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The Friendly Wager (Part 2)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,613

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, complete and utter denial, social drinking

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

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EXO Reaction to you finding out that they only dated you because of a bet (But fell in love with you)

Anon Requested something super angsty xD Pesonally I don’t think they would do this but it felt like it would be a good angsty reaction.
This was like my biggest fear in my teens. I really thought that no one would ever date me and if they did it would be because of a bet :c Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Listen… they made me do it… they had something on me… but it’s not an excuse. I accepted because I wanted to get close to you somehow and I thought it would be a nice opportunity… I’m an idiot, I know but… please. Give me a chance, let me show you how real everything was”


“If you guys think I’m going to ask her out because of the bet… you better just leave. If I’m asking her out, it’ll be because I actually like her”


*Honestly he would apologize every second of every day until you forgive him* “It might have started for the wrong reasons jagi but… everything I said, everything I did, everything I feel is real. And I knew I couldn’t continue this unless you knew the truth… please, give me a chance”


*Remembering the good times you two had together* “What an idiot… she probably hates me now while I’m still here… in love with her. I need to come up with a plan… a plan to fix what I broke. And they are going to help me… and no one will do something like this again”


*He might have been dared to do it. But his feelings were real from the very first moment, so real that he told you the truth before even asking you out*


“Listen… I really really like you… and I want to go out with you but I want you to reject me today. Why? Because the boys made me do this and I don’t think it’s right. Because my feelings are sincere and I don’t want to take this as an opportunity to start something with you. I want to do it right, make you fall in love with me right”


*He would actually prank the boys. He would tell you everything from the beginning and to get revenge you would help him with this so called fake relationship. And who knows, maybe in the end this might lead to something beautiful*


*I don’t know but this guy is 100% into you. Dare or not he won’t let you go* “Screw what they said, you are the only one I want. This is my heart speaking, not them”


“Are you guys seriously thinking I will go ask her out because of a dare? No, I might be asking her out tonight but that is because I like her. Not because of your games!” *He’s not even accepting that “reward” he was supposed to have after the dare*


*If anyone think this baby might do something like that, fight me. Not in this universe, not in any other*


*Probably won’t talk to the boys for a week or something and never play that game again or just choose truth and yea btw he’s asking you out next weekend and taking you to meet his parents so you see how real he is*


*Blaming himself so so much, even after you had forgiven him* “You should know better Junmyeon… you should know better… She might have forgiven you but… it’s there. I guess it’s time, for her to see that my love is real and not just a game. I will ask her to marry me… because I do want to stay by her side forever”

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EXO Reacting to Love at First Sight

Prompt: “Hi☺ can you do a Exo reaction ; when they fall in love at first sight?”

Suho: Suho would feel his heart pound when he looked at you and his palms would get a little sweaty. He didn’t even know your name yet, but for some reason he already felt connected to you. This overwhelming feeling would make him nervous and he would probably rush to find a way to approach you. It would lead to him making an awkward joke in an attempt to get you to laugh.

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Xiumin: He would try to think carefully about the situation. While he immediately felt drawn to you, there would be a small part of him questioning his feelings. He would eventually approach you and would begin to ask you questions in order to get to know you better. After talking to you for a while and confirming his true feelings, he’d definitely spend more time listening to you and thinking of a way to ask you out.

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Lay: Yixing would be unsure of how to handle his newfound feelings. Considering he didn’t really know you, he’d be very nervous, almost too nervous to approach you. He’d only need a little push and shove from his fellow members to work up the courage to introduce himself. He’d keep up the image of being humble and cool, giving you small smiles and listening intently, but deep down he’d still be nervous. 

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Baekhyun: He would probably stop in his tracks whenever he first saw you, his heart skipping a beat. He would freeze up and it would be like time had slowed down. When his members realized what– or in this case who– he was staring at, they’d push him to say something to you. He would take a deep breath, trying to regain composure as he made his way over to you and would try his best to sweep you off your feet.

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Chen: When Chen laid eyes on you, he would automatically be reeled in. He would gladly introduce himself and he would try to charm/humor you. He’d brag about his singing and offer to show you someday if you went out with him. He would have no problems talking to you and making you laugh.

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Chanyeol: Considering how honest and outgoing he is, he, much like Chen, would also have no problem with approaching you. He would probably be playfully arrogant in order to make you smile. When you rolled your eyes, he would use his charisma and humor to make you smile and laugh. Eventually, he’d attempt to smoothly ask for your number.

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D.O: I hate to say this, but he probably wouldn’t act on his feelings. He wouldn’t even believe them at first, doubting that love at first sight was a real thing. Even with doubts, he couldn’t help but be attracted to you. He would watch you from afar for a little while, remaining inconspicuous, but wouldn’t ever work up the courage to say something.

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Kai: Whenever Kai noticed you, he would intently stare at you and when you noticed him, he would give you a charming, heart-warming smile. When he made his way to you and started talking, you noticed how cute he was. He would spend time getting to know you and would make you smile and laugh before properly asking you out.

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Sehun: Whenever he noticed you and he felt his heart race, he would probably be too nervous to say anything. He’d just look at you in awe. While he is more outgoing with his members, he’s too shy to initiate conversation with others, especially when he feels so strongly for them. You would have to be the one to approach him, but when you did, he’d be sure to make it worth your while, causing you to laugh and smile with his sassy side.

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Kris: He would come off as cold and tough, but would charm his way into your heart. He’d be sincere about how he feels as soon as he sees you, but not coming on too strong. When you guys talked for a while, you noticed how different he was from his outside appearance, falling for his awkward sense of humor and his sweet side.

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Luhan: When he first noticed you, he would smirk and start to walk towards you, confidence radiating off of him. He would openly flirt with you and would ultimately try his best to show his manly charms. He would tell you about himself first and then ask you about yourself. When he felt the time was right, he’d ask you out.

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Tao: This poor child would be so nervous somebody help him. He would try to act all suave and tough, but would somehow make a fool of himself. He’d awkwardly laugh and try to play it off, but deep down, he’d be cursing himself. In the end, when he asked you out, you couldn’t say no. His tough image paired with a sensitive side would melt your heart.

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Married to a Monster - twelve

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Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 4.5k (whoa)

Summary: You are forced into a marriage with your once love/childhood best friend. Although, you don’t love him anymore and are disgusted with having to marry him. After driving yourself to suicide twice, you know you can’t ever fix things with him but even though, you push forward for the happiness of your parents who are still grieving the loss of your older sister.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. This series will also have smut, but chapters will be rated [m] accordingly.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve  

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(requested by @psingh97 )

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 955
summary : based on the song ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons
note : it might differ from the song a little bit , but hope you still like it 😉
*not my gif

It had been almost half a year now since Y/N and Kai became friends , well best friends. ‘Friend’ wasn’t really the right word he’d use because Y/N was a lot more than that. She was the most special person in his life , the only one who actually listened to what he had to say and tried to understand instead of judging. Meeting her had changed the way he saw life but it hadn’t been exactly the day they met first that changed it all. It had been a random afternoon not too long after the wedding when Damon had asked her to watch him for a couple of hours.
That’s when Kai felt something he had never felt in his life. Hope. Hope that there might be at least one person in the world who understands him , wants to listen to him and might believe in him. And if that could happen , then maybe there was a chance for him to change, be happy and end the circle of pain. There had been so much of it in his life always pulling him into darkness but after that day Y/N turned into his light in the darkness always leading him home. 

