of night just to say hi. Marco’s home was his safe place. So he showed up at odd hours only if he was in danger at his own home.

“G-go back to bed Mar-Mar. I just needed a place to stay the night.” Tom mumbled. Marco ran over and knelt down next to him. Tom had a bruise on his eye and lower arm. It looked like a handprint pressed in his arm. Marco shook his head and opened his arms. Tom fell into his hug and his human comforted him.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Marco hushed. Tom squeezed his eyes shut to try and keep from crying, but it was no use. The demon began to bawl as Marco held him close and soothed him. “Hey, hey. It’s all okay, it’s all going to be okay.” Marco gave Tom a kiss on the head and the demon sobbed harder. “Shhh. It’s okay.”

“I-I-I don’t know what I did wrong.” Tom blubbered. Marco hushed him again and took his face in his hands, making Tom look him in the eyes.

“You didn’t do anything to deserve this.” Marco assured him. Tom sniffled and snuggled closed to the human. “You’re okay, you’re with me now. You’re safe.” He kissed Tom again. He let the demon cry for a long while before hushing him and giving him more kisses. “Hey, look at me.” Marco told him. “Look at me.” He said again.

Tom wiped away some tears and looked Marco in the eyes. “Can you give me a smile?” Marco asked. Tom pouted and wiped away another tear. “Come on, just one little smile.” Marco urged. Tom sniffled.

“I don’t feel like smiling.” Tom choked back some more tears and Marco kissed his nose.

“Just try, for me?” He asked. Tom sniffled and tried to smile for the human, it felt forced at first, but once Tom saw Marco smiling back at him it turned real. He smiled bigger and all of the sudden started laughing. Marco smiled even bigger. “There you are! There’s that happy demon I love so much!” He bopped Tom’s nose.

“I-I don’t know what it is but… no matter how sad I am, I always smile around you.” Tom started. “I can’t help it. No matter what I see you and… I’m happy.” Tom continued. Marco pulled him in for another hug and rubbed his back. “Can I stay here for a little while?” He asked quietly. Marco nodded.

“Stay here as long as you want.” Marco assured. “Stay here forever if you want to.” He grinned. Tom smiled again and the boys sat on the rug together for about an hour more Just giving each other gente hugs and kisses, and every time they made eye contact they would erupt in giggles and smiles. “I love that smile of yours.” Marco said in a love struck tone. Tom fell back and blushed furiously, putting a hand over his mouth.

“Y-you do?” Tom asked. “I always thought my teeth made me look scary.” He admitted. Marco shook his head and took Tom’s hand away, so he could see his whole face. He loved the demon and everything about him so much.

“No, your teeth are perfect. I love the little fang you have that goes over your lip.” Marco smiled. “It’s the cutest thing.” He giggled. Tom blushed even more. He was about to put his hand up again out of instinct, but Marco held it down so he could see Tom. “You have an amazing smile. Because when you smile it means you’re happy, and there’s nothing I want more than for you to be happy.” Marco whispered to him.

“I-I want you to be happy too.” Tom assured. “I’d do anything for you! Just to see you smile or to see you laugh.” He began to go on and on. “Anything you want, Marco! Just say the word and I’ll get it for you! Just as long as you smile.” He looked totally swept away. Marco held Tom’s hand and gave him another kiss.

“I want you.” Marco told him. “Stay here with me, please.” He mumbled. Tom nodded and pulls Marco as close as he could. The two stayed snuggling on the floor for a long while until both of them began to get sleepy. “It’s really late, I think we both should go back to bed.” Marco told the demon, yawning. Tom nodded and scooped Marco up in his arms. The human laughed and Tom carried him up the steps and set him down on the bed. When he made sure Marco was comfortable he curled up like a cat at the foot of the bed.

“Come up here and be next to me.” Marco giggled. Tom purred and jumped to be snuggled right next to the human. Marco wrapped him up in a tight and secure hug, covering his face and head with love and kisses. “You know I’m never going to let anything bad happen to you as long as you’re here.” Marco hushed. Tom nodded.

“How long can I stay?” Tom asked, already getting anxiety about going home.

“As long as you want or need.” Marco assured him. “You’re safe and I love you. Let’s not think of the bad stuff now, we both need some sleep.” Marco added, looking at the clock. It was almost three in the morning. Tom nodded and nuzzled his head in Marco’s hoodie, closing his eyes and dozing off. “Goodnight, sweet little demon.” Marco cooed, and fell asleep himself.

yall im not gonna even rant about markhyuck is such boyfriends cause. GUYS. real or not I’m so touch to see how thoughtful donghyuck is. It describes a healthy friendship. and yall they love each other. yall know how they’re tom and jerry but they actually care for eachother. expecially hc, he loves his hyung so much. i can’t get over the fact that he can’t stand mark not eating healthy. AND THAT HE COOKED FOR HIM. HOW CUTE. im crying i love them. im emo ill write a fic while im inspired