how are you even a person you are so cute

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I have a YouTube channel and all I seem to talk about is how much I love Youngjae haha, he's so cute and perfect and I just love expressing my love for him! Even if he never sees it I just love saying all I feel about him! He's such an amazing person I love him so much!! >.<

Hi dear,

Really? Wow amazing. So you posted lots of videos of him? Thank you for that. I’m sure if Youngjae see your videos he’ll like them  (◕‿◕) I love him too so much.

the monday morning clip in episode 4 s3 was so wild like isak and even were trying to have a casual conversation “are you going to party?” “lol no… I MEAN maybe are you   going  to party?” “yeah i thought    yeah wanna pre drink together?” “sure sure sure coolcoolcoolcool” as if they didn’t almost kiss three days earlier

i mean look at them. these nerds are terrible at playing cool

"Long Distance Relationships"

I don’t think people understand how difficult being in a long distance relationship can be. You have great moments where you FaceTime and laugh and makes jokes and talk all night until you fall asleep. You text cute Goodmorning text, you text cute goodluck text and all the I love yous and I’m in love with yous but then there are the not so great moments where you cry on the phone, you argue, you feel like just giving it all up, you start second guessing. But I don’t think anyone understand not even yourself how throughout all of that your love for that person just continues to carve even deeper and everyday the thought of even letting them go scares you. It feels utterly impossible to fall so in love with someone so far away but there you are falling in love all over again every single day. Losing them is like losing yourself. They’ve become so important to you that you feel as if though you cannot function without them. Everyone says to “Never depend on someone else to make you happy” but how could you not ? They are all you have, your rock. No matter how hard it gets always remember one thing.. it’s hard to give up but it’s even harder to give up when it’s everything you’ve always wanted. Distance is temporary but love is not!

smh and sneezing

this is a weird thing to headcanon probably but i have a cold and i keep sneezing and that made me think about different types of sneezing

  • jack: has an adorable sneeze, the kind that makes every single person near him go “oh my god, that was so cute!”. nobody expects that high-pitched “cheww!” sound to come from jack, but it does.
  • bitty: the quietest sneeze. people often don’t even realize he was sneezing; just “why did you randomly cover your face for a moment”
  • shitty: his sneeze sounds strangely like “uh-BRAH!”. how??? it is a mystery
  • lardo: the loudest sneeze. she’s the kind of person who shouts when she sneezes, and gets annoyed looks from everyone in the library.
  • holster: always sneezes in threes, but there’s a longer time than usual between his sneezes, so he always gets “bless you”’s for every sneeze and it’s awkward.
  • ransom: always has really long buildup to his sneezes, often he thinks it was a false alarm, but then the sneeze comes with no warning. “[moments of silence while he stares up at the ceiling but nothing happens]….sorry, i thought i had to snee-CHOO”
  • nursey: somehow always manages to be taking a sip of something when he sneezes, causing his drink to squirt out of his nose. it’s awful.
  • dex: nobody has ever seen him sneeze, but rumor has it his sneezes are legendary. every now and then a clip of strange sound will circulate with someone claiming it is a Dex Sneeze, and usually ends up being exposed as a hoax. can dex even sneeze? are they real? i want to believe.
  • chowder: really shorts sneezes, but really many of them..his record is 15 in a row
  • tango: always has those really excessive buildups, like “uh-uh-uh-uuuuh-CHOO!”
  • whiskey: somehow remains straight faced through his entire sneeze. seriously, he doesn’t even close his eyes. it’s weird.

i don’t think a lot ot The Straights realize this, but shit like that is SUPER damaging? “two guys being together is so cute” oh my GOD SHUT THE FUCK!! it’s just like emma’s “gay guys are hilarious!” and vilde’s “i LOVE gay people!”

but ESPECIALLY this girl oh my god, you’re not entitled to be friends with a queer person just because you want to show how accepting you are or whatever. 

especially in forward thinking countries like norway, THAT kind of day to day homophobia is the most prominent and it’s the shit that makes it harder to accept yourself. because even though it’s a “positive” comment, it sets queer people apart from straight people.