    “When you said you needed my help with some ‘thing’ you failed to mention it’s not a thing , Damon.” said Y/N , folding her arms on her chest. “This is a person who might’ve made mistakes but deserves to be treated as a human being. You know , with respect ? Why do I feel like the wrong brother went back to high school…”
    “Hilarious. Just watch him for a couple of hours.”
Y/N rubbed her forehead with her thumb and index finger unable to comprehend how Damon had referred to someone as a ‘thing’ in his text to get her there. Surely none of her friends liked Kai much , specially since the whole wedding thing but that is no reason to treat someone as if they were nothing. Exactly that had been the reason why Kai had snapped not once but twice , because everyone always treated him like trash and expected the worst out of him.
    “Damon you can’t act li- ”
    “A few hours. Please ? Alaric and I need to do something and this one has to be -”
    “- under surveillance ?” asked Kai , popping up behind Damon. “I don’t have a reason to hurt anyone. Why is no one seeing this ? Besides what is she going to do ? Bore me to - ”
    “Keep you busy.” smirked the vampire , heading towards the door. “Oh and if she ends up hurt in any way – you are dead.”
Damon closed the door with a loud bang making Y/N jump up from the sound for a few seconds. Her hand reached in her pocket and she typed a quick message to her ‘friend’ , angrily tapping on the screen before clicking send.
    “Ouch.” said Kai , taking a peek at her screen from behind her shoulder. “That was kind of harsh. Aren’t you worried he will do something to get back at you?”
    “You know , you don’t have to watch me. I promise I am not planing on murdering anyone. Feel free to go home or do whatever it is you were going to do before Damon decided to force you to hang out with me.”
    “No , no. He is not forcing me to do anything , I want to stay and hang out with you … and I am sorry about him. He kind of -”
    “- expects the worst out of me. Everyone always does , I am used to it. Trust me.” said Kai with a note of hurt in his voice, walking over to Damon’s liquor stash.
    “I don’t.”  she smiled at him while he checked out the fancy bottles with curiosity. “Also I was going to say he acted disrespectful , judging without listening or giving the benefit of the doubt you deserve after the merge , following on first expressions and … expecting the worst.”
Kai looked up at her  listening to her heartbeat. It was completely even , she didn’t appear afraid of him and definitely wasn’t lying. Y/N had every reason to lie , to be afraid. They were all alone in this giant house , there was no one for miles and he could easily hurt her if he wanted.  Instead she sounded embarrassed about her friend’s behaviour and … Had she really said that she wants to be there ? No. He must’ve misheard or something. No one ever wanted to be around him.
    “You don’t expect the worst out of me and you want to be here. That’s new. I must be hallucinating or something - ”
Y/N smiled at him noticing the surprise in his voice. “Everyone deserves a chance and you don’t seem evil. There is darkness , I can see that but its not who you are. People make mistakes. It is wrong to be judged only by them. Also you did try to get Bonnie out of 1994 and helped saving her life almost dying to make it happen. Then before that you siphoned the spell keeping all my friends out of town for almost half a year and since neither of them ever said ‘thank you’ … Thank you.”
    “No one had ever said ‘thank you’ to me and actually meant it.” he said sitting on the sofa with her following right after. “It’s kind of nice.”
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , smiling at Kai who had a curious expression on his face clearly trying to figure out if she was lying or not. There was no reason for her to lie , not really. Kai wasn’t as bad as her friends made him out to be. He just needed a friend , someone to believe in him and give him a chance. Who knew , maybe he was exactly what he seemed like –
    “ – cute and cuddly.” she finished out loud with a small smile.
    “What ? Wh-what’s cute and cuddly ?”
    “Not ‘what’ , ‘who.” she turned towards him. “You. It’s just everyone sees you as someone dangerous but to me you seem … cute and cuddly.”
    “Cute and cuddly ?” he asked a little amused. “Haven’t heard that one before. Usually its ‘sociopath’ , ‘psychopath’ , ‘an abomination’ , ‘a monster’. Does that mean you like me or am I being too hopeful ?”
    “I kind of do … like you , I mean.”
Kai studied her face , listening to her heartbeat. No, Y/N wasn’t lying. A small smile spread across his face and he offered her his drink. For a second their hands touched and he noticed she didn’t flinch. Everyone always flinched , everyone always tried to get as far away as possible from him but this girl did the exact opposite and moved a little closer to him.
    “So , what do you want to do ? Just because my least favourite Salvatore assigned me on Kai patrol doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Or do you want to sit here for who knows how long doing nothing ?”
    “You don’t like Damon ?” he asked surprised. “I thought you were friends.”
    “Some days , yes. Others – I just want to stake him.” she said taking a sip from the bourbon in her hands.
    “Yep , I definitely like you.” he grinned. “Alright , since you are the girl and I am a gentleman … what do you want to do ?”
    “Listen ? Wh-what does that mean ?”
    “Well , you seem like a someone who wants to talk to someone , a friend. I can be that friend , if you want , and listen. I promise whatever you say - I won’t make assumptions , judge or spill to anyone what you have said to me. You can even compell me , if you want to be 100 % sure. I am not on vervain –”
Kai smiled at her and she passed him the glass , pulling out her phone right after and turned it off before leaving it on the coffee table. He watched her half amused half confused and took a sip of his drink wondering how he had missed seeing who this girl really was. Someone who doesn’t manipulate to get what she wants. Someone , kind , understanding and real who gave him something he had never had – hope.
    “You are not like the rest of them are you? There is something different about you. I just can’t put my finger on it.”
    “Yeah , I guess you can say I am a little different.” she smiled shyly looking at her hands until Kai lifted up her chin. There was something really gentle about the gesture that made her heart skip a beat and by the way the corners of his mouth twitched. It hadn’t gone unnoticed.
    “I like different.” he said softly.
    “Me too.”

*         *          *

Kai sat at the bar glancing at Y/N and her friends. There was a party at the Grill and his best friend had asked him to go with her and since it had been her asking he had said yes. They had had fun up until a few minutes ago when Caroline had practically dragged her away from him because there had been something important for them to discuss which apparently couldn’t wait. By the looks of it they were arguing or more like her friends were trying to get her to hate him again while she tried not to lose it.
    “I know you always want to see the best in everyone but he is not a good person. How can’t you see that ?” argued Caroline.
Y/N rolled her eyes. This had been happening for months now. Her friends used every chance they could find to try and get her to turn against Kai. Only the more they tried , the more she dug her heels deeper and found more reasons to love him.
    “Yes. He is and if you give him a chance to prove it , you will see it. You know,  it is absolutely unbelievable how you judge him only by his worst mistakes and always find a way to skip on the good he had done.”
    “Good ?! Where did you see good Y/N ?!” snapped Bonnie. “He tried to kill me like 5 times in the Prison World and then left me there all by myself -”
    “- like you almost did to him twice?”
    “I almost killed myself because of him - ”
    “- and HE ALMOST DIED TO GET YOU OUT !!!” she raised her voice. Y/N took a deep breath and spoke a little calmer. “He risked his own life , Liv’s and Jo’s lives and the lives of every single person in his family to make it happen.”
    “He killed his siblings , his entire family -”
    “- and your smirking sidekick over there ‘never’ killed any of his family members ? He killed a pregnant woman and did kill like two of his ‘uncles’ if I recall correctly.” snapped Y/N. “Lets face it. We all have done awful things. A few moons ago , after I triggered the werewolf curse, I nearly wiped out a whole group of campers in the woods and Kai was the one there to stop me. We are all awful people. Don’t make me list the things all of you have done.”
Stefan rubbed his forehead taking a sip of his drink glancing between Y/N and everyone while she turned around looking at Kai who looked so sad and alone sitting at the bar. Caroline folded her hands and stared at Y/N while Damon was holding onto his glass almost breaking it and Bonnie was visibly trying not to shout.
How can’t they see it ? she wondered.
    “Your double standarts bother me. Truly.” she turned on her heels but Damon grabbed her hand.
    “Yes , we all have done awful things but neither of us had screwed up as big as he had.”
    “Do you even hear yourself right now ?! You know what - come looking for me when you all stop being such hypocrites.”
Y/N yanked her hand free and made her way through the crowd towards Kai. His eyes lit up immediately when he saw her but there were traces of tears in them which meant he had been listening. Why did her friends had to do this when her best friend was standing right there ?! Hee trailed his finger on the top of his glass and sighed , almost smashed it in his hand after he finished his drink.
    “Come on. Dance with me.” she smiled , taking his hand.
Kai gave her a small smile. Going to the party had been one thing but dancing had never been a part of the plan. Specially not with the looks  her friends were giving them.
    “I don’t dance and I doubt your friends would be okay with it. You go have fun , I’ll be -”
    “I want to dance with you.” she said intertwining her fingers with his. “One dance. It’s a slow song , you don’t have to do anything else but hold me close thats all. It will be like a hug with music. Also , have you met me ? I don’t give a damn what they think. I know who you are and you are not what they say.”
A small smile spread across his face seeing their hands intertwined together. Y/N always believed in him , saw the good in him and by the looks of it always defended him. Yet he wasn’t sure he deserved it , or her.
    “Just one.” she pouted.
    “You are so cute when you do that.” he pinched her cheeks. “But it’s still a no.”
Y/N continued giving him the pouty face adding puppy dog eyes too. Kai closed his eyes for a moment and a second later he got up seeing her smile get wider making him smile too just like always.
    “How is it that you always get what you want?” he wondered , placing his hand on her lower back pushing her through the crowd until they were on the dance floor. Y/N turned around hooking her hands around his neck while his hands found their way on her waist and he pulled her close.
    “See , that’s nice isn’t it ?” she smiled at him and he pulled her even closer resting his forehead on hers. “I love slow songs -”
    “You do ? Why ?” he asked curious.
    “Because of this. Being able to be this close to you.”
A smile spread across his face at her words and he felt his heart skip a beat. He loved seeing her smile , hearing her laugh – it always made him happy beyond compare which was a really nice thing considering everything he had been through in his life. There had been so much pain and darkness until she had shown up. Now there were more than one flickers of light. All because of her.
For a while they danced to the slow song until another song started to play. Y/N thought he’d pull away since it had been ‘just one’ dance , instead he pulled her closer unable to make himself let go off her and they continued dancing , laughing and having fun as if no one was watching. It was always like this when it was the two of them - somehow the world around them always disappeared and it was just them. Even if there was a crowd of people around them.

Everything was perfect , more than perfect actually until some random guy decided he wanted to dance with her while she was dancing with Kai. The guy kept putting his hands on her even though she pushed them away and purposefully stepped on his foot more than once since he didn’t appear to take the hint. Neither of this went unnoticed by her best friend and a part of her started to get a little worried seeing him clench his jaw , trying really hard not to snap.
‘Look at me. Just look at me.’ she mouthed cupping his face. Kai closed his eyes for a moment and focused on her , calming down a little and then the guy spun her around and put his hands on her waist which was the last straw for both of them.
    “Hands off. I am with someone.” she snapped pushing the guy’s hands away but he just didn’t seem to take the hint he wasn’t wanted. Y/N growled , golden amber veins flickering under her eyes but even that didn’t get him to back away. “I said hands off.”
All of the sudden the guy’s hands reached for his throat trying to remove the invisible grip on his neck before he started choking on his blood. Y/N turned around and saw something she had rarely seen the past few months. Her best friend’s eyes were burning with anger and purple black veins were flashing under his eyes.
    “I believe the lady doesn’t want to dance with you. What is it with guys these days? Never taking a hint –” thought Kai out loud , tightening the invisible grip “Oh well - ”
    “Kai ? Hey , hey look at me not at him.” said Y/N cupping his face. “This isn’t you , you know that. Let him go. He is compelled by someone - ”
Kai’s eyes were fixed on the guy and a part of him knew his best friend was right. Judging by the way Damon was smirking at the moment , it had most likely been him. Probably trying another thing to prove to her that he is a monster and get her to hate him. To ‘open her eyes so she can see what a huge mistake it had been becoming his friend’. But there she was , by his side not leaving and never giving up on giving him hope or making him believe that even though there are mistakes he had made , he can become a better person and redeem himself.
    “Look at me. Just let him go.” she said softly.  

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"Omg you want them to be gay just for your ships!"

No. I don’t want them to be gay for my fucking ships. In fact I don’t even talking about “wanting” because I’m not a God to decided the sexuality of others what I want is for them to be happy, to be themselves for REAL if that is that is what they want.

To not feel fear of us leaving them if any of them is not straight. For them to know that their fandom will support them. I want them to be with who they really want and love. I don’t want them to feel alone. I don’t want them to feel as if they are sick or are a mistake specially when their own country possible won’t support them.

What we do is take the hints that they give us and talk about it, as any other human being do with information that they like. No one is on any of their social accounts asking them to “turn” gay to fuck on stage with another member.

Is so ignorant. I don’t support them in being gay or bisexual or any kind of different sexual attraction because I want my ships to be real, NO. I’ll do it (if it happens) because I want them to be happy.
Stop having that ignorant point of view, there are people who are fans and are gay, bisexual, asexual or pansexual or trans and they would support a member coming out not just (or) because of ships, as they are millons of straight fans who have ships (and they aren’t pervers virgins who only watch gay porn on their bedroom) that support them.

Because we care for them. There are a lot of different reasons for why someone would like a ship, A LOT.
Why shippers of non-gay ships aren’t call it creepy or crazy (that much) even when they have and do everything that the gay shippers do?
Kinky shit? Both have it.
Roll play? Both have it.
Rare topics in fanfics? Both.
OTPs that barely has contact with each other? Both.
Immature fans? Both.
Long ass post about how beautiful their OTP is? Both.
And I can go and go. Why are gay shippers insulted by it and non-gay shippers aren’t? (At least at the level of ignore someone argument bc of “oh no, you ship a gay OTP bye you are delulu”)

That is hypocrite. Gay shippers have a lot of different reasons to love a pairing without wanting to see them fuck every minute. Everyone has the right to have their opinion and insult everyone or ignore someone’s well opinions because they are gay shippers is stupid af.

Millions of shippers would support their idol being not straight not because of ships, they would do it because they care for them. BECAUSE THEY LOVE THEM TOO.

I’m so sick of read the same shit over and over again, like what?
Believing that someone has the possibility of being gay is not a bad thing, you aren’t asking this person to be it if you stay in your land there is nothing wrong in share opinions of it with others.
“ ohh but think how would you feel about people talking about your sexual orientation??! Of people calling you gay!”

Um we talk about their dicks…and we read about them having sex with X member of the same group or other, female or male and even self inserted.
And they know about it. So thinking of them being gay is nothing wrong, because hello 2017? Being gay is not wrong and is not an insult.

Insulting someone and creating fake facts about them without knowing them for real it is.

EXO Reaction when a fan they met at a fan meeting becomes a new idol year later

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Composes something for you* “She supported me so much, I should do the same. I hope she likes this song… would be nice to hear her sing it”


*Always shows his support and admiration* “You did it man! You made it so far, I’m proud of you!”


*Enjoys the music so much* “Woah~ So good… that face looks familiar tho… wasn’t she.. an EXO-L? Woah… our fans are so talented.. this is amazing”


*Hugs him every time he sees him at events* “Look at you! I still remember when you were a baby. Now let me hug you my friend!” 


*Become friends real fast* “Hey! Are you practicing? Do you want to practice together” *And he always helps*


*Has been there since she told him she wanted to become a star* “Wow! Look at you! You look like an idol now! No… you are an idol now!”


*Gets ready for his fan and meet* “I wonder if this is okay… will he recognize me? I hope he does, it’s my turn to support him now.”


*Gives him advice from man to man* “And this is how manly man look even manlier”


*Who’s the fangirl now* “Ahhh she’ so pretty! I want to talk to her more… her music is everything!”


*Even though they aren’t that close, he knows it’s hard the way to become a star. He he is always silently supporting and slowly becomes like a mentor*


*Really excited* “Omg it’s you!!! We met remember?! I’m so happy that you are here, we’ll be best friends!”


*Everytime they ask him about you in interviews he says how proud he is of you* “We met a while ago but she never told me she was auditioning. Now that I see her here I’m so proud that she made it so far…..”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Bad Girl Ch 9: PTSD

I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging I didn’t mean to wait that long!

“What?” Baekhyun whispers, his eyes wide.

I can’t hold in my uncontrollable cries anymore, “I’ll be a good girl daddy, I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me.”

He drops the knife and releases my hair, his hands hover over my shoulders as if he is suddenly afraid to touch me like I might break. “My baby, my sweet baby,” He cries as he wraps his arms around my head, holding me to his chest. “Daddy is so sorry, don’t cry, I’m so sorry.”

“What the hell is going on down here?” Suho roars when he busts the heavy metal doors open. It only takes him a moment to access the situation in front of him. His younger brothers are all a mess, Baekhyun more than anyone but the younger three seem to be in shock. My eyes lock with his and he seems to join them in their daze for just a second before someone pushing pass him knocks him out of it.

“Did you really take her?” It is Xiumin roaring this time. All this screaming is too much, I can’t stop myself from shaking.

“All of you stop yelling!” Jiyong snaps, still on speaker. “She’s scared, I know this is a lot for everyone but calm down. She is so scared right now, please.”

“Oppa, come get me,” I cry, “Please Oppa, I can’t be here right now, this is just too much.”

“I’m coming my love,” I can hear him moving things around, rushing to my rescue.

“Don’t fucking dare come anywhere near our home,” Baekhyun seethes.

“She asked me to, I’m going to leave her there with people who just tried to kill her!”

“That was before we knew!” Sehun screams as he fights with Baekhyun to get a hold of me.

“Knew what?” Suho tries to catch up on the conversation.

“It’s her Hyung,” Kai cries as he drops to his knees, tears slide down his cheeks, completely contrasting the bright smile on his face. “It’s our baby! She isn’t dead.”

“Is it really her?” Tao joins us in the room.

“Stop asking me that!” I scream earning the attention of everyone in the room. “Why do you keep saying that? I’m not dead, I’m not a copy, I am me, why is that so hard for you all to understand? Why did you do this? Why are you guys so willing to hurt me over and over again? Is my happiness nothing to you?”

“We thought you were dead,” Xiumin tells me. “We saw you getting beat into a bloody pulp, they found your body, there was a funeral, we thought you were dead.”

“We need to get her out of here,” Suho rushes over and picks up the knife Baekhyun had dropped. He pushes the younger two out of the way and quickly and cuts the ropes binding me. The knife is out of his hand the moment the last rope is cut, his hands are on my shoulders pulling me out of the chair and to my feet but my legs aren’t strong enough to hold me up. He catches me and picks me up without a problem. I want to fight him so bad, I don’t want any of them to touch me, I just want to go home. But I’m tired, I’m so tired. My head rests on his shoulder.

“She’s bleeding,” Baekhyun reminds them, rushing to keep up with Suho who is basically running through the dimly lit hall.

“You keep your distance, you are the one that hurt her!” I see Tao stop, he pushes the older boy to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was her, I was just so mad,” Baekhyun is stumbling over his words to the point I almost don’t understand him. His voice fades as Suho continues on taking me out of the basement into the bright hall way upstairs. I close my eyes, the transition being too much for me. The only thing that let me know that we joined the others in the living room is their unison gasps.

“Lay get over here,” Suho commands the minute we step in.

“Is that?” Sweet Lay’s voice wonders.

I swear to God if he-

Suho thankfully cuts both Lay and my thoughts off, “She isn’t a copy, this our baby. I don’t know what the hell is going on and how she is alive but this is her and she is hurt. Fix her.”

“I-I need a first aide kit,” He stammers, his voice coming closer.

“Than stop fucking staring at her and go get it!” Kris snarls.

“Keep your voice down,” Xiumin warns, poison thick in his voice. “This isn’t the time to be angry with each other, we need to focus on this, on her.”

“Is she awake? How did she get hurt?” It’s Kyungsoo this time, his voice deep and warm like morning coffee, I forgot how much I love his voice.

“I think so, Baekhyun cut her, he was in one of his episodes and I think he lost it.” Suho tries his best to explain.

One of his episodes? Is that a normal thing? How long has that been going on? I have so many questions in my head that I want to ask but I know I would receive questions of my own that I’m not sure I can answer.

“That fucking piece of shit,” Kyungsoo seethes but I’m assuming one look from Xiumin keeps him from opening his mouth again.

“Baby,” Chen calls.

“Jooyoung,” I finally respond and open my eyes slightly.


“My name is Jooyoung, not baby, I don’t know what is going on but for the past year I’ve been told you abandoned me so understand that I will not be pretending like everything is fine and none of this just happened.” I sigh and sit up without Suho’s arm around me. For a moment I consider getting up and moving but I choose not to push my luck, no matter what I say if they want to hover over me I don’t really have a choice.