we don’t want to be gross and we don’t want to be cute. we just want to fucking BE (((((^:

How the XNXPs I Know Deal with Negative Emotions

INTP - *Whining intensifies* 

INFP - * Cries laughing at everything that could be considered even slightly humorous and rambles incoherently* 


ENTP - *literally dying inside* Lol have u ever touched a baby’s ear iTS SO SQUISHY EREREHEHREH  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Person: “ How is your day going, ENFP :)? I sure hope it’s great! ” 

ENFP: “STFU YOU EFFING * insert said person’s extremely sensitive insecurity here*” 

*Describes how they’d murder someone in uncomfortably graphic detail*


They say you can’t understand the point of this anime unless you have truly been through what she has.

 This anime gives a satirical view on what it means to be a social outcast. I just love Tomoko she’s so funny and somewhat cute even with her wierd quirks. The fact that by the end of the anime she’s the same person as she was in the beginning proves how you don’t always get what you wish for in reality, but learn to make do with what you have and try to be happy. 

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unless I'm reading this wrong about requests open for valentines day, how about Saeran telling MC I love you for the first time

Thank you for your request! And i hope you like it!

Valentine’s day special!


  • You guys were sitting on the couch, watching something on the TV, you weren’t even paying attention to that.
  • You were looking at Saeran, he looks so cute eating ice cream like that! 
  • You were eating with him, you know how much he loves ice cream.
  • Saeran is not the most romantic person ever, you know how hard it’s to him show his feelings, so you’re so calm with him.
  • And to be honest, Saeran loves to spend his time with you, he loves you…Even though he never said that…
  • He has already kissed you, hugs you, a lot of things, but he never said how much he loves you.
  • He already said like a whisper, but only for himself, you never listened to it, that made you a little bit sad, but you’re letting him do what he feels comfortable in doing.
  • You can’t hold back so you give Saeran a little kiss in his mouth, a cold kiss, letting his mouth with some ice cream.
  • “H-HEY!” He looked at you, blushing, you were laughing so much, he froze seeing you laughing like that…This is just too cute.
  • You’re so wonderful.
  • “Oh God…I love you so much.” You stopped laughing, and then you look at him “….What?
  • He realizes what he just said, and he’s more blushing than ever, he ignores you and he continues to eat his ice cream.
  • You laughed and then you got closer to him, hugging him from the side closing your eyes and putting your head on his shoulder “ I love you too…”
  • He just looks at you, giving a nice little smile, a genuine and happy smile…
  • He found somebody to love.
  • And he is finally happy.
4. BTS Reaction When You Look Cold But Are Actually A Nice Person.

Thanks to the anon that requested this :) sorry if there’s any mistakes x


Jin probably wouldn’t worry to much about you looking cold and not smiling as he’s generally a person who looks out for everyone. Although the moment he spoke to you and found out that you were really shy, he would find you absolutely adorable. Jin definitely wouldn’t get how you can look one way but act the complete opposite so it would make him love you even more.

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Well yoongi can look cold himself so I don’t think he would worry too much about what you’re actually like as he knows that sometimes the people who look the coldest can be generally good people. He would love when he finds out that you have a lovely personality only because it’s something that you would both have in common. He would find it cute that your personality differs and would be super happy to know the real you.

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Wow he would fall in love with you even more. I feel namjoon would like the badass looking women but to find out your personality is completely the opposite would make him so happy. He would love to see you get all shy and knowing that he caused it even when you do look really tough.

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He would be a little worried when approaching you only because you can look intimidating and he doesn’t want to be rejected but the minute he saw you blushing and getting shy he would remember the exact reason why he had a crush on you in the first place. Hoseok would love that your not as bad as you seem as that makes things a lot easier for him.

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He would be so scared to approach you just in case you are as mean as you look but when he finds out what your true personality is like he would love it. He’d be so relieved to know that you’re really nice and he’d find you super adorable even when everyone else thinks you’re intimidating.