I look at everyone, starting with Kyungsoo who is on my left, we are on the couch, Chen is next to him sitting a good distance away with Luhan. Kris is next, he is standing with his arms cross over his chest, Xiumin is in front of the TV, directly across from me. The next few are standing in a cluster; Tao and Sehun have their arms locked together while Kai is standing in front of them. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are creeping in the hallway for good reason, I don’t think I can have them any closer right now. Suho is the closest, his arm is resting behind me, waiting to wrap me in them again. I finally look at him, actually look at him and I’m taken back.

Without a thought I reach both of my hands to his hair, “Daddy, you hair is pink.”

He seems a bit dumbstruck for a moment but leans into my touch instinctually. A soft chuckle leaves his lips, “It used to be red but it faded.”

I take my hands back, what am I doing? I just told them to drop their pet name for me yet I continue to use theirs.

“Are you going to go back to him?” Chanyeol suddenly asks.

“What?” The room echoes.

“Are you going to go back to Jiyong?”

I shrug, “I don’t know. I want to talk to him, I need to know what is going on.”

“He lied to you,” Kai reminds me.

I narrow my eyes on him, “Like you were an open book Jongin.”

His eyes go wide, “How do you know my real name?”

“I know a lot of things now, Minseok, Yifan, Jongdae, Junmyun, Jongin, Yixing. Good to know half of you lied to me right off the bat. You guys couldn’t even be honest about your names, why should I believe anything you say over Jiyong? He is an open book to me, anything he does in this big bang world, I know about it.”

“Because why would we lie to you about something like this?” Kyungsoo quickly questions.

“I don’t know! Maybe you all realized how much you missed me and thought of some lie to get me back. Even though I would like to believe you wouldn’t destroy the happy life I had to do that, I don’t know. I need some kind of proof.”

“Proof?” Xiumin mumbles. “I can give you proof.” He steps aside and runs his hand along the edge of the TV to turn it on. In seconds the screen lights up revealing a frozen frame of me on the ground. My heart stops.

“The video, you guys have the video? Do you have all of them?” I run my hands through my hair, my face becomes hot. They saw it, they saw all of it. I wanted nothing more than to forget all of that. I cover my face to hide my shame, how have I not ran out of tears from crying so much in one day? My chest feels tight, I try to breath in but it isn’t working, I can’t, I can’t breath.

I close my eyes to try and calm myself but that only makes it worse. Suddenly I’m back in that small cement room again, Taeil is there, the memory of his his mask is burned into my mind, all of them are. I imagine him grinning, excitement bright in his eyes. My clothes are gone leaving me naked in front of him, I know even with five layers on he would still be able to strip me with just a look. He makes me feel so vulnerable and fragile, he could crush me in his hand and blow me away like dust without a problem.

“Hello pumpkin, you look so scared,” He chuckles, lunging for me quickly only to land a few feet away. He’s taunting me, always taunting me. I press up against the wall as he comes closer and closer.

“Did you miss me pumpkin? Huh? I came all the way back just to finish the job, just me. No more Zico, no more savior. I have you all to myself to do all of those horrible things I’ve been aching for since the last time we met.”


“Yes, pumpkin, you have no where to go,” His laugh echoes in my ears.

“He’s going to kill me! Get him away!”

“Baby, calm down,” Kyungsoo and Suho are both wrapped around me, whether they are doing it to restrain me or comfort me I’m not sure but it’s only making me panic more. I fight my way out of their grip into the middle of the living room. Everyone seems closer, like they are trying to close in on me without me noticing. They aren’t going to catch me, I’m not going to let them.

“Everyone just back up!” I command with my arms out at my side making sure they get the message. I scan the room, looking for an exit or at least some place to sort of hide.

“Sorry, I’m sorry baby, I’ll turn it off,” Xiumin quickly turns the TV off.

“I need time, give me time,” I tell them.

“Maybe one of us should take her to our room,” Luhan suggests. “One on one seems a lot easier to handle.”

“I’ll take her,” Lay volunteers, “I need to patch her up.”

“Do you honestly think she is going to let you touch her?” Kris scoffs.

“I want to do it!” The younger three interject.

“No!” Xiumin, of course, is the one to put his foot down. “Luhan will do it.”

“What?” The crowd whines.

“He is the only one who is stable enough to do it, the rest of us can’t handle it.”

“I can take care of her just fine!” Kris roars.

“You can take care of our baby just fine when she is having a tantrum, this isn’t a tantrum, this is a panic attack. Can you handle watching her relieve those things we saw on those tapes in front of you?” Xiumin snaps back, standing chest to chest with the taller man but still manages to be the more terrifying of the two.

“Is that alright with you?” Luhan asks me, everyone else took a step back. “Do you want to come to my room with me? I promise that I won’t lay a finger on you.”

I nod. My hands are shaking against my chest as I follow the older through the familiar hallways. He walks into his room first and lets me be the one to leave the door open or closed. I close it. He stands on the far side of the room and again lets me decide on how we do things. I have free rein of the room and decide to go for the bed. Though I’m a bit hesitant to just crawl under the covers and make myself comfortable Luhan quickly encourages it. Once I’m settled everything just fades away. He has always been able to do this to me, if I had a nightmare, or was nervous about something he would bring me back down to earth.

“Are you feeling more stable?” He is by the windows now, far from me.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Can I come closer?”

I sit up in bed, “You can come sit by me if you want.”

“Is that what you want?” He cocks a brow at me and give me a small smile.

I nod.

Oh so slowly he makes his way toward me, he goes around the other side and lowers himself on to the bed so we are laying next to each other, “Is this okay?”

I chuckle, “We’ve laid together before Luhan, this normal.”

“No this isn’t normal anymore. You have no idea how much this means to me right now. You have no idea how many times I’ve woken up hoping you would be next to me. Lets not talk about that now though, how about something more light?”

“Like what? Everything is a trigger for something that could break the others heart.”

He hums, “When I was younger I wanted to be a fireman.”

I stare at him, he’s looking up at the ceiling his head cradled by a soft pillow. He looks like an angel. I couldn’t imagine such a beautiful savior, “I wanted to be a ballerina.”

“Why weren’t you?”

“Because I wasn’t allowed to take classes as a child.”

“What do you want to be now?”

“I’m not sure, I’m just trying to figure out how I want this day to end before I start thinking that far a head.”

“How do you want this day to end?” He looks over at me.

“I honestly have no idea. Either way, someone will be hurt. Either way I will end up with a heavy heart.”

“I know you are dealing with a lot right now but is there anyway I could hold your hand?” It is such an innocent request that for a moment I think he’s kidding but when our eyes meet there is so much emotion in his I just want to start crying.

“Only for a little while,” I offer my hand to him.

“That is all I’m asking for.”

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(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 283
summary : Kai comes back from Hell and finds out he is a father.
*not my gif


Almost a month in the 1903 Prison World and the first person Kai wanted to see when he got out was Y/N. He couldn’t explain to himself why. Maybe it was because she was always nice to him , trying to defend him and convince her friends to give him a chance. It was almost 1.43AM when Kai finally got to Y/N’s house. There were no lights in the house and he wanted to surprise her , or maybe scare her to death. He wasn’t sure which way the conversation was going to end up. Kai looked up at her bedroom window , a smile spead across his face when he saw it was open. He quickly climbed up and sneaked inside , being as quiet as possible. Y/N was sleeping soundly , with a book in her hands.
“Of course.” he said to himself. Y/N loved books , they were her escape from reality.
Kai sneaked into bed with her , poking her a few times in her stomach until she woke up. He covered her mouth with his hand , making sure she wouldn’t scream. Her eyes widened in shock then surprise and finally relief when she recognised who it was.
“Miss me ?”
“Kai ! You scared the hell out of me … What are you doing here ? How are you here ? I thought Bonnie -”
“Oh she did , but I got out. Came here first , I don’t know why. Seemed the right place to visit. You should really close your window at night , who knows what kind of monsters might sneak into your room.” he said amused.
Y/N sat in her bed , leaving her book on the night stand.
“Well , I am glad you got out… Things were getting boring without you.”
“So what I am hearing is - you missed me ?” he said crawling on top of her. “You are awfully calm for someone who found a murderous sociopath in her bed in the middle of the night. Most people would’ve screamed , called the police …”
Kai brushed her cheek with the back of his hand , feeling her blush under his touch.
“Maybe a little. Why did you come here of all places ?” Y/N wondered.
“I … don’t know. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. It’s so annoying. In the Prison World there wasn’t much to do , 1903 was definitely a boring time period. They didn’t have any pork rinds so that was torture… but the real torture was you.” he said gazing into her eyes. “I saw you everywhere. You were constantly in my thoughts , distracting me…”
“Y-you were thinking about me ?”
“Yes ! Why is that ? It’s not like we were friends or anything… Feelings are hard.”
Y/N felt her heart racing realising what Kai was saying , what he still hadn’t figured out. Could it be that he has feelings for her too ? She stretched her hand , her fingertips tracing his cheeks , then his jaw line. When she touched his lips he closed his eyes for a moment and Y/N smiled to herself. Kai was starring at her as if he was seeing her for the first time , a mischievous grin spread across his face. His fingers touched her lips for a moment.
“Are you going to scream if I kiss you ?” he asked suddenly.
“I might if you don’t … ” she said , her hands quickly snaking to the back of his head pulling him towards her. Kai kissed her gently at first , the kiss deepening with every second. It was like someone had lit a match and started a fire. The more they kissed , the more they craved each other.