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Taehyung really wouldn’t care that you look cold as he’s a people person and wouldn’t be put down by the fact that you look cold. Although once the little baby finds out you’re funny and shy he would be over the moon to know that you’re so cute and he loves cute things.

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Good luck getting this little bun to talk to you BUT the minute he’s sees you smiling and making jokes every single one of his worries would be gone. He’d be super happy only because it would’ve probably taken him months just to talk to you, so to see you smiling and blushing he’d think you were so adorable and love it so much.

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JUNGKOOK REACTION - to his wife pregnant with twins

Hello! I just have to say I thought this request was the cutest, but I’m not sure if you guys will like it. I took the freedom to do a longer reaction, considering it’s just for Kookie. So, enjoy!


Honestly he would probably be a cute mess. At first it would be very hard for him to believe you two were having babies, like how could you two at a young age let this happen. But, that wouldn’t make him sad, i do believe he would love it even if that scared him to death. Because, you’re the person he wants to be with and, although it came a little too early, have a family with. Jungkook would definitely be really confused about what to do, how to support you and basically how to deal with all of this situation, because it’s not one kid you’re expecting, but TWO. And that would totally freak him out more, if that is even possible. His hyungs would be there for him though, like they’ve always been. And I think their presence and support would be very important to reassure him everything is going to be alright. So, his joy and confidence, built up by the people he cares about, wouldn’t let his scariness take control.

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To you he wouldn’t be able to stop asking if you need anything, if you want anything, trying to make sure you’re okay. And that’s when the cute comes in. Him running around completely lost when you ask him for something that you’d probably have to do yourself, although he would come up to you like: 

“No, Jagi, i got this. What am i if i can’t buy a freaking diaper?" 

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And end up: "alright, this time i need your help." 

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But he actually says this all of the times. Him crazy to buy matching stuff for your kids: 

"Wah, they would look so cute in those" 

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*you stare at the size way too big, basically stuff for toddlers not babies* "Yeah, when they grow up, Jungkookie”.

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So, basically you’d end up with a worried, loving dad-to-be Jungkook. Someone who tries his best, even if he doesn’t know where to start.

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~ADM Jam

Title: Between the Sheets
Pairing: Bodhi Rook x Reader?? technically?? it’s in first person sooo??
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Mention of spiders
A/N: Thank you to everyone who’s been showing me support while I’m grieving, it has made a huge difference. I can’t even count how many times I’ve teared up every time someone messages me. This whole week has been so hard and I was in desperate need of some cheering up, so here’s some Bodhi fluff (with some cute K-2SO banter thrown in there) for you all to enjoy as well. Again, thank you very much for all of the support. <3

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“Have you ever made a blanket fort?”

I hadn’t, but boy, was I about to. Once the seed was planted in my head by one of the rebels, it was all I could think about. Hanging sheets from the top bunk to make the bottom bunk into a tent just sounded too good, and I, being the child that I am, was not about to pass that up. There was no arguing it; it was happening.

I carried a pile of linens back to the living quarters and dropped them on my bunk, releasing a loud sigh as I did. One by one I tried to push the blankets beneath the mattress on the top bunk, but it was proving much more difficult than I’d expected. I silently wished the pilot who’d given me the idea was still around as (another) blanket slipped and fell to the floor.

Fifteen minutes and a heinous amount of curse words later, I finally finished the masterpiece that was my first blanket fort. I was sprawled out on my bunk, enjoying the fruits of my labor and smiling to myself, feeling like I’d just achieved a life-long goal I didn’t even know I had.  I removed my jacket and boots, tossing them both on the floor beneath the bunk and stretched my entire body. A satisfied yawn escaped my lips and I let my eyes drift closed. After the day I’d had, it was nice to finally relax, not that it lasted very long.

“What are you doing?”

I shouted once, the voice next to my ear startling me. K-2SO was leaning down and holding the sheet to the side, staring me in the face. Not ominous at all.

“You scared me!” I exclaimed, holding my hand over my racing heart.