* * *

Y/N’s phone rang , DAMON said the called ID. She sighed. Lately the calls from Damon never had good news. With everything happening the past few months - sirens and now with Cade on the loose it was all an endless mess.
“Hey. Is everything alright?”
“Peachy.” Damon said. “Could you come by the house ? It’s kind of important…”
“Is that a blender ? Damon what is this about ? Can’t you tell me on the phone ? I have my hands full here … Katie caught the flu and there is no one to help me around the house right now..”
“It’s OK you can both come. Hey do you want a strawberry smoothie ? I just made one… ”
“Well , you are getting one anyways…See you in a bit.”
Y/N glanced at her phone screen shaking her head. Damon was acting weird. She turned towards her 4 year old son who was playing with his food , splashing it all around. She lifted him up carefully , wiping his face clean before changing his clothes. He looked so much like his father - same eyes , same nose , same hair color same everything. Even after all this time, it was still Kai. There were days when she absolutely hated him for getting himself killed , other days when she’d just leave Alex with Katie (the babysitter) and drive off to the clearing by the Wickery Bridge where Damon had burried Kai’s body and just sit there and cry. Some days she couldn’t stand to be around Damon or her friends… but they had been there for her. Caroline comforted her after her other baby didn’t survive childbirth then later on , Y/N had helped her with the twins. They were a family after all.
Y/N’s life had been crazy the past 12 years and a part of her always hoped that somehow , someway Kai would return. Except there was no Other Side , no more Prison Worlds… no way for that to happen. She sighed , pulling a dark blue shirt over Alexander’s head and tying his shoes afterwards. At the end of the day , she at least had her son and in a way it felt like being with Kai.
“We are going to see uncle Damon now.” said with a smile before lifting up her son and taking her bag and car keys. “And then we are going for ice cream or cotton candy. Whatever you want.”
Alex clapped his hand excitedly muttering something about ‘horseys’ and ‘candy’.

Y/N parked the car outside the Salvatore’s , opening the car’s back door undoing the belts on Alex’s car chair before taking him in her hands. Little Alexander wrapped his tiny hands around her neck holding onto her , lightly pulling at her hair.
“Damon ?” Y/N called out , walking inside. “Where are -”
Y/N froze on the spot , her eyes drifting to the sofa in the living room. She closed her eyes and opened them again making sure she wasn’t dreaming. On the sofa sat Kai Parker with a bag of pork rinds. He turned towards her , his eyes widening and a smile spreading across his face.
“M-Malachai ?”
“Hello sweetheart.” he said getting up , his eyes falling on the little boy in her hands. Kai seemed unable to move or form any words , his eyes wider than before and his mouth hanging semi open then closed the open again. He looked between her and the little boy , surprise and shock on his face.
“Mommy ?” Alexander said , placing his hand on her cheek trying to get her attention. Y/N hadn’t blinked in probably a whole minute now, afraid that if she does Kai would disappear. “Whoos dis ?” her son asked , pointing at Kai.
“M-mommy ?!” asked Kai , taking a step towards them. As he got closer the more the resemblance between him and the little boy became visible to him. He had the same brown hair , same blue eyes , same nose… It was as if Kai was looking at a mini version of himself. “Damon didn’t say anything about … Y/N , is he my … ?”
Y/N nodded , letting Alexander down on the ground taking his hand and taking a few steps towards Kai. He knelt down afraid to take another step not wanting to scare his son. He had never known he wanted to be a father. Never had imagined this would happen to him or that he even deserved a happiness like this. Y/N also knelt down , holding onto their son’s waist.
“Alexander , this … this is your dad.” she said smiling , glancing at Kai who seemed to slowly snap out of his initial shock , a wide smile spreading across his face. Alex turned towards Kai, sucking on his thumb , then back at his mother who gave him a nod letting him go. He took a few shaky steps , nearly stumbling over a few times before Kai scooped him up suddenly , hugging his son tight.
“Oh my God.” he said smiling. Kai’s eyes were gleaming with happy tears. He caressed his sons head , not taking his eyes off him. Alex’s eyes were filled with curiousity and he smiled at his dad and Kai felt his heart melt. He didn’t know how that was possible. “Hey buddy. I … I’m your dad.”
Alex touched Kai’s face for a moment and Kai flinched in pain a little but he never stopped smiling neither pushed away his son’s hand. He didn’t care about the pain , he only cared about his son. Y/N shortened the distance between them hugging them both.
“Yeah , he is a siphoner. Just like his dad.” Y/N smiled, happy tears glistening in her eyes.
“Our … our son is perfect.” Kai kissed Alex’s forehead.
“I love how you said ‘our’ son.” she said tears starting to streak down her cheeks, playing with Alex’s hand. “My boys … how much I love my boys.”
Y/N rested her head on Kai’s shoulder and he turned towards her for a second. “If I had known …” he whispered.
Kai felt happy , a different kind of happy he never ever knew it existed. He looked at Y/N and Alex , his a family now. A real family with people who love him the way he is. He felt her hand wiping a tear from his cheek , he hadn’t even realised he had started crying. Kai closed his eyes for a moment enjoying her touch. Alex pinched his nose , laughing at the face Kai made (bringing his eyes to his nose) before smiling back at his son. Y/N laughed , her hands searching for Kai’s phone in his pocket. He tensed for a moment when her hands wondered onto his crotch , muttering an ‘I’m sorry’ to him , her cheesk flushing red.
“I want to capture this moment. Make it last forever.” she said , wiping a tear from her cheek , quickly taking a picture of Kai and Alex - Kai had tapped his nose making him laugh. Then Alex had rested his head on his father’s shoulder.
“I missed it all .. ” whispered Kai. “I … ”
Y/N sighed , she knew this one was coming and there was no way to change it. They will just have to make up for lost time.
“DAMON !” she called out , knowing very well he was around there somewhere llistening in.. He rushed downstairs glancing between Kai , Y/N and little Alexander in Kai’s arms. Alex was tugging at Kai’s hair and Kai was grinning like never before. “Could you … take our treasure for a few minutes ?”
Damon nodded , taking a few steps towards them taking Alex from Kai’s hands.
“Come on buddy. Lets go get some ice cream in the kitchen.” he said smiling and then whispered. “Lets give time to mommy and daddy to properly greet each other…”
Y/N tossed one of the pillows from the sofa at Damon’s head. He turned around grinning at them.
“Oh don’t act like you haven’t been thinking about it.” he said serious.

As soon as Damon and Alex were out of sight and ear shot , Y/N punched Kai hard in the shoulder.
“Owww.” he flinched in pain. “What was that for ?”
“Getting yourself killed ! ” Y/N said angrily taking a few steps towards the fire place. “No. Wait … sleeping with me and leaving the next morning without a note or anything. Give me an hour , I’ll get you a full list with all the reasons.”
Kai vamp - speed ran towards her , spinning her around with his hands on her waist. They stared at each other longingly for a moment and then Kai’s lips smashed against hers. He pulled her close , holding on to her tightly.
“I’m .. I’m sorry.” he said pulling away for a second before smashing his lips against hers again. “If I had known … I never would’ve - ”
Y/N shushed him with a kiss nearly knocking him over onto the floor.
“I realised it too late … I love you Y/N.” said Kai , his hands cupping her face. “I love you.”
He gazed into her eyes , seeing the happiness that filled them hearing his words. Y/N smiled pressing her lips against his again.
“I love you too. I never stopped.”
Kai grinned at her , twirling her in his arms both of them laughing and enjoying their happiness.
“I can’t believe you are here.” Y/N said smiling through tears , her fingers touching every inch of his face. “I missed you so much … I …”
His lips found hers again , hungrily wanting more. He never thought she’d see her again let alone he’d have someone else in his life besides her. Now he had everything he could’ve ever wanted.

A few moments later Damon walked in with Alex holding his hand.
“Wow cool down you two. There are children present.”
They pulled away from each other awkwardly. Y/N walked towards Damon , as Alex ran into Kai’s arms calling out to him ‘dada’. She glanced behind her and grabbed tightly Damon’s wrist.
“If you do anything to send Kai away … I swear to God…You will end up in Hell faster than you can blink. Got it ?”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

NOTE : I am not sure of this is what you wanted , but I hope you still like it. :-)

anonymous asked:

The boys reacting to seeing you wearing sweaters with their name/number on it (Ex. Chanyeol, 61) casually? Thanks!! I love your blog 💖

Let’s say that the sweater is their size (so looks big on the reader)

Also: includes a little bit of NSFW 


Jokes about it but also thinks that it looks good on you. “You look better in that Baekhyun sweater than the real Baekhyun!”


He loves how you’re almost swimming in it and smiles when he sees his name on the back. “Wear it more often, it’s adorable”


Winks in your direction and sends you a smirk, thinking it’s pretty sexy. “What’s going on, is it my birthday or something?”


Never even imagined it before but smiles and compliments you. “It’s so cute. I like it”


Sees that you’re wearing the sweater without any pants and smirks. “You’re so hot. How about I’ll lend you some of my T-shirts?”


Is awkward at first and stares a lot, imagining that it’s his shirt on you. He thinks that you look not only cute but attractive as well.


Loves how small you look in it and can’t help but hug you. “Aww Jagi! Look how cute you are!”


Is more like “what do we have in here?” and teases you about having plans for the night. He gets possesive and holds you close the whole night.


You distract him from practicing when you come in in your sweater. The more he looks at you, the more he enjoys his name on your back.


Gets protective and smiles all the time. Later that day he gives you some of his clothes, just to see you wearing big shirts because it’s adorable.