“Terribly sorry,” he said, “You didn’t answer my question.”

“I just, um… I thought I could make a tent and relax, that was all,” I explained.

The droid looked around the inside of the fort and I sat there awkwardly watching him. After a few moments of observation, he turned to me and asked, “May I join you?”

“So you’re telling me that Cassian Andor, the most fearless spy in the Rebellion, is afraid of spiders?”

“Yes. I once watched him shoot one with his blaster and put a hole in his ship.”


I had to admit, I didn’t expect to spend my evening gossiping with a droid inside of an extremely tiny tent, yet there I was, doing exactly that. K-2SO was far too tall to fit properly so his shoulders were slouched, his legs were crossed, and his head was up against the bars holding the top bunk up. It was pretty comical, and definitely lifted my spirits, even if I originally wanted some alone time.

“Do you think Cassian would be pissed if he found out you were telling me all of this?” I asked.

“Of course,” he replied, “His sense of humor is rather dry, so this stays between us, or I’ll have to break your pinky.”

“You’ll break my pinky?” I repeated back with a laugh, “Why?”

“Isn’t that what you do when someone breaks a promise?”

“Yeah, a pinky promise.”

“Then I have been very mistaken and owe several people an apology.”

I shoved my face in my hands and broke out into hysterics. This was definitely better than spending the night alone, and much more entertaining.

Noisy footsteps came down the aisle and the sheet on my left was pulled to the side and there stood Bodhi Rook, hair falling in his face from his loose ponytail as he bent over to peek inside. “What’s going on in here?” he asked with a half-smile.

“Oh, nothing,” I said, winking at K2. “Just… tent-talk.”

“Well, Cassian’s looking for you,” Bodhi said, looking at K-2SO. “Something about helping him repair a hole in his ship?”

I covered my hand with my mouth to muffle my laughter, not that it worked out very well. Bodhi glanced at me, raising an inquisitive eyebrow before K2 responded.

“I’ll go find him,” he said as he stood, “In the meantime, please, keep this one company. She’s troublesome.”

“I am not,” I retorted.

“She’s also a liar, so don’t listen to anything she says,” K said as he walked away, his voice growing distant as he did.

Bodhi snorted as he watched him go and sat on the edge of my bed, letting the sheet fall from his hands. “So, what’s with… this?” he asked, gesturing to the inside of the fort.

I shrugged. “It sounded like fun, and I’ve never done it before, so…”

“I like it,” he replied, glancing around. “Did K help you?”

“Nope,” I said smugly, “He just showed up when I was done. I did this all on my own.”

“You sound pretty proud of yourself.”

“This took fifteen minutes to do. A little appreciation would be nice, Bodhi.”

“I didn’t say it was a bad thing,” he laughed, holding up his hands in defense and moving to sit cross-legged on the mattress. “I like that you’re not as stoic as everyone else, it’s nice.”

“Can’t be serious all the time,” I smiled.

He dropped his head and chuckled, a few strands of hair falling into his face as he did. My chest grew tight at the sight of him. It was pretty rare to see Bodhi smile more than once in a day as it was, so laughing and joking around was definitely out of the ordinary. It made me feel like he was comfortable enough around me to open up more than he normally would.

It helped that we were closed off from the outside world by a thin layer of sheets.

“You’re in a good mood today,” I said.

“Yeah,” he replied, fiddling with the material on the sleeves of his jacket. “It’s hard adjusting, but today was better than normal. I got a lot done and I finally feel like I’m pulling my weight around here.”

“You know everyone basically worships you, right?” I said with a smile, “What you guys did on Scarif was kind of amazing. You’re basically celebrities now.”

“I know,” he said, furrowing his brow. “I think that’s part of the reason I’m having a hard time adjusting. I’m not used to so much… praise. It’s a little overwhelming.”

I nodded at his words and watched him carefully, the look of concentration on his face making me wonder what he was thinking. The mood had gone from playful to serious in no time and I couldn’t help but feel responsible for it, so I decided to do something to break the tense atmosphere.

I had an idea. It was stupid, and probably wouldn’t work, but it was an idea. And so far today, most of my ideas had gone pretty well, so I took the risk.

I leaned forward, draping my arms over his shoulders lazily while I gazed into his eyes. One of my hands took the tie out of his hair, making his already messy mane that much messier. I reached down and grabbed his hand to slip the hair tie onto his wrist, then locked my fingers with his. The blush that had formed on his cheeks spread to his ears and he swallowed hard, his eyes darting from mine, to my lips, and back. He kept opening his mouth like he was trying to say something, but couldn’t quite get the words out.

His breath fanned across my face as I inched closer, our lips millimeters away. Just as my lips ghosted over his, I pulled away, taking his goggles with me.

“How do you see in these things?” I asked, holding them up to my face and squinting into them.

Bodhi released the breath he’d been holding in the form of a laugh and ran a hand through his hair. “I can see in them just fine, thank you.”

“Why do you even have them?” I went on, putting the goggles over my eyes and looking around. “It’s not like you need to guard your eyes from anything, unless you fly ships with the windows down.”

“If I did that, I’d need a lot more than a pair of goggles,” he laughed, snatching them from my hands playfully. “I should get going, I should see if Cassian needs help with his ship.”

“Ask him if he’s seen any spiders lately,” I said, grinning up at him as he stood. “He’ll understand.”

“If you say so,” he smirked, “Oh, and one more thing.”

Before I had time to even process his words, he was leaning down and capturing my lips in a kiss, the hand that wasn’t holding the sheet to the side cupping the sides of my face as he did. The kiss was far too short for my liking, seeing as though I didn’t even realize it was happening until it was over. When he pulled away, he had that same sensual smirk on his face.

“If you’re going to kiss someone, it’s best not to half-ass it.”

Baby at Home

Requested by @jadedhillon : Omg could you do the “Imagine your OTP welcoming a new baby. Person A would post lots of cute photos on social media gushing about how blessed they are and the exact times and weights, etc. and Person B would just post a photo of themselves holding the baby like ‘I spawned’.” With Jason as person B and the reader as person A

Jason sighed as you took another picture of him while holding your newborn in his hands. He didn’t cease on smiling back at you though, even if it came out a grumpy. He secretly loved you’d have so many photos of your baby in further future, but all he wanted to do sometimes was to chill with you while planting kisses at the small head of his daughter.

At first it was funny; how you’d sneak up on him, trying to get the best shot for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. You were just happy you had your first baby and wanted everyone to know. Nevertheless, Jason was against it; what should he do if someone found out about his identity and internationally hurt you or his baby girl?
And so, he asked you to take down everything for the obvious reasons. Of course, you couldn’t help but agree. You saw his point, be was completely right. No maniac was needed in your small household. And whatsoever, you respected and loved your husband with all your might.

You found yourself spending four hours on social media deleting photos of the baby and every related post. Sometimes the help of Barbara and Tim was needed, in order to cover your tracks completely.

What you opted to keep though, was your Snapchat account. You assured Jason that the only ones that had added you were family members and very close friends and the you blocked everyone else who added you.

Jason had halfheartedly agreed on letting you keep that account, even explaining once again why he didn’t want pictures of you and him and the baby out in social media. You reminded him you knew it. And that some fun with Snapchat wouldn’t harm anybody.

And as Jason realised later, it didn’t.

Except for the times you’d record him doing cute stuff with the baby without him acknowledging your presence.


“Jason! Say hi to Snapchat baby! ” You sweetly called out to him as you help your phone in front of your face.

Oh you weren’t shooting him again weren’t you?

Jason’s last beacon of hope vanished the moment you gestured him to say something smart. He had less than ten seconds to talk.

“Uhm hey! I spawned.” He awkwardly said, just in time, before the video ended. He watched with a smile as the tip of your tongue stuck out of your mouth while you tried to come up with a great line.

Closing your phone and sitting down next to Jason on the couch, you rested your head on his shoulder.