At first is very excited and takes photos thinking it’s cute but after some time he starts getting some different thoughts (if you know what I mean)


Hugs you from behind and kisses your cheek, complimenting your small figure. “It’s more like my size, isn’t it? Then you’d look just as good in some of my clothes~”

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

This girl told me that suho looks better in person than in photos and i’m just like

you’re telling me he can look better than this


i am confused



how he can get even more beautiful

i cry

what do you mean he can slay my ass harder than he already does

is this man even real


BONUS: just because i can


Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
4 042
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader go on a camping trip in the woods.
*not my gif

    “When you said we are going camping , I had no idea you meant this !”
Kai walked right past the log she was sitting on and tossed more wood into the fire before turning towards her with a grin on his face. Y/N was sitting there laughing while making smores , unable to look away from the roasted marshmallow as she brought it up closer to her mouth blowing a stream of air onto it before squishing it between two biscuits and taking a bite. Barely six hours there and he had only seen her this happy every time he tell her he loves her.
    “Oh don’t tell me you don’t like it.” he said sitting next to her. “Your eyes are glowing and that’s your 10th smore in the past half hour. You love spending summer nights under the stars and all things nature. Granted not the bugs - ”
    “Are you kidding ?!” she turned towards him , finding him a little closer than she expected. “I freaking love it and look – I think those are fireflies over there , but I might be imaging it. Them I like. Its the ants , spiders and the mosquitos that bother me.”
Kai brushed his palm against her cheek unable to look away from the girl who fell in love with him. A whole year together and he had never been happier in his life. Y/N was his everything and they loved each other more than anything. Other ways she wouldn’t have stood in Damon’s way the night of the wedding risking her own life or told all her friends to ‘shut it or else’ every time they tried to badmouth him or their relationship. No , his girl had fire and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what’s important to her even if sometimes that meant getting a little bit out of line or risk getting killed.
    “Mosquitos bother you ?” he said amused , leaning in closer to her until their lips were barely an inch away. “That’s funny. It doesn’t bother you when I bite you.”
Y/N placed her hand on his thigh , slowly moving it up. For a second his eyes closed and a low growl came from deep inside his throat. Then he gripped her wrist moving it a little higher up until her hand was on his crotch. Just having it rest there was enough to drive him nuts but his girl’s fingers had other ideas.
    “They don’t make my skin on fire when they bite me.” she whispered , her eyes darting between his eyes and his lips. “They don’t get my heart beating faster than a hummingbirds’ wings when they touch me or leave me breathless every time they kiss me…”
Kai listened to her heart rate increase the closer his lips got to hers. He knew the effect he had on her but hearing her say it was different. It made his heart skip a beat and a wave of happiness spread through his body like never before. Twelve months together and he still couldn’t believe Y/N was his , it felt like a dream or a dream of a dream. Like he was going to wake up at any moment realising it wasn’t real.
    “I do that to you?” he whispered snaking his hand around waist , pulling her a little closer to him. Y/N hummed rubbing him through his jeans. “Damn – you do the same to me.”
    “Just kiss me. I am dying right her-”
Too fast for her to process Kai pulled her onto his lap and their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N loved how his kiss always managed to suck the air out of her lungs , leaving her completely breathless and demanding mouth to mouth. What she loved even more was the look he got in his eyes every time she tugged at his lip at the end of the kiss. Not to mention the way his hands wrapped around her waist always pulling her closer and closer to him as if there was somewhere to go.
    “Damn Y/N –” he moaned as her hips swayed on him. “ - careful or you will start a wild fire.”
    “Maybe that’s exactly what I want –” she whispered.
Kai leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away just enough for his lips to miss hers. He tried one more time and missed again , only this time because his girl had noticed all the fireflies around them. Kai’s fingertips brushed against her cheek for a moment noticing how her heart rate increased yet again getting closer to dangerous levels. Her eyes lit up and she looked at him with a smile and a look of complete awe on her face watching a firefly land on her finger.
     "I love seeing you like this.“ he smiled. “You are such a child sometimes but I think I love you more for it.”
    “Um — are you going to hate me if I go chasing the fireflies ?” she laughed nervously.
    “No.” he said serious. “Because I will be chasing you and every time I catch you -”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers so hard they both fell on the ground with him on top of her and her hands pinned on either side of her head while his crotch grounded against hers making her moan into the kiss.
    “ - I will kiss you like my life depends on it.” he finished , gazing into her eyes while taking out a couple of leafs from her hair after helping her up. “You look so hot with leafs in your hair. I just want to — ahhh … Go. I will be 10 seconds behind you.”
He brushed his thumb gently across her cheek , touching her lips a moment later and Y/N turned around but before she had taken a step , her boyfriend leaned in whispering in her ear.
    “First time I catch you , I tear your shirt off.” he whispered , trailing his fingertips all the way from her neck down her shoulder towards her fingertips. “Second time I catch you , I rip to shreds that skirt and the third time —  ”
    “No vampire speed cheating to catch me ?”
    “Your rules sweetheart but either way in 15 minutes you will be screaming my name.”
Damn , she thought , slightly turning her head towards him before running off towards the fireflies. Kai watched her running while he counted to 10 , trying hard not to run after her earlier than he had promised. He glanced at the sky noticing dark clouds gathering and quickly put a cloaking spell of sorts that would act as an umbrella over their camp side just in case. Y/N searched for the closest firefly , catching it in her hands at the exact same moment his hands wrapped around her from behind and he playfully bit her neck.
    “Got ya.. ” he whispered spinning her around in vampire speed just as she let go of the firefly and he pinned her to the closest tree with her hands over her head. Their lips crashed together and it felt as if he was trying to pull out all the air from her lungs. Thousand butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach in that moment , feeling his fingertips graze across her skin and his crotch pressing against her. Kai’s hand was right on the clasp of her bra , playing with it while fighting the urge to tear it off her. Their eyes met and literally sparks flied around them for a few seconds.
    “Run.” he whispered loosening the grip on her hands. “Five , four , three -”
Y/N slipped from his grasp and went to chase another firefly. Kai could barely contain himself seeing her running and laughing with her locks dancing around her shoulders and –
Did she really just toss her bra on the ground ? he wondered looking at her with wide eyes. There was no way for him to resist going after her now and he ran towards her , tearing her skirt off before she had even realised what was happening. He spun her around and smashed his lips against hers so hard they nearly fell on the ground again. Y/N felt herself getting completely lost in Kai’s eyes , intoxicated by his breath hitting her face but mostly by the way his hands roamed every inch of her body.
    “What have you done to me ? I can’t keep  my hands off you for more than 5 seconds.” he whispered pinning her to one of the trees nearby. Kai pressed his crotch against hers , slowly trailing his fingertips down her body until they slipped in her panties. “I want you – here , now. Against that tree , on the ground , in the tent , by the fire -”
Y/N felt a tingly feeling spread through her body at his words. Her mind was getting cloudier by the second and the way his fingers curled inside her , how his hard lenght was pressing against her was driving her mad. Kai licked a slow stripe right over her carotid artery , nibbling on her neck for before pressing a soft kiss on her neck. His lips felt so good in her skin, lighting a fire everywhere they touched her.
    “Mmm so do it - ” she moaned , pushing her hips down on his fingers making him go deeper. Each time his fingers went in to the last knuckle , slowly curling around while whispering all the things he wanted to do to her that night felt as if he was throwing her straight into hell. Just the way his breath tickled her skin was enough to make her lose it completely.
    “Are you sure you can handle me tonight ?” he whispered. “There won’t be stopping me. I might break you -”
    “Then break me.” she whispered.
Y/N’s lips collided with his and the same time he tore of her panties tossing them on the ground. Her hands immediately pulled his shirt over his head and started unbuckling his belt , pushing his jeans along with his briefs in less than a minute.
    “Such a naughty girl with your naughty little fingers , always wanting to play. ” he said in a low voice , feeling her fingers wrap around his thick shaft.
    “Mmmm just like yours -”
Y/N licked a slow line on the underside of his lenght , swirling around the tip while her fingertips grazed against his balls. Slowly she took in just the tip of his shaft in her mouth , teasing him without breaking eye contact. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from her , wondering how she can have that innocent look in her eyes while doing something so naughty. It always drove him completely mad.
     "Ohh shit -“ he groaned pushing his hips at her. Y/N moaned and hummed some song  , taking him a little deeper each time sending vibrations directly onto the head of his lenght. He couldn’t resist tangling his fingers in her hair pushing her mouth a little further on him , making her take him almost all the way for a few seconds before letting her continue on her own. Y/N nibbled on the tip , swirling her tongue around and straight through the middle continuing to tease him for a few moments longer listening to his moans. Slowly she trailed her way up his body leaving kisses mixed with moments when her tongue drew circles on his skin until their eyes were on the same level. Neither of them wanting to look away from the other.