“How’s the baby, now Jay? Did you take her to the doctor for measurements?”
Jason’s eyes widened in horror once you finished your words. He slapped his forehead as hard a she could and handed the baby to you. He started pacing back and forth into the small living room in your apartment.

“I’m sorry baby! I’m sorry you’ve been the ‘mommy’ later. I should have taken the day off and-” Jason shushed you with a small gesture as he picked up his phone to call the doctor.

“Aw baby, dad is such a dork right?” You whispered to your baby as you occasionally tap her nose carefully on her tiny one.



Okay, maybe you weren’t the best of parents but you worked on it.

Not So Cute Meet-Cutes

or, “I lie, these are still pretty cute” AUs

  • “Look person, I’m sorry I ran you over with my car but maybe you should stay in the bike lane DON’T EVEN THINK OF TAKING ME TO COURT I DON’T CARE IF YOU’R E A LAWYER… shit” AU
  • “Oh my god ohmyogd ohmy god i did not mean to punch you in the nose. there’s blood… everywhere…i think… i’m going to faint” AU
  • “ugh i hate drunk people. CONTROL YOURSELVES. what are you doing? no. NO. NO GET AWAY FROM ME! DON’T THROW UP ON MY NEW SHOES!!” AU
  • “i’m a new waiter and i am so nervous please forgive me for spilling your wine, your dinner, and your dessert on your date and then tripped onto said date as you were trying to propose. seriously. my bad.” AU
  • “we’re the only people in this section of the library and I really really needed to fart. I’M SO SORRY. PLEASE LET US FORGET ABOUT THIS. I HAD A BURRITO FOR LUNCH OKAY?!” AU
  • “i accidentally got us banned from this amusement park for life because i got mad at the mascot and decided to tackle him to the ground and you were the stranger i asked to hold my stuff” AU
  • “i tried to act cool at this concert and i thought i was leaning on a wall but apparently it was a speaker and now it’s on the ground. broken. in pieces. and everyone’s glaring at me (particularly the really hot guitarist). um…i can pay for that?” AU
  • “look it wasn’t arson alright. if i’m going to jail i want this in the public record. i set that abandoned shed on fire because it has ghosts. GHOSTS. and everyone knows the only way to kill ghosts is with fire. no officer, i’m not crazy.” AU
  • “my friend bet me that i wouldn’t make out with the next person that stepped through that door. now i seriously regret it because you are soooo much cuter than your friend. is it weird for me to flirt with you when i just had my tongue down their throat?” AU
  • “we’re both in a hostage situation and i know now isn’t the time, but what product do you use in your hair, because wow, it looks super soft. RIGHT. SORRY. NO TALKING. DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT MR. HOSTAGE CRIMINAL GUY. AHAHAHAHA. *whispering* if we survive please let me know. i need to know. thanks.” AU. 

ok but a plot where muse a is the leader/part of this really dangerous and famous gang and almost everyone knows who muse a is, the horrible things they have done, how skilled they are at whatever weapon they like the most, how they have no mercy and will either kill you in matters of seconds or torture you until you’re begging for death. they’re cold, they’re calculating, rumor has it they lack a heart and soul,, but then, THEN, there’s muse b; pure, innocent, maybe shy and awkward ( or not, up to u?? ) personality is cute as fuck, a marshmallow that needs to be protected, and well, muse a really wants to protect them in the moment their eyes land on muse b, even if they don’t know them at all because ‘dude they look so fucking fragile someone is going to hurt them wtf the fuck’. and one day, after days ( or weeks ) of muse a admiring muse b from afar they decide to approach them someway somehow, and poor muse b is clueless abt who muse a really is at first. this could be so angsty and fluffy and just !!!!! i Want

I Was Desperate (Loco x Reader)

Reqested by @teddyshypewoman. here you go baby enjoy!

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You never thought you would become friends with a celebrity, you just gave your c/v as a receptionist, thinking that the front desk had nothing really to do with the rappers. You spoke a lot of languages and you had a degree so you were the chosen one to become the front desk for AOMG. You were so happy that they hired you, the salary was good and even though you were not a singer or a rapper you felt happy you were in the company, they were all so chill and helpfull.

You were very shy and nervous when you got there you, you would bow so low that you could touch your toes.Hyuk woo took a liking to your cute personality, but as you slowly got comfortable he realised how you could really be. You got close to them, so now it was normal for you to roast everyone, even Simon who could be very tricky.

You and Hyuk Woo became friends right from the start, but Hyuk woo didn’t see you as a friend and he hated it when you would talk about guys in front of. So he tried to make it more obvious about his feelings and to him it seemed like you were responding. You loved how adorable and positive he was, you were never the one to fall for the ‘bad boy’ you prefered the nerdy funny ones.


“Hey Hyuk woo”


He said without looking at you, his eyes glued to the phone. You frowned at his greeting but you just brushed it off and put your bag on the desk

“How are you?”


You expected him to ask you how you were, like he always did. Instead he just stayed silent and ignored you.

~Maybe he is having a bad day~

you thought to yourself, trying to  calm yourself down.

“So… any news?”

“No, anyway I have to go. See ya”

He said and walked off to one of the rooms. You were pissed off now, Hyuk woo was always a gentleman, now he was being a complete asshole and you didn’t like it at all.

“Hey do you know what’s wrong with Hyuk woo?”

You asked Hyun Jung, your other close friend in AOMG. She just shrugged her shoulders and pushed out her bottom lip

"No, not really. Did anything happen?”

“Yeah, he is being very…. distant let’s say”

“Really? That’s strange. Maybe he will snap out of it in a bit”


“I can’t do it”

“Yes you can, I promise it will work”

Jay said to Hyuk woo. He hated this, he didn’t want to play this game, but he had no other choice.He asked help from Jay, Simon and Gray and they all said the same

“Just be a little cold and then go and swip her off her feet but in a sexy way. Girls love that”

“She didn’t seem happy about this”

“Yeah cause she likes you, but then when you go and flirt with her she will melt into your arms”

Seonghwa instructed. Hyuk woo let out a heavy breath and nodded. Maybe it could really work… if he prayed to God a lot then maybe


“Hey baby girl”

You turned around with one of your eyebrows raised. There he was, standing right in front of the front desk with a smirk on his lips.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You look gorgeous”

After of a full day of him IGNORING you, he thought that if he say some sweet and flirty shit he would get away with it? This got you even more mad.

~who the hell does he think he is?~

You thought making your hands into a ball fist.

“Are you drunk?”

“No, but if you want to we can go out for a drink, I might have time today since you look so sexy”

His voice was low and he winked. You were disgusted, he was acting like… Jay and it was extremely strange. It’s not that you hated Jay, he was a great guy, but his way of flirting was not appealing to you.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“You know what’s wrong, your attitude. Lose my number and never talk to me again, get the fuck out of my face bitch”

You said, completely fed up with his way of flirting. It was time to leave anyway so you just took you bag and coat and walked out of the office, leaving him stunned


“I told you!”

Hyuk woo barged in Jay’s office, finding all three “geniuses” there. They all looked at him with a questioning look

“What happened?”

“She got mad. She cussed me out and told me to lose her number and never talk to her again”

“What did you do?”

Hyun Jung butted in. Hyuk woo turned to her and realised that Hyun Jung could be his last chance of making this right.

“I wanted to impress (y/n) and I got some dumb tips from Jay, Kiseok and Seonghwa”

“Hey, they’re not dumb. You probably did something wrong”

Kiseok defended his methods. Hyun Jung made a squeaky sound as her mouth went wide open

“You idiots! (y/n) hates that hot and cold thing, she was gushing to me about how sweet you were, you were perfect! why did you even do that?”

“How can I make it right?”


You opened the door without thinking. As soon as you saw him you regretted your actions

“Was I not clear enough?”

“I am sorry, please let me explain”

You took a deep breath in. You looked in his puppy eyes and how sad he looked, you looked down and nodded your head.