    “Fuck me -” she whispered gripping his had , placing it on her core. Y/N bit her lip for a second feeling his fingers graze against her folds and pushed her hips down on them as he drew slow figure eights on her clit. Kai brushed his fingers through her hair and his lips collided with hers slowly tracing their way down her jawline to her collarbone and lower. Y/N tugged on his hair while he sucked on a spot marking her as his and then another and another  leaving wet kisses all the way to her core. There was a slight breeze around them but nowhere near enough to get her skin to feel less on fire when her boyfriend placed his hands on her inner thighs parting her legs.
    “Awwhh sweetheart you are already dripping.” he cooed , brushing his fingers against her clit , slowly spreading her arousal around. Kai’s tongue darted out catching some of her arousal about to trip down her thigh looking up at her the entire time. Y/N’s eyes were focused on him , her back arched a little off the tree and she tangled her fingers in his hair pushing his mouth further on her while he sucked and tugged on her clit making her skin feel like it was on fire.
    “Oh fuck -” she moaned , slipping down the tree meeting his fingers halfway when they dug inside her again curling around going in rougher each time. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her - seeing her mouth hanging open , moans mixed with whimpers and his name leaving her parted lips and her eyes fluttering closed for a second. It was driving him completely mad. He loved how her body responded to every curl of of his fingers , how she gripped on his hair pushing his mouth further on her while her hips pushed down on him unable to get enough.
    “You taste fucking amazing - ” he moaned , flicking her clit with his tongue while listening to her moans turn into small screams mixing with whimpers. Her knees were starting to buckle the closer to her release she got and he had to use magic to hold her up while he continued devouring her with hunger like never before.
    “FuCK KAI -”  
Y/N screamed his name as her orgasm tore through her body , feeling it more intensely than ever while he continued sucking and tugging on her clit even faster until she was finished.
    “I told you , you will be screaming my name in 15 minutes.” he grinned , smashing his lips against hers as her fingers wrapped around his lenght pumping him at a steady pace. Kai rested his forehead on hers , gazing into her eyes while her thumb drew circles on the tip gathering the pre-cum on it for a few moments before bringing it to her lips. His eyes went wide and a soft moan tumbled off his lips. His girl did that every time but could never get over how seeing her do that made him feel.
So hot , he mouthed scooping her up and slowly lowering her down on himself while her legs wound around his waist. Y/N cupped his face , pulling him in for a deep passionate kiss while her hands moved towards the back of his neck tangling in his hair. Their eyes locked on each other while his lenght entered her slowly making her feel every inch on the way in, withdrawing and going in harder and deep every time hitting her spot almost from the start.A gust of wind came out of nowhere and thunder rumbled from a distance but neither of them noticed. All they could see , hear and feel was the other and nothing else mattered.
    “You feel so good around me -” he groaned , picking up the pace with each thrust.
He loved seeing her eyes roll in the back of her head , listening to her moan his name while her fingernails dug in his back spurring him to go faster. It was all turning him on like crazy , making his emotions run on overdrive. His thrusts started getting rougher and deeper making it harder for Y/N’s heartbeat and breathing to catch up with each other. She threw her head back moaning a little louder , glancing at the sky through the branches noticing the fireflies floating overhead. Purple / black veins flashed under his eyes for a split second and he sank his teeth into her neck throwing her straight into a wild raging fire.
    “Oh shit I’m so c-close -” she moaned her walls clenching around him again when a raindrop fell on her shoulder , then another on her cheek. Even the warm summer rain felt cold compared to how he had made her skin feel with his bite. Every time he bit her her emotions went on full overdrive and a tingly feeling spread through her body like a tsunami concentrating mostly on her core. Their lips met again in a passionate hungry kiss , getting deeper by the second almost as if they wanted to swallow each other. Thunder rumbled overhead and raindrops started to fall on both of them but they didn’t care. Kai’s hips pushed up at her harder making her moan into the kiss , feeling his lenght twitch inside her almost at the same time her walls tightened around him.
    “Damn , you look so hot when you are wet.”
    “Fuck you look even hotter with my blood dripping down your chin.”
Kai’s vampirism showed again getting her breath caught in her throat. There was no way for her to ever get over how hot her boyfriend looked when he did that. Or how good it felt when they blood shared during moments like these.
    “Oh FUCK K-Kai –” she moaned a little louder feeling her walls tighten around him again. Raindrops kept falling through the branches as it started to pour down on them , lightning and thunders filling the air but neither of them really heard those. All they could hear was the other’s moans. All they could see was the other’s eyes and all they could feel was the other’s lips on theirs. Y/N caught a glimpse of their camp fire which should’ve been extinguished by now yet somehow kept burning bright in the darkness. Kai rested his forehead on hers , unable to tear his eyes away. His lenght twitched inside her again almost at the same time her walls clenched and her nails dug deeper into his back drawing blood making him moan a louder as he came in hot spurts inside her triggering her orgasm.Y/N cupped his face smashing her lips against his before he had had time to say anything , a million thoughts swirling in her mind in that moment. Rain drops continued to trickling down on them while Kai continued to thrust inside her not slowing down for a second until they were both finished.
    “Wow — against a tree and in the rain.” she grinned at him.
    “Lets go somewhere dry.” said Kai letting her feet slowly on the ground while holding onto her waist for support.
    “Are you afraid of a little rain ?” she teased.
    “No. I am afraid your back might get infected since it’s already bleeding. You haven’t noticed have you ?” he asked amused.
    “I – I only feel a slight sting cuz of the raindrops.” she laughed closing her eyes for a moment and the next she felt Kai’s fingertips gently trail the scratches on her back.
Kai gave her a small smile and pressed his lips against hers. Could she really had been so completely lost in what they were doing not to notice how the tree core had almost shredded her back ?
    “C'mon sweet cheeks. Lets get you by the fire -”
He scooped her up and a moment later they were by their camp site where it was surprisingly dry. Quickly he spread a blanket near the fire and she sat there cross legged with Kai standing right behind her with his arms wrapped around her.
    “Is that a bunny ?” she asked curious looking at the other end of the fire where a small white rabbit just hopped to hide from the rain. “Can we keep him ?”
    “Such a child.” he smiled , biting his wrist and bringing it to her lips. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his wrist feeling his blood trickle down her throat at the same time he sank his teeth into her neck and somehow his fingers found their way down to her core and inside her again. Slowly curling around going in deep in to the last knuckle while his thumb drew circles on her clit as he fed on her making her feel like she was literally on fire.
    “That bunny will need therapy to forget what we are doing right now.”
    “We are not doing anything — yet.” he nibbled on her earlobe pulling her back until she was laying with her back against his chest and he entered her again with one hard deep thrust making her scream out. Y/N looked at the sky seeing raindrops hitting an invisible barrier overhead , feeling the warmth of the fire tickling her skin. “Yeah , we are definitely going to traumatise the poor creature.”
    “Can’t get enough can you?” she smiled , resting her head next to his while meeting his hips half way.
Kai placed his hands on her waist , helping her hips move faster on him listening to her moans get louder and her heart rate increase again. His thrusts were hard , deep and rough and if that wasn’t enough for her to feel on fire somehow both their hands found their way to her core.
    “Never. You are like a drug to me – the more I have the more I want.” he moaned , moving their fingers on her clit so fast her moans were turning into screams.Y/N’s hips pushed down on his faster , moving in perfect sync with his. Kai’s hands travelled up her body , cupping her breasts slightly pinching on her nipples as he did while her fingers continued drawing rough eights on her clit trying to match his thrusts.
    “OH FUck Kai –”
    “I will never get tired of listening to you scream my name while I made you mine.” he moaned flipping them over in vampire speed. Their fingers intertwined and he held her hands on either side of her head while their lips met again , drowning her scream when he entered her with one hard deep thrust. Thunders kept rumbling overhead and the ground beneath them shook as it started to rain harder around their safe magic bubble. Y/N’s legs wound around Kai , pulling him closer while her eyes pierced into his recognising the look in her boyfriend’s eyes. He was going to ask her to hold it , and she gave him a slight nod before he had even asked her to.
    “So in sync.” he moaned , using his vampire speed to cheat and pump faster. “How did you know ?”
    “Your eyes…” she almost screamed , arching her back from the ground pressing her body against his chest while his thrusts started getting rougher , going in deeper every time as if wanting to bury his entire self inside her. Kai couldn’t understand why he was even surprised she knew what he wanted without him saying a word since he could tell what she wanted the same way. It had been that way since the day they met.
    “Oh fuck – let go baby girl.”
Y/N’s walls clenched around him and their lips met in a kiss deepening every second while both of them reached their highs at the same time. Kai’s trusts never stopped or slowed down until they were both finished and he collapsed on top of her , both of them trying to catch their breath.
    “You should know – there is a hedgehog watching too.” he said a little amused.
    “We will be the talk of the forest animals tomorrow.” she replied laughing.
    “I don’t care.”
    “Neither do I. Round three ?”
    “And you said I am the one who can’t get enough. Tent ?”
    “Yeah — lets go.”


Corona - Part 1 (Kai)

(A hacker meets a spy…things have gotten interesting.)

The average person can type between 38 to 40 words per minute. According to Google, that translates to about 200 characters per minute. Professionals can type twice as fast, ranging from 325 to 335 CPM. While that may be an impressive speed, you don’t necessarily consider yourself a ‘professional’ in comparison.

If anything, you’re more of a prodigy.

And this is neither a bluff nor an exaggeration.

While the pros are doubling the standard typing speed, you’ve got triple on the pros themselves. For the record, you’ve never actually counted out all the words you’ve typed out in a day (because that’s what newbies do), but Jongdae claims to have done so one rare day he wasn’t busy annoying the heck out of you through your earpiece.

You supposedly hold the world record by a landslide, but besides you and Jongdae, the rest of the world has no idea.

Not even Junmyeon is aware of your true potential.

And no one else can ever find out because naturally, they’re probably going to kill you. But the idea of showing off your skills and achievements has always been distasteful for you anyway, so you’d rather stick with hacking things for a living than becoming part of the president’s trophy display case.  

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Exo Reaction to someone throwing shade (current members + Tao)

Suho: You don’t even wanna try him. “Now you know I got all shit on you, why must you play these games?”

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Kai: He would most likely laugh it off, knowing that you not worth his time. But will throw a few comments back to let you know he hear you.

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D.O: He would stay silent and give you a look *You done fucked up now*

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Chanyeol: He would laugh it off to like Kai, but continues to laugh so you’ll know he’s amused.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Baekhyun: Lets be real, Baekhyun would be the one throwing the shade. But if you start it then he’ll love to play the game of toss and catch shade witcho ass.

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Sehun: He would find it hilarious that you keep talking about him “I know I’m the shit, what’s new?”

Originally posted by sehunijjang

Lay: He wouldn’t even be aware your throwing shade at him.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Xiumin: He would right away knew what you was doing, instead of throwing shade, he would start arguing directly to you.

Originally posted by phosphoresces

Chen: Inside his mind *If you know how I feel, why would you say that, like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation” Outside his mind “Stop, that shit not cool, I’m not gon play your childish ass games”

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Tao(I had to do him, his reaction would be funny): *Throws his Gucci shades at him* “Since you wanna throw shade, I’m ready for yo dusty ass to throw sum cheap ass Walmart shades dese ways” *Member tries to calm him down* “You better talk to him before I do, because Imma hurt his feelings” (lay expression is how the person looks after tao responds)

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 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 211
summary : Kai tells Reader about the events happening at Mystic Falls and Reader gets jealous.
 * gif by the-sereinus
keep reading after the cut 😉

Y/N was sleeping soundly when as if from a distance she heard the sounds of the doorbell ringing over and over again. Slowly her eyes opened and she glanced at the digital clock on her night stand seeing it was 3.35AM.
“This better be live or death.” she mummbled pulling the covers off her. Her feet quickly found their way into her fuzzy slippes and she headed towards the door , the sounds of the doorbell ringing repeating again. Y/N rubbed her eyes and yawned , nearly stumbling over the coffee table in the living room as she walked. “Coming … I’m - I’m coming.” she called out.
A moment later her fingers wrapped around the door knob and she unlocked the apartment door , opening it. Her gaze was on the ground and the moment Y/N looked up , she felt suddenly wide awake. In front of her stood someone she never thought she’d see again. Not unless it was a dream or a hallucination.
“M-Malachai ?!” she asked confused. “Not again.”
Y/N stared at him. Kai was smiling widely at her as if it hadn’t been four years but four minutes since they had last seen each other. He had gotten even hotter and was wearing gray jeans , a blue-ish tshirt and a black jacket. His eyes sparkled just like every time he smiled. She felt her knees about to buckle from all the feelings rushing through her body and sat on the floor next to the door.
“I was expecting a little warmer welcome.” he laughed nervously looking at his girl sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes. Kai was no expert but he knew tears was not the proper reaction for seeing your dead boyfriend after four years. “Whats wrong sweetheart?”
“You.” she mumbled. “You are not real which means I am still asleep in my bed and … “ her voice broke and a few tears rolled down her cheeks. “I will wake up in a few minutes and you’ll be gone again.”
Kai sighed. Part of him had been expecting this reaction from her. Sort of. Damon had mentioned to him Y/N had moved away because everything reminded her of him and she kept hallucinating and dreaming about him coming back. Didn’t seem like being away from Mystic Falls had helped much in that department if she thought he was a dream.
“Let me in and I will prove to you its not a dream.”
“Its a dream I know it …” said Y/N wiping away a few tears from her cheeks. She was afraid to let herself feel. Over the past few years this has been happening a lot. “…but either way I am so beyond happy to see you.”
“Can I -”
“Come in.” she said quietly. Usually that was the point when she woke up. Kai would step inside or attempt to step inside and then he’d get dragged away by an invisible force. Or he’d get to stay a while and then she’d wake up alone , feeling the pain of losing him crush her all over again. Even after all those years it was still only him. It would always be him and no one else.
Kai stepped inside , knelt down next to her and pulled her into a hug a split second later. “I missed you Y/N. I never thought I could miss someone that much. It nearly drove me crazy.”
Her hands wrapped around Kai , tears still streaking down her face. He pulled away and Y/N’s gaze dropped to the ground. It felt too good to be true , being back in Kai’s arms , feeling his breath on her skin , his smile taking her breath away.
“I am real Y/N. I am really here.” said Kai , brushing his fingers through her hair. “And I am never going away. Not without you.”
He took her hands , placing them on his face. Her fingers brushed against his cheeks and he could see things starting to come into focus in her mind. Kai’s lips smashed against hers for the first time in four years , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N felt electricity coursing through her veins waking every fibre in her body. None of the dreams / hallucinations she had had before had ever felt that real. Either that was the most realistic dream ever or he was really there.
“It’s me. It’s really me.”
“Oh my God.” she said smiling , attacking him with kisses until she was sitting on his lap. “H-how ? When ? Why didn’t anyone call to tell me ?”
With a snap of his fingers , Kai closed the door and pulled her even closer to him.
“It’s a really long story sweetheart.” he smiled at her , stroking her cheek with her fingers. “I’ll tell you in the morning. Right now I just want to enjoy having you back in my arms.”
Y/N’s fingertips traced every inch of his face still unable to believe it completely that he is really here. Kai’s eyes were glowing , studying her as if seeing her for the first time. He pulled her into such a tight hug , her breathing stopped for a few seconds before he let go off her.
“No.” she protested. “Don’t let go off me ever again.”
Kai laughed pulling her into a hug again.

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anonymous asked:

Hey can I request a idol boyfriend!Hoshi + distance ^^ angst/Fluff please tankq♡

yay i love angst/fluff cuz feels yknow haha i’ll use his real name on this kay? thanks for requesting! x

Word count: 955

It was perfect, everything was. You two were the ideal couple. The media heated up with ‘whats, whos, whens, hows, and whys’ as word came out. It soon died out eventually. So everything was perfect, it was about you and him. He loved you and you loved him. Perfect! You asked yourself how could everything be so perfect, how could that perfect someone you loved the most and stay with you forever?

But here’s the thing… it was.

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redrobinhooded  asked:

Super curious, how come you put meteos in Hufflepuff and sneakers in Slytherin? And Jensen, although I kinda get him lool. Do u have any headcanons for the rest of (old) c9? :o

gonna give credit to kay on this since she’s the one with the ideas when we were jokingly sorting them. WE AINT BOUTTA PSYCHOANALYZE REAL PPL THAT WE DONT KNOW so this is like based off their internet personality and just for fun!!

  • meteos is super loyal to c9 and his friends and always asking sneaky to duo with him. even the recent transfer to p1 was as a favour to jack, he didnt like actually wanna leave c9 but because jack is a good friend of his he’s willing to help him out. textbook hufflepuff if u ask me!
  • sneaky is the chillest slytherin because hes like LOWKEY really ambitious, lowkey wants rank 1, always plays the meta champs/whatevers OP because he wants to win, and blows off meteos to talk to his viewers since they give him money (METEOS CALLS HIM OUT ON THIS IN LIKE A FEW OF THE DUO QUEUE VIDEOS ITS SUPER FUNNY)
  • jensen is more textbook slytherin. definitely knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. also ddos’ing games to win easily is Very Slytherin. 
  • bunnyfufuu is ravenclaw. kay described him as a luna lovegood type? “so far in his own head everything he’s doing looks stupid from the outside but occasionally the brilliance shines through”
  • hai is a slytherin, altho this one is debatable? feels right tho
  • RUSH IS A GRYFFINDOR. he stopped streaming even tho he was making BANK because he wanted to be on a good team, but its more driven by pride than ambition? also his league playstyle.. when he walks past a ward and kills darshan anyway like he doesnt give a FUCK
  • addendum: 

this is long, thanks for reading OTL here’s a silly doodle

EXOrDium Fan Account 4/25/17

Get ready because It’s a lot:


-So I met with a few people I’ve been talking too in a group chat and they were all so nice and I’m glad we all met each other^_^

-The concert was supposed to start at 7:30 but they didn’t even let us in until 7:15-20. The concert actually started at 8:30.

-The merch line was long so I didn’t even attempt (also because I couldn’t afford a 100 dollar shirt)

-The opening of the concert was full of screams. We were all hyped for. Also every time yixing showed up on a vcr (he wasn’t there if you didn’t know) the screams were deafening.

-Baekhyun’s solo dance for the Monster remix is even better in real life.

Highlight of the concert: Everyone screamed “Chogiwa!” during Chanyeol’s part in Wolf. Chogiwa will never die.

-Suho spoke a lot of English and in complete full sentences. You can tell he practiced a lot just for us:’)

-Sehun really does have broad shoulders o_o

-Kai, for whatever reason, talked about how amazed at how big CVS (which he called CVC) and how big the pills in the States were. He said it was hard to swallow (yeah I’m not making this up) The others talked about pretty normal things about how they spent their day in time square.

-During the acoustic session, Kai forgot his lines during Love Love Love and D.O. forgot to hold the microphone for Chanyeol lol.

-Xiumin showed us how he dances in the shower. Baekhyun called all of us out for dancing alone at home lol.

-They sung “I believe I can fly” and my soul flew away from the vocals

-I saw Kai body rolls in real life and survived somehow.

-Do it together is even more lit live

-All their vocals were on point. Chen sounded like he ate EXO’s CDs for breakfast. Like seriously you need to hear them sing live in person, they are so amazing.

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