“I… like you. I thought I wasn’t good at flirting and I took advice from the others. I guess they were wrong”

You knew exactly who he meant. The unholy trinity and the most dumb people when it came to your taste in men. You chuckled at him

“Why did you ever do that?”

“I was desperate”

You hugged him while you still alughed at his stupid move. He hugged you back, thanking God and Hyun Jung

“I like you just the way you are, you should have known that those ways don’t work to me”

“I’m sorry”

“apology accepted, now get in her you will catch a cold”

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hello, can you do a reaction of bts to their crush looks cold but actually is a nice person who does not speak much, who cares about the problems of others? (except all that concerns the love because she never lived it) (:

This is so cute oml😭❤️

SeokJin: Although you seemed cold and closed off Jin was determined to get to know you. He would make attempts everyday to talk to you and the first day he made you laugh was one he was going to remember. Once he really got to know you he was amazed to find out how kind you are which only made him fall for you even more.

Yoongi: Yoongi himself has never been very outgoing so when he started developing a crush on you the feeling was foreign to him. He was the one to make the first move and try to talk to you. He was nervous but each day he would try a little bit more and when you slowly started to open up to him he was amazed at how kind and generous you are.

Hoseok: Hoseok has always had a bright personality so when he first realized he had a crush on you he didn’t know what he was going to do so he did what he does best… he was himself. Each day he would greet you with a bright smile along with your favorite drink and it became routine. With time you even started to open up to him and he started to fall in love with you.

Namjoon: Namjoon is understanding when it comes to personal space and not making someone uncomfortable so when he first saw you he knew you were closed off to most people but he could also tell how you were kind and always thinking of others, which made him want to get to know you more even if it meant just spending time with you in silence.

Jimin: Jimin has always liked attention so when he tried to get yours and you looked the other way he was confused. After a while he discovered that you have your walls up but he was willing to take the time to get to know you. The first time he sat down next to you he was shy but with time he let his personality  out and so did you. He was amazed at what a kind and beautiful person you were inside and out.

Taehyung: Taehyung would be determined to find out more about you from the moment he first saw you. He thought you were so beautiful but when he tried to talk to you you didn’t seem too interested but Taehyung was determined. After a few months he figured out that although you may seem cold that you’re actually very kind and caring, beautiful inside and out which drew him to yo even more.

Jungkook: Jungkook isn’t good with girls, he has always been shy but approaching you was easy even if you seemed disinterested. He would still be a bit shy at first but to get to know you more he would offer to buy you lunch or coffee and after a few failed attempts you agreed. It became a regular thing between you two and Jungkook really admired you for being so sweet and so caring.

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first Valentine's Day with kenma pls pls pls

You didn’t really specify want you wanted to I’ll be sticking to headcanons! Hope you have a good Valentine’s Day!

-Admin Lana

  • Truth be told, he’s quite nervous to be spending his first Valentine’s Day with you as a couple. He’s not quite sure who to go to  for adequate advice even though Kuroo can be serious at times.
  • After thinking long and hard on it, he sought the advice of both Kuroo and Akaashi in hopes for ideas on how to spend the day with you. Both agreed that perhaps a nice date would be lovely.
  • Kenma isn’t the most outgoing person so he much rather preferred to spend the day inside with you. You didn’t seem to mind considering that you were able to spend it with him.
  • When you came over he immediately flushed at how cute you looked. And was that chocolate hiding behind your back? His heart warmed at the gesture. 
  • The day was relaxing, spending time in the kitchen baking treats and creating your own pizzas, quality couple time in the kitchen. In fact he was delighted when you offered to play video games with him.
  • It could be thanks to the advice of Kuroo and Akaashi, but he’s much more affectionate with you, something you’re not quite used to. But you love the attention nonetheless.
  • To thank you in return for the delicious chocolate (which you needed up feeding him), he baked you a small cupcake. It wasn’t the best, but it’s the effort that counts. He’ll have more time to practice before the next Valentine’s Day